September 28th, 2007

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does anyone have [and want to share] the link for the thing that makes all posts friends only? that would be splendid

and yes, i realize this is an lj question......... sorry

ANSWERED thanks!!!

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Which one are you?

Light as a feather
Stiff as a board
Floats like a butterfly
Stings like a bee
Eager as a beaver
High as an elephant's eye
Bullet with butterfly wings
Monkey see
Monkey do
cat, adorable, self

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Tomorrow afternoon I have a tattoo appointment in Indianapolis. I live in Ohio. The last time I was there I showed up for my appointment an hour early, stupidly not realizing there's a time difference. I also heard that this year there was going to be differences with that area changing times. Was it just for Daylight Savings? Is there still going to be an hour difference when I go tomorrow? Am I really this dumb? Thanks!
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I know requests like these are usually frowned upon, but Google is failing me at the moment.  Does anybody have the picture of the photoshopped Lozol(a prescription drug) bottle that was made to say Lolol (Internet) by any chance?  I thought I had saved it, but evidently I was very wrong. 

And so this isn't a complete waste of space:  Eddie Vedder recently did a cover of a song called Hard Sun, originally done by a somewhat obscure artist named Indio.  A Myspace made by a third party with some of the person's music is here.
1)Have any of you guys ever heard of this person?
2)If so, have you been able to find his recordings anywhere?
3)Did you think this stuff on the MySpace, or his stuff in general, was any good?
4)Who are some other somewhat obscure/lesser known artists who you think deserve more recognition (people who are a bit more popular than just local bands, please.  I'm sure you could all fill up a page with local bands you like, as could I)

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do you like having your picture taken?

what was the name of your high school's rival school?

right this second.. do you need a hug?

ETA: do you tend to remember random stuff about certain posts/questions that have been asked here in TQC? (not necessarily information about the person asking the question) Collapse )
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could anyone suggest a good guitar tabs website?

i used to use but apparently they are in the midst of legal troubles, and as such, pretty much took everything down.

do you think that sharing tabs over the internet should be considered copyright infringement?
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When you are drunk, do you lie a lot? Or tell the truth?

Have any funny drunk stories?

Embarrassing ones?!

Do you even drink?!

I am very drunk. I have pressed the delete button at least 20 times in this entry.
petit prince

heep. heep hop. heep hop anonymous.

1. why do people spend so much time working on the layout of their own ljs?
2. do you actually look at other people's ljs?
3. if you post a question in tqc, do you just post it and run or do you watch it to see the answers?
4. if you go to the gym, what do you do there?
5. in that episode of the simpsons where homer finds the "all night gym" and says "gym" to rhyme with "rhyme" (did i just blow your mind?), how would you spell gym? ghyme? gyme?
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Okay so there's a guy I work with who had a card that said "Inmate Vending Card. Commissary Service" on it. It had a bar on the back and a bit more writing that I can't really remember. I immediately assumed he was a convict/inmate or something-- anyone know anything about these kinds of cards?

And if he is an inmate, are there prisons that let their prisoners out to go to work? He works 11-7 five nights a week.
macaroni murder lady

LJ etiquette

When you get a comment - on your own post or in reply to your comment on someone else's post - do you feel obligated to comment back to them? Does it matter if it's in a community or in your own journal? What do you think when someone doesn't respond to your comments?

Another Tech Question

Hi TQC!!!


TYVM in advance, but I have a question. My SO's family have a HP computer which has HP updates on it.

How do you make that not run? When it runs, the whole harddrive is concentrating on running that and the computer is really slow! They have dual core, and it's supposed to be an advanced computer with gaming power.

WTF is this shit? How do you make the HP updates stop/not run? TYVM and have a nice evening/morning!

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Whats your secret? I've been going to college for 4-5 years now and just graduated. I'm now bussing at Panera and I don't like it.  I don't know how you make it look so easy and just get up and go to work. It's only the second day and i'm already complaining to myself and thinking shit, I gotta do this for at least 6 months give or take.

So, what's your secret? I'm thinking, maybe some red bull will kick me in the ass.
minnie and zeus


Is anyone into stamping/cardmaking?  have any good lj comms to recommend as i learn? 

Also, I went to a Stampin Up party.  One of the cards we made involved stamping in something, then using a brush to add chalk to the wet stamp outline for a brushed/pastel type look.  I didn't look at what the ink stuff was, but it was on a white pad.  In some stores they have adhesive in pad form, but it requires heating for it to get sticky, and we didn't do that.  Is it possible it was just white ink?  I'm not sure how sticky normal inkpads are, but I don't want to buy stuff I'm not going to use... would regular white stamp ink be sticky enough for chalk to stick to it without smearing the design?   

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1. a) Did you know today (Friday 28th) is international Hug a Vegetarian Day?
b) Have you hugged anyone for this reason?
c) How many vegetarians/vegans do you know?

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2. What did you dream of last night (or the last night you can remember/is interesting)?

3. Lj hasn't sent me a notification email. How about you?
Feet Pyramid

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1 - What is the date and time right now?
2 - Where are you?
3 - Can you tell me three facts about yourself?
4 - If you or someone you know has ever had a premonition, what was it about and did it actually end up happening?

1 - September 28; 7:37am
2 - Charleston, IL
3 - I am fascinated by True Crime books; My brother and sister are the most important people in my life; I met Sarah Jessica Parker.
4 - My cousin insisted that he'd die before he was 21. He died in a car accident when he was 18.
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Do you like anonymous communities? Are you in any?

Is Knocked Up actually a good movie?

How can I keep my tongue piercing from stretching out? It kept stretching, so I kept putting in bigger jewelry. But the jewelry gets pretty huge after a point, so I took it out for a couple of weeks and it went down to about a 14g from an 8g. Now it's getting bigger again. Will anything keep that from happening?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.


1. say you were a pizza delivery person or a waitress and you delivered or served to tyour favorite rich person (actor/actress, sports star, business person) consistently...which is nice of course...the problem is that they don't tip.  Which I would assume would piss you off after a while.  Would you confront the person?

2.  I hate my fact I call it Hell.  Do you hate your job as much as I do?

3.  any soccer fans that know women's soccer who is the name of the woman on the team that has the tattoo sleeve on the her right arm?

4.  any Xbox Live members?  do you have Halo 3?  if so, what's your gamertag so i can kick your ass after i get off of work tonight?
Give a dog a home

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How do you think it came about that people (generally) slept at night? Is it because they just couldn't see in the dark?

Would you ever commit suicide if a loved one died? Someone in one of the communities I moderate asked what people would do if their spouse died, and someone went as far as to say they would kill themselves. WTF.

Last night, there was a Republican debate at the historically black Morgan State University, primarily about minority issues. The top four Republican presidential candidates (Romney, Guiliani, McCain, Thompson) were no-shows. They said it was due to scheduling conflicts. What do you think of that excuse?

10 Questions From the Redesigned (US) Naturalization Test

To those in the US.. would you pass this? its a SAMPLE of 10 out of the 100 questions in the new naturalization test.

(link to PDF file is here, its in the NYT today, questions under cut if Adobe Reader annoys you.. the answers are also below, no peeking!)

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So? How did you do?

My mom took this test DECADES ago.. she said it was mostly memorization. She's the only person I know who can name all the fifty state capitols. and states in order of entry to the union. She also used to be able to name all the vice presidents in order, but I think she's really having a problem saying the name of the current one.

Conjoined Twins?

If you are 1/2 of a conjoined twin that shares vital organs with the other half is it ok to kill your conjoined twin? What if most of the organs are on your side of the body making you more of the "full person" that they are sponging off through no fault of their own? Does that make them some sort of annoying parasite as a fetus is viewed by many?

Discuss. And how does your answer on this jive with your answer on abortion rights?
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you come home to the smell of pot and find your significant other on the phone, in your bed, masturbating and having phone sex with someone that you've met before and don't like or trust

question: is this cheating in your book?

do you say anything, turn around and walk out, or stay and watch?

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 When you're leaving a bar at closing time, do you feel the need to urinate in people's yards, vomit on people's vehicles, scream outside people's bedroom windows, smash windows, throw beer bottles, and/or just generally make a complete ass out of yourself?

What's pissed you off today?

i'm planning my own birthdee again...

if you were having 3-4 people plus yourself and your SO at your house for your birthday from noon until, say, 8pm and lunch was going to be sushi (along with yakidori, rice, and tea), you were making a loaf of bread, sodas and such will be stocked, and someone was bringing dessert, what else would you provide for snacks throughout the day?

i was told not to worry about providing two meals, just snacks, but i'm blanking on that even.

so dear TQC, can you help me?
what kind of eats can i/should i provide?

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does anyone know where i can find the questions that are in the MindTrap game online?

i need the questions and the answers, please!

i am not very good at internet searching, but i am going to continue looking.

thank you!

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Which of these is best for digging in your ears, aside from Q-tips? Save the lecture btw.

Car keys
Pen caps with that little part that comes down, I guess it's there to hook it on stuff?
It will always be the pinky but only if my nails are long
It will always be the pinky but only if my nails are trimmed
Pencil eraser
Haruhi disappearance
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It's my last day here at my job before the layoff :) They're buying pizza!

1) What kind of pizza do you want, guys? I'll share!

2) Should I finish my work and leave my desk all pretty and nice, or just slack off on TQC for the rest of the day?

3) Anything else I should do before 5pm today?
Batman <3

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What's something cool that's happened to you this week?

I met an autistic man who can memorize first and last names and how they are spelled and the day you were born. I was amazed. He asked me when my birthday was and I couldn't remember!

Any plans for the weekend?

I have to work all weekend. Next Saturday I'm going to give blood, go to a baby shower and work.

Unrequited Love

What movies can you think of where someone loves someone, tells them, is rejected (preferably not because they hate them, more just because they're not interested), then the person who did the rejecting changes their mind and  falls for them?
So far I have 'Stardust' (though in that case it was more that someone else told him that she loved him and he was at first like 'oh okay then' because he was into someone else) and possibly Pride and Prejudice though Elizabeth WAS hugely angry at Mr Darcy...

And, have you ever seen  that sort of thing happen in real life?
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I'm exhausted and have to work 1 to 8:45pm tonight, where I will be on my feet pretty much the entire time. What can you recommend to make the night go easy?
I'm debating getting that five hour caffeine stuff, but am afraid it will give me a heart attack or something combined with my asthma medications.

Also, aside from going to doctors and getting real medication, what are herbal ways of combating depression? If needed I suppose I could see if my job would cover a doctor appointment, but I want to know other ways.

In need of ideas for Psychological Methods Project

My partner and I are having trouble coming up with a research question for our Psychology project. Here's the prompt:

Write a research report that shows the steps that psychologists follow in conducting scientific research. Your report should target Juniors and seniors in your high school who are interested in scientific research. The purpose of the research is to provide the target audience with an overview of the steps that are followed to conduct research. Test your hypothesis using one of the research methods psychologists use: survey, cases study, observation, or experiment. Record the type of research method used, explain the procedures of the method, and describe the results obtained.

We were assigned the survey method. I really don't what kind of research question would be best for that method and I have no way to contact my teacher this weekend. Does anyone have any ideas? Please and thank you!

Solved. :)

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If you have ever lost a significant amount of weight and ended up gaining some of it back then this entry is for you.

I lost 30 pounds between January and June this year. I was stuck at -30 pounds for about two months and recently I got myself into this "maintaining mode" and I gained back ten of these pounds. It's been stressing me out a lot because I worked so hard to lose the weight and I've been gaining it back. Getting back into my "diet mode" seems to be impossible. Everytime I screw up I just say fuck it for the whole day and do even worse.
My question is if this has happened to you where you have lost a bunch of weight then gained some back, how did you get back on track?
Did you just go, "OKAY STOP. I need to get back on my diet." and you just did it or was there something someone said or what.

I really would like to get back on track and lose the 10 pounds I gained along with 10-20 more and I just need some help with it.

Sex and violence

1. You're dating someone new. You two hit it off immediately and you really enjoy the other person's company. You have a similar sense of humor, enjoy similar interests and you like how the other person makes you feel. And they're way hot. You guys haven't progressed to any serious intimacy yet, and one night while the two of you are up talking late, your new SO, who's currently unemployed (but looking), bites his/her lip and finally says what their former job was. S/he was a porn star. Was for 5 years, where s/he slept with probably over 700 people. However, 6 months ago, s/he got out of the business because s/he seriously wanted a more fulfilling occupation, and is going to school to get a second start. S/he hasn't had sex with anyone since then, but reassures you that s/he is clean and has had numerous tests done in the last year. Quite a bombshell.

Do you stay with this person, or is this information a dealbreaker?

2. You're at a bar/club/restaurant, minding your own business with your SO. You're having a good night, when a drunk guy/girl (same gender as you) at the table behind you starts insulting you and propositioning your SO. At first, you try and mind your own business, but the taunts are rather sharp and you get pissed and say something back. This enrages the drunk, who walks over and kicks you in the back and calls you a cunt/asshole. Nearby people are going OOOOOOO. You're the star of this unfolding melodrama and being judged. You stand up, ready to give this person either a piece of your mind or your fist, when you notice that this person has only one arm. The other ends at a stump right below the shoulder. You hesitate briefly. With the other patrons watching, your 3-limbed nemesis calls you another insulting name and jabs you in the nose, laughing at your failure to take action. Another OOOOO echoes through the crowd. Your move, hotshot.

What do you do?

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1.) Sometimes when I'm about to leave a bar I'll probably never return to & I've got a couple spare bucks, I'll program the same song on the jukebox seven times and then leave... or when there's an open demo computer at Best Buy I'll open up like ten browser windows to In what small ways do you like to leave your mark?
2.) What's your favorite food byproduct? You know, like licking cake batter off the spoon or drinking the pickle juice.
3.) Whats the farthest you've ever driven and where were you going?

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there's this windows program that puts a little dancing person down in the corner of your screen when you open your media player of choice.  it came on a computer that was purchased by someone i know several years ago.  it is NOT a stripper.  it is a realistic-looking person maybe an inch tall or so.  you can change through several different people and dance styles.
anyone know what i'm talking about, or where i can get a free or shareware version?

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1. There's chicken apple sausage in my fridge. It is defrosted, and the package has a small tear. I wasn't the one who took it out, but it just appeared yesterday. Is it still good?

2. What do you make with chicken apple sausage? What do you eat it with?

3. Do you you have any good pasta recipes? I wanted to make something with olives and feta and tomato sauce, but that seems bland.


4. Does this sound tasty? Would you eat it? Are ricotta and cottage cheese always interchangable?
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when was the last time you asked someone for a favor? did they oblige?


is there anyone whose phone call you have yet to return?

are you waiting for anyone to return YOUR phone call?
Beast mode!

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1. When leaving the building you are currently in, are you more likely to turn to the left, the right, or go straight ahead?

2. What shoes are you wearing today?

3. Tomato soup or chicken soup?
love flower

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My kids brought home a lost dog yesterday. No tags, but she has been chipped. The phone number is no longer in service. The given address on the chip is about 40 minutes away. And given that she didn't know that cars are dangerous, I doubt she traveled that far. She's too well cared for to have been dumped. I'm guessing the people moved and didn't update the chip and she got lost sometime yesterday. There's no listing in the phone book or online for the people and none of the local vets know her. And we don't have a local shelter and there's about 20 subdivisions around us. I'm at a loss as to what to do with this dog. I just know my cat kicked her ass yesterday and now she wants revenge and it's getting harder and harder keeping them apart. Any ideas on what more I can do to find the owner? Or what to do with the dog?

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My dad is an idiot and keeps fucking up his computer to the point where it's unusable and I have to do a full system restore. I'm supposed to go over to his place tonight and fix his computer again.

TQC, do you guys have any recommendations for programs that will minimize the chances of him fucking up again? For instance, I'm planning to switch from IE to Firefox because I think it's easier to use and has better pop-up blocking and stuff. What are your favorite easy-to-use antivirus programs, ad blockers, stuff like that? He's running on Windows XP if it matters.

Also, why do people like my dad, who shell out big bucks for computer protection software, end up killing their computers, while people like myself, who look at weird sites and download files from everywhere on the internet, never have problems with their computers? WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM

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 Do you watch Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
What Do you think of it?

some of the questions they ask, I never learned before the 5th grade.

Are there any tv shows that you make a point to watch every week?

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I have to go into hospital on monday.
I left my laptop/ipod at uni so i'm having to download songs to get onto my old MP3 player.

I'm having a complete brain freeze about what songs to take in.

So Far-

30 seconds to Mars- the Kill
Brand New- various
Fall out Boy- various
Imogen heap- Speeding cars
Hide & Seek
Jimmy eat World- hear you Me
Muse- Various
Plain White t's- hey there Delilah
Taking Back Sunday - New American Classic
Counting Crows- various
Silverchair- Ana's Song
Miss You Love

I tend to get obsessed with certain songs rather than the artist, any songs you love that fit vaugely with something on my list would be greatly appreciated. I'm losing it today and usually my music collection would be easy to sort out but I have no capacity for decisions today :-/

Can You Help reccomend some songs for me?

& in return i'll reccomend my favourite at the moment

The Fray- Little House
Plain White T's- Hey there Delilah
Brand New- The Quiet Things That no-one Ever Knows

Lease situation

*I am currently leasing a 2006 Jeep Liberty.
*My lease ends Feb. 2009.
*My mileage limit is 36,000.
*My current mileage, 1.5 years into my lease, is 35,553.


If I just keep driving and turn it in over mileage, it will cost $.20/mile. That is a LOT of money. I can purchase miles right now for the same price, but spread out over payments, but purchasing only 5,000 miles (which would go in like 3 months) would put my car payment from $289 to $350 and I can't really afford that.

If I break my lease, they spread out the remaining money (just over $4,000) over the months of my new lease/purchase, and according to the sales guy, this would be close to $500/month.

The only other option I can think of is to park my Jeep and buy a $1,000-$2,000 junker to drive for the next year until I can turn in my Jeep 6 months early with no penalty.

So, what would you do?

Drive and pay a huge fee at the end of my lease?
Buy miles now but have a huge monthly payment?
Break my lease and pay close to $500 for a new car (while possibly saving gas money b/c my Jeep eats gas like candy)?
Buy a junker to drive for a year and park my Jeep?
This situation is starting to cause me HUGE anxiety.

I have other questions if you don't want to read the above:

1. how much debt are you in?
2. how many credit cards do you have?
3. what is the worst financial situation you've ever been in?
yummy beer!, yummy

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If I can come up with a bizarre survey question, would you try to answer it in the most outrageous way possible (ala mllepomme style*)?

What's the last thing you drank, or what are you drinking right now?  Do you have any to share?

Also, do any of you know why Barak Obama was not on "The View" yesterday as he was scheduled to be? 
Answered: it appears CNN reported he returned to DC to participate in a crucial vote - go, Obama!

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The nose that knows

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What are the standard rules in hotels/motels about having an extra guest stay in your room overnight?

If you were to seduce someone, or simply allow someone to sleep on the couch in your room in an emergency, would you be told you're not allowed to, or would you be expected to pay for the extra person?
Colbert/Fonda *click*

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How do you deal with an overly-defensive friend who wants you drink whenever whenever you see her when you've recently decided to stop drinking?
(Seriously, this friend of mine takes EVERYTHING personally and lashes out at anything. I once told her I didn't like a song she had on a mix tape in her car, and you would have thought I told her that her mother was a slut and I gave her an STD).
Please help! We're gonna be hanging out soon and I don't know how to deal with her. The last time I saw her, I only mentioned it in passing and she said that I was stupid to decide to stop drinking.
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If you and a fellow TQC member were going to so_mikey's birthday party tonight, what would you wear?

Would you try to get him to take a picture with you or would you just stalk him from a distance?

How many emails do you think you send in one day?


Which do you type/imagine in your head: Anywho or anyhoo?

What's better, a super runny snotty nose or a super dry nose where if you squeeze your nostrils, like as if you were trying to pop your ears, the skin in your nose burns from the dryness?

Who got laid yesterday?

What are you doing tonight?

Anyone else notice that I'm posting like 400% more than I normally do?
  • meiran

I can't cook...

I found this delicious recipe for "molten chocolate cakes" and I want to make them.

It requires a double boiler. I don't have one of those. Any way I can fake it? It's to melt chocolate chips with some butter, and later caramel and milk.

Are you a good cook?

Do you make your dinner every night?

Can you do the thanksgiving dinner thing where you coordinate all the components of a big meal to all come out of the oven/off the stove hot and done at the same time?

What's your specialty?

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ya'll.. how's it going?

if you see a long comment thread going on between 2 members of TQC, do you read it?

do you ever find yourself wanting to comment about something that's being said in it but you don't because you're not sure how it'd be taken, since technically the conversation didn't include you to begin with?

if you're at work, where are you headed once you get off?

(no subject)

1. I have some stamps that look like this except there's no 39 or strikethrough at the bottom left. It's just flag. Are they still worth $.39? I'd like to use the damn things but I don't know how much they're worth.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2. If Xzibit wanted to pimp your ride, would you let him? Some of the cars they do turn out looking... yeesh. IMO.

3. Tres leche cake. Y/N?


If your straight, name a celebrity you would go gay for-

If your gay, name a celebrity you would go straight for-


if you were gonna commit sucide, how would you do it?


[ this may have been asked before, sorry, but i really need to know]

when one joined twin die's, what happens to the other one?


rather be coverd in ticks or leeches?

My answers-

1] Scarlett Johansen. [doubt i spelt her name right] I think she is so beautiful.

2] Overdose.

4] Leeches.
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I'm putting off housework at the moment...

1. What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

2. What's the most exciting thing you've ever done?

3. What's a good song to do a striptease to?

4. What's a good excercise book?

5. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

My answers under the cut:
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I did a poll like this a good while ago, but I'm sure half of you never saw it

What should be the legal drinking age ?

Less than 18
Over 21

What should be the legal voting age?

Less than 18
Over 21

What should be the legal driving age?

Less than 18
Over 21

What should be the legal age of consent?

Less than 16
Over 21

What should be the legal age to buy cigarettes?

Less than 18
Over 21

Should pot be legalized?


Should prostitution be legalized?


Should gay marriage licenses be legitimized?


TGIF, baby!

1. How far do you pull your pants/underwear down when you sit down to use the toilet? ex. Thighs? Knees? Ankles?

2. Females on birth control: When you first started taking it, did you become a psycho bitch like me?

3. Have you ever sued someone? Been Sued?
3b. What was the case?
3c. Did you win?

4. What's something you wish you could do but know you'll never be able to?

5. What are you favorite male and female names?

6. What makes you more awesome than the person who posted above you?

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A few months ago when I took my road test to get my driver's license, I was in the car with my instructor and he was having me practice parallel parking. I kind of sucked at it, which from what I understand most people do, especially new drivers.

When it was all over, a part of his goodbye greeting was, "and maybe your husband can teach you how to parallel park." I had already told him I was single and um, well, I'm only 19. He had asked me questions about marriage as idle chat before, which I didn't find strange (I had said I just didn't know what would happen in my future). I didn't think much of it and was like, "okay, thanks" and went on my way, but now that I think on it it was a little weird.

What would your reaction to that be? What would you think?
lead me

apple can go to hell.

I'm fed up with my Apple iBook. My hard drive just crashed for the second time in three years.

I'm looking at getting a Windows-based laptop. Is there anything on the market right now with a feature that takes the heads off the hard drive when the computer senses G forces over a certain threshhold (like when it's dropped)? Or any other features for klutzy people like me? TEll me what 'toughbooks' are out there.

(fyi, I have never dropped my iBook, and I have no idea why my hard drive crashed. a feature like that would be a major selling point for me, however.)
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(no subject)

1. Your friend asks you on Wednesday to go shopping on Friday. You say sure. Friday comes around and she doesn't call you/contact you about the shopping. Do you call her? Or do you just let it slide and do something else?

2. In which month do most of your friends/family have their birthdays?

3. On a scale of 1-10, how bad is dying your hair with drugstore boxed dye as opposed to going to a salon? 1 being not bad at all, 10 being hair suicide.

4. In your area, how much would it cost to rent a one bedroom and den apartment? (approx 835 square feet)
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Oh the sex tape....(cd).....

I want to make a dance cd, something with good rhythm. I've decided to of course throw some VNV on their and Deepdish, I also like the new Britney song 'gimme more' - I know I'm a homo - anyway...I'm looking for stuff along those lines...also like

jamariqui - something
lily allen/marc ronson - oh my god
stuff like that.....

What songs would you suggest for a dance compilation?

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I found four plastic "pearl" necklaces. Two black ones (one short and one long) and two pink ones (one short and one long). Should I wear them, or does that just look silly?

I saw Genesis in concert last night :) What fun thing have you done lately?

How can I cover up an angry looking pimple? It's right under my nose and looks gross :(

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git 'er done

Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on a Chevy. It was an American flag and it said "Don't put my flag on your foreign car". What are your thoughts on that sentiment?

essential oils

what the hell are they and where do I get them?

Not like.. motor oil.

My niece is into aromatherapy and she's coming to visit for a few days, and I was informed it would be a nice gift.

I looked in my 'chick' handbook and I'm missing this chapter.

where do I get this stuff?

I'm in the US.


Support Our Troops?

Do you think that rallies, t-shirts, ribbons, etc that are meant to support the troops overseas really support them? Or is it more to (emotionally) help the families and loved ones of said troops?

ps-please no "OMG WAR" bullshit, that's really old. I just want to know what you think about the "support our troops" stuff.
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Wait a second...

What's the latest thing to make you go OMGWTFBBQ?

(or insert your favorite expletive/exclamation)

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to yell said expletive/exclamation but can't say a damn thing?

Yeah, that's where I'm at now, which is why I can't answer my own question.
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I live in America and the other day I saw a car that had the word "Infidel" in bold letters colored like the American flag on it's back window.
Does anyone else find this extremely odd and slightly confusing?


1. Do you wear shoes in your house when you're just hanging out? What about socks? Do you go barefoot?

2. I like to break things down in my head. Such as, the work day is 9 hours. There are four hours before lunch hour and four after. My morning snack breaks up the first four hours into two hour segments, and my afternoon snack does the same (I eat my peach at 10am, and my egg and veggies at 3pm). I also do this with distance on my dog walks, TV shows on the TV at the gym or number of songs I'll hear during my workout, etc.

Does anyone else do this?

3. For the drinkers out there: what will you be imbibing this weekend?


1. Barefoot unless it's cold and then socks.

3. Wine tonight, and maybe beer tomorrow!
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can you name a member of TQC who...

1. is engaged OR married?
2. lives in California, Texas, New York, OR Florida?
3. is currently either a freshman OR a senior in college?
4. just recently broke up with their SO?
5. is under 18?
6. is over 30?
7. is 25?
8. has red hair?
9. wears glasses?
10. drives an import car? what kind of car do they drive?

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If your dad was in the hospital, would you buy him flowers? Do you think it would be a little weird to buy a man flowers?

My dad is having a minor (hopefully) operation in a couple of weeks and I can't be there, but I want to do something for him.
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I've been crazy tired lately. Like, I'll wake up and an hour later I'll have to lay back down. I'm also having a lot of pain all over the right side of my body. Am I dying, TQC?

Should I waste my money on a pizza that I'm craving or just eat cereal as it's the only thing in the house?

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Assuming you already have, where did you lose your virginity?
-In my bf's car in the church parking lot.  I'm blasphemous!

Where were you when you had the best sex?
-In my bed, classic. :)


If you live with your SO, when you get sick how do you keep them from getting sick too?  Or do you just share all the colds?

we are not amused

need a bit of laundry transport

2:36 AM 9/28/07 · I've had a sack for my laundry for the longest time. Parents gave it to me back in 1984 for boarding school and I've been using the same one this whole time. I use it to get my laundry from where it's bunched up to where I wash it and I wash the sack right along with the rest of it.

Well, nothing lasts forever and it's pretty much getting onto being shredded. Which brings up the understandable question...

...where does one buy a sack?
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How old...

1. What age is the minimum for a young woman to be called a 'bitch'? After puberty? Needs to be closer to your own age?

Just curious. *looks innocent*

2. At what point do you consider putting a dog to sleep? When it has a terminal disease (renal failure, congestive heart failure, cancer)? When it has a hard time getting around (arthritis, old age), yet it's otherwise healthy? When it gets to a certain age?

My mom has a thirteen year old schnauzer with arthritic hips, but he's perfectly healthy. Some idiots in her family have suggested to her that she just 'let him go... peacefully'. But he's like a brother-dog to me, Mom loves him, and I want to tell my nosy Older Aunt to STFU.

3. At what age is it safe to call gray hairs 'premature gray'?

I'm thirty, and if things keep going the way they are, I'll be salt-and-pepper by the time I turn 35. Thank God for color-in-a-box.

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has anyone here been on depo-provera? what kind of side effects did you have? specifically, did you gain any weight? and did you bleed for three months straight? i just went on it today, so i'm curious what everyone else's experiences have been.
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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Dear TQC, should I have left?

My friend called from my SO's cell (they ran into each other in town). She said she had just missed her bus into the town I live close to, that she had to pick someone up there, I should meet her, and we'd all go back to her place and hang out. This was about 3:30pm. She said she'd be at a specific bus stop at around 4:45pm in my town, so I told her I'd show up there and wait for her. I got there at 4:45, and wait. Finally the bus she's supposed to be on pulls in at 5:15pm, and no one gets off at the stop. I double check the times, make sure there isn't any more buses coming soon (not another one til 6:00pm). I hang around for another 5 or so minutes, and then leave. She's no longer with my SO, and she doesn't have a cell, so I couldn't call her and be like "omgwhereareyou?!"

And more importantly, what do you think happened to my friend?

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1] Straighten your back, from however you're currently sitting. Were you very hunched over?
Yes. It frightened me.

2] When were you happiest in your life? Edit; Why?

3] What's the cutest/most romantic thing someone has done for you?
I had problems saying 'I love you' when my ex and I started going out, because I wasn't sure I did. So instead, he decided we should just say 'Aquafina,' and made an Urbandictionary entry on it. It was very adorable at the time.
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what's the going rate for an apartment in your area?

have you ever been to a tanning salon? did you go tanning for a certain occasion? (prom, wedding, etc) were you happy with the outcome?

do you leave the tv on while you sleep?

is there a song that everybody and their momma seems to either know or LOVEEEE that you've never really ever HEARD or care to hear? (you just happen to know the name or the artist that sings it) for me it'd be Oasis - Wonderwall.

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This first one is for the ladies. :P

If you're going out (on a date) with someone shorter than/the same height as you, do you still wear heels?

and for everyone,

WHY do I suddenly really like the new Britney song? Have I totally lost my mind?
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01a. Do you believe in life after death?
01b. Do you believe in god(s)?
01c. If you answered no to the above, does it really make any difference how you choose to live your life?

02. My birthday is Columbus Day so my friend is taking me into the city. What should I do in Boston?

03. What is the source of personal identity?

04. Who would win in a fight: Gandalf or Yoda?

Youtube post, and probably the stupidest post of the day

The Question Club dance

I'm not saying that this is going to be the club's official dance, because I do not come close to possessing that kind of influence, but the pointed question is, if the universe were limited to only 3 dances and you had to select one for this community, which one would you go with? BTW, costumes are ESSENTIAL to the dance, whenever performed

The contenders: (cut to not offend any of the rules-abiding members>
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In your opinion, is aggression innate - we learn how to be aggressive or maybe we are born with that knowledge?
Do you think that society is responsible for violence which causes aggressiveness?

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What credit cards do you have? Tell me about them.

How many do you have?

Why did you choose that card/those cards?

What is most important to you when choosing a credit card?

Which card is the worst credit card ever and why?

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what kind of punishments do you get in the US for something like: inter-fearing with the police and/or disrupting the peace?

aka if you were changed with something like this, do you know what would happen?

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Have you resented a person who's given you bad news? More specifically, somebody who has let you know of a death? I'm asking because I had to let my parents know that their best friend suddenly died, and my mom has been acting slightly differently towards me since then. Maybe it's actually because she's been sad because of his death, and I'm just paranoid and wrong, but I think she's a little warmer and more open towards my brother. I may be overanalyzing, though.
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What are your favorite podcasts?

I really like Grammar Girl and a few NPR ones, like This American Life and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, but I need to branch out.

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so, TQC,

do you wanna see any of these movies?

and none of that "i haven't heard of any of these movies". that's why they're links.

Jury Duty

For those of you who have served Jury Duty:

What kind of case did you serve on?

How long did it take?

What did you wear to court?

Was it overall a positive or negative experience?

Any tips for a first time potential juror?

popsicle dog

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1. how old is the oldest virgin you know?
2. at what point do you start feeling sorry for them?
3. why or why do you think they haven't gotten any?
4. what should I say to my male bff who gets all whiney & depressed to me about being almost 22 & still in tact of his v-card?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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what's longest you've gone without doing your laundry?

porn -- does it rape the mind or is it just very educational or neither

what would do if you heard your boss either call you or your co-workers worthless?
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do you like being the center of attention? (IRL or on-line)
i'm doing laundry right now. what are YOU doing?

ETA: what do you think the members of TQC that aren't on-line right now (you can tell who is by who all is commenting on the most recent posts) are doing? i bet thegreatone0381 is probably playing Halo 3 right now.

VOSS water?

Where can I buy just like one water bottle from them (in Canada)? I dont want to order like a whole crate I just want to reuse one bottle since theyre pretty and I like to tote water around...

me - with gun
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When you were a kid (or hell, maybe now) did you randomly pretend that the floor was lava?

What is a game (fully made up imagination type game, not say... board/video game) you used to play as a kid?

What pisses you the hell off about your cell phone? Or at least mildly irritates you?
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So bored.

What made you realize you had to break it off with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I knew it was over with my ex when it got to the point where I had to get drunk to have sex with him. That relationship was three years of greatness and one year of hell.

Some music questions

1. Amy Winehouse or Lily Allen?
2. The Academy Is or Boys Night Out?
3. Which concert would you rather go to: a 4-band concert that's $30 which you only like the headliners but you like them a lot, or a 1-band concert that's $20 that you have a good chance of meeting the band?

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Does anyone own a turtle or know someone that does and if so:

1) Are they difficult animals to keep as pets?
2) How much work are they to keep clean?
3) What is a good tank size?
4) Is it okay to keep more than one in a tank?

Any other information available is greatly appreciated!