September 27th, 2007


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My boyfriend tells me that Zephyrhills [brand of bottled water] makes his mouth dry. Is this typical for water? Are other brands better about that sort of thing? Should I be worried? Should I get better water? Should I buy the expensive water they have at Starbucks? Should I buy Fiji water? Or does he just fail at drinking?

They were holding the Gallon Challenge downstairs on the first floor of my dorm tonight and I decided to stay upstairs and go on TQC. What do you think? Should I have witnessed epic milk downing? Gallon Challenge > TQC?

(If it makes any different I have a friend who loves doing the Gallon Challenge and will probably gladly hold one if I request so it's not like I missed a once-in-a-lifetime deal.)

I was told it's not good to wash my hair every single day but I feel gross if I don't. So now I have this system where I wash the top of my hair odd days and the bottom of my hair even days. So I wash my hair half as much but I still wash it every day.
Is this a good idea? Is it a bad idea? How often do you wash your hair?

Have you out of the blue run into any old friends lately? How often does that sort of thing happen to you?
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1. What do you think of bands who keep making records long after they hit their peak?

2. Do you like music that contains a social/political message or do you prefer music that is more general?

3. Am I missing out by not being in TQC chat?

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What do you think can or should be done to get teenagers more interested and involved in politics?

How old are you and do you think you're well informed about political issues?

Where do you find/read/watch your news?

1) I'm not sure, that's why I'm asking you.

2) 17, yes, very.

3) I watch msnbc a lot, but flip through other channels because I like seeing what they have to say, too. I use DIGG to see random news stories that pop up, yahoo mail has news stories, bbc news. I basically look anywhere that I can.

white elephants?

So - I was looking on Esure's website, and they have a list of gadget's people had bought, and found them to be junk!

So which of these do you (A) own and think is ok, or (B) Have and think was a hunk of junk? or (C) own and absolutely love.. My answers included

Air purifiers/ioniser A
Hand held milk frother
Yoghurt maker
Electric manicure kit
Plastic bag sealing device
Massage chair or self-massage machine C
Electric tin opener
Foot spa A (It's nice, but not ace!)
Fondue set
Electric steamer
Kitchen blow torch
Juicer B (Made nice juice, but PITA to clean!)
Facial sauna/steamer
Steam cleaners B (spent longer than usual cleaning, and then did it properly)
Popcorn and candy floss makers A
Bread maker
Rice and pasta cookers
Electric Grill (e.g. George Foreman grilling machine) C (it's great for veg, anyway)
Coffee machine (filter/cappuccino/espresso) C (an espresso machine needs a grinder)
Electronic bathroom weighing scales
Vegetable preparation devices A
Smoothie maker
Pasta maker
Waffle maker
De-humidifiers and humidifiers
Ice cream maker C
Electric stockpot or slow cooker C (can't understand why people don't like em(

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I've noticed from other posts that a lot of us here are of native american heritage.
1.Do any of you know about your native american heritage? like embrace it and such?
2.If you are any amount of native, What tribe is you from?

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School me plz

 Dear TQC, 

Insomnia has me watching Bridezillas. This one chick got in a fight with her sister-in-law to be at a bar. The sister-in-law is black. The bride is white. The sister-in-law says "You're ungrateful, you're ignorant, and you're not white." 

I am confused. What does she mean by "you're not white", considering the chick is in fact white? And since the sister-in-law is black, why would she consider being not white an insult?

A Confused Watcher of Junky TV

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Is there a mental disorder in which a person craves to have an illness(diabetes, cancer, etc)? I'm not talking about hypochondria where a person thinks they have the symptoms or Munchausen's where a person fakes the symptoms. The person just has a strong desire to have a disease.
petit prince

girl found under pile of diet coke cans and old copies of the economist

i recently made Collapse ) for clnclarinet, which give a glimpse into the horror that is my bedroom. being a concerned friend, she provided me with this article in order to inform me that i am going to die alone, accompanied only by my piles and piles of crap.

my question for you, dear tqc, is, according to the article, which room number are you?
if you are less than four, are you horrified by the numbers above four?
if you're four or above, does it bother you?

bonus: how crazy is it that i have my heater on right now?
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 Do you find that any age bracket in particular is less polite or respectful than others?

What do you think the reason for it is?

Are you a regular anywhere? What kind of a place is it?
Oh hay thar

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A week ago, my boyfriend and I woke up to a beautiful black cat sleeping in between us. He made a hole in our screen and came in the house that way. I went downstairs and opened a can of tuna and gave him water, then we evicted him the next morning. Well, ever since then he has been breaking in our house.

I have searched for owners and can't find any. He's pretty hungry, but looks very healthy and happy for a stray. He's very affectionate with my kids and we love this cat. I bought him a litter box and cat food today and plan on bringing him to the vet soon. I can't really tell (or don't know how to tell) if he's neutered but that will be done when we go (if it's not).

My question is, is there anything else I should do/know about turning a stray into a pet? This is my family's first pet and we don't really know what to do!
*betty draper reading

Windows Vista: Basic or Premium?

If I get a computer with...

Intel® Celeron ® Processor 420 (1.60GHz, 800 FSB)
1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs
250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™
Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100

...would it be worth it to get Vista Home Premium instead of Basic? Will this hardware run all the fancy Premium features (Aero, etc.) well? Or will it be slow and a waste of $30?

EDIT: Also, XP IS NOT AN OPTION, PPL. I don't have XP, and I'm not paying $200 extra just to get it (yes, that's what it would cost). I've never even owned a computer with XP. My old computer runs Windows 98, which SUCKS. I'm getting Vista! I have no attachment to or fondness for XP whatsoever.

EDIT 2: THANKS EVERYONE! I went with Basic 'cause $30 seems like a lot just for transparent menus. I spent $30 on a new 12-outlet surge protector instead.


sci hum

1. Do you feel you are more suited to study science, or humanities? Or are you equally suited to both? Why or why not? (Please don't lecture me about false dichotomies, I'm phrasing it this way because most universities are structured this way.)

2. What is your opinion of snarky t-shirts? What are some you liked, or didn't like?

Mostly lame. An engineer in one of my math classes wore a shirt that said "(lim GPA --> 0) B. Sc. = B.A." I thought it was obnoxious at the time, and even more so later when I saw the class average.

3. What is your opinion of United Way?

4. What are some (famous) couples where one person was a scientist and the other was an artist?

5. Have you ever successfully maintained a pen-pal-type relationship with someone you met travelling? What medium did you use (postcards, letters, e-mails, Facebook, LJ, etc.)?
Feet Pyramid

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For a wedding, is it still typically the bride and her family that pays for most of it or has that changed?

Are you related to anyone famous?
Al Capone

What did you do last night?
Went to watch the chick from Mythbusters speak on campus. She was pretty cool.

What are you doing tomorrow?
Working, then I have a test...
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So...hypothetically...if my computer kept saying that a local network cable were unplugged (the window saying that flashes off and on) but everything is plugged in nice and tightly...what would my computer's problem be? I'm pretty tired of it not letting me connect to the internet.
EDIT: we have another computer using the same router, no problems.
Also, do you like olives? Why/why not?

I don't...they just squick me out.


I need a new book to read at the gym. Something deep, meaningful, can't-put-it-down kinda book. Don't assume I've read anything (other than Harry Potter, I guess.) :)

What do you normally eat for breakfast?
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What has made you happy so far this morning?

Listening to Guns N' Roses "Appetite for Destruction" and thinking about the Yankees going wild last night after their win over Tampa, pouring champagne and beer all over each other. It's going to be a good day :)

I See You

 Do you think those tracker work for sites?  like ex: trazor or whatever it is called haha

or do you think you have to sign up for them to be even tracked?
I feel obligated to right a comment or send a message to someone if they have that.

and if it does work... would you get one for yours ?
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Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

for all the fans of hip hop

do you like hip hop?

if so...

this has been on my mind seems to me Jay-Z seems to not be that great of a lyricist only really talking about how great he is and how he was there...from...the start?  but anyhoo public opinion seems to think he's the best ever...but i know The Question Club is not typical public opinion...

would you say Jay-Z is overrated?
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When you're eating a meal and you unexpectedly bite down on something hard (like a stray olive pit, or even your fork), does it make you lose your appetite or do you just remove the offending hard object and keep on going?

I usually quit eating, it totally turns me off D:

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My gym shoes are pretty tatty and I would really like a new pair.

What are some really good shoes for walking/running/using the elliptical machine? Preferably ones that aren't 100 bucks and have lots of shock absorption.


explain to me please.

Okay, I'm going to use the pathetic "English is not my first language" excuse for this question.

Taxi and Cabs. I'm a little confused. Are they the same thing or do they have different meanings? Aren't cabs just the american way of saying Taxi? Or do you you say it together, like taxi cab?

How do you say it?
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Does anyone know the name of the Firefox extension that allows you to take screenshots? A little icon (it's yellow, I think) shows up in the lower righthand corner of the browser window when it is installed.
Got it! It's called Screengrab.

If your partner fondled you in your sleep while they masturbated, how would you feel? What if they did not attempt to wake you up so you could join in?

Do you like cabbage? If so, in what form do you like your cabbage?
Feet Pyramid

mine is SHIT!

What is your favorite naughty word?????

Also - Have you ever had a dream in a different language that you don't speak fluently?

I had a dream completely in French last night but I understood all of it and I remember it very clearly!
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I used to subscribe to Jane but they went under, and I'm looking for a new mag.

What are some magazines you enjoy/subscribe to? What is their focus?

Stuff like women's health or fitness magazines sort of intrigues me but I'm just curious. Is Martha Stewart Living great or no? I am lost. :(

Also, I feel like I've run out of internet lately. What are some sites you love and that entertain you? I have already read Television Without Pity,, Girls With Slingshots, Questionable Content, Cyanide and Happiness, and XKCD.
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Q:  Do you ever hear someone say something, and the way they've phrased it, it strikes you as something other than what they actually mean?

(my)A:  all the time.  like on this commercial i just watched, someone said "someone had been murdered by a knife".  i pictured this giant knife walking around and murdering people on its own accord, but i'm pretty sure that's not what they meant.

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1. I saw something on TV this morning about how people are conserving water and how it's working. Do you do anything to save water? If you do, what is it? If not, why?

2. Do any of you use email on your phone? How do you like it? What kind of phone do you have if you do use it?

1. I pee, brush my teeth and wash in the shower. Not all together, of course :P I al

2. I just got  an iPhone and love it. This is the first time I've efficiently used email on a phone.
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1. What is something that people online tend to know about you that people IRL don't (for example, something lj friends would be more likely to know than some family members or coworkers)?

2. Will you post a picture of your wearing something formal-ish?

3. How about a YouTube video (or something similar) that you're in?

4. When are you next going to leave town (vacation, visit family, etc)? Where are you going?
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Oh, employment...

I think that any information we could possibly need from a potential employee should be included on their resume, or can be asked in the interview. I also never filled out an application for MY job, which is almost exactly the same, and they didn't take a copy of my resume for the files either.

My boss thinks we HAVE to have an application on file, no matter what, despite the fact that it duplicates the standard resume information almost exactly, and we have resumes from these applicants already.

Keep in mind we are a small individually-owned business so there's no corporate policy to care about.

Who do you think is right? Is there some legal precedent that we need to have an application on file when we already have cover letters and resumes?

How annoyed do you think these people are going to be to come in to a job interview and have to fill out a four page form that is full of stuff we already know?

ETA: Is it illegal for us to ask for their social security number on the application?
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Haruhi disappearance
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1a) What do you think of the Keurig Coffee System? I LOVE IT! I use them whenever I see them at businesses and the like. I'm lazy and this would definitely get me making coffee at home instead of buying one out.
1b) Do you have one?
1c) Is it worth the price of the machine and the cups it needs?

2) When you are low on money, what do you and your friends do for fun? Besides hanging out at someone's house/dorm/etc.

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Which is the best out of MSWord, Word Perfect, and AppleWorks?

Windows Media Player, Itunes, or foobar (or something else)?

AIM, iChat or Trillian (or Adiumx or or [insert chat program here])

Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox?


If you found out that your teacher, or your child's teacher, is active online and on online communities, would that bother you? They're not talking about you/your child in public, they're going about their own online business.

Would that sentiment change if you found out they were in fandoms? Or if they drew art, or wrote stories? (not necessarily for fandom stuff)
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Bear with me, please - my husband's cousin's stepson is getting married, and his reception is this weekend.  We've met him exactly once, and we used to see the family about twice a year, not at all in the last couple or so.
The only reason I'm thinking we should go is to avoid offending my high strung, overly sensitive mother-in-law, who might take it out on my husband's dad, and the poor guy does not need any more grief.

Do we suck it up and go for a brief appearance, or do we beg off and include our regrets in the card we'll send?

Edit: This is not an RSVP, full meal, or sit down dinner affair - those occasions are mostly few and far between in our neck of the woods.   ;)

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OH MAN. I just found the PERFECT shoes for me, and they don't have my size. :( What's made you sad today?

And, have you learned anything from TV lately?
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1. Is there anyone you know who is seriously addicted to the internet? Will you tell me about their habits?

2. Are you in any communities that you really like but one very frequent member talks about the same thing over and over and you just want to punch them in the head?

3. I havent posted here in a month or so, but if I used this icon would you be more likely to recognize me?

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You win a $100 gift certificate to one of 3 restaurants. Which do you take?

2 meals at a very fancy, very posh restaurant. Includes fine wine, stringed minstrels ready to play while you eat, etc. The works. Pretty much it's good for one lavish night for 2
9 meals at Dennys
Some 20 meals at McDonalds

You win a $100 gift certificate to one of 3 clothing stores. Which do you take?

1 expensive, stylish outfit at some poshy shop
Several decent shirts at the Gap
Lots of clothes from a second-hand thrift store. $100 goes a long way

You're awarded $500 in Las Vegas hotel accomodations. Which package do you choose?

1 night. Your spacious room includes enormous wide screen tv, hot tub, 2 couches, large fridge, top floor balcony, and a very comfy bed and sheets with a high thread count
2 nights. Spacious. Wide screen tv, bar, 2 couches, large fridge, comfy bed with high thread count sheets
3 nights. Spacious. Large fridge, 2 couches, decent bed with alright sheets
4 nights. There's a couch in your room. Your sheets are standard and your bed's sufficiently comfortable
5 nights. Mini fridge. Bed that feels a bit 'lived in'

Edit: Yes, I know the prices are wonky. My bad. No more comments calling me on it. The 3 choices for the first 2 questions are, 1 thing at premium value, several things at middle range value, and a bunchload of things at low value. Ignore the exact money amount
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Does color formatting (other than black text on a white background) help or hinder someone with synesthesia when reading something online? Do they even notice the colors are different than the color associations with letters/numbers they perceive?

What effect does a computer have on the varieties of synesthesia? For instance, does reading an article online manifest the same way as it does reading it in the newspaper? Does a midi have the same effect as the song it is adapted from in those with music-linked synesthesia?

Disclaimer: I know synesthesia is entirely individualized. I am not asking for generalizations, because no generalizations can be made.

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EDIT: Are there any common themes in things that are done again and again but you love them anyways?

Ex. I love Playstation rpgs even though the format is almost always the same lone spikey headed hero who ends up with some crazy power, meets more sterotyped characters along the way, and saves the world from impending doom.
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How do you set it up when you click on an email link on a website (a mailto: link), it automatically opens up my gmail (if I already have it logged in) and puts that email there, instead of automatically opening outlook or something, which I don't have it set up anyway?

I used to have this done but recently I realized I don't anymore and I forgot how I set it up last time.

Eta: I have mozilla firefox
Beast mode!

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1. So why is some chick I don't even know telling a bunch of other people I don't even know that I'm a spineless bitch? She iswas a friend of my roommate and all I did was tell my roommate to remind her to bring back my coffee mug she borrowed a month ago.

2. What is the strangest thing someone has ever been mad at you for doing?

3. What is the nicest way someone has defended you?

4. Have you ever flipped out on someone for a stupid reason? What was it about?
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1. What's annoying you today?
The light right above my desk in work is blinking non-stop and it's driving me up the wall.

2. What's the weather like? What do you wish it was like?
It's thundering. I wish it would just hit us with a really bad storm, but no. Just 2 minutes of thundering, some rain, then back to nothing.

3. What are the five closest objects to you? Pics, if you like.
A coffee cup (with cold coffee ;_; ), my glasses, a stapler, the window and about 5 billion inspirational posters/books/signs/whatever.

4. What do you think of inspirational posters? Are they really inspirational?
I find them cheesy. A quote may be inspiring the first couple times you read it, but after that it just gets old.

5. What's your floor look like?
I'm at work, so the floor is tiled. And black.
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1. What dvd do you own that you don't usually admit to people?

2. Do you have a lot of dvds or do you usually rent stuff instead?

3. Do you like to watch TV when it comes on, or rent it later?

My answers!
1. Spice World. I'm not ashamed!
2. I used to buy movies all the time, now I rent them.
3. I like to rent it later, I can never remember to watch stuff every week. I spent three years without cable and got out of the habit.

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Have you ever tried frikandel??
Would you eat it if you knew it had horse meat in it?
Does Arnhem really suck...or was that just my impression?
Maastricht...BEST city in Holland?

coffee maker

so i bought the Mr a coffee maker for our anniversary this week haha, he loves kitchen gadgets. 
problem is i don't drink coffee... is there any way i can make it make mocha???? (it does do cappuccino)

it is a delonghi caffe otello


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Do people who use sign language see little hands in their head when they think about what somebody said, or do they hear the words? Or does it depend on whether they're deaf or mute?

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I'm sick and hate it.  Please rip out my throat.

UGH.  I have school tomorrow.  I'd rather stay home because I feel awful, but it's probably bearable.   I have to write my speech tonight and present it tomorrow (which was due Monday but the compy was a whore).  

If I miss will my teacher totally think it's just me being a cop out?
Should I just say screw you and stay home anyway because being sick makes me wimpy? (Yeah...I'm one of THOSE people).  Boo.
Giving a speech while being sick just seems like a disaster to me.  Y/n?

CHOOSE!  Chai or chamomile?

What was the last present you got and why?
My boyfriend bought me a new Nano because we hadn't seen each other for a month :) 
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Ok  so, my old mp3 player [Creative zen vision:m] is misbehaving, and its time I got a new one.
1] I've got up to £200 to spend, don't want an ipod and want something similar to what I had, with around 30GB.
What would you reccomend?

2] I'm also moving house, and have never had a nice speaker system, so I want to give myself a moving in present.
What hi-fi system would you recommend, with BIG volume and as many speakers as possible for around £300?

3] How much is your hi-fi worth?

Various ?s

1) What's the worst movie(s) that you own?

2) When's the last time you made out with somebody?

3a) Have you ever heard of Karrine Steffans?
3b) Do you think it's more ok/acceptable for a female to "kiss and tell" than for a guy to "kiss and tell?"

(no subject)

1. There was a picture posted about a month ago (maybe slightly less) of a girl with basically no chin. It was black and white and only showed her face. I think it might have been posted here as part of a question. Does anybody know what I'm talking about and can you help me find it/post it if you have it? I googled a bunch of variations of "chinless girl" and the specific picture I'm looking for didn't come up, so that was a waste and also pretty unpleasant.

2. How do you post a picture in a Facebook comment?
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(no subject)

1. when's the last time you had Chinese food?
2. when's the last time you had Mexican food?
3. if you're wearing a t-shirt today, what's on it?
4. think of your favorite tv show [that is currently in syndication] who is the main character of that show?

(no subject)

I flooded my bathroom and the maintenance at my apartment complex is non-existent, I've run out of towels...


(no subject)

does anyone know David Copperfield's secrets? I recently watched a DVD of his & part of me says "camera tricks or cgi" but then.. it can't be? can it? damnit I wish I was inside of his head! so how does it all work? have you ever seen a magic show live? what's the worst magic you've ever seen performed?
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1. If you like flavored coffee, which flavors do you gravitate toward?

2. How has your hairstyle changed in the last five years (pictures?!?)?

3. Which soap scents are currently in your dwelling?
  • yhsiuqs

Do looks really matter?

If you had almost the exact same feelings [meaning liked/loved them almost the same amount] and you could only pick one to be with, would you pick the less attractive one who you cared for just a bit more, or would you pick the one who was more attractive but you still cared for, just not as much as the other one?
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I totally feel like the song "Online" was written FOR ME. Kinda. I'm sure all of you can relate to the lyrics.

Collapse )

Yeah, the line "when I got the chance with the marching band
To play tuba in the Rose Parade." is totally ME. I played tuba in the Rose Parade!!

Besides the OBVIOUS "I'm much cooler online," do you identify with any of these lyrics? Which one? I know everyone has to with at least one :P

(no subject)

What's your most recent "oh the irony!" story?

Why did McDonalds give me a parfait when I asked for a fruit and walnut salad, when the two sound nothing alike and I asked for it in person so there was no way white noise interfered with the cashier's hearing?

I just turned 18! Yay! As a now responsible adult, I want to start upping my credit score by applying for a credit card and charging 100$ a month to it. I'm a fiscally responsible person and I'd set the 100$ aside before I charged anything to the card. My mom thinks this is a horrible idea because I might catch "shopping fever." Should I do it anyway?

Have you ever been to a spa and received a massage? What kind of massage was it?

Hollywood is Knocking!!!

And they want to do a biopic on your life. They decide to put you in charge of all major casting. So tell me, who will play these key(or not so key) roles:

Your mother/father
Best friend
Arch Rival
Love Interest
Children? (if you have any)

And of course anyone else in your life that would be in this picture. Let the casting begin!
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I signed up to take a test for college Jeopardy! two weeks ago or so.
RIght after I signed up, I remembered it was The Office season premiere.

TQC, do I watch The Office (My favorite show in the world, ever) or take the test (even though I'm pretty sure it won't be to any avail) to see if maybe I'm smart enough to get on the show?

My boy says do it, but I think he just wants a cut of the money.

The test it is!
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Does anyone have any experience with Samsung appliances? Specifically, their washer/dryers? I need a set for the new place I'm moving into and theirs are the smallest/best value that I've found so far, but I don't know if they're actually any good or not. I'm guessing they're going to be reliable because it's such a big company...?

What brand are the major appliances in your home? Do they all match (in terms of manufacturer)? Right now, everything is Frigidaire, but for my new place, it's going to be all over the place.

(no subject)

1. Has anyone here sold anything on eBay and offered a warranty? I'm selling something that's not too expensive and someone asked what my warranty policy was (I don't have one, don't know if I need one?).

2. What was the last "little thing" that really pissed you off?
Bella / Alone in Woods

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DJ Shadow is amazing y/n?

What are some of your favorite DJ's? Do you prefer local or famous DJ's?

Why do the washing machines in Florida fade clothes?
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god bless the world

(no subject)

what is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

does anyone know where i can find cheap studio equipment for photography? don't say craigslist, i've already checked, there's nothing in my area.

where can i find jeans that will fit my butt? they are always either too big in the waist or too small in the butt.

do you have any advice for a new small business owner?

how do you relax at night?
bjork 2
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Thtupid Thuthday.

Dark birch beer or colorless birch beer?

Did you ever chew on a birch tree branch for the birch-y goodness?

Do you like Sarsaparilla? Have you ever had it?


(no subject)

I'm really pissed that I have to miss pretty much the whole season of Grey's Anatomy. I don't have cable :\ & my tv barely gets local channels.

where can I download the first episode (of course when it's finished) or episodes of it as they air/shortly after?

ps: who else is a Grey's fan & thought the 3rd season was.. lacking? just no. I wasn't too impressed towards the end of it.

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S o tell me question club, do I give into the temptation I have resisted for so long, and succumb to capitalism and branding and get an ipod, or can you suggest something similar [but better]?

Tell me your ipod horror stories so I can quash my sinful desires.

 EDIT: Also, were I to buy one in the US, would it work on an English PC?
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We are having a housewarming party.

I want to print out invitations, but I have a Mac and Macs don't open the cab files that you get from the Microsoft templates web site. AND the Mactopia (Microsoft's Mac site) templates don't have invitation templates, just the same categories my computer has, which is pooh.

1.  I've done some googling and FAIL - so I'm asking TQC, housewarming invitation templates? are you creative? Or a good searcher? Or you happen to have an invite template?

I was hoping for something that could print double sided on a page, and I could cut it in half longways and then fold the two parts in half.  Save paper etc., maybe use cardstock, be good you know

Advice? I'm open to having just a one sided piece of paper but not a whole sheet, maybe 4 per page or something, or my idea above


and Thanks, in advance

2.  Do you feel like when people write TIA it somehow nullifies their thanks because they couldn't even take the time to write it out?

ETA: I don't get internet access at work save for government web sites, and my computer faces the world so working on it at work isn't as much of an option, although i do intend to print them from work :) And cut them there! Whee


Inspired by comments in a previous post..

1. Does ANYONE actually like being tickled?
2. What do you do to stop a tickler?
3. If you have tickled someone, WHY DID YOU DO IT?!?
4. Any interesting stories of tickling?
ETA: 5. Where are you ticklish?

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I've got one for all the at-work types here.  How do you keep yourself organized? 

On any given day, I have to be able to report on and make progress with about a dozen different projects, stay on top of work status for 35 employees across six or seven different job descriptions, deal with clients bringing me questions, clients bringing me problems, clients causing me problems, hammer out details for incoming clients, and handle the normal day-to-day being-a-manager thing.

I'm having issues keeping it all straight.  Right now, if one thing goes out of its routine, two or three other things go with it, and I have to either ignore people for a few hours or stay at work after they all leave to haul it back on track.  I want to spend some time this weekend organizing it, and I'll be making The List That Ate All Other Lists at some point tomorrow.  For those of you who have a lot to do, what works for you to stay on top of it?

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is there anyway to take the password off of a free iTunes download? my friend wants to see that Wes Anderson short but he is living in New Zealand and can't.

BONUS QUESTION: what's up with that? it's free. people in NZ should be able to see it, too.
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My taste in music is pretty varied, but most people would probably describe all the songs I like as utter crap. But I have come to accept this. However, I'm getting really tired of my music and need suggestions for new bands and such to look into.

Some of the songs from the last 20 years I am currently listening to include:

Inside Outside by The Grates (but I don't like their other songs)
Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls
Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield
Worlds on Fire by Sarah McLachlan
No Rain by Blind Melon
Love Will Keep You Warm by Swan Lee

Any suggestions? Individual songs would be okay too. I am soooo sick of my music.

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My English class is currently doing peer reviews. But the essay I was given to read over is just... horrible. It's so filled with run-on sentences that I can hardly understand what they're trying to say. I had to read the entire essay to figure out the main idea, as it completely lacked a thesis. I'm in one of the highest English classes my college offers. I can't believe this writing.

If I were to actually say what I wanted, the entire essay would be covered in marks and corrections. I feel that's a bit mean, though... the teacher has another copy, and I'm sure he'll be correcting everything.

Should I sugarcoat my review, or actually say everything I feel?
pushing off

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If you smoke weed, do your pupils get bigger or smaller when you're high?

Mine always used to get bigger, but most of my friend's got smaller. My only friend who still smokes has pupils the size of pinheads when she's stoned.

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This has been bothering me for so long that the prospect of possibly looking like a moron isn't enough to prevent me asking. :)

Remember in the original Scream movie, when Sidney contacts the police on her computer? HOW?! Obviously it's a very basic version of the internet which looks like a DOS interface, and all she does (I think, it's been a long time) is type 911 and immediately she's able to have a typed conversation with the emergency services. I know this is a spoofy, utterly unrealistic movie, but how much of this technology is rooted in reality, if any? Was the internet ever remotely like this? Was it possible to contact the emergency services like that? Is it possible even now?

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For those of you who have a Nintendo DS and have played or own the new game Drawn to Life:

What do you think of the game? Is it worth it?

I have heard mixed feelings towards it...but as an artist I find the idea of essentially "drawing your own game" kind of cool.

Thoughts? Thanks =D
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Name that dish!

I make these eggs for my kid, but I dunno if it has a name so every time I say it in conversation, i just call it by the awkwardly long description...

Basically I scramble them up in a bowl and then fry them flat in a pan. So they are pre-scrambled, but come out flat and round like a pancake. Almost like an omelet but not folded and no added ingredients. They are not quite "scrambled eggs" because they fry up as a solid. I jokingly called in an "egg pancake" but that's deceptive because it's nothing but egg. "Panegg" just doesn't quite flow.


If not, would you like to name it?

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Tell me about Sociology please. What is it, Do you/did you take it as a subject, what does it involve? etc?

Tell me about Psychology please. What is it, Do you/did you take it as a subject, what does it involve? etc?

Chemistry or Physics? Which do you/did you prefer and why?

End of interlectualisim

Today I bought some fun looking pink cutlery. I thought it was going to colour change when wet/cold/hot but it didn't. I don't know why I thought that. It greatly upset me.

One (or a few) more question(s)

When I think of the abreviation 'LJ' I always want to say it 'Elle Gee' instead of 'Elle Jay'. Do you?

Same with 'Tut' (tutorial). Is it 'Tut' (as in 'hut' sound) or 'Toot'?

Wireless internetz?

I'm visiting my parents. I set up a wireless network here months ago that is password protected. My computer connects to it automatically, and I deleted the document that had the password in it.

Is there any way I can retrieve the password so my brother can connect his laptop?

EDIT: Nevermind, we figured it out! NEW QUESTION -- if you could pick what age you were going to die, what would it be?
(no, you can't say you choose not to die)