September 26th, 2007

sexual molestation

Should people who sexually molest children be treated as criminals who need to be punished, or sick people who need to be rehabilitated?

Does it change how you feel if the molester was sexually molested during childhood?

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Poll #1061394 Whatevers

Nice language. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Incest is wrong
I have another mouth I use for that. I got it from a hitchhiker. Wanna see it?
My mother's got a dirtier mouth than I do

You gonna eat that?

I wasn't planning on it, but now that I know you're interested, yes
Not anymore. The 'chef's surprise' is that he didn't wash his hands
Are you trying to say I'm fat? Bastard

______ is the new black. What is the new black?

Darker black
Midnight Teal
Electric Brown
Cyan with periwinkle tones
Hot lavendar
Red tartan with white borders
Metallic ecru
Cheetos orange
White chocolate
Teletubby purple
Pasty Britney cooter white

Do you LOVE me now that I can dance?

There's nothing less lovable than a guy who dances
Who are you again?
That's what the strap-on's for
I think so, but it's probably the second seabreeze talking
Do you mean 'lapdance?'
Massage my feet and I'll meet you halfway and say I like you
Only in the biblical sense
No one loves you. Not even Jesus. Word is he's carrying other people on the beach behind your back

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Does anyone else get very angry at businesses who will take your credit card, swipe it, and return it to you, and not ask for a signature or any form of ID verification? Alternately who don't even handle the card, just have you swipe it and hand you your purchase?

I can't figure out how to deal with it - refusing to patronize them is one thing but it wouldn't stop what they're doing.

EDIT: I'm endlessly amused at the people whose response to this sort of potential situation is "The bank will refund your money, stop whining" - it's easy to spot who's never had their identity stolen, the ones who think it's just a minor inconvenience that can be fixed with a simple phone call.

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1) Today I ate two eggs with a side of potato wedges, a slice of birthday cake, two veggie mushroom patties with provolone cheese melted on top, two pudding cups, and a few spoonfuls of ice cream. Why the Hell am I still hungry??? I've pretty much been eating all day and downed 8 glasses of water.

2) I was exercising today, like, an hour after I ate the birthday cake. I couldn't finish my whole set of exercises because I felt so woozy and weak. I don't have muscles of STEEL or anything, but I am seriously not that out of shape. I've been able to complete the exercises before without any problem. The cake was very little cake and mostly frosting, so that makes me wonder...Could the sugar have done something weird to me?

3) How are you doing, really?

4) Let's say someone is jokingly putting their arms around you and tickling you. You tell them to stop and they laugh it off (repeatedly). Is jamming your knee up their crotch (well, not actually UP, but I think you get what I mean) an overreaction? What if you warn them before hand?

5) I have a friend who constantly comments on other people's fashion sense/acne/hair/physical appearance in general. She's always saying how someone has "no business wearing that" or whatever. This seems hugely self-centered to me. It's not like people leave the house intent on catering to her personal aesthetic preferences. Thoughts?

6) We were all sitting and having a conversation, a few friends of mine and a few acquaintances. Randomly, a guy tells another friend of mine (who has a little worse than mild acne) "Have you ever tried Proactive?" We were NOT discussing skin care or anything even related to skin. I told the guy off for it right then in front of everyone else. Now people think I'm a huge bitch and are saying that if I was going to do it, I should have pulled him aside and done it privately. Honestly, what do you think? I'm not going to deny that I jump on people...A lot. But I don't think I was completely unjustified. I didn't insult him or swear at him, I just told him that he was being rude, inconsiderate, and that commenting on things like that makes people feel uncomfortable. Also to mind his own business.

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Sometimes my dog randomly pees a little bit without knowing it. She'll be laying down or sitting there and suddenly there's a little pee on the floor. It's usually no more than a few teaspoons, but sometimes it's a full bladder's worth.

It's been happening randomly and unpredictably for months. We mentioned it to the vet and she took some urine and blood samples, but everything seemed fine so she... said she had no idea, pretty much. We have to be careful to not let the dog on the bed or in carpeted rooms and it's getting old for her and us. She's an otherwise healthy 3 year-old, 100 pound American Bulldog mix.

Have you ever heard of a dog doing that? What should we do? WTF? HALP?

ETA: Thanks for the suggestions, guys! We're going to take her to another vet tomorrow for a second opinion.

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One] Do you have a favorite dream that you've had?

Two] Can you describe yourself with three words that begin with the letter 'S'? Be creative, please.

Three] What's the worst thing you've ever done to your body?

Four] When have you felt prettiest? Do you have pictorial evidence? If so, can I see?
Kaizers Orchestra: Geir point gif

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1. I've asked something like this before, but hey, it was a while ago so....
What's a small/insignificant thing you like?

2. Do you have a recent embarassing story?

3. Spiders: Cool, ok or small creatures of pure evil?

4. Could I make these questions more random?

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Gaga: Elegant

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I am considering getting a surface piercing on my hip (just one side)
1) Do you have one or know someone who does?
2) About how much did it cost?
3) Did the piercer use a clamp or do it free hand?
4) What was the experience like?
5) The only other time I've been pierced was when I got my ears pierced at Claire's for my 9th birthday. I went with my friend to get his nipples pierced, but that's as far as my tattoo & piercing parlor history goes. What should I look for and what questions should I ask the area parlors to know they're clean, safe and legit? I know to make sure they use a clean needle every time and sterilize their equipment and all that. :)
6) Anything else I ought to know?

Thank you!

Oh, and do you have any chocolate chip cookies? And if so, may I have one?

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I'm really supposed to do homework but I got sidetracked.

1. There was a question about exes earlier today in TQC that got to me thinking about my last ex saying I was the only girl he knew that didn't wear necklaces.
So to the females here.....
Do you wear a necklace?

2. What was the last thing you felt guilty about?

3. What decade/era do you wish you were born in? Why?
dance with me


Have you ever been afraid that one you love says that they love you, but really doesn't know what loves means?

Have you ever been afraid to let go?

Is okay to let go of something that should work out but nobody cares to talk about it?

Is it okay to have a small, secret longing for something you know you can't have and shouldn't want?
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Are you a loud sneezer?

Do you blow your nose in public? Why/why not?

Should I go get orange juice even though I'm not supposed to drive because I'm having dizzy spells? (7-11 is walking distance, but again, dizzy spells)

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Would taking an oatmeal bath like one would when they have the chicken pox help my millions of mosquito bites? (I have 12 on my right leg ALONE!!!)

Is this week going slow for you too?

I love you do you love me?
Are we a happy family?
James Franco joint

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I plan on taking a statistics test, and then coming home and sleeping all day instead of cleaning and practicing piano.

What was the last thing you just didn't do because you were too tired or had better things to do?

What is the weather like today? Where do you live?

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I don't know why or how this is mystifying me, but what is a good website to find appetizers that go with particular dishes?

Or, what do you recommend? I'm doing a small dinner party with some friends next weekend, and I'm serving rack of lamb with oven roasted potatoes and green beans sauteed in butter with shallots and parsley.

My mom suggested pate but it seems a little heavy and rich, especially since this will be a multi course dinner with salad, bread and cheese, and dessert to follow (in that order).

Any tips?
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anyone know what the french word for 'bullseye' is? (if someone could send the word, and then type out the pronunciation of the word) thank you, thank you, merci beaucoup! :)

EDIT: thanks for the quick help, at work in meeting and knew TQC wouldnt let me down, no time to search myself.. (trying to find wine varietal names that cater to the trader joe's customer)
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misc - cemetery

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Decide my future for me, TQC!

I am currently taking 15 credits. When I was registering for classes, for some reason I was under the impression that classes taken to fulfill my requirement for my theatre minor cannot be counted as gen ed classes, so I signed up for a random music history class to count as my fine arts.

Last week, I went to talk to my advisor. I was considering dropping another class I am in, but she wouldn't let me. She looked at my current schedule and was like "why on earth are you taking this music class, you really don't need it, if you're going to drop anything it should be that one."

So, the deadline to withdraw from a class is this Friday. The music class really does not stress me out at all because it is ricockulously easy, but in the past I have felt more comfortable taking only 12 credits, because I am pathetic like that.

Pros to keeping the music class
-easy A
-could potentially make deans list (you have to be taking at least 14 credits)
-it's fun and interesting

Pros to dropping the music class
-I wouldn't have class until 1:25pm on MWF (as opposed to 10:10am)
-I would have more time to devote to work for my other classes (particularly the one I had wanted to drop - this is a BIG plus)
-I wouldn't have to worry about missing a pop quiz if I am running a little late or if I forget my clicker

So.... should I keep it or drop it?
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Have you ever been in a talent show? What was your talent?

When I was in second grade, my friend and I lip-synched to some song by Alvin & the Chipmunks. I was Brittany and she was Alvin.

Is this Madeleine McCann?

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What do you think of President Bush saying he will veto a bill that will expand health insurance for a program called SCHIP, a state-federal program that provides coverage for 6.6 million children from families that live above the poverty level but have trouble affording private insurance?

What if I told you that we spend about $12 billion 255 million per day, or a little less than $1.8 billion a week on the war in Iraq?

ETA: Did you know that njyoder has his own community?

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1. has anyone else tried to watch heroes on the nbc site? does it play normally, or all staggered?
2. how should i dress for my husband's high school reunion? semi-formal? jeans and a tshirt? (eta: it's being held a country club.)
3. do you strain when you poop? do you worry about aneurisms?
4. when will my knee stop hurting? it's been like a week now and i didn't do anything to hurt it!
yummy beer!, yummy

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If you drink alcohol, what is the earliest you'd normally start drinking on a day off (no work, school, appts, other pressing obligations)?

Also, when it comes to your alcohol consumption, what kind of drinker do you consider yourself - light, average, a binge drinker, an alcoholic-in-training, or something else?

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I have a totally reputable job doing membership marketing with a national nonprofit association. i like my job and what I do and can picture myself doing membership stuff for life because, well, i have a pattern of doing professional association work and can picture it being a lifetime rut.. yay.

BUT there's a part of me that thinks it'd be friggin awesome to become a graphic designer. or microsoft certified. or something.

if you were me, would you "give up your day job" and branch out to try something new for no real reason?

I'm 25, for the record. (and own a house, and am married, and am also a professional wedding/portrait photographer but that's not my full time job). I also make about $44k/year, and would like to stay in at least that range once all is said and done.

oh, and what random branch out, trainable job should I get? lol

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So, you really like someone. They're totally fantastic and you have a great time with them, every single time, plus you're just close to them generally. You have lots in common, and hang out once or twice a week plus talking on msn and so on. You've known since you met that they weren't in your country forever, you know that eventually they're going home. Now they're trying to decide about staying or going, but since immigration laws are strict (and as are working permit laws) there aren't many options.
How do you prepare yourself for the fact that you're going to lose someone great?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) I really feel like quitting my new 2nd job because I don't want to go in and be left alone on register tonight because I hate making mistakes. Overreacting y/y? How long should I give this job to get awesomesauce before I consider quitting?

2) Whenever interviewers ask me if I have any questions, I honestly can't come up with anything, so I say "No, I think you've covered everything I had questions about". Is this bad to do? What questions should I have ready to go?

3) I'm going to The Topsfield Fair this weekend. What should I do? What kind of fair food should I get?

4) What do YOU do at an agricultural/county fair?

5) When buying something online, do you google for coupon codes? What's the best discount you've gotten from one? I got $8 off my order once, w00t

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Have you ever been in a really scary car accident?
How long did it take you to drive afterward?

Yesterday I was on the freeway doing about 70. This woman tried to merge into me, and I jerked the wheel to the side to avoid hitting her. Next thing I knew my car was spinning in circles and we hit the median. I do not want to get back into a car EVER AGAIN :-(

On top of this, a woman ran a red light two weeks ago and hit my car really badly. 2 car accidents in 2 weeks. How lovely :-(

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who sings that song about shoes?
i'm not sure exactly how it goes, but i've tried googling it like 60 times.
i want it for mysapceee.

"shoes...let's get some shoesss."

it sounds like a lispy guy singing.

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Are there any normal, everyday words that you find funny, weird, or otherwise unusual?

I think the word sneeze is really weird. And bus is pretty much the funniest word evar.
me - with gun
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Have you ever attempted to force yourself into liking something popular that you initially disliked (ie a song, TV show, movie) because hey, if you're gonna have to see/hear it all the time, may as well enjoy it?

If so, what was it? Were you successful into making yourself like it?

If not, why are you answering this question? It's boring for you. Go answer something else.
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-What is a game you absolutely pwn at, like arcade game?
-Anyone else think Kenny Loggins is awesome and very vocally versatile in genre?
-For those who like the ladies, do you prefer skinnier girls or ones with a little more curve?

-Puzzle Bobble. I can kick anyone's ass on it.
-Bring on the curvy girls!
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Why would someone believe that the heritability of a trait within a group would imply anything about a possible genetic difference between two groups?

My psych prof put it as a question on an exam to explain why one would have nothing to do with the other, which was easy enough to answer but I'm wondering why the fuck anyone would ever assume one would have anything to do with the other?

Do you assume that everyone has a certain trait because people of your same gender, age, and particular living environment have that trait?
Beast mode!

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1. Do you think someone could get off on temporary insanity if they killed someone for pissing them off before they had their morning coffee?

2. So my aunt and uncle drove me around to stalk a certain professional baseball player on Sunday (well, to find his house [we never found it]). What is the weirdest thing that someone in your family has helped you or encouraged you to do?

3. How are you feeling today?

4. What was the last big change you made in your life?

Two This Time

If you are against “Legislating From The Bench” are you also against decisions like Brown vs. the Board of Education and Loving v. Virginia?


When you reply to a question, do you read the other answers first or answer first, then read?
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1. Someone more attractive than your SO passes by. Your SO says, "Be honest--is that person more attractive than me?" Do you answer honestly?

2. Do you feel more comfortable with people of the same heritage/ethnicity? I DON'T KNOW THE SUBTLE DIFFERENCES, PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME.

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It's been quiet here lately.

Was it right for the Supreme Court to decide that abortion was a fundamental right, or should they have turned it over to the state legislatures so the majority of people can decide what a woman can and can't do to her body with regard to abortion?

If you're not from the US, what does your country do with this issue?

What's creeped you out recently?
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I want to upload doc documents to my palm tunsgten t3,  what is the best way to do this?

(yes, I googled, but I am still tearing my hairs out because I cant find anything useful)

attention feline experts

my 4 month old kitten has been vomiting up everything he eats since last Sunday. I brought him to the vet, they can't figure out why. They said he may have swallowed something he wasn't supposed to, but nothing showed up in the x rays.

He's had his vaccinations, the last one about a month ago.
He's been tested for worms and came up negative.

Normally I feed him Science Diet for kittens, the dry kind, but the vet gave me some Royal Canine (feline), Limited Ingredients to try. Everything just keeps coming back up. He's lost 7 ounces in the last 4 days.

any ideas?!

edit: he's also still very playful & alert. chases everything and still loves running around, no signs of lethargy or anything like that... just can't seem to keep his food down.

AND he's an indoor kitty, if that helps at all.

For all of my true friends at TQC.


It is with great honor that I get the opportunity to say this......

I would like to formally invite you to my very exclusive birthday bash at Pop Noir @ Static, located in the Downtown Gaslamp area of San Diego this Friday, September 28th.

I feel that the only way to celebrate a birthday is to do it with those you truly love who have been there for you for a long time. I feel like you've all been there for me. It may have only been since the beginning of the year, but I feel like I've known you all forever and you are all very near and dear to my heart. You've really helped me with a lot. If it weren't for you, I might currently be carrying crabs. It would really mean a lot to me.

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Desperate for more?
Can't make it?

Log onto ExpressMen this Friday for my explosive tell-all interview and never-before-seen pictures.

Friday. Only Michael Freeby. Only TheQuestionClub.

634 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

What are you waiting for?
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what's a good website to read about dream interpretations? specific ones.

I think it's interesting and besides.. last night I had a dream about tornado's. lots of them. I had a similar dream a few months ago. it's never just one tornado.. it's always a half dozen or so. and in the dreams I'm always at home when I see them and I panic and think of ways to escape. what do you think that could mean?

Are questions allowed in this community?

Here are some issues with corresponding questions I have been dealing with at work recently (I work with kids in a social work type setting):

1. I have one girl who is severly ADD/ADHD. She won't take her medication and her dad won't make her. I meet with her once a week for an hour with two other girls. Are there any tips for getting her or any child with severe ADD/ADHD to focus for that hour? I have heard giving her something to do with her hands might help, like clay or play-doh.

2. I have another girl in a different group who is a cutter. Have you ever self-harmed?
2a. Do you know anyone who has? Did they tell you or did you see physical signs?
2b. What do you think is the rationale behind self-harm?

3. What kind of sex-ed did you get in school? This abstinence only stuff is killing me.
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(no subject)

what do you wish you had done differently? i wouldn't had stopped running track, i would've gone to an out-of-state college.

do you ever eat breakfast for lunch or dinner?

what do you do when telemarketers call?

(no subject)

I have to take my car in for its 5,000 mile service. There's nothing wrong with it, it just needs a checkup.

How much time should I budget for it? Are we talking like an hour or a day? Can I just bring a book or should I make my roommate drive out with me so we can come home/do other things?

Edit: I have to take it to the dealership.
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I haven't had Mcdonalds in years. About 30 minutes ago I went and got some because I'm a moron. Why did I feel the need to punish myself?

How can I make it so that I don't feel like I'm about to die?
Give a dog a home

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I've asked this before, but I feel like asking it again.

Is there anyone in TQC that you want to ask to friend, but you haven't yet for some reason or other?
ETA: Who? Why not?

Why are seedless watermelons not really seedless?

Is it faux pas to wear flip-flops past a certain time of year? (excluding those living in like, Florida and other places where it's warm most of the year)


Does anyone have a link to a freely available full-text article on teaching students with Learning Disabilities?

I can't for the life of me find anything useful that is full text.

I've found some good abstracts, but not the full article HALP!

EDIT: Ok, I think I'm good to go now, time for a different question. Should I go home after school and eat some left over chicken, or get McD's on the way home from school? Mmmmm McD's.... Also (even if you vote against McD's) what is your favorite thing to order there (if you ever go)?

Old "Friends"

Say someone finds you on the internets that you haven't talked to in 10 years (say you're oh, 26). You've never been close to this person but you had an enjoyable working relationship and you accept their invitation to lunch. After, you still don't feel that you have much in common and really don't care to continue to carry on talking with them. When they continue to ask if you'd like to get together or go to lunch, etc, do you find some cleverly nice way to say "how about we don't continue this" that has been hiding in a dusty book I haven't found, are you simply blunt, or are you the type that ignores their emails until they get the point? I have practice with the "lets just be friends" chat, but not the "I don't want to be friends with you" chat...Help!
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Poll #1061729 For $3,000, would you... an entire pie, after some guy 'enjoyed' it, American Pie-style?


...get a 4" x 3" tattoo, anywhere on your body, that says FREE O.J. SIMPSON?

103(91.2%) a picture of yourself, completely naked, on your journal and keep it up for 1 day?


...get your hair cut into a mullet? Mullet extensions for those of you with short hair. You must sport said mullet for 2 weeks


...go streaking through the mall closest to where you live? Security will be distracted and will not take action against your indecency

77(68.1%) willing to lose your sight for an entire week? Completely opaque contacts are fitted over your eyeballs, which will obscure all vision, with no lingering side effects except blindness. One week

fifi drink

Oh look, a bandwagon!

Do you know any of these shows from the theme tune lyrics?

Up above the streets and houses, [...] climbing high, everyone can see it climbing through the sky...

Jump in, we'll take you for a spin, and show you round the wheelie world...

In the heart of Transylvania, in the vampire hall of fame - yeah - there's not a vampire zanier than...

...Making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folks leave behind...

... Just switch off your tv set and go and do something less boring instead...

... Lots and lots for you to do, lots and lots for you to see...

Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin too,
Don't wanna cause a ruckus but B A Baracus, have I got a match for you...

...Heavy footsteps in your attic means a spectre telepathic is descending just to spirit you away ....

Swapping their homework for footwork, kicking the ball till it's dark...


So - imagine you're in a shower, and it suddenly turns cold on you.

Do you act like a wuss, and avoid the spray until it warms up again, or do you take your cold shower like a man and feel energised?

do you find the term "act like a wuss" offensive?

How about "take it like a man"?
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do you know who Patrick Fugit is?

sounds familiar but can't place him

i ran into my friend at the bus stop today and somehow our conversation devolved into an argument about whether or not Patrick Fugit is actually famous. i think a lot of people know who he is but she said something like, "Come on, it's his mom, us and 6 other people. No one knows who he is."

so, TQC, end this debate!

and don't Wiki his ass 'cause that's cheating.

BONUS QUESTION: i've got like 3 hours to kill before i leave for work. ideas on ways to entertain myself? i don't have money so i can't really go anywhere. i do have a beagle, though.
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1. Do you read the newspaper?

2. Do you actually subscribe to one?

3. Do you let them pile up?

4. Do you recycle?

5. Is there a "for dummies" website out there about what is recyclable and what you need to rinse out/do? We have recycling bins at my new place, and I've never had them before. I'm afraid I'm doing something wrong.

6. What are you putting off that you should be doing?

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Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

Dear Question Club

Would you be be angry if you and a sibling or roommate shared an internet bill (or any bill for that matter) and you make shit while the other person made double what you made and they are the one who doesn't have the cash to pay for the bill?

...thus the internet gets cut off

Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) What classes, listed by year, did you take in high school? Pls list to the best of your ability.

2) What about college?

3) If you're taking classes right now, what are they?

For those of you who can't be bothered with that:

4) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

5) If you had to get a tattoo TODAY without warning of something typically found on the wall of a tattoo shop, what would you pick and where would you get it done? You have to say even if you hate tattoos. This is a life or death situation!

6) What color is your parachute?

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ETA: Is LJ suddenly not e-mailing comments to anyone else?

ETA2 The return of edit: Okay, my inbox just exploded with comments. Lag!
attack days

(no subject)


TQC, what weapon should I bring into work when I finally snap and go postal?

How do I determine who is responsible for this asshattery?


edit: at least it wasn't all 550 pages.....

If this even makes sense

How can i find out, what kind of career i can have with a certain degree.

For example, with a Associates degree in Criminal Justice, i can have what job?

EDIT: The Associates in Crimnal justice is just an example, i'm looking for list of degrees and what jobs you can get
i got nothing


My SO wants a nice knife (for cooking, not stabbing) for his birthday. He'll probably use it mostly for chopping vegetables and such (no meat, he's a vegetarian). I'm looking to spend no more than $150. Any recommendations?

Also, does anyone have any links to amazing cake recipes? Bonus if it's a pumpkin flavored cake. :D

(no subject)

So I need to get some passport photos for a study abroad application.
Eleven of them.

I wish I had the means to print them out myself on photo paper, but I do not.

Where have you gone to get your passport photos, and how much were they?
Cheapest place to get them done?

Bruise coverup?

1. I'm in my friend's wedding this Saturday. The dress is cute (thank goodness!), but it's tea length.

I currently have a very purple/black bruise on my leg just below where the dress ends. It's huge. Easily 6" by 4". I have a few smaller ones on my other leg as well.

I'm going to by some pantyhose in hopes of muting it a bit, but that won't do to cover it completely. How do I hide it!?!?!?!?

I'm going to try some foundation tonight at home. I don't have time to run around town to buy special tattoo cover-up or anything, so anything that could be done with stuff from a drugstore would be fantastic.

2. My boss is planning on ordering new business cards for all of us. He wants each of us to choose a personalized "buzz word" to be printed on our cards. He got a card from someone and it said "Marathoner" which my boss thought was cool cause it's a conversation starter.

What would your buzz word be? My boss suggested I put "Pez" on mine since I collect, but that seems odd to me.
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(no subject)

i've been noticing a lot of ~newbiez~ around here so i thought it'd be the perfect time for this. would you all please tell us who you are? or if that's too difficult, at least introduce yourself. be as specific as you'd like to be. Collapse )

ETA: even if you've already commented with something about yourself.. comment AGAIN (don't reply back to the comment you already made) w/ just your USERNAME, then other people will introduce you to the rest of the community, K? i'll start off in case ya'll have any questions. -- we will make a seperate post pertaining to this on a later date.
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After getting stitches removed recently, I have a scar about 3/4 inch long on the inside of my wrist. I'd like to get rid of it, as it looks kind of like I tried to hurt myself (I didn't). Is  there any way to get it to go away, or at least stop being itchy?

Do you have any cool scars?

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(no subject)

I used to have the cutest gap between my two front teeth before my mother made me get braces (the braces were mostly to bring down a compacted tooth). After I had the braces removed several years ago I never wore the retainer in hopes that my teeth would return to their natural gapped state. Well, there are gaps on either side of the two front top teeth but not in the middle. I basically just want the two teeth to spread apart a little, making space in the middle. Do you think a dentist would look at me funny if I walked in and asked to widen the gap in the middle?

I just really miss my cute smile.

(no subject)

My dog keeps chewing up everything in the house while we're gone.
He's gotten towels, a rack that was hanging on the wall, the vacuum, the door, the door frame, shoes...

So we're thinking about getting a muzzle. The kind that lets the animal still drink (we don't feed him until 5:00 anyway, so him not being able to eat wouldn't be a problem).

Do you think this is a good idea?
Getting a crate is kind of out of the question, and we already keep him in the laundry room so he doesn't further tear up the furniture and carpet.

because TQC are special guests.

Poll #1061744 HE IS BACK.

what are you going to bring to so_mikey's birthday party?

a pie with four and twenty blackbirds baked in it.
some anti-frizz hair gel
a jc penney boys department gift certificate for the guest of honor
condoms. come on, you know you want it.
a collection of dvds from ANTM cycles 1-8
a K-Fed cd, wrapped in plain brown paper so nobody sees you with it
GHB, because i am a BAD SEED.
party hats! crepe paper! pin the tail on the donkey game!
anti-depressants in various sizes, colors and shapes
lots of bloody illegal drugs!
a collection of phallic foods including hot dogs, twinkies, licorice whips and ding dongs for good measure
a lovely gift basket of bath salts and soaps from Crabtree & Evelyn.
the cd "Maggot Brain" by Funkadelic

(no subject)

I went in to a Joyce Leslie the other day and upon picking out some particularly cute items went to the fitting room to try them on. I entered only to discover that none of the fitting rooms have any doors. There were just open cubicles really with a mirror where everyone can see all of your business and I wasn't sure if there were doors there at one time.

I understand that this is probably because shoplifting had gotten particularly bad at this location. My understanding of things like reasonable expectation of privacy and how it applies to fitting rooms (this is just regarding recording videos or photos in such locations, right?) and such is a little fuzzy, but I couldn't help but feel a little creeped out and grateful that it was empty save for myself at that time.

Are all Joyce Leslies like this? Has anyone ever been to other clothing stores where they've had to do this? Should I write a letter (I'm such an old woman, I write letters to companies about everything) to the company expressing my concerns?
  • meiran

Oh internets...

Have you ever wanted to post a question but you were afraid it would start race wank, even though that's not what you intend?

*posts it anyway*

Latinos around the country are upset about Ken Burn's documentary "The War" because before they said something, it contained absolutely no footage of Latino involvement in World War II.

What do you think?

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(no subject)

 Has anyone here ever been to "Chuck's Farm" -a.k.a "Hippie Fest" in Central Pennsylvania? From what I've been told, its basically a big festival with like bluegrass bands that play and lots and lots of maryjane. *cough among other things cough* . I guess its on private property or something, but like hundreds of people go every year and its coming up this weekend. 
If you've ever gone, what is it really like? some people have told me that its "shitty bands" with a "gay atmosphere" and other people have told me that they've had some great life-changing/spiritual experiences there. 

any info?
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(no subject)

So I just found this dead chipmunk at the foot of the stairs of my deck, and I can't figure out what the hell happened to it...

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It wasn't hit by the mower, I don't think, because there's not a lot of grass in the part of the yard, and also because of how it's laying there. I guess an animal could have gotten it, but why just its face? I don't understand, cats are weird.

So, what happened to this poor little guy?

(no subject)

1. Which of your TQC threads has received the most comments? Link? If you don't remember, which one received a lot?

2. Oysters. Y/N?

3. If you were in charge of casting for the movie adaptation of Stephen King's Gunslinger series, who would you cast for Roland? What about the others? (The correct answer for Roland is Robert Patrick, kthnx.)

(no subject)

Should I eat my last Lindor truffle, or give it to my mom?

When's the last time you played with fire?

Have you ever bought something just because it was a good deal? What'd you buy?

What would your immediate reaction be if you encountered this thing while walking in the forest?

(no subject)

Internets, should I have a bottle of water+Hawaiian Punch drink mix, or a can of diet pepsi?

Also, is it stupid and/or elitist and/or just ridiculous of me to feel like Facebook is primarily for college kids, the way myspace is primarily for high school/middle school/whatever kids?

Ride Sharing.

I go to school 6-7 hours from home. There are a large number of students who go to my school (University of Maine at Presque Isle) that are also from my city (Halifax). On some weekends I drive home and take other students with me. The 2 times I went this semester the people I drove home went with me the whole way, so gas money was easy to work out. This weekend, it's a little more complicated.

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How much should each person pay?

Ok, it turns out there is a second girl going to Aulac (so 3 girls besides myself on the way to), does $20 from each girl and $30 from the guy seem reasonable?
Mamo Usa chest

(no subject)

I have absolutely no self-control lately, and can't keep myself focused on studying. I would go somewhere without internet, but my classes are online, so that's a no-no. I'd like to be able to block off the internet for an hour or so at a time, except for just the school websites. Buuut I can't seem to find something that will do that. =\

Is there a "parental control" sort of feature that I can download (for free, of course) that will block all internet sites except for those I specify for a certain amount of time?
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(no subject)

Microsoft Word (not 2007 edition) question..

How can one put certain words, all the same line, and have certain words be aligned to the right, and the rest aligned to the left.  Without using the space bar.

I keep trying to do this, but it pulls the whole line over, and that's not what I want.

ETA: nevermind, I figured it out.  Thanks!!

(no subject)

Do you know of any effective way to get rid of rats, that is an alternative to poison?

I don't mind them a great deal, but we've got them out in the yard (as expected on a small-holding, IMO) and the rest of the family wants to get rid of them. I would prefer not to lay poison because of the risk that one of our cats (who are useless at catching the bloody rats) or dogs may eat it. I've googled a few things that are supposedly humane, but most of them sound stupid and I don't believe they would work. Any personal advice?
minnie and zeus

factory reconditioned mp3 players/electronics

I saw the sale on the reconditioned Philips GoGear 30gb mp3 player for $99.  I've never bought something reconditioned before, nor have I purchased my own mp3 player before.  Are reconditioned products ok because of whatever inspection they go through or still doomed to fail?  I don't see anything about a warranty on this one.  Anyone have this model?  I'm looking for something with a big drive, but don't care about video or fancy features...just something that will be affordable, sound good, be simple to use, and last.

(no subject)

My mom just told me that I should watch the movie Gray Matters because the main character reminded her of me. I read about the movie (and am now watching it) and the main girl likes other girls.

Is my mom trying to tell me she thinks I'm a lesbian?


Which character in a book or movie do you think is most like you? How/Why?

Beginner C++ Q

I wrote this program and it wont compile and I cant figure out why, its driving me nuts. It look sto me like everything is right. Can anyone tell why it wont compile?? Id be sooo grateful

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<iostream.h>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

I wrote this program and it wont compile and I cant figure out why, its driving me nuts. It look sto me like everything is right. Can anyone tell why it wont compile?? Id be sooo grateful

int main( )
int time1, time2, time3, distance1,distance2,distance3;

cout<<"The cost of a" <<time1<< "minute call over a distance of" <<distance1<< "miles is" <<totalone<< endl;

cout<<"The cost of a" <<time2<< "minute call over a distance of" <<distance2<< "miles is" <<totaltwo<< endl;

cout<<"The cost of a" <<time3<< "minute call over a distance of" <<distance3<< "miles is" <<totalthree<< endl;

return 0;

(no subject)

So, inevitably, after many years of reading in the bath, I have finally dropped a book into the water.
I wouldn't mind if it were one of my own, but of course, here comes sods law again, its from the library.
It's not completely sodden, but how do I save it?!

And also, how do I get LJ to send me an email once someone replies to a post?
  • calusa

(no subject)

What are some movies about/starring characters with mental disorders?

(I have to pick a movie to watch and review the disorder portrayal- and I'm looking for things other than "As Good as it Gets" and "Sybil")
lead me

(no subject)

Do you have a rather interesting audience of friends on your LJ?

I have a professional oboe player turned French major, a handful of music majors, a computer scientist at a major university, two college professors, and two sisters who (I believe) both work in audio production despite living thousands of miles apart all on my list.

Despite being an education major, I only have one other ed major on my list and neither of us ever really post about teaching, much less talk about it.

(no subject)

I bought my first lotto ticket today.

So okay. Here goes.

1. Is there some sort of television show that'll tell me the winning lotto numbers?
(I live in California)

2. If so what channel? What time?

3. How old were you when you got your first lotto ticket?

(no subject)

I am going to Illinois next month.

what are some really good art museums in Chicago? what are some other neat things to do there? I'll be staying in Peoria which is about 3 hours from Chicago.. so any suggestions for things to do in either city is appreciated.

(no subject)

i figured it out, thank you! i wouldn't have come here but i was really stupid and forgot that i had to write three papers tonight, so i'm going a little crazy and didn't even consider how easy it might be to google this stuff.

i need homework help. i don't need math done for me or specific answers, but i need to figure out how many calories and carbohydrates i need in a day and then i need to break it down into what i should eat to get it. i can handle the second part myself, but i need help with the first.

are you a nutritionist?

do you know anything about nutrition?

will you please help me? pleease?

how dumb am i for leaving this off until the last minute?

i forgot to do it for last class and just realized i have it again tomorrow.

ps: if anyone feels like being nice and helping, my screenname is imahugetrex and i'll be online doing homework for the next couple of hours.
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(no subject)

1. Do you ever feel upset when your friends do? Several of my friends are very standoffish and independent when they feel upset, and if they know/realize I feel badly for them, it makes them feel worse. My personality wants to reach out to them, though .. these two things tend to clash. When these friends react negatively because of how they're feeling, I often take it personally and it ends up making me sad in turn. What do you do in times like these?

2. How the hell did I, an eighteen year old female, develop kidney stones?

3. Have you ever heard of Tom McRae? Why not? (assuming you haven't. most haven't.)

4. What's your favorite poor college/uni student food?
Film - Star Wars

(no subject)

Does anyone know a good program for ripping movies from DVDs to put on an Windows iPod? I Googled and found a few that sort of worked, but they were incredibly slow (like, took 20 minutes to process 1% of it). Please help. :)
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For the OC people

For people who live in Southern California, around the OC and LA area:

I have class at 9:30am tomorrow at UCI. It will be my first time driving there by myself. I take the 10W to 605S to 405S. Without traffic, it usually takes about 40 minutes going around 70mph.

If I leave my house at 6:30am, will I get to my class on time?

Basically, I'm asking, is the traffic on the 605S really that bad from 6:00am-10:00am??

(no subject)

1) What is your favorite holiday?
1a) How do you celebrate it?
1b) If your favorite holiday is regional, where are you from?

2) What are a few of your favorite things?

3) What kind of mood are you in?
3a) What happened to put you in that mood?

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(no subject)

1. Do you ever self-diagnose yourself, by reading about diseases, disorders and whatnot?

2. Are you a hypochondriac?

-Now off-topic questions-
3. Do you collect anything? What is it?

4. OMG, why is German so difficult to learn?!

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(no subject)

Who here gets annoyed when someone answers 'I guess' to a question?? I mean a question like 'do you want to read something i wrote' or 'you want to look at my art' or 'you want to watch this movie?' It's like you do or you don't... don't just guess

in my opinion that is
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(no subject)

As __ria got the ball rolling last night with the post about introducing about we do the next thing she suggested?

Will you please post your username, and then see how other people in the community would introduce you?

Just comment on each other's usernames, saying what you will about the poster.
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(no subject)

So, my friend and I were discussing various aspects of kung-fu when I raised the question: "How does the master always get such long eyebrows?" His response to my question was "Rogaine, that stuff will grow hair anywhere where there is already hair."

So my question to you is, will Rogaine really grow any kind of hair?

And because it sparked so many different ideas in my head..

Would you continue dating someone if you got them in bed and found out they had foot long or better pubic hair?
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(no subject)

How often do you and your significant other(s) or best friend(s) buy/make each other small gifts for no occasion other than you felt like it, or because you saw it and KNEW they would love it?

What small gifts has your significant other(s) or best friend(s) given you?

What small gifts have you given to your significant other(s) or best friend(s)?


So, I am on the yearbook staff at my school and we need to brainstorm some ideas for themed paged. Ex, "hats," would be a bunch of pictures of kids and their, well, hats

what do you think are the best themed pages??

so what is it they do nowadays, anyway...???

The US Congress just voted the amendment to condemn the MoveOn ad in the NYTimes. The ad accuses the general of "Cooking the Books for the White House" and states "General Petraeus is a military man constantly at war with the facts." It ran the day he testified before Congress about the progress on war in Iraq.

Here's a photo of the ad (held up by some guy from Texas .. no not THAT guy, it's some OTHER guy)

So my question : do you think it's any of the Congress' BIZNESS to go around condemning ads?

my answer below.

PS If you live in the States and you're interested, here's the roll call on the vote

edited to add: THEY VOTED TWICE ON THIS STUPID ISSUE. TWICE. I don't know how long it took, but I'd venture to guess it took HOURS the way they yammer on and on
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Okay, TQC. I just got out of my nonfiction writing class and read the peer reviews for my personal essay. Quite frankly, there are several reading-comprehension-challenged people in my class and now I'm irked.

I'm keeping the useful ones, i.e. the ones that don't try to change my correct grammar to incorrect grammar and understand that switching tenses to show what happened in the past versus what is happening now IS OKAY as long as you don't forget what you're talking about.

BUT, what should I do with the stupid reviews?


(Oh, and don't get me started on the stereotypical middle-aged student who commented that I can't have an opinion on sports cars being gas guzzlers unless I've owned one and "have real life experience.")
the oc

(no subject)

1. do you have a a **pOsSe** on the internet? are you mean to people?
2. do you ignore people that make ~FlOuNcE~ posts, or do you laugh at them publically?
3. what are you wearing right now?