September 25th, 2007

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1. It sucks to be alone on your birthday: y/n?
1b. It sucks to be alone on your birthday in a strange city: y/n?

2. Are you craving any food right now? For some reason, I'd love some Mentos right now. O_o

3. What should I watch tonight, one of my German films or a mindless comedy?

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TQC, should I quit my job so I can get my internet life back? I miss the lulz and the drama - and can't forget the macros.

Edit: The question isn't really serious ... unless the answers are sarcasm and are flying WAY over my head.

And the second and third questions are based on a conversation I'm currently having - If you could live anywhere in the world, and you would have a well-paying job/retirement fund/whatever, where would you live and why?

What is the most disgusting piece of candy you have ever seen/tried?

lo siento, no hablo espanol

My little brother just called me to ask how to say "they were holding hands" in Spanish. I haven't had any Spanish in ages can any one help me out?

The internet tells me "cogerse la mano" is " to hold someone's hand," but I am unsure of the conjugation and if the conjugation is correct.


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I turn 21 next Monday, and my mom's taking me to a bar. What should my first legal (here in the U.S. that is) drink be, TQC? I know next to nothing about mixed drinks (normally I just shoot Dark Eyes with Gatorade chaser), but a White Russian is looking awful tasty.

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a question for those WITHOUT a SO:

do you ever have times where you're 100% sure you'll never find someone ever again, even for a moment?

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Today my physics teacher said that if you throw a ball really hard horizontally at the same altitude from which someone else is dropping a second ball, balls A and B will hit the ground at the same time.

I DON'T BELIEVE IT. Do you believe it?? Doesn't it depend on how hard you throw the ball? I'm so confused!

sucks to your ass-mar

Does someone with more severe asthma have a higher chance of having asthmatic children? If one parent has asthma and the other gets chronic bronchitis, are the kids pretty much screwed?

i've had asthma my whole life, so why do people think that doing things like only using a certain brand of tissues or only drinking soy milk will get rid of it? Where do they hear these remedies? And do they ever actually work?

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Would you star in a porno if it was 100% certain that you would remain anonymous? We're talking the theoretical world where someone couldn't, say, recognize you by your butt or anything...

"Shoulda taken a left turn at Albuquerque..."

Help me out, TQC.

My two partners and I, plus our 2 best friends are sick of having Florida slowly suck the life out of us, and are planning on moving to Albuquerque, NM next year.

I've been doing lots of research on the area online and even trolled the Albuquerque-related LJ communities, but if you've ever been there or lived there, can you give me your thoughts about the place, recommendations for that area, warnings, etc? What did/do you like about it? What's to hate about it?

(Serious answers, pls.)

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Hello, beautiful people:

I want to do something with my hair. At the moment it's dyed black and there are about two inches of brown roots grown out. I have bleached it and dyed it before (the black was actually an accident) and I haven't done anything chemically to it in about a year. I'm really pale with yellow undertones to my skin and I have blue eyes.

So, TQC, what should I do with my hair?

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I bought a pack of hairdye a while ago, and just opened the box (hoping to dye my hair tonight) but found that it didn't come with instructions!

so, do any of you have L'Oreal Feria Color 3D hairdye?
the box contains:
1. Gel colourant
2. Developer
3. Perfumed Oil
4. conditioner

I figure you put the colourant and developer together. when do you apply the oil?

Tha Herp.

So, she's had very few sexual partners, end's up contracting genital herpes from a person she was in a relationship with. That person turns out to be such a turd. But she shares a lifelong bond with him - a child and "tha herp". 

How is she supposed to ever even conceive of trying to find someone to be with this crap (herpes)? How do you tell someone this, in all seriousness? When do you tell someone that basically, if they ever have sex with you, they run the risk of contracting the gift that keeps on giving???  What kind of reactions are there to expect besides someone thinking she's a gross, dirty whore whom they need to then distance themselves from - even if they act polite to her face?

She's heard of the chat rooms - but is that really the only way? She can barely find someone as it is that doesn't get on her last nerve by the second date. Is life over as far as relationships go? Anyone have this/ deal with this/ close with someone who does?
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If someone says they are pro-life for themselves, but pro-choice for others.... wouldn't that make them pro-choice?

What should I get for lunch today?
- Taco Bell
- Pizza Hut
- Chinese
- Burger King

What kind of cell phone do you have? (omg pics plz)

I always get the freebie upgrade ones, this one is PINK! yay pink.
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As I was reading through some posts, this question occurred to me:

As candid as you can stand to be here - if you frequently come up with witty or funny things to say online, how does it compare to how witty you are IRL? 
Does having the time to write and edit help you a great deal, or do you just prefer to wing it, no matter the forum?

pets, residences and Jersey Boys

Did anyone here watch "Jersey Boys" and NOT like it? or thought it wasn't worth the money?

Where do you live? If you could live in another city/state in the country you live in now, where would that be?

Do you have an uncommon type of pet? (something that's not the usual dog/cat/bird/rabbit, etc)

What was the right thing to do?

Ok, my VERY nice neighbor was over, just chatting for a few minutes. Just girls talk, when her husband calls, upset and proceeds to chew her out, speaking to her like a child. They have been married 14 years and 3 kids. He also told her she needed to be home, not screwing around at my house. It was the first time she had been here! It was so upsetting to me. I shouldn't have said anything but after she hung up, I told her I was shocked he spoke to her that way. I know it wasn't any of my business because my marriage is far from perfect.

So, was I wrong in saying something, including to tell her if she needs a place to vent, she can come to me?

Do women have a responsibility to stand up for other women who getting treated in such a manner by their SO?

Why do men think it is ok to talk to their SO that way?

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Beast mode!

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1. What sort of relationship do you have with your aunts, uncles, and cousins?

2. Do you remember when you really became aware of the fact that not everyone had the same relationship as you with their extended family? What made you realize this and how old were you?

3. What's for lunch? Damn, beaten! So, ummmm, What's your favorite cookie?
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Anyone a HUGE Katamari fan?
Have you beaten both games entirely? (Yes, I am referring to the PS2 ones, not including the PSP)
Favorite cousin or second cousin to play?

-Yes, I own the entire soundtrack to both games and have beaten them both completely and collected all cousins.
-I love playing Velvet and Miso. Something about the little guy with a soupbowl for a head is incredibly cute.
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Do you think it's worse to have your parents divorce when you're young or old? I mean, of course it's going to suck a lot either way, but is it worse when you're young and impressionable, or when you're older and have millions of good memories of 'em together?

1,350 + 3?

If you had a chance to move to a small town of just barely over 1,000 people (free moving costs) that had much cheaper rent, cheaper to buy a house, safer, great town, everything going for it. Only thing is it's away from all YOUR family and friends by 3hrs and you'd have to get yourself there (only the furniture is moved for free).

Would you move there?

If you live in a small town, what are the advantages, can small towns be fun?

I'm from a BIG city, moving to a smaaalll town.

Am I crazy?
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How do you feel about porn?

For those who work at a computer, how many hours a day do you spend online(non work related)? How about on lj?

To cancel my nextel plan, i would have to pay $200 dollars but i hate nextel and end up paying like $150 a month anyway. Should i cancel it?
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Dear Dr. LJ

1. I am almost never sick. If I am, it's usually just a cold or a 24-hour bug that passes. I've been pretty congested for about a week and a half, and it moves from my sinuses to my chest and back again. I just take OTC meds and I am usually fine. Now I think I have a stomach bug in addition to that, and my family is up in arms about me going to the Dr. Unfortunately I have a weird insurance situation. How long do you have to have a nagging cold for in order to go to the doctor?

2. For the past two days I've felt like there's water in my ear. I tried q-tips, but it's still there. Wtf should I do?

3. Stupid question but, what are the moisturizing strips on razors made of?

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As far as holidays and special occasions with the family, do you see both your family and the SO's or is it only one or the other? If the families don't live near one another how do you decide which family to go see? Once you live together on your own do you do your own thing for holidays or still the family gatherings?
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So, I've been hearing about "Bento Boxes" all over LJ like a cult for some time now...haha. I finally looked them up, and they seem cool and a nice way to pack a lunch.

For those of you who have them...

1) What does yours look like?

2) What do you usually put in them?

3) Where is a good place to get one?

and for everyone else,

4) What do you think of bento boxes?

5) My last day at my job is Friday, then I'm being laid off. What should I do with my spare time until I start a new job?

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1. Why does wine make my head feel so warm, yet beer doesn't quite do that?

2. I love red beers, like Killians Irish Red and Rickard's Red. Can you name any other beers like that?
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Presuming you were healthy enough to do so, to whom would you give one of your kidneys?

For whom would you specifically donate blood (again, presuming suitable match)?

Anything else you'd like to donate - either before or after dying?

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Does any one have any suggestions for a free downloadable desktop calender?

I've done a google search but I can't figure out which ones are safe, and which are worth downloading so I figured I'd go with something that was reccomended by tqc. :)

I'm bored so here's some music questions

- How important is music in your life? Is it just something you listen to to pass time, does it mean a lot to you in a personal way, or is it your living?
- What are your favourite bands/artists?
- Tell me something you love about your favourite artist
- Tell me something you hate about your favourite artist
- Favourite genre?
- Do you have Link me?
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What is your favourite drinking game?

Mine is when watching a hockey game, you pick a player, and everytime he touches the puck, you take a shot.

oh, and the "Roxanne" game.

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 Would you marry someone that you like and respect, works honestly at two jobs, applied for citizenship 5 times over 4 years, spent 40k on lawyers in the process and is continually denied and is now desparate b/c they do not want to return to their war-torn home country because they will never be able to come back (for one reason or another)?

Explain why/ not or what your stipulations would be if you would.


1. Have you ever had a person in your life who you weren't really attracted to, but you wanted THEM to be attracted to YOU, for whatever reason?

2. Did (or do) you go to a University or High School were Football is a lot like it is on tv and in the movies?

3. What's up with people who insist on going 10 km or mph UNDER the speed limit? Does this annoy you as much as it does me?

4. What about people who insist on going really slow and then staying in the left lane when you come to a passing lane on a 2 lane highway?

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If there's a restaurant in town that has wonderful, delicious food, but horrible service (read: staff who struggle with English or whatever the native language is where you are), would you patronize the place?
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1 - What's your wisdom teeth situation, TQC? All out? Still in?
2 - What's on your bedside table right now?

My answer in comments because I have a shitload of stuff on my bedside table.

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1. Do you think that a black person calling a white person a "honky" is equal in any form to a white person calling a black person the N word?
2. What's something unusual (to you) that you've had to grow accustomed to?
3. Do you know if the IRS does more of an in-depth background search when considering someone for a position? More in-depth than your usual, non-government job, I mean.
4. What breed(s) would you believe this dog to be? List as many as you'd like, other than Pit Bull, Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Mastiff, or any mixes containing those three. Collapse )

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Do you know of some places where I can find weird/bizarre userpics?
A certain type of lj community/website perhaps?
Or if you have any, post em please (I don't want any to steal/use, just something to look at)

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1) Have people ever expected you to feel badly about a characteristic you have that you don't feel badly about? Example: I'm pretty tall for a woman, I'm 5'10. I've never viewed this as a bad thing, but people often act as if I should. Friends are always telling me not to wear heels or offering suggestions on how to minimize my height.

2) Is there a movie that most people think is fabulous that you just don't think is all that great? If so, what is it? (For me, Brokeback Mountain and Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

3) If all the celebrities in Hollywood were wiped out by something tomorrow, how would the world GO ON?

4) If you were offered $45 dollars to have sex with someone right now, would you? What is it was $45,000? What if it was $5 million? Why and why not?

5) Is it just me or is Demi Moore in a lot of dumb movies?

6) You're given the power to kill people with telepathy and write messages in the sky. Do you use these powers? If so, what for? 

EDIT: 7) People have been telling me that I "look like a lesbian" for a while now. What does this mean? If you saw me (, walking down the street, would you think, "OMG! THAR GOES A LESBIAN! COOL! YOU DON'T SEE SHIT LIKE THAT EVERYDAY! WHAT'S WITH ALL THE BLATANT LESBIANISM?"
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Okay, so now I gotta wonder...

Do you have a tqc schtick, either in your own mind or as perceived by others?
If so, what is it?
If you have one and could change it, what would you change it to?
If you don't currently have a schtick and could pick one, what would it be?

Who in tqc do you know by their schtick? - and please list what you see as their schtick.

skin issues

i have these two patches of dry skin on the side of my mouth.. like right in the crevice between my upper lip and my lower lip. i made a little picture:

the dry patches are where the teal stars are.

i was wondering if anyone else has had this before.. and how to get rid of it? i've tried creams and stuff but they haven't worked. the dry patches are a little darker than my actual skin tone so they are noticeable and it's really annoying.

thanks for all your help!
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For my art class, we have an assignment to draw a portrait, of anyone.  I want an expressive picture, full face, and that's basically the only requirements, however, I can't find any I like ANYWHERE!  I've had no luck on the internet, or magazines...any ideas of where to look?  If you have an really good portraits that you know of that would be good too.

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1. Did you watch the How I Met Your Mother season premiere last night?

2. Did you think it was awesome?

3. If you know the characters who is your favorite?
It's a tie between Barney and Marshall.
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" The phenomenon in which electrons are transferred from one atom or molecule to another is termed a transcription translation reaction.
A) True
B) False

1. Did you LOL?

2. What are you doing tonight? Is it more exciting than studying for my exam?
3. What time do you have to be at work tomorrow? Will you be nice to me when you come to my shop to buy coffee at 7AM? Will you buy some tasty baked goods too, please?

won't you be my neighbor?

TQC, will you tell me about your neighbors? Do you ever talk to them? Do you know what they do for a living? Do you know something about them that they don't know that you know? Do they do stuff that annoys the shit out of you?

The man who lives above me is a NJ state trooper and I think he has a son. I don't know much about the person who lives in the apartment next to mine, but they just got a court summons from the apartment complex. I figure it's either for delinquent rent payments or for their stupid bird (our apartment complex has a strict no pet policy).

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Do you sleep with your mouth open?

Do you drool when you sleep?

What was the last thing you were sick with?

Should I stay home from work tomorrow? I have sinusitis and a note from my doctor excusing me from work.

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Where can I find an image of the playing card soldiers from Disney's Alice in Wonderland?  I have done a google image search, but all I can find is the queen of hearts.

Does anyone know where I can find a clear image of the card soldiers?

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in just over a month there is a band coming you would hurt people to see. but it's 3 hours away and you don't have a car or anyone who would want to drive that far to see them, especially on Tuesday or Wednesday.

what do you do?

i thought about craigslist but i don't have a car. and i fear craigslist.
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Let's hear it for the random questions!

1. Does anyone know where I can find quotes/videos of Ann Coulter's madness? One of my roommates doesn't know the big deal about her and the other three of us were like O_O and so I'm trying to find things to prove it.

2. Ladies - when you use public restrooms, do you sit on the toilet w/o wiping the seat? Or do you wipe the seat and sit on it? Or do you put a lot of toilet paper on the seat and then sit? Or do you squat and not touch the seat at all?

3. What is your "promise contract"? Do you say 'I promise' and that's that, do you spit in your hand and shake on it, or do you do the pinky swear? Or do you not keep secrets/promises?

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I've been at my job for almost two months and the operations manager hates me (as a person, it was nothing I did to him).  Last week the O.M. asked me to ask everyone for their coat size and I accidentally left off one of the managers.  He pointed that out to me and I realized that I left my immediate supervisor off the list too.  I handed the list over to the O.M. but I had forgotten to put my name.  I guess subconsiously I felt like I would have been lauged at and denied, so I didn't even bother adding myself.  I'm still on probation and I'm sure that he will vote to have me ousted when the probation period ends, so that added to my hesitation about adding myself.  He doesn't make the ultimate decision though.  The coats arrived today and of course I didn't get one.  I called my fiance and told him what happened and he suggested that I ask him to order a coat for me.  I'm shy and the O.M. scares me, so I would really rather not.  He said I should so I "look like one of them."

Should I ask him for a coat?

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scared of confrontation

1. I need a second reader for my thesis and I e-mailed a professor I'm pretty casual with and asked him if he would like to do it (basically he just has to sign off on things - it's not too difficult). I e-mailed him last Wednesday and he still hasn't responded. Basically, I need to tell him "It's okay if you don't want to be my second reader but please at least tell me one way or the other so I can find someone else if need be." I can probably "run into" him on campus because I know his general whereabouts, but I've been avoiding him for the past week because I hate confrontations. Would it be better to talk to him face-to-face or e-mail him what I said above (this risking, of course, that he doesn't answer again)? I *cannot stand* face-to-face confrontation but since the worst he can say is no it would probably be better for me to just get it over with, right? One of the only problems is that he doesn't really let me speak English with him.

2. What is the most awkward/uncomfortable situation you've found yourself in recently?

females preferred

1. What do you think of landlords saying "Females only" or "Females preferred" when advertising a room for rent? What do you think of guys who reply to those ads?

2. If you're in a relationship right now, what's a way you and your partner have made each other better people? Worse?

3. What do you think of short dresses with long sleeves?

4. What's a good "Thanks for having me to your Thanksgiving dinner!" present for my boyfriend's mom? Edit: She said not to bring food. Does she mean it? Would flowers be weird? I know she likes them, but I wasn't sure what the "rules" are... I'm new at Thankgiving.
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... for big ladies

Hi guys/gals.

I wear a size 12 (in women's shoes).

1. Where can I find a diverse selection of non-fugly "big" women's shoes online?

2. While we're on the topic of clothes, where can I find BRIGHT colored clothing online? I'm talking, green/orange/red jeans (corduroy?) and some loud/funky (perhaps retro) tops? Bland/sophisticated just isn't my style at the moment. PREFERABLY in tall sizes.

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will you show me a picture of someone that you know wearing sandals/flip-flops?

will you show me a picture that you've taken at a professional sports event?

savings vs. paying down debt

so we're finally in a position to have enough money left over every month to start making some progress on improving our financial situation. by my calculations, we'll have at least $300-$400/month (right now, and there's no place else to go but up--stable income with twice-yearly raises) left after all bills are paid to do stuff like save and reduce or debt. but herein lies the question:

is it better to concentrate all the extra money on one thing and get either the debt gone or the savings built up faster and then move on to the other, or is it better to work on both at the same time?

FTR, we now have $50 in the savings account (minimum to have account) and about $6800 on credit cards. within the next 1-2 years, we would like to have a few thousand in the bank and most of the CC debt gone.

what do you all think would be the best course of action?

(no subject)

Why does my nose run really bad when I run (haha)? I'm still recovering from it and I've been back from the gym for 30 minutes. I had to quit because I was afraid snot was going to be all over my face. :/
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This might get a little tl;dr and for that I apologize.

I had a friend who died a little over a year ago in a canoing accident. Off and on I've wondered how her husband was doing and hoped that he was okay (I did not know him well and keeping in touch would have been awkward). Today I stumbled onto his Facebook page and there is no mention of her - no pictures of them (although he has many pictures posted, including older ones). I know it's not my business but it made me feel upset, like he's erased her from his life.

So I guess my questions are - if your spouse/SO died (unexpectedly or otherwise), how much of a visible presence would they have in your life? Would they merit a Facebook/LJ/Myspace mention? What about pictures hung up at home? If you started dating someone new, how long would it be before you mentioned that part of your life?


does anyone know what this means? "fünf und dreißig für deinen schwanz"
i babel-fished it but i think its more slang than proper german. i think its something dirty.

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Do you live with anyone who snores? How often does it disrupt your own sleep?

Someone suggested that I buy a white noise machine to drown out a family member's snoring, but I know nothing about them. How well would a white noise machine be able to drown out loud snoring coming from the next room?


What is the last thing you got WAY too excited about, that you were WAY too old to get WAY too excited about?

Mine is that I just beat Event Match #36 in Super Smash Bros. I have been trying to kick Falco's ass for TWO DAYS. I am 24 years old. You see what I mean?!

(no subject)

BFF and I are planning a birthday weekend extravaganza. We'll be flying from San Francisco to Texas. Only thing is, we aren't sure where IN Texas we want to go. What's the best place in Texas for:

sad girl

Hey Ya'll!!

1. If you are not from the Southern U.S., do you judge people who have Southern accents? Do you think they sound cute or dumb?

2. If you are from the Southern U.S., but moved away from the region, do you feel judged because of your accent?

3. If you have a Southern U.S. accent, have you tried to lose it? Have you been successful?

(no subject)

I have a job interview tomorrow, and the person with whom I had the preliminary telephone interview sent me an email letting me know that I should be prepared to ask one or two questions regarding the company. What kind of questions does she mean I should ask? It's for an investment firm if it makes any difference.

(no subject)

Background information:
I got asked to do be a part of the People To People program this year. I'm a senior in high school, and to be completely honest, I don't have 6,000 dollars laying around, I don't have family members to give me money and I work part time at a shitty pizza place and I'm saving up for college. I will never have this opportunity again, so I'm doing a lot of thinking about it and I have a few questions:

Actual Questions:

1) Did you ever do this and was it a good experience/was it worth the money? (Keep in mind that 6 thousand dollars is A LOT of money in my life.)

2) Is it possible to fundraise 5-6 thousand dollars by May of 2008? (I know it's possible. A few people at school have done it, although they did so with a good amount of help. But do you think it'll be EXTREMELY hard or just moderately hard?)

3) Fundraising ideas?

4) What happens if I fundraise, but not enough money to go on the trip? I can't think of any way to give money back to individual people. Would it be illegal/immoral to use it for college instead?

(no subject)

Favorite quote(s) from a movie. (Please put the movie it's from.)

I have a lot, but here are a few:

Kevin Spacey (<33) playing David Gale in The Life of David Gale.
"David Gale: We spend our whole life trying to stop death. Eating, inventing, loving, praying, fighting, killing. But what do we really know about death? Just that nobody comes back. Then there comes a point - a moment - in life when your mind outlives its desires, its obsessions, when your habits survive your dreams, and when your losses... Maybe death is a gift. You wonder. All I can tell you is that by this time tomorrow I'll be dead. I know when. I just cannot say why."

Ryan Gosling playing Leland and Don Cheadle playing Pearl in The United States of Leland: ( I love this movie to death. There are so many good quotes.)
"Pearl Madison: I'm only human, man.
Leland: It's funny how people only say that after they do something bad. I mean, you never hear someone say, "I'm only human" after they rescue a kid from a burning building. "