September 24th, 2007


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1] What's something you always want to tell people, but don't because you feel like it would be bragging/annoying/complain-y/repetitive?
My cousin is the voice of Dora the Explorer! I never tell anyone in real life this, because they always ask me to get autographs or hear her do the voice, and she really hates it =[.

2] Who is someone you honestly, completely hate with every fiber of your being? Why?
I hate no one this much.
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1. What are your favorite cover songs?

2. What's the longest you've gone without sleeping? Was it on purpose or did it just sort of happen?

3. Have you ever had a job that surprised people who know you (e.g. you hate kids but worked in a daycare)?

4. How often, if ever, do you check Joule to see who has friended/unfriended you?

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A question a little while ago got me wanting to do this one.

Because everyone secretly loves it. And, if they don't it's merely because they haven't done it yet.

1) Have you ever dressed in drag/drab?

2) What was it for?

3) Was it fun?

4) Any pictures?

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What's your definition of leading someone on?

Do you ever have that friend that likes you more than you like them? You like hanging out with them and really enjoy the company and conversation but it's obvious they are hoping for more (for example, they flatter you a lot and offer to do things for you without you even asking) and you just feel kinda bad for it, like you're leading them on or something? And then you tell them there will be no more than just friendship and please stop flattering me and they get all upset and stop talking to you and you're like, damn man, why can't we just be friends?

What if there's sexual tension/chemistry (which you can't help) but you have logical reasons for not dating them? Do you ever feel sexual tension with people you don't necessarily find attractive?

Also, have you ever seen this British show called Black Books? Is it not made of hilarity?
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What's your favorite "out of the ordinary" type of instrument in the music you listen to? (Not a "common" instrument like guitar or whatever)

Mine is a pedal steel guitar! God they sound beautiful. I also am a fan of banjos, but not country music. OH AND VOCODERS!!
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1]After watching a movie about a mass murder, are you like me, and think someone's out to kill you?

2]How old were you when you first had sex?

3]Did you regret it?

4]What movie have you seen, and thought "Well there goes two hours of my life ill never get back!"

5]What band do you love, but you would never tell anyone?

6]Would you rather die from drowning or burning to death?

7]How often do you masturbate?

1] I just saw Disturbia, and now, im afraid to spy on people. Not that I ever really have but still...

2] 16

3] yupp

4] Time Machine. UGH.

5] none, im open about all my music. If you dont like it, too fucking badd.

6] drowning.

7] at least once a day.

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How did you get out of the worst trouble you've ever been in in your life wether it be from parents, SO, the law.
And if you didn't get out of it, how bad were the repercussions of your actions?


How much do you think a hair dresser should get for tips?

Example: my hair is long and takes a lot of time.  It comes out to be $100.00 or more and about 3-4 hrs to do my hair. Yea its crazy 

What do you think is the right amount to tip them?  Do you use the same tipping resource as the restaurants do?  Or is different?

I am not a stingy tipper, at restaurants I don’t really look at the prices of them meal.  I look at how good was the service and how much a ran the waitress around.  That’s usually what I go by.   


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I received an email from an Aki Kiatipis and I need to respond to it, but I'm not sure if Aki is male or female. Aki is a male Finnish name, but a female Japanese name. I think the last name doesn't look very Japanese, but I really have no idea. Also, he/she lives and works in Jordan, and I'm sort of leaning toward the idea that it's probably more likely for a Finnish person to be there than a Japanese person. What do you guys think?

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1. Define  snark.

2. What are some things you expected out of your life so far that have failed to come to fruition?

3. Would you rather be intensely book smart, practical and have a great sense of humor 
intensely intuitive, aware and lack a conventional sense of humor?

4. What is something that you suspect you are wrong about in your life but aren't ready to admit it to yourself or others right now?

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After drinking too much night before last I have had a two day headache. its mostly on the right side of my head and goes all the way down my neck to my shoulders. Ive had two cups of coffee today...

which would be a better choice: good ole IBProfen or Excedrin Migraine?

I ask too many questions,

1. What kind of underwear do you wear?

1a. Why do you wear that specific type of underwear?

2. Today I am going to a potluck, and I don't know what to bring. The classic pasta salad or casserole are always an option, but I work in the restaurant business and everyone there knows I cook great food, so I feel bad bringing something so ho hum. Suggestions for a dish?

3. I sprained my ankle and I'm on crutches along with my foot being wrapped up for the next couple weeks, how should I waste my time?

4. Can someone tell me how to french braid?
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I'm turning 25 years old in 38 days. Since turning 25 is a bit of a milestone, I want to do something special. I don't usually make a big deal out of my birthday, but this year I'm going to be in Montreal on the day.

I wanted to do something 25 days leading up to the day...sort of like the 12 Days of Christmas. Any ideas? I am really out of ideas ... but for example, if I was able to, I would have tried to visit 25 cities in 25 days (obviously I can't, because of work)...but that's the general idea. So, any ideas of what I can do, for the 25 days counting down to my birthday?
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pdf help

I opened a pdf file and it opens in a new window. Now, I want to print but I can't because the window does not have the "file, edit etc" toolbar nor does it have any other toolbar.

Normally I would right click and copy the whole file into a Microsoft Windows BUT when I right click, it has no "copy" and doing ctrl+c and ctrl+v has no effect.

The other day, I accident dropped my textbook on my keyboard and the toolbar appeared. So, I assume that the files are printable but it's just the toolbar is hidden and I don't know what to click.

Anyone know what I should do about this? :(

Solved: F8!

2.What was the last thing that made you want to shake and kick your computer?
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1)It's 10:30 am. I am hungry. Should I eat some Cinnamon Life, a slice of chocolate pudding pie, or make a sandwich?
2) Have you ever misrepresented yourself to a person in order to get them to date you? How long did you maintain the lie? What happened when he/she found out? Why the hell would you do it in the first place?
3) lol Juggalos?
4) What's something that really gets you riled up and preachy?
5) Coffee?
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I accidentally left some fresh bratwursts out on the table over night. They had only been out for about 10 hours after having been in ice. Are they still good? I can't find anywhere that tells me how long I can leave out a fresh brat before it is unsafe to eat.
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1) Have you ever lived alone? (no SO's, parents, roommates...etc.) How was it? Does it get terribly lonely? (assuming you don't have wild parties or friends over every night)

2) What's the strangest story someone has told you personally lately?

3) How do/would you lift yourself out of a depression caused by major life changes? What about if you're just in a funk?

4) If you learn a new word, do you suddenly find yourself hearing/seeing it EVERYWHERE? Why does that happen?

1) I'm scurred :(

2) My co-worker told me that he took his wife and son to Applebee's this weekend. His son complained he was feeling ill halfway through the meal, and before anyone could do anything, his son barfed alllllll over the table and himself. So my co-worker took him outside to take his shirt off and clean him up, and he accidently touched some of the puke, and started puking all in the bushes himself! His (pregnant) wife comes outside and sees this and starts dry-heaving due to it all, then starts dying of laughter because, being very pregnant, she managed to piss herself in the process.
I died laughing when I heard this, haha.

A various sundry of questions

1. Were you baptized as a child (for the sake of this post, let's assume "baptism" includes any ritual that leads to a child's inclusion in a religious community, such as christening or a bris.)

2a. If you already have children, did you have them baptized/
2b. If you are planning on having children in the future but do not at this time, do you plan on baptizing them?


3. Any tips for how to rid your car of a particularly foul odor? (In addition to cleaning the carpet, vacuuming, using Febreze)


4. Which do you prefer: electric or gas stoves/ovens?
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I suspect subconscious sexism

Yesterday I was out with my boyfriend and we stopped to get something to eat. I gave the cashier a $20 out of my wallet but the cashier gave the change to my boyfriend. This is not the first time this has happened.

Has this ever happened to you?

Why do you think it happens?

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how much of the information on your resume or application to a job do they actually check out? like high school and graduation date, past jobs, occupational references, etc.

BONUS QUESTION: why the hell won't my cat stop sleeping on my pillow, even when i'm on it?
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Someone is able to type without looking at their monitor or keyboard without much error and at a competent speed, this same person feels extremely uncomfortable handwriting without looking at the paper they are writing on and what they are writing.
They are unable to write on the lines on lined paper without looking, their writing curves and they refuse to control their impulse to look at their writing for long enough to complete a single line.
They are so slow with writing speed that they use a computer to type long notes instead but, when given time to work at their own pace they prefer to write on paper.

What is wrong with this person?
Why do they feel uncomfortable writing without looking at their paper but have no issue with typing without looking at their monitor or keyboard?
What do you think is the cause of this person’s behavior?

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Do you like it when an OP answers the question(s) or phrases them in a biased manner or do you prefer an unbiased question? Why?

do you prefer questions that can be answered empirically, theoretically, or with an opinion?

If you were a tree, what would be your favorite Shakespeare play?

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My dad is droppin off a gray kitten tomorrow for my birthday! it's a girl

What should I name her?

I'm leaning towards Bay Bay "Ay bay bay!!"

What else could I name her? Throw out whatever you want!!
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Would you swallow a large pill three times a day for the rest of your life if it meant that you'd have copious amounts of self esteem and confidence all the time? Why or why not?

You have been offered a 6 night, 7 day vacation anywhere in the world. In exchange, all you have to do is give your child (pretend you have one if you don't) to a person you don't know to babysit while you are on the vacation. You know nothing about this person other than that they say they're an excellent caretaker. Do you do it? Why or why not? Where do you choose to go on vacation if you do?

eta: you are promised that the person is not a pedophile, but that is all, no other background information.
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My Grandmother passed away last night. She was my favorite person, I'm having a rough day. Right now I'm trying to write something about her, and all these forgotten memories are coming to the surface.
One of my favorite memories is decorating cakes with her as a child. She is known for her delicious one of a kind gorgeous cakes, and when she was decorating them she would give me a donut to decorate. It was so much fun, and I learned so much from her!!!!
Anyway, do you have any special memories about someone you loved that have passed away?
If you do, would you share them with me?
I'm looking for some uplifting right now.
Thank you.
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Hippo Birdy Two Ewe...

1. My fiance's birthday is today. He's forty, but looks thirty and acts twenty. He says he doesn't want to make a big deal out of it.

Is a card, dinner, and maybe Teh Sexxors a "big deal"?

2. What did you do for your 21st birthday, if you've made it that far?

My then-boyfriend and our friends took me to the Tulsa Comedy Club. Howard Hesseman was in the audience. Jimmy "J.J." Walker performed and autographed a t-shirt for me - he asked me how my 'first legal drunk' was.

Then I went to a friend-of-a-friend's house and met my first real-live lesbian. She was cool. She didn't take advantage of me, but she was still cool.

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Little bit of backstory: I'm flying my mom to Vegas for her 40th birthday. I want to arrange for a limo to pick me up at the hotel and pick her up at the airport, with the guy holding the sign and everything, and bring her back to the hotel. I have no experience with limos whatsoever. Therefore, my questions I pose for today are:

(Yes, I've googled it. I'm looking for personal experiences here, which is not something that google provides.)

Have you ever gotten a limo?

Have you ever gotten a limo in Vegas?

Do you have any recommendations?

What are some fun things to do in a short limo trip (basically, from the airport to the hotel)?

Anything else to add?
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My friend is having a Celtic themed wedding in October. I was invited to the reception. I have never been to a wedding.

What do I wear?

I have a lime green pants suit and a black pants suit in my closet. Could I wear one of those, or should I get a dress?
I'd like my fiance to come with me as well. He has a suit, but it's more of a sports suit than a "wedding" suit. Would that be okay, too?

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1.Whats the most distubing image youve ever seen? and why did it disturb you so much?
[ Pictures are welcome]

2. Whats the one Job you would refuse to do, even if it paid really good?

3. What time area do you wish you were born in?

4. Saw or Hostel?

5. If you are a male, and a female punched you, would you hit her back?

6. Worst dream?

7. Best dream?

8. Do mermaids have vaginas? Or do they lay eggs?

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It's your last day on earth! several years in the future. It's been a good life for you. Now, the medical technicians struggle to save your life, and the reporters cluster around your bedside to record your last words for history. Just before the curtain closes, you sit up in bed, and in a clear and cracked voice, out of the delirium in your head you begin to sing a song. What would your pop-culture soaked brain throw up for you to sing? Commercial, song, dirty limerick?
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Do you find that doing mentally taxing work can drain you physically?

I've been studying h-core all weekend and even though I got a good amount of sleep last night I still feel ready to collapse.
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Is it possible to tell some damning information to someone WITHOUT being a snitch?

(For example, you overhear that someone has been doing a lot of heavy, illegal drugs, and think that their parents/SO/whatever should know, but you were sworn to secrecy and don't want to ruin your friendship.)

What is your favorite soda/pop?

Can you show me that doctored photo of Miley Cyrus supposedly looking pregnant? I can't find it. :(

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What have you done today that you feel good about!?

I just helped my co-worker clean up part of her area, making folders for her and now one whole side of her work area (there are 3 sides) is cleaned up and empty!!!!
Self cleaning

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Do you believe in the concept of 'paying it forward'? Not necessarily on a grand scale, but even little things. Like if a friend does something small for you and won't take more than a thank you, do you try to do something small for someone else?

Do you feel guilty if someone does a favor for you and refuses to be paid back?

What's on your mind right now? (Besides the above questions)

What's the last thing that made you smile?

What's the last thing that made you laugh?

What's the last thing that pissed you off?
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What is the best way to travel cross-country? (USA)

Have you ever rented a car to travel cross-country? Which service did you use?

Thank you :)
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You could be free from your boss, your garbage can, or whatever

Let's say someone came up with a real-life Adblock. You can block anything (or anyone) from your life, and those things are replaced with a plain white space. The only catch is that it costs a modest fee (say, $5 or whatever your local equivilant of that is) each time you use it. How often would be Adblocking things out of your life? What would be your main targets?

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I've been casually talking to this guy for like 2 months. During these two months I've been hanging out with him but have not been sure if I like him or not. I have been open with him and my unsure feelings so he knows where I stand. Recently though I had decided that I liked him....a lot but after spending the night at his house on Friday I realized that I was completley turned off by so many things he does and who he is.
Unfortunately, when I thought I did like him I agreed to go to MY homecoming with him [he graduated last year] and now that I'm not feeling him AT ALL anymore, would it be completely bitchy of me to revoke my agreement to go with him even though he paid for my ticket?
I'd obviously pay him all the money back but I really don't want to go with him anymore. I want to have fun and dance with who I want. It's my senior year and I'd like to have fun and not worry about him thinking about the dance being something more than I think it is anymore.

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What are you sick of:

On LJ?
In your daily life?
At work?
At School?
Regarding your family?
Regarding your SO?
Regarding your pets?

Does anyone actually like Breugger's bagels?
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The Forest of Sordidney

What should I name him? Right now I've got "crow villain guy" and that's no good at all.

eta: thx yall. I thought up of Sordidney.
etaeta: god, my character is amazing... his forest is an illusion casted by the spell of the fears of others.
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Today is my birthday!

Will you be getting your favorite TQC member anything?
Would you like to arrange to meet up with me to deliver it?
How excited about this are you, on a scale of 1-10 (10 for most excited!)!!!
What flavor of cake would say most matches my vibrant personality?
Guess how old I am!

Please further elaborate your birthday wishes to me in the comments, and I promise to read them A.S.A.P.

the birthday boy,
Michael Freeby
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Are there any song lyrics you sing incorrectly? (as in, you misheard it once or twice, learned the "real" words, but decided you like your version better)

What are they?

Also, fuck so_mikey for posting right after me since you guys are all going to jump up his ass and comment and NO ONE WILL COMMENT TO ME. kri kri kri.

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There is a term for when someone says the wrong word in a sentence (the word sounds similar to the word they were trying to say, but it is completely wrong and makes the sentence make no sense)... do you know what this term is?

example: The Duke lived in the manner (instead of manor)

eta: It is malapropism!

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Who here has asthma? How bad is it?

I was told by my doc many years ago that mine was only exercise induced but the apartment I just moved to has a lot of flights of stairs and I can't go up them without having to sit down when I get into my apartment because I feel lightheaded.

Do you have an annoying neighbor? What makes them annoying?


The Bank of America ATM on my college campus is one of the old ones, where you are supposed to put your deposits in an envelope (as opposed to the new ones which have the slot you can stack a bunch of cash or checks without envelopes to deposit). The problem is, there are NEVER envelopes by the machine, and I really need to deposit a check. I don't have a car so getting to an actual Bank of America branch is pretty difficult.

My question is: does anyone know if I can just deposit my check without putting it in an envelope? (I've tried looking online for the answer, but I'm coming up short).
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Do you believe that sarcasm or facetious remarks affirm your intelligence?

Do you believe logic is a tool that is very important or marginally important as it relates to freedom of expression, and hence the formation of new ideas?
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1. Will you show me something that will make me happy? A cute picture? Tell me a joke? Tell me everything is going to be okay? Talk to me?

2. Did anything crappy happen to you today?

3. What should I do for my birthday? It's October 22 & I'm turning 17. I want to have a party. It has been suggested that I get a bounce house... but what else should I do?

4. Why is teenager-hood so hard & depressing?!!!

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Guys: Would you rather a vagina be really wet and that's all... or wet, but tight and elastic-y with texture?
Do all vaginas do the same thing or are there some that just blow your mind?

How long does it take you to cum?

If you're having really good sex and you don't cum are you still satisfied?

Do you ever hold back from cumming because it just feels so good?

Should I be insecure about my fiance's sex with his ex-wife?

<lj-cut text="the backstory"> My fiance lived with his dad his whole life and he didn't really take care of him like he should've. I'm not going into detail, but he's always had low self-esteem because of this. When he was 18 his ex-girlfriend died in a car accident. This scared him and he thought he would be alone for the rest of his life. That provoked him to ask out S. S was a girl from his church who he thought was ugly and never really talked to. He asked her out because his self-esteem was so low and he thought that was all he could get. He lost his virginity to her and after 5 months she ended up pregnant. She miscarried twins. She treated him like crap, but he decided to marry her because he felt guilty for the miscarriage and thought that she was his only option. They were married 9 years. He wanted to leave but felt trapped there because they had 3 kids together.

Last July I came into his life and he realized that he wasn't leaving his kids if he left her. Now he is divorced and we live together. I get soo insecure about our sex life and constantly compare it to theirs. He said their sex wasn't even good. My vagina smells better, tastes better, feels better... he actually focuses on me when we're together instead of fantasizing about other women like he did with her every single time... he said mine is tighter and is more elastic-y and has texture. He was not attracted to her. He is very much attracted to me, and it's reciprocated. She just provided a warm hole and something different than his hand. Eventually he stopped having sex with her all together because he said that it was becoming harder to escape into his fantasy world. Does this sound like a bunch of bull or do you think he means it? I guess most of the insecurity comes from it taking him like 10-15 minutes to cum with me. He said it was about the same with her and I don't know how I should take that. He said that he sometimes holds back from cumming because it feels so good and he doesn't want to stop and with her he just got in and got out. Does all of this sound like a bunch of bull or do you think he means it? He's always been honest with me but sometimes I think he's stretching the truth on some stuff. Please reassure me TQC!  

I'm sorry if this was a mess and all over the place...</lj-cut>


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 I am in horrible pain.
My pelvic area is all crampy and hurts alot. NO its not Aunt Flo coming for a visit.

Will you tell me something funny to help keep my mind off of the pain??
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Questions on travel and fun ideas.

Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off. I've been having a REALLY hard time lately (was in a bad car accident and the next day my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia). I want to enjoy the next two days off, but I'm very broke. My boyfriend and best friend are likely free. I live right next to San Francisco.

Any ideas that would produce extreme amounts of fun?

Also, this summer my best friend and I want to go somewhere on vacation. Again, we're both broke college students. However, her Dad works for the airlines, so we basically can fly anywhere free. We are thinking of somewhere semi-local (aka: no Europe).

Any ideas on where to go? I like the idea of Texas. She wants to go to Mexico. Any reccomendations on those two places?

Also, has anyone been to New Orleans lately? I'd love to visit, but I want to soak up the old, pre-Katrina culture. How far along is the reconstruction? I never hear about it!
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Okay, so if you're in an lj stamping community, and you're getting ready to take the survey, all you go is copy and paste it from that box. You know that box? HOW DO I MAKE ONE????

Would you like to help me?

(no subject)

so my best friend goes to a college 4 hours away from me and he met this guy (they're gay) and he's having some self-confidence issues because he doesn't think he has a chance with this guy so i was like "i'm gonna leave you a voicemail about how amazing you are to boost your confidence" and i was kidding... but he was like "ok do it" and so now i actually want to leave him a voicemail about how amazing he is... but not a serious one... i want it to be really ridiculous and funny... 

so what are some ridiculous funny things i can say that would emphasize how amazing he is?

Let's talk about sex.

Why would a middle aged man who's libido is low visit porn sites on a regular basis (daily/every other day)?

Would you feel threatened/insecure/inadequate if your mate did this?

Would you bring the subject up to your mate or would you ignore it?

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1. Have you ever heard of Vincent Chin?

2. What would you think of a band named after a victim of racial violence? Edit: I mean, what is the mental image you would get just from learning their name? Would the name bother you? Why or why not? Does it make a difference whether they're the same race as the victim?

A local emo/pop/punk band named themselves after a (different) murdered man. It bothers me that a bunch of upper-middle-class white boys think that's totally unproblematic. All their songs are about romance and high school!

3. What's a good pop song not about love, sex, breakups, or high school? Is there such a thing?
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A friend of mine recently said that she read somewhere that you can only study effectively for two hours a day. I really want to look more into this and have tried typing a bunch of keywords into Google, but can't find anything. If anyone knows of links to an article or study that talks about effective study time that would be super.

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What is your favorite Metalocalpse character?
Horde or Alliance?
Favorite pwned macro?

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Edit: One more question while I am at it. I dyed my hair two or three weeks ago and now my hair is fried. It makes no sense because I was using a semi permant dye and it only deposited color. Needless to day it gave my flat hair some body, which is a good thing. But it keeps getting bigger as the days go on. Any way to fix my fried Robert Smith-looking hair?

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Do you think you're the same person IRL and off? Are you as outgoing online as you are online? Are you more reserved online?

Do you feel you have an "online presence?" Do you feel you have an online identity? Are you your user name, in other words? If we were all at a party, would we wear nametags with our usernames on it? Would you try to guess who is who?

Are multiple questions in one paragraph annoying?

Does anyone ever listen to Kenny G in a serious fashion? Have you ever enjoyed elevator music?
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Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

1. What are some good happy love songs? Something with the feel of "I'm in love and happy about it."

2. Are you excited about Halloween?

3. Do anything new lately?
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1. My dorm has a tradition called Disco Breakfast, when we eat breakfast together while wearing disco outfits. I didn't anticipate this, so I didn't bring anything disco. I'm not sure if I even own anything disco. What can I wear that looks even remotely disco?

2. a) Do you talk to yourself?
b) If so, do you only talk to yourself when alone?

3. What is a book that everyone should read? By this, I mean a book that is significant culturally, not one that you personally love. For example: The Communist Manifesto, Great Expectations, The Sound and the Fury, and so on.

Can you tell I'm a little annoyed?

1. Is there a website that streams white noise or other unobtrusive music that I can listen to for free? There's some guy in the my student center playing terrible death metal from his laptop speakers who refuses to turn it off. hah! he has stopped I'm still interested though. I have headphones but no music and am working with a group so I can't move.

2. How many times should I punch that guy in the face? (probobly none, huh? damn)

3. How much is too much to help someone in a class? Does your answer change depending on how well you know them?

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

5. How exactly are you supposed to answer a job interview question that asks what your biggest weakness is? It always comes out sounding insincere to me, no matter what I say.

6. Would you rather live with just one other person, several other people or alone? Does your answer change depending on where you would be living? (dorm, house, apartment, cardboard box etc)
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HELP! Country song stuck in my head!

I've had this one song stuck in my head for a couple days but can't find the singers name or the actual title of the song. I googled, yahoo'd, ASK'd, and any other search engine i could find.

I THINK it may be called something like "I'm not so little anymore".
Its a song/music video about being bullied around in high school and such and how the guy grows up to be this huge guy and goes back to his old high school and see's this boy that reminds him of his younger years of being bullied around. I believe he's singing about how he was bullied and pushed around but now that's he's a big guy now, he's not going take anyone's shit.

I don't especiously like it, just that it's been in my head cause I saw Toby Keith's "How do you like me now" and thought of this other song. The guy (singer) is a HUGE (tall, muscle), blonde country singer, and i believe he wears a cowboy hat in the video.

Ergghh! This is really bugging me, anyone know the singer's name?... please help!! :(

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Which version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory do you prefer - the older one or the one with Johnny Depp that came out a few years ago?

Name 3 things that you would do if you were invisible.

Feet Pyramid


Should illegal immigrants be able to get drivers licenses? (By the way, illegal immigrants in the United States can, in fact, get a drivers license legally.)

What should or shouldn't they be able to do?
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1] What's a good way to 'tear/deconstruct then reconstruct' any form of paper in an interesting way, other than ripping it up then sticking it back together like a puzzle? I can add other things.

2] Americans, what do you think of your drinking age?
    -good or bad?
   - what about Britain's, where you can legally drink in private at 16?
  - how old were you when you had your first drink binge?

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tell me... **dont look at other peoples anwsers if you are going to anwser these**

1) The brother of the chief executive officer (CEO) of a major industrial firm died. The man who died had no brother. How is this possible?

2) Some months have 30 days and some have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?

3) Becky's mother has exactly 3 daughters. She named her first daughter April, and her second daughter May. What did she name her third daughter?

4) Comment on an interesting property of this sentence: "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama"

These were questions I was given in my university math class as part of 'problem solving' for some reason these questions I seemed to take forever to figure out, but i thought they were fun. So anyway, i thought i would share them with you all.

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Tomorrow is Pirate Day at my school (part of spirit day). I really don't own anything pirate related.
1. Should I try to dress up anyway?
2. If I do, what should I wear? I'd like to just wear one or two little things that are piratey, not a full on pirate costume. And I seriously own nothing piratey except maybe a stuffed parrot deep in my closet, so I would have to improvise completely.
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This is probably an unlikely situation considering credit cards/debit cards/etc. BUT LET'S PRETEND.

You are out with 3 or 4 friends for dinner. You all (this is where the pretending part comes in, people) only have cash to pay with.

1. What would you do if you did not have enough money to pay the bill?
2. Say you are in a country where it is standard to tip your server. What would you do if you had just enough to pay the bill, but not enough to tip?
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I started wearing a biteplate about a week ago. Though I am getting better at talking, it still embarrasses me to talk. I just can't say my "S"s and "X"s well.

Alrighty, so for those of you who wore/wear a biteplate, how long did it take for you to talk normally? How long did you have to wear it?


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1. What do you think of your student government, if you have one?

Mine's a disgrace. Various candidacy requirements mean all our candidates have the same personality. The two presidential candidates last year were both disqualified for violating campaigning rules, then requalified, then one sued (in an actual court with an actual lawyer, paid with our student fees) to get the other one re-disqualified, and became president.

2. What do you think of frisbee golf?

3. Should voting materials (ballots, instructions) be printed in languages besides the official language(s) of that country, assuming there are such designated languages?
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photo prices

8x10 $12
8x12 $13
5x7 $8
4 wallets $8

Poll #1060667 photo price list qc

You go to a photographer to have portraits done and you see the above price list for individual print prices. These seem...

on the high side
on the low side
about right
other, will discuss in comments
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I didn't go to my high school commencement because I was convinced the class of 2003 hated me. Now I am at an out-of-state college and this is my last semester of school. I could potentially go to commencement on December 9. The problem is, I don't want to walk because I think it's stupid. Also, my dad may or may not come because he feels his business is much more important than his daughter's graduation (and has told me such, so I'm not just paranoid). That would leave my mom and my brother, and I could possibly get one person here to attend, but that's it. I don't want to do it because I know a lot of people whose third cousins fly in from England to go to their graduations and I can barely get my own family to come to mine. My "best friend" from back home claims she would come but I know she wouldn't end up coming. My last final also isn't until December 19 and I would like my parents to drive me home, so I don't want them to have to come up here ten days before that to watch me graduate and then come again ten days later, as it's a six-hour drive. They could possibly drive up just the once and take all my stuff home and then I could fly home by myself later but I really do not want to do that.

Basically, I don't want to walk in December and I don't want to bother coming back in the spring to walk. The only reason to do it is that my family has essentially (emptily) threatened me that if I don't go to commencement they' something bad to me. And I know it may seem slightly hypocritical to ask them to drive me home and not do them the favor of walking but I know *I* would not enjoy it and *I* am the one it pertains to, not to mention the huge grudge about my dad's resistance to seeing his own daughter graduate because heaven forbid he should spend two days away from his precious business.

Should I do it or not?
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Is there something you want to get off your chest? In general? About TQC?

Anything you want to say to a specific member or TQC? Or a few members?

Rant away, TQC. Or compliment people, if that's what you want.

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What's the craziest thing you've ever seen a person do while in a vehicle? Were they driving or not?

I was on the highway this morning & when I looked to my right I saw a old man pick up a carton of milk and a box of Lucky Charms, pour it into a bowl and eat it. I stayed beside him for a good ten miles. :)
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If a woman is in her 40's and has never been married, isn't engaged to be married and isn't in a long term relationship, do you assume that she was never asked to be wed, or that she turned down a proposal?
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So, who else is watching the finale of the Master Pick-Up Artist?

Who do you think will win?

What is your favorite stylistic element to Mystery? Sexay black nail polish, fuzzy tophat, oversize goggles, etc...

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Is there a way I can go to a school in a different district without having to use a fake address or such???

I live close to the high school for our neighboring town and I want to go to school there instead of my town's school. I failed 12th grade last year bc I missed months of classes bc of personal problems and blah blah, and now I DEFINITELY dont want to go to day school again and have ppl ask me why im back and have to explain my life's story.

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1a. Do you keep a written journal?
1b. How does it compare to your online journal?
1c. How mortified would you be if someone read it?

2. What's the last book you read that blew you away?

3. On average, how often do you finish a book?

4. If you're artistically talented, will you show me a picture of your work?
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In your opinion, would you think (repeated) excessive drinking is a sign of deeper problems, or just someone who really likes to drink?

(I don't mean alcoholism, more like binge drinking.)
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I am le poor right now and am sleeping on an air mattress (awesome right) and would like to upgrade at some point, and am thinking futon. But I want a really nice one, a good sturdy frame and solid mattress, all that, and am willing to pay for quality. Any recommendations for what store to buy from, or a model to look for? I sleep on my side and back and like a mattress with a bit of squish.
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How often/ever do you 'go commando,' ie. do not wear underpants?

Do you shave your pubic hair? How often? How much thought goes into the state of your pubic follicles?

Would you like a mooncake?

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Edit: From wikipedia
"A thick filling usually made from lotus paste is surrounded by a relatively thin (2-3 mm) crust and may contain yolks from salted duck eggs."
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ARG! Frustrated!

what was the last thing that made you so angry you wanted to scream/throw things/set something on fire?

ugh.  so my typing homework is driving me absolutely INSANE!  i don't understand why i can type 80-90 wpm when i'm just typing, but when i have to copy this inane drivel from the book, i get all fucked up and make all these errors and type really, really slow.  I've tried to do something else for a while and come back to it, but it's just not working.

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I feel really awkward looking people in the eyes when I'm talking to them. Sad, I know. Does anyone else have this problem? Any good remedies short of hopping 10 steops backwards before the sunrise?

La La La La, La La La La.....

So I really should be finishing my Women's Studies paper now but I'm taking a break and decided to ask an interesting question that was posed to me tonight by a friend.

Here goes....
What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
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