September 23rd, 2007


Non-American Engineering Schools:

I would like the names of some schools outside of America which are known for their engineering department.

Specifically, I'm trying to study abroad and it's a bitch to find a semi-matching mechanical engineering curriculum. English is strongly preferred, but I can probably hobble together skills in any romance language over the summer.

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(no subject)

1. What's a new song or artist you recently discovered and liked?

2. Is it chilly right now where you are?

3. Will someone please take this package of Chips Deluxe away from me?

1. Janove Ottesen. I didn't know he had an english solo album (he's the singer of a Norwegian band, originally) and it's actually really good.
2. Omg, yes *Wraps self in blanket*
Silly - Pears

Ger your fash on

How interested are you, question answerers, in fashion in general? I mean, do you like to browse the mags in a 'pretty but not for me' sort of way, or do you covet the goods in the glossy spreads? Do you not give a crap, perhaps stick to classics, or try to be edgy and noncomformist? How much do you think you spend on clothes in a month, or a year if you don't shop that often. What is the bulk of your wardrobe? Do you think you have too many or too few clothes? Purger or stockpiler? Anything out there right now you want? Anything trends you hate?

In other words - your clothings, tell me about them!

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what was the last really amazing/intense/interesting thing you were told?

my friend, who has worked a lot of the last few summers as an trek guide in Alaska, told me about how she has met people who met Chris McCandless before he died, and that she's traveled a few of the places he did, including one of the rivers he tried to cross but failed to after the glaciers melted before he died. she told me more than i think i could ever get out of the book that was written about him. it was really extraordinary.
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1 - Who do you love that you haven't told?
2 - Who do/did you love that you don't/didn't tell enough?

3 - Who's someone everyone except you seems to love/lust after? You don't have to hate them, but just not see what the fuss is about.

1 - A friend, two teachers
2 - My Mum. I never used to say "I love you" back when she would. I don't know why, it embarrassed me I think. My brother always would. I only started saying it when we found out she was dying. =( I wish now that I'd said it more, because I can't say it at all now.

3 - Johnny Depp. He seems a cool guy, and he is quit good-looking, if not really my type. I wouldn't mind hanging out with him, but I've no desire to sleep with him. Who knows, maybe he's incredibly charismatic in real life.
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The quote is probably easier than writing the whole explanation again...

* CLU boggles for search terms
[CLU] I'm failing in Google.
[CLU] I'm trying to find a way to alter javascript in a page after it's loaded in the local browser.
[CLU] Specifically, a site uses javascript for a form submission and limits a field by counting the character in the field, and I would just remove the check for field length.
[CLU] s
[haljordan] so the code doesnt execute until data has been entered?
[CLU] No.
[CLU] And it pops up a dialog box in the browser saying the field is over 500, and doesn't submit the form.

Is this possible, and how is it done? I tried searching for anything related, but I couldn't come up with search terms that gave me anything close to what I wanted. I'm not real interested in reading a textbook on Javascript, which wouldn't take much effort to find. :)

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tqc, help me!

i just got a new phone. it has all sorts of amazing features, one of them being that it plays music! it also has a micro sd card slot. the manual says i need to order an accessories pack from verizon's website, which includes a micro sd card and a usb cable. it also says that the ONLY way to get music onto the phone from the computer is by using the cable, and that you must also use windows media player 10, and that it will only accept music that has been ripped from a cd.

currently, i use itunes and soulseek, and thus this is a problem. about 5% of my music was actually bought, and i don't want to have to burn the rest and then rip it into wmp, just to put it on my phone.

thus my question is: can i buy a different micro sd card, stick that into my laptop, then put it in my phone and have it work? would there be a problem with the drivers or anything?

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Imagine your a mum, and your daughter (age 18) tells you shes been secretly going out with a man 12 years older for the last 3 years, how would you react?

I'll give you more background on my situation; I couldn't tell my mum before because our relationship was completely secret due to the fact it was a teacher/student thing for the first year. Then I just put off & off telling my mum until I'm at this stage, when I'm thinking of moving in with him. She'll hit the roof won't she? Would you?!

ETA - I'm English, the legal age is 16!


This winter will be the first winter I have lived anywhere that has actual winter weather. I have absolutely no winter clothes and no idea what people actually wear when it's really cold out. Up until the other day, I wasn't even aware that people actually wore long underwear!

So, do you have any tips on shopping for winter clothes? What are essential items? Are certain fabrics better than others? Where can I get decent, inexpensive winter gear?
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Trip planning

Have you ever booked a hotel through What star-rating did you choose? What was your experience like?

I am planning a two-day stay in New Orleans and am tempted to book a room through Hotwire. I'm looking at a four-star hotel for like $69/night, which is awesome, but I'm hinky about not knowing what hotel I am booking before I book it.
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 1. Do you have a tattoo that is just words? If so, can I see it? If not, if you HAD to get a tattoo of just words, what would it say?

2. Do you have a tattoo on your wrist? Can I see IT?

3. How can I keep a developing bruise from getting worse?
i say, old bean

kids ask the darnest things

what was the last ODD thing that a little kid asked you?
a kid asked me if i was a lesbian D:

what's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

what about the meanest?

are you listening to anything at the moment? if so, what is it?

Sexy Time

Dear TCQ,

I have recently been having tons of sex dreams, where I am having the time of my life banging away different men every night. And it's usually the result of something drastic happening in the dream. Last night, I dreamed that I was trying to escape the underground evil peeps that were trying to kill me, and when I escaped, I had sexy time to celebrate with the dude from prison break.

What's the craziest sex dream you've ever had?
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My flatmate and I were talking about maybe getting a dog at some point in the next few months. We live in a two storey house (all living areas are upstairs) with a good sized yard, with a large park right behind our house. Neither of us like small dogs, and we've got a standard size fence (about 3' high), so probably shouldn't get a large dog (though I do prefer them). I do have a five month old baby, so the breed will have to be one that is good with children. We'd also be getting one from the RSPCA shelter, so it probably won't be a puppy.

What sort of dog do you think would be a good one to look at getting? i had a boxer x mastiff before and LOVED him to death, I thought he was a great dog, but don't know if that was more his personality or his breed.
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(no subject)

So, ya know how most people have some sort if fetish?
Do you have one and what is it?

Most people have some phobias.
Do you have any and what are they?

Do any of yours seem to be somewhat, mutually exclusive?
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Have you ever been summoned for jury duty?

Do you think it's ethically or morally sound for local government to require your attendance regardless of whether it's going to seriously affect you financially?

Computer question...

So I was just surfing around on IE, closed the browser, re-opened the browser, and all of a sudden my homepage is "Your Intenet Privacy is being compromised...(browser warning)"...the page offers this software to clean out my files and hard drive of possible "questionable material" that I am apparently at "very high risk" of being "investigated" over. The software site ( looks kind of iegit, and it has my ISP number and everything. Should I buy the software just in case, or is it a spyware device that I should get cleaned off at my college's tech services?
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My friend is using EA Game Link to play The Sims (EA's download-and-play service thing) but she hasn't got internet connection at the moment. It asks you to connect every few times you play, to verify your game and all that jazz.

Any ideas on if/how she can bypass this?
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Maybe I'm just college retarded...

Since college enrollment/picking courses has always confused the living hell out of me (I'm starting to think I'm just stupid!!), I have a rather dumb-sounding question.

1. I think I'd like to be an English teacher. In Germany. If there's even a market for them by the time I'd finish college. But what course of study would you choose to go about making this happen? Majoring in German? Or English? Take German as a minor? Double degree (though that would be a very desperate move on my part lol)?

2. Am I total bum for not having started college yet? I'm going to be 19 in two weeks and I graduated a year ago. I'm the only one of my friends who hasn't started yet. I feel like such a loser about that sometimes. :/
Jessie- Story of my life!

'Cause Murphy's Law keeps my life full of lols

So I botched up the process for getting an Ethical Monitoring form approved, a requisite to submit my dissertation, and now there's the possibility it'll be marked with a big old U FAIL.

I'm going to speak to someone tomorrow, how do I keep my cool and talk my way out of it? I always get so flustered, how do you keep calm in a seemingly parlous situation?

If I do get slapped with a FAILURE AT LIFE on my paper how do I drown my sorrows? Do I flee the country and never return to England again? Go back to living with my parents? Or just say LOL I'll still get my degree anyway (oddly enough)?
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Everyone has told me this guy is interested in me, and told him I return that, but we don't really know eachother.  So, I tried texting him yesterday and he never texted back.  Other than this, whenever I do see him, he does flirt with me, etc. and his friends say he talks about me all the time.  What the hell? Did he not get my text?  What would you guys do?  Text him again?  (Isn't that a little weird though?)

 EDIT;  I also texted him when he was going out of town with his friends.   He's back now, though. 
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(no subject)

I have a bunch of change that I would like to take to the bank, but the bank teller told me to clean the oxidized and dirty pennies first. What is a good way to do so? My boyfriend and I tried washing them in white vinegar and salt in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, which turned the small bunch we experimented with black. Was the jewelry cleaner the bad idea? Also, how long should I soak them for? Overnight? A week?


What would you do?

A good friend of 15 years went out of town. Her fiancee emailed me and told me that he thought I was the hottest  girl on a website and couldn't stop looking at my chest. He even went as far as to posting a pic of me on his website. Don't you think that's going a little bit too far? I emailed him saying..Shouldn't your girl be the hottest girl you've ever seen. 

Anyway I don't know what to do. I want my friend to be happy and I think he went a little bit to far..What do you think? What would you do? Should I tell her? 

Let me just say I'd be upset if my man said those comments to my good friend!!!

(no subject)

1. Happy it's Fall, or pissed that the holiday's are right around the corner?

2. Best motivation? What if I were to say that I'm pregnant, would this change?

3. Most disgusting body modification?

4. Macaroni and cheese.. yay or nay?

5. Favorite holiday tradition?

1. Happy it's Fall! I love Fall/Winter, minus the shitty roads.

2. I am pregnant, and need to go start my registry, but have NO motivation. Ugh!

3. I think that amputation is weird. Everything else is sweet in my book.

4. Yay! I think I may make some for lunch.

5. Watching "White Christmas" with my family every year.

ETA: Cheapest Halloween costume ideas, please! I am broke, and want to dress up really, really bad. Oh, and I can't sew.
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1. When you were applying to colleges for the first time, what was the main thing your college HAD to have?
2. If there was a pretty good college in your hometown, did you want to go to it? Why/why not?
3. If I live 30 minutes away from a university, is it a waste of money to live in the dorms?

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You have to have sex with someone on the Simpsons. Who will get lucky?

Mr. Burns
Chief Wiggum
Principal Skinner
Threesome with Patti and Selma
Ms. Crabapple
Ned Flanders
Mayor Quimby
Otto the busdriver

You have to have sex with someone from Family Guy. Who gets lucky?

Stewie (you sicko)

You have to have sex with someone from Friends. Who gets lucky?


You have to have sex with someone from Seinfeld. Who gets lucky?


(no subject)

Does anyone have the movie Highlander - made in 1986?

If so, can you tell if it has english subtitles/closed captioning for the deaf (symbol is CC) (I don't want french subtitles)?

I got this movie from netflix and it only has french subtitle, but the website says it has english subtitle.

(no subject)

1. I swear I can tell the day that fall really begins coz I can feel it in the air and in MY BONES. When does fall begin for you? (Note: Don't be a douche by saying you just use a calendar.)

2. Do you do anything to make yourself look better in photos? This question is inspired by my friend who smiles in photos in that weird 'my lips are stuck together' way that never shows her teeth. And her teeth are perfectly lovely!

3. Have you ever been listening to music and thought your phone was ringing? Do you hate that?

4. Has TQC lost its edge lately?
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how can a newbie fix his power window?

Help with a 1995 Ford Explorer. I have power windows and the back passenger side window will go down but not up. Is it possible to pop the door frame off, and "roll" it up manually and have it stay up? I'm not interested in opening it again till next spring when I can get it looked at. I just don't want it open incase it rains, theft, and all that stuff.

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Dear diary...

If you could read the private diary of one person you know, whose would you read? (assume that they have one and write everything in it)

If you could read the diary of someone you don't personally know (dead or alive), whose would you read?

(no subject)

I neeeed help! I know very little about printers and I bought a Canon Pixma ip1800. It will print something one day, and then the next day it won't print and to check if the printer is connected or turned on. (which it is, i swear!) Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

(no subject)

Why do racist people hate people who are not from their race,without knowing them at all? I mean,how being different physically can possibly be a reason to be disliked my someone?  I simply don't see the point,and have never understood that.

gas mask

Heroes' season premiere is tomorrow night.

1. Are you excited?
2. How did you feel about last season's finale?
3. If you didn't like the last ep of Season 1, are you still going to watch tomorrow?

NOTE: There will probably be spoilers in this thread.

My answers:
1. Not really. They need to earn my love once again.
2. Oh, MAN—was I disappointed.
3. Yes, but see 1.

The Unrelated 5.

1. Do you think origami is difficult?

2. Will the Sex & the City movie suck?

3. Do you drink a lot of water throughout the day? (Like the daily recommended amount or more.)

4. Do you watch sports on TV?

5. Are you scared of bird flu?

1. YES. I tried to do some yesterday and gave up.
2. Probably. But I'll still watch it. On DVD. Or HBO.
3. Yes. With a few, infrequent exceptions, it's the only thing I drink. And I'm always thirsty.
4. Baseball, but only a few teams. And maybe some football. The Redskins and Giants are on now.
5. No. I think governmental agencies and the CDC try to freak the public out sometime. Especially if there is a vaccine involved. (I'm sure some big pharma is working on an avian flu vaccine right now that the gov't will push in the near future.)

(no subject)

1. What are some goods songs that deal with missing someone or losing someone.
2. Is there any song that whenever you hear it, it gives you goosebumps and brings tears to your eye? What is it?
3. What song makes you just want to sing your lungs out?
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 I work at Wal-Mart in the bakery. I usually work 5:30 am to 2:30 pm. The first person comes in at 4:00 am. Well, she is on vacation so yesterday I had to come in at 4:00, and it wasn't on the schedule. Well, at Wal-Mart when you try to clock in before your scheduled time or on a day that you're not scheduled for, the time clock rejects you and you're not clocked in. Well, I called Management to clock me in, and I waited 10 minutes for someone to come, but they never did, so I just went and did my job. Everything has a time limit, and I wanted to get my work done. I was going to tell management later that I didn't clock in so I would still get paid. 

Well, at about 8:30 am, a member of Mangement (who has it in for me) came and told me to come with her. She told me that working off the clock is against company policy and is a serious offense and blah blah blah. IWell because it's my second write up... the first was for something equally absurd... I ended up with a "decision day" today (which means I take the day off - paid - and write a detailed paper about how I'm going to change my work habits and why I want to keep my job and things of that nature. Some punishment, huh? *rolls eyes*

I hate my job, with a passion. The hours suck, the people suck, the work sucks... the only reason I'm still working there is because I'm in debt and really need the money. My question is - how do I start this paper? She said she wanted it detailed, so should I write in there that I'm in huge debt and tell them about my problems? What can I say to make a statement? Does anyone want to write it for me? Any help would be appreciated!

(no subject)

What have you eaten today?

My answers:
Ham/turkey sandwich and grapes.
2 popsicles.
And a little bit of the meal I just made which is, an eggbeaters omlet with ham and fat free cheese, yogurt with wheat germ, and 100 calorie english muffins but I really don't want to eat the rest of it.

Blackberry 7230 Smartphone

My other half is thinking about buying a Blackberry 7230 Smartphone and has some questions:-

1. Is it any good???
2. Does it come with web browser?
3. How easy is to access Hotmail emails? (any email forwarding direct to the 7230 available?)
4. How much difference is there between it and newer models?

Answers and any other info/testimonials would be great

Thank you

(no subject)

 participle v. participial:

are they two different things?
or are they two different ways of spelling the same concept?

is the third "i" in the second one pronounced?

in other words: if I am talking about "participle phrases," and someone else is talking about "participial phrases," are we not talking about the same thing? and if he is pronouncing the third "i," is he wrong?

(no subject)

1. If a girl has a boyfriend who she is very much attracted to, but finds most men physically unappealing, and thinks women are more aesthetically pleasing, but doesn't get along with them as much as with men, what is her sexuality? If it's possible to determine from that, anyway.

2. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
I'd want a wolf!

(no subject)

1. A neighbour of ours left his cat with us for a few days while he tries to find a new place to move into.
He dropped the cat by about five hours ago, and it is still absolutely terrified. At first it hid away, now it's just lying on the stairs breathing very quickly. It will let me stroke it but it still seems really scared.
Is there anything I can do to reassure it?

2. How old is too old for Hello Kitty or other cutesy characters?

3. What's your favourite dessert?
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Celebrities that need to be betch slapped

Any celebrities out there that you would LOVE to betch slap?
If so........who and why??
*be descriptive*

My answer:
I would love to betch slap Nicole Richie, yes, yes, she's preggo but wtf????
You never see her smile, its always a BIG ASS frown. And when she does smile its more like a *fuck you* smirk. She is probably one of the crankiest, spoiled rotten ugly people on the planet.
*AFTER* she gives birth and her child turns 18, THEN I will hunt her down and slap the betch.


Has anyone recently received a request to join their site? Did you get this intrusive advertisement under the guise of "friendswin" adding you as a friend on Livejournal?

Is anyone else very annoyed at this shameless and classless attempt to advertise? I swear to GOD I can't escape junk mail, even in Livejournal!
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(no subject)

Has anyone here bought cards from

Did you have any problems? Did it seem to be run professionally? Did you pay be credit card or paypal?

I want to buy 100 mini cards from them for a small project I'm doing, but I got to their billing page, nearly entered my CC number, and noticed there was no "secure connection" icon anywhere. This... concerns me. I don't currently have a paypal account, but since I ran into this problem elsewhere on the internets maybe I should just suck it up and get one, eh?

(no subject)

What's the best PC-based software (free or pay-for) that I can use for ripping DVD movies to AVI files?

I don't need all of the menus and extras.. just want to put some of my favorite DVDs on my laptop so I can watch them on trips.

(no subject)

A very stupid question ahead.

If I call someone's land line from my land line and I have free long distance but they pay for long distance, do they get charged the long distance fee or is it just on my plan because I called them? You know what I mean?

Answered very quickly. Thank you.


So recently i threw a surprise party for my bffl. I asked another on of my friends whose hobby is cake making to make her a cake.
It was a good cake.. it just didn't look as good as i thought it would but thats beside the point.
She asked for 30 bucks for the cake. And i was kind of appalled. I thought she would just make it out of the kindness of her heart.
Then she comes to me the other day and is like.. "So am i ever going to get my money for that cake.. cause i'm super broke right now and i want money." ......
Not to mention she gave my bff 5 bucks for her b-day.
Then pulled out a 10 and a 20 at supper.....

So i know i have to pay her, i just have been busy and haven't got around to getting to the bank.
I do however think its totally unfair that i should be paying for the cake. I thought maybe 15-20 would have covered some of it at least.
What do you guys think? Am I being selfish? Or is she off her rocker?

and as a side note..
How many of you can drive standard flawlessly?

Technology is amazingly frustrating.

The Synaptics Touchpad on my laptop is on the fritz!
I think that I need to calibrate it somehow, but I don't know how to do that. The buttons work, but when I try using it, the mouse goes all crazy.
What can I do to fix it?

Also, being a longtime Apple hater, I slammed itunes, ipods, and ianythingelse. Two days ago, my boyfriend convinced me to get itunes, and I like it. I'm borrowing his ipod right now because I'm addicted to solitaire. I'm thinking that I'm going to end up buying an ipod classic for christmas. Should I get the 80 or 160 GB?


In an unfortunate turn of events, I am probably allergic to my engagement ring because it's white gold and thus has nickel in it. Explains why many earrings aggravate my ears!

Anyway, have any of you tried to do the clear nailpolish coat around rings? Or should I look into plating?
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(no subject)

Do you smoke clove cigarettes? How often? Does it make your throat hurt the day after?

I smoked two and a half cloves last night, and I am so regretting it today. But they are so good.

What's the last thing you did that turned out to have a bad result that you feel was worth it?

(no subject)

So I used to be really good friends with this girl in high school, but we drifted apart towards the end. I became really good friends with her younger brother, though. Every once in a while he will wander into my job to see how I am, and we'll talk for 10 or 15 minutes. Turns out my old buddy is heavily pregnant, and about to have her kid (this week!). In a way I'm happy for her, but in another I'm not. Her brother thinks she intentionally became pregnant to trap her boyfriend into a relationship he had wanted to end.

She was a really sweet girl when I knew her. I haven't talked to her in about 2 years (since we graduated), but I sort of want to send her something. What would be appropriate, if anything?

(If it matters, it's a baby boy)
years go by

Video cameras

What's the cheapest option if I want a really simple camera with which to videotape myself playing the piano? I don't need anything fancy with fifty million functions, just something basic and suitable to my purpose.
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(no subject)

TQC, how do you prepare for death?

My grandma's cancer has spread and recently she's gotten really sick. She's lost over 30lbs this week and hasn't been able to eat. I saw her for the first time in a week today and I've never ever seen her looking so unwell, even when she was going through chemo and radiation. As cheesy as it is, she's my best friend. I've never had anyone close to me die before, so I have no idea what I should do, especially since I have time to see her before she goes.
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(no subject)

To the Doctor Who Fans,
1. For the new Who, What songs would you absolutly want to have on a Doctor Who songlist? and why?

2. For all the old Who, same question, and
2a. Which was your favorite Doctor and why?

2a. BAKER! and Eccleson and Tennant...hell, I like them all, cause hey, its the Doctor. :D
Michaela Coel

(no subject)

does anyone know of an internship program (preferably not in america) that accepts applicants on a rolling basis? i'd really like to volunteer overseas but a lot of the programs are expensive! 
at seven

(no subject)

ok guise, I'm writing an undergraduate thesis (blurgh) and it's time to stop fucking around and finally get a draft down on paper, but I don't know how to begin.

Would you give me a first sentence for the first chapter (skipping the introduction?)

(If you'd like to incorporate my actual topic- which is optional- it's a chapter on Miss Congeniality and the whole thesis is about makeovers in contemporary film & television.)

Entertain or inspire me, thanks.

(no subject)

How do I make my sunburn go away faster?
I wasn't outside for more than an hour today, most of the hour was spent out of dirrect sunlight too. This sucks.
And what is the weather like where you live?
Right now it is humid and cool. It feels like summer but smells like fall. I like it.
Mitty box

(no subject)

Do you ever start typing a response to a question and just think, "Nah..." and delete it?
What time of day do you think TQC is most busy (plz to be mentioning your timezone!)?
What's your opinion of Dr. Phil (if you have one)?
Do you like pie?
If you play, what's your opinion on Guild Wars?
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