September 22nd, 2007


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is there a way to forward emails from my Hotmail account to a new address? i really don't want to have to unsubscribe to all my newletters and tell everyone my new address. am i just going to have to stick it out?
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I'm bored and think I need a new default icon. So bored that I'm going to ask...

1. Which of my icons would you pick as a default?
2. Do you have a favorite icon of yours?

And something not icon related...
3. Do you have any upcoming trips planned? Even just short little weekend things.

Mine's going to Montreal for my birthday. *Excited yet scared at the same time* I'm driving up there :/

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What do you enjoy the most about the weekend?

mine is absolutely 100% that I get to sleep in as late as I want. I love sleeping.. I love being able to sleep until my heart's content. I almost always sleep until noon on the weekend, no matter what time I go to bed the night before.

I also like that I'm not obligated to drive anywhere. I drive about 50 miles to & from work everyday and I like to just NOT be in my car sometimes.

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My kitchen is infested with some sort of white worm-y type bug. They look kind of like larvae, but it's been a few weeks and they haven't developed into any adult buggies. They seem to feed off starches and I've found them in the pantry, with the cereals and the crackers.

Do you have any idea what they could be?

Words of wisdom for a soon-to-be (in 2 days) college freshman?

Could you give me, a soon-to-be college freshman, some insight advice on college life? Please no dorm stuff because I will be attending a community college and transferring after 2 years. Keeping my grades up and transferring to a good college is important to me and I'm nervous about that. Any helpful tips will do. Thank you for reading this and have an unforgettable weekend! 
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im eshausted from work. i have worked every day from 4-8 this week..thats after school btw.
im mentally and physically tired. i literally just feel sick.
i only have a week left in the job anyway, but what can i do to make myself feel better. do i get rid of this stress? (besides not going to work)

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 This may be something that everyone in the world knows but me but how do they (you) make icons? Other than resizing a picture. And I know you use a paintshop type program. But the images and pictures they find sometimes amaze me - there must be a world of places to get these from that I still haven't stumbled upon yet. I'd like to make an icon with moving text on it and I couldn't begin to know how to do that. Soo, whaddya know?

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If you could choose any director and give them a restriction for making their next film, who would you chose, and what would the restriction be? (Living or dead.)

I'd make Tim Burton use an entirely different creative team/cast.

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what's something really artsy/indie/zen that i can do right now (that involves something a typical person would have in their possesion... like don't say "you should smoke some pot" because i don't have any...)
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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Why do I want to be married and have babies so badly?!

I'm only 18 (almost 19), in my 2nd year of college and have a wonderful boyfriend (we've been dating for almost a year and a half). I'm no where near ready to do any of the above things but I WANT TO. I know a bunch of people around my age who are engaged or having babies. I'm jealous. I don't see this getting better with time.

/ whining


I just got hired to work at Bestbuy and I start Sunday. Blah. So I was just wondering:

1. Has anyone worked at Bestbuy?
2. How was it?
3. What were the discounts like?
4. Care to share any random bits of info you learned while working there?
marcs sweater


last night i cracked my laptop monitor, and now i can barely see on it.
so i hooked up a monitor to the laptop, and on the monitor i see my desktop background but thst all, and if i wanna do something i have to drag whatever it is all the way to the right on my laptop to appear on the monitor i hooked up. does anyone know how to make the monitor i plugged in the default monitor, so that all my stuff shows up on it?? please i would really appreciate an help.


i am in need of serious help. i really like this girl and i am starting to fall for her. she said she thinks she is starting to fall for me. we've known each other for about 3 years and have had crushes on each other since the day we met. now that we've got to talking and hanging out more she isn't sure of what she wants because she isn't over her ex. hes been calling her a lot lately and isn't sure if she wants me as just a friend or more then that.

So my question is: I've put all my eggs in one basket and have taken myself off of the market, and I'm willing to give her as much time as she needs to get over him, but do you think i should move on or just stick with her?
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1. Do you wear a watch?

2. How often per week do you spend online? (TIME, not $$$)

3. Has American politics reached a point where the separation of church and state has been almost completely eroded?

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ANYONE with medical learninz?

Are there any type of temporary OTC steroid nasal sprays?  or, at least, anything that can serve as a cheap sub for Flonase for a few days?  I didn't have the money to go to the doctor to go to the pharmacy until today, and now nothing's open :P  And I'm sick as hell :P

So, anyone know?

Any eljay doctors in the house?


I have this... um, this thing that, every once in a while, will grow out of my left shoulder. I have no idea what it is. It's white, and it can best be described as resembling a vestigial feather. I'll pluck it out if I spot it, but it usually grows back in about a month or so in the same spot.

TQC, wtf is this shit?

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Do you pass gas around your SO?

Have you ever used the bathroom in front of them?

Do you feel this is okay?

If you are a women, have you ever peed in the woods?

If you have peed in the woods, how can you do it with out having piddle travel down your leg?


Have you ever hired anyone?
Have you ever fired anyone?
What is it like to hire and/or fire?
Do you feel personally qualified to be in charge of such decisions?
Please feel free to recount any interesting hire/fire stories as you see fit.

Its Saturday...

What should I do, TQC? I don't have a car, I go to college in Raleigh, NC, and I'm not feeling the best, but I don't want to sit inside all day. Something not that strenuous, like a coffee shop visit, but more creative than that. Any ideas?  
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MA: country walking

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My mother has a DVR, and I'm wanting to get the shows I've recorded on the DVR onto my computer. TQC, is there a cable that can do this?

I've Googled, but all I found were TV tuners and such--that's not really what I'm looking for. I'm not trying to record live TV, just what's already been recorded on the DVR.

Just wondering if anyone's done this before so they have some ideas for me. :)

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I'm going on a cruise tonight, which is a fancy-smancy cruise.  It's probably going to be windy.  How should I do my hair, TQC??

It's boob length hair, thick, kindy wavy but can be blown straight.  (Or I can flat-iron it.)


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Any recommendations for one of those long puffy quilted coats? I think they are filled with down. I've looked at LL Bean and Land's End but I'm wondering if anyone has one and can recommend it, or if there is somewhere else I could look. thanks!
Amanda and Marc :D

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i'm trying to remember the name of this Easter book my sister and me really loved when we were little.

it's about this rabbit who is really lazy. he doesn't want to help his bunny clan paint the Easter eggs or do anything. i think people talk about how lazy he is and his mom is really worried and everyone wants to bust his ass for being a bum. then one day i think his whole clan gets trapped in cages and it's up to him to save them.

does anyone know what i'm talking about?
is there a community specifically for asking the name of a book you can't remember?

BONUS QUESTION: what book do you want to read next?

Into the Wild is next on my list. i've been meaning to read it for a long because of my friend, Barbara, then i saw something about the movie Thursday on Oprah and it sounds really amazing. but there's like 22 holds on it at the library and i don't have money to buy it :(

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Poll #1059503 For $1,000,000, would you...

...make a porno? Its distribution is not known to you and the company's circulation is fairly large. The video can pop up at any point in the near future on a multitude of websites


...lose all your teeth? All of 'em. They're removed and you don't get them back. You can get whatever replacement choppers you want


...push a pregnant woman down the stairs? It's someone you don't know and it's only one flight and they won't see your face


...consume 3 milkshakes a day for an entire year? That's one per meal, and if you don't eat breakfast, it counts as breakfast. Real ice cream and no nonfat substitutes for anything. You're not allowed to exercise during the year

58(65.9%) a plate of 3 LIVE giant weta? Google 'giant weta' to see what I'm talking about



I am considering a guinea pig pet. I have always wanted a dog since moving out of my parent's house, but that won't happen until I am either working part time or working out of my home so I can look after a puppy all day, so that's years away, and I'm aching for a pet of my own to care for and handle. I am worried, however, that the stress of being in an environment with my fiance's two cats always lurking around her cage at a possible next meal won't make for a good life for the little piglet. She'd be in her own room that the cats couldn't visit when we're not at home, but still. Does anyone own a guinea pig with other pets? General thoughts, opinions? I'm reading up on guinea pig care right now but I haven't found much when it comes to other pets cohabiting the home.

 Edit: Thanks for some of the tips, looks like I still have some homework to do - thanks for the links!
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1. What would you say is the birth year after which people were nostalgic for the 90s and not the 80s?

Edit: The question was vague, so take it how you like. I meant nostalgia for pop culture specific to the decade (e.g. Spice Girls), whether it was aimed at kids or adults at the time.

2. What are some poems you'd recommend reading?
Mitty box


My son was playing on the computer and somehow disabled the taskbar/search bar on my firefox! How do I re-enable it?

Haha, fixed! Thanks so much!

New question!

What are your plans for today?
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can you believe that this lady used to look like this?

what's the first thing that you do whenever you get in your car to go somewhere, OTHER than turn your car on? (that is if you drive) do you pick out what cd you're going to listen to? put on your seatbelt before you do anything else? lock your doors?

ladies who drive and/or men who have man purses, where do you set your purse while driving? next to you on the passenger seat? on the floor of the passenger side?

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I'm currently eating Fritos and salsa. A lot of people raise their eyebrows at me when I tell them how much I love the combination of those two things. Do you like to eat anything unusual? Do people think it's good or gross?
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my friends and I are doing an article in a magazine that we do about Crocs and how ugly they are and stuff. I was just wondering what opinions people have about Crocs...
1: do you own a pair of Crocs, or would you ever wear Crocs out to the store or something?
2: Do you think Crocs are ugly?
3: Do you think Crocs are comfy?
4: anything else you'd like to say about Crocs?

please and thank you for answering these questions!
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Commander Keen
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Dinner party!

If you were going to create a playlist of music to play during a dinner party, what would you include? Attendees are young and modern 20somethings, but I don't want the music to overwhelm the conversation. Any suggestions?
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I want a boob job, just because it's so radical. But I'm worried that I'm going against my morals and that they will look like CRAPAZOID. I have medium sized perky breasts, but I have always wanted big ole melons and cleav that goes on forever.
Have any of you out there had a boob job?
Do you suggest it or are you totally against it?
And why?
Any horror stories?
Any inspiring stories?
Scream bunny
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Oh my!

All this talk of food is making me hungry!
Maybe I should do up my enchiladas for dinner tonight.... Or maybe some pasta bake... or maybe just some bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potsto, for those unaware of the lingo...)

What do you think Question Club? What should I make for dinner?

Better yet, what're you having for dinner?!

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My cousin and his wife have a daughter that's about one and a half. She's very sick and has been in the hospital for a while. I can't visit them, so I'm sending out a giant package with books, toys, pictures, etc. I was just wondering, should I write the card to the daughter, or to my cousins? This may sound stupid, but it is for her and it just seems a little odd to me to write it to her parents. On the other hand, it'll really make no difference to her who the card is written to.
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Because my family is kind of overrun by nosy jerks...

I'm headed for a family wedding this evening.*

My fiance and I have been together for four years. We haven't set a date yet.

I know somebody's gonna turn to me with a grin (either "Bob's yer uncle" or "shit-eating", depending) and ask when we're going to get hitched.

What's a witty way to say "none of your beeswax"?

*My cousin's wedding. His soon-to-be wife is pregnant with his twin (maybe identical) boys. You may use that to your advantage when you answer, if you'd like.

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Poll #1059477 Oh TQC

What's the most annoying?

How do I fix my iPod? I only dropped it in the toilet, it should be fine!
What are you going to be for halloween?
Vulcan Snape
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Where could I find photos of pretty goth boys, preferably in their late teens or early twenties? I've googled with every imaginable search term combination, and searched livejournal interests, and only found hundreds of pictures of goth girls. Where are all the goth boys hiding?
don't walk

not hypothetical

You want to go see your favorite band at a venue much bigger than you are used to seeing them at. You can get fabulous seats if you are in a wheelchair. You are not in a wheelchair, but have access to an unused one. Would you use it? If you didn't, you would still be able to get okay seats.

Of course I would!
No, definitely not.
I would try convince someone else to come with me and use it.

I would NEVER do this, but someone recently suggested it to me.

The color black.

On wee girls.

So I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I think it's a girl.
I have no proof of this, since at each ultrasound I've asked to be surprised.
But you know, sometimes, mama's intuition. And I was right about my first born.

So anyways, as I'm sitting here all bloated on the couch, I decided to gander at the Old Navy girl baby clothes.

And this is some of the first stuff I see:

Black for baby? Really?

Somehow it seemed wrong.
Now I'm not a traditionalist, I will not dress my girl in frilly pinkiness up the wazoo.
But black graphic bodysuits and black denim miniskirts? UGH.

So what about it folks?
Yay or nay on the black for baby?

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Hi, all.. I'm looking for a game I used to play that looks similar to Skybridge and Cathedral (wooden blocks, building things, etc.). It's for four players, has different colored-and-sized wooden blocks.. each player guesses what they will be able to build during that round of the game (most points for highest building in the one of four rows you choose, etc.) by putting mini dice into a wooden holder (with names of big cities on them, I believe). Anyone know wtf I'm talking about? ;) Thanks.

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what gender do you claim?

would you prefer a SO who:

is affectionate to the point of seeming clingy OR professes love for you, but is very uncomfortable with showing physical affection?

who talks so much you can barely get a word in edgewise OR who hardly ever talks, but listens well?

who sleeps practically on top of you OR who sleeps as close to his/her edge of the bed as possible?

who talks nonstop during movies OR who completely ignores you during movies?
W: Whispering


So, my dad works at Playboy. He just came home with an ugly rug for our TV room. I asked him where he got it and he said it came from a "Playboy Prop Sale".

How many naked people do you think have been on this rug?

Would you be creeped out by the thought of where this rug has been?

Not displaying images

For the past week or so, my computer has not been displaying images from photo-hosting/sharing sites, so I can't see pictures on most LJ posts.  I have scoured the web and done all troubleshooting suggestions to no avail - I have re-installed my browser (firefox), disabled my firewall, cleared my cache, etc - still no pictures.

Any suggestions?

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Do you like the sound of bagpipes?
My neighbor plays the bagpipes and i love it, but it drives my dog nuts.

Have you ever panicked because your pet was sleeping and you couldn't tell if it was breathing?
My cat was asleep on the floor and I couldn't tell if he ws breathing, and he didn't wake up right away when I called him so I panicked a little. But now he's sleeping on my lap :)


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I'm about to reformat/reinstall Windows. I've got My Documents (videos, music, pics, papers, etc) backed up on my external HD and I've got my drivers and basic programs on my USB drive. What am I forgetting?
James Franco joint


How to you use your To keep track of what you listen to, for free downloads, recommendations, what? I really don't know why I have one...

Do you turn your scrobbler off to listen to 'uncool' music?

PS: mine is 'emberisabamf' if you'd like to add me.

Cars or Computers?


So I've got about 1000 dollars.. should i look into saving and getting my own(used) car first? Or my own computer?
*I am aware i've still got some saving to do. I'm just wanting an idea of what to do with my money*

Also to note.. an edmonton trip coming up in November..and Christmas gifts to buy.
I have a job and get paid 200-400 dollars every 2 weeks.

Any Suggestions??

EDIT**I should also note that i have a car. It's old, standard, kind of falling apart and i just want something of my own.
ALSO i have a computer that is on its last leg as well.***

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When looking for colleges to apply to, did you ever have an irrational dislike of a certain college for no reason or for a stupid reason that made you averse to going there? How did you get over it?
I tend to dislike schools based on the mascots and school colors. Really important stuff.

What have you heard about any of the universities in Florida?

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 So my sis does not have Power Point on her compy, and I've been trying to download it but can not find anything but Power Point Viewer to download.   I need 2003 version (school is not very updated).

Can you please hook a techie challenged kid in desperate need of doing her Sociology project up?

Also, creamy peanut butter or crunchy?  I say creamy ftw.

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Should I move out of my parents house & in with my boyfriend of 3 years? I'm nearly 19 but more like 16 mentally. Gut instincts?

How long into your relationship did you move in with your partner?

At what age did you move out of your parents home?

Are there any particular possessions you can't bare to part with though you really should?

Would a collection of 4 years worth of every monthly issue of Tatler, Vogue, Elle & Harper's Bazaar ever be worth something?

If you put your arms straight out, palms on the table, are your inner elbows (elbow pit lol?) facing the wall opposite you or towards your body?
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Hello dear member of the question club!

My english is good, but.. not good enough for what I wanna do.. I need to send this message..

"its personal, i understand you might be concern as why i need to talk to her but its personal and if you dont mind i dont wanna tell you.. i just need to reach her kinda soon i have her msn but im not sure its the right one.. shes not on often and when i emailed her she didnt reply.. im not even sure she remember me.. but if she doesnt do anything tonight if she could come on msn.. maybe ask her for me.. and tell me what she said."
in a good english, with the right verbs..

My question.. How would you translate this so it sound like I don't have any problem with my english?
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Puff Puff

Why do people, with all the information out there today, start to smoke? I guess I'll narrow it down to the under 20 crowd. I'm not bashing smokers because really, I don't care what people do to their bodies. I just don't understand why anyone would start knowing all the dangers and how difficult it would be to quit if you chose to do so, not to mention how expensive it gets.

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Homecoming is QUICK approaching and I am excited. However, all of the usual places to get dresses are specializing in like...ugly or something. I don't even know. So, I'm willing to buy one online, but I want to have a RECOMMENDED site from you fine people. Are there any good sites you could recommend to buy cute Homecoming (sort of cocktail-y) dresses? I'm average size (like 5'6 and 125lbs. or something). And I don't want to spend a ton, but up to $300 is fine.
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What band(s) opened for Architecture in Helsinki this summer?

I saw them at the 9:30 club in DC this summer in June or July and I cannot seem to find the names of the openning group(s).

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Georgie - Smiles

huh. well.

Is it unusual/weird that I'm writing erotica for a friend?
My best male friend?
With that friend in it?
With my friend fucking another boy we both want to shag?
When I know I'm attracted to both of them?
When I know it'll get him off?
When we've slept together? (not had sex, slept as in 'zzz' and hours of cuddling)
When I think he suspects it gets

How in fuckery did this happen, TQC? Why doesn't it bother me more?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

stupidddd computer

I think my computer is possessed. It keeps on booting me off - like it starts all over by itself. It doesn't happen all the time. Maybe like once or twice a week or something. What's going on?!
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So, there's someone that I added to my contact list, and it says that she's not on my contact list. She is. I checked the blockings in the options, and she's not on the list either. She can see when I'm online but I can't see her. Why would this be and how can I fix it?

Anyone like Jonathan Coulton's 'not about you'? You can download it for free here, right click on the name of the title. I think it's really good, and quite clever even though one of the lines is a bit dodgy. :P

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Is this person a straight guy, gay guy, or woman?

straight guy
gay guy

(..if you want the actual answer, just ask.)

2. What's the most awkward placement for a tattoo you've seen? (I saw this chick at a street fair with a fist-sized one on the underside of her upper arm, so it just look like some weird thing coming out of her armpit. ~_^)
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How do you do ASCII Art on LJ anyway? I know that you can set monospace type with the [tt] tag, like this, for example.

But how do you format the spaces so that the ASCII characters will be in the right position?

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What is the socially accepted standard for tipping if the person being tipped does NOT make less than minimum wage?

I got a haircut today and tipped 20% on the total because I just didn't know what was expected (if anything) and I feel really awkward in situations like that. Now I'm thinking that this might be a pretty large tip given that hair stylists, unlike restaurant servers, are already paid a livable wage (as far as I know?)
Hair stylists DO make decent money without tips, right?
cubs hat
  • cme2694

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College students: When is your college's homecoming?

It's been five years since we graduated and it's our year to be the 'honor class'. Except that our homecoming isn't until October 19th. That seems really late to me/my husband. Is it? How does it compare to when yours is?
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Why is it stereotypically creepy to meet someone from the internet?

Why is it not stereotypically creepy to pick up a stranger in public?

Wouldn't it be less creepy to meet someone from the internet since you get to know more about them before meeting them?
me and reagan 24th

Hair style help

Hair cut question...

I apologize in advance for assaulting your eyes with my whiteness and huge bra straps (nursing bras are a necessary evil sometimes)....but how do I get my hair to go from the look in picture 1, to picture 2?

Collapse )

I know it's not OMG FANTASTIC, but I need more volume. Any products I should try? Tools?
Help, TQC?

Hot Pocket Inquiry

Why is it that the hot pockets you buy from the supermarket have you put that paper sleeve thing around it when you microwave them,

but the hot pockets you get from the convenience marts don't?

Is that sleeve thing a farce or what.......?
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yummy beer!, yummy

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If given the chance, would you crash the most likely awesome time that is being had by witchbabywigg, chenry, imaria, and russophile
If so, would you want to do it now, or wait until the middle of the night and maybe sleeping to surprise the hell out of them? 
Would you want to go as yourself, or some smoking hot, enthralling stranger sent by the 'friends of tqc'?
What "add to the party" item would you bring - I mean, besides the ubiquitous hookers and blow?

eta: now they're just toying with us, so come on!  Join in whatever fun we can make left behind in tqc land.  

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My  boyfriend just put in at work to have off on our two year anniversary, but we don't actually have plans. What's something we can do to celebrate our anniversary? 

edit: What do you like to do to make something feel special? Not just anniversaries, it can be anything.
One Christmas I had the brilliant idea of hang-painting my wrapping paper. I only had to buy for a few people, so I figured it was no big deal. I spent so much time making it, and completely forgot that on Christmas people rip off the wrapping paper. Since then I just get pretty ribbons for my gifts.

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If someone is a T-Mobile user and when you call them there is an automated message that says "The subscriber you are trying to reach is not in service. If you feel you have reached this message in error, please hang up and try again," does that mean that their phone service has been cut off or that they are not in an area where they get reception?

anybody speak bad English?

Okay, so I play this online game called Travian, which is a wee bit like Civ4 only, er, not. So anyway you can make alliances in this game and you can ally your alliance to other alliances. Still with me?
So, one of the people in my alliance was being raided by this German dude who wouldn't respond to any messages - so I found an alliance near by who basically described themselves as hired swords, dealio was payment in resources (wood, clay, iron and wheat) AFTER they did the job. They never did the job, they never got paid. Hadn't heard from them in ages (we dealt with the big bad by ourselves BTW). So, today I got this message off of them;

"hey m8 i bassicly gettin 70+ on resources bsides wheat which is 32 u wann enything?"

So, the question is (other than does anyone want to come and play Travian with me!) WTF?!?!!?!?
Does anybody know what they hell it means? Does it mean
a) we're doing really well (ROFL) and we are kindly offering you resources,
b) we're doing shit (and thus probably have no forces) do you want us to do a job for you so we can get resources off you
or c) gonny give us resources coz we are poo-ah?

Please help me translate this!!!

No, for realz, I don't know what it means so I don't know how to reply.
FTR I get 205 of every resource so it's not like I need any... what to do what to do!
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A friend and I were speaking tonight, and I was telling her about this new boything I'm falling a little too fast for. He's a very talented saxophone player who makes a living off of his talent and as I was telling her about him, she said, "You always go for the musicians." I retaliated with, "No! I just find a man who puts his creative strength into an instrument to be attractive." She promptly called me a groupie and we somehow got to taking about The Sims. BUT, it got me thinking...

What do you look for in your boyfriend/girlfriend/SO/whatever? I don't mean "funny" and "smart" and all that cliche stuff, I mean what do you really look for? What MUST that person have to put butterflies in your stomach and prompt you to secretly substitute your last name for their last name?
pushing off

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This weekend, my boyfriend told me he wouldn't be able to go out at all because of his amount of homework. That's fine and perfectly understandable. It's his first year of university and being a medical major, I always assumed he'd have a large amount of work. However, he just phoned me 10 minutes ago saying he was going over to his friend's house to watch UFC for the rest of the night and wouldn't be able to talk to me until late tomorrow, if at all. This of course, really pissed me off.

My friend keeps telling me I don't have a right to be angry because his friend lives closer than I do so it's easier to go see him (I'm 15 minutes away, his friend 5). He's also been friends with the guy longer than I've known him, so (apparently) they're closer.

So I guess my question is, do you think I have a right to be pissed off? What should I tell him?

Also, since this is relevant, does anyone else absolutely despise UFC? Searching 'bitch fight' on YouTube brings up better fights than that crap.

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Does anyone know the name of this?
It's a dye set thing, where you drop colors into a bucket of water and dip things in, and they come out looking all marbeled, like this.

I used to have one, and now can't remember the name for the life of me. Maybe it had "magic" in its name.
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We rented Running With Scissors and it's just so awful I can't stand to keep watching it. It's got to be the worst book-to-movie adaptation I've ever see, and I'm usually pretty okay with movies leaving things out and changing things.

What's the worst book-to-movie you've ever seen?

DevC++ first timer

How come I cant see my program results printed anywhere?

For ex:

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<iostream.h>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

How come I cant see my program results printed anywhere?

For ex:

int main( )
cout<<"Hello World!"<<endl;

return 0;

is a program i compiled and ran...where am i supposed to see the text printed to? I cant see it anywhere. I put the pause in there because a window would flash really quick and disappear, but the "hello world" isnt in there. Can anyone help me?