September 21st, 2007

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I've had my journal for years, but all the friends I used to have, have quit. Now only a few people actually ever read it. All of my real life friends use Facebook and Myspace. I love my journal. Should I finally cave in and join another site even though I don't want to or is there some more creative solution I don't know about?
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Gay stuff

Dearest TQC,

I'm trying to figure out what the heck I'm going through, and there don't seem to be any books out there on acclimating to the gay lifestyle and what emotions/feeling/confusion to expect as normal phases in the process, as opposed to focusing on coming out of the closet (which isn't the problem for me). And trust me, I've LOOKED for such books. Even the lady who works in the Oscar Wilde Bookstore in Manhattan didn't know what I was talking about.

So TQC gurus, please give me some guidance if you can:

Is there a "normal age" for coming out of the closet?

Are there a lot of lesbians who started out dating only men, and only realized they were gay later on in life (20s, 30s, later)?

Do these women always go through a period of confused bisexuality, or do some just go straight from liking men only to liking women only (and stay that way)?

Are there any members here who've gone through this and can give me some advice?

Thank you so much,
A Confused Twenty-Something
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I am going to be really honest, I am deathly afraid of zombies. I cry, hyperventilate and puke my guts out whenever I see them on TV or hear them moaning. I'm desperate to get over my fear. There's a zombie walk going to be happening in my city soon. Would it be a terrible idea to go downtown and watch them to try and get over it? Do you think it would make my fear worse? I'm thinking 'seeing them' in 'the flesh' might help me out, but I'm not so sure.

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so, say you do in-home childcare and one of your families decided to find another provider for reasons that do not matter. you had them sign an agreement at the beginning of the relationship stating that 2 weeks' notice was required if the hours/days of care changed (which includes cancellations/terminations/etc) or they'd owe 2 weeks' full pay. they don't want to pay for time they don't use, even though they signed the contract. total money owed: $375.

should i take them to small claims court for it?

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dear TQC,

when have you been drunk to the point of puking?

Tonigt is the first time I;ve been piss drunk and puked. I've felt like pukin before, but not actually done so while drunk.

Also, I've done a lot of use of the backspace button with this post so, yeah.

Luckily, I have not come on to my roommate too much. although f/f would be some awesome stuff. i love her. kk, gnight tqc, i shall prolly see your responses way later.

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Do you have any bruises?  And if so, from what?

I got a couple of nasty ones today from crashing on my bicycle.  The worst one is on my inner thigh and is all sorts of fun colors.  
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In music, do you care more for the lyrics or the actual music?

I think I care more for the music, since some of the stuff I listen to is awesomely shitty electronica with ridiculous lyrics. Though part of me does love the emo-type of music with deep lyrics.
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What's a song that you would like to hear a band to cover?

What band?

Lady in Red

Hmm...maybe by New Found Glory? I've been listening to covers by them all day and I think that it'd be awesome if they did it.
Bug-eyed Earl

New seasons

There are alot of new seasons/series starting soon, what are you looking forward to?

When do they start? I've seen numerous commercials for shows starting soon and I totally forgot what they all were.

Except House, I can't wait for that.

(no subject)

When's the last time you couldn't sleep/had to face a day with zero sleep?

it is now almost 4 AM and I have to be up for work at 7:30. I might as well just not even go to bed. TGIF, but still.. it's going to be one hell of a day.
penis kissies

impaling penises

What is the average range in length of the human vagina?
If you know, how long is yours?

How far can you safely go up the bowel?

How long would a penis have to be for you to go "no way, that thing's coming near me!"?
How wide?
Feet Pyramid

how about that cardinals game last night!

Has there ever been a time when you realized nearly an entire group of people you'd called friends turned out not to be friends at all?

When I quit drinking, I realized that the people I was hanging out with weren't actually friends, they were just drinking buddies that didn't want to get to know the real me.
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(no subject)

1. have you ever given a happy ending massage? how'd that work out for you?
2. ladies, do you seem to pee more on the first day of your period or is this just something my imagination made up?
3. what does your most offensive tshirt say/have on it?
4. do you remember your 16th birthday? did anything exciting happen? get any good presents?
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today is one of my co-worker's birthday. there are only 4 girls here in the office (including me) so they usually make a big deal out of birthdays. (i've gotten flowers, balloons, cards, etc) now take into account that i am HORRIBLE when it comes to remembering birthdays.

so Katherine comes in here w/ flowers and a card and me and Cindy are like ":o oh shit!" so, what can i do to let her know that i didn't quite forget her birthday? :p i planned on sending her an e-card but i wanted to send it later on in the day but the website where i was at would send it immediately and i don't want her to know that i JUST sent it.

i feel horrible for forgetting her birthday.. :( i do plan on buying her lunch, is that enough?

are you good with birthdays or quite forgetful like myself? what was the last important thing you forgot about?

(no subject)

What is something you have struggled with for years and still can't figure out just yet? 

Is there something you do that is almost like a ritual?

Are you a clutter bug or a neat freak?
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I'm getting a haircut soon, but I want to do something very different. I toyed with the idea of going short, but I'm not sure.

Do you think a pin up hairstyle would look good on me? (like this kinda)

I mean, the length is no problem, but I'm concerned that the layers/bettie style bangs wouldn't flatter me. Opinions please? If you don't like that style, do you think any other rockabilly/retro-style hair would look good on me?

Here's some pics of me for reference. In addition to getting a cut, I'm also dying it red (closer to crayon red than redhead red, but not TOO bright)

Collapse )

Do you know of any more appropriate communities I can ask this in?
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1. Did you know that it is a bad idea to breathe in hot coffee? Owie. :(

2. If you usually drink from one cup/bottle/whatever, do you have trouble drinking if you switch to a different one?

3. Do you spill or dribble drinks often?

4. Any plans for the weekend?

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I can barely talk, my tonsils are almost touching, and I am sore as fuck.

That said, in the room next to where I work, there's a Starbucks annnnnd I'm wondering whether I should get something cold or hot.

Any ideas? What would feel better?
It's sort of warm outside, but I'm in the a/c so I'm not sure it matters.
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(no subject)

1. Do you use a calendar/day planner?

2. Do you have a special way of remembering important dates and times?

(For the next ones: single folk either use a past relationship, skip to the last 3 questions, or throw a hissy fit if you really need to, I don't care, it just amuses me.)

3. How often do you go on "dates" with your S/O? Not just hanging out, but actual times you set to go out and do stuff like dinner and a movie?

4. What do you do to make those dates special?

5. Do you tend to go to the same place (a favorite restaurant, a special spot) or do you change it up and try something new?

6. What is your favorite thing to do with your S/O?

7. What do you think is the best place to go on a date?

8. How about the worst place?

9. Will you tell me about the worst date you've ever been on?

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I like to ride my bike in the evenings; I always sleep better when I do.
However, now that summer is over it is getting dark much sooner and my husband doesn't want me to ride when its dark/getting dark out. (we only have one bike so he cant go with me)

I thought if I carried my mace and wore my hair up in a hat I would be pretty safe but he disagrees.

What do you think? Safe enough or bad idea?

On the topic of Disney movies...

Does anyone feel that their movies aren't as good as the older ones they've made (i.e. Aladdan, The Lion King, etc.)? Why or why not?

Is that rumor (from forever ago) true that they fired all of their animators because they are only focusing on CG movies now?

Is going to Disney World still worthwhile if you aren't bringing any kids (i.e. you and your SO)?
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My morning class was cancelled today, which means I have one 50 minute class at 2 PM today. It would take me an hour to get there and back. My prof posts the lecture notes online.

TQC, should I go in to that one class today, or should I skip it?

Vespa owners

1. Did you buy it new or used?

2. If you bought it new, did you get it from a dealership? Pay cash or get it financed? What was the process like?


3.What would be cooler: To become a Master Electrician or a History/Political Science Teacher?
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Inspired by this post:

Is having children a RIGHT or a PRIVILEGE?

Do you think the government should put a limit or conditions on the amount of children someone can have?

If so, what should they be?

Should we do away with welfare in order to prevent people from having children they cannot support?

because I'm bored.

Let's say shippo and loanwords (and those other mods we almost never see) are getting bored and want to stir some drama up. They want you to help them pick a regular to ban.

Who would you put up on the chopping block? Why?

They're also looking to add another mod, who would you nominate for that position? Why?


Important Life Lessons

What are some important "life lessons/skills" that every teenager should know by the time they move out and go to college?

Examples: balancing a checkbook, applying for jobs, preparing for a job interview, etc.

(Edit: changed the wording of the question)
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(no subject)

1) How do you calm yourself down when you are nervous?

2) Any words of encouragement/confidence for me? I'm going to that lunch with the headhunter and I'm super nervous and really do not want to go.
ETA: The biggest reason I'm nervous is because I have social anxiety and the idea of meeting a total stranger for a lunch is FREAKING ME OUT EEEP

3) What is your favorite Doritos flavor?
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(no subject)

Are there any real colleges that offer online classes (in all majors) versus something like the University of Phoenix which I've heard employers don't take seriously at all.

Edit: The University of Phoenix doesn't offer my major. Any other options?


are you looking forward to/interested in seeing any of these movies?

they're links, too! so if you don't know one or any, click a movie and get your read on!
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I had a weird dream last night

In it, there was a pigeon in our house (not actually where we live now). After managing to get both doors in one of the rooms closed (and opening a window), I managed to grab it with one of those grabber tools, and put it outside the window.

Rather than flying away, however, it put it's head under the window, and pulled it down, crushing its head. (It had little paws or something, I don't really remember.)

Any thoughts on what that might mean?

Also, are there any television shows you watch without the sound on?

(no subject)

Do you have days were you just can not be nice to your SO?

Do you take naps on a regular basis?

Do you take lunch to work or buy it?

Are your pens and pencils in a cup or scattered about your desk?

What do watch on t.v. that would surprise people who know  you?

Did you jump rope as a kid?

Is your hair color natural or just a notch on the hair coloring belt?

What of yours has to be just so or it drives you crazy?


(no subject)

Have you ever seen Zombie Nation? Thoughts?

What's the worst movie you've ever seen? If you could get a refund of the time you spent watching that movie, what would you do instead?

Would life be better if you could get do-overs or do you think it would get boring?

Do you save your change? What are you saving up for?

(no subject)

Do you think going to school for art is a waste of my time? I'm interested in sculpture and drawing. There isn't much else I could imagine myself studying but I don't want to spend my money going to college for a degree I won't use. I'm not interested in becoming an art teacher and as lame as it sounds that's the only career I can think of in the field of art other than being a freelance artist. Any advice, tips, or links to help this lame-o out?

Serious and non serious answers are welcome.
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Windows 2.x Under DOSBox?

Do any of you use DOSBox? I use it to run a lot of old apps and games under Linux and I love it to bits. I recently read that it is possible to run Windows 3.1 under DOSBox, but what about Windows 2.03 or Windows 2.11?

"Why would you want to do that?" Because I do. :)

[Edit: This isn't a Linux-specific question, because DOSBox runs under Windows and Linux. But I have no idea where else to ask DOSBox questions on LJ.]
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(no subject)

1. I work for Jamba Juice in Denver. I'm visiting my parents in Florida for Thanksgiving. They have not ever had Jamba Juice and the closest one to them is about 4 hours away. Do you think there is any possible way I could manage to get a smoothie to last in my checked luggage the 4 or 5 hours it would take to make the smoothie, get to the airport, fly, and make it to my parents freezer?

2. What is your definition of "junk food"? Fast food? Fried food? Anything with lots of sugar?

3. Do you drink that Vitamin Water stuff? I tried the B-relaxed or something like that and it tasted like nasty cough syrup. Are the other ones better?
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(no subject)

Do you judge people on their level of attractiveness?
How often do you do this?
In what settings do you do find yourself doing this most often?

Do you feel that personality and level of physical attractiveness are related?

Pls explain your answer thx.
The Receptionist Classic

I just wanna cheer

TQC, what are you up to on this lovely Friday evening? Anything exciting?

TQC, I'm going to a hockey game tonight and I just about wet my pants with glee. This day went from shitty to fuckin' rad in about ten minutes.

(no subject)

A friend mailed me a box of cookies for my birthday back in May, and now his birthday is coming up so I want to send him something similar in return. What would make a good present? I was thinking brownies, but what are some other things I could bake that ship well?

(no subject)

Do you ever feel like absolutely everything in your life is going wrong? If so, how do you explain it to yourself? What kind of philosophy do you use?

Do you assume that shit just happens, no one can control it, it is what it is?

Do you assume that life balances out and for every bad thing that happens there is something good to go along with it?

Do you assume that it’s fate for things to go the way they do? Example: You get a speeding ticket because time/God/Buddha/whoever knew that if you did not spend the time to get pulled over, you would have gotten in an accident 5 miles up the road... and by getting pulled over, you avoided the mess?

I’m having a lot of trouble dealing with this lately, and I’m just wondering what kind of philosophy you all use to get over misfortunes.

(note: I am not saying my life is the worst EVAR EVAR OF ANYONE’S LIFE EVAR! Obviously that’s not true, I’m just looking for ways to deal with my own personal misfortunes.)

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(no subject)

Have you ever peed in the shower

Yeah, who cares?
No, that's disgusting
If it's an emergency
Not on your life!

If so, have you ever like, peed, and then had to turn around in the shower, but kept peeing without breaking the stream?

.... No
.... Yeah, actually.
... Um... I kind of want to try now.
Jesus Christ this is strange.

How many adult beverages do you intend to drink tonight?

I'm already drunk.

Here is a serious question, you guys. I am taking a six week leave of absence for my wedding/honeymoon which starts 10/22 and ends 12/3. Next year, starting in January, I'll have 5 days paid vacation. I have no other benefits to this job. I will be quitting either at the time of my leave or in January/February as soon as I use my vacation. I will substitute teach and do temping until I figure out what I want. Which should I do?

Quit at the time of your leave. You can use the extra two months to figure out what you want to do. The paid vacation isn't worth wasting two more months when you could make more money and get better benefits.
Quit next year and get that vacation, go to Napa like you and your fiance discussed, and revel in the idea of marching back in, getting your paycheck, and handing in your two week notice.
I'm already drunk

How did question #4 make you feel?

tl;dr and I don't care
I love questions like these, and was only mildly confused as to why you made it a poll
I am neutral about it.
I want to quit my job too.

(no subject)

Poll #1059150 For $5,000,000, would you...

...parachute buck-naked onto the field of a Promise Keeper's rally, and prance around in your sinful nakedness until carried away? You face whatever penalty the act may bring, including any legal action, should it come to that

25(32.1%) your neighbor to Homeland Security? You have to make up a lie that you saw them meeting with suspicious, bearded men at the park and your neighbor accepted a small suitcase. That's your part. You just have to live with the outcome

50(65.8%) your entire body green? Every surface of your body, except your hands, head and neck

72(94.7%) willing to sit in as a crash test dummy for one collision? The car will take off at 50 mph straight into a wall. There's no seat belts. All ensuing medical expenses will be covered and not taken out of your 5m. You know, if you live

72(94.7%) an entire human being? A grown man, dead from injuries, is carved up like a luau pig. For the next dozen meals or so, a chef will serve you human steaks, and you won't get your money until you eat every last bite. The pace of devouring a fellow human is entirely up to you

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those weird strangers

Do you give nicknames to people you see regularly but don't actually know?

ETA: Tell me them!

For example, there's a women who works in my building who has very light hair, pale skin, and always wears light-colored clothes. She's the definition of washed out. I've never heard her speak and she walks around slowly and purposelessly with a blank expression on her face. I've nicknamed her Ghost Lady.

(Of course I'd never tell a coworker this, it's is just in my head.)
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(no subject)

So on January 8th I will be in Frankfurt Int'l airport from 7am - 11am. I will have another three hour layover in Frankfurt on April 20th around the same time.

What should I do to keep occupied?

(no subject)

What can cause the price of a prescription to vary wildly?

I got a new birth control Rx in May. The first month cost $40 for the generic pills. Insurance didn't cover any of it. The next month the price was somewhere around $25. The month after that was $15. After that I moved, and the first month at my new pharmacy the pills were $15, and my receipt specifically stated that insurance had covered the rest. I just filled my Rx again and it is back to $40. My insurance hasn't changed and I can't think of anything else that would cause the price to jump around so much. Even the pharmacist didn't know.
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nana smoking


-I just got my right ear cartilage pierced today. What's the average healing time for it?
-For those with them and glasses, did you have a lot of issues with your glasses bumping the earring?
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(no subject)

Ladies and guys with sexy hair:

What do you do to make your tresses shiny? The wackier the better. Think beer baths, mayo coats, duck spunk, whatever you've got.

What other sorts of "off the wall home remedies" do you have to share?
Space Pope

In Omnia BacOs

Have you ever almost told a IRL friend about something that happened in TQC but stopped yourself because you didn't want them to find out about TQC and join?

Also lets pretend some TQC member goes crazy and holds a gun to your head demanding you come up with a motto for TQC. What would your motto be?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a S/O that talked too much about an ex?

Have you ever had a S/O compare you to an ex?

If this was something that bothered you, would you tell your S/O? If so, what would you say?

(no subject)

Do you feel uncomfortable going to a restaurant alone? What about a movie?

Have/would you go on vacation by yourself? If you have, will you tell me about it?

How do I get over my fear of assuming everyone is watching me and thinking "aww how sad that poor girl has no one to hang out with" when I attempt going out to eat alone?
run and scream

I hate the damn things and am glad they're almost done with!

I had a shower in March. I got married in May. I'm just now finishing the thank you cards. :P

Most of them will be ready to mail by Monday (my husband's doing the part I hate—licking the envelopes, and he's addressing half of the envelopes), but there's a problem with a few.

Since I sent out the wedding invitations, a couple of people have moved. Should I e-mail them and ask for their new addresses, or just e-mail them my thank yous? (Keep in mind their cards are already written, I just don't have their addresses. They are also good friends of mine.)

More important question:

I lost the church directory that had addresses for about ten people which I now do not have. They are all people who came to my shower but did not attend or send anything for the wedding.

Should I just toss out the cards I wrote since it's been waaay more than three months (time limit set by etiquette) since the shower? Or should I try to find their addresses the hard way since late is better than never?

ETA: These women are not good friends of mine, in fact, I met some of them for the first time that day. They are my parents peers (a few of them friends), some of whom support my parents (they're missionaries, and missionaries live off of donations). But they're very nice people.

(no subject)

how can i buy contact lenses without using the internet? i have no idea how people bought contacts before the internet.

my glasses broke and i'm on my last pair of contacts, which i've been wearing for like a month (they're two-week disposables). they're starting to become unbearable and i can't even take them out and give my eyes a rest for very long, because when i try to wear my glasses i get sick because they're so crooked. i ordered new contacts the other day, but they won't be here for like a week. this is driving me nuts and i don't think i can wait a week. i'd get new glasses but glasses are so expensive and i just got new lenses in january and they'll take forever anyway.

so where do i go? the eye doctor? the pharmacy? help ugh

edit: ok, thank you. i'll head there on monday. this post is now about whales. what kind of whales do you like?
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(no subject)

Say you ask a question on an internet community. People respond with advice, but it is different advice than what you were looking for, i.e., a different way to solve your problem instead of telling you how to make your solution work. The are quite nice about this. How do you respond?

A. "Thanks, I never even thought of that!"
B. "Ooooh, well I was trying to avoid that, but if I can't make this work I'll give it a shot."

Please explain your answer and show all work.

(no subject)

Did you wear black yesterday?

If not, did you get shit for it?

                      (I didn't, because as well-informed as I am, I'd heard nothing about wearing black. I don't know if that was a nationwide thing or just something that was done at the school where I work. Regardless, I did get shit for it, but only from a few students, and only because they were playing with me. "Why aren't you wearing black today, Ms. _________? Don't you care? Are you a racist?")


Also: I tend to gesticulate a lot especially when I am talking to my classes, and today I was talking and I held up my thumb and forefinger about four inches apart to indicate a little slip of paper I was talking about. A kid made a comment about what I was doing, insinuating that it was some kind of street sign I don't know about. It had something to do with "stacking" something; possibly gang-related.

What sign was I inadvertently making? 

(no subject)

I cannot get my contact out of my right eye for some reason. I'm positive it hasn't moved to the side or anything, I can see it and when I put my glasses on I get double vision, so that means it's definitely in. I don't know why I can't get it out. My eyeball feels raw and sore because I've been trying to pick it out for such a long time (well, ten minutes, but it still hurts). What do I do?

(no subject)

If you have/have had long hair, how often do you/did you find a long hair that had somehow gotten lodged in your buttcrack? Did it happen more often in the shower or out of the shower?

(no subject)

Have you ever had an enema, namely for the cleansing benefit or whatever?

What did it feel like?

Does it... hurt?

Feel sort of panicky like diarrhea or like your insides are getting sucked out?

Do you feel good afterwards?

Can you tell something happened?
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My boyfriend just got another great movie (he's an actor) and he went and bought me a new iPod Nano(the video one) as a going away to school prezzie (I'm moving to England next week). Collapse )

Is it totally assholish of me to return it and go buy a touch somewhere that has em in stock?

There are a couple parts to this wtf

My littl e brother's psycho ex-girlfriend from Hell keeps calling the house and demanding to speak to my parents. My mom finally answered the phone and the girl told her my brother said something rude to her and that she expects punishment. My mom said the girl was just as rude for spreading mean rumors about my brother when they broke up, and the girl went apeshit, so my mom hung up on her.

What did she really think was going to happen if she talked to my parents?
Does she think he wouldn't have told them what she said?

I asked my brother what he said and he told me that the girl constantly made jokes about suicide, yelled at people to kill themselves, and whenever things didn't go her way would say that she was going to kill herself and it was going to be everyone's fault. My brother's friend Matt killed himself a few months ago and nobody finds her jokes funny, so my brother finally told her to stop and asked if she even remembered Matt. The girl went apeshit again and said everyone should just get over Matt and move on and nobody pays any attention to her, then slapped my brother across the face and ran away crying.

What the hell makes her think joking like that is okay around people who lost a friend to suicide?
She tried telling my brother's friend that he had pushed her and told her to kill herself, but they fortunately didn't believe her. Why does she want my brother to look like a bad guy/make herself into a victim so badly?

She's already been told she can't come to the house because she's screamed "dyke" at me for having short hair, calls my boyfriend the n word, and threw rocks at the house in the middle of the night. If she tries coming to the house again, can I straight up call the cops on her? I want to just destroy her, but I know it'll only backfire. That's the only other solution to wanting her out that I can think of.
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1. I'm going to be having a Halloween party for my kids. What are some good easy game ideas/activites for kids aged 4-8?
2. What's one of your best, or most prominent, Halloween memories?
3. What's the best thing you got trick-or-treating?
4. What's the worst thing you got trick-or-treating?
5. When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween?

(no subject)

ok, so if animals eat other animals, why do vegetarians think they're soo right and try to make people who eat meat feel bad about it(obviously not ALL of them do)?

like, why is it so wrong for humans eat meat?

(besides animal cruelty, like poor living and slaughtering conditions. i get that argument.)

(no subject)

Is your pain tolerance really high or distressingly low?

Sadly mine is extremely low. I don't know how I'll deal with it if I ever decide to have kids

Edit: If it is really high how did you discover exactly how much pain you can take?
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I stared a new school and I'm really shy.
I'm starting to worry that some people might be taking me being shy as me being stuck up.
HOW DO I FIX THIS? :( and don't just say "stop being shy" because it's not that easy.
What's a good job to get to help yourself become less shy?

thank youuu!
yummy beer!, yummy

(no subject)

Do you ever wonder "Hey, where'd everybody go?" when there's a lull in tqc posts?
If so, where do you imagine they went?

What movie or TV show is on your must-see list this weekend?

What should I rent if I want to laugh my guts out?

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(no subject)

are you home yet?
if not, where are you?
once you get home, who/what will be waiting for you? (ie. your comfy bed, your comfy slippers, your pet(s), your SO(s), etc)
girls » barbie
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(no subject)

TQC, what can I expect a community job fair? What sort of attire should I wear? Is it mostly people just accepting resumes, or will they want to talk to me and have kind a pre-interview?
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. are you paranoid about anything? what do you do to quell your paranoia?
2. ladies: do you wear heels to work/everyday? do they make your feet feel tired and achy? or is it just me? :(
3. what decade do you miss?
4. how was your week? what are you looking forward to in the upcoming week?
5. can you tell me bout someone in your life?.. someone that makes you smile just thinking about them :)
sport for our neighbors

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So I just told my immediate family (over the phone) about my recent engagement. My younger sister asked if she was going to be my maid of honor, and got in a bit of a snit when I told her that my best friend was going to get that job/honor/position. My sister, God love her, has been known to be a backstabbing, lying drama queen, and I can sense major shitfittery around the corner TQC, what should I do next time she freaks out about my horrible betrayal?


heroin is so passe

Which do you believe has more power over a child's personality and intelligence, their peer group or their parents?

My mother had a mental breakdown in the past few weeks and now is quite similar in mental capacity and personality as a teenager. Because of this I have invited her down for the weekend to spend time with her.

Do you think this was an unwise choice to make?

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Talking about cooking yesterday made me want to actually cook something good for dinner, so I made my baked stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. It was delicious.

What delicious item did you have for dinner tonight?
Do you have any traditions for Friday night dinner? My mom and I used to go out for pizza every Friday.

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Oh! I have another one.

If you have a dream about someone (not a sex dream, just a dream), do you tell them if they are: SO?
      ...a close friend?
      ...just a regular friend?
      ...a friendly acquaintance?
      ...a friendly coworker?

Do you worry that if you tell them, they will get freaked out and wonder why you are thinking about them so much that you would dream about them? 

Two of my coworkers who I am very friendly with were in my dream last night, and I don't think it is because I think about them too much: the other person in the dream was a friend from high school who I haven't seen in five years. I wanted to tell them (the coworkers) because it was a funny dream, but I was nervous that they'd think I was obsessed with them.


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Anyone know where I can get a pink rubber duck, preferably not online?

I thought I saw them everywhere, but suddenly, they are all gone.

What was your last dumb move?
I tried to make marshmallow lover's hot chocolate, but poured in the marshmallows before the hot chocolate mix...dur.
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Is writing really shitty, whiny, "emo" poetry part of the TOS for Livejournal and I just missed it?

In keeping with the spirit of things, will you post some deliberately bad poetry for me?

Edit. Here's mine:

Throw me down the river
Maybe I'll die quicker
Why do we always bicker
But sometimes I see a flicker
Of hope
For us
You can't deny our love
You can't ignore our destiny
You are mine
And I am yours
We'll be together
A couple forever
Film - Star Wars

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I saw Across the Universe last night, and I really liked it, although I thought the end was a bit of a cop-out. (Not terrible, just a little lame.)

So on that note, what are some would-be good movies whose bad ending basically ruined it? (Let's be nice and put a spoiler note if we're gonna discuss the ends of these movies in detail, yeah?)
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So, TQC...

My friends flaked on me tonight so now I have an empty schedule and a full bottle of vodka.

Do you have any suggestions as to what I should entertain my drunken self with tonight? Any good time wasting internet things? Anything good on youtube?

I have a Bruce Lee movie. Should I watch that, or should I watch a Disney movie? Or should I not watch a movie at all? Should I play video games?

...Or should I not drink at all and spend my time working on an art project for my drawing class?

Any ideas? What do you do when your friends have flaked out on you?
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Car drama
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I drive a 1994 Jeep Cherokee, for reference purposes.

If I am the only car at night on my side of an intersection, my headlights aren't enough to trigger the light sensor -- I either have to flash my brights (if there are no cars across from me) or wait for another car to show up on my side. This seems especially likely if there's ambient light from street lamps, gas stations, etc. It also happened with my previous '94 Cherokee, so I don't think it's dim bulbs or faulty headlight aim.
Has this ever happened to you? If so, what kind of car do you drive?

Are you loyal to a particular car brand?
Does it come from what you were raised around, or from your own driving experience?
What's your favorite car you've ever gotten to drive (not necessarily own)?

If your car was completely paid off but had crappy gas mileage -- oh, say, ~16mpg -- would you consider a moderate monthly car payment [reliable gently-used car] for better fuel economy a reasonable tradeoff?

Edit: I could SWEAR that the latenight traffic signals I've dealt with in Manassas & Winchester, VA are triggered by a light/something? sensor rather than weight, since I'm pretty good about coming to a stop right at the stop block. [And my car weighs about 3,000 pounds.]
AND the fact that flicking my brights on&off will almost invariably trigger a light change sequence, when rolling the car does nada.
I could also be retarded.

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Collapse )

When you were in high school, did you have a classmate die? Were you allowed memorial displays?
If you were a parent of a student at the school who had memorial flyers/shirts/bracelets, what would you think?
If you were a parent of one of the boys, what would you think?
In all sincerity, why might he be banning these kind of things?

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anybody know much about printers?

My printer (HP deskjet D2330) will not print from Adobe Reader. When I try, and I click the printer icon, it says it's printing but nothing happens...When I try to cancel the printing, it just freezes...I'm going on 2 hours of canceling one print job.

wtf, tqc? Why don't I print?


I'm tired of my iPod's current selection. What's a good band for me to listen to? I'm looking for heavy/progressive/power/melodic/experimental metal. Current favorites include Mastodon, Kalmah, 3 Inches of Blood, Dethklok, Faith No More, Queens of the Stone Age, Strapping Young Lad. Anything along those lines would be most appreciated.
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Would you ever go to a topless beach?


Would you ever be part of a nudist community?

Btw, what do you think about a 26 yr old girl being comfortable enough to flash her own father like it's nothing out of the ordinary (tits AND ass) what is your opinion on this?
O Shit

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I'm drinking alcohol alone. Does this mean I'm self-medicating?

What do you think of online relationships?

Do you take a relationship seriously after you find out it's an online relationship?

Have you ever been in an online relationship?
How did it work out?
Did you ever meet in person?
Was it way awkward?

What kind of shoes do you wear? Are they awesome? Why?

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Anyone else filled with Christmas spirit already or am I the only one?
What are your Christmas plans?
What's on your wish list? ;)

I've been ready for Christmas since July!
I'm probably just going to stay home, which is fine with me.
I want to go to Branson with my baby! And silk sheets. lol

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i've got a headache so i'm staying in tonight and i'm bored. time for an overly personal tl;dr mini-dramafest.

last year i dated a friend of mine for basically the entire school year and i broke up with him in march. we had a few weeks of trouble but we've been really good friends ever since. i go out of my way not to talk about or flirt with guys when i'm out with him (and our other mutual friends). two weeks ago i met a guy at his apartment (open party) but obviously i didn't go for it. i saw him again at a friend's apartment and we started talking. my ex saw us and got mildly upset (he was very drunk) and it was awkward. after three phone calls and one avoided serioustalk i told him i'd talk to him the next day if he still wanted to. the next day he apologized and it was over, but i've been seeing the new guy all week. obviously it's still very very new so it's not like i'm getting married, but i go to a pretty small school, i hang out with my ex a lot, and the two of them have already been at the same party once (i was almost there also). i feel like i should tell my ex or at least talk to him about it, because last weekend he recognized that i go out of my way not to hurt his feelings but it's not his business if i'm talking to guys and i have a right to move on without feeling bad.

long question short: what would you say to the ex? keep in mind he's still one of my closest friends and i know this will upset me. he's said he loved me while drunk within the last few weeks.

ps: i love parenthesis?

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Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed? If it has a lock, do you lock it?


Also, for those of you who are drinking age, what was the first alcohol (drink or bottle) you legally purchased?

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1. My SO has never been to a wedding. So I'm considering crashing a random local one with him. We'll bring a gift and behave and not eat all their food or anything. Would this be wrong? (We live next to a big church so it would be a huge wedding we attend, and just the ceremony.)

2. Will opening the microwave door without pressing the STOP button first make me sterile or anything?

3. Do you have OCD or OCD-ish tendencies? What do you do, specifically? I'm germophobic. I yelled at a lady in a bathroom once.

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For people who eat eggs -If you crack open an egg and it has a blood spot, what do you do?  Cook it and eat it, throw it out, or scoop out the spot and then cook it?

I've been buying organic and free-range eggs, but I find that no matter which brand I buy, there are at least one to three in each dozen with blood spots, sometimes multiple, and it kind of grosses me out.

And for something completely different....
How many orgasms do you think is the max you've ever had in a single day? I'd count a multiple as just one instance so how about allowing for ten minutes in between.

For the guys -how many of you have had multiple orgasms?  It seems pretty damn uncommon for men.

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1. I have a facebook. My school has blocked facebook emails. Anyway, my mom told me the other day that she got a facebook email, which was strange, because she has no account and there is no account registered to her email address. The email said that the name of my little brother's high school teacher had friend requested me, I guess because we have the same last name (it's kind of unusual)? What happened there? Has anything like that ever happened to you before? Why was the email sent to my mom, and why on earth would his teacher want to friend the older sister of a student he barely knows? It just seems really strange to me.

2. What do you think is the best cold medicine (preferrably one that doesn't taste completely disgusting - I hate NyQuill)?

3. What are your opinions on the people who vote for the candidates of parties like Green, Independent, etc? Do you think it's a waste of votes because there's really no chance those parties will win? Do you think it's good they're supporting having a bigger choice of political parties? Personally, I think that it's great in states like New York or Utah, etc, where it really doesn't matter because those states are decisively red or blue. I think it would be great to have actual choice from the political spectrum, seeing as how the Democratic and Republican parties are actually pretty similar. But in swing states, I think it's a waste. This might be kind of contradictory, but I just think that for now, that's the way it is.

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So a little while ago, my brother was pronounced schizophrenic. He is being sent away to a "special" school, out of state, for a few years. I'm extremely close to my brother. Words cannot describe how upset I am.

I've missed the past two weeks of classes because of this. I am extremely behind, and have probably gone over the limit of allowed absences. I've missed two large tests. Should I just drop the classes, or send an email to my teachers explaining?

(Thing is, two of my teachers have a "there are no such thing as excused absences" policy, so I don't know if I'll be allowed back into the class :-\)

I honestly don't know what to do TQC. Should I go back, or start over next semester?

File Corrupted

I need to send a file to someone.

I need this file to be, or at least seem, corrupted. I.e. it needs to either not open, or open in jibberish, but look like I had stuff in there. I thought maybe using some dodgy word processor might do it.

Can you help me?

In what interesting/creative/devious ways have you gotten out of something?
In high school I had my friend break a floppy disk which "had my assignment on it". Man floppy disks are hard to break!
Emily Porch
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1.) Is there some fault in an apartment or house from your past that was annoying at the time, but now you think of fondly (like a certain creaky floor board or a toilet that constantly ran)?

2.) If someone were alive but buried themselves up to their waist in dirt and stayed there for a long time, would the part of their body in dirt start to decompose?