September 20th, 2007


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What's your favorite kind of Maury Povich episode?
* Who's My Baby Daddy?
* Cheating Whores and Paternity Tests (Who's My Baby Daddy?, Pt. II)
* Out of Control Teens / Boot Camp
* She's a Man!
* Mutants and Deformities Sideshow Extravaganza!
* Fat Babies
* That Guy With the Baby Animals That They Bring On if They Run Out of Other Junk to Talk About

If you were a guest on Springer, what would the topic be?
Hell - Red Devil

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1. When making curtains, is there a standard way to figure how much wider than the aperture you should make them, to allow for the draping effect? Any idea - 1.5 times? 2 times wider?

2. Have you watched the new Flash Gordon show on the SciFi channel? If so, what do you think so far?

3. How many television shows do you think you have seen in their entirety?

4. Will you get up on my roof and vacuum the pine needles out of my skylights?

5. Any fancy plans for the weekend?
Kaizers Orchestra: Geir point gif

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Our of curiosity and boredom, will you

1. Share your first name? Only if you feel comfortable, of course. And I'm not going to stalk you lol


2. Tell me one odd/interesting thing about yourself? A mini-meme of sorts.

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Poll #1058264 Asstastic

Oh noes! You break both your hands in a tragic wii accident. Both hands are in casts for the next 2 weeks. However, some activities you take for granted you will be unable to perform now. Such as wiping your ass. Who will you ask to wipe your ass for the next fortnight?

Best friend
Illegal alien day laborer I hired outside a construction yard
Your child
I'm hiring a nurse
Take that homeless guy up on his sign WILL WORK FOR FOOD. I'll give him work
TQC member (specifiy who)
I refuse to compromise my dignity. I'm going to go stinkass for the next 14 days

What's the chief reason you think this person will wipe your ass for you?

This person loves you
Threats of violence and the reminder that you're bigger than they are
You're paying them
They're probably getting some sick sexual thrill out of it
They owe you a favor
Promise of sexual reward
How else are they going to get the key to unlock that chain around their ankle, so they can flee your basement?
For good or bad, no one's wiping my ass

Whose ass would you wipe?

Best friend
Second best friend
Coworker/study hall partner
Favorite celebrity
TQC op
TQC member (specify who)
Local clergyman
Your child/ren
I ain't wiping no one's ass

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1. latenightdrives, how was your string cheese?
2. TQC, do you like string cheese?
3. What brand of string cheese is your favorite?
p. Do you like string beans?
4. Do you like string quartets?
5. Do you like string?


2. Yes
3. Polly-O. NO OTHER BRAND MATTERS KTHX. Although Frigo comes close to mattering, but only until cherry is done eating. Since, ya know, this question is about her and all.
p. Yes please!
4. Sure why not... but I don't really listen to their music.
5. Hell yeah!
Miss Engineer

Can't sleep...

A dream woke me up at 2am.  It's now almost 4:30 and I can't go back to sleep.  I tossed and turned in bed but kept disturbing my husband so I just got up.  
What do you do when you can't sleep?
Apparently I make posts on TQC...  Work is going to suck, today.  :-P 
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Can I give you a hug?
Do you have photoshop?
Emo hair?
What're the best bands out there today?
What's your ceiling look like?
Where's the nearest tree?
Have you ever gone camping?
hugs not hughs

Gift giving

If you could give a gift to any one person alive today (even if you don't know them personally), who would you give it to, what would it be and why would you give that to them?

You CAN NOT give it to yourself, you greedy people!!!

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 What kind of underwear to you prefer to wear?

What kind of underwear would you prefer whoever you're with to wear?

Am I the only person who thinks Dane Cook is neither funny or attractive?

Excel question

Does anyone know how to convert numbers that are circumferences into areas in Excel? I need the formula (I can't find it anywhere), to know where to type it and how to copy it to other cells..... can you tell I don't use this godforsaken program?

Give a dog a home

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1) Uncle Jesse or Uncle Joey?

2) Stephanie or DJ?

3) Should I have beef and barley soup and a grilled cheese sandwich or a black bean burger in a tortilla for dinner tonight?

4) If you sleep in the same bed as your SO, do you still sleep there if they are sick? My husband is sick and I've slept in bed with him, and now I think he got me sick. :(

5) At what age is it no longer appropriate for a little boy to be brought into the ladies' bathroom with his mother?

6) Manny/Craig, Ellie/Craig, or Ashley/Craig?

7) Would you ever crop a dog's ears or dock a dog's tail?

Drugs drugs drugs

Have you ever purchased prescriptions online?

Legally? Illegally? What was it? Did it come from Mexico or Canada?

Do you think it should be legal to purchase medication online with a prescription? Without? What about cheaper drugs from Canada?
Georgie - Smiles

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What does it mean when you call someone a brick? I'm talking about in English/British slang around the time Enid Blyton/Narnia books are set.

"I say George, you really are a brick!"

Sometimes it seems as though it means stupid, but there's some other positive meaning I think I'm missing. I've Googled, but it keeps coming up with stuff about drugs.

Aaaand for no other reason than to amuse myself, what is your favourite icon of mine? There's only 15.

I'm going for an EEG today

would it be in poor taste if I took my camera and got a photo for my blog?

A photo of someone getting an EEG.. not me

I wanted to get a photo right as i was being wheeled into surgery two years ago, but my husband 'forgot' the camera (he was a little freaked out at the time)

EDITED TO ADD : I didn't do it. Someone had a seizure in the office waiting room and alot of the staff was a little freaked out (it was pretty bad).

next time, maybe. We'll see.

Help me make a descion!

I need a hair cut but i dont want the same old thing.
I want something intresting/edgy but i can wear to work and not get fired.
So, TQC will you post a picture of a (womens)hair cut you like or think i should get?

Also, do you know of any websites that have hair cut galleries?

EDIT:Added a picture,This is the only picture i have access to at work but you at least get an idea of how long my hair is now.I dont care how drastic the hair cut is as long as it is longer then my chin

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Dear TQC, do you ever read it as "The Questionable Content"?

... I read too much of that comic, really.

Also - what's the strangest thing you've googled today? I was trying to look up sketches of catgirls that weren't inked so I could do a quick colouring in to show my friend, since I'm having her make me a Halloween costume as a cat girl, and I got that, titled "Milla Jovovich". What?
Perry the Platypus

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I once drank home-made corn liquor out of a mason jar handed to me by a man dressed in a bunny costume.

What is something that you've done that you don't think any other TQC member has?
Beast mode!

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1. Why is Line Drawn Hitler so sad?

2. Do you ride alone? If yes, is Hitler a chatty fellow?

3. My uncle gave me a baseball ticket, and then took it away because he sold it to my cousin. Should I be sad because he took it away, or happy because he gives me tickets for free but my cousin has to pay?

4. Do you have a basic understanding of economics? Have you taken an economics class?

5. My car's 5th birthday is coming up. What should I do to celebrate it?


Do you give stuff away on Freecycle?

If so, do you give it to just anyone? Or do you try to give it to the person that needs/wants it the most?

If someone arranges pick up and doesn't show, do you give them the opportunity to get one of your items in the future, or do you pass them up?

I've been posting a lot of stuff lately, and it just seems like I have the same people wanting the items, no matter what they are. I'm starting to think if I offered a pile of dog shit, they might want it too.

Posty McPosterson

There's a young woman about 10 feet to my right who is wearing a big wide BROWN belt with a BLACK button down shirt. It's driving me crazy because it totally doesn't go. The shirt is bunched and sticking out funny, too.

What's the last fashion faux-pas you've witnessed that made you cringe?

Lets ignore the fact that I'm wearing a black shirt under my navy blue suit today. It's got lighter pin stripes, so maybe it's OK.

That's Sick!

1. How sick do you have to feel before you'll call in sick for work/school/whatever?

2. When you get sick, does it hit you full force right away, or does it slowly ramp up over time?

3. When you feel a cold coming on, do you do/take anything different?

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Haruhi disappearance

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Some guy from a job recruiting agency called and wants to take me to lunch tomorrow for a preliminary interview for a contract-to-hire job(So its 6 months at least, but I could be out on my ass after). The job pays almost $5 more an hour than I have right now, but it's about a half hour drive from my house(its in Chelmsford for you MA people) down I-495 south which is notoriously packed in the mornings.

My social anxiety is making me explode at the thought of meeting some strange guy at the 99 for lunch. Plus the job requires a (paid) trip to Baltimore by myself for training if I get hired.

TQC, should I e-mail the guy back and cancel, or just suck it up and go?

ETA: Also, where is a good place to find a professional suit thats tailored more for a young woman? I think I look dowdy in suits unless they're cut just right.
Driving pug

Mystery liquid.

Yesterday while driving on the QEW to Toronto a semi-truck sprayed a mysterious liquid all over my car. It smelled like gas. It was oily and clear. I took my car to the car wash once I got home. The liquid left a stain on the back of my side mirrors (not on the actual mirrors).

What was the liquid he sprayed all over my car?
What can remove the stain?
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Have you ever had to make serious changes to your entire lifestyle in order to lose a significant amount of weight?

Can you tell me your story?

I just need some motivation today. Thanks.

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Given the chance, would you sleep with a celebrity you consider attractive?

Would you still do so if they had an STD that you were almost guaranteed to catch? (think along the lines of genital warts or herpes)

-edit- Does it matter WHO the celebrity is?

-edit again- Okay, what if the STD was one you can get rid of with antibiotics? (chlamydia for example)
tegan ice cream

pen name

what should be my sex-toy-reviewing pen name? which name would make you most apt to read the reviews?


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so i've got the attention span of a gnat, seriously, and missed the answer to this question just now on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, so i'm asking you guys.

where was that Neanderthal man found, Afghanistan, Turkey, Switzerland or somewheres else?

i'm almost positive it was Afghanistan but it may have been Turkey. i was wrong! i need to learn to just pay attention.

BONUS QUESTION: why do you think my local news was talking about Owen Wilson this morning? i had the tv on mute so i didn't hear it, i just saw his picture. i don't remember them ever having an entertainment section.

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I'm moving (for 10 months, not that it really matters) to New Hampshire. I'll be staying with my aunt. October 3rd, I'm flying from Oklahoma for my best friend's boot camp graduation, and from there I'll be going straight to New Hampshire. My best friend's mom and brother, whom I'll be with the whole time, are flying back on a Sunday, since they bought round trip tickets.

Flying on Sundays is hella expensive, and I have $360 to spend this month + on tickets. I've already paid for my ticket to Oklahoma. I need to pay for dog food, my first month of dog boarding, car insurance and rent here. If I do that, I will have JUST enough to spend on a plane ticket.

So! Should I:
-Leave Sunday, suck it up and pay $280 to fly, get the trip over with, and get a job ASAP

-stay in Oklahoma until Tuesday (sleep in the airport?) and spend $120 to fly, and get a job ASAP, or

-leave Oklahoma on Sunday, but on a Greyhound, spend $85 (and 2 days on a bus) and get a job ASAP

I sort of just want to get it over with, and be there as soon as possible. But if I fly out on Sunday, I'll have like $3 left over, to last me until my first paycheck. I'm leaning towards the bus at the moment, but I hear they suck a lot, and 2 days on a bus doesn't sound so cool. Amtrak isn't going where I need to, or anywhere around there, so it isn't an option.

TQC, what would you do??

You don't make any sense!

The receptionist at the law office I work at answers the phone and says, "Can I ask (insert lawyer's name here) who's calling for her/him?"

Um, no. Because then they would be mind readers. You can ask who is calling for the attorney, but you can't ask the attorney who is calling for them. This same woman who had an accident a month ago and broke her "tibula". Not her tibia or her fibula, mind you, but her "tibula".

I listen to this woman answer the phone this way for 5 straight hours a day, so my question is this:

1. What sound/noise/voice is driving YOU absolutely bat-shit right now?
Obviously, the idiot receptionist.

and for funsies...

2. What is the silliest/most unfortunate last name you've heard?
I recently married into the name Hickey. That's pretty damn bad. However, we have a client who's last name is Glasscock. Shit you not.
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My Mom's 65th birthday is in three days. She lives on the West coast, I live in the East. She's into nature, alternative medicine, religeon, travel, and has been having some heath issues. I can't go out to see her, but I send her flowers often.

What are some idea for a birthday gift?

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How annoying is it that people who absolutely NEVER EVER EVER post answers to questions in here will post pictures, which is that much more effort to post than any answer to a question. Will any of these lurkers anser this question?? It's truly sort of baffling.
yummy beer!, yummy

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Reba McEntire was just on the View, singing Kelly Clarkson's "Because of you".  To me, it takes a lot of guts to do another artist's big song, and she did a lovely job with it.

Do you like Reba? 
Who are some of your favorite more classic or old school country artists?

Dancing with the Stars premieres again in just four days, as ABC is all over promoting.   I was going to ask about it, and then realized I'm pretty disinterested in the performers this go round.  What is something you usually look forward to, or have in the past, that you've now lost a lot of interest in?
i win!

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With the recent trend of comical sports movies such as Blades of Glory and Balls of Fury, what do you think the next ______ of ______ will be?

ETA: Uh, can we make with the creativity here?
lulu guinness clutch

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How would I go about turning the flash off on a Lomo Fisheye camera? Google isn't helping, and either is the manual. Pressing the "flash" button doesn't do it. I've been taking the battery out, but there has to be a better way.

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alright, TQC, i need help.

i'm applying for a job at a deaf relay company(i'll be an operator or whatever). they're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. i'm supposed to put a time i can start and a time i can leave, and then which hours i would prefer to work. ideally i'd like to work Monday-Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, but i could get there by 9 am and i could leave around 9 pm.

should i put that i can be there from 9 am to 9 pm(i'm under the assumption they will give me a 6-8 hour shift), then put my preferred hours, or should i just put my preferred hours?

BONUS QUESTION: i've got basic computer skills, can type 75 WPM, great people and phone skills. how should i word that for the part that asks for my skills?
Space Pope

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Every office i've worked in has had a little cafe or deli next door/across the street/around the corner/right near by where the food wasn't really that great but I ate there at least once a week just out of convinience.

Does your office have one of those?

What's it called?

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Science question! Yay.

I had these weird vegetable-burger things last night. They're not weird because of what's in them; it was just your regular vegetarian stuff - broccoli, carrots, peas, potato etc. They're weird because their packaging reads:

KCAL (1 SERVING COOKED): 236 is going on here?
veruca salt

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Are pantyhose and tights meant to be a substitute for underwear? They have cotton lining in the crotch, but I've always worn underwear under them.

Do you wear underwear under pantyhose/tights?
Bruins - shadow

I want to move.

1. Jahovah's Witnessess keep coming to my house. I didnt know who it was so I stupidly answered the door and now they are here ALL THE TIME. I swear they live in my front yard because I never see them coming and Im always in plain view so I cant just pretend that i cant see them/didnt hear the door bell.
I really dont want to be rude, but how do I get them to leave me the fuck alone?!?!?
Also, why cant they celebrate any holidaye/celebrations? Does anyone know? i would ask, but that would just perpetuate them coming. =\

2. The sensor light in my back year keeps going on. Sometimes its on all night. Its creeping me out. What keeps setting it off, TQC?

3. Whats your favorite thing to take pictures of?
Share plz!!

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Do you like to read and if so, who is your favorite author(s)?

Which Law&Order do you like best(original,SVU,CI)?

What do you snack on the most?

Do you speak another language beside the one of your country?

What is your dream job?

White or chocolate milk?

What are your thinking about today?
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Mitty box

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If you had the opportunity, would you ever work with your SO?

The reason I ask is because one of his coworkers might be leaving and there'd be a spot open for someone else. They hired on my husband and his coworker (also his best friend) with zero experience and paid them to learn how to program. I'd gladly give up my free time and being a SAHM to have the chance to double our money and get a great home. Also, a husband and wife work there together now so it wouldn't be so weird if they hired me on.

EDIT: We'd have separate cubicles and probably only see each other on the rides to and from work and at lunch time.
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     What does your handwriting look like? If you know how to write in another language (well, alphabet, I should say), what does your handwriting in that language look like? How do you like your handwriting in either language? Which do you like better?

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1. Do you think that the Loch Ness Monster is real?
2. Are the people you find attractive usually older or younger than you? If so, how many years?
3. What is your favorite type of cheese?

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I've had a crappy day.

What's the cutest/funniest thing you've seen recently? Links and pictures appreciated.

The cutest thing I've seen is _dreamer1_'s kitten.

Also, if in Australia, where could I buy wafers? The kind you make ice-cream sandwiches between (I've never had an ice-cream sandwich before).

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Do you watch Wheel Of Fortune?
Are you any good at it?
Could you solve this puzzle? (the category is family)
_ _ _ _ &
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
R _ _ _ R _

Do you watch JEOPARDY?
Are you any good at it?

Everybody's A Critic

Do you subscribe to the notion that whatever is popular must be crap? Do you think that this is an elitist attitude? Do you ever feel guilty for liking something that is popular? Do you find it ironic when so many people make a point of being "non-conformist" by ridiculing popular tastes?
Haruhi disappearance

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Where you live, is most cheese white or yellow/orange?

Which is the proper color for cheese, in your opinion?


Milk is white. Therefore cheese is white. Fucking commies. :P
South Park

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1. Do the Taco Bells near you offer Mt. Dew's Baja Blast as a drink option?
Yes, and I always order it. It tastes like a melted otter pop to me.

2. Did anyone watch the premier of "Kid Nation" last night? What'd you think?
I did. I felt bad for the little boy that wanted to go home, but the kid that talked about how not going to the bathroom can "hurt your colon and stuff" was pretty funny.

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Every so often, my cat will drool on me. Sometimes, it's a little drop and other times, it's a big o'l wad of spit. It's usually after he gets done licking himself or grooming somewhere, but today, he just came up to me, rubbed his lips on my hand and suddenly I felt something wet drop from his mouth and hit the counter - it was a big puddle of spit. It doesn't happen often, but is this normal for cats?

Any iphone users on TQC? What do you think of it? What do you like and what do you hate about it?

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There are 4 concerts i want to go to, I can only afford two. I'm going to go to one out of each genre. Which one should i go to?

Poll #1058559 Who should i waste my hard-earned money on?

Hip Hop

Wu tang with three 6 mafia
Cypress Hill


Serj Tankian
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

paging dr. elljay

I have some little thingies on the bottom of my big toe, that I think are warts. But they look like tiny callouses rather than the normal warty color. I set up an appointment for a dermatologist to look at it, but, they're always crazy booked so I won't be in to see the doctor for about a month. But now I'm obsessing over my toe and I may go crazy after a month. What can I do until then?
for all you drama queens

nagging curiosity

Due to hating Apple computers, and all related products, from decades back with an unholy vengeance...I know virtually nothing about iPods. Even the control interface boggles me; goofed around with my Sister's. My portable mp3 player is built right into my PalmOne Zire 7.2 and that works fine for me.

I was wondering though: Whenever I delete songs I've also got to remove them from the playlists because it's not done automatically. I don't do it then it tends to leave these little gaps, which don't actually interfere with play at all but they just bug me.

I know that iPods have playlists but as it's an entirely different system I was wondering if you have to automaticall goto each playist you've got a song listed to take it out if you delete something or does it do that automatically?
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How do you get rid of the butterflies in your stomach?

What's your cutoff for age difference in dating?

I have a test at 9am the day after a concert that I will go to come hell or high water (Gogol Bordello will be in Texas for the first time EVER *hyperventilates*). The prof is pretty laid back, likes me because I actually know what he's talking about in class, and there's nothing in the syllabus about OMG you MUST take the test on the day it is unless there is a DIRE EMERGENCY. Should I a) make up an excuse, such as family obligation, b) be up front with my love for gypsy punk rock (hey, the prof is eastern European), or c) miss the test without prior notification and then grovel?

Have you ever had premonitions? What were they? Also, if you do, are you female? Now, how do you explain them? For example, it seems downright common for people to dream about a relative dying and then wake up to learn that they died. Or to suddenly "just know" that, for example, your mother died, or is in great distress. If one doesn't normally have such dreams/feelings, that's kinda hard to attribute to coincidence. Once I had a very distressing dream that my mom injured herself badly, which scared me enough to call her when I woke up to see if she was OK. I couldn't reach her for a day but when she finally called back, she told me she had been in the ER because she got a really bad case of food poisoning from eating this cream cheese that I left in the fridge months ago. Seriously, how does that work? Do you think there is a conventional explanation, or is science just not there yet?
Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

I am sitting in the ed tech center at my university (basically the education department's computer lab, but there's a lot of other stuff in here). There is a girl sitting in the study area with her iPod on and she is singing fairly loudly and very poorly.

Why is she doing this?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been recognized IRL from LJ?

2. What's disappointed you today?

3. How big of a role does the internet play in your life?

1. Yeah. A girl in my history class my sophomore year of college. Her best friend had me on her friends list (both went to my high school).

2. Little things. Getting wheat instead of the white bread I asked for on my Quiznos sandwich. My best friend not emailing me back.

3. Very big, IMO.
Sunny Sunflowers

Just out of school work curiousity....

So in my history class we are talking about Indian Removal in the 19th Century in America and I have always found The Trail of Tears interesting, but does anyone have any good recommendations for books, articles, web pages where they go more in-depth about this particular part of American History?

Thanks for any help!

P.S. You're not doing my homework for me, I just want to do more personal research about this topic for me :)
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James Franco joint

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 Are there any words you can't say right, or you say funny? Do people make fun of you?

I can't say animated, memoir, or pony 'right'. It sounds British, so my friend always makes me say "Memoirs of an animated pony" because it sounds so silly.

Ever ruptured or injured your eardrum? How did that go? I just ruptured mine a few days ago, and I still can't hear.
fair trade coffee

Muchas preguntas y todas son distintas! Asi que ayudenme, por favor! Y muchisimas gracias :)

1.  Do you know the story of how TQC was born? (all types of answers welcome but it would be nice to know the truth as well please)

2.  I cooked a curry on Monday night for dinner. It had curry past, beef cubes, a can of diced tomatoes and onions.  There is also some leftover white rice.  Can we still eat it tomorrow for lunch, or is that too many days since it was cooked?

3.  I stopped taking my dexamphetamines every day and have gone from barely eating during the day to like GORGING myself all the time.  Should I be worried? I had just managed to lose some weight and it's really frustrating that I feel so compelled to eat 4 pieces of pizza, after the fact that earlier I had 2 cookies, a bit of french bread with butter and nutella, and a salad for lunch, and oatmeal for dinner.  Unlike yesterday, when I had froot loops for brekkie, 2 cookies mid-morning, a flipping ginormous hamburger with chips and aioli for lunch, and cheesey garlic bread, chicken kickers AND pizza for dinner!  I'm really worried about gaining back all the weight I lost and clearly I'm on the way.  Anybody care to share anything in response?

4.  We are moving tomorrow, and packing has like, BARELY happened. WE are also working all day. I took Monday off but only packed like 4 boxes.  Any moving stories/advice? I'm flippin' out that we haven't even done HALF of our packing and we get the keys tomorrow.

5. Are you proud of me that I didn't doublepost and intead put all of my questions neatly in one post?

6. Do you think that putting all of one's questions neatly in one post increases the likelihood that they won't all get answered?

(no subject)

I'm going to boil some corn on the cob for dinner... how long do I cook it for? I keep thinking 10 minutes, is that too long?

Do you like corn on the cob? What do you put on it? I just put salt and butter.

(no subject)

I was just hired as an intern for Elle magazine last night. I found out by e-mail that was sent at night. They asked if I could come into work today to begin, but I was unable to. They said that was fine, but then asked this morning if I could come in tomorrow. I e-mailed back at 1 pm and said that I could and asked what time they would like for me to come in. I still have yet to receive an e-mail back indicating what time. Assuming that I don't get an e-mail back, should I go in tomorrow anyways? No one informed me of my hours yet; I've only been assigned days (Monday through Thursday). So, technically, I'm not even supposed to be working tomorrow.

I'm only asking because it's an hour and a half commute into the city, so I would need some notice ahead of time as to when to come in.

For people who have gotten pierced, tattooed, or waxed...

Which piercing hurt the most?
*My cartilage

Which tattoo was the most painful one to get? (Pictures please)
*I only have one and it stopped hurting after the first half hour

Which is more painful, getting a tattoo or getting a piercing?
*The piercing is the one that actually put me through the most pain

Which is more painful, a tattoo, a piercing, or a waxing?

For the ladies who have gotten a brazilian bikini wax, any tips or pointers for making it a little more bearable?
*I'm getting my first one on Saturday and would love any advice

Men: Would you get your private areas waxed for your lady?
Women: How would you feel about men waxing their private areas too?

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(no subject)

1. How would you spell the sound that a game of Pac-Man makes?
2. Do you ever have urges to listen to a bunch of unrelated music together on random?
   a. What artists?
3. Have you ever participated in a scholar bowl/ quiz bowl?
   a. How did you study?

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Just imagine that it was the western world who had historically used chopsticks, and orientals had used a knife and fork.

do you think the western world would have adopted the knife and fork by now, or would we see knives and forks as a bizarre way to eat food?

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What should I have for dinner?

I was thinking of making pasta, but then salad sounded good, and then I thought I might want some sushi.. and now I'm just REALLY confused.


Also, do you sleep with your bedroom curtains/blinds open or closed? Why?

eta- which floor is your bedroom on?

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When you have a crush on someone, how do you act? 

(Do you flirt? Get really nervous? Try to flirt but fail miserably? Not act any differently at all?)

If you do flirt, do you think you're good at it? 

Me, I think I am a good flirt, but only if I don't actually have a big crush on the person I'm flirting with.  If I actually have a crush, I turn into an idiot. I imagine that this is pretty common.


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Are you superstitious? What's the last superstitious thing that happened to you?
not really.. but I honestly knock on wood sometimes. today at work a black bird flew into the window directly infront of me, which I've always heard is an omen of death. kinda weirded me out but I'm not going to sit here & get a panic attack about it.

Do you have any upcoming trips? Where are you going?
Yep. Peoria, Illinois.

Do you have any bad spending habits?
yeah. I buy Starbucks way too often. I think it's safe to say that I'm addicted.

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So today on Sirius I heard a Michael Bublé version of 'I'm Your Man', which is one of my very favorite songs ever. It was way to nicey nice, I think of this song as sexy and dirty and he made it all 'cute' and it lost something. I hate when people remake songs I love. Don't they know it makes me mad?

So my question to you TQC is what song remake is the worst ever in your opinion?
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I remember hearing about a psychology experiment where the experimenter asked several people if he could cut them in line. Apparently when he used the words "just" or "because" the percent who let him cut greatly increased.

Anyone know the name of this or where I can find out more about it?

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1. When was the last time you wanted something bad to happen to someone? why and what did you wish to happen?

just now. my friend who never understood any of the shit i had to go through being underage and renting a place now lives with her rich bf who supplies a flat screen tv, fancy lounge and is renting the place off his friend who owns it.
i want them to break up and for her to actually have to LOOK for a house, get turned down a lot, and have to actually BUY furniture (and have to settle for crappy furniture because it's too expensive otherwise) and of course have to live off shitty food for a year. and not go clubbing every frigging 2 days because she cant afford to.


2. what's your favourite flavour of ice-cream that comes in a tub? have you eaten a whole tub in one go?
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What was your senior quote?

I just had to pick mine yesterday. I went with, "Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable, let's prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself and see if we may not eff it after all."

Nominations for the US supreme court

Lets say hypothetically that someone on the US Supreme Court dies (heaven forbid for so many reasons) and YOU get to nominate THREE replacements that will be vetted by Congress.

ANY THREE PEOPLE. Citizenship is not relative.. but they have to be alive.

One of the THREE people will DEFINATELY get the approval and serve on the court until they either die or retire (its a lifetime appointment).

My nominations in comments.

Too bad Ol' Dirty Bastard is dead :(

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How old do you have to be for your family to stop treating you like a fucking child? I figured almost 30 would do it, but I guess not.

(Edit: it's not my parents, it's my grandparents who think that I have a shitty job, and a shitty attitude because I refuse to be the only doing dishes/packing stuff up/etc. while everyone is talking and visiting.)
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ATTN: Americans:
Assuming that 'seren' and 'saran' were actual words (well I know Saran is kind of one but whatev, irrelevance), would you pronounce them both the same?
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If you were required (as if by law) to change your given name, what would you change it to, and why?

I'd probably go with "Jillian", after a leader I had in Pathfinders (next step up from Girl Guides) who was very much the awesome. Plus I like the sound.
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When a male singer sings a song originally written for a female to sing, or vice versa, does it annoy you more if they change the words to fit (and often destroy the rhyme) or leave the song the way it was written?

(I heard this chick singing a song by McCartney and it sounded really awkward because she substituted "girl" for "man"..."maybe I'm a girl, and maybe I'm a lonely girl who's in the middle of something...that she doesn't really understand." It annoyed me.)
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Is there a name for the realization that when you thought the way someone treated you was special but then you realized they treat about 10 other people that same way?

Slash does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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Are you going to or have you already named godparents for your children? Why or why not? What do you think the duties of a godparent entail?

EDIT: It's my 18th birthday tomorrow. What should I do?
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As a broke college student pretty much living on my own, I only have to cook for me, myself and I. I am used to cooking for my mom and friends back home, but since I have no one to share with, I get lazy. Therefor I have been pretty much living off egg white and cheese sandwiches.

What is your lazy food to make when you are only cooking for one?
Egg white and cheese sandwiches or canned soup.
When you get the chance to cook for others, do you take it or let someone else do the cooking?
I love cooking for others and do it whenever I can.
What is your favorite thing to cook for others?
Chicken Parmesan, steak tips, and bake stuffed chicken.
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I swear this is not for homework!!!!

Can any of you think of a female model who is tall, winnowed or gaunt and preferably somewhat androgynous. And isn't Erin O'Conner! :P
I know this sounds like a whole lot of models, but I can never find a picture of one that is just right.
Names or links would be awesome.
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I'm starting up a side business as a graphic and Web designer. I've been asked by some of my past clients (that I did freelance for) to make myself some business cards so they can pass them out to people who like the stuff I made for them.

That's great and I'd love to do it, but I'm crap at designing stuff for myself. Especially when I don't have a theme or something.

So the question is: What kind of logo do I make for myself? I was just going to use my name and have a logo with it...kind of like this guy: (his site is old, but he was an adjunct faculty at the university I graduated from). Or do you have a better idea?

Silly ideas are welcome, but serious answers preferred.

...and questions for people who don't care about the above (or answer both!):

Where did you get your icon? What does it mean or what is it of? Why do you use it ('cause you like it, it ticks people off, etc)? Any other info about it that you can tell me?

Bonus points if you post multiple times so you can show me more than one of your icons. :)

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I have a Sims 2-related question!

What could be wrong with my game?

1. Randomly, I've started having a newspaper delivered out of thin air literally once a minute, and they don't stop. My entire garden is covered in old bloody newspapers!
2. Neighbours who walk past/come to visit just get stuck right as they walk into the lot. I currently have about 8 Sims just standing there - saying goodbye doesn't work, they can't move, neither does turning Neighbours off on the games options - they still come.
3. Freewill is on, but my Sims pretty much just stand around and do jack all. They might do something without prodding from me maybe once every 15 minutes. It's so irritating, and very boring!

I've got Seasons, Pets and Bon Voyage EP and clothes/hair/make up custom content, along with the Insiminator and the Inteenimator. I haven't downloaded anything other than clothes/hair/make up recently though, and the problem only started today :/

Any ideas what the issue might be? Thanks in advance!

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Will you be my friend?

would you rather die via burning or drowning?

I just got home a little while ago, while I was gone, my cat got sprayed by a skunk
has this ever happened to you? And do you have any fast remedies? I want to cry. :(

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If you do/ did live in an upper level apartment (so that there is someone living below you) - do you walk heavy or as normal? Or do you try to walk softly as to not be of any kind of disturbing to the folk living below?

If everything were to fall away - flesh & bone, stars & sky, atmosphere & atoms - what would be left? Would you still be here?

Has a movie ever left you in silence?

Looking for a game name

For the past few days I've had an arcade game stuck in my head. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name. I remember that it came out in the early nineties, had an overhead 3d viewpoint (like Diablo), and was a four player game with each controller being dedicated to one character. One of the characters was a knight in heavy armor and he had a flail that could extend great lengths, but he was the slowest character by far. It sort of reminds me of Gauntlet, but with much better graphics.

Anyone know what the name is?

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when was the last time someone came to you for advice?

what are you sick and tired of hearing about?

for those of you that want to get married and are not yet married, you've been with the person for 5 yrs and they don't seem too keen on the idea of getting married, they want to.. just not right now, on the other hand.. you're ready to take that extra step. what do you do?
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Let's assume whoever is asking is someone you trust and are comfortable with, and lately you haven't been feeling to hot - are you more likely to lie and say you're fine when they ask you how you are doing, or be honest?

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1. What are some 'safe for work' websites that my SO can keep himself entertained with? The only things that are strictly forbidden are porn and social networking (like MySpace and LJ).

2. Should my SO and I move in with my mom and stepdad so we can save up money for 3 months? It would be awkward, but not horribly so. (We'll be moving to a new city (for school) after Christmas and could really use the extra money.)

3. Have you ever moved back in with your parents? Why? Was it awful?

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So according to Old Navy's sizing chart, my hips are 40 inches (size 10 pants). My boyfriend, however, has 38 inch waist pants. I try them on and they fall to the ground.

I'm confused TQC. What are my measurements?

(I'm currently wearing size 10 Old Navy jeans, so I know I'm not reading the size chart wrong)


Hi, y'all. I'm a lurker here to ask a pressing question, and then recede back into the shadows.
I'm thinking of an online game thing, where one has a bunch of individual letters, and can move them around to form words, phrases, whatever. Other people can wreak havoc on your words, and move them around as they see fit. I believe this has been mentioned here at TQC.

So, what is the name of this magic site?
You all get a cookie.

EDIT: and I get a stupid cookie. There's the question.
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for those of you that go to bars/eat out often:

at what point can you tell a waiter/waitress/bartender is actually hitting on you, and not just looking for a good tip??

would you ever consider giving your number to them?

me, i can't tell when it's a tip thing or for real, so i say no and just kind of laugh it off.

Maybe post anonymously?

How many people, that you know in real-life, could you get to have sex with in one day? 24 hours to get laid as many times as you can, the race is on.

How many are you confident you could get?

**remember, real life. no internet friends. or am I the only one who has those...***
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Is there a way to....

Is there a way to save DVR-recorded programs onto my computer or even a DVD?

I'm thinking about getting DirecTV but mainly because I want to watch Passions. I'm going through all the details and I'm thinking of getting the DVR upgrade. I was wondering if there was a way to save my programs on my computer... or if while I am watching the recorded shows, I can save them on here.