September 19th, 2007


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1.What's your favourite childhood game?

2.What's your LEAST favourite childhood game?

3.Who do you usually play the childhood games with?

4.Do you still still play the games?
If yes, how old are you and who do you play with?
If no, when did you stop playing them?

Are you bothered by the way I spell favourite?

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Do you watch "Rock of Love" on VH1?

I do, and I am obsessed. I love it.

So who will win, Heather or Jes?

I'm hoping Jes, but thinking he may choose Heather. I've always liked Jes, she's awesome.

Do you hate Lacey?

I hate her cause she's a bitch, but love her cause she's entertaining.

Also, I found one of her music videos. Can't stop watching it:
prue chillaxin

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By your standards (not what you think others think, or even people you can tell are traditionally attractive but who don't appeal to you), who is the most attractive person you've ever seen?

Second most attractive?
carrie: are u sure

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Ok, so my brother is obsessed with Shakira. One of his friend's parents knows her. He is also acquaintances with this guy who worked with Beyonce on her last album and Beyonce worked with Shakira on that "Beautiful Liar song." Lastly, my brother went to the Dominican Republic with his professor and a bunch of other NYU students to teach a summer class out there. The professor is friends with a DR ambassador, who invited him and all the students to his house for dinner. At dinner, the ambassador told them that he is very good friends with Shakira and that she was in that very dining room having dinner with him and his family a few nights before.

My question to you, TQC, is HOW MANY DEGREES OF SEPARATION are between my brother and the object of his affection? I have no idea how to count degrees of separation!
oh the drama!

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What is your favorite episode of 'The Wonder Years?'

Mine was the one where Kevin and Winnie had plans to hang out, but it was a very busy night at the Chinese restaurant and he kept getting stuck with deliveries. So in order to see Kevin, Winnie ordered Chinese food and had him deliver it to the park. And then 'Stand by Me' began to play. They shared chowmein under the stars. It was beautiful.
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Pls halp, tqc :(

I've been having some trouble at work and I'm not sure if I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill or if this actually is pretty fucked up. So I am asking you all about this because I know if I'm being a big whiney baby you will tell me to stfu and gtfo.

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So what do I do? Quit? Try talking to the manager again and file a formal complaint? None of the other chefs will back me up, so to speak. I don't want to quit as working at this place is the most amazing opportunity I have ever had.

I realise it's probably not the best idea asking this here and I'm afraid I'll end up on s_f or somthing but I don't know where else to ask for advice. :/

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I think this will be my first Ask Dr. TQC question!

For a couple years my right ear has been a lot more sensitive than my left. I think it started one day when I was washing dishes and a glass broke and made the most ear-shattering noise possible. My right ear always feels slightly different than my left... it's always a little tingly, but I don't even notice it anymore unless I think about it. If someone yells into my left ear, it's loud. If someone yells into my right ear, it hurts. So it's not this HUGE problem but it's there.

Did I just hurt my eardrum? Should I see a doctor or should I ignore it?

2. I had a dream last night, and when I woke up, I thought that I have to remember it! Of course, I forgot it. What did I dream about?

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Dear Dr. TQC,

Yesterday I bent over to get something from the floor and my back exploded. IDK what happened but it hurt really bad, a lot. I froze for a minute, considering my options, and eventually lurched to the sofa where I died. My SO helped me to bed when he noticed I was dead and I've been here ever since.

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1. Did I throw my back out? Or is this something worse? Should I go to a doctor? (I'm ultrapoor right now and would rather not give my rent money to a doctor that will just tell me to take it easy for a few days.)

2. Has your back ever exploded? What happened? What did you do? Will you share your tale of woe to make me feel better? (DO IT.)

Can’t get over it.

I’m a single person.  I do single person things.  One such thing is walking on the sidewalk.  Often, while walking singly down the sidewalk, there is a pair, gaggle or group coming towards me.  More often than not, I’m forced to move into the grass, street or whatever is next to the sidewalk.  This annoys me to the point to when I can tell they’re gonna want me to move sometime I just stop walking and stand still making them split and flow around me. 


TQC, who should move – me or them?

HP- Molly Cussed!

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I just spent my last 1.05 on ten packages of ramen noodles.


What are you eating?

Have you ever had to live off of ramen?

I'm surviving on a diet of wheat bread and ramen and chippies that I had forgotten, but are still fresh.

Ever been this desperate before?


Is it November yet? Can it BE November now?
yummy beer!, yummy

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Yo, coffee drinkers!  Does anything taste as good to you as that first sip of the day of a perfect cup of coffee? 

If you don't partake of the java, what helps you get going most often in the morning?  Is it near blissful or just part of your routine?

What material possession would be the hardest for you to give up?

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Dear Management,

This is the male genitalia* requesting a raise. (followed by reasons why it should get a raise)

Dear Male Genitalia*,

(response from management)

*In the story they use the 5 letter word for male genitalia.

It's really funny. I'd google it but I really don't want to be googling that 5 letter word at work (I'd like to keep this job as long as possible, kthx).

Does anyone else remember seeing a mock letter written like this? If so, can you post it?

What do you think is your most attractive feature?

Most unattractive?

What do you think OTHERS think is your most attractive feature?
happy monkey

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let's say you work in a small company, of 10 or so persons. your boss goes on vacation for three weeks. when she gets back you find out that she's got gifts for everyone.. except you. this is how you find out:

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how would you feel?
come to the dark side

Inane computer questions

I use Microsoft Outlook for my work email. Typically when I set an out of office, the out of office assistant thing makes it in unformatted text and only sends one out of office meassage to each person's first email. I'm going away for 6 weeks and I figure that if people receive their "I'm out of the office" email in the 1st week, than they'll forget I'm away by the 5th week. it possible to set it up so that it sends an out of office to each email received? And is it possible to make it formatted text? If so, could someone explain how?

Thanks muchly.

James Franco joint

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What are some good 'dorm' friendly, healthy snacks (that are wheat free)? The carrots and celery are always going bad, and the fruit (minus apples) as well.

Do you have any food allergies or sensitivities? If not, what food do you absolutely hate?

I am Celiac, no wheat, rye, barley, or oats, and I am lactose intolerant. :)
macaroni murder lady

which one?

Should I redeem my Coke Rewards points on a subscription to Marie Claire, W, or Cosmo?

(Taking the magazines seriously won't really be a factor - it's all just brain candy.)

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Do people who say "anyways" bother you?

Do you think it's stupid to end a friendship over something as minuscule as a difference in grammatical preference?

Have you ever had friendships end in a similar way, and if so, what was the stupid thing that started the fight?

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why do you think there aren't any Asian male porn stars? i've never seen one.

do you often set limitations for yourself as to why you can't do this or that or do certain things ($, time, distance) seem to always get in the way?

comment with something random and i will compliment you, k?

it's raining POURING outside but it's still mad SUNNY, wtf gives? is Oklahoma the only place this happens? i never saw such a thing occur when i lived in California.
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Pierced Ears again!

I got my ears pierced almost two months ago now.

To start with, I took my starter earrings out too early, I realize that now. Then, because of how difficult it was to take those out, I put in dangly earrings because they had no back clasp. Big mistake too. After a few weeks with those in, and the piercings continued to bleed sometimes during the night, I took those out and put in new studs with a different kind of back. (I don't know what to call them, they're like little thimbles that have something inside that squeezes the wire to hold.)

I've had these in since last Saturday. Now, both the piercings are swelled up around the earrings. (Not like -OMGLARGE- swelled, but enlarged slightly so that it's difficult to move the jewel.) I can't grip the front of the earring because the skin has swelled around the jewel, and if I try to pull the back off it'll hurt like a bitch. Last night, my left ear bleed again while I slept.

I don't feel like the piercing is infected. The ear isn't incredibly swollen, red, irritated, or oozing any kind of liquid. It doesn't hurt to touch the ear, just if I tug on or try to move the earring. These earrings are gold, so it shouldn't be any type of allergic reaction.

Is this swelling normal for my situation? My left ear has been swollen for about three days now without going down. My right one swelled yesterday.

Should I try to remove these earrings? Put in something else? Can I do anything to take the swelling down?

And jfc, how much longer until they have healed? I'm so tired of my ears being sore!

Edit -

I am freezing the threads of people whining about professional piercers vs. mall peirces. I. Do. Not. Care. Take it elsewhere. That wasn't my question.

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You're in a bookstore and a kid, maybe age 2 or 3, falls down and knocks his head on a bookshelf. The mother isn't in immediate site, but surely in the vicinity. If the child falls and looks to you with tears in their eyes, what do you do if the mother isn't there in a few seconds?

I personally would go to the child and treat him as any other child, even my own. Not over react but ask if he's okay, be reassuring and even rub his head to comfort him. I wouldn't pick him up unless he was very hurt and mom was nowhere to be found, but that isn't for liability reasons.
nana smoking

Nascar Fans

Dale Jr. is now double sponsered by Mountain Dew and National Guard and has chosen the number 88.

What were your speculations about sponsers and numbers?
Will it be strange watching him drive something other than the 8 Bud car?

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1. Do you watch Heroes?
(I just started watching it in the last couple of weeks and I'm hooked)

2. Do you read Harry Potter?
(I started reading HP in 2001)

3. Sylar = Tom Riddle y/y?

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TQC, I want your opinion.

If you were going to design a laptop, what specs would you want it to have? What brand would it be, if any? Why that particular brand (again, if any)?

The computer would be used mostly for internet and schoolwork, with some gaming (MMOs) added in there.

The current laptop:

1.73 ghz processor
1.5 gigs ram
Windows XP Pro

IBM ThinkPad T43. I hate it, I want it to DIAF.

Get creative! :)

EDIT: You have a price limit of $1700.
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for anyone who has flown recently.... curling irons, are they allowed in carryon baggage?
(hurriedly packing....)

edit: answered, many thanks!
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Math whizzes, I need you.

In my trigonometry class, we are discussing radian measure and the unit circle. I know they are simple concepts, but I can't seem to wrap my head around the ideas. I have googled and looked through different books, but the light switch in my head is just not flipping on. So:

Can anyone explain these concepts to me in really dumbed-down terms?
Beast mode!

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1. Is there a song about the place where you live/are from? Do you like the song? If there is more than one, which is your favorite?

2. What time did you wake up this morning? Is that your usual wake up time? If it's different, why?

3. Can I see a picture of the shoes you are wearing today? If not, can you please describe them in detail?

4. How is your week going so far?

Nations and Nationalism!

I was inspired by the Crisis in Belgium question below, so here goes.

1) What to do with Belgium: create two new countries, absorb the Dutch and French halves into neighboring countries (NL and France), or stay integrated? Why?

(I would love to hear some Belgian perspectives, if there are any.)

2) Independence for Quebec: Good idea or bad idea?

3) What other geopolitical schisms do you support or propose?

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Song lyrics

Why do people automatically assume that a song is about drugs if the lyrics aren't automatically discernible? Do people really think that drugs are the only topic an artist isn't going to be completely open about? Or are people just obsessed with drugs?

Seriously, it's kind of pissing me off when people keep saying that my favorite songs are about drugs, when they have different meanings for me.
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what's the saddest thing you've seen on the internet?
ETA: sad as in makes you sad inside, not sad as in "pathetic"
EAT2: link and share it with us
calvin on ritalin doesn't count
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Has anyone ever heard of Goldstar Events? They basically sell you tickets to things for half-price and charge you a service fee. I've signed up and am thinking of getting tickets for something, but I don't really know if I can trust this, so if anyone's had any experience with this site, can you tell me? I've googled for scams but haven't found any, even so, this will be the first time I'm ordering something online that isn't from Amazon, so.

They have these icons verifying security plus clicking on them leads to small pop-up boxes that explains things:

Are these enough?

Haha, sorry for the paranoia. But thanks for the answers!

EDIT: Because it's better than doing this for every individual comment, which for some reason I feel inclined to do: Thanks for the answers. GoldStar appears legit, as do these signs, in case you were wondering.

wedding gift question - answered!

EDIT: Answered, and with Lightning Fast Speed!! Thanks, kids.

I have a bridal shower and a wedding I got invited to attend.

The wedding invite included the invite, RSVP card thing, and directions.

The bridal shower invite included the same, but it also had the Registry info (what stores and under what name).

So since that registry info was in - and only in - the Bridal Shower invite (which, BTW, was sent only to and attended only by the females), I bought the bride a gift from her registry for her shower.

There was no mention of a registry in the Wedding invite. So if you weren't invited to the shower/are a male, you don't know they even have a registry.

Am I still expected to buy another gift for them from the registry for the wedding itself? Or will a card suffice?

And why wouldn't they put the registry in with the Wedding invite? The Shower was hosted by an out-of-state friend, the wedding is hosted by the Groom's parents.

I hate (formal) weddings. :(



Say you were writing a 'version' of the Jane Austen novel Emma. [ie, someone told you to write a version of Emma. As a novel. Sort of like how Bridget Jones' Diary is Pride and Prejudice] You realise that the movie Clueless is Emma, so you're not going to set it in a highschool.
You also want to add other plot lines to it as well as the whole 'Emma is a snob and likes to set people up' thing. What other plot lines would you add to it? They can be completely nothing to do with Emma type plots. They could also be 'stolen' from other classics.
What things would you dare me to include?
If you know Emma well, what things would you want to see changed in it? What do you love?
eoin 1

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How can I get my cat to use her new scratching post? Her old one is almost destroyed, so I got a new one, but she won't go near it. I've tried catnip, and enticing her with treats and toys, but nothing is working. Is there any hope?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Do you have any money invested in the stock market? What company? How many shares do you hold?

2) Why does everyone pick the watermelon Jolly Ranchers out of the candy bowl and leave the rest? Arent the other flavors good?

3) Do you have any plants? If so, what kind are they and how are they doing today?
red goatee!!

mimicking vocals on music-- weird, or no?

I sing along with music, right. Mostly in the car, and it's... all different sorts of music. My girlfriend thinks it's weird (amusing, but weird), though, that I change the characteristics of my voice to match whatever music is playing. If it's a singer with a gravelly voice (think of Louis Armstrong, for an extreme example of vocal gravel), I do that. pitch, tone, that too, if I can manage it. That sort of thing.

What do y'all think? Strange, or not?

Just doesn't seem to make sense to me to sing along with music in a way that clashes with what's playing...

granted, it may be the fact that this happens with KT Tunstall the same way it happens with Garth Brooks that makes her wonder...

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How many mirrors do you have in your house?
Do you feel this is too many, not enough, just right?
Why do have this amount?

ALSO, what should I do with my soon to be empty spare bedroom?

ETA - Are there any members of TQC that you just want to shake and ask if they grew up in a bubble? If so, WHO ARE THEY?

(no subject)

On a scale of 100 to 100, how much do bike cops PISS YOU OFF?

And yes, I just got a speeding ticket, and am INFURIATED.

Will you tell me about a ticket you got that you thought was ridiculous?
screw u

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For those of you that dye your hair: best shampoo/conditioner to use?  I have been coloring my hair since I was 15 and haven't been able to find a good one.  Even the ones I get at the salon are crappy.

Are you a breakfast person?  If so, do you have a breakfast routine?

If there's a window nearby, what can you see out of it?

My friend's birthday is on Friday.  We're taking her to a San Jose Shark's game and would like to put something on the Jumbotron  for her.  What should we put?


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It's 2:14 and i am already sick of pirate talk! Anybody esle?

EDIT: Another question

Have you ever gone to the bathroom in front of someone?

I have in front of my two best friends and my mom. I dont think it's that odd, everybody poops!
On a regular basis, i would have conversations with my mom while i was on the toilet

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What did your parents do with your bedroom when you moved out?

For some reason I always expected them to keep it the same- with my bed, dresser, etc all there. I was so shocked when they told me they want to change it once I moved. Ha :-)
James Franco joint

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So how bad is Bittorrent for my computer? I needed it mainly to get an Office 2007 keygen...should I just immediately delete it, or exploit torrents?

Say you got the shittiest dorm on campus, and you were fully pissed about it. After a few days, you were settled, and okay with it because you don't spend a lot of time there, so you're good. But then you notice all of your belongings are covered in MOLD, including clothes, sheets, windows, papers, etc, and your best friend won't come over because the mold makes her sick. Would you move, or stay because you are too lazy to get your shit out?

EDIT: It's my friends dorm, of course I am not that dumb.
rainbow eye in the sky
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Is there a way to legally divorce one's blood family? If you have passed the age to apply for Emancipated Youth Status? What are the terms?
Edit: People don't seem to quite understand this question. This is after moving out, emphasis on legally. As in, so that on legal papers and any official business, i.e. college financial aid, etc., one is legally divorced from one's family.

What are the dangers of eating too many figs?
Beast mode!

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Every time I put my finger in my eye it hurts. And I get blood running out of my eyes. Plus, it grosses my friends out. Should I stop putting my finger in my eye, or just learn to deal with a little blood?

EDIT for real life altering question!: Which jacket should I buy?
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

BTW, I'm not serious with option 4, there is no way I'm spending $575 on a jacket.
Adam Tease

Two Unrelated Subjects

1. If you were a personal friend of a doctor or lawyer, would you be comfortable asking them for professional advice outside their office? Or would you feel it would be better to make an appointment to get their advice?

2. a. Have you ever taken a trip in one of those big campers? (The Winnebago type.) b. Do you own any type of camper? c. Do you use it?

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[dance] pink side to side

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1- Chocolate brown & Blood red = disaster or purdy colours?
2- When was the last time you werein a library?
3- What does one do in a city where there is no bus service and apparently nothing to do but stare at the four walls? (This is for my dear little sister.)
4- How are you this fine morning/afternoon/evening/dead of night? (Choose wisely.)

(no subject)

1. Have you ever "hit the wall" in competition?

I have to answer this question, but I don't understand what it's asking me... "hit the wall".... does that mean meet my match?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1) So I have some beef, some light coconut milk, and various spices and frozen vegetables and rice and stuff. How would I make a curry out of these? I'm a good cook but I have never made curry before.

2) Do you look at personals even if you're taken/married? I like looking at the ones on Craigslist and lolling.

3) Would you like to adopt Brownie? He's been at the shelter for 3 months, and it's breaking my heart. He's such a calm, sweet, squishy dog, and no one wants him.

4) What is the best kind of medicine for a cold/the flu?

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Is there a way to trick those website blocking things they put in school computers? Mine doesnt let me go to LJ because its an online community. Is there any way to trick it and be able to to at least some pages?

Because it doesnt let me go to any of the websites I like! For example youtube, facebook, postsecret. Is it possible to see those webpages through another way?

For Those Marriage Types...

Can you show me a picture of your wedding dress?
Or if you have yet to get married, a picture of a dress you'd like to wear?
Or.. if you're male, a picture of a dress you'd love to see your future wife wearing.

[edit to add]

What were the living arrangements during your engagement?
How long before you got married/will get married?

Have you ever been in a relatinoship where an engagement was called off? What's the story?


(no subject)

What's the best filling for rugelach?

What brand of barbecue sauce do you like the best?

Cake or pie? (Assume it's your favorite variety in either case.)

Lemonade, iced tea, or ice water?

Coffee, hot chocolate/cocoa, or tea?

(no subject)

I want to make cookies tonight. Dinosaur shaped cookies because I just bought dinosaur cookie cutters. I'll bring them to school tomorrow and share with everyone. But figuring I have 30 people per class and 6 classes, and I am not going to make 180 cookies, who should I give them to?

Or better yet, what should I make people do for a cookie?

I had this idea for cookies... I write on each "Sing a song" or "spin around in circles" or "tell me a secret" or other things similar, and I give them out to anyone, as long as that person does whatever is written on the cookie they chose. Should I do this tomorrow?

Even if I do not do it tomorrow, what things should I write on those cookies?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

cleaning stuff

The only vacuum cleaner I have right now is a crappy little thing, and it pretty much just makes a lot of noise and leaves all the crap in the carpet. And since I'm a girl with long hair, I shed lots of long hairs like nobody's business and that's no good. So:

1) What kind of vacuum do you have, and would you recommend it? Or is it shitty, because I could use that info to put on a 'stay away from' list. :)

2) Is it worth it to get a steam cleaner/vac thingie? If so, any suggestions?

3) I'm totally unmotivated to clean but my place is a disaster. How do you get pumped up to clean? Any good songs to get pumped up to? Links to youtube appreciated!


So if you find something funny, but no one else seems to do you question your sense of humor, just not care, or become more amused?
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Mamo Usa chest

(no subject)

  • Roughly how much does a vet appointment cost? My fiance and I have to take his cat to the vet for a check-up before we can bring him with us on our road trip (NY --> CA, we're moving, hence why we're bringing him).
  • Should we drug the poor thing up so he doesn't explode mid-drive?
  • What's the weirdest thing you've seen on a road trip? Scariest thing? Or if you haven't been on a road trip, just while driving somewhere?
  • What's your favorite bad habit?

(no subject)

In October I am going to New York.
I have never been to America before, so
1] what are things that I cannot leave without having done/seen?
- don't say Ellis Island, I had to do an exam on it and I have NO desire to go there.
2] Are there any places akin to London's Portobello Road or Camden Market?
3] Where are the best + cheapest places to get clothes?

EDIT: Also, what will the weather be like that time of year?
  • sejabop

In my crib

Do you ever just want to bitch slap someone??
If so, who and why??

*I want to bitch slap the dumb ass downstairs that keeps making his *heeyoo* call to who know's who.

Anyone out there know where the high pitched annoying *heeyoo* call came from?

Do they realize they sound like IDIOTS!!!!!?????????

Yarr, I have a Customs Question...

Is it worth buying my Macbook from the Apple Store in the US and getting it shipped to me here in Canada? Since the currencies are basically on par now, I could probably save a couple hundred bucks...but I'm not sure how much customs would charge me.

If so, would I still be able to get a student discount?

care package

I have a friend who is just starting her tour in Iraq. I want to mail her are care package. I've not done this before, and I'm looking for ideas.

Suggestions I've had so far are: phone cards and tootsie rolls.
  • __ria

(no subject)

how hot is the hottest person that you know? PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

why'd you do it? just answer me that and i'll let it go.

the answer is: uh, i don't think so. what's the question?

(no subject)

If you had to take this bus route four times a week to get to work, would you quit your job because taking said bus route is too difficult for you?

Would your answer be different if this was the bus route you had to take?

Would your answer be different if the reason you had to take this bus was because your SO could no longer drive you instead of you taking the bus because it was putting their GPA (or job) in jeopardy?

Would your answer be different if the buses were notorious for being late?

Settings: distance walking = 1 mi
minimize - transfers

1st Route:
2204 Enfield Road
2800 W Wells Branch Pkwy

2nd Route:
4800 Scarsdale Drive
2800 W Wells Branch Pkwy

(no subject)

Do you write your question and/or response for TQC in your word processing program before you post it?

Do you laugh out loud when you read something funny?  Do you talk back to the screen at the movies?

  • 21six

(no subject)

How much exposure does an event need before you'd rather sodomize [or sodomise, if you're one of those people] yourself with a large, cumbersome, gardening tool than hear about it?

Why is Timbaland in every rap video, ever?


If you've read any of the Pirates! books by Gideon Defoe, what are your favourite bits/lines? (right now I'm loving a bit in Pirates! In an Adventure With Communists, where the bad guy is all messed up because people used to laugh at his fanfiction which was slash of philosophers)
Have you spoken in a piratical way today yet? yarrr!
Anyone for a small fandom link swap?
Are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year?
Not like I'm holding my breath or ever expecting this to actually happen, but, have any of you ever had an experience where  you like someone, they reject you because there's nothing 'there' for them other than strong friendship... then a while later they change their minds?
Your favourite picture right now?
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

Okay, hockey fans, show your colors. What team are you pulling for this season?
How's your team doing in the pre-season so far?
Sharks didn't win last night and I can't watch pre-season games, I'm sad. *sob*

Which TQCers live in the SF Bay Area? Just poke your hand out real quick, then you can go back to hiding, okay?

(no subject)

I want junk food. I'm kind of in the mood for McDonalds. Is it worth it to walk the five blocks to get it? Or should I get some other kind of junk food, even though I'm not particularly in the mood for anything else, that I could find at a basic deli/grocery store? And if so, what should I get?

I hate hard decisions.
fair trade coffee
  • segunyo

iPod song

I live in Australia.

I just saw the new iPod commercial - it shows the little
tiny iPods and playing in it is the video of a song.  It has a lady in a shiny blue...jumpsuit? Dancing around and singing. Reminds me of the voice of Maria Mena but I don't know who it is and had difficulties understanding the words to the song.

Anybody know??

I found the answer elsewhere so new questio n - what do you think of Arj Barker? Any recommendations of things he is in that are frawesome??

I <3 him

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What's your irrational fear?

I have an irrational fear of my thoughts affecting the outcome of real events. I am especially never too sure of the future, just because in my experience, if I'm certain something will happen, it won't.

Is it wrong that I think Vanilla Ice looks hot these days? No, no, don't answer that.
Who's your guilty pleasure celebrity crush? Or guilty pleasure anything (person or thing)?
Steve Away
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Poll #1057882 Champions League

Which Champions League fixture should I watch this evening?

Sporting-Man Utd
Roma-Dynamo Kiev
PSV Eindhoven-CSKA Moscow
Slavia Praque-Steaua Bucharest

sad face

If you have naturally curly hair could using a lot of products throughout a few years ruin the natural curl?

A few months ago I died my hair back to a blond a bit lighter than my natural blond. Since then my hair will not curl at all. Not even the underneath pieces which are usually tight curls. I'm really sad about it.
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1. What was the last thing that an ex did to you that made you (mentally or verbally) go 'WTF'?

2. What would your reaction be if an ex (who knows that you are totally and completely over them) sought you out specifically to inform you that he/she just got engaged?

3. For those of you in or graduated from college: What school did/do you go to, and what was your Residential Life department like?

My answers:

1. My ex-bf whom I've been broken up with for almost a year now asked to see me in person to talk to me (we rarely talk even over the internet, and never on the phone), to tell me that he just got engaged to the girl he was seeing before me. Not in a mean way. I have not a clue in the world why, though.

2. "Wow! 'grats! that's awesome!" genuine reaction, surprisingly enough.

3. Currently at Stetson University. Our reslife dept is moderately evil, but it's gotten better since they hired a new person to run it.

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TQC, find me boots.

I'm not a huge fan of boots, so find me some really cute/nice ones. I prefer them without a prominent heel and around mid-calf in height.

Will you link to some nice boots?
Will you show me some cute/pretty/nice outfits that will change my view on boots?
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Flights & Liquids

Murr. Nowadays you're not allowed to have more than 3 ounces of liquid in a carry on. I have this gel that is 1.8 FLUID ounces. I know ounces and fluid onces are not exactly the same, but would it be allowed?
_support, Gracious Good Afternoon!

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Dearest TQC (that's funny because I fell off the face of the earth months ago, right?),

One of my employees asked me today what to do about a creditor who, after being authorized to process a check-by-phone for $200, proceeded to do it again.  Twice, at one month intervals.  They said they had stopped it when she called after the first unauthorized withdrawal, but lo and behold they've done it again.  Only this time, there wasn't $200 in the account, so now she's kind of screwed.

She'd like to know what to do about this.  I suggested going to the state Attorney General to ask for help; anyone know of any other options?

Bonus points to anyone who puts "my employee" in quotes in the comments.  If it doesn't happen at least once, I'll have to die from despair of the trusting nature of the internets.

Gift question:

Due to medical issues, I have accrued over $75,000 in medical debt. Every year my neighborhood has a BBQ. One of my neighbors has helped to make this years BBQ a fund-raiser for me. She has also put together a raffle and a cookbook to sell, all on her own time. I plan on writing her a thank you letter after the BBQ but I'd also like to get her a gift to show my appreciation. Do you have any suggestions?
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you're hired!

Suppose you are interviewing people for a job which requires a lot of client interaction

1 - Arrives on time, has a good knowledge and gives excelent answers, but he's dressed like
This guy, but without the fingers up - he also says he doesn't dress up for anyone. He has good references, and is a great communicator

2 - is 30 minutes late, well presented, knowledgable and a good communicator, all his references say that he's a terrible timekeeper, and arrives to important meetings late

3 - arrives on time, well presented, and obviously knowledgable - but he's a very poor communicator, gives only one or 2 word answers, and makes no effort to expand on things - the references say that talking to him is like getting blood from a stone

4 - arrives on time, well presented, and a great communicator - but he doesn't seem to know his stuff - references say that he needs other people to write his reports, but presents everything superbly

5 - on time, well presented, knowledgable, good references - but he has a bad stammer

6 - on time, well presented, knowledgable, good references, great communicator - but he has a face like this

so - who do you hire - the bosses really want someone from this group.
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What's the funniest quote someone has said to you recently? 

Mine -

While my older friend was buying me alcohol, I was telling him this crazy story from my summer, including but not limited to same-sex hookups and cheating and taintedness, and as he was about to check out I was like "Oh by the way, we have to put this in my trunk so my parents don't see it."  To which he replies...

"I think your parents would be more upset about you becoming a lesbian over the summer than about finding a bottle of vodka in your car!" 

And I don't know why, but that pretty much made me die laughing. 

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When you write in your LJ do you write as if people are reading (ex: As you all know, I had a test today) or do you write it as if you were writing in a paper/pen journal (no interaction with readers, aside from comments)?
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What do you think is the youngest a kid can fully enjoy Disney theme parks?

I ask because I went when I was thirteen to Disney World for the first time (and thought I was "too old" to see the magic at the time), but then I went to Disneyland at 19 and had even more fun than I had at Disney World (probably because I was with a friend). I think at least six or seven would be the age at which a child's parents would get their money's worth, because by that age a child won't get so tired walking and can ride a lot of the rides and actually understand what's going on.

What is the best family vacation/excursion you've ever taken? It can be as simple as a barbecue or Christmas dinner.

inspired by _ignatius's question

Oh, Dr.TQC, why do i have an irrational fear of anything from like... 1880-1920? music, movies, clothes, styles, furniture... it all creeps me out. a LOT. to the point where i avoid these things.

prime examples:
those button up boots woman wore with the heel
circus-y things from that time frame(i'm not scared of the modern day circus). like this place. i would not go back unless you paid me a million dollars. oh my GOD.
movies, especially A Trip to the Moon
news reels, news paper articles

seriously. i just spent 10 minutes googling that movie to find the title, and when i finally found it and looked at the google images i started to kinda freak out. we watched it in 4th grade and i was so scared i almost started crying.
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I have to give a speech tomorrow and I'm really nervous. I hate talking in front of a lot of people. Have any tips for me? Like how to do well or at least calm my nerves.

What is the most nerve racking thing you've ever done?
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Do you like to write essays?

Have you ever had fun writing ANY essay? (Despite whether or not you like them.)
Umm, and what's this topic you CLAIM to be fun?


Hey, you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but if you have, or had a boyfriend that didn't do or even say anything about your anniversary, would you be upset at him?
(With the relationship only being about from 1-4 months old, remind you!!)

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Do people you have used chopsticks all or most of there life have problems eating rice with forks?

(reason for ask I use chopsticks I am amazing with them but I used forks most of my life till I bought chopsticks but I have problems eating rice with forks now)

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Reckon The Chasers are going to get sued for the Shrek segement in tonight's episode?

EDIT: Can any australian confirm that the new Terry Pratchett book is actually out here, now? Because I am going to cry like a little baby if I go to Dymocks tomorrow and it's not there, and that could be a wee bit embarrassing.

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What is the strangest (non food) object you've ever swallowed?

Collapse )

I really want string cheese right now. It's 10:30pm, I have a car, and the grocery store is about 2 miles away. Should I go get some? NM. I went and got some. :)

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Inspired by a conversation with __ria last night...

Giving myself a buzz cut -- yay or nay? My girlfriend will probably be mortified, but I'm tired of what I've got. Or should I just suck it up and put down the cash for a regular haircut?

Pics for your reference:
love flower

Coupledom ...

My friends and I were talking about this earlier and some of their answers surprised me. So I thought I would ask you guys.

When do you think people dating start becoming a couple? When you stop dating other people? When you start sleeping together? When he (you) starts spending the night (and not because someone was too drunk to go home)? When you have the talk? Or is it something else? When do you think you really start moving from just dating to becoming a couple?

Waitressingg hurts my feett.

I just started my first waitressing job two days ago, and I'm now starting to serve on my own. As hokey as this sounds, it's my first real job and I wanna be good at it.

Any tips from a more experienced waitress/waiter?
***Any tips from a customers point of view? What bugs you? What do you like your server to do?

How many people here have had waiter/waitressing jobs? Even just for week, just curious :)

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What can I combine with Smirnoff (the grape, watermellon, etc. flavors) to get absolutely shitfaced quicker, and if possible, without throwing up?  What do you mix to get to the point of shitfacedness without barfing?  Is there such a magical concoction?
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If your friend tells you something personal in confidence, is it okay for you to tell your significant other?

Regardless of whether you think it's right or not, do you do this?
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1. In two separate fantasy novels I've read recently, the narrator/main character has commented on the fact that a wondrous thing about a certain fairy tale was not that a harp made out of a dead woman's bones played by itself, but that a minstrel was inspired to make a harp out of a corpse. What is the story these are commenting on? Who originally wrote it?

2. What is this tree/fruit? It is most definitely not a lychee. It grows in the Pacific Northwest, softens as it ripens and has a translucent, yellow-white, pulpy interior not unlike a plum's in colour but with little seeds in it reminiscent of a guava, of all things. I licked a bit of the juice from my hand and found it sweet and smelling of watermelon, and I'm not dead or sick yet. :P

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So there is a Megadeth show in D.C. and my boyfriend and I are going down there for it to sightsee and it's the only show nearby that he can make it to.

I don't know Megadeth music very well. Should I get a ticket and go with him anyway and possibly enjoy myself more than I think I will or should I stay at his friends apartment by myself while he goes to the show with his friends?

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You are given the opportunity to do one thing that's usually considered wrong, bad for you, and/or illegal, with no consequences. The only stipulation is that you cannot do it for monetary gain. Would you do it? What would you do? 

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Feed Me

What feeds do you read? Do you have a favorite feed? Would you post your feed links with a short description so others can check them out? What do you read your feeds with?

Here's mine: - CNN Top Stories - Slashdot - The Register's Science News

I'd say that my favorite feed is Slashdot because the news is interesting and the comments are often a riot. I read my feeds with Opera, the Swiss Army Knife Of Browsers.

would you rather... well, you know.

Hey ya'll.. it's time for the next installment of...

"Would you Rather... ?"

1. Be completely hairless or have wookie-style hair?
2. Have one blind eye or one deaf ear?
3. Lose control of your fingers or toes?

4. Never be able to lie again, or have every word that comes out of your mouth be a lie? (Liar, Liar style)
5. Have the ability to fly or have super-speed?
6. Have unlimited money or the promise of happiness for the next 365 days?

7. Be the hated boss or hate your boss?
8. Give a present that the recipient hated or receive a present you cannot stand?
9. Fart loudly (and smelly) at a job interview or throw up on your SO's parents?

10. Give up your bed or your toilet for a week?
11. Have a clean bathroom or clean kitchen?
12. Sleep naked in bed next to your weirdest teacher or weirdest peer?

MONEY (let's say both jobs pay equally)
13. Work as a chicken decapitator or a fish gutter?
14. Have a job as a sex-toy demonstrator or a job cleaning used sex toys? (NO GLOVES, people!)
15. Spend your work day listening to screaming kids or bitching adults?
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Birthright recruiter

Has anyone ever been a recruiter for Birthright Israel? 
If you recruit a certain amount of people (in my case, they're asking for 10), they let you go on the trip even if you've already gone. If you've done it, and came up a couple of people short, did they still let you go?
Should I try to recruit people from TQC? Or is that against some sort of community rule?