September 18th, 2007


FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been on every diet out there.
What is the best way to lose weight you guys?????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!
I need to lose 10 lbs, the same 10 lbs I've been trying to lose for a YEAR!!!!!!
I tried low carb, I tried vegan, I tried South Beach, I tried the raw diet, pooh pooh pooh pooh!
I walk a lot...I do sit ups, I swim, hate gym and hate diets.
Anything out there work for any of you???
I work a lot so social drinking is one of my *get offs*
Usually drink white wine and once in a while I have a nachos.
petit prince

plz help me choose my feelinz

scenario: my friends and i just handed in our thesis papers today. i've been working with one friend on campus basically the whole summer. another friend of ours had been working at home, so we didn't see her very much. the three of us planned (since friday) to take a little day trip tomorrow to oxford to catch up and relax. study-at-home friend just called to say that her boyfriend took her to oxford tonight to celebrate and he proposed to her, she is now too tired to/uninterested in going back tomorrow.

if you were in this situation, what would your reaction be with regards to canceling the plans?

also, what is your least favorite cheese?
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(no subject)

1. What's on your mind?
2. When was the last time you were kissed? Who kissed you?
3. Why is grease paint so awesome?
4. What do you think of whole milk?
5. Where'd you get your icon?
6. Who are you?
7. What are the first ten songs to come up on your mp3/iPod/other music player on shuffle?
8. How old are you?
9. Do you consider yourself a "grown-up"? When did you start thinking that?

Edit: Answering my own questions. Can't sleep either.
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(no subject)

me and my best friend are going on a photo scavenger hunt this weekend. she's in charge of driving and i am taking over everything else (especially in regards to where we'll end up! i'm looking to see what cities we can go to that we've never been to before)

i am trying to think of things to put on a list that we'll both rely on come Saturday, so far.. i have a Volkswagon bug, a picture of one of us holding a copy of a Mean Girls dvd, a vanity licensed plate, someone with a tattoo (bonus points for a tramp stamp tattoo)

so, what things can we take pictures of/with/in? and what can we take pictures doing? anything that doesn't have to do with us kissing/making out/getting naked is a GO. :)
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Recommend a Book?

I am doing some traveling the next few weekends and need new things to read. Can anyone recommend a book they have read an enjoyed that is non-fiction and about a prevalent social issue? In exchange, here is a short list of things I've recently read and enjoyed, and would recommend to others.

-The Omnivores Dilemma (about industrial food production in America)
-The Working Poor (about impoverished Americans and causes/effects)
-Is Bill Cosby Right? Or has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind? (about racial issues)
-Geography of Nowhere (about the suburbanization of America)
-The Price of Motherhood (about economical choices women make, and causes/effects)
-The Two-Income Trap (about economic burdens and two-parent working households)
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(no subject)

For those that have pets, and either currently have, have in the past had or plan to at some point have boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives/significant others/whatever you refer to them as:

If your pets did not like your significant other, would that change the way you looked at them? Would you still stay with them? Does it earn them "extra points" if your pets like them? What about if your significant other didn't like your pets?

For everyone else:

How is your week going? How did you sleep last night?

What is something that you are very picky about that seems unimportant to most people?

What is one of your pet peeves?
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(no subject)

more hypothetical questions, yay!

you are an 18 year old living in a decent sized suburb. you have no car and no job, and your parents refuse to let you use the car, give you gas money, or really help you in any way. your goal is to get a full time job, and eventually move to a town about 30 minutes away, where a number of your friends already live. you have three years total job experience, although not much in retail or fast food.

how do you accomplish your goal?

another question! if you know any males aged 19-21ish, how many jobs have they held? i know this 20 year old guy, who's mentioned four jobs in passing (two fast food, one retail, and one decent full time job, from which he just got laid off). is this normal? all my other friends have mostly had one or two jobs, and one's held the same job for two years, and i personally intend on staying with my current company until i'm done with school and am ready to start a career... so having at least 4 jobs, and probably more like 6 or 7, in 2 years, sounds a bit off to me.

eta: how far is too far to walk to work? 1 mile? 2 miles? 5?


(no subject)

What song(s) would you want to have sex to?

edit: I need to study for the GRE exam. If you have taken it, how did you prepare? Did you buy GRE prep books (if so which ones) or did you take a GRE class (was it helpful)?
run and scream

What do we do?

My husband and I moved into a pleasant apartment complex several months ago. Aside from some minor annoyances (that are expected when living in close proximity to strangers) it's really great. It's clean, relatively quiet, and cheap (but looks nice).

However, recently a new problem has started. We're guessing it was about two weeks ago, three max, when the yelling started. Yes, yelling.

By the sounds of his voice (we have yet to see him) a middle aged man (forties?) almost constantly yells VERY LOUDLY. It sounds like he's sneezing really loud, but then ends it with a "hahahaha" on the end of it. We think he's probably mentally handicapped by the sound of it. (Just the way his voice sounds. It's not an angry yell or anything like that, just a consistent one.)

He yells the most often in the morning (6-7am through just before lunch, at least ten times an hour...usually more) and late at night (starting around 9 pm through about midnight, again, quite a few times an hour). He does it throughout the day as well, but not as consistently. It's the worst at night.

I think he lives in the building next to us since it's loud enough to hear even with the windows closed, but not like it's coming above us or something (we live on the first floor). But sometimes he wanders around and does it (we can tell because it gets louder or quieter depending on how close he is to our building).

When we moved in, the woman in the office said that if there were ever any noise problems we should write an anonymous note saying who is making what kind of noise on what days/times and turn it in. But we don't know who it is or even where he lives exactly.

What would you all recommend we do? We've been trying to ignore it, but I think it's getting worse. It's especially bothersome when we're trying to sleep!

(no subject)

1. What's a place you've never been that you really want to visit, and 2. why?

I'd like to check out Macau, for several reasons: the postcolonial mix of cultures and the combination of the very old and the booming and modern is fascinating to me. Plus, approximately half of the things I've read about the place make it sound kind of awful and garish in its crass commercialism, which I find perversely compelling and feel the need to see for myself. Finally, it's a quick boat trip from Hong Kong, which I already know I like, so I could do it in a day.

(no subject)

So now that Chiquita admitted to giving money to terrorists, what should Congress mandate that we call the banana?

My vote is for freedom fruit. Or a liberty apple. I know, it's not actually an apple, but the apple is a symbol of america and the banana is now a symbol of the terrrrrrrrists.
wakka wakka


Does the idea of sex ever turn you off from sex?

That's horribly worded probably but maybe you get the gist. I just feel like everyone is sleeping with everyone and there's no "first kiss" anymore, now it's "first fuck." It kind of breaks my heart and then I want to stay away from sex - which I feel bad about because I have a bf who I do have sex with but not so much lately since I've felt like this.

Does anyone feel the same at all? Even a little bit?

btw: This is not me saying that sex is a bad thing or anyone who has sex/multiple partners is a bad person or omgz a sinner. I guess I just feel very disheartened with society.

(no subject)

1. What did you have for dinner, the last time you had it?

2. What did you have for lunch, the last time you had it?

3. What did you have for breakfast, the last time you had it?

My answers:

1. A mushroom pizza.
2. A cheese and marmite panini from Starbucks and a light caramel frappuccino.
3. A tall skinny caramel latte and a pain au chocolat... again from Starbucks, haha. I walk past it every time I drop the kids off/pick them up from school, it's hard to resist.



I need real-life experience stories.

I'm thinking of going back on birth-control to regulate my periods (well, and as birth control, too). Ergo, it needs to be hormonal. However, in the past, the four different pills I tried gave me extreme mood swings and made my sex drive COMPLETELY disappear. The lower dose pills I tried gave me breakthrough bleeding.

Anyone have similar hormone sympatico problems and yet found a pill that worked for them, so I can ask about it at my doctor's appointment today?
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(no subject)

 At my parents house, they just bought a new trash can that opens and closes when you wave your hand over a sensor.

How lazy have we become?
Do you have any "lazy" appliances?  If you do, what are they?
[lost] Goodbye lost

Too much?

Hi TQC. I am a newly single mom and my son is very active. He has played soccer for 2 seasons and he did 4 weeks of swimming durring the summer too. He starts football today and after football is over he wants to do karate, and then boy scouts. He has shown intrest in music lessons (or I have anyway) and wants to play soccer again. My question is this. How many activities is too much? I am not pushing him to do anything, he makes up his own mind, but I jokingly say that I am riding my dreams to an olympic swimmer and maybe a world cup soccer player and so on. Do you guys think this is bad? I don't want to become an overbearing mom. 

eta: I forgot to mention he is 6. sorry :)
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(no subject)

1) If a company requests you e-mail, fax, or mail in your resume and cover letter, which would you do? Which do you think the company prefers?

2) What liquids do you drink that aren't normally intended for consumption? (Such as pickle brine or olive juice)
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(no subject)

So, I decided on a theme for my birthday: celebrity!
Everybody will come dressed as a celeb and party vip style, yeah yeah yeah.
BUT- I don't know who to be. I was thinking Posh&Becks, but "my becks" aka the SO is in England training to play for chelsea :-( therefore I'm Becks-less
I need ideas!
I was thinking maybe Kat Von D?
I'm 5'10" btw so obviously a semi-tall/tall celeb


Movies Without Speech

I never thought to ask this question here before, but surely some of you would know. What movies are there that do not have any dialogue at all? I don't mean movies where "dialogue is not important" but movies with no speech at all? Have there actually been any since the silent movie era? I honestly don't know! Basically I'm interested in any movies, included animated movies, that don't have any speech at all (I'm not counting music here). I'm deaf so the question is relevant to me.
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

I am a journalism major and yesterday we watched a movie on media bias. The movie was an attack on Fox News and it basically ran down the case of how their news is not fair and balanced. We then had to write a few examples from the movie and talk about "how not to report." While there were a couple conservatives in the movie attacking Fox News, the movie had a liberal slant.

Now I am pretty far left, but for some reason this is bothering me. I feel like it's this kind of thing that makes people think journalism schools are almost always liberal feeding grounds.

1. Am I nuts or was this not a good idea for them to show us?
2. Should I suggest a different movie about media bias without a slant?
3. What movies or books are good on fair media and reporting?

(no subject)

My fiance and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary (since we've been dating, not since we've gotten engaged) later this month. I want to get him something special but I can't really think of anything. He likes video games, movies, books (historical stuff, graphic novels, and philosophy), books on tape, and anime. I don't know if I should get him something along those lines or something more romantic.

What should I get him?

What was the best gift you ever received?

What was the most romantic gift?
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What song that is currently on the radio do you wish would disappear?

Mine's a tie between that Gwen Stefani song (Woo-woo, weeee-oooo!) and that hey there Delilah song.

(no subject)

If you have ever moved far away from home what was something other than the people in your life that you missed about where you moved from?

For me, its really torture to not be able to watch the Cubs on tv or even listen to them on the radio if I wanted.
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(no subject)

Today I'd like to know what is your favorite song by:

Pet Shop Boys?
Gladys Knight (with or w/o the Pips)?
Frankie Valli (with or w/o the Four Seasons)?

Have you ever repeated basically the same question unintentionally?

If yes, when you realized it, did you feel mortified, mildly embarrassed, indifferent?  Something else?


We're big on Price Club (Costco), and are IN LOVE with their five-pound bag of frozen tortellini.

But we keep just topping it with red sauce out of a jar and cheese.

Any ideas for other things to do with tortellini that dont just make it pasta-and-red-sauce?

Thanks :) 

ETA: It's four cheese tortellini. :)

Banned Books Week

September 29-October is Banned Books Week. Here is the Top 100 Most Challenged Books. Which ones to do you recommend? Why do you think they are always being challenged? 

If you could add controversial books to this list what would they be and why? 

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(no subject)

if you're married, did you have sex on your wedding night?

it's 5pm on a weekday.. what intersection (in the city that you live) is best to avoid if you're trying to beat rush hour traffic?

would you tell me a random fact abour your best friend? her socks never match.

(no subject)

1 What is the best compliment you (personally) can receive about your home/ your space?
2 Favorite candy bar?
3 Have you ever had/ when was the last time you were so very sad? (Why were you so very sad?)
4 What kind of car do you drive? (Year/ make/ model)
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(no subject)

1. Do you ever tip a clerk at a convenience store? Not somebody who makes something or serves you, but someone who stocks shelves and rings you up.

2. What type of shoes do you wear most frequently?

3. How can I motivate myself to get my shit done?

4. If you see somebody in a restaurant (ETA: somebody who works there) do something unsanitary, do you approach that person? Do you speak to a manager? Do you just let it slide?

My answers in comments :)

(no subject)

does anybody know that statistic about cigarettes that equates one pack to a certain time of your life that you wont have? like, they did some study that indicates that smoking one package of cigarettes will take __ amount of days/weeks/months/years off of your lifespan. anyone heard this before?

EDIT: and where you heard it from if possible.

(no subject)

1. Do electric toothbrushes really clean better than manual ones? My boyfriend bought one for us recently and I'm not sure I really like it. But if it really does clean better, I'm willing to keep at it for a bit.

2. For those of you who took swimming lessons, how long did it take for you to learn to swim? I mean from the first time you stepped into the pool until you were able to tread water and feel confident in deep waters. It's been two months for me and I feel like progress is sooo slow. I particularly have problems with putting my head in the water and NOT taking a breath. I always end up with a mouthful of water. : ( Do you have any tips for me in this matter? I'm going to Aruba early next year and I'd like to go snorkeling but it seems like it's going to be impossible if I can't even stick my face in the water.
MA: country walking

(no subject)

1. Can you respect your parents as your parents, but not respect them as individuals?

2. Is there anything about your SO that embarrasses you (physically or in their personality)?

3. How many (internet) bookmarks do you have? I just counted...I have 279! WTF.

4. How do you organize your bookmarks? Do you have folders for ones that are related? Like "Funny things", "School", etc.

5.How do you use your bookmarks? Are they links you want to keep for future reference, or like a quick note to yourself to come back to them later?
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(no subject)

What incident from your childhood opened your eyes to some new and perhaps unpleasant reality?

Aside from the fact that you found out Santa and the Tooth Fairy didn't exist. I mean...of course they're real.
unknown variable

Just to be evil...

...cuz I already know the answer.

9:31 AM 9/18/07 · Before I ask, I do have one request. I want you to try and answer this without looking it up first. At most you can look it up by hunting down the song to download and listen but that's it. If you decide to cheat at least say so in your answer.

Marilyn Manson has a song called Down In the Park. In the very beginning of it there is a garbled transmission that has its origins in a particular movie. Can you tell me what movie that is?
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(no subject)

In the middle of physics class I heard one of my friends say my name to someone else. I turned around and he gave me a look like I wasn't supposed to hear that. Later he told me he said he was going to egg my house. Then he said he did not say this.

What did he say?

regina happy

(no subject)

Dear TQC,
My last day of my current job is Friday, September 28. I have 26.5 hours of unused sick/personal time. Should I call out sick for the rest of the week?
What mystery illness should I have?

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(no subject)

Annoying question but i'd love the help.

I'm moving into a house with 5 of my friends, we're all at university and all have laptops on pretty much 24/7.
We're looking into pckage deals with Sky tv, Phoneline & broadband.
The package best for us has broadband offered at 2mg downlaod rate.
I don't understand what this means, it's confusing us all! So is this okay for 6 laptops.. will they be superslow?

. If parents want to sent their children to a fee paying school but can only afford for the eldest to go, should they just sent them all to a comprehensive?

. Do you drive places you could easily walk and should easily walk? Where?

. Which desperate housewife are you?
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Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

1) What is your favorite Pink Floyd song?

2) What was the last thing you did that you're proud of yourself for?

3) My old boss at the Ford dealership called to set up an interview for a different position. I didn't mind working there, I just left because they had no full time work for me, now they're looking for a full time title/billing clerk. Depending on the pay, should I go back if the job offer is extended to me?

4) What is your favorite unit of currency within the system your region uses? Why? Where do you live?

1) I really enjoy Us And Them, The Trial, and Wish You Were Here.

2) I made the most professional and ~fancy~ looking business letter evar.

3) I'm wondering if it'd be something I'd regret, or not.

4) I really like quarters. They're fun and useful. I live in the US.

(no subject)

what are some good street teams I can join for music? Not the ones that make you print out the fliers and such but they'll send them to you to hand out.

Im already on streetcult and thestreetnetwork but I want to join some other ones.
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10th anniversary edition!

Of the following albums released in 1997 that I chose at random, which are your favorites?

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I'd say my favorites from that list are Shania, Fleetwood Mac, and Janet. I'm a big Celine and Mariah fan, but I don't think those two albums are their best. (I know, I know, it's BLAPSHEMYZOMG! to say that Butterfly isn't the ultimate shining moment in Mariah's illustrious career, but most of the songs weren't that great to me. Except The Roof, that one rocks my world.)
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The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

TQC, do you have a user pic that has tongue on it?
I've noticed that a lot of you do. Plz comment with it.

What is a body part you could really live without? (For this scenario, pretend that the part isn't vital and that you won't fall over or die if you get rid of it.) Me, I'd get rid of feet. Ick.

(no subject)

1) What are your three favorite songs by your favorite artist?

2) Three least favorite?

3) What are you doing tonight?

4) Anyone have funny, mildly to moderately politically incorrect names for my trivia team? 
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A Literary Question

I've never read a Jane Austin book. I sorta want to. My main genre has been in the sci-fi fantasy with a dash of romantic vamp/werewolf stuff. However, I LOVE the Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice movies. At any rate, I've decided that I am at the point in my life where I may enjoy one. Which would you guys recommend for a Victorian beginner?

*cross-posted to my own journal*
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tv - eric and donna OTP

(no subject)

1. Should parents (k-12) pay for textbooks that are used in public schools, either to rent or buy them?
2. Did your parents (or you, if you are a parent) have to pay textbook fees?
3. What are some words that used to have negative connotations but now have positive ones?
4. Would you rather have multiple choice questions or free response with a chance of partial credit?

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regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

A woman in Australia is suing her doctor because she had IVF and ended up with twins instead of just one baby like she wanted

The couple, whose combined income exceeds A$100,000 (US $82,875), are seeking A$398,000 (US $329,000) to cover the costs of raising one of the girls, including private school fees. They also want around A$15,000 (US $12,427) to compensate them for time off work and medical expenses.

If you were the judge in this case, would you award them the money they're asking for, a lesser sum, or nothing at all?

(no subject)

Do you get embarrassed saying certain words/names?

Are there some words that you say and hear every day but sometimes they sound so freakin weird? I just said "screen" and was like, wtf? lol

Oh boy...

I need some ideas, TQC!!!!!!!!

I'm taking a powerpoint class this semester. The teacher posted the instructions for our midterm project...we can do it on anything we want.

The teacher has a great sense of humor...


TQC, what should I do my project on!?!?

(no subject)

Out of the white moderate, the white police, and the white church, which do you feel was most responsible for injustice and inequality in the late 1960s?

It's for English. I already have my stance written, but I'm having trouble with the counterattacks.
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(no subject)

what is supposed to be conveyed (besides idiocy) by dragging out the last letter of a word? Sometimes it seems like it's in place of ellipses (because we all know how hard it is to type ...), but sometimes there seems to be no reason why the person decides 'way' has eleven 'y's.
2 - I didn't quite get hear that

2 quick things

There's a Q&A making the rounds around LJ and one of the questions answers has been bugging me. It's one of those Do you remember your 1st kiss? sort of deals but a lot of people have been responding they can't remember the name of the person. This strikes me, do you remember your first kiss and who did it?

I'm reading a book by the author whose work inspired the Bones TV show. It's a great read but the summary on the back sucks. Since clearly the author doesn't do it, who writes the blurbs on the back of most paperback novels?
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The Dude Abides

Bonus Room ?s

If you had an extra room in your place of residence and a couple thousand dollars to do anything you wanted to do to that room, what would you do?

If you had to choose between putting an air hockey table, a foosball table or a ping pong table in an extra room you had which one would you choose?
Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

A. In regards to the student being tasered (article here), do you think the cops used unnecessary force or that they had a right to do what they did?

B. If you needed money for whatever reason, let's say it's important (debt, medical bills, help with school, etc) and someone who was well off offered to help out and loan/give you the money, would you accept it? Like if it were a very old person with no family but a TON of money or a celebrity you knew well or someone with a high paying job and no kids... whatever the case may be.
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(no subject)

1.  How fast do germs move?  Like, within the 10 seconds of the 10 second rule, how much bacteria can climb onto my hot pocket?

2.  What do you know about modern Greek culture that would be cool to reserach for my Sociology project?

3.  How the crap do I make a power point?  -challenged-

4.  Favorite kind of OJ?  I like the Naked kind!
cat in the hat

evel dick and daniele.

for big brother US watchers:

i know they are going to share the money, but they have been fighting in the house all week about who is going to win.

which donato is going to win Big Brother tonight?

which of these winnars would you vote for if you were on the jury?

(no subject)

i told my brother about the following things at my school that happen yearly, and he was a little surprised by #2, but i'm so used to it that it doesn't seem strange. does/did your school do anything specifically for its students, or annual event that is always a good time?

and what do you think of my school events?

1. a school event called Treasure Hunt where selected seniors lead groups of 10+ kids from all grades around Rome in search of clues. it's pretty much the only thing that the school does as a community. we're not allowed to use motorcycles/cars which many people have, and have to take a picture at each place to prove we went.

2. our annual cross-dress day that the boys seem to get hyped up about more than the girls.

3. senior slave day: each senior is sold at an auction, where the other grades and teachers get to bid on someone, and the proceeds go to either a school cause, or a cause that the school supports. EDIT the seniors are told to do ridiculous things like wear a towel and sing " A Whole New World" to the headmaster etc, it's not degrading at all.

#1 is always in the fall, and it's actually tomorrow. #2 is whenever the student council says so. #3 is always in the late spring.
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(no subject)

1. What craptastic song do you really like right now?
Do It Well by Jennifer Lopez

2. What craptastic song do you really hate right now?

3. What Disney movies do you think are underrated?
Pocahontas and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame are so much better than people give them credit for, IMO. And Pete's Dragon and Bedknobs and Broomsticks for the mostly live-action set.

4. What Disney movies do you think are overrated?
Ok, The Lion King is really good and all, and the soundtrack is amazing, but I think there's so many Disney movies that are way better than this one.

5. What's your favorite Disney movie?
Beauty and the Beast, followed by Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, and Pocahontas.

6. Why do I fail at HTML?
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(no subject)

Today was the best day ever because I learned that I'll be trading in my shitty, decade old computer for a Macbook in a few days.

1.) WHAT SHOULD I NAME IT?!?!? It's white. Extra points for lulz.
2.) If you have a macbook, what do you love/hate most about it?

(no subject)

I still have feelings for an exboyfriend that broke up with me in the spring of 2006. We were together for almost five years. I now live with my current boyfriend of about four months.

I hate that I still constantly think about the ex, and I hate that I compare the new guy with the old one.

Dear TQC, when will I stop having these feelings?
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fast but not nasty

Hey guys, I'm going on a camping trip this weekend, and my friend is taking alcohol requests.  I want something that has the potential to get me fucked up fast, but that does not taste nasty.  I'm a sensitive little one haha.  A friend of mine suggested Pucker-any thoughts on that one? 


Oh how I curse you...

Okay, I am trying to find a suitcase that can hold a sword of mine that is 40 inches long. I am looking at a suitcase that is 30" x 20" X 12". Will it fit diagonally?

AND if it doesn't fit, how big do I need the case to be?
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Stanley Steemer!


Listen, we are moving on the weekend, and we live in Brisbane (Australia not Cali!).

Our new house has HIDEOUS wrapping paper. I mean wallpaper (forgive me I've had half a bottle of champagne). And I am determined to get rid of it before we move in.

So how do I rent a steamer to strip the wallpaper?? Where, I mean, what do I do? I've never done this before, and a search for "Steamer" in the yellow pages does NOT yield the results I seek.

I am an American trying to make my way in Australia. Help!
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Will you catch me?

Is it just me, or does anybody else with long hair find hair all over everything? On the carpet, in the sheets, on the pillows, in the laundry - on my feet when I walk around on the carpets

Do you find the hair too? Or is it just me?

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find a good icon that's related to school? I'm not looking for witty statements so much as a sort of nostalgic text over an image of, say, a classroom. I could make one myself, but I'm lazy and have a lot of other stuff I'd like to do right now...

(no subject)

Do you drink Vitamin Water? What's your favorite? I like the raspberry/apple with zinc.. I'm hoping it will help me stay well this fall/winter!
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My MSN won't open. I double click the desktop icon, nothing. I click on the start menu icon, NOTHING! I opened it from the programs menu and it opened, but then I closed it like I normally would (with the X) and it disappeared instead of going into the systray...


This has been going on all day.
Grammar love!

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Is it possible to copy DVDs that you get from the library/Blockbuster/store? I'm asking cause don't they have that copyright protection thing installed that prevents them from being copied?

Is there a way to bypass this or a special (free) software that can be used?

Thank you.

(Sorry if this is worded weirdly, I'm tired.)
bjork 2


Every time I go to my mother-in-law's house I end up with at least one giant welt somewhere on my body, courtesy of some mysterious insect. I've also broken out in hives from being there. Apparently it's just me, but it's the only place where I consistently end up with some sort of reaction (not to say I don't have weird reactions frequently -- I do, it's just that it's EVERY time I'm there.)

What's the weirdest reaction you've ever had to something?

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Rustic books

Traveling abroad

Although (for my intended departure date), flights from Paris to London aren't too expensive, I was wondering if there are any alternative ways to travel between these two cities. I'm sure there are boats/ferries, but I'm not sure where/how to depart.

*A/N: I may have a Eurorail pass, so traveling within France won't be a problem. With that said, I also may be able to go to London via other countries. Are there any cheaper departures, either from plane or boat, that I should consider?

Thanks for your help!

Also: Any experience using to Eurorail pass? What would you say is the best buy? I plan to study in Madrid for 4 weeks, with some opportunity for travel on the weekends. I may also extend my trip beyond my program, and visit other countries. Any travel suggestions?
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petit prince


1. do you leave your cell phone on while you sleep?

2. are you cold?

3. what do you like to put on toast?

4. do you like julia roberts?
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1. I've been in college for about three weeks, but my roommate and I still don't talk to each other. We sometimes sit in the room in silence on our laptops for hours. I can ask how her classes were or what her favorite anything is only so many times. What do I do?

2. You are walking on a sidewalk when you see someone you do not know in front of you, going the opposite way. When you get near that person, do you make some sign of acknowledgment or pretend you don't see him/her?
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sexual orientation with TQC

hey ya'll..

i'm wondering.. have you ever questioned or challenged your sexual orientation?

ok, then.. when did you consciously know that you were gay/straight/bi/asexual?

in the future, do you expect your sexual orientation to become more fluid, or stay the same?

i obviously didn't read all the posts from yesterday. shun me, if you'd like ;)

have you ever involved food in your sexy time?
do you use lube on a (semi-)regular basis?
do you use sex toys?
what about role-playing?

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is there a song that you just can't quite get enough of? you can listen to it over and over and over again.. what song is it?

do you know who Tegan & Sara are? do you know who Q-tip is? do you know who Kristin Chenoweth is?

ETA: ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A NEW HAIRSTYLE/CUT? post a picture and i'll lend my expertise at finding you a hairstyle/cut that fits your needs. i will be available for the next 30 minutes so HURRYYY! maybe next time :D

Staring contest, perhaps?

Why do people stare? Do you find yourself staring at people without even realizing it?

The reason I ask is that I've noticed people staring at me recently. And I realize that makes me sound like an arrogant cow, but it's been happening way too much on the subway. They keep staring even after I've given them a bitchy look. What gives? I know I'm not that hot. Am I perhaps giving off some sort of a mug me vibe, or something?

Shall I challenge the next starer to a contest or just flip him off?

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Well thanks all for letting me know before we got in a huge arguement, which happens alot with us

(it was a post about how I thought I was right about friends not having a live audience, and appaently they did.. damn.)

EDIT(AGAIN): How many HOLES do you have in/on your body.???????? [ill let you decide the contex of your own holes]

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1. I'm having a What the Fuck Party on Friday. Basically you dress in anything and everything so that when people look at you they go, "What the fuck are you wearing?" Any cool/creative suggestions?

2. Do you have someone you consider the love of your life (even if the two of you aren't together anymore)? If so, who and why?

Music, or specifically, differences.

Today I was in my band class and a couple of friends & I were looking at my band director's music collection. I pointed out the song Baba 0'Riley by The Who and said that it was one of the best ever. My band director was intrigued and asked me if I considered it to be "old" music, and if I had never heard it before, if I would think it was new or a re-release.

So my question to you, TQC, is this:
What makes music seem old (or new) to you?
Do you like old music more or less than new?

And just for the record, what is your favorite kind of music?
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Social Networking

What would make you more involved in a social networking site. More specifically, a website that is not about your social contacts (people) but about places and events you like in your area or when you are travelling? Like a free facebook application, more interaction with the event in question, free entry for every new member you recruit, etc.

EDIT: this is not a market research. this is not about money or business and if you read my journal you know that. I don't care about businesses. At all. I have just come across a problem in my job and am asking for your help and suggestions for what you want, think would be cool. So maybe it is a market research, but seriously, I am not trying to bombard you with ads or create a money-grubbing monopoly. I am just interested.

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Poll #1057635 Who keeps these guys in business?

Which of these pop culture topics do you have even a slight interest in?

Brad and Angelina might break up!
Celebrity fatasses and celebrities who need to eat a sandwich
Katie Holmes might not be happy in her marriage with Tom Cruise
The ever unfolding, ever escalating trainwreck that is Britney Spears
Will Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt ever get back together?
Is Larry Birkhead raising Anna Nicole's baby right?
Who will get custody rights of those white trash kids, Britney or KFed?
Will Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban stay together?
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, are they serious?
Is Angelina losing too much weight?
Celebrity offspring
Will Phil Spector go to jail?
Paris Hilton . Anything about her
Lindsay Lohan and her rehab
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. Hey, he might be on drugs?

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This is a long shot, but I have to try.
I heard a song on the radio the other day, and I really liked it. It was on the rock station, but it had kind of an electric sound, and the voice sounded similar to the singer of AFI's. I don't remember any of the lyrics, but the word salvation was used a lot. Once the song was over the DJ said the song title but I couldn't understand it... either the band name or the song title had the word blue in it.

Does anyone have the slightest idea of what song this is? It's driving me crazy.