September 17th, 2007


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1. How much does a standard CD weigh?
2. How much do you think it would be to send a small envelope containing a CD, a two-page letter, and a small, light booklet of about three sheets of paper within he US?
3. How long have you been doing your own laundry?
4. Which character from The Breakfast Club would you say you are most like and why?

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What're some good fanfic comms that aren't for a specific show/book/movie/game?  Or have a theme that'd allow 'general' fanfic (it's for something quite obscure) that's slash, angst, unrequited love, historical setting?
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1.  If I wanted to find out more about these bands or artists, what song or video do you suggest I google or youtube?

- The Jam
- Brian Ferry
- The Libertines
- Scissor Sisters

2.  What's your favorite movie made before 1980?

3.  Who is your all time favorite famous artist (any type of art - music, film, painting, writing, etc.) and why?

4.  Is there a band that you love so much that you can't understand why the rest of the world doesn't love them like you do?

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1) assume you are 19 years old. you are at work, and your 30-ish supervisor (who is a member of your preferred sex) is randomly saying "ho ho ho ho ho". a nearby coworker says something like "that's not a very nice thing to call him/her, you don't know if they are or not." the supervisor then goes, "well, maybe i wanna find out."

what would your reaction be?

eta: the supervisor rarely says stuff like this, and you (the 19 year old) are on very good terms with everyone at work, including the sup.

2) do you work with mostly people of your gender, or of the other gender?
3) are the people you work with normal and boring, or are they all complete characters and awesome to work with?

my answers in teh comments.

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Guys, a bird actually shit on my head yesterday.

Has anything completely cliche ever happened to you? Like slipping on a banana peel or stepping on a rake so it smacked you in the face?
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here's to hoping I can word this coherently...

Is there someone you want to tell "get over it" or "move on already" regarding something fairly trivial that they spend too much time dwelling on or bring up for the least little reason?

If so, what's the issue, and why do you think they can't let go?

If you don't have to get up for a specific reason or on a schedule, what is the ideal time for you to wake up?

If you have a favorite dream, will you please share what it is?
i say, old bean

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what would give someone the bright idea to flush stew down the toliet?
that said, what do you think would be the best product to unclog my drains?
do you like stew?
what bright ideas have you or your family come up with before?
screw u

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The Safeway by my house only has one checkstand open in the mornings, when I stop and get my Sugar Free Rock Star and bagel for my commute. I'm not one of those people that looks at what the person in front of me is buying, but this morning, the woman ahead of me had TONS of cleaning supplies. I wasn't even irritated that she was taking FOREVER, but who gets up at 6:45 in the morning on a Monday to go to the grocery store to buy cartloads of cleaning supplies?!

So... what is your usual grocery shopping time?

I usually go once a week, right after work.

Presidential material?

So, we're playing out several "when will this happen" in the current US Presidential race.

What are some other unlikely candidate positions that would cause problems (leaving out the super obvious ones)?

Do you think a vegetarian or vegan could ever get elected US President? Could they get elected, knowing the diary/meat farmers would probably not vote for "one of 'them'"?

An atheist candidate?

I just want the internet :(

For some odd reason,My computer does not have a ethernet port.
I need to take it to a shop and get one put in. Any one have any idea how much that would cost?

My little brother wants to come out to the family.He's doing it because his ex boyfriend is threating to tell them (the family)that he's gay because they broke up and he's bitter.
I'm trying to talk him out of it. I dont think he should come out intill he's ready. What would you do?
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1.) Which sci fi movie/book/whatever do you think presents the most plausible vision of the future?
2.) Have you ever injured yourself while eating?
3.) Have you ever injured yourself during sex?
me - with gun
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1. If some one were to ask your best/closest friend what your best qualities are, what would they tell them?

2. What about your worst qualities?

3. What if they asked your friend for an embarrassing story about you? What would it be?

4. What story would you tell on your friend to even the score?

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In college have/did you ever "fake(d)" a paper?
Not having someone else write for you but completely bullshitted your way through the topic.
Ex: Writing an analysis of a book when you didn't really read it cover to cover.

What grade did you recieve?

Did you feel guilty about doing it?

What do you think about MLA format and the fact that it is everchanging?

Footnotes or notes at the end? (idk what they're called, that's how smrt I is.)
Quinn Twin

Now or Later

My mom and step-father are going through a stupid, retarded, utterly GAY DUMB divorce (this crap all lays at his feet, and I'm not just saying that because she's my mom). My step-father has 180ed and become some sort of unreasonable beast, who now has some unsavory traits. My mom has some stuff she wants me to have, and she's stated that she wants me and my husband to come get it ASAP (she recently had hardcore surgery and can't bring/send it herself) and part of the reason it's a priority is because she's afraid he might try to sabotage (some of) it in order to get back at her through me or something. Childish, yes; unheard of, no.

Anyways, I bought her a nice handbag not too long ago with the intention of sending it to her so she could have a pick me up in this time of woe and financial crappery. Then she said not to buy it for her, to save my money and all that. I got it for her anyways because I found it on sale for only $80ish. I've been hemming and hawing as it is about sending it to her now, when she's depressed, or saving it for her for Christmas as a big surprise. But now, with her thoughts about my step-father's current mentality, I'm more at a loss. It's probably the only bag worth $100+ she'll ever have in her whole life because those sorts of things don't matter to her, if that's important to know.

Poll #1056667 Now n Laterz

Should I send my mom her handbag now, or save it for later?

After while, crocodile!

PS - If you're curious why I bought my mom a sort of expensive handbag when she told me not to and doesn't care about it, it's because A) after I asked her if she'd like it and sent her pics, she asked about it later which made me think she would like to have it and B) it's a Dooney & Burke bag with bees all over it and her name is Bea - I always buy her bee stuff, LOL!

ETA: I did not mean to imply all things gay = stupid, for the man in question is straight and clearly a dumb ass. My apologies for my horrible misuse of the word in this context.
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Would you rather be the dumper or the dumpee?

Would it make a difference if it was a divorce instead of just a breakup?

edited to add: should i have french fries or some frozen healthy choice meal for lunch?


Does anyone know how you can get a map of your LJ friends?

Have you gone apple picking this fall? (What are your favorite kinds?)

Are you going to get a pumpkin?

Are you going to carve a pumpkin? (what kind of "face" will you carve?)

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Have you heard of a video game that came out recently or is coming out called Evolution ( or something like that), where the premise is you begin as a cell, and evolve all the way to a universe? I can't seem to find it.

A nice Uncle...

Say you find out you had an unknown rich uncle who died.  He left you a monthly allowance of $300 a month for the rest of your life.

But his gift has one condition--you have to decide NOW whether you will spend the $300 on:

1. Clothes (for you, or your kids, or your husband, or for charity.  You can only buy clothes)
2.  Food (eating out or grocery can treat your friends, kids, or give it all to a charity)
3. Entertainment (movie tickets, musicals, DVD rentals, plays, amusment can take friends, or donate tickets to make a wish foundation or other charities).

You may not use this money to MAKE money (such as, you cannot buy tickets for face value and then scalp for a lot more)

What would you choose?  And why ?
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Have you ever stayed at a hostel? If yes, can you answer these questions for me?

1. How much was it, for how long?
2. How did you secure your belongings?
3. Where was it?
4. Was it scary or uncomfortable?

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Ok time for a real "typical 16 year old" question!

How realistic is it to think that a guy and a girl (if straight) can go to a dance together and have NEITHER assume there is something "more than friend"-like going on? I mean I know they can be just friends, but I don't understand why two people would actually GO together "officially" (like asking "will you go with me?") if it's not like a date thing. It seems to me that everyone I know who has gone "as friends" with someone else really did have deeper feelings than that.

Or am I wrong?

2. What is one trait that you require in someone before allowing a close friendship with them?
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I found out through my husband (who ruined the surprise for a good reason, I promise) that my mom ordered me a new laptop for my birthday (a pink Dell, too! yay!).

My current laptop is pretty sweet, still works well, and wasn't cheap. It's about two years old, though. I'm upgrading because I'm a photographer and want more space and memory.

1) What's the best place to sell a good-condition, two year old laptop for the most money?

2) What's a good place to find out in general what I could get for my laptop?

3) What's a good company to use for my web design? I want a new website that uses basic flash but dont want to spend $2309582039850293.

4) I had chef boyardee ravioli out of a can for lunch today (i didn't even warm it up, i'm eating it right out of the can!). DId any of you have anything WORSE than me for lunch?
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Now that Charmin has diversified into Basic, Extra Strong, and Extra Soft, will they still sell regular Charmin? It's taken me a long time to find the variety I like the best, and I'm going to be so angry if it's gone forever.

What brand of toilet tissue do you buy? What brand would you buy if they were all the same price?


Ok, so  I've been eating either a combo of pasta and cheese or pasta, sauce and cheese almost everyday for about 2 yrs now. ya I know, i'm lazy shh. any ideas for spicing the dish up? there are no vegetables around. just random spices and whatever an extremely basic household would have. I'll either have spaghetti or shells.
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Why do people care about the answers to these questions

So many times on sites to find penpals, or even just when people are asked to describe themselves on networking sites or dating sites (like myspace, facebook, okcupid, etc etc)...

There are two questions that seem to be on EVERY site (These are not my questions, you don't have to answer them.)
1. What are your favorite bands/musical artists?
2. What are your favorite movies?


Do you really think these things tell anything about who the person is, or their personality, or whatever? I mean, just because someone likes a different kind of music than you do, or hates a movie that you absolutely love... does that really say anything about whether or not you would like them or get along with them? If so, how? And if not, why do they keep asking these questions?

Computer Art

I need to make an "artistic" cover page for some stupid assignment I have due tonight. I am probably the least artistic ever. I was thinking of using MS Paint and creating a collage, but paint sucks.

Is there some sort of website that I can upload photos to or something to create a collage-type thing and then print it off? It doesn't have to be beautiful...


1.  Do you like babydoll dresses? Why or why not?
2.  Do you like skinny jeans? Why or why not?
I guess, I like some babydoll dresses, i've never tried one on, and can't imagine it looking too great on me. they kind of remind me of what I used to wear in elementary though..
I hate skinny jeans. I haven't tried any of them on either, but I think the selection of jeans out are tight enough as they are, without women's bodies looking like an upside-down triangle.

3.  Also, any old or recent trends or styles that you absolutely hate? why?

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Can you tell me about a time you came back to a person, place, or circumstance which did not change, but you had a completely different view of it the second time?

Why did your opinion/viewpoint change?
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Do you wear anything (outside of an official wedding ring) to represent your SO?
Do they for you?
What song just makes you put life into a perspective bigger than yourself?

-I wear a metal guitar pic with a skull around my neck.
-He wears a silver skull with a snake on a chain that looks like the Dark Mark for you HP fans.
-"Country Roads" -John Denver
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Give Us This Day Our Daily Potato Bread

1) Do you like white bread?
2) Have you tried Martin's Potato Bread?

Personally I never cared much for white bread, and I always preferred wheat bread, pita bread, or other types of bread. But my new roommates have gotten me hooked on Martin's Potato Bread and it's the only "white" bread that I actually like. It's made from potatoes, so can you really call it white bread even though it's white? Whatever you call it, it's now my favorite sandwich bread.
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Do you know anyone that shares a name (both first & last names) with a celebrity? Who?

i'm asking because i am about to enter an order that was just given to me for an Amy Pollard, and when i saw it i was like 'hey! like the chick from SNL' no one else knew who i was talking about. :( i fail.

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Where does one go to get copies of their birth certificate? If someone was not born, but living in the u.s., where do they get copies of their birth certificate?
edit: I need to word this slightly better. I'm trying to get double citizenship. I need my birth certificate and both my parents'. I have them, but I need two copies of each. I hear you can't just go to a copy machine for those. So where do I go?

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Have you ever walked slightly out of your way to step on something? a crunchy looking leaf or cigarette butt, possibly?

Have you ever kicked a tails up penny over for the next person who sees it? will you now?
The nose that knows

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Is getting there half the fun?

When you are travelling somewhere, do you enjoy the experience of the car/plane/train/boat trip, or do you just see it as a way of getting where you are going?
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UGH I was gone for the weekend (though several of my housemates were still here) and when I came back our house was like, under siege by fruit flies. They're everywhere-- even in the bathroom! We guessed they came from the (small, covered) compost bin on our front porch, and we've thrown that away now, but how can we get the rest of them OUT? It's so gross.

Also-- lately my Firefox keeps doing this really annoying shit where suddenly it stops letting me switch to a different tab (that is, I can only stay in my current tab and I have to close it to go to a different one, and then I'm stuck on that one until I close it.) Also, when this happens it stops letting me open gmail-- it'll take me as far as the word "Loading" then just nothing happens. If I open up Internet Explorer (ugh) though, gmail and tabs all work. I think I recently updated to the latest Firefox-- should I uninstall it, or uninstall then re-install it, or what? (And if so, how?)
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 Do you buy box sets/seasons of your favorite TV shows?

Do you actually watch them, or do they just collect dust in the box?  (It was cool to have them at first, but now you don't care)

Do you watch seasons in order, or do you just watch random episodes?

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running amok

time off

Dear TQC,

Am I wrong in thinking that when one or both partners ask for "time off" in a relationship, that they are in fact actually breaking up without calling it breaking up?

Does that hold true with your own experience, or do you have experience with taking time off of a relationship and then coming back and having the relationship be even better?
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years go by

Weight question

I used to weigh 130 pounds. I lost 10 pounds over the past month due to personal issues that caused me to lose my appetite. (Long, uninteresting super-personal story.) The point is that I would like those 10 pounds back. I liked the way I looked before better. Somehow, I feel like evenly re-gaining weight is a more complicated process than eating tons of doughnuts and ice cream, which I imagine would all go straight to my stomach, which is no good.

How do I go about this? Any tips/ideas?

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I'm deaf so it's hard for me to enjoy "YouTube" so I was wondering if you would post some funny videos that is easy to figure out what is going on visually. OR, type out what is going on in the video/why is it funny?

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I wasn't sure how to answer the question "did school prepare you for the real world" a few posts ago.

First instinct is to say "of course not," but then again, I'm here, aren't I? And obviously I use stuff I learned in school every day, because duh, I'm a teacher, but is that the norm?

I think if the question had been "did the content you were taught in school prepare you for the real world," the answer would be more straightforward. But you learn a lot more in school than the content.

So, here is my question:

If it wasn't school that prepared you for the real world, what was it?
Were you just entirely unprepared for the real world?

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Is is common for the guilty party in a car accident to completely lie and proclaim innocence?

This woman ran a red light and hit my car a week ago. We had a ton of witnesses (at least fifty), but only got one person's information. There's no doubt this woman ran the red. She was trying to bribe me not to go to insurance- claiming she'd pay me to fix my car plus more. She was completely admitting fault. However, when she found out that I had reported it, she changed her story. She's now saying that her car was past the line when the light turned red. She is also claiming that the witness is prone to agree with me, because my witness is black, and my boyfriend is black. So they're going to "stick together."

I'm really upset and stressed over this. I have a ton of voicemails she left me- saying she wanted to not go through insurance and pay me cash. Obviously I'm going to save them and hand them over to the insurance company. If anyone here has had experience with this, how did it work out for you?

(Also, no police report was taken. The accident happened in San Francisco, and they don't send anyone out unless an ambulence is called. We were all okay, and didn't need to call one)
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stupid employers can eat a dick

Have you ever had an employer require that you give them a blood sample to verify a Drug & Alcohol Policy agreement? I've had two employers ask me, and I've told both employers that I am not willing to give them my blood.

Do they not realize that taking a blood sample gives more meaning to "invasion of privacy" than it should have?

If we were to enter into a totally cashless society, would you embrace it?

By cashless society, I mean the elimination of paper and metal currency - where all transactions are done electronically.

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So today at Stop n Shop there was a guy standing behind my car observing my IL license plate. When he saw me open my car door he said, "Chicago eh??" (I have a Cubs license plate holder). Then he started telling me stories about his son who used to go to school in IL.

People have been telling me it was creepy but I wasn't scared or on alert at all.

Would you have been on alert in a situation like that? Broad daylight, crowded parking lot...

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If you're interested in any fandoms (if you're not, don't bother replying because I know you'll think it's dumb anyway), is this a good or a bad idea?
What's your favourite book at the moment?
What books did you enjoy as a teenager that you still enjoy now?
Weirdest thing you've done/seen in a game of the Sims?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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What was the last thing that made you very sad/depressed?

What was the last thing that made you really cheerful/happy?

What are you excited about or waiting for?

What is something you were really amped about, but the closer it got the more you started to dread it?

What was something your started out dreading, but as it got closer you started looking forward to (and later enjoyed immensely?)

Other than Craigslist, where is a good place to find job listings?


My Pictures folder is very messy. I decided to organize it and make folders. I was almost finished and I was putting a few more pictures into one of the folders I had created but it was no longer there. I'm also missing another one.

I checked in the other picture folders, I checked the recycling bin and I used the Search thing.

Where are these folders?!

(serious and nonserious. I need something to cheer me up, I'm really frustrated.)

curly, annoying, hair.

So, I have really long hair, like down to my mid-back. However, it's really thick, and naturally curly. I want to cut it sooooo bad, because recently it's become a nuisance to wash. It takes me 45 friggin' minutes,and I need to wash it in sections! Except, I havent had short hair in 8 years.

- how short should I cut it so it doesn't look totally dyke-y? I don't want the ability to put it up.

- Should I cut it in layers? currently, my hair is straight-across-all-the-same-length, because that was a requirement for a straight-perm which I got 4 years ago. What will layers do to my hair?

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How often do you eat rice with your meal?

We were doing an activity in class today that involved finding the unit price of different sizes of bags of rice. Then another question asked which would be best for your family and why - lots of the kids picked the larger sizes because they eat rice with dinner all the time!

I only have it about once a week, if that.

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Hi all, tech question this tiiiime!

What does it mean when you press the button for the phone camera and it says "preview error"?

My phone refuses to take pics now, I want to know what's wrong with it.

BTW it's a Samsung SGH-E730, and it was awesome so far. :((
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Did you ever make a post and everyone thought it sucked, and then you got hit with those "fail" macros?

If so, what was the post about and what did you do?

What is your favorite fail macro? Or, what is your favorite "you're doing it wrong" macro?
Friends: Unagi.
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How much does Season 1 and 2 of House cost where you live? Where do you live?
Here season 1 is 50€ (69$) and season 2 is 45€ (62$). Lost and Prison Break are about the same, I think even a bit more. But other tv shows are cheaper. I'm just wondering if it's that expensive in other places.

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ShingaOfDoom: Doctor Who! <3
the smallest m: Who is doctor who?
ShingaOfDoom: WHAT.
ShingaOfDoom: D:
letsplaygo die27: its a tv show
ImariaPrime: He's a doctor who cures cancer
the smallest m: Why not just watch House?

What's the funniest thing you've heard recently?


1. What's are some good videogames for PS2 that feature board games or logic-solving games (like the old school Tetris or Myst)?

2. (a) Do you think violent videogames affect adults? If so, how? (b) Do you think violent videogames affect children? (c) Should these games be available to everyone and up to parents to decide?

1. I don't know (aside from the old Atari PS2 one I have), but I have a lot of time on my hands and I lack the energy/skill to play anything too complicated. Hoping someone has some good suggestions.
2. (a) Not at all for emotionally stable adults. (b) Young children, somewhat. Older, unless they really lose touch with reality. Even then...I don't know. Verdict is still out for me.
(Sorry for not using a cut. I tried but the eljays hates me. :|)
nancy drew

(no subject)

Why is it that when I ask a question along with a poll, no one bothers to answer it? I'm inclined to think it's because you're lazy.

If some long lost relative owned a company overseas, say in Europe or Japan, and left it to you would you move and go take over the company or sell it?

move and take over
something else

Have you ever comitted a serious social faux pas at work, like talking to a higher up without using the "chain of command" or something similar?

yes, I have
no, I have not

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TQC. My car is being stupid. I tried turning it on but nothing will come on, it's like totally dead. :[
It was running just fine 30 minutes ago until I came to my college campus to take a run to the bookstore then when I came back, it totally wouldn't turn on.
What could the problem be?
(I didn't leave any lights on, the gas tank is half full.) Dad is on his way here though.
yummy beer!, yummy

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Do you watch "Ghost Whisperer"?  If you do, can you help me understand anything about its appeal (outside of Ms. Hewitt's "good looks" and tits)?

On a scale of 1-10 (1=brain dead, 10=deeply esoteric and/or philosophical), how much do you want your TV shows to make you think or ponder things?
Does it make a difference whether the show is a comedy, drama, movie, reality, etc?
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(no subject)

I remember this question popping up ages and ages ago in this community, but it's a good one that bears asking again.

So, everyone remembers the Ghostbusters movie where the guys are told by that ancient Sumerian god, Gozer, that the next thing that one of them thinks of will be the form it takes to destroy the world? And Ray accidentally summons a 100 foot tall Stay Puft marshmallow man because he thinks the Stay Puft Man could never hurt anybody?

What would you accidentily summon?

And my own addition for added spice:

What would pop into you head first if you wanted the world to be destroyed in the COOLEST manner possible? The one that you think would give you the best story to tell everybody in the afterlife?

What if something random popped into your head, and that random thing ended up being what destroyed the world, what would it be?

What if you really, really, REALLY fucked up and thought of something truly terrifying, what would that be?

My answers:
1. Hello Kitty
2. Tom and Jerry
3. Probably something to do with World of Warcraft, another video game, or anime. That would suck. I mean, who wants to be known in the afterlife as that Stupid Motherfucking Otaku Who Destroyed The World?
4. Pyramid Head. Man, people would be pissed. Not for long though, unless you can carry a grudge over to the afterlife
P&amp;R ; food of champions

Completely unrelated questions.

1. Have you ever seen a television show or movie being filmed?
Today I saw The Women being filmed right next to where I work. I saw Meg Ryan get out of a car and stand around. I saw that MTV "reality" show Next being filmed once on a trip to Venice Beach. And, embarrassingly, I went to a taping of The Carson Daly Show almost five years ago.

2. What do you regularly do "just for you"?
About every two weeks I get my eyebrows done and I get a pedicure to treat myself.

Odd request for techies

So I burned this CD for my SO recently and sent it to him. I burned it on my windows media player and of course, like an idiot, didn't write down what songs were on it (well I did, but thinking I wouldn't need it again, I threw it away). So he asked me who the artist of one of the songs was and seeing as how I don't remember what songs were in what order, I have no idea.

Is there anyway that windows media player keeps like a backup file that I can access of that burn? Or anything that could possibly tell me anything about it?

I have an idea which song it was, but I'm not entirely sure.


(no subject)

My cousin bought a new truck. She's claiming that its good "in snow and ice."

How deluded is my cousin?

EDIT: its a F150 truck. Regular tires, no plow. But the side mirrors have defrosters!

I know it'll be better in the snow..but ice?
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  • iluq

Not that I'm desperate or anything...

Firstly of all, I applied for a job with my campus dining service today. I am pretty much guaranteed employment from them and I can work at any one of their stores on campus, so can you cross your fingers that there is a place open at Starbucks for me (or at least that they put me in any position except one that requires me to prep food)?

1. What would you consider a good starting hourly wage for a college job in the area you live in?

2. If you use Blingo, how many times have you won, if any? How long did it take for you to win after you started using it?

1. Probably $8.00, because it's a lot higher than I've ever gotten paid.
2. I signed up in December of '05 but didn't really start using it until just a few days ago, and haven't won anything. I'm just doing it for fun, really.
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(no subject)

When an artist gets limited edition prints of their art made, where do they get these prints made and what steps do they need to follow? Is it as simple as professionally documenting the piece, having prints made, and signing them, or is there more to it?
James Franco joint

Everyone hates iTunes questions but...

I just downloaded a skin for iTunes, and when I try to reopen it (itunes) I get this error message:

"The procedure entry point RegEnumValueW could not be located in the dynamic link library MPlugin.dll."

What the heck did I do?
How do I fix it?

Would you be pissed if everyone kept telling you that you were dumb for not going to the ER because of a Q Tip in your ear, or am I just butthurt because I did more damage because I didn't go, and they are right?
Dwight Howard

For my Ethics paper

A psychiatrist has a patient who was referred to her as being near a nervous breakdown. After a few sessions the patient confesses that he murdered a child months ago.

Is there a patient confidentiality law that prevents her from telling the police or is she allowed to?
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1. If you have a laptop, do you use still sit at a desk with it (like you would with a desktop) or do you sit somewhere else in the house?

2. On your calender(s), do you cross out the days that have passed?

3. Is there something you consistently dislike about yourself in pictures?

4. Favorite: Cook, bake, or neither?

5. Where do you keep your important documents? (Like passport, birth certificate, etc.)
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Hey TQC, I leave to go to Vietnam for two weeks on Wednesday. Anything you want me to bring you back while I'm there?

What is your favorite movie?

I will always love Baseketball more than should be legal.
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