September 16th, 2007


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 so i just stole a bar of hersheys special dark chocolate from my roommate (with her permission so don't think i'm a bitch)... and i opened it and it looks really old and it's like... discolored... like lighter on the surface but ok in the center... like it got dried out... i wish i could describe it better... so i looked at the wrapper and it says it's ok until january 2008... should i eat it?

rocker or piano player

For the ladies

Would you rather be.....

   A woman with a piano? (ala Tori, Fiona....)
  A rocker? (amy winehouse, shirley manson, gwen stefani, joan jett, etc))
  or indie (Karen O, Feist,   Jenny Lewis, etc)

edit: or a rapper? (Missy Elliot, eve, da brat, etc)
edit: or a pop star? (kelly clarkson, natasha bedingfield, duff, mandy moore)

or something else entirely...WHO WANTS TO BE PEACHES?

and if u are a guy....
edited for the millionth time: I mean someone who likes sleeping with women....male female, or transgender...

who would you rather sleep with?  

shutip ichat.

what's a good messenging program (aim and/or yahoo. more for aim) that i can do video with for OS X? iChat always loses connection constantly and adium doesn't have video. :[[[
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Oh Gosh.

I'm really drunk, I got drunk with one of my employees. (I'm a supervisor at a restaurant. He's a waiter. And bought about 100% of my drinks) TQC, I open my restaurant in... 6 hours. We work together for about an hour and a half while shifts change. How much awkwardness should I anticipate?

Wow, what made me volunteer to open?

ETA : Wow. It otally forgot to mention that I kissed him. In the back of a cab. Like, and was chastized by random strangers for only doing a simple kiss. THAT is where the awkward is. Sorry. That was forget ful on my part.
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1) If you ever use LJ Scrapbook, do you ever have problems uploading? How frequently?

2) If it's night where you are, what are you doing up at this hour? If it's daytime, why are you online right now? What time is it?

3) If you cosplay, may I please see a picture of the first cosplay you ever did?

4) What song are you listening to currently?

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whats the deal with big ten sports???

edit:  okay I am well aware of what THE big ten is.  What I'm askin' here is whats the deal with the channel?  We have comcast cable and the commercials send mixed messages.  Can we order the channel, are they still fighting about it, or what?

"Nobody gets it unless everybody pays"

Maybe I'm missing something but we always have all of the games (MICHIGAN) on TV anyway.  Did the invention of the big ten channel monopolize televised big ten games?????

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So I lost my work ID and nametag (along with my cell phone and entire purse that all of this was in). I've already had to replace these both once before, once while we were hauling things around at work (and nobody thought to direct me to lost and found), and the nametag at home when I was late so figured it would be quicker to buy a new one than look for my old one.

Nametag costs $1. No big deal. ID is $20 though. If I tell my boss, she can get me one for free. I'm reluctant to tell her, but $20 is a lot. :(

What should I do?

eta: the purse wasn't stolen. I lost it.

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I am looking for a good fantansy MMO RPG. Anyone know of a good, preferably cheap one, preferably one that has most of the bugs worked out? I don't feel like playing WOW. Is Guild Wars worth playing? Are there any decent games out there?

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I am kind of a poor student right now... should I buy this now anyway? It's on sale/pre-order for $116.99 right now, and MSRP is $195. Or should I wait until I'm done school (December) and have a real job (who knows when), and possibly have to pay full price?

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I was just reading the paper and saw that a bunch of schools are banning unhealthy food. No more treats for birthdays, no more holiday parties, no more multicultural events, and no more bake sales. One person said that kids shouldn't share because of food allergies or diabetes. The article itself is here.

What are your thoughts on this? Should eating habits be taught by parents or by the schools?
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What do you think is going to happen to the Catholic Church as a whole? Do you think it will die out?

It seems like everyone who grew up Catholic isn't practicing when they are older. Almost no males become priests anymore. Most people, it seems, don't even go to church unless it's Easter or Christmas.
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First and middle names are purdy together

1. I just moved into a great new apartment. I can't ever hear my upstairs neighbor walking or making any other sort of noise, so why did I just hear him going pee?? Complete with the 'peeeeeeeee (pause) peee peeeeee (pause) pee. pee.'

2. My new building has radiators, which I've never dealt with before. It's cold in here. Turning the levers, it does nothing! Why won't they turn on?

3. What's your first name, middle name, and age? If you have siblings, what are their first names, middle names, and ages?

I am Meredith Grace and I am 25. I have a younger sister named Ellen Olivia who is 23 and an older brother named Clayton James who is 30. Now that I think about it, I don't know my step-siblings' middle names, but they are Ben (33), Mary (31), and Seth (29).
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Old wives tales

What is the stupidest old wives' tale that your mother/father has ever told you?

My a: You can't go to bed with wet hair b/c then it'll fall off AND don't stand in the rain, you'll catch a cold (btw: you get colds from viruses)

OH AND EDIT: you'll grow hair on your hands if you masturbate.

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1.When you cough, do you cover your mouth with your hand?
2.If you see someone doing that and you were introduced to them and he held out his hand, would you shake it?

3.A friend of mine just invited me to an armpit waxing session, should I follow her and get it done? Have you ever had that done? Did it tickle....? :( (edit:it's free!)
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OMG ear dilemma!

Erm, not really.

I accidentally left all of my earrings at home...well, not accidentally exactly, because I couldn't find them. So now I only have two pairs of earrings, one dangly pair and one pair of small black studs.

I'm at the point where I'm really tired of changing earrings, but I don't want to let my holes grow back because my earlobes are too big. I want to find a pair that look pretty good and that I don't have to change ever, which I can also wear in the shower (which is why I would normally get pearl earrings but that wouldn't work) and to bed. Right now I'm doing this with the black ones but I don't really like how they look.

Which style should I get as my "permanent" pair?

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TQC, my mind is racing and I need some random advice from the internet on a slew of random things.

I think I'm going to go ahead and move to Vegas. It's such a rash decision, but I'm tired of home life, tired of the Midwest, and tired of taking care of my Mom after her divorce. I think she's finally come to terms with everything and has completely moved on - I think. My best friend lives there so I won't be alone at all, and I want to move forward with my future already. I'm one of those annoyingly anxious kids ready to leave her teenage years behind. I have a meeting tomorrow at my college to talk about transferring.

1. Did you ever have to take care of a parent? Do you have any stories? Was it a good, or bad experience? I spent 2 years of my life, from 17 to 19, caring for my mother. In a way, I think it helped me grow up a lot faster than I would have on my own. Despite that... I'm happy to be putting these two years behind me now.

2. What are your experiences with loans? What did you find worked best for you? I applied for a Chase loan by myself - and was denied. Then with my mom as a co-signer - and was denied (she just got her own credit 12 months ago, and she needs 21 months of credit to apply) Then with my grandma - and no answer yet. I'm getting anxious and stressed about it :(

3. Those of you from/familiar with Vegas - Despite working and going to school, what is there to do for someone who isn't 21, doesn't really care to party and mostly enjoys nature and whatnot? Are there any notable sites in Southern Nevada besides The Strip? Where can I get away? I'm a big outdoorsy person. Every evening, my dog and I sit on my porch and watch the night roll in over a corn field and a cup of tea. It's wonderful.

4. When you were 19, going on 20, what were you doing? What were your ideas for your future? Did you act on them ASAP, or did you just let time slide and let whatever happened, happen? If you're younger than 19, do you think you have a grasp on your future?
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mother effing phones and the bitches who sell you them

i'm trying to decide if i'm having enough problems with my phone to take it over to Cingular.

do you think these are good enough(or just enough) reasons to take my phone over to Cingular and be like, "Fix my phone!"

-it won't do anything that involves connecting to the internet, like downloading ringtones or sending picture messages, and both of these things are activated on our account.

-it won't change the message alert to silent. it's on Mute right now but it still dingles when i get a text message(note that i didn't mention voicemail. just wait 'til we get to that part) unless i've got the whole phone on vibrate or silent.

-speaking of text messages, it's been doing this thing where it won't send or receive text messages until i turn the phone off and then back on. then it'll say i have a million new texts and they sometimes go back a couple days.

-it won't change ringtones. i'm sick of the ringtone it's on now, so i tried to change it. but when people call it's the same one i've been using for months. so it says it's on this funky salsa ringtone but really it's the annoying one that scares the crap out of me if i have the volume on 5.

-this one is the best: it doesn't tell me when i have a new voicemail! i have to check my voicemail randomly throughout the day because i never know if i have a message or not.

so, TQC, do you think that's enough to ask for it to be fixed or a replacement?

should they just give me a spankin' new razr since this is the third time i've had to take this piece of shit in? well, it will be the second for this particular one since this one was the replacement for the first time it broke. last time it stopped making or receiving calls or messages.
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fine, then. Would you Rather...

Hey ya'll...  all this talk of tall girls and short guys made me wonder...'s time for another installment of "Would you Rather...?"

1. Be 4'1 or 7'9"?
2. Have 3 eyes or webbed feet?
3. Lose your legs or lose your arms?

4. Always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?
5. Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?
6. Have unlimited money or one wish (you can't wish for money, though)?

7. Be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?
8. Forget who you were or forget who everyone else was?
9. Be forgotten by everyone or hatefully remembered?

10. Give up your computer or your pet?
11. Have a mansion in the middle of nowhere or a small apartment with 10 friends?
12. Take a (yes, naked) shower with your parent(s) or a stranger?

13. Work as a taxidermist or as a mortician? (let's say both jobs pay equally)
14. Have a job as a phone sex operator or have a job cleaning porta-potties?
15. Spend your work day behind a desk or spend  your work day on your feet?
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What do you do to make yourself feel better when you get depressed? Any strange habits? For me, I drastically change the color of my hair...usually to something unusual.

What do you do?
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Telltale indications that someone might be a vampire

Eurotrashy, slightly homosexual fashion sense
Casts no reflection
Uncommon interest in virgins
Sharp teeth
Gothic decor in their home
Pale skin
No crosses anywhere in their home
Splatters of a reddish liquid on their shirt
Is named Gary Oldman
Is named Tom Cruise
Sleeps during the day
Will pass on garlic fries if offered
When asked how they'd like their stake, replies "preferably not driven into my heart with a mean, rare"
Cannot fall asleep unless they're locked away in a claustrophobic compartment
You find them fishing out one of your used tampons out of the trash can, with a teacup in the other hand

Telltale signs someone might be a werewolf

Dogs don't like them
Unnaturally hairy arms and not named Robin Williams
Monthly blackouts that seem to occur around the full moon
Is on the sexual predator list for public indecency, following these blackouts
At least one of these public indecency incidents involved a petting zoo
Missing pets in your neighborhood
They're not balding, but thick clots of hair are commonly found clogging up their drains
Five o'clock shadow at 2 o'clock
When they're happy, their tail wags

Telltale signs someone might be the second coming of Jesus

Doesn't speak a word of English
Has problems eating M&Ms because they keep falling through the holes in his hands
Hangs around prostitutes and IRS agents (tax collectors)
Big beard
White guy
Jewish guy
Gets invited to a lot of weddings because he sometimes turns water into wine
Has an entourage of fishermen
Responds to the name of Jesus, but isn't hispanic
Never has to pack a big basket when going on a picnic, because there always seems to be enough food somehow...
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my grandfather just died, and the thing that always connected us was that we both spoke german (albeit, he spoke it much better). so i was thinking that for the commemorative livejournal post, i would put Horatio's little "oh no hamlet's dead" speech in german.

1. where might i find that?

2. if not, then where might i find some other classic german mourning song or other such thing?
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Family of Questions

Question the First: Can you play the tin whistle?

Question the Second: What should I put in my guy friend's birthday-in-a-box package? (That sounded six kinds of wrong, I know.) He's been kinda down lately and I want to send stuff to make him feel better, silly stuff. I've already got my eye out for a whoopie cushion. I'm trying to NOT send food, except for maybe a cookie. I need ideas!!

Question the Third: Would you rather spend $13,000 on a down payment for a Porsche or on a boob job? (Those are your only choices.)
Question the Third's Twin Sister: Do you watch "Bridezillas"?

Question the Fourth: You're on a road trip and have to stop for the night. Would you rather stay in a cheap motel ~OR~ in a KOA Kamping Kabin? It is just one night and your final destination will have a shower and all that waiting for you. (It is October, if that makes a difference.)

EDIT! KOA Kamping Kabin = cabin with a bed and a roof and... that's about it.
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My american friend will soon move to Ohio, she doesn't know where exactly yet but it will be really close of Oxford Ohio. Her 14 year old daughter need a school there where she will be able to persue swimming.

She tried to look online but coudn't find much info, so question: Where should her daughter go to school if she likes swimming and will live near Oxford Ohio?
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Anyone a fan of Coyote Ugly like me?
Also, anyone a Piper Perabo fan?
Whether male or female (or other), would you take a job as a coyote (dancer one, not smugglers) if you could get it?
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I need a photo

Can you do me a favour? Do you have a digital camera? I need a photo of someone sitting on the floor, with one hand on the floor propping yourself up. Pretend you're sitting up in bed or something and looking at someone lying next to you. It's for some art I'm doing and I can't find a reference photo for it.
I'm not sure if I described that properly.
Another position that's I *could* be drawing is lying more on your side and propping yourself up with your forearm, if that makes sense. Legs can be however you want. Bent, straight, one bent one straight, whatever.
I need you to be side on to the camera.
If these requirements make no sense I'll edit later. But for now, please interpret how you can?

Another question: If you draw, do you draw from photos?

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What airline do you like to fly? Are their seats cheap?

I'm planning on going out to Colorado in March or so, and I have always flown USAir because that's what my parents had for frequent flier miles. But now I'm trying to find some nice cheap airlines that I can afford.

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what do you like to do while you poop?

i, for example, like to read (anything i can reach sitting on the potty), play DS, or blow bubbles.

what has disappointed you today?

i, for example, got a call saying my cousin is NOT coming over to cut my hair and eat my yummy dinner.

who is your favorite family member? and not one that you chose, like your husband or kid.

mine, for example, is my 14 year-old sister.

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So my ex-boyfriend/room mate listens to Pink and Gwen Stefani non-fucking stop and at god awful early hours, usually waking me up.

1) If this were your room mate, how much would this piss you off?

2) Would you start to question his sexuality?  I mean, I dated the guy, so I'd like to believe he's straight.   But...yeah....
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hey everyone!

so I'm looking to do a detox of some kind...I want it to be safe and I'm not looking for a cayenne pepper detox or anything like that. Just a detox you've heard of that helps lose weight but isn't "extreme". I'm on my way to eliminating soda completely, candy I'm still having a hard time with...just trying to get rid of a lot of processed foods that I have a hard time staying away from, that are making me pick up weight when I'm stressed out, which has been a lot lately.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can anyone steer me in the right direction? I'm a college student and of course, I do eat at the cafeteria, so I'm trying to find ways to lose weight while trying to eat at the cafeteria. I just need to set some serious boundaries.

thanks so much!

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a. Do you fold your toilet paper before wiping, or do you just scrunch it all up?

b. What was the last thing you got dressed up for? (And by dressed up I mean like, wore a dress or a suit.)

c. Have you ever bought something, then later realized you didn't want/like/need it and then waited too long to return it?

a. I fold mine.

b. My cousin's graduation.

c. Yes. This shirt I ordered from It was too big and I put off shipping it back and it's been more than 30 days. :(
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I'm taking a creative writing class this year. By thursday, I have to pick what I want to use to write in this year. I know I want a notebook, not a binder, but I'm not sure what kind.
I was thinking a basic composition notebook and then decorate it? (but i don't know if we'll have to rip stuff out to hand in...which wouldn't work) Suggestions of something fun?

If you write, do you always write in the same type of notebook?
Or with the same special pen?

And random: what are you having for dinner tonight?
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Why is it, that on those things in stores that you swipe your card on, that there's a DEBIT option if it never works?

I've never had it work, ever, not once, and yet for some reason I'm enough of an idiot to try it every time and then realise I should have pressed credit to save the poor cashiers time and sanity.

Has anyone else experienced this?! What is the difference, even, between pushing credit and pushing debit? (Edit: and no, I'm not trying to push debit with a credit card, and I know what the difference between credit or debit is, I was wondering if it's okay for me to just start pushing credit because that's the only thing that's ever worked even though it's a debit card... but apparently this problem is isolated only to me?)

What do you put on your fries?
(mmmmm, vinegar)
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1] What actor/actress do you feel plays the same character in almost every movie?
As much as I love him, John Cusack.

2] If your parents weren't born here*, how did they get here*?
Both my parents came from Peru. My mom came here legally with her mother and sister. My dad heartbroken by her leaving came here illegally through Mexico, hiding under several bushels of hay in a truck and running very fast.
* 'here' meaning wherever you currently live

3] Do you want to hang out tonight? I'm fairly bored.

Public Relations.

1. Is anyone here a PR specialist?
2. Is anyone a PR major?
3. What can you tell me about working in PR?

If the above does not apply to you:
4. What do you think of/know about Public Relations?

I've googled public relations and whatnot but I'd like to hear from someone first hand.

and OT but:

What's the name of that song in that Geico commercial w/ the caveman in an airport and he passes a billboard of himself, walks back, and kinda smiles at it?


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hello, question club. I am new and I have so many questions for you. I'm pumped.

I will start with three:

1. Is there one grammatical error that people make in conversation that genuinely gets under your skin? 

2. Alexis Blendel in Sin City: Worst acting in the history of film?

3. What do you do for a living? 

1. When people say "Soandso and I" when they mean "Soandso and me." Because they think they are being smart, and in fact they sound stupid. The same goes for when people say "whom" and they really should be saying "who." But I hear that less often.
2. Yes.
3. High school English teacher.


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You find out that your SO's roommate/sibling/whatever has been stealing condoms from you. Are you angry that they're stealing from you, or happy that they're using protection? Do you confront them?
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1. I just picked up a voicemail from my friend (who rarely leaves voicemails) saying that this is the fourth message she's left me and to call her back. I know she called me Friday night and I didn't respond, but the next phone call I got from her was when she left me the voicemail 20 minutes ago.

What happened to these supposed other messages? Did my phone eat them or is she MAJORLY exaggerating?

2. I saw the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute yesterday. My friends and I spent most of the day in the Franklin Institute, except for when we went to get Philly Cheese steaks an see the Liberty Bell.

What slightly dorky but really fun things have you done lately?

3. My friends and I discussed doing a bunch of random 1 or 2day-trips to various cities on the East Coast. We live near NYC and go there all the time. Yesterday we went to Philly.

What other cities do you recommend we go to?

Sleep questions

I was thinking of this as I was tossing and turning last night, but I didn't get approved for membership until this morning:

1) Do you usually sleep alone or with someone else? Which arrangement are you more comfortable with, physically and/or emotionally?
2) How well do you sleep? Do you have any sleeping disorders?
3) Are there any night-time rituals that are absolutely essential to your getting a good night's sleep? Sex? Sedatives?
4) Do you usually remember your dreams?

Collapse )

I hope this isn't a too-recent repost. Thanks for answering.
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How do you, personally, define "healthy" food? Where do you draw the line between healthy and unhealthy, especially with processed foods? Not just for your own diet, but in general.

How do you like your eggs?

(no subject)

A few more questions!
I know I just posted, sorry. ):

d. Your ex's best friend that you couldn't be less interested in is trying to hook up with you but hasn't admitted to having feelings for you. They just call you several times a week and ask you to the movies or out to dinner. How do you let them know that you're not into them?

e. Is there anything quirky about you when it comes to eating?

Answer to e: I eat food frozen. I love frozen French fries, frozen corn, frozen soft pretzels...

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Did you take art classes in high school?
Are you in art school now?

Can you help me with my one project? I'm doing a 100 views project and i have 49 done. I'm doing 100 views of a Fork. I'm just now having no ideas right now. I've got a bunch of fairy tales done, but could do more. i also want to get it done tonight.
my drawing skills are not that great either.
edit: this is what i have so far:¤t=CopyofP1130989-1.jpg

(no subject)

Okay, edited to make simpler.

A really excellent friend of yours is going to buy you a birthday present. You are really close friends, like seriously. I'm not trying to superiorize our friendship but it's not like ~BFF~ or like ~SISTAS~ but we are just really great friends.

Would you rather get something like handmade/customized, or would you feel fine with just a material thing (like jewelry, purse, whatever)?
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What is a comment that you're sick of hearing?

My birthday is Christmas Eve. I just went to a new doctor yesterday and as she's looking at my information she's like, "Oh! A Christmas baby!" Lady, I'm 26 years old and I've heard that comment at least once a month my whole life. I GET IT ALREADY.
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(no subject)

Maybe it is just me, TQC, but have you ever gone to comment on a question only to see that you've already answered it?

In a related train of thought, what's your favorite kind of wine (if you like wine - I know some of you don't)? Two-buck Chuck and I are lovers right now.
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i'm tipsy. we're grilling steak and suddenly have an emergency need for quick mac and cheese (quick=less than half an hour?). we have boxed but want to make real. i'm googling too but do any of you have a decent idea?

(if this sounds stupid, i'll blame it on booze in teh morning. ok thx :)

popsicle dog

(no subject)

what would you do if you lost your paycheck? has this ever happened to you?

do you do anything special when you can't fall asleep?
(i sit out on my balcony with a book or just a blanket & people-watch till I get sleepy. I live near good LA nightlife so there's always people walking & driving by at all hours.)

are you watching the emmy's? who looks the hottest?
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Have you ever been walked in on while having sex? Will you please tell me a hilarious story about it if it has happened?

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during sex/something sexual?

How do you feel about drunk sex? High sex?

Have you ever had to stop having sex to have a bowel movement?

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I have been to three grocery stores in my area and cannot for the life of me find powdered pizza crust mix. I am looking for either Jiffy or Betty Crocker. They come in pouches or boxes.

Does anyone know where I can find these in the LA area?
Does anyone have any extra boxes or pouches that they would like to send to me?

I really want to make pizza, but I hate the pre-made crusts and I don't want to have to make the entire thing from scratch.
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Could this situation ever happen?

Three kids are put up for adoption, two of them, a boy and a girl are a year older than the other one. None of them ever get adopted. When the guy and the girl turn 18 and are considered adult, they get married, and then adopt their friend who is still 17.

happy monkey

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1. what was your last job interview like? what was said? what questions were asked? how did you feel? did you get the job? (i have one tomorrow and i'm so anxious :(

2. what's the longest you went without showering or bathing?

3. what was the weather like today? (it was so insanely clear and bright and beautiful today near me)

4. what do you like to do at night (besides sleep, or sex)?

5. do you rather odd or even numbers?

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For all you techies out there.
I have an ethernet cable plugged into both my computer and the ethernet port on the wall in my dorm room. do I get my computer to register that it's there? I mean, I'm running on a wireless connection now--how do I change it over?

I can provide more information as required. ^__^

Fun and/or Exciting Law Questions

Do you think law enforcement records [for the crime at issue, not past crimes] should be admissible as evidence against the defendant in a criminal case?

(In some jurisdictions it's permitted; in others it isn't - if you're really excited about this stuff, google Federal Rules of Evidence 803(8))

Nevermind, that's confusing out of context.

Do you like jello extra thick, like the way you get it at a chinese buffet?

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What is your earliest memory?
people don't believe me when I say this.. but I had a dream about a memory, so to speak. I was a little baby.. MAYBE 1 or 2 years old. I was wearing a blue dress with black shoes, and I was in the middle of a huge hallway. I was crying and felt scared because I couldn't find my mom (I was too short/not intelectual enough to look up and see her just a few feet away). I told my mom about this dream and she said that it really did happen, and even showed me a picture from the memory (I was one of those babies that always had a camera in her face). sure enough I was crying, in a hallway, with black shoes and a blue dress.

What can I do about a skin tag?
I just discovered that I have one. it isn't painful but it's really annoying. would I just go to a regular doctor to have it removed, or does it require some special doctor? do you think my insurance would cover such a minor procedure? have you ever had one?

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Whats your experience with a boy/girlfriend not being totally over their ex and moving out to figure things out?

About a month ago my girlfriend moved back to her parents because after 5 months of us dating, she wasn't over her ex. Our relationship seemed to be more healthy, and she has visited twice for several days (She lives 2.5 hours away) and we talk everyday. The reason she moved back home was to get over her ex, and told me that I am what she wanted, she just needed time. Today she calls and says that she still thinks about her ex, and said she had to not communicate with me for a few days to figure things out, this is after a month of being home.

Anyone ever have experience with this? Outcome? What should I do and not do for us to possibly stay together and work this out?

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 You're at a small-ish house party.  You're pretty much gone, walking is hard, but possible.  An attractive, but also drunk, guy/gal keeps pestering for a one night stand.  Would you do it?


1. did anyone watch the lions play today?
2. if they won the first two games, does this mean that theyre done winning for the season?
3. have the rules always been in pro football that in overtime they play until the first team scores?
Hope for the flowers

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1. If you are like me and you suffer from OCD and/or your brain just never shuts up.. what do you do to make it shut up, if even for a moment?

2. You didn't ask to be born... How do you feel about that? 

3. What do YOU think the meaning of life is and/or YOUR purpose on this earth?

4. Do you think that humans are parasitic creatures and that the earth is our "host"?

5. Do you think that people are born gay?

6. How old were you when you lost your viginity?

7. Do you enjoy your life?

8. If love was suddenly sucked from the earth would life still be worth living?

9. How do you feel about your parents, who gave you life & raised you?

10. How do turtles have sex?
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can you hear me now

why is my hubby unable to hear female voices?

do you think my overused upward inflection has somehow damaged his auditory process?

why is he so delighted about his new disability? should i buy a megaphone?
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anything better than photobucket?

What is the best free online website to share your photos with others any why?

I post new photos of my daughter almost daily (family all over the country) and currently have them in groups by date (on Photobucket) but it is kind of a pita to go from album to album.

EDIT: if it also hosts video thats a plus
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Do you have any self enforced rules? Examples might be: "I never swear on Sundays", or "I only wear blue if it is sunny out."

What are they, and why did you make them?

De-friending LJ friends

Here's the situation: You and a new LJ friend have some common interest. You have added each other, but you soon figure out that they are boring, immature, etc...

What is the best etiquette to de-friending this particular type of LJ friend?
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whenever i get to reading the newspaper i always look over the obituaries, i really don't know why i do it.. it's not like i expect to see someone i know listed there. do you read the obituaries?

will you show me a picture of a realty lady from where you live? Collapse )
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If you are married, what was the song for your first dance? If you aren't, what do you want/think it will be?
ETA: Youtube links appreciated

Have you ever lost a gift that someone you that was expensive/irreplaceable? What was it? Did you fess up or try to hide it?

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So, if you mix Splenda into hair bleach, it won't burn your scalp. I have done this and it works. Do you think it would do the same for regular permanent hair dye?

I didn't use to be allergic to permanent hair dye, but now I am. Horrible itching ensues and then I scratch it and my scalp and ears get all scabby and really, someone should just put one of those big cones around my neck like vets put on cats and dogs. I couldn't figure it out for a long time, but I finally read the warning labels on hair dye and it said that tattoos can cause you to be have a reaction to hair dye, which would explain it. Anyway, do you think Splenda would help? I've noticed that the "hypo-allergenic" hair dyes have the same warning labels on them... which is not helpful. Do you know of any brands that don't cause reactions (in people that otherwise do have reactions) but still get good (permanent) color?
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What's one thing you really need to do/get done in the near future?

And what are you doing right now?

(I'm working on my handwriting workbook... it's due Wednesday, and I haven't had nearly enough practice for the print post-test. I'm working on the cursive section right now.)
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ZOMG TQC!!!  theres a kitten right outside my window...s/he's climbing on my screen and I'm too scared to touch him/her..


My boyfriend just went outside to touch it..I'm scared.  I was taught never to touch a stray animal.

What would you dO??

ETA: This cat has been jumping on my computer too.  It's kind of annoying.  lol.  My boyfriend loves the cat though.  The closest Humane Society is thirty minutes away, and I have class tomorrow morning..  Why can't someone just come claim it!

ETA 2: I ran back inside.  It's still sitting outside of my window/door.  I feel bad, but I can't take it in.  Hate me if you wish.  The humane society 30 minutes west doesn't have a working webpage.  The one 30 minutes south isn't open on Mondays and closed at 5pm Sunday.


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I'm bored, TQC; You're boring me.

1. Would you think a relationship where one person says the above to the other is a bad one?

2. Where have I been? I haven't been doing much TQC-ing for a while.

3. Do you think your pets love you? Care at all? Does it matter to you?

1. I can do that with my SO & she wont get offended, I think that's good.

3. I don't know, it doesn't really matter to me. She snuggles with me and eats food out of my hand and I don't care if her motivations are purely to be warm & fed, I love her anyway.

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I just made a time table for my boyfriend's class schedule and then color coded the classes with the buildings on his map of campus. For fun.

1. How lame am I?

2. Can you think of any careers that would employ similar skills?