September 15th, 2007

Oh heeeell no
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It is after 1am. I have an audition [singing] at 11:30ish.. well, I guess it's later today, now, which means I have to be up no later than 8:30. I assure you, TQC, I could easily sleep through this audition time on most given days, let alone the wake-up time I'm setting.

SO, perhaps dyeing my hair and havin' some Sam Smith's nut brown ale, not my best choices for the last hour! But since my hair's short and I got it cut earlier, the dye was necessary ["ass" is not a professional look for auditions], and the beer was left over from a bread mix my boss sent home with me. I was under strict orders to try it! Woe is me, delicious beer bread.
However justified, though. it means that it's late, and beer is not so hydrating. Extra water, then bedtime.

What are some unwise decisions you've made lately?
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What underground bands in your area do you listen to, if any?

Not that I think it's "bad" to be a virgin, but why do a lot of people say they wish they were still virgins?

My plans got fucked and I've been bored all night.  How was your night?

edit:  If I asked you to take a picture of your room, and if you were to post a picture, would you take the picture of your room as is or would you be cleaning it like crazy before you took the picture (I told you I'm bored, SORRY)?

petit prince

dear dr el jay

in your experience...

what does heartburn feel like? (yeah, i know about the "burning" part)
how long does it last? does the pain come and go or is it constant?
where exactly does it hurt?
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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

1.  Think of someone you love that you are not related to by blood.  It can be your best friend, your S.O., your favorite artist, etc... as long as you ACTUALLY love them...

2.  Who is it and what did you think and/or feel the first time you encountered them?

3.  Pick someone else and answer again.  :)
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If you knew that your building was having a fire drill, would you participate?

Would it make a difference if you were on the 35th floor?

If you stay in your flat, how do you avoid the annoying noise (from the fire alarm) you KNOW is coming?

Does the Engrish in this notice make you LOL?
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The Dude Abides

3 ?s

What's the worst (whatever your interpretation may be here's mine) death scene you've ever seen in a movie?

Whatever happened to the Ultimate TQCer (the one supposed to be comprised of all those picture posts)?

What month is your birthday in?

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What is your favorite outfit to wear? 

What kind of cell phone to you have?

Do you like shopping at a mall/stores or on-line?

Do you wear a watch?

What is the last book you read?

What is your favorite thing to eat?

Is your fidge covered with magnets and papers or is it empty?
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where home was

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i am a united states citizen. does that make it impossible for me to attend college in montréal, québec? i just learned about the existence of the cégeps and i don't know if they would apply to me or not. i only speak french intermediately, so i wouldn't be able to attend a french university.. can any of you help me understand the border rules?

sorry this post is all-over-the-place.
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If you had an acquaintance that always engaged in an irritating behavior (say, talking abut themselves a lot, always wanting to go home early when YOU and others wanted to stay where you were, teasing you in a "joking" way that you don't find funny).   Let's say that simply not hanging out with them anymore isn't an option for whatever reason.  Would you indulge in their bad behavior to teach them a lesson/give them a taste of their own medicine?  Would you want revenge, so to speak?


What all does a cat need?

Other than:

Litter box/litter
food dish (gravity feeder?)

How much does it cost to have a cat per year? A friend is trying to get rid of his cat, and we LOVE THE CAT, but neither of us have grown up with them. It's an adult, declawed cat, litterbox trained, not hyper.

What do we need to know? I'm a big animal person and i know alot about the responsibilities of having a pet (we have a rabbit, we've had dogs, etc) but need to know what i'm looking at for care of a cat.

Also, for dogs, you have to have constant shots, rabies, heartworm, flea/tick, etc. For an indoor cat, how much of that is necessary?

Thanks :)

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 I did a bad thing.  I dropped my ipod nano (almost two years old) into the bathtub.  The screen still lights up, but there's no words and I can see the water spots.  I've heard with a cell phone to put it in the oven or use a hairdryer.

TQC, what should I do?
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Have you ever tried the rice krispie treat recipe made with cornflakes instead?

If so, did you find it yummy?

Have you ever made a major substitution in a traditional recipe and found you liked the substitute even better? - what was it?

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i have this thing on my computer that's taking up about 700mb that i'm not sure what it is. it's called dmmonster and it says it's an executable jar file. i googled jar files and it seems like it's some kind of like archived java thing. i'm not sure what it's for and i'd like to free up the space but i'm worried it's attached to a program(it's in my My Videos folder) and shouldn't be deleted.

can i delete it?

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come on, TQC, i know some of you are pretty computer savvy.
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I have a new MacBook..the 13" screen one. I've never had a Mac computer before,and I love it!!

 Everything about it,except that I got one about a month ago,and I had to return it because about an hour after using it,it got really really slow and it kept giving me a message that turned the whole screen grey,and told me I had to restart my computer.

If I didnt restart it, I could do nothing more,so I did it. After i restarted it,it worked for a while,and after about half an hour it did the same thing again. I returned the computer,and got the same one again,but I asked them to upgrade it to a memory of 2 gb.

When I got my new one(the one im using now), it works fine and really fast for about an hour,but after a while it gets slow again and doesn't open the open the page.

I love my Mac computer with everything else, but is it only me or has it happened to any of you with other Macs?  Do you know why that happens?
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Whats your favorite part of halloween?

Favorite candy to get in your trick or treat bag?

what baby costumes for halloween have you not seen but would LOL at? please be un-PC, scary, original, and just plain wrong. Cute too if you must but not the OMG pumpkin, like always.

What adult costumes do you love?

what are you going to be this year?

Do you hate halloween?

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what kind of impression do you get of me from my profile?
does the lack of capital letters annoy you?

should i drop economics for history of art next year?
(my final year of high school)

my subjects for next year:
social studies
economics or history of art

i'm uncertain with what kind of career path i'm venturing into, but the social sciences are my forte.

eta: please note, i have blatantly ripped off someone's username in this community for my bebo username. try to guess whose, haha.

Normally I wouldn't bug you guys with a computer question

But this is the damn weirdest thing I've encountered, computerwise, and I'm at a total loss.

This is a new one for me, and I'm completely stumped. My friend's new keyboard has a problem. When he strikes the 1, Q and A keys, something completely random will happen. Once in a blue moon it types the letter. Sometimes it types a random character. Most of the time it opens up random software. And occasionally those characters - and the Z as well - will just start typing themselves. Same thing happens when he uses it with another computer.

In his words,
"Sometimes when I was pressing 'a' it would open the calculator. Sometimes it would open IE. Sometimes it would open the DVD playback software. And sometimes it would function as 'return'."

And sometimes for a few moments, like right now, everything works fine. Right now, all I can think of is that his keyboard is clearly haunted.

It's a Dell brand, but beyond that he doesn't know specifics. Dell has no tech support on weekends, so y'all are the only hope we've got right now. He's afraid to take it apart because of the warranty. Do y'all have any ideas what it could be?

x-posted to computertalk

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Based on the earlier question about icons...

1. What is your default icon of?

2. Why did you pick it?

3. Can I see 5 of your other oft-used or well-liked icons? Explain them if necessary.

4. What's one of your favorite icons in TQC?
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(no subject)

1. do you like candles?

2. what is the last alcoholic beverage you had?

3. the last time you went shopping, how much did you spend?

4. What is your favorite TV show, and what is your favorite episode from it?

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If the language you predominantly used was different then your native language, would you be embarrassed to work with a learning aid in public to help you with improving your understanding of your non-native language?

Ex: Using a vocabulary builder on your laptop or reading a grammar book while in a busy internet cafe?

If you know multiple languages, do you continuously try to improve your vocabulary in each language or your native language?

If you know just one language, do you think having a constantly growing vocabulary and understanding of language is important?

Do you use a computer based language program? What do you use it for? (ex: grammar, vocab, translation)

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Dear female roommates,

As I am a male with delicate sensibilities when it comes to the natural processes of your reproductive systems, I would be most appreciative if you didn't leave your used feminine products on top of the bathroom wastebasket for my viewing pleasure. I know you were in a hurry to get to work this morning, but if you would just take ten seconds to wrap it in some toilet paper or something and stick it underneath that empty toothpaste box, I'd be a much happier roommate.

Do you have roommates? Are they perfect roommates, or do they constantly do things that grate on your nerves? And does my disgust with what's sitting in full view in the bathroom right now make me a sissy who's unappreciative of the woman's monthly cycle?

Fun Fashion Debate

Settle a debate/argument between my husband and I.

What would you wear with the top located under the cut? I love this top but my husband says NOOOOO. Keep in mind that I'm a hippie/arty chick as far as fashion goes.

If you wouldn't be caught dead in it, you can say that too. My husband thinks I shouldn't be wearing it out of the house. There has to be someone out there that doesn't wear Kameez's as part of their regular wear that likes it too. *grin*

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ETA: My husband thanks you all for saying it looks like granny wear. He didn't want to say exactly that, seeing as how I'd already spent money for it and everything. You said it so he didn't have too. (Not that I'd have been offended anyway. I've long known my sense of fashion is non-existent.)
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Where's a good place to look for a dress to wear to a semi-formal wedding taking place next month?

I'm a size 12 and I suck at girly stuff.

EDIT: live in eastern connecticut. I'm open to any ideas as far as style. Just looking for places to browse.
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Job Searching

I've talked to career counselors and employment agencies and whatnot, but I want to hear from REAL people and their REAL experiences, so that means YOU!

For those of you who have had a job or volunteered somewhere . . .

1. How did you first hear about the position(s)?
2. What do you think helped you get the position(s)?
3. How long is/was your resume?
4. How long do you think a resume should be? Why?

When going to an interview . . .
5. What do you carry your resume in? (folder, briefcase, hand, mouth, backpack, something else?)
6. What are all of the items that you carry in with you? (nothing, resume, folder, briefcase, samples of your work, nude photos, something else?)

Random . . .
7. Why don't some people number their questions if there is more than just a couple of them?

EDIT: I want to know what each individual person thinks. This is about YOUR personal opinion, and an opinion can't be wrong, so please don't argue with someone else's opinion.
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Do you think people who use images of themselves in their icons are arrogant/self-lovin'?

Why/why not?

A friend of mine just told me she was fed up of seeing people's 'ugly faces' in their icons, and proceeded to rant for like ten minutes about how arrogant it was that people used themselves in their icons/avatars etc. I was kind of surprised by this rant because I swear said friend had an icon of herself in their LJ a few years back, lol, but anyway - now I'm curious as to if this is a common opinion or not.

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Why are the elements of fiction important and fiction analysis emphasized in US schools when there are few jobs that deal with those skills?

Do you think you've benefited more from practical writing education (grammar, spelling, resumes, persuasive essays, etc) or literature based education?

Starbucks Employees/Afficionados

What drink should I try the next time I go to Starbucks. Money isn't really an issue, as long as it is less than 6.10. Also I like the taste of coffee, so overly strong syrups aren't really my thing.

Also, what is the differents between a caramel frappuchino and a caramel macchiatto? (My friend is curious.)


What's in your perfect brownie?

I'm making brownies tonight. Replacing the water with jamaican blue mountain (wish I had an espresso machine), using cream instead of milk, making the entire batter by scratch, making a "crust" out of reeses candy, putting chunky peanutbutter in the middle, making homemade dark chocolate icing and homemade whipped cream.
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I recently read "The Selfish Giant" by Oscar Wilde, and was totally confused at the end. Is the way the book ends supposed to symbolize Jesus? I'm at a loss. It's a beautiful book but I was confused because I didn't remember knowing that Oscar Wilde was a religious man.
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What do you think of people who post pictures of themselves in various stages of undress on myspace or facebook?

What about really scrawny tough guys who always take their shirts off?

Do pearls really make any girl look classy?

What does your mousepad look like?

(no subject)

What's a song that currently describes how you feel/a stage of your life that you're in right now?
Kelly Clarkson -- Sober [absolutely to a T fits what I'm going through.. even right down to the 'three months' lyrics.]

What's a nice way to tell a guy "I'm just not that into you?"
I don't reject people very often, I never really get the chance to. but.. there's this guy that seriously will NOT take no for an answer. sure he's nice but he's not my type at all. what's worse is that he literally lives down the street from me, and he has admitted to driving past my house to see if I'm home. yikes. I tell him I'm not interested and he just keeps calling me. he called me *counts* 6 times today.
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Digital Cameras

My parents agreed to get my a digital camera for my birthday. My only problem now is that I don't know what to look for in a camera.
I don't need anything amazing.
I will mainly use it to take pictures with friends(it is my last year of high school) or at drama practice and so on.
The only concern I have is that on a previous camera, it took a while after you took one picture to be able to take another. That got very annoying.
Any suggestions on what to look for?
Or even which brands are better than others?
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(no subject)

What's your favorite ana recipe?

What is your favorite disease?

Would you rather be in a car with someone who goes 10 miles an hour slower than the speed limit, or with someone who drives 30 miles an hour over the speed limit?

Which is the worst to you: sharks, clowns, or spiders?

EDIT: Should gay men be allowed to donate blood?

(no subject)

1. I like to play with the microscopes at school. Can I just buy a microscope somewhere? Would that be weird? What magnifications/specs are good? INFO PLZ.

2. If you had (or have) a microscope, what would you look at?

I've always wanted to watch some little sperms swimming around but it's rather difficult to obtain a sample from someone during, say, Geology. :(

3. Do you have any useless skills?

I can sing the alphabet backwards. And I used to have a professor who claimed he could tell if someone was constipated by looking at their handwriting.

Books, questions, spare time

Have you read Joseph Heller's "Something Happened?" And if you have, is there a particular character you can relate to?

Does anyone think think this book reads more like a Chuck Palahniuk creation that the progenitor of "Catch 22?"
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When I was a kid, I put a frozen chocolate in the microwave to heat it up, but left the wrapper on, and the foil caught on fire. A few years ago when my mom was warming up a spaghetti squash, it exploded and blew the microwave door open and squash guts went all over the kitchen.

What weird things have happened to food that you've heated in the microwave?
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fave songs again!

What are your favourite songs by:

1 - Elton John
2 - Andrew Lloyd Weber
3 - Rod Stewart
4 - The Animals
5 - ABBA


1 - Sad songs
2 - Oh what a circus
3 - Maggie mae
4 - We've gotta get out of this place
5 - SOS

Locked out?

I woke up this morning at 730 am to stumble to the bathroom and pee. I go to open the bathroom door and the door won't open. In my incoherent need to pee I thought that turning the knob harder would get it to open. I slowly realized that this was not the case and that the door was locked from the inside. I have never locked this door. I just moved in a month ago and I hadn't even paid attention to how it locked. It took me a while to find something that I could stick in the whole to manipulate the tumblers. What I ended up using will be revealed under the cut.

Have you ever had something like this happen?

What is the weirdest thing you've ever used to pick a lock?
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