September 14th, 2007

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Dear TQC,

Why can't I get drunk anymore? I used to be able to drink all my friends under the table when I was 15-18 and 115 lbs. Now, I'm 23, much heavier, and a few sips of Bailey's makes me want to vomit. Did having a baby screw up my drinking ability? Will I ever get it back?

This sucks.
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Has anybody seen that movie The Brothers Solomon? I saw part of it today and it was horrible and boring and I was actually getting a headache from it, so I walked out. Now though, I kind of want to know what happens. There are spoilers under the cut saying the parts I have seen.
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Can anybody tell me what happens or direct me to a site that has that plot? I googled/wikapediaed it, but I can't find it.

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 Why won't my cat drink out of his own waterbowl? I've tried bowls, containers, everything! Finally bought him his own food+water dish attached, set today. he drank the water out of it twice but is already back to drinking out of the dog's bowl :( it's annoying because the dog gets all annoyed whenever he sees the cat near his food and runs to it and starts gobbling it up. the cat's food is on top of a table if that matters? and that's his old bowl.. also does your cat stick his paw in the bowl over and over, and lick the water off? 

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How many unanswered phone calls is too many?

Does your answer change if the person has left voicemails and/or text messaged you as well?

How long does it take for you to get the hint that someone isn't interested?

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1. I won $10 worth of gift certificates by using Blingo. The only problem is, I could really use the actual money. (I'm starting to interview at grad schools and holy hell it is expensive to travel.) Is there anyone here that would be willing for me to send them my gift cert codes in exchange for the $10 sent to my paypal? Please let me know!

2. Why doesn't it feel like Friday?

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Have you ever dated and/or had sex with a person that had the same name as your parent, sibling, grandparent, or other close relative? Did you find it to be rather awkward? Did it impede your sexual or romantic performance? Tell me about it. Stud.

I've dated an Andrew and a Ken, which are my brother and father's names, respectively. It was fucking weird.
Isobel Mahariel

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Surprisingly, I posted this question in a game-related community, and never got an answer to my question (instead, it sparked some light debate about women and games). So, I may as well try here!

Anyone have any idea which of these options I should use to ask Bioware a random question?

I don't know if random questions would fall under any of those contact options, so I wanted to see what other people thought I should use. I want to ask why they never seem to have any previews that involve a female character when they always make sure to point out that you can play a female in the game.

Erotic Massage

A friend of mine moved into an apartment building that has offices on the first floor. One of the offices is for a woman who does erotic massages.

What does an erotic massage entail? I don't know what prostitution/sex laws are like in NY - maybe they're more relaxed than I realized.

Have you ever gone for an erotic massage?
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TQC, do you write a lot of letters?

If so, to who?

What are they usually about?

I'm about to start writing to my boyfriend while he's in Ireland for the next two years. I'm not sure how to start, though. I always feel stupid when I start one, and give up soon after. Any idea how to get over that?

Do you collect anything? I collect postcards, gorey movies, rocks, and socks.
ocala drive

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Yesterday, I washed my face with a cleaning cloth that soaps up in water. The same kind I used to use last year.
Later in the day, my face got all red and hot and it looked like tiny blisters grew around my chin.
This morning, I woke up and the right side of my face is swollen. My eye won't even open all the way. I'm almost certain I somehow developed an allergy to those face cloths, but this seems bizarre.

I have work this evening and a concert to go to tomorrow. What can I do to make the swelling and red and ow go away?
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Hello TQC

I am planning on setting up a fish tank fairly soon, and I have a couple of questions.

How many fish can comfortably be in a ten gallon tank?

Also, in your opinion, what are some good first fish to get?

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1 The word farted, Do you use it in all company?

2 Why the stigma around farting?

3 What is your favorite kind of poop to have? 

4 Do you think saying things that make no sense back and forth between friends is hilariously funny enough to do night after night? 

5 Relatedly, what do you prefer to do when spending time with friends (on or offline) - do you enjoy loads of inside jokes and going over and over them (much like question 4) or do you prefer to be a little more serious and talk about issues in your lives or in the world? 

6 Do you know how to mow a lawn so that you create those pretty green "stripes"?

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I want to get the old Casio keyboard demo for a ringtone and can't think of any search terms besides Casio, Keyoard, and Demo. All of wich don't find it. Any suggestions?

Also what is your best geek/nerd joke? (a joke you have to somewhat geeky/nerdy to understand. i.e. "There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't.")
china town

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If you're single, what is the one strange thing that you do that you'll have to stop doing once you start dating someone?

If you're in a relationship/married, what was the one strange thing that you did that you had to stop doing once you starting seeing the person you're with?

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Alright, TQC. A question. I am a size Large in clothes from most stores--Forever 21, Target, etc, so I think of myself as being on the heavier side of "average." (This is relevant, I swear).

For any of you that shop at American Eagle, do you know if they have sizes there that could possibly fit me? I ask because my roommate/good friend has this thin AE hoodie, which I think is positively adorable and therefore wish to own one. Of course, every time I go there, everything looks so freaking tiny, so I'm always too discouraged to try anything on.

I guess my real question is: what is the largest size that AE generally carries, and do they tend to be true to size at all?
yummy beer!, yummy

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What gross or strange personal habit/behavior do you wish you could change? 
If you have none you wish to change, do you have any that make you ask yourself "wtf?"  on occasion?

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How many hairs on average do you lose in washing your hair? 

Give a dog a home

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I wear glasses. I love my glasses. I have three pairs and a pair of prescription ones, and they are all funky and fun and "me".

Why do people hate on glasses so much? Like, they find out they need glasses and they are all "OH NOESSS". Personally, I like being able to see!

So what are you: Team Yay Glasses, Team Ew Glasses, or Team Contacts?


Club sandwich or cheeseburger?


Is anyone else going to the protest in DC tomorrow? (feel free to point and laugh at my bleeding heart liberal self, it's okay)

I heart coats!

How many coats do you own?

Are they necessary for your climate, or do you just have a weakness for a smart-looking coat?

I'm turning this into a picture post... Will you show me a pic of your favorite coat?

I own 6 heavy winter coats.

I was born and raised in Florida. I now live in Houston, TX. My coats are necessary only for fashion. Yay coats!

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does anyone here go without physical contact for long hours even a day or more? (when i say physical contact i don't mean anything sexual, just a touch or whatever)
its almost 11 am, and i realise that i don't think i've touched or anyone's touched me all day. and i'm trying to think about yesterday, but i can't remember any physical contact...


Uh, so.. I want to get my hair cut. It's like almost down to my ass. And I want a really really short cut.

Do I do this myself or do I go to someone?

If I go to a hairdresser or whatever, um... what's proper etiquette? I've never been to one before, so I don't know what to do really. Just walk in there, go like, "lol cut hair plz"? My hair is slightly greasy at the moment, I want to wash it but then I don't want to waste my time washing it if the person who does my hair is going to do it anyway. Do they have to wash your hair every time?

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what are some good NYC music venues? i'm moving there from upstate next week and i know of a few (Bowery Ballroom, mostly), but i'm looking for both mainstream and indie-ish places. i'm guessing probably in the LES or midtown or brooklyn.

any lj communities you think i (and everyone else) should belong to?
Sweet Pea
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On my way to work this morning, I saw a car lose control on the other side of the highway. They started spinning and went into the grassy median, extremely fast and out of control. There were many cars on both sides of the highway, but when I called 911 about 30 seconds to a minute later, they didn't know about it yet.
If you saw an accident happen, even if you weren't involved, would you call 911 or just think "oh, I'm sure someone else did."?


1. should i apply for a 2 year photography program?
2. have you ever gone to school for something you loved and ended up hating it by the end?
3. (inspired by a question from a few days ago) do you wash your hands after you pee if it's the middle of the night?
4. would you rather be wearing pants that are a little too tight or a little too loose?

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What's the next song you plan to add to your MP3 player or iTunes or whatever?

What's the last one you added?

Have you ever added a song, listened to it once, then removed it right away? What was it?

EDITED TO ADD: I don't work for the RIAA or anything, but if it makes you nervous to talk about music downloads here, you don't have to.

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For the Pagans/Wiccans/etc out there:

It's my job to think of activities for the kids in my church. I wanted to have them make Besoms for Mabon, but all the instructions I've found on Google have been for adults and too involved for kids 3-13. Any ideas on how to make a besom easily and on a budget? Or, are there another other activities you can think of that would be fun for Pagan kids of this age groups?
Beast mode!

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1. What's the etiquette when attending a funeral for someone you don't know (I'm friends with the daughter of the deceased)? Am I supposed to bring flowers or something? If so, who do I give them to?

2. Do you know what to say when someone close to you loses someone? Or are you like me and all you can think of is something along the line of, "Oh, sorry dude."?

3. Can you do a cartwheel? When was the last time you did one? How weird is it that I really have an urge to cartwheel down the hall here at work?

4. Did you know that today is thephoenix29's birthday? You probably don't know him, he hasn't been around TQC long, but will you tell him Happy Birthday anyway?

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my dad just had his birthday on wednesday. my parents are coming up (i live an hour away) tomorrow for lunch.

i just got out of a five year relationship and moved into my own place. my parents lent me a charge chunk of money to help me cover the move. despite this, i'm pretty broke right now.

it seems silly to buy something for him considering i'd pretty much be buying him a present with his own money. that and i have no idea what to get him. i was considering making him something but i'm 25. so i don't know how lame that is. i can't knit or anything. maybe some cookies and a homemade card?

any ideas? i only have tonight to make the gift because they're coming tomorrow morning.
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rufus, muppy

My hair is turning black????/?

Ok. I am a 21 year old female. Born with white blonde hair, and it remained this light well into age 12 or so. It got a little darker as I was a teenager, but it stayed pretty light blonde.

Now suddenly, I am finding BLACK hairs growing in all over my head. My father has black hair, so I'm sure this is where it's coming from in the gene pool, but how common is it for someone who has always had super-light hair to suddenly start turning black? I've even noticed that these hairs are often curly, where as my "normal" hair is pin straight.

What on earth is going on?
James Franco joint


What are your opinions on divorce?

To elaborate:
Have you ever been divorced? What caused it, if you care to share?
Do you have religious/strict moral thoughts on divorce? What religion do these thoughts come from, if they exist?
How many people in your family are divorced? (aunts and uncles, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.)
Anything else you have to say?

Have you ever taken a philosophy class? What was your favorite part?

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I work with a 28 year old child. She is very immature and constantly saying thing like "I think it's funny when people call me crazy because they don't realize that I really am. Te he he" but she says it like it's a positive thing. She is an attention whore. She also talks about how she is "gothic" and I have also heard her joke on many occasions about being the "anti-Christ".

Today when I came into work and she is wearing a hijab and claiming to be Muslim. She says she has been Muslim for years and she is participating in Ramadan. However. I have been working with her for 2 years now and have near seen her wear a hijab or even talk about being Muslim until this morning.

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So this is my question..

Would this bother/offend/anger you on any level?

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girls gossiping


1. What should I do for my 21st birthday? I'm celebrating it in a foreign country and I don't really want anything big, just something entertaining for a few people. What did you do?

2. Who was the last person you thought about just a little too much? I personally can't get this dude off my mind even though I haven't seen him in three weeks.

3. Ever experienced culture shock? How did you deal with it?
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Okay, I know nothing about taking cabs so I need your help. I am flying out to Fort Lauderdale to interview @ a graduate school.

I have 2 options and need to know which one you think is cheapest.

1) Hotel 1: $50ish for one night. About 12.7 miles (17 minutes) from the university.

2) Hotel 2: $80ish for one night. About 6.5 miles (10 minutes) from the university.

Which do you think would be cheaper?

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Do you have any stories about your wicked stepmothers/fathers/partners of your parents?
If you hated your either of your parents choice of partner, did/would it make a difference if they were the mother/father of a half sibling?

Anyone here who doesn't like animals? It seems everyone is obsessed with their pets.
I don't really care for animals.. my cat's alright, she was cute when she was a kitten but I wouldn't be too devestated if she ran away and never came back. Dogs irrtate me a little, they seem like too much hard work and they can smell..

Paging Dr. LJ

For the past few days, I've been feeling on-and-off nauseous. I'm on birth control, but it's the type where I dont have periods, soooooooo I really have no sure-fire way to know i'm not pregnant.

I also have a cold, and haven't slept much teh past week due to a work convention. i've also been eating less healthy foods recently due to being stuck in a convention hotel.

Is it worth it go take a test, Doctor LJ? Or shoudl I just suck it up for a few more days before bothering?

Comedy - Lewis Black - Horse

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My husband and I lived in an apartment for two years in a college town while I finished up my degree. We moved out on May 20 and our lease clearly states that we can expect our deposit money back no later than 45 days. We know we have money coming back to us - the landlord told us. It's almost four months since we've moved out and we haven't seen a dime. I've contacted the Better Business Bureau and they haven't gotten a response from them either.

So TQC, what should my next step be?

ETA: I just got off the phone with the landlord - he doesn't have any control over the money, that's all the property owner.

He's "not supposed to give out his [the property owner] number".

Apparently we're not the only ones that he's doing it to and the landlord has been receiving several calls.

TQC, will you help me draft my certified letter that I send to the property owner?

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 Is anyone here a lawyer?
If so, could you take a look at the following two waivers i wrote and let me know if there is anything obvious missing from them?

Of course I totally release YOU from liability related to these waivers and understand the advice you give is not in a professional capacity.

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Why did I suddenly lose the ability to pluck my eyebrows?
I had one hair that I couldn't get for almost a week. Finally I got it today.

Also, would you be happy if someone made you cinnamon pancakes with warm apples and caramel topping?
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I'm too stupid

It seems like every single person I know got some kind of scholarship and I didn't. I looked online for scholarships and qualified for none of them. I don't understand how it works. It is way too late now because my very last tuition bill has already been paid, but can someone explain to me the usual ways people go about getting academic scholarships that have nothing to do with financial need and are for out-of-state schools?

I always felt like "the dumb one" because all the people I knew were getting handed money to go to school and I could never find a way to get even $500.

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Is there an easy way to change clips from .divx to .avi ?   solved. I could just change the file extension.
If you used to bite your fingernails how did you manage to stop?
Favourite comm right now? Mine is pagansfandom which is for a book, not like anyone here will know it.
Why is it your favourite comm? [Because it's full of really nice people and we're actually active and I look forward to sharing things with them]
Hardest decision recently?
me - with gun
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Mommy, mommy, mommy!

Why is the sky blue?

Where did Fluffy go when he died?

Why does daddy drink so much?

Where does the sun go at night?

What's an ah-bor-shun and why did daddy tell me I should be one?

Can I have a pony?
omgyay by: dakinigrl

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Has anyone here heard of Sylvia Browne? She's that psychic that's on Montel on Wednesdays.

If so, do you believe what she says is true?

If you went to go see her, what would you ask? Keep in mind she can tell you anything about your future, about someone who died, who your guardian angels are, etc.

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I have a coworker named Gay. SRSLY. Would it make you giggle, like it does for me, every time you hear her name?

*etaeta* at least piratelords had interesting comments.

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1. What are your bad habits?
2. Have you met up with anyone you knew via the internet? How'd it go? Were they all that you hoped for?

1. I bite my nails like crazy and I can not seem to stop.
2. A friend is coming out next month and I'm a little nervous, but totally excited he's coming out

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 Does anyone know a good place for ringtones where you can pay per ringtone? I've tried googling but everything I've found is monthly subscriptions. I would only use a few so I don't want to pay $10 a month for that.

(no subject)

(I know I just posted, but I'm only posting this because apparently everyone really wants to know the serious answers and no one has the balls to ask it again.)

What does anal sex feel like for a girl? How would a girl get pleasure from it?

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Haruhi disappearance
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1) Do you enjoy starting at a new job, or do you hate the whole process?

2) What is the closest green object to you?

3) Should I get a second job at Border's(general) or Walmart(Toy section)?

4) What color are your toenails right now?

5) Jalapeno poppers: cheddar or cream cheese?


2) Liquid paper caps

3) I think Borders would be quieter, but the people at Walmart seem accomodating, and working in Toys is a lot better than working front cashier.

4) Dark metallic blue

5) Cheddar, only cheddar.
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if you got the pink slip today through no misdeed of your own -- pretend your company is downsizing by 10% randomly selected by lottery -- and were told not to come back to work on monday (or tomorrow, if you're one of those who work the weekend), what, if anything, would you do on your way out?

ETA: whoever gives the most awesome answer will get a prize

also whoever gives the lamest answer

woo, political flame-wars

Inspired by multiple conversations I've been having with non-American friends this week...

What do you think of these 9/11 government conspiracy theories?

I'm an ardent Democrat/liberal, but I don't think the government was behind 9/11. That being said, I do think that the 9/11 Commission was a sham, and the government as a whole was not forthright with their answers and explanations. We need a new, independent commission.

Edit: Didn't see that this question had sort of been hashed over here a month ago. Oops.
Hell's Libarian

Picture question (2nd attempt)

Re-posted, hopefully with a working picture this time (I knew that fotki album would come in handy eventually!). Sorry about the last one, I'm not exactly good at posting pictures, hence the reason I don't. If this doesn't work either tell me and I'll take it down.

Can anyone tell me where this picture was taken/what buildings these are?

please let this actually work...

It would have been taken between 1938-1945. Probably in the Eastern United States (or at least from what I can tell).

Thanks a bunch!
~ K.
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My tummy hurts. Does your tummy hurt?

Do you know why your tummy hurts?

I blame mine on too much coffee - I never drink it, but my supersweet co-worker bought me an iced coffee and I would've felt bad turning it down.

(no subject)

I need to go over my lecture notes and recordings. Should I start with Physiology, Molecular Biology, or Biochemistry?

When you have several different things to do, do you start with the most or least enjoyable task?
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This morning, I received a letter via UPS containing a check in my name for $2,999 from New York Life Insurance through Chase Manhattan Bank. I've NO idea why they would send me such a thing. There is no letter or anything with the check. I brought it to my bank, and they said that they could not verify that it was real, and that I would have to verify it myself.

It looks very genuine and legit, it's definitely not from Nigeria. I called Chase bank and read the account # off to them, and they said it was indeed valid. Now I am waiting on the life insurance co. to get back to me.

1. Shouldn't the bank be doing this for me?

2. Do you think it is real, or a hoax?

3. What would you do if you received this check? Besides trying to spend it on hookers and blow, of course.

ETA: I figured it out. It's from my future roommate from Australia, for the rent. Why she sent it through a life insurance agency (and in that amount) is still confusing me though.

No shopping for me =(

ETA2, oh it was a hoax, of course.

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Poll #1055292 enquiring minds need to know?

Would you stay with your partner if you found out they had been abusing one of your children?

Yes, marriage is for life. Forgive and forget.
No way would I stay with the sick bastard.
OMG! I don't know!

Would it make it better if the child wasn't your biological child but fostered/adopted instead?

Yes, blood is thicker than water.
No, I'm still responsible for that child, it is still wrong.
I don't have an opinion, only a sore arse.

Does it matter what age the child is?

Nope, under age is under age.
It's okay if they are over 12
It's okay if they are over 16
it's not quite as bad if they are almost 18/21/age of consent where I am

What should happen to child molesterers?

They should be forgive if they promise not to do it again.
They should be given therapy
they should be locked up
they should be castrated/female equivalent
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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) Are you fat?

2a) If you have siblings, are you close to them?
2b) If you're not close to one or more of them, why?
2c) How would you try to get closer to a sibling 6 years older than you? My brother and I have never ever talked really, and I kinda feel bad about that

3) When you think about someone you like/have a crush on, what types of thoughts go through your mind?

4) How do you think people come up with weird snacks? Like, who the heck decided that it'd be the best thing ever to gut a jalapeno, fill it with cheese, batter and deep fry it? What about fried ice cream? Things like that.

5) Have you created a really weird snack before? What is it? If not, what would you like to see created?

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i got a new kitten a couple of weeks ago, but have been trying to keep him away from the other cats since he's been sick. He's feeling a lot better thanks to antibiotics, but now he's become a bit of a nuisance. I found out recently that he can open doors and has been escaping into the rest of the apartment and upsetting the other cats. I've tied his door to another door with rope so he can't open it anymore.

Do you think that all my cats will get along now even though they weren't introduced properly? Is there anything I can do to make a 'official' introduction run more smoothly?
  • _teeze

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Damn, does anyone have a screen cap of the random question about wanting to have a dick for a day, and the serious question about anal sex feeling good for a woman?

Why did it go so fast?
  • sterek

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Do you find yourself getting more and more critical of the people you know as time goes by?

When you find something you really like (e.g. a sushi bar) do you plug it in your blog?

Do exclamation marks and capitals make you less or more likely to try something someone suggests to you?

Do you like yoghurt?

(no subject)

For those of you who live with your you usually go to bed at the same time? If not, who goes to bed first? Do you like it that way?

For everyone, do you prefer your popcorn sweet or salty?

ALSO, why are so many of you members of AMA? DO YOU JUST LIKE QUESTIONS THAT MUCH?

(no subject)

so let's say i ordered something from someone online about 3 months ago. i paid promptly. weeks go by, i hear nothing. i send a reminder email, and the seller says some stuff about being busy, etc. but things are happening and my item should be shipped soon. so i keep waiting. still nothing. send another email, get similar response. seller keeps offering a refund, but i don't want a freaking refund--i want my stuff. i wait some more. send third email asking for honesty in whether or not i'll ever see my stuff. this was 3 days ago--no response.

i'm past my window for filing a complaint through paypal to the best of my knowledge.

what should i do?


1. The parking situation at my apartments sucks. The parking lot is only big enough for 2 cars per apartment, and only one spot is specifically reserved for each apartment. The others are first come, first serve. But the family next to us has like 5 cars and they park in everyones' unofficial 2nd spots, crowding all the two car families.

Today I had to park a fuckmile away from my apartment and this CRAZY bitch nearly broke down my door, shreiking about how I'M IN HER SPACE OMFG. I told her to take it up with the 5 car family coz I had to park somewhere, but she kept yelling and my dog was about to rip her face off, so I went and moved my car even further away.

The apartment managers won't get involved coz they suck. Should I punch someone in the face? Who? Should I punch myself for being lame? What would you do? I can't move for at least 2 months.

2. Have you ever had a silly issue like this with your neighbors? How did it turn out?
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Sweet shit dude.  I always wanted to be the topic on a post, and I <barely> succeeded.

(For those who care, I quit responding because I had an important video chat I had to be in.  No I wasn't having sex with myself.  I was talking to my mommie and daddie.  I also missed the day(s) in school where the teachers taught us how to count.)

What's your favorite kind of cereal?
  • demia

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So I have my first car date in an hour. He's 17. I'm 15.

What am I supposed to do exactly? How am I supposed to act?

I haven't had an actual date in so long I've forgotten.
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LOL Ryan be my BFF

3 questions

my friend will be here soon for movie and pizza night. except tonight we're making our own pizza.

1. do you have any suggestions? it'll be just cheese but anything to make the crust stronger? it always seems to come out limp and you have to eat it with a fork and knife.

2. how do you think this is going to turn out?

3. how do you think this is going to turn out knowing that i've already started drinking?
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 My Grandmother was watching my son when I went back to work three weeks ago. After the first week, that Saturday she was in a car accident that (luckily only) broke every bone in her foot. So Ben's with the babysitter full time until she gets better. She misses him terribly and she lives 45 miles from us, so with being gone 12 hours a day at work - I haven't been able to get to see her since she's been in an accident. 

Tomorrow I have some time to go up with the baby and she would be more than delighted to see us. The problem is that she smokes like a chimney in her house and the air quality worries me. While I'm not one to buy into every little horror story about cigarettes, I think  that ecessive anything is bad for his little system, especially cigarette smoke...thick cigarette smoke. I know she is willing to smoke outside while he is there but I'm between a rock and a hard spot here sort of. Am I over-worried? - will spending a few hours in her house if she doesn't smoke while he's there really be that bad for him? 

I know it's best if he is never around it but this woman loves him like no other person on earth and she's confined to a wheel chair at the moment and can't get out of her house...she also has no family except me and my dad...who treats her like crap so basically me and the kidlet is all she has. 

Any thoughts?

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you are trapped in the very hot, very dry desert with no supplies. you come across a guy carrying a machine gun who offers you a drink. you can have either a quarter cup of ice cold water or a liter of very warm sprite. which do you choose?

what do you want for your birthday?

ETA: you can't have both, the guy will kill you with his machine gun if you try.

Edited again: would it make any difference if the sprite was flat?

Ipod help!

Recently, during a series of power surges, my ipod has been acting funny. I left it in my ihome during said surges, which was connected to a power supply. Now, it's not shutting off unless I do a soft reset. what should I do?

(note: it's over a year old, so I can't return it I don't think. )


Why is it that some people around my city who live in very bad, dangerous and rundown neighborhoods spend their money on their car? I took a shortcut through a really sketchy area and saw an Escalade, a bunch of Lexuses and some BMWs.

Why do people feel its better to spend their money on an expensive car rather than moving out to a nicer, safer area?

Lights out

So my fiance and our friend M are in NYC right now for the Underworld show. M lives in Richmond, VA, and drove up here to Northern VA last night, spending the night at our place. They left this morning. I just got back from dinner with friends, and I realized that the interior light in M's car is on. It's possible that it's been on since last night, or just since this morning, when they left.

So, TQC, what should I do? I went and pushed on both doors (it's a coupe) and they were both shut all the way already. They're also definitely locked. Is the battery definitely dead anyway at this point? Or should I try to break in somehow without killing his car?

EDIT: They are without cell phones until about 2am. Should I call and leave a message saying what's going on, or should I let them remain happily ignorant until they get back tomorrow?
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Anyone here use I'm having trouble with it: I've been trying to rip just audio from YouTube vids (so I selected "MP3 (audio only)"), but it only rips part of it, or it says it's half an hour long and then only plays half of it (when it's like a five-minute long vid). Any ideas? (There's no FAQ section on the site or anything.)
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Could you recommend to me any good LJ communities that give you something to do when you are bored?

Has anyone here read the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels by Laurell K Hamilton?

What was the funniest thing that happened to you today?

Are you in love?

What fall trend do you think you will end up following? You can't say layering, because everybody does that.

Could you post me a picture of yourself making a dumb face? I need a good laugh.

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My husband is a Captain Morgan drinker and was shocked today by the price of a handle when he went to the liquor store (we dont usually buy liquor).

He wanted me to ask you guys: Do you know of any decent spiced rums that are equatable to Captain Morgan without costing as much?

He mixes it with coke, for what it's worth.

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I have the following items:

Whole wheat rotini
tomato sauce
frozen peas
a bazillion canned vegetables (mostly corn, peas, and green beans)
alfredo sauce
minute rice
frozen sugar snap peas
head of lettuce
a bazillion spices
green pepper
ramen (spicy)
brown rice
like 1 slice of bread

ETA: wow, tessibean beat me to it, but I have different stuff!

Another question just in case:

When you are ravenously hungry, do you reach for sweet or salty things?
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Guess what TQC?  I just had dinner.  I had chicken cashew salad with red grapes.  I had all the ingredients in the kitchen, so thats why I decided to make it.

what did YOU have? 

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1. When is the last time you had a nosebleed?

2. Does anyone else have frequent nosebleeds in the spring/fall, or am I a mutant?

3. Which Black Flag/Henry Rollins thing should I download/buy first? (I know nothing about him besides what scanning wikipedia told me and what I just saw on his IFC show.)
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Hey, dudes of TQC:

1. Have you gotten into many fights?
2. Have you ever been kicked out of a restraunt or club, and if so, how many?
3. Would you casually mention these exploits in an attempt to impress a girl you were dating?

And for the ladies:

Have you ever gone out with a guy who was totally sweet and rational, but would occasionally be all "I didn't WANT to fight, but this guy hit me first so I figured I had to hit him back, just to save face. . . ."? How did that go?
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An ex who I'm on semi-decent terms with sends me two texts.
One says: I need to see you again. Somewhere quiet and alone. Be prepared for anyhting.
The other: Fuck! Sorry, being bipolar. Takes over sometimes. Sorry....

The thing that bothers me: My ex is one of the most level headed people I know and does not like to show emotion. I had to exclude myself from his life a while ago because I knew life would be a lot easier without me. Him coming to me, someone who is his emotional opposite is very strange.

Should I be worried?
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Um, I'm just asking this for a friend.
Why is your mom charging a quarter now for handjobs when it used to be a dime a couple of months ago? I mean isn't that a pretty outrageous price jump considering inflation is only like 3 or 4%.

Which of these mustaches is your favorite?

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Why are European Pringles so much better than the American ones?

What countries have you been to?

Which had the best snack foods and what were they?

Paprika Pringles should be available worldwide: Y/Y?
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When you eat oatmeal, do you warm it up or just eat the oats with cold milk?

When you make iced tea, what proportions of each ingredient do you use?

Do you remember rainbow bread???

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Why is my cat such a psycho freak?

She loves to hang out in the bathroom. Whether it is in the tub drinking the drippy drips of water or curled up the sink. She loves it in there. Lots of people have been scared by her jumping out from behind the toilet as well.

She insists in not letting me fall asleep. I'll be laying on my back and she will jump on my chest and ram her head under my chin. She then does the "oooh I love you, you are my owner, let me rub my glans all over you" thing. If I move her, she runs back and does it harder. She'll purr and fall asleep right there on my chest and under my chin.

Labour Laws

I work part time in a teenage clothing store in Windsor, Ontario.
I am never given a break unless my manager writes it in on the day planner, whcih is maybe once per 10 6-hour shifts I have.

Does anyone know offhand if there are laws regarding when I should be given a break?
Someone told me that for every 4 hours there needs to be a 15 minute break.

Any links to webpages which support your answer would be appreciated, that way I can print it out and have something to show my manager tomorrow.

I'm 17, but I make minimum wage instead of student wage.
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This might sound kind of lame, but I'm trying to find some friends through facebook. This is my first year on campus (Penn State at State College) and so far I haven't made any friends; I'm going stir crazy. I missed the first meeting only club I was interested in and the website has no info. So, I looked up my major on facebook hoping to find people of similar mindsets.

The question is, what should I say in a message to them? I for one would be a little wary of a stranger sending me a message so I want to seem as friendly as possible. What would you write?
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Who makes you feel like your alive? ignore the first question, lack of sleep is affecting me :( 

Who has that look you cant describe?

Whats one thing you have been confused about lately?


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should i...

confess my love to the boy i've been, well, in love with for years
go to bed to get up in time for the Manchester United game
get on AIM and annoy people
or watch things on youtube and Ugly Betty?

i'd be watching these kinds of things

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omg idk

confess my love
go to bed to wake up in time for the Man United game
IM people!!!
watch this video and Ugly Betty over and over and over
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Serious Question: Would you get angry/How would you feel if your computer broke, and then without your knowledge your parents took your computer to a repair guy and paid him $20 to take a look at it?

(Edit for those who are asking why you could get angry. 1st, I'm already good with computers and I know the hard drive is shot. 2nd if this guy can somehow beat my hard drive into submission, I might just have Illegally downloaded files, porn, passwords and credit card information on there that I don't want a stranger to see.)

(The apparently not so)Funny Question: If a black person has dandruff, do they still get white flakes?

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Someone I haven't spoken to in a few years just sent me a really prim and proper e-mail asking me to cast a spell on someone for her. I used to be interested in witchcraft and stuff when i was a freshman/maybe sophomore, but I don't actually believe in any of it. A friend did give me a book a while ago that has spells in it, though.

So, do I give her the information she wants, even though I don't believe any of it? Do I point her in another direction? Or do I just ignore the e-mail and pretend it was spam?
Be serious or not, I don't mind either.
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I just took a muscle relaxer. My typing gets notoriously bad while on them, and I get insanely silly. Should I just log off now, or stay online and butcher the English language?