September 13th, 2007


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Why won't SmarterChild argue with me?

Should I go to bed? (it's past 1am and I have to work in the morning)

If so, do you have any suggestions for falling asleep? (I can't seem to sleep anymore)

Should I move somewhere other than San Diego to try to meet people who aren't insane?

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Does albuterol make anyone else shake horribly?

I've had asthma all my life, and I've always gotten the shakes after doing my normal two puffs from the inhaler, but this is the first time it's affected me this bad. I'm even having a hard time typing. Yuck. I just want to go to sleep :(

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When you are "talking" to a person [boy or girl you are interested in] do you nit pick all of their flaws and think of ways why you shouldn't go out with them?
Do you ever consider what other people would think/opinions if you went out with that person?
Do you lose some interest when they start to become very interested in return?

I suck and always stop liking them once they like me, always think about what other people's opinions would be if I went out with a certain person, and think about every flaw they have.

Basically I'm just wondering if anyone else is guilty of doing this.

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My SO and I are house sitting for my mom and stepdad. During the night I heard a funny 'pop' sound and I figured it was just the cats being mischievous. This morning I went to the other end of the house to go pee and the hallway closet door was standing wide open.

I know it was shut last night and when I closed the door it clicked into place solidly, so the latch is okay. WTF? We already went through the house to make sure we have no surprise guests.

Should I leave it at that? Should I mention it to my parents and make them worry that I'm crazy? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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1. Have any of you been to or live(d) on New Zealand?

2. What are the best about/most exciting things to do there? Things I should not miss if I was going there as a tourist?

3. If you live or have been in Wellington. How is it there? Positive and negative sides?

4. Random fun-fact about New Zealand


5. Any tips on how to NOT look like an idiot while you're there?
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A few weeks ago, one of my best friends stopped talking to me. Not actively, I just stopped being able to get a hold of her when I called her or sent her texts. I figured she was just busy, so I stopped bothering her, thinking that when she had the time, she would contact me. Recently I ran into her and I was going to go up and say hi, but she walked away before I could. I sent her an email asking if she was upset about something and I know she has read it, but she never emailed me back.

I think it's pretty obvious she is avoiding me. I suppose it's possible I did something that hurt her feelings and she's justifiably angry, but even so, at this point she is the one being shitty by not telling me about it, even after I asked. Still, I don't want to ruin our entire friendship over it.

Should I keep calling/texting/trying to contact her? Or should I give up and wait for her to take the first step and contact me?
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questions for me and my little sister

1. Can you recommend a good cream or balm for sore feet/joints (specifically toes and ankles)?

2. What are some more-or-less healthy sack lunches that don't involve sandwiches?

3. Any good acne scar removal creams?

4. If you use a ceramic flatiron, which model do you use and how much did it cost? Do you recommend it?
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If you could ONLY live in either a small town (< 8,000 people) or a big city (> 400,000 people), nothing in between, which would you choose and why?

EDITED because my imaginary city wasn't big enough!
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What is your favorite song by:

Fleetwood Mac?
Rolling Stones?
Bee Gees?
Billy Joel?

If you have a favorite line of poetry, will you please share it?

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I have an eBay buyer that I sold something to a month ago and shipped USPS to Canada.
He tells me that he never got it.
USPS tells me that they only guarantee their shipments as far as the US border.
Seller wants his money back ($70) and is threatening legal action through paypal and ebay.
I showed him bank receipts from where I paid with debit at the post office on that day. He wants more proof.
Despite me having 800+ feedback and him having 90, I have a feeling that he will win as it's on me as the seller to prove I sent it.

Any ideas on what I can do to protect myself in this situation?
What would you do in this situation?
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Anyone else notice how's 29 dimensions of compatibility look a whole lot like "one dimension of OH HEY AESTHETIC MATCH"? Wouldn't that be something to try to avoid in TV commercials? [I mean, please, I haven't seen ONE interracial couple.]
General thoughts?

If you share living quarters [roommates, significant others], and they get sick, do you usually end up sick? How about vice versa?
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How do you feel about American companies that ship jobs overseas?

Personally, it upsets me. I understand why (to save money), but it infuriates me that the almighty dollar rules. Ah well, that's capitalism for you, I guess.
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The owners of the restaurant I work in are implementing a policy that is seriously pissing all of the service staff off. They're refusing to give us our credit card tips in cash that night, and making us wait until the next day. This poses a number of problems I could get into, but it's tl;dr. Everyone at my job is upset and threatening to leave, but no one has really taken that to the owners yet.

I think I might do it. The main owner is a bitch, but she likes me a lot. What is a good way to bring up this matter without pissing her off too?


Other than TicketMaster, where do you purchase your tickets for concerts? I don't want to google it and buy from some random website that I don't know is reliable. So, which website/service do you use? Thanks :)
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My way or the highway

TQC, do you live near a freeway or multi-lane highway?
Where do you live?
Say you live near Interstate 5 (I-5). Would you call it I-5, the I-5, the 5, or 5?

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One of our former employees is getting married tomorrow. We'd be late getting it to them, but don't you think it would be nice to send her and her new husband a Happy Wedding! card from us? (Oh and um, I would have done it earlier, but I just found out Tuesday night that it was THIS week and not next week like I had thought. MY BAD.)
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TQC, if you're upset, excited, happy, passionate, etc about something at this moment, will you please post a comment telling me about it?

Use this as a rant space, bragging space, what have you. :)
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I was surprised to read in another community that a poster thought my accent (NY/NJ) was particularly hard to understand.

What accents are the hardest for you to understand?
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Would you like some tact with that?

I'm a pretty blunt person, and moreso IRL than online. I have a tendency to bypass the "Maybe I shouldn't say that" portion of the thought process" and just say what I think. Any advice on how to be a bit more tactful? I have trouble holding back the wtf response when presented with stupidity, and this could get me into trouble in a lot of situations.

Do you tend to be blunt, honest to the point of getting yourself in trouble? Or do you tend to be more tactful?

What is something about you that most people would never know unless you flat out told them?

Do you have a job where you are on the phone a lot? If so, do you use a headset or just the handset on the phone? What kind of headset do you have if you use one? Do you like it?
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My boyfriend is going away for the weekend. What should I do as a "send off" for him tonight, to keep him thinking about me when he's gone? :P (I'm talking cute/funny/sexy or whatever, not some big extravagant party or anything). *eta* He's already going to get some. ;) Above and beyond that.

Do guys think about 1 month anniversaries? Would it be cheesy to get a card or small present?

How do you get your guy to do those cute, sweet, spontaneous things? Is it just something that some guys do and others don't? Can you think of a way I could hint that I like stuff like that without making him feel like he HAS to?

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I'm at home & it's a beautiful day. I quit one job yesterday & start a new one tomorrow.

What should I do on my one free, sunny, gorgeous day?
Something that involves staying at home would be preferred.

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here's the 411: my friend and me are both unemployed, so we're having Get Your Rear in Gear Day. that is, we're putting together resumes. but we're having trouble with hers because she got her HSED and neither of us really know how to put that on a resume. do we just put that that's her education thus far or should she put her scores as well?

i'd like her to be able to put the results of her tests because they were outstanding. she almost got a perfect score(she wasn't able to finish high school for personal reasons, not because she's an idiot).

and yesss we googled it.
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going-away gift

one of my best friends is leaving in about a week for spain. she'll be teaching elementary school there for the next 9 months. i want to get her something, but i don't know what.

what would be a good going away gift?
(serious and non-serious answers are definitely welcome!)

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1. Do you think people are born with a sexual preference (straight, bi-sexual, or gay)?  Or do you believe that a sexual preference is somehow socialized?

2. What is your opinion of gay-to-straight bootcamps?  Do you think that the "graduates" are actually straight when they leave, or are they fooling themselves?

3. Would you personally respect a friend who wanted to change their sexual preference for societal reasons? (Such as feeling pressured to have children, wanting to please their family, etc.)

4. Should gay couples be treated equally as straight couples when it comes to adoption agencies?

5. What would you do if you found out you were pregnant RIGHT NOW--would you abort, give up for adoption or keep the baby? (I'm not looking for 'die of shock' or 'consult my priest--I'm-a havin' the next Jesus' answers.  If you cannot possibly imagine yourself pregnant, don't worry about answering)  Also, if you have testicles, don't worry about answering this.

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I know that in USA, the U stands for United and the S stands for states.. but what does the A stand for? :)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet?

Also, do some of ya'll just not know how to use Google?

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Help a girl out! I need ideas. If you were to attend a Ball in 7 days time and the theme is Film Noir.
What would you wear(or be as)?

What was the last ball/dance that you attended?
What was the last dress-up party that you went?
Do you like dressing up?
Do you usually buy or make your outfit?


So, my friend said something and I'd like your opinion on if it's crazy or not. She was saying that people tend to find people with a similar length nose to themselves, attractive. Do you think that's true? She was all 'look at the wedding photos in the paper!'.
Why do you think it would be true if it is?
kate and I.

help me save my files!

ATTN: computer nerds!

My computer is rapidly approaching a horrific death. I need to find some speedy way to save all my music/pictures/documents before they are lost forever. Any tips on how to speed up this process, websites to look into, programs to download, anything?
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1) Have you ever posted something on PostSecret, TMC or TDC? Care to share?

2) Will you use this space to vent all your frustrations/extreme emotions? Just mash the keyboard!! You'll feel better.

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A couple of months ago I toured around the Deep South of US (Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia).  While there we frequently tuned in to a country radio station and I've been desperately trying to find it since so I can hopefully listen to it online.  All I remember is, as I say it was country music, and there was a female presenter on called Madison.

Can anyone help me?  And for bonus points can anyone direct me to listening to the station online?

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1. I forgot to bring food to work today and I'm feeling lazy and don't want to go out of the office. Should I suck it up and go out anyway or just have oatmeal for lunch? And if I should go out, where should I go? Edit: I'm eating oatmeal. Come on, you totally knew it was going to happen.

2. Do you have any owies right now? If not, what was the last owie you had?

3. What was the last really embarrassing thing you said?

4. Any plans for the weekend?

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1.) Do you have any hilarious or tragic or hilariously tragic stories involving premature ejaculation?
2.) If you were to suddenly drop dead right now, is there anything in your home you probably wouldn't want your family or friends to find? Have you taken any kind of measures to prevent your mother from coming across her deceased child's massive narcotics collection or the cache of barely legal pornography on your computer?
3.) What's the worst physical pain you've ever experienced?
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1. How do you define respect, specifically between you and your SO?

2. What are some actions that would show that your SO has respect for you?

3. What are some actions that you would consider to be disrespectful? (Besides cheating, I think that's pretty obvious.)
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LGBTQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Q...

Wtf does the Q stand for?

edit: I did think of "queer," but I thought that technically "queer" was not a PC word and this was in a flier I received from a group that I know always likes to be PC, and they've never had a Q in there before. And besides, isn't queer kind of covered by all the other options? Can you give me an example of someone who would be "queer" and not lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered?
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I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and they want to keep it that way, so they've sent me a subscription renewal letter promising me their "newest, most exciting FREE MYSTERY GIFT" if I renew now. It's apparently "all packed and cartoned" for me and so cool that it can only be referred to in all capitals AND bold letters! Wowie-zowie!!

So what is this "latest, all-new MYSTERY GIFT" they are promising me? Let your imaginations run wild... (though any reasonable speculation is cool too)
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1. have you ever gotten a message on myspace or facebook or some other such place from someone on livejournal that you didnt know?

2. what was the nature of this message? (ie, mean or just "hey how are you?")

3. how did you react?

Say it ain't so-ooh-woe-woe.

1. What are some of your worst qualities as a human being?

2. How much do you value debating ( even heated ) topics with a sensible, non-hostile tone?

3. If you had to name your "crowd" in high school, which were you in?

4. When you wash your hands, do you need lotion soon after?

5. If yes to the above question, what if you don't have lotion available, how much do you hate it?


6. Dangling earrings or no?

7. Do pantyhose piss you off in any way?

I want my mp3

I just got the new iPod Nano and I'd like to put an audio book on it I downloaded for free from my library. The problem is my library drags down the audio book with DRM that expires 15 days after it's downloaded and my new iPod can't convert the file from .wma to .acc because of the DRM. So it can't play it, period.

How can I get around this? I spent $200 on the device mainly to play audio books and now I can't :(

New File Type? (.ras)

I just downloaded Across the Universe that's compressed in a format I've never seen before. What is a .ras file? The readme text mentions using a ras compress software to decompress the file, but I've been searching all day for a program and haven't found one that works. Can someone please help me out? Thanks.
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What's your eye color? Do you have a picture of them you'd be willing to share?

Do you like your eye color? If you dislike your eye color, what color do you wish they were?

What eye color is your favorite?

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omgyay by: dakinigrl

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So I'm a broke college student. I have scholarships that add up to about $25,000 but I'm still always short by $10,000 each year. I just found out that I got a $3000 scholarship that I didn't even apply for! I just got it for being a female in engineering. The only thing I have to do is write a thank you. Woohoo!

What's the best news you've received in a while?

What should I write in this thank you? Besides just "Thank you for your generosity."

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Have you ever gone through multiple interviews with a place, then had HR call you to do a "behavior assessment", and then talk money/benefits, and not gotten a job offer? When do they tend to throw figures around in the interview process?

Trying not to get hopes up.
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Okay, so I have about a 2.5 hour window of time tomorrow to do the following, and I want to know if folks in TQC think it's a worthwhile use of said time.  The state fair is going on, and I loveloveLOVE to look at people's homemade crafts, handiwork, preserves, etc.  If I go tomorrow, I can go by myself and enjoy at my own pace.  Downside is that I don't know if 2.5 hours will be long enough to see everything I want to, and I don't want to feel cheated.  Fair admission is $6.

So, TQC, would you go?  If not, what is something you'd rather do instead?

What sorts of things can be done (outside of mucho alcohol) to make a family party more enjoyable?
happy monkey

am i weird TQC?

1. do you feel a bit uncomfortable eating when there are people around?
i feel that way sometimes. like awhile ago i was enjoyin this huge chocolate chip cookie (which i bought cause i was aroused by reginald's post), and in walks this guy, and i'm in the middle of a mini orgasm from all the chocolate, and i had to stop and say "hi".. ugh! talk about an anti climax :( same thing happened yesterday, i'm enjoying my much anticipated wantons and in walk two people to see me. i almost said: "omg! leavemethefuckalone!" *sigh* ok...

2. do you ever experience friendvy? (that's friend envy)... what are you jealous about in terms of your friend?
the other day i was talking to my friend K and i told him that my friend Kym's boyfriend is a doctor. and K was like oh wow that's great! and i said "what's so great about that? he can still be an asshole. doctors can be assholes too." ugh! and i realised that i'm jealous that my friend Kym always has long long term relationships with great guys. i'm a bad friend :(

3. are you a good liar? do you find yourself making up lies to make your initial lie more believable? do you get an adrenaline rush when you tell a lie?

4. who would you like to talk to most right now?
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Okay, when you're in an argument with a friend over a TINY matter, and you absolutely know you are right (assuming you don't just ALWAYS think you're right), do you drop it if it starts escalating into a verbal battle? Or do you keep going because you absolutely KNOW you're right?

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I know everyone says spot exercising doesn't work, but what are you experiences with it? My mom claims it does work. What are some good oblique exercises?
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1. Will you tell me about an old friend of yours, someone you've lost touch with, but think about on occasion? How did you meet them? When did you last see them? Etc?

2. Have you ever reconnected with a friend you lost contact with? How'd that go?

3. How about accidentally reconnected with a friend that you'd purposefully lost contact with?

4. So I used to be best friends with this girl, Jenny. It was in Ohio. She had blonde hair and was a tomboy. She was like, slightly older than me, so she ought to be turning 25 soon. Anyone know her? :P
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How do you organize your closet?

Right now I have mine (right to left) by jackets/hoodies, tank tops grouped by color, all other shirts grouped by color and dresses grouped by color.

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I got into a car crash the other day. When I was talking to the other driver's insurance company today, filing a claim, they asked me a bunch of questions. One of them was "Did she have a carseat in her car?" and when I said no, she asked if I had one in my car. She had already asked about if either of us had any other passengers, so I don't think she was trying to see if either of us had a baby around...

So, TQC, any idea why they would ask this?
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My company is downsizing their offices because we got a new computer system, and we really only need one office girl in each branch. I'm the new girl. Guess who's getting the boot?


They offered me a job in the warehouse. I'm in a plumbing supply house. Now, I'm 5'5" and not very strong. I would have to lift boxes and pipe and duct work, and be out in the heat and freezing cold. This is not something I think I can do...but I need to have a job, and my boyfriend is losing his job too due to a disability issue.

Should I try the warehousing position, or should I just forget it and start sending out resumes? I do not know when this change is taking place exactly, but it's within the next month or two.

What would you do?

Anyone in the north shore MA area know of any good companies hiring an office/tech girl with no degree??

Can I please have a hug? :(
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vocab ftw

What's the strangest term you've heard someone use for something?

For example, when I was volunteering at the hospital on the maternity floor, a new mom asked me if I could bring her some "titty tampons". She meant nursing pads.

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how come people talk about freedom this and freedom that and in the same breath talk about supporting bans on stuff?

i've already asked about pit bull bans, so how do you feel about:

bans on new fast food restaurants?
bans on adopting kids from overseas?
bans on gay people adopting kids?
mornington crescent
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When do you consider that you have lived somewhere, as opposed to merely visiting? Is it to do with how long you stay there, whether you have another home to go back to, or something else? If you're from one city and say, go to college in another, spending most of your time there, which do you say you live in?

This all came about because I was making a "Where I've Been" map on facebook and wasn't sure whether to say I've lived in New York and Ireland or have just been there.
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1. Do you ever get comments on your personal journal from people not on your f-list and that you don't know?

2. How do you react to those? Do you respond to them?

3. How about gotten comments from twenty different people, all on one post? All in a span of about twenty minutes? How would you react to that?

4. What if they were carrying on conversations with each other, about things entirely unrelated to your post?
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Would I have to get a new number and a new phone if I switch my phone service? Right now I have T-Mobile...and I would probably be switching to Verizon.

In your opinion, which one do you like better and why? Why is T-Mobile better than Verizon and vice versa?

EDIT: Now that I understand that both services are equally good. How would you feel if you got a family plan? My mom is thinking of changing my plan so we can both have the family plan. But...I don't know how bad/good it will be if I switched my plans. I really really love my plan right now plus my monthly bills are $70-$80.
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Oh TQC, why do I feel like I am getting sick? The feeling comes and goes, and for me, when this happens, there is usually an illness outcome. I'd really rather not be sick on a weekend, they are my favorite part of the week.

What do you, TQCers do to get over an illness quick? Or what do you do when you feel something coming on and want to try and stop it before it hits full force?

FTR: I hate orange juice.

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In my search to make good fudge, a lot of the recipes I've found or been given are American, and contain marshmallow fluff. I was surprised to find it in the shops today, so I thought I'd get around to using it in those recipes (though I'm not expecting it to make the dry crumbley fudge I like).

But...when not using it in fudge, what do you do with it? It says it's a spread, but I don't know that a sandwich of just that would be all that good. Do you eat marshmallow fluff? if so - how? do you only use it on sandwiches or in cooking or what?
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(no subject)

1. do you feel awkward when you're with someone and that person's scolding their child? (even though their child is annoying and talks alot in a high squeaky voice)
2. what was the last thing you laughed at?
3. what are you craving?
peacock girl

A Mother?

When you think of a "Mother" (both as a noun and a verb, maybe), what do you think of? What personality traits, or behaviors do you associate with it? (I mean, we can dispense with the biology of conception and birth as we have ways around that with modern science.)  Adoption and/or 50%-50% custody through something like divorce would still qualify and/or enable a person to be a mother (I don't necessarily think that role has to be gender specific, although I know traditionally it is, obviously).

I guess I just really want to know from anyone who wants to share with me, what you think a "Mother" is. What are they like? Or rather, what SHOULD they be like (keeping in mind that no one is perfect, natch)? Or, transversely, if you feel more comfortable, tell me what they shouldn't be like?

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I've started at 6th form college.
I start at 1 on a friday.
I'm going to go ice skating before school tomorrow!
How great is that?

Do you do any sport at a ridiculous hour, like 6am before you go to school or work?
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Do you ever feel suddenly down(like empty, void of the soul feeling) for no reason one moment but then you feel fine the next?

Do you ever get so angry by some small insignificant thing that it makes you want to hit something?

Have you ever punched a wall in anger?

Do you sometimes feel like you're losing your mind on the inside but have perfect composure on the outside?

Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motions?
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Some days I really dislike being a teacher.

I teach high school freshman math - Algebra, to be specific.

I've mentioned here and there that we have a LARGE freshmen class this year - 1000+. Crazy. Because of this, my classes are overcrowded (43, 46, and 49 students when there should only be 28).

I've been teaching for almost 5 years now, so I should really know how to handle this but with the crazy class size it's just so hard to deal with.

What did you like or dislike your teachers doing to the talkers in class? What really got them to stop talking? I HATE standing up there and saying, "We'll wait for you to finish!" I've walked over and stood next to the talking group, but I cannot do that the entire period. Keep in mind that I have to have my attention away from the class certain times - checking in the brand new students and getting them set up, putting attendance on the computer, etc, so I can't always be watching them like a hawk. I figured that with freshmen I could level with the kids and just be honest, but that didn't work.
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dear piratelords, it's okay bb, like i said.. don't try so hard next time, k? here.. read up on how to CORRECTLY use slang. ♥

Is there anything you'd like to tell/ask a certain TQC member?


Can i see a picture of you kissing something/someone?

I have a habit of writing (with a permanent marker) my name on ALL of the cd's that i get, idk how it started and idk why i do it because i never really let anybody borrow my cd's.. what's something that YOU do that would cause most people to be like 'wtf do you do THAT for?'

So you've been hired as a phone-sex operator.. what's your opening line going to be? I've been waiting for you, what took you so long?

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Dax and Conan both had checkups today at the vet. Conan was in his carrier and Dax was trotting along side me. As I was walking up to the front doors, an old lady came out with a white dog in her arms that looked as old as her (think 'like owner like dog.') She stops and starts baby talking to Daxter. I stopped and let her talk to him and as she straightens up, she says, "Your animals are precious!" I respond with, "Haha, thank you! They're my kids."

She twisted her nose up almost like I had offended her and said, "Hm? My dog is my dog." Then she smiled and left. I told my vet the story and he laughed and told me not to worry about that specific lady, but it still made me raise my eyebrow.

If you own/have owned pets, what is their relationship to you? Do you treat them like kids? Do you consider them your kids?

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Do you ever use the public transportation where you live?
How much does the bus cost?
Is it dependable?

Here in Miami:
Off and on but often lately to get back and forth to campus.
Our bus cost $1.50 US to ride plus $.75 if you need to transfer to a second bus.
The buses don't run often enough and they never run at the scheduled times.  I only have to go five miles to downtown but it adds a total of an hours worth of commute time there and back.
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If someone you know had huge bruises on both of their shoulders and they told you it was from running into a door, would you believe them?

(By the way I'm not in an abusive relationship if that's what your thinking.  Long story.)

EDIT: This was the lie I told when I had ridiculous bruises from my friend who I tend to get into violent punching matches with. :) Nice ones of course.  I just got a little tired of the "OMGOSH where are those bruises from?" "Eh, do you know Callie...." and then the awkward conversation that would ensue!
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1. Are you going to read "If I Did It" by OJ Simpson?

2. Do you think he did it?

3. Do you think Madeleine McCann's parents did it?

4. Do you think Jon Benet's parents did it?

5. Did you see 3:10 to Yuma yet? It was awesome.

ETA: 6. How can a baseball team be so historically unsuccessful yet so popular? For example, there are Cubs fans all over the country, not just near Chicago. 'Splain this please!
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How come asparagus makes pee smell funny?

Can you tell the different between asparagus and okra? (My coworker couldn't...)

Have you seen Crayola's 150 crayon pack?

Would you like to live in a Collapse )?
I would.

ETA: Please excuse the panda butt in the picture.

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What music are you listening to right now?

Why do you like it?

What is some modern classical or instrumental music (maybe with some words but not many) that you would recommend to other people?

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There's a huuuuuuge fly in my apartment right now. I mean seriously HUGE, like the size of 5-6 regular flies put together.

So, wise TQC, how would you suggest I kill it/otherwise get rid of it? Srs and non srs answers welcome.
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Where are some good chat rooms?  I haven't been in a chat room in years, and I feel like talking to people.  Sorry, but I don't like the TQC chat room...

ETA: I came, I saw, I yawned....still don't like the AIM chat room, sorry.

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what's a movie that never fails to make you cry, ever?

i decided to get nostalgic and watch Newsies tonight and there was a preview for Homeward Bound. in it there was a quick shot of the scene where Shadow finally makes it home. there wasn't even time to think before i hiccuped and started bawling. you can imagine me during the actual movie.
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The song I Will by the Beatles... what *exactly* is it about?
The one that goes... "Who knows how long I've loved you, you know I love you still, will I wait another life time, if you want me to I will. And if I ever saw you, I didn't catch your name, but it never really mattered, I will always feel the same."
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We took a photo of these at the show. It was being driven around as like... an example of a product. What the heck are they?

Other than tiredness, and injury, what is a reason that I might have almost constant dark circles under my eyes;

Plz no mean jokes :-(

So my little brother was admitted into a mental hospital today. He'll be there for ~10 days. I'm closer to him than anybody else, so I'm planning to visit him a ton. I want to bring him some stuff to keep him busy. I was thinking books, but I'm not really sure what he'd be interested in (thinking some funny comics). Any suggestions on which to bring? Nothing like anime. Just some Sunday Newspaper kinda comics. I have a book of "The Boondocks," but he's only 15, and I don't think the doctors there would appreciate me bringing that.

Is there anything else you can think of that I could bring? Would puzzles be a good idea? Obviously I'd call ahead to ask if it's okay (he can't use a pencil without adult supervision!), but I figure I should get a decent sized list ready before asking.

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 Can a small amount of caramel hurt puppies? I just turned around and caught my 7-8 week old yorkie puppy licking some I left out from earlier.  I'm worried it'll really hurt her.  Will she be okay?  She didn't have much.


Do you prefer to take showers or baths? Why?

Do you wash at night or in the morning? Why

My Answer:
I take showers because I don't want to lie down where people have potentially pissed or where germs are.

Night. I don't like to rush in the morning.
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Online Trading

Do you know of any websites that allow you to trade a item for points, and then use those points to get something from anoter user(therefore eliminating the use of cash/credit cards)? For example, I trade in a cd for 15 points to use to get a book from another user.
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__ria's post reminded me to ask a question that gets asked around here monthly but I never pay attention because I don't need the information and also LJSeek hates me.

So, if you are on a birth control pill, which one is it and how do you like it and what sort of side effects do you have?

I'm on Ortho tri-cyclen right now and it makes me really weepy and I'm just sick of it so I think I want to change. I'm only interested in pills though. The ring sort of grosses me out and the shot is just ugh and IUDs are too long term for me.
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I just got back from work, which involved testing espresso beverages (brand new coffee shop) and I am unbelievably wired right now.

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I'm writing a cover letter and want to express that a study abroad institute is up-to-date/cutting-edge and fast-paced. What is a word or sentence I can use to express this, but in terms better suited to an academic environment?
Haruhi disappearance
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I bought a carton of ricotta cheese about 2 weeks ago. I haven't opened it yet, but I planned on using it sometime in the next week for a recipe.

Do you know how long ricotta cheese stays fresh and safe to eat?

(no subject)

1. What's the last movie you watched at home?

2. If you're listening to a song right now, what's the last lyric/line you just heard?

3. What is something you did as a kid that you don't do anymore (such as a hobby or pasttime)

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I just found out my friend has breast cancer and they might remove her left breast on Sunday. 
How does one deal with this?

Also, my friend with breast cancer wanted a vibrator but she’s shy about buying one, so…..
Should I get her one?
What kind?

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Am I doing something really dumb?

I'm a college aged female who is sitting alone outside in a somewhat secluded spot on campus, and I don't know where the nearest Blue Light is.

This is the only place that I feel like can study right now... but as I was walking over here I realized that it probably isn't the greatest idea. :\ But I have SO much work to do, and my roommate went to sleep and it hurts my head to work with the light off, and none of the lounges in my dorm have internet access. Sigh. And the library closes at midnight (it's now 11:36).

Nevermind, it's too cold out here so I am going home. Also I just don't feel like working, because I am a lazy bastard. This was a silly post.

I was going to offer a better question, but I can't think of one. Maybe I'll have one to add by the time I get home.

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So, what's got you angry today?

Where I live, we've just got off a four-month boil-water notice from the Health Board because the water was infected with cryptosporidiam. We finally get off it, and now, about a month later, it turns out there's now e. coli in the water.

It's in a smaller area, but even so, we're being advised to boil all the water. I'm starting to think it's all a massive conspiracy.

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Have you ever been out with a friend who looks like a celeb and had people think your friend WAS the celebrity?

*pix are a bonus*

Yah apparently my friend Steve looks like Owen Wilson. He got multiple looks/thumbs ups/smiles tonight and the boys at CVS actually said something when he left the store before my boyfriend and I. I guess he left in such a rush they thought he saw himself on a tabloid and got freaked out...SILLY PROVIDENCE PLACE CVS WORKER BOYS
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1. Collapse )

2. You know those blue "Adopt-A-Highway" signs on...well the highway, what exactly does adopting a highway mean?

3. If you had to pick only one thing to eat for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Random Important-ness

1) I have an 18 month old iPod with iTunes being on my Dad's computer. I don't have the iTunes software CD anymore, but I want iTunes on my laptop, as I'm moving 5 hours again to uni on Sunday. My understanding is that, once the laptop has the Internet [not sure when], I can download iTunes software from the website, plug my iPod in & have it recognise the songs on it as my library. Can someone please tell me if this is right?

2) Take a teddy to university, yay or nay?
I have some health issues, so I'd like to take something to cuddle, especially for the first few weeks, but I don't know if it seems too silly.

3)a) What brand are the tyres on your car at the moment?
b) Are all 4 tyres the same brand?
c) I've heard having one or two tyres of a different brand is bad for the car?
d) When did you last have a flat tyre?