September 12th, 2007

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Oh, wise LJ.

Dear TQC,
Due to a power-hungry boss and abnormal circumstances preventing the fulfillment of a recent requirement at his job, my husband has been fired. Sort of. He's got two options: One, he can get his job back on a "last chance" basis, which essentially means that he's back at the bottom of the pecking order and can be fired for absolutely any infraction. This includes being sick, which he's already been written up for despite having a doctor's note, etc. Note that he'd also be going back under the boss who is already bent on firing my husband because he wants to make a point to the rest of the people under him (problem being that he actually wasn't entirely within his right to fire my husband, so HR went, "Huh? no, no, no.") OR two, he can say "fuck it" and collect unemployment while he looks for another job.

Dilemma? I go to school full time and, thanks to a nasty bout with appendicitis in May (note: he worked for ten hours with an appendix that was about [-] this close to rupturing because they didn't think he was actually sick), we're just getting back on track with bills and payments because he was out of work for a month. The likelihood of him getting another job that will pay anywhere near the same amount is pretty low.

He hates his job and they really treat the employees like cattle. I know I'm supposed to be supportive and all "do what makes you happier!" but I grew up well below the poverty line so the rest of me is quite terrified of winding up there again. HALP!! What would you do??
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injury photos

does anyone else take pictures of their injuries as they heal? A few years ago I tore up the ligaments in my ankle so I took pictures of the swelling and bruising as it progressed. I fell off a table Saturday night and smashed my hip pretty well, and have an AWESOME bruise on my thigh, Collapse )

Will you show me your injuries?
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(no subject)

When you eat your pasta do you spin your fork, use a spoon to aid your fork spinning, dig your fork in and shove whatever is on it in your face, cut it with a knife then shovel or something else that I haven't mentioned?

(no subject)

vodka doesn't go bad, amirite?

today is my birthday and since I'm 'celebrating' it alone, I figured I'd take a swig of Smirnoff green apple vodka. it's been sitting on top of my freezer since New Years.

so y/n.. should I?
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(no subject)

Does anybody that you know personally (more than just shook hands or got a picture with!) have an IMDB page? Will you share something ~*personal*~ about them, to of course later be used as juicy Before They Were Stars fodder?

I knew Donté Bonner back in high school. He hasn't done much in major motion pictures yet, but he has been involved in theatre and indie films for a while. He is one of the 'seven dorks' in the new Amanda Bynes movie Sydney White, haha.

Donté is the only person I have ever seen, or even heard of really, who can actually lick his elbow.

(no subject)

1] When a part of your body falls asleep, is it ever unbearably painful?
I am envious of people who just get a slight tickling/numb sensation. It feels like death when I slightly move any of my body parts that fall asleep.

2] Will you come pick me up and hang out with me? I am bored.

3] Why did you join TQC?
I really have a problem with asking people questions. I mean, really, I constantly ask people questions. My ex-boyfriend and I had known each other for over five years, and in every single e-mail I have sent him, I ask questions. When I am on a date, I ask them lots of random questions. I am seriously question obsessed, and they are always in my head.

4] Do you have panic attacks about anything?
Ever since I was very young, sometimes I freak the fuck out when I think about death. I have no problem talking about it in everyday conversation, and sometimes I can think about it all day and nothing happens. But sometimes before I go to bed, I think about it and it gets to me somehow, and my stomach sinks and I start going crazy and screaming and pulling out my hair or I writhe about wildly and start crying. Should I seek medical help?!

5] Will you show me a picture of you smiling?
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(no subject)

i just went to a strip club for the first time tonight! it was really fun. there were dancers (i don't know if "stripper" is PC or not), this one girl who came around to wipe down the poles after every few dancers, and a few other waitresses, who were (barely!) clothed.

so, my question is, do you think that the dancers rotate so that they're the waitresses when it's that week of the month? i should also say that this is a nude strip club, so there's no real way to hide that with no possible leaks.
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(no subject)

I'm sure it's been asked before, but meta questions are always good fun:

1.) Which former TQC regular do you wish would post more often?
2.) Which former TQC regular makes you glad that they don't post much anymore?
3.) If you were a ridiculously large food item, would you be a 30,000lb cheese wheel, or a 14lb bullion cube?

(no subject)

A tattoo that I've had for over six years has become 'raised' in certain areas twice lately.  It's never happened before and it doesn't seem to have to do with weather as the other day I was outside and hot and now I'm inside, the temperature hasn't changed, and yet it suddenly 'raised' up.

I googled it and came up with hammering issues and allergic reactions, but neither seemed quite right for something that's been there for so long. What do you think might be causing it?

Also, do you get the joy of smelling dog shit and human piss out on the streets everyday?
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Fishy Fishy

My beta fish will not eat the food that's in his bowl. In order to feed him, I have to get the flakes stuck to the glass just above the waterline. He then jumps out of the water and snaps at them until he manages to get the flake in his mouth.

What would cause behavior like this, and why is my fish a psycho?
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(no subject)

Can you help me figure out what's dying on my computer, TQC?

I know I need to replace some hardware, but I would really like to know what's broken before I start buying stuff I can't afford.

The problem: random reboots
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Art student in need of HELP!!!

I have a friend who is a fasion major and needs a 11 x 14 leather portfolio w/ a handle by Tuesday. Can anyone tell us where to get one? A reliable website with overnight shipping preffered.
Pretty Please?
Your help is greatly appreciated.


Edit: We live in Miami,FL. We've googled it, found one, but w/o overnight shipping, so it won't work.

(no subject)

It's my mom's 40th birthday today. I'm 2,000 miles away, and have a surprise birthday present trip planned for her the end of the month. BUT, today I want to call her and be all cute and whatnot. What should I say to her on the phone (besides just happy birthday)? Should I sing the "happy birthday" song?

Have you ever planned a surprise trip for someone? How did it go?
(*edit* As in, you fly someone somewhere as a present. I'm flying my mom to vegas for a week, and meeting her there since it's just a 4 hour drive for me.)

Are your parents young enough that you could celebrate their 40th with them more as friends than as "parent/child"?

(no subject)

Here is the scenario:
My wife had let her ex boyfriend use her credit card since he was unable to get credit(he was the boyfriend at the time). About a year and a half ago, she called the credit card company up and tried to close it. Since the statements were being sent to his address, he called up the company, pretended to be her and stopped that, without her knowledge. Since then, he has rang up a bill that he is refusing to pay. It has now been turned over to collections. What would happen to him if she called the credit card company, explained the situation and claimed the account was fradulent since the time she tried to close it?

What would you do in this situation?

(no subject)


1. Have you ever felt a consuming need to impress your family? Do you have stories?

2. Do you have a sibling that has done 'better' things than you and gets a significant larger amount of attention and praise from said family? Again, stories?

I'm 19 - almost 20, in college, and no one cares. I know, I know. It's "cry me a river, internet!" But, I'm asking these questions because I've done amazing things for a 19 year old and it frustrates me that my dad and his side of the family (who are, for the record, not active in my life) don't and won't support me. I love my resume, I love what will soon be on it, and I love my potential future. But my family doesn't. They want me to go into medical or business. They praise and spoil my 24 year old law-school-graduate sister like there is no tomorrow. Is this right? Am I somehow seeing their point of view wrong? Would a parent not want their child to do something they love, rather than get a secure job in a mainstream field? It's not like my future is flimsy. My Mom is the only family member who is still active in my life and who supports me. I love her so much.

3. I'm thinking moving to Vegas to work (at an actual business that would benefit me and is related to my field, not some random 9-5) and go to school, TQC. Bad idea, even if I have someone to room with?
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(no subject)

Okay, I have no idea if anyone can even help with this, but you all get points if you try!

I need to print out a copy of my transcript to turn in with my internship application. I cannot, for the life of me, get it to print out off of the internet. It will print one page and then stop and that's just not enough. I had the brilliant idea to copy and paste it into a word document. Only it screws with the formatting. Online it looks like this and when I copy it into Word, it looks like this. I tried highlighting it online and picking "print selection" and I tried printing "Pgs 1 to 14" and neither of those worked.

Do you know how I could either get the website to print it past one page OR keep the formatting when I copy into Word? Could you tell me?

(no subject)

So birthday's today, and I have an unopened box of presents sitting at the foot of my bed (promised my roommate i'd open the box with her, plus it seems kind of sad to be opening birthday presents by yourself, hehe). What do you think is in there? I'm hoping for a digital camera and some interesting CDs, but I really have no idea what the 'rents got me for my 20th birthday this year, hahah. Any last-minute guesses???
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(no subject)

Fairfax county department of taxation is trying to make me register my vehicle in the state of virginia. I am an Alaska resident, serving in the military, and the vehicles that I have are registered and titled in the state of Alaska. She quoted the sailors and soldiers act as the reasoning behind it. I am smelling bs.
Is what fairfax said true?
Alsdo, why was she so rude when I was talking to her? I wasn't rude to her till towards the end of the conversation, after she was for so long.

(no subject)

is revenge sweet?

short back story: at my work, we've been getting faxes from this company offering cheap trips to cancun. i called a while back and asked to be taken off the list, but we still get faxes from them. i called again this morning and was treated to a horrible conversation with an exceptionally rude woman who kept insulting me, repeating what she had said in spanish and following that with "in case you don't understand english" (in the rudest possible way). when i asked if i could speak with her supervisor, she said "no, he's busy talking to some old lady." she ended the phone call with "don't call here again, since you don't want to buy anything."

so, my question is, will you guys call this (toll free) number and say whatever makes you happy? even if you just call and hang up, that would be great. the number is one eight hundred four one nine five four three one (i don't want them googling and suing me!).
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(no subject)

I know it's really early, but my friends are weird and are throwing a Halloween costume party in September. My boyfriend wants to go as a couple, but I don't wanna go to the store and buy like a $60 costume. Does anyone have any suggestions for easy couple costumes?

(no subject)

What was the last thing you argued about (even in a minor way) with your partner?

When you got your first serious girlfriend/boyfriend when you weren't a teen, how much did your life change?

What is 'your song' right now? As in, the song that describes your current life/thoughts. For me it's  "And So It Goes".

Do you like Jonathan Coulton? What are your favourite songs of his?
If you know it, Jonathan Coulton's song 'Rock and Roll Boy' where he took the tape of the 6 year old boy singing to himself and turned it into a song, what do you think of it? I think it's surprisingly catchy and very clever, though strange.

What are your favourite healthier snacks? (I mean healthier, not ... full on fruits and vegetables. :P)

Am I the only one who forgot it was 11th September yesterday? Does it matter?
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(no subject)

Have you ever been laid off? What happened?

My company laid off several people this morning. For right now, I'm safe, but who knows what will happen in the future. What would you do in my situation?

Has anyone ever worked at Panera? How much does a baker get paid?

EDIT: What about waitressing at a chain restaurant such as Olive Garden or Chili's? How much could I bring home full-time from there?
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(no subject)

Last night I had a dream where my apartment complex had been shut down because of health code violations and I had 1 hour to move out.
Will you describe a strange dream you had recently?
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Fun stuff

1. Have you ever written a non-fiction book proposal? Any tips?

2. Are you writing/have you written a novel? What about?

3. Are you gearing up for NaNo?

4. Have you ever been published?

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(no subject)

1) Who is the celebrity you loathe more than any other?

2) Liquid Paper or White Out? You have to choose between those two.

3) If you've ever had a job where you had to page over an intercom, have you ever gotten the urge to scream something unprofessional over it? Like what? Have you ever actually done it? If so, what did you say/what happened after?

4) Do you prefer spending money on things for yourself, or your place of residence?
Feet Pyramid

hand sanitizer

So I read somewhere a while ago that using hand sanitizer from an early age ultimately causes you to get sick later in life because babies and children should be exposed to natural germs so they can build up an immunity to them. Using hand sanitizer prevents that exposure and so later in life, when they eventually do become exposed, they get sick much more easily.

1. Do you think this is true?

2. Do you use hand sanitizer on a regular basis?

3. Would you make your kids (if you have or want kids) use it?

4. Would you stop using hand sanitizer regularly if this were proven true?
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(no subject)

Did any of you have primary elections yesterday where you live?
If so and you are eligible, did you go vote?  If not, will you share the reason why you didn't?

Were you surprised by any election results?

For you alkeehol fans out there, what is your favorite brand of vodka?
How about gin?
And also tequila?

Name 5...

1. Name 5 (famous, if you want, but not someone with whom you have a current relationship) people with whom you would like to get it on?
2. Name 5 bands/singers/musicians that you like that are "off the beaten path"--meaning, the average person you meet on the street would not know the name?
3. Name 5 of the best movies you have seen?
4. Name 5 books that you have enjoyed (any genre)?
5. Name 5 places that you have visited that you thought were interesting?


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(no subject)

Do you have a name that is commonly spelled different ways? How often do people misspell your name? What name do they always try to spell it as? Do you know anyone else with the same spelling of your name?

for example, my name is Kaycee. pronounced Casey. people misspell my name constantly. and it's always assumed that I spell it Casey (which is understandable, so I don't really mind) and sometimes KC, Kaci, Kasey, etc. and I've never met anyone in real life with the exact same spelling as me.

(no subject)

This is so going to be tl;dr, I know it.

I have two main groups of girlfriends. They don't blend. No worries there.

I got married in March and I had a "bachelorette" party with one of the groups. The other group all had stuff going on. No biggie.

A friend in the group that didn't participate is getting married in October and I'm helping to plan her bachelorette shindig. She wants all of us girls to wear matching shirts that say something like, "Bachelorette Party in Progress" or "Bachelorette Support Crew."

She wants my shirt to say something different (she wants to combine her bachelorette party with a belated bachelorette party for me)to reflect my recently married status.

What the hell should my shirt say? Funny, offensive, sarcastic, all suggestions welcome.

I thought about something like,
"I tried to talk her out of it, but she won't listen" OR,
"one penis for the rest of my life. I didn't think it through"
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Wedding Date

I'm planning a wedding for next year and trying to find a location is difficult and dates are filling up fast. There's one place we're looking at and they have one July date and two August dates open. One of them is July 19th, my sister's anniversary.  This is around the time we'd like to have the wedding.

Do you think it's lame if my sister and I share the same anniversary?

We're 11 years apart and she's thrilled about this whole thing. I think she might like it and think it's a neat coincidence, but I'm not sure.

Boredom- any solutions?

So, tomorrow, I have to put together and mail out over 500 statements for the reps in my office.  This will mean sitting in a small windowless room for 7+ hours with no form of entertainment, even though it's a mindless, boring job.  I figure I'll bring my son's MP3 player to keep me busy.   But I don't want to listen to music, I'd prefer something more distracting.... so I need to find other things to put on there.

I was thinking either stand up comedy or books on tape.  So, TQC, what would you recommend?  And where can I find such things- free or buyable with Paypal, please...

yes, pop, no.

Are you tired of getting the codes under soda/pop caps and wish it would just go back to 1 in 6 wins a free pop?

If you had the choice between a mass produced bottled water and a soda/pop, which would you choose?

Are all the lights on where you are?
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(no subject)

 Can anyone think of any art, films, books, or music that represents creation (in a biblical sense)?

The only thing we can come up with is the painting with god and whoever touching fingers but I know there must be a TON.

random vanity

 Is it quite strange to have a grey hair at 19?
Once you have one, do more start coming in at full speed?
At this rate do you think i'll have a full head of grey hair by 24?
Do you have any, and how old are you?
Do you have a habit of pulling out your eyelashes too, (sometimes 5 at a time leaving huge bald spots)? How would you say I go about getting rid of this ugly habit?
thank you for your help
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What Do You Do?

You're alone for the night and don't feel like making yourself anything to eat, so you decide to go to your nearest fast-food restaurant and be completely unhealthy, you'll work it off later. You sit down with your food, look out the window, and notice a family of five. Mom, dad, and three little boys. They're standing on the corner holding a piece of cardboard on which they've written, "Need Help - Food Water Shelter - God Bless".

What do you do?

I didn't have any cash on me and saw no ATM around, so I bought them five bottles of water. Another lady bought the kids happy meals.

(no subject)

1. Do you watch Lifetime movies?

2. If so, do you watch them because you think they have good/interesting plotlines or because they're fun to make fun of? Or another reason entirely?

3. What gender are you?
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Do you think students should automatically be promoted to the next grade, no matter what?

What are the criteria (in your humble opinions) to hold a student back?

Have you ever been held back a grade? Skipped forward a grade?
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Smooth Criminal


What other reasons could cause the screen saver on my laptop to not come on? It's set to come on after 20 minutes. Ever since I installed a new wireless keyboard and mouse it hasn't come one.

As far as I can tell all the settings should make the screen saver come on!

azul no bueno.

1. When you get in a bad mood, how bad does it get?
2. How often do bad moods get the best of you?
3. Do you try to get yourself out of them or do you bask for a while?
4. Do you do/ say things you regret? 

Real QUick Question...

For people who get their groceries delivered, are you suppose to tip them? How much?

And on that note...
How much do you tip people who do your nails/work in spa places?

People who do your tattoos?

EDIT: and do people still give money to their supers around christmas?

Thanks ahead of time!
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(no subject)

What's the point of posting comments only to say "FIRST!" or "In before ____!"?

What has you bashing in your head today? My co-workers all suck and people are morons in general today. D;LGKJDFB;LKFDJB
Hell - Crapping out sinners

Tech Support arg

TQC, why won't Mac Address Book print the name that goes with the company on my lists or labels?

Collapse )

I've set it to print every last detail and yet, as you see, contact name in the program, not showing up to print.

EDIT: It's unable, by nature, so never mind!

(no subject)

What is your favorite mid size SUV that isn't too much more than maybe 13,000?

I want to get a new car when I turn 18 and I really want an SUV but not a huge expedition or trailblazer.
I'd be doing monthly payments of around 200-300 a month so I can get my credit up and that's the most I can afford from my paychecks.
And some opinions on Jeep Liberty, Kia Sorrento, Saturn Vue, and Ford Escape.
Those are the ones I am really thinking about.

(no subject)

I find it very hot when my boyfriend swears. It just sounds so good coming from his mouth with his slight New England accent. Mmm

What do you find particularly attractive about your SO that isn't something typical like their looks?
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(no subject)

I was home schooled and received my GED; I've had no problems with just using my GED scores, but I found a college I want to apply to that requires SAT scores. Is there a website that has sites for adult testing for SATs? I know nothing about taking the SATs unless you're in high school. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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(no subject)

What type of (general) advice would you have given to someone (or DID give someone) when you were:
1. Age 4?
2. Age 8?
3. Age 12?
4. Age 16?
5. Age 18?
6. Age 21?
7. Age 25?

You can do 30, 40, whatever, too, (those commas were properly placed!) or you can make up your own increments.

Also keep in mind this is YOU at that age, so it's something you found important then or something you felt everyone should know/do or something you learned at that age.
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(no subject)

1.  should i make meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy or spaghetti with meatballs for dinner?

2.  should i study for my basic human structures test, or get caught up on my medical terms homework?

3.  do you like cats, dogs, fish or reptiles better?

(no subject)

I have an aquaintance called PJ.
His brothers call him Billy.
Why do you think?
EDIT: He can't be called Paul-John either because those are his brothers names.
And also I can't ask them.

Is your everyday name completely different and unrelated to your real name?
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Who is your favourite comic book character?

For me, it's a competition between Rogue of the X-Men and Deadpool.
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(no subject)

Why are pets so full of awesome? I was feeling crappy until my cat came and curled up on my tummy. Then my dog came in and fell asleep right beside me.

Will you post a picture of your pet?

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(no subject)

 I am not a "smoker" but I have smoked and still do if I feel like it.

Has a ciggarrette ever given you a bad headache or made your stomach feel nauseous? Camel Lights make me feel like I wanna throw up but Marlboro ciggarrettes do not... Why is this?

love flower

(no subject)

I was in a relationship for 4 years so I'm new to the dating scene again. I met a guy a month ago. Schedules didn't mesh. Another guy I liked asked me out. Said yes. Had one date with him. I'm having my second date with him this weekend. First guy called and asked me out for the same night. Said I already had a date. He basically turned my rejection into major drama and informed me that since I was now dating someone else, we cannot go out at all now. Nor can we even be friends. That if I were a nice person, I wouldn't have even considered dating someone else. Keep in mind, this was the first time he had ever asked me out. Now, this is an adult here.

Did I miss something? If someone expresses interest in you, are you then in a committed relationship until you actually go out on your first date? Did the rules of dating change and someone forget to tell me? Did I do something wrong? Or am I just a freak magnet?

*edit* The only reason I told the first guy about my date is because it turns out his band is playing the club my date and I are planning on going to. Any ideas on how to get my date to go somewhere else without creating more drama?
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this is probably stupid.

I always forget to ask my doctor this potentially silly question, so here goes....

Dr. Internet,
As you know, there are many countries where you're not supposed to drink the water or even eat the food unless you've been given a shot for things like Hep A and diarrhea and etc. But the people who live in those countries...are they immune from constant exposure to these things? Do they already have Hep A or B and just live with it? Can people who live in Mexico drink the water, for example? If you decided to move to one of these countries, how long would it take until you could drink the water, or is that even possible?

cubs hat
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(no subject)

We're going to have a fun school year this year (I work in a school).

Some of the female teachers have decided to gang up on one of our male teachers and play practical jokes on him all year long. Except, we can't think of anything to do.

Last year, my partner-in-crime took another teacher's stapler and keys, took them home with her one night, and put them in jello. She then set them out on the other teacher's desk in the morning.

We're looking for things that are easy to clean up, but that can be set up at school or overnight if we take them home.

We share desks in a very large office, but we don't have our own phones or anything there. He does have a desk, filing cabinet, and locked tall cabinet.

What are your ideas guys?

(no subject)

Are women less funny than men?

I need to find some female stand up comedians that don't suck (meaning they are GENUINELY FUNNY and don't resort to bad language and offensive racial slurs for laughs). Can anyone recommend a female comedian that isn't Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin or Roseanne Barr and who gets laughs because they actually put some thought into their act?

Many thanks for your help :)
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(no subject)

Anybody know of any good Spanish language podcasts?

(I don't know a lot of Spanish, I've taken classes, I've studied on my own, and I really think I'm better off just jumping in with what I know and asking questions along the way.)

(no subject)

So I'm thinking of having another cross-town scavenger hunt for my birthday. I did it last year and it was really fun and hilarious. It took a while to score everyone's findings but worth it.

Will you give examples of random things I should put on the list to find/do/photograph? Their supplies are a camera, a car, and they'll be in groups of four or five. The suggestions can range from simple, easy things to obscure/hard to find/do things. Go crazy with suggestions! If it helps, my town is by a bay, has a few nice recreational parks along with a national one, is very hilly, along with all the normal makings of a town. Things can be found/done in houses, stores, outside, whatever.

ALSO, they can be interpretable things. Last year I included a bunch of phrases and said to go take a picture that somehow expresses that phrase.

Thanks. :)

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(no subject)

I have a makeup question. Usually I use the Bare Minerals loose powder as a foundation, and then put some lighter pressed powder from Clinique or I think Maybelline on top of that. But I just ran out of the Bare Minerals stuff and I don't want to buy it anymore, because it's kind of expensive. Can you reccomend any less expensive makeup that would serve the same purpose as what I use the Bare Minerals for? Also, can you reccomend good pressed powder as a top layer, because I don't like the two ones that I alternate using that much, but I don't want to waste money on something that I have no idea about. Preferrably something that you can get at a drugstore, but if it's a department store brand that's somewhat cheapish, that would be helpful too.
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XJournal Sucks

Dear Mac users,

I use a Mac.

Xjournal keeps crashing.

What is a good Mac (Apple) lj client with good features that doesn't crash all the time?

Please. This one is driving me crazy.
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Did anyone here go to Humboldt State? (or is anyone currently? or know anyone that did/does?)
If so, what's the school like? What are the kids that go there like?

I heard it was a stoner school, and then I heard it was a really nice school.. Not expecting much, but anything you have to say will probably help. Even the funnies.

(no subject)

My roommates and I are bored. We wanna play Pictionary. Sadly, we don't have the game.
Anyone know of a site with a list of Pictionary words we can print out?
If not, what are some good words?

I also forgot to include this, but our internet is a bit wonky right now, so isketch isn't something we can play.

(no subject)

if i plug in my ipod into a pc that doesn't have itunes, and is in no way set up for an ipod, for the sole reason of charging it, will it work?
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(no subject)

Who do you think is the hottest male character on the original CSI? Why?

Who is the hottest?

Warrick Brown
Nick Stokes
Gil Grissom
Captain Jim Brass
Greg Sanders
Dr. Al Robbins
David Hodges
David Phillips

the dirty jersey

im going to new jersey (my bfs hometown and where all his friends/family live) in 2 weeks. There is also a huge chance we will be living there in 2 years. This will be my first time in jersey.

so peoples, tell me good and bad things about the state. Places to visit, what to eat, what to do.
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For those who are married:

Did you plan anything exclusive at your wedding reception that wasn't traditional (to religious/family/society's standards, or just something not typically found at a wedding)?  
What was it?
Did it go well? 
What did other people think? 

I just heard of someone who had a laid back wedding, and they had room at their wedding reception with hookahs, which was separated by curtains so they wouldn't be completely isolated, and they weren't Indian or Middle-eastern or anything like you think that's too untraditional?

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I was channel surfing today and I flipped past a cool music video. There were a couple of people walking around, and they were both wearing t-shirts. The t-shirts had graphics and text on them that changed and interacted as the people were walking. It was obviously computer animated. This seemed to be a techno song, and the name of the song was one word with dots between the letters, something like "x.x.x.x.x". Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

When you fell in love for the first time, how did you know?

Do you ever look at  people and think "Wow, it must be cool to be that person."?

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My brother had emergency surgery today and had to have three separate blood transfusions and still might need another one. My mom is really weirded out and worried about the blood. I am not.

Do you think I am kidding myself not to be worried?

Do you think my mom is being silly to be worried?
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I'm in serious need of a job and the job hunt has not been going well. I've applied at 25+ places and not one has called me back. So this is where you all come in.

1. How long does it usually take for a place to call you back?
2. Should you call them? Should you even bother if it's only fast food? What about a clothing store?
3. What exactly should you say when you call them?

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Is there something at the base of a cat's tail that I don't know about? When I scratch Conan's back, he purrs and lifts his tail, so I scratch at the base and his eyes go super wide, he meows loud and different than usual (but not strangled or hurt in any way - just different) and his purring gets 10x louder. Sometimes he'll do really weird/funny things like suddenly roll around, put his butt down and scoot in circles, reach back and give me a play bite (definately a play bite, I know his play bites and he's never done it in a way that seems vengeful) and once he even pee'd a little. I don't get it! I've looked around on the internet but maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing. I'm not sure if he's really enjoying it, or I'm doing something mental to him.

He's sticking his butt in my face right now, expecting a scratch. Help?
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What is your favorite oratorical piece?
Who is your favorite orator?

Do you find your printer to be simply irresistible?
Does it fit your decorating scheme?
Do you have a decorating scheme in your computer area?
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What is the best (safest, most reliable) way for a 62 year old woman to look for a romantic companion?

(I wish my mom would find a companion.  She's 62 and doesn't belong to a church or club of any sort, so meeting people is difficult for her.  She's attractive for her age.  She says it's a waste of time since all the good men are taken anyway.  I would like to help her think of a way to meet some of the "good men.")


My mom and I talk about this sometimes.  She WANTS a companion, but she's scared.  I am in no way trying to force her to start dating.  Actually, I've never even brought it up.  She's the one who has brought it up.  I'm posting this to see if there are any ideas that she or I have yet to think of.  Please don't assume I'm trying to force the situation on her.  In fact, if she didn't seem sad about it at times, I wouldn't care one way or another.  I'd just like to see my mom happy because I love her.

dogs and kitty get along?

Is there a good way to make my two dogs get along with a new kitten I have in my house?  He's in a cage right now,and can only take him out when my dogs are outside, or they'll eat him.!They've already tried a few times to bite him when I get him close to them.  :( Is it impossible to get them to get along? Do you know of a way that can help?
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I need to start eating better, healthy. The problem is have the pallet of a 6 year old. I hate 95% of veggies, I'm finicky like Mikey. What can I make that's cheap and healthy that I would like?
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Mmm, ice cream.

Two years ago I had one of those sugar-screened pictures of My Little Pony on my 21st birthday cake as a silly change of pace.

What picture or image should I have on my cake this year?
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Do you know any really good/difficult/thought-provoking riddles? And not just the typical couple that always circulate like "What's greater than God, worse than the devil, the rich want it the poor have it, and if you drink it your die?" But something that's rarer than that.

If so, will you share?