September 11th, 2007

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Do you still acknowledge your first love/crush? Who was it? (Ie. Are you still proud to admit you crushed on them or do you refuse to accept you ever were attracted to that person or something else...)

And because I'm so original...and don't read the front page of LJ...
What was the first band/singer you became a fan of?

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If you watch LOST:

What do you think was the most shocking moment in the show, whether from a flashback or on the island?
What is your favorite episode? Season?
Who is your favorite character? Did you like Boone as much as I did?
Do you like this new plan of having 16 episodes a season and starting them late in the year, then running them back to back in the spring?

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i just ordered a text book from and forgot to select expedited shipping. is there any way that i can possibly cancel the order and then have it expedited?

really, i want the same book, but just to get here faster. is there any way that i can fix this?

6 Questions

1. If you're familiar with the 'Teahouse Fox' theme on iGoogle, my fox was asleep in the sleeping bag as normal, except there were ghosts or something on the river!

Collapse )

I screen-capped it, but the next time I went back there, it was normal again.

My question is this: WTF?

2. What is your least favourite song (or songs) by your favourite musician?

3. Daft Punk question: Preferred robot?

4. How desperate would you have to be to make it with a robot?

5. Beatles question: If you had to pick 10 songs to describe The Beatles to some unfortunate who had never heard or even heard of The Beatles before, which 10 would you pick? Not necessarily your favourite, more which songs you think are most essential.

And who would you most want to introduce The Beatles to? A person from the past, a person from a distant future where they've been lost and forgotten, a person from a remote Beatleless island, an alien? Or someone else?

6. Do you have the surname the same as somebody famous? Unless you want to divulge your surname and be specific, what are they generally famous for?
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1. I've never read any of the Harry Potter books. Is there any compelling reason for me to do so?
2. What's your favorite snack food?
3. When does it become weird to respond to a post? Two days after it's written? A week? Does it matter if it's in a community or in a personal journal?
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How many songs on your MP3 player or PC player?

Are there songs on there that you do not listen to but think you should?

Any bands on there that you think few people know about, but should?
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inspired by the lovely kathy griffin.

buddha was a spoiled rich brat.
vishnu isn't real.
astrology is bullshit.
judas did the right thing.
lao tzu was an old nobody.
people were meant to eat meat.
i work on the sabbath.
jesus never visted america.
we evolved from monkeys.
i spell "god" with a lower case g.
you aren't a witch, you're just a bitchy teenager in black clothes.
socialism is stupid. capitalism is the best system.
people choose to be gay.
mary lied about being a virgin.
single moms are all golddiggers.
women aren't as good as men.
women should always get the kids in a divorce.
abortion should be free and legal.
pot should be legal too.
9/11 happened because america is full of gay people.
anal sex.


1. do any of these offend you?
2. which one(s)?
3. what other belief-based offensive comments should be on the list?
4. do we take ourselves too seriously?
griffin only spelled right

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I'm having issues with my (dorm) roommate and, having no previous experience with roommates, would like some advice.

The issue is sleeping habits. She wants to sleep from 11 pm - 7 am, I want to sleep from 2 am - 10 am. She can't sleep any later due to classes, and I have an extreme amount of difficulty falling asleep before 1 am (as in, I usually am awake in bed for 2-4 hours even if I've taken a full dose of NyQuil or the like). Additionally, I'm a very light sleeper, and she's very inconsiderate when she's getting ready in the morning or when I try to nap after class (turning on the lights, letting guests in the room and chatting with them even though we've previously agreed to not allow guests when the other is sleeping, making excessive noise, etc.) I've spoken to her about this and thus far, nothing has changed, and I've been constantly exhausted since moving in and my schoolwork is suffering as a result.

What should we do? Should I try to get some sort of mediator so we can work things out, though I doubt there's any feasible solution (any way we cut it, I'm out more sleep than I can spare? Should we look into switching roommates to ones more compatible with our sleep schedules? She has said I don't bother her when I stay up, and when I suggested switching "if this becomes an issue" she seemed very opposed to the idea, but it's become a huge issue for me. Is there another possible solution that hasn't occurred to me? I've tried both staying up until I'm able to fall asleep right away, and going to bed when she does, neither is better.

ETA: I'm very skeptical of earplugs because I don't want to sleep through my alarm and thus miss my first class. I will experiment with them over the weekend, though; thanks to those who suggested it.
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Dear Dr. LJ, DDS

What does wisdom teeth pain feel like?

I woke up Fridayish to pain on the left side of my face. It only hurts when I open my mouth real wide, it doesn't hurt if I prod the area (inside or out), but it does hurt if I bite down hard. It hurts the most in the morning after I've slept and the least at night.

I have a history of grinding my teeth at night, so I'm hoping I just aggravated it or something and it'll go away. :(

ETA: Should I go see a regular doctor for jaw pain, or should I start with a dentist?
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TQC, why did 4 drinks (2 hard lemonades, 2 Bacardi Silvers) make me drunk enough to throw up?

I didn't give a friend of a friend a ride home this morning. I'd never met him until last night and it struck me as odd that he'd ask me when there were other people that he knew leaving at the same time (and who and going to the same side of town... which was not where I was going) Would you find someone you didn't know asking you for a ride someplace several miles out of your way a bit of an odd request, or am I being hungoverly paranoid?

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1.) This morning I was watch a news program and they had a poll "Is September 11th becoming just another average day" what is your opinion.

2.) Do you remember a cartoon called Denver The Last Dinosaur?

3.) Why is it that when you are late for work there is a cop right beside the whole way so you can't speed?

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Let's say you wake up very very late and you need to run out of your house real quick, but you only have time to do ONE personal hygiene thing, you know like brushing your teeth or washing your face. Which one do you do??

i did it again.

do you ever wake up without pants on?

like, you went to bed with your pajama bottoms on only to wake up in the morning to find them balled up at the foot of your bed and you have no idea why?

and you weren't drinking or doing drugs or making sexy time. you just went to bed and woke up with your pants off.

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Have you ever sent a thank you note to someone after a job interview? (Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, etc.) What did you say in the note?

I was thinking of doing so, but also wanted to include a question or two for the manager I interviewed with, to show that I am very interested in the position. Any ideas on what I could ask?

What's your favorite way to eat potatoes? If mashed, baked, in potato salad, how do you prepare it or prefer it prepared?

For those who are getting ready to have fall/autumn, are you excited? What's your favorite thing about Fall?
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Has anyone here ever had a waiter/waitress tell you to eat something off your plate so that they could clear the table?

I was at a thai restaurant the other day and I had one sushi roll left and the waitress started clearing our table and she stood there and waited for me to stop talking and then ASKED ME TO EAT MY LAST ROLL so that she could take the plate!

Does anyone else feel like this is ridiculously rude?

batshit insane

You've been a bad TQC-er but shippo has decided to spare you from being banned. Instead, he's going to lock you in a room for 48 hours with one of the more obnoxious (or batshit insane) TQC members. He's going to be nice enough to let you choose from a list though.

Out of the following, which would you choose, and why?

globalwarmer (formerly ron4ld)

Additionally, 4 hours in to your punishment, loanwords takes pity on you and offers you a deal. You're allowed out of the room but in exchange, you have to choose one TQC member who has been banned, to be allowed back in to TQC. Do you take this deal? If so, who do you un-ban?

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In what situation would both the fire department (SUV type vehicle, not the full fire truck) and animal control show up to a house?

Three such vehicles are currently making a visit to our friendly neighborhood crack house across the street and I'm terribly curious as to what could be going on.
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I want to make ice cream today. I've got a bunch of recipes but none of them are really holding my interest today. So TQC, if you were going to have homemade ice cream, what flavor would you want?

Bonus points for recipes.

ETA It can have mix-in stuff too. I know every time I ask my mom this question she'll just say a plain flavor, but I don't mind making ice cream ala Ben and Jerry's with stuff swirled in.
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Have you ever got a body piercing then smoked pot that same day?

Did it get you "extra high" or have any other strange side effects?

Girls, do you wear your lip rings with the ball on the outside or the inside? I've seen both here and I'm wondering which is more common.
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Fun Fun Clap Clap

Maybe lewd...

Do you masturbate?
If often?
Any particular thing you think about?

What's one of your favorite words?

What did you dream about last night?

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?

What's your favorite beverage?

What do you *want* to do tonight?
Beast mode!







theatre tech-y stuff

EDIT: I've figured a solution to this, but thank you to all who gave two-cents!

Hello all.  I'm an actor pretending to be a tech person.  I am producing a two person show, and I need to build a self-standing simple window unit (for a college guy's shitty apartment).  

1.)  Where should I shop to buy the materials cheap? Can I just buy a window frame (a cheap one, not a pella window lol) or do I need to construct it from scratch?

2.) would it be a better route to go with a canvas/framed flat or to do like the window frame sitting on top of panelling or something?

3.) how to I make it self standing? L Braces? Can I just pick up L braces or build from scratch?

I do have a decent knowledge of around-the-house tools. I tried to find a photo, but no luck.

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IS THIS A SCAM? My mom knows for a fact that this trailer is worth at least $25,000. The person is asking $5,700 (why the weird number?), has ONE feedback, the shipping is $9.99 (lmao) and the auction is private... you have to email him to ask him for permission to bid.

Can anyone help me determine what the scam is?

Sorry for being such a naive boob ;p

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At the VMA's, Britney was

Emotionally distressed
Ticky Box

What's your favorite brand of sugarless gum?

Other (Comment)

Anyone else tired and low blood-sugary today?
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Eduard Hill smile

Yahoo issues...

My email address used to be jazz_perryATyahooDOTcoDOTuk.

However, 2 days ago I stopped being able to receive emails and wasn't sure why. No confirmation emails, no Facebook notifications, no LJ notifications... nothing.

Finally, today... I realised the email address has randomly just changed to jazz_perryATyahooDOTcom.

What could have caused this change and is there a way to reverse it? Else, I'm going to have to edit all my details on every account I care to remember which sends me crap via Yahoo.
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Stupid Question

I just got the Call of Duty 4 beta code for Xbox 360 for my husband. My question is, where do I go on my Xbox to download it?
Figured it out!

Here's a new question just for the hell of it!

Do you enjoy yogurt? What's your favorite flavor?
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Bad luck?

Do you ever feel cursed?

When something bad happens that you JUST talked about, do you feel slightly guilty?

My husband and I were just talking about Ronald Reagan and arguing over who his first wife was. I was right. It was Jane Wyman. According to the Wiki page, she is 90. Hubby said "Wow. She's still alive? Well, that won't last long." And, sure enough, she passed away today.

Jane Wyman
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not at all hypothetical

1. Pretend you work in a job where your pay is partially based on your productivity, as in you get raises for increasing your goals and bonus for exceeding your goals. You're at the second to highest level but lately have been performing closer to the highest level and making lots of bonus $$. If you keep it up, your supervisor will probably want you to increase to the highest level, which means a raise, but obviously higher expectations and probably not much bonus at all. You're afraid you won't be able to keep up consistently (maybe this is a fluke), so do you intentionally slow yourself down to stay at your current comfortable level?

ETA: 2. I just got a prescription for Valium 10 mg because I have awful neck and TMJ pain. Is this something I can take in the daytime or will I crash my car because I lack the muscle control to steer?
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My sister in law is coming to visit next week and I want to cook for her. She is a vegetarian. She is also on a diet and not eating pasta. Which sucks because I was gonna suggest baked ziti.

What would be a good thing to make for her that doesn't involve tofu and I (who am super picky) would also like?
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Opus with Hat

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I have an incredibly stupid question....
I have an interview tomorrow but the headhunter still hasn't found out where exactly the interview is to take place (they company has 2 locations). I've called and left vms on her mobile so now I'm following up with an email. She signs her email with, Miss Chris Lastname, and her email address is miss.chris@______

Which introductory would you use?
"Hi Miss Chris, I just wanted....." or "Hi Chris, I just wanted..."

I can't remember how she answers her phone. I think she usually just answer with "Hello".

one last thing....

1. what was the last thing you said out loud?
2. what was the last thing you ate?
3. who was the last person/animal you kissed?
4. when was the alst time you got laid? (bonus points for details)
5. what was the thing thing you copied and pasted?

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*only applicable to those with jobs*

your boss hits on you, WHAT DO YOU DO/HOW DO YOU REACT?

is there someone that your company/place of employment does business with that you talk to on a regular basis? do ya'll just discuss business or is it comfortable enough to talk about other things? (the weather, yall's weekend plans, etc) have you ever met the person or is it just kind of a phone relationship?

*everyone else*

what are some questions you're frequently bombarded with regarding...

a) your relationship/SO/relationship status (if you don't have a SO)?
b) your job OR school?
c) your family?
d) your hobbies/extracurricular activities?
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(no subject)

What is the best item to have with/on you for protection in big cities? (besides herpes and AIDS, of course)

Do you like pierogies?

I got my hair cut a few days ago, and while I liked it that day, now that I'm used to it, I don't like it anymore. My friend who is in beauty school did it for me. Should I ask her to fix it or something, or just get it cut again somewhere else and avoid her?
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(no subject)

 Which upcoming video game(s) are you looking forward to the most?

Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3.  I'd like to see a sequel to Bully, too - but I don't think that's likely to happen.
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It's raining really bad and thundering and my dog is freaking out. What can I do to calm her down? I can't do anything without her trying to sit on me or plant herself where I'm walking.
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Update and new question

I got an emergency appointment with the dentist and turns out I've got a wonky, cavity-filled wisdom tooth that needs a-pullin' by an oral surgeon. They gave me vicodin and antibiotics in the meantime. I can barely feel my face, let alone the bad tooth right now. :)

Anway! What kind of soft, dental-work-safe foods are good to get post-face surgery? I'm already picking up a big tub o'yogurt to stave off the evil yeastie beasties.

Have you ever had oral surgery of any kind? What was it like?

I've only had one baby tooth pulled that didn't want to come out, and it was pretty uneventful since they just loaded me with novocaine.
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(no subject)

1) Does it irk, annoy, bother, etc you when someone says that they will pray for an individual they feel is morally flawed or not of their faith? (For example, "I will pray for him nightly that he finds God like I have" or "I will pray that he sees the error of his ways". ) Why?

2) If you are religious, do you pray for people like this? Why?

It irks me because to me, it feels like they're using their God as an excuse to project their own moral values onto other individuals. If the person in question asked to be prayed for, that's one thing, but it just really bothers me for some reason when religious types take it upon themselves to pray for a specific person to change their ways.

*note, this is purely an opinion and I'm not saying you're bad or wrong if you pray for someone else this way, It just bothers me!*

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Someone comes up to you right this instant and says, "Stop worrying about it. It'll happen on its own soon."

Do those words apply perfectly with a current situation in your life?

(the following questions are optional, a yes or no answer for that first one is perfectly fine.)
a. What situation was it?
b. Do you think it applies to pretty much everyone?
c. Has anyone (randomly) ever given you some advice/knowledge that you found amazingly applicable to your life? Did you think it was a huge coincidence or did you figure probably everyone can apply it somehow?

Counting sheep does NOT work. :P

I've noticed before that I don't fall asleep as easily as others. At sleep-overs I was always the last one asleep and I don't think I've ever experienced falling asleep as soon as my head "hits the pillow" like people talk about, even when I'm really exhausted.

But now that I've been married for a few months (granted I'm comparing myself to one person consistently and to the memory of others) I realize that it's not just because I'm in an unfamiliar setting or what not. I really take forever to fall asleep!

So I did a bit of reading and found out that most people fall asleep about 15-30 minutes after they are in bed with the lights off (the random nights of sleeplessness excluded).

I've developed a habit since I was quite young not to look at the clock when I'm trying to sleep since I've heard seeing how long it takes makes it harder to sleep. But for the past couple of weeks I've been paying attention—it takes me anywhere from at least an hour (usually) to two hours or more (not that infrequently) to fall asleep. Every night!

So here's my question: Any ideas to help me fall asleep sooner?

If it helps, I think I stay awake that long because my brain won't shut up, not because I'm not tired (I usually go to bed because I'm tired rather than because "it's bedtime"). Also, I go to bed about 10-10:30 pm every night. I usually get up 7-9 am, depending on work schedules (7-8 is more common than all the way until 9, though).

Something I can do on a permanent basis, please. Not quick "fix its."
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old ipods

What happens to iPods that are put out to pasture? I need a new one, but I'd like to attempt to get a deal on the previous generation Nano, because I don't think I'm a big fan of the new shape. There are refurbished ones on the Apple website for a pretty good deal, but does anyone know where to get the first-quality ones now that the Nano video is taking over?
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Are you watching the Oprah, 9/11 special?

I haven't watched any of the 9-11 coverage today but she's focusing on the children impacted by it and I think that's very different from what we usually see.  I watched HBO's Children after 9/11 special and it was excellent so I'm curious to see how Oprah does it.

Right now there's a boy about 14 years old crying and I want to die.
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history of sites

I use Firefox and I was wondering how I could delete the history of websites I when I type in, my email and password is already stored in. How do I delete that? Or like for livejournal...same thing appears. I don't want my sister to get in on my case. 

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(no subject)

Who here loves salt? I will shake some or grind some into my hand and lick my finger, dip it in the salt, and then lick it off my finger. Sometimes I will go so far as licking it right off my palm. Then I will eat too much and so I will drink water, but then it's too much water and it washes off ALL the salt taste, and I have to start over again.

Who here loves salt like that?
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(no subject)

1) Do you share your internet antics with anyone in your real life?

2) Does anyone in your real life know about your LJ/other online accounts(excluding facebook and myspace).

3) Do you sometimes feel like you're leading a double life, if your IRL friends and family don't know about what you do online?

4) It rained all day, and it's still sprinkling off and on. Should I take a walk anyway, or just do DDR for an hour?

1) Not really, no.

2) Some know about it, but few know the links. My parents found mine once and I had a fit.

3) In the sense that they have no idea what cat macros, chatspeak, LJ, etc are, yeah. I can't talk to them about it because they're not used to internet culture, so it feels secretive sometimes!
grrrrr - sawyer

Cheaters Never Prosper.

You find out that the guy you've been dating exclusively for 6 months has been cheating on you while you were really sick and unable to give him what he needed.

You and this guy have never had the actual "exclusive" talk but it was always assumed. ( I know.. u and me, etc. )

He's avoiding you like crazy. Won't text you back, avoids you at work and the couple times you've tried calling to sort it out he said he'll call you back.

He's been seen leaving work with thsi other girl, eating lunch with her, flirting with her, etc. He hasn't said one word about it to you, but everyone's seen the behaviour.

You have an opportunity for some intimate time with an old flame.

Do you take it?

Poll #1053859 Revenge sex?

Should you have revenge sex if you are person in this scenario?

Need more information.
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(no subject)

Hi! A few posts down about Firefox sparked this question. I also use Firefox, and every time I get off the internet, I clear all my private data. I make sure all the little checkboxes are checked or whatever. Anyway. Sometimes, after a few sessions and I clear my private data, Firefox resets itself to the default settings. Suddenly it's asking me if I want my passwords remembered, and it goes to the Firefox start page. Stuff like that, you know. Anybody know why it does this and how I can fix it? Cause it's annoying as crap.

Thanks. =)
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(no subject)

i just bought a table on sale for $30 because it was cheap. but it is yellow. REALLY yellow. this clashes with my kitchen/living room so i'm looking to repaint/alter it and not just throw a tablecloth over it (it has an interesting shape.) it's yellow with a white pattern. i'd like to keep the pattern intact if at all possible. how would you go about painting/staining/making over this table? thank you.

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Not quite a Dr. LJ question but darn close.

My tot spiked a 102.7 fever last night and again this morning. But now it's back down to 98.1 and she's acting her chipper self.

Does anybody know the incubation contagious time frame? We are planning to visit a friend and her baby on Thursday morning (with a non-refundable airline ticket), but I'm now on the fence of whether or not to cancel. I don't want her fever to spike again or to give it to the other baby.... but I REALLY don't want to cancel.

Thoughts? =\

r&g pot

(no subject)

Alright, so here goes.
We have a maid who comes here once every two weeks to clean up. She doesn't speak any English, only Portuguese, which is convenient for her because we all speak Portuguese. Well she called me today saying she's taking an ESL class, but she seems to be the only person who doesn't know a single word of English. So she came up with the idea that she could pay me if I taught her some English, probably on Sundays for an hour because that's the only time I can really do it.

So my question for you is: How do I go about teaching somebody English who knows absolutely nothing? Do you think I should start of with just basic grammar rules and maybe some reading? Maybe just basic vocabulary? I'm not sure how I should approach this...I forgot to say, I'm only sixteen years old so obviously I have no experience with this kind of thing.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Me and my friend were discussing The Long Walk today and we started going on about the 4MPH limit they had to walk constantly. Me and my friend think that you would almost be jogging to do 4MPH. It just didn't seem plausable to me that they walked that speed limit constantly. Some for like, 3 days, I think.

So, my question is:

Edit, because I worded it stupidly: 1. Would you be walking or jogging if you were going 4MPH?
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(no subject)

I was recently appointed the costumes manager of my high school's fall play, and I haven't ever worked on a costume crew before. Tomorrow is the first drama meeting and I'll need to take the actors' measurements. The only problem is that I'm not sure which measurements to take. I'll be dressing the characters in traditional but non-time-period-specific clothing, so basically they'll be wearing generic dresses, pants, jackets, etc.
All clothing will be borrowed or bought, so I don't need to sew anything from scratch, thank goodness.

1. I know for sure I'll need the actors' shirt, pants, and shoe sizes, but what other measurements should I take?

I'm taking the ACT this October. I'm a senior now, and the only time I've taken it was my sophomore year and I got a 27. I sucked at math back then and have since improved GREATLY- like, I had a C- in Algebra I back then and am now getting As in pre-calc/trig.

2. Think I have a chance of hitting a 33?
3. Any test-taking tips you swear by?

(no subject)

I'm completely stuck on an opinion essay. It's supposed to be four pages long, and I'm at the end of page two.

1- What do you do when you're stuck?
2- Should I just chill out for a few hours and brainstorm later tonight?

Also, have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep?
I never did up until about a month ago. Now I have a few a week. It's awesome.
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard


I just found out another one of my friends is engaged! Oh my goodness. I haven't heard the story to know if there was an awesome proposal or anything, but it reminded me of how another friend proposed to his now-wife, and how cute it was. Basically, he started giving her one white balloon every day, for a week, up to the day he proposed. And the day of, he got into her room (thanks to scheming with her roomie) and filled it with like 200 white balloons, and hid out until she got home. One hell of a surprise, right?

So please share: if you have been proposed to, how did it happen? Or if you were the one proposing, how did you do it?

If you haven't been proposed to, do you have an ideal way you'd like it to happen? A way you hope it will never happen?

And do you think that the week previous thing was a cute or strange idea?

All I know is, I don't want a big public display, so nothing during a big family event or in a restaurant or anything. I'd be mortified.

(no subject)

my English teacher gave us an assignment to "observe" someone we don't know for a few hours and study their physical aspects, and then make up a story involving them, using their physical aspects to judge their personality. we're not allowed to interact with them at all though.

1. what do you think of this assignment? do you think it sounds fun?

2. do you think asking us to stereotype people is a bad idea for a school assignment?

3. if you had to do this assignment, how would you "observe" the subject?

Collapse )

EDIT: well, i live in Rome, so there aren't any Starbucks' or ballgame/concert type things here. apparently, Zac Efron is coming to Rome this weekend, so i'm going to observe all the Italians who think he's amazing even though they probably have no idea who he is, and just love celebrities. or i'll just do the park thing.

thank you for all the suggestions and comments.
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(no subject)

If man evolved from monkey/ape, why are there still monkeys and apes?

Is it possible to be Christian and still find the theory of evolution plausible?

How do Christian who take the Bible literally and not an interpretation of God's word and history explain Dinosaurs? Fossils don't lie.

Did you ever go to Sunday school ? Did you ever ask the teacher things like this?
(my mom told me I had asked questions like this, but in a 4th grade type of thought process, and rather then reason with me the teacher spoke to my mom and not bringing me back! How very Christian!)

(no subject)

How much would you try to convince a friend not to get a terrible tattoo? (By terrible, I mean something like an emo trend on their lower back). Is it entirely their choice, or if they're young and stupid do you try to talk them out of such permanent mistakes?

If they go ahead and get the tattoo, do you pretend to like it?
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1. Did anyone watch the awards? And see Britney?

Collapse )

2. What did you think?

Collapse )

3. Do you agree with all the criticism she received by the media afterwards?

Collapse )

4. Did anybody see Sarah Silverman's performance? Was she funny this time? I can't find a vid of it on Youtube :(

Birfdays and Bestbuy

Birthday ?'s:

My 20th birthday is next Tuesday and I have yet to officially plan anything. I don't really know what to plan.
1) Should I leave it up to my friends, and assume they will plan something?
2) Should I plan something myself? What should I do?
3) What did you do for your 20th birthday?

Note: 3 of my friends had birthdays last month: 2 turning 21 and 1, 20. To celebrate we spent the weekend at the beach, and took a trip to Busch gardens for the other 2...
idk why, but I just felt like throwing it out there.
OH! and for the past 5 birthdays, I've gone out to dinner. If I go out to dinner one more time I'm gonna punch a baby.
j/k. I <3 babies. But you catch my drift.

Best Buy ?'s:
My mother just informed me that I got a call from Best Buy for an interview.
1) Have you ever worked for Best buy?
2) What was it like?
3) Whats the pay like?
4) Do they offer benefits for employees?

Oh hay thar


Does anyone have any cool/cheap ideas for games, prizes, cake, or other stuff I haven't thought of for a child's pirate-themed birthday party?

So far we have:

-pirate hats instead of traditional cone hats
-skull baskets for loot bags
-GOODIES include: beads, jewels, skeleton whistles, eyeball chocolates, eyepatches, skeleton socks, diamond rings, fake mustaches, gold hoop clip-on earrings
-black streamers
-black and gold plates and napkins
-black tablecloth
-table's centerpiece is a treasure chest fulled with beads and gold chocolate coins
-the birthday boy gets a much nicer pirate hat, a sword, and a parrot to wear

Text - best is yet to come


One of my homework assignments is to create a license plate for myself describing my personality. It's supposed to be a fun way to introduce ourselves to our students in the future. The professor is taking them all over to a 5th grade classroom and 5th graders are going to decide whose is the best. If they pick you, you get bonus points.

If your personality was just like mine and you had to make a license plate using just 10 letters and/or numbers to describe it, how would you do it? Keep in mind that of course you want the bonus points. DUH.
Science! It works.
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(no subject)

I'm frustrated, TQC. Despite access to kick-ass search databases, it's ridiculously difficult to find a peer-reviewed scholarly article [with full text available online] that's related to my research topic. Also my "sick" boyfriend keeps wandering in from playing Bioshock and looking put-upon, then complaining that I'm not in a better mood. What's your current frustration?

Do you have a dollar store (where everything actually IS $1, not the crappy 'Dollar General' variety) near you? Do you take advantage of it? If yes, for what? If you're outside the US, do comparable stores exist?

Your town is suddenly thrown into Huxley-Orwell creepy future. You may say something nice, or remain silent -- but lying is a punishable offense. What happens?
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quick plz help!

okay.. my husband and i haven't seen any Heroes... so we got it thru netflix..
AND.. first disk has: 1) genesis 2) dont look back 3) unaired pilot
in that order... we're tempted to watch 'unaired pilot' first.... as that kinda makes since to us... BUT... it's the big "BUT" that's making us question the order on the dvd jacket and ourselves... HELP TQC? what should we do? THANK YOU in advance!

EDIT: OR am i thinking it all out incorrectly.. and they're actually referring to an actual airplane pilot...and i'm a total idiot?? -still confused-

EDIT (PART DEUX): THANK YOU (merci beaucoup for 'canadian') We are now going to experience, what is the show "Heroes"... (fade to black, exit left). and g'night!
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Unrelated questions, yay!

1. Polaroid film (I need Spectra film), does anyone know of any cheaper places that I can get them or some good deals?

2. Favorite band and why?

3. Any new seasons of shows you are looking forward to?

4. Favorite fast food place?

5. Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? If you are, what are you going to be?
The Receptionist Classic

Waaah waaah waaaah

TQC, I am having a very emo evening and feel like having a pity party.
What should I serve at this pity party?
What kind of decorations should I have?
Would you like to come to my pity party?

Would you like to beat me over the head with a "GET OVER IT" stick? Please describe this stick, in great detail. Pics if you have 'em.
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(no subject)

1.why do people type out their emails like this: soandso at thisplace dot com.
that really annoys me because if you are actually going to email them you cant copy and paste you have to type it all out
2. why do some brides 'trash' their gowns? why is this a growing trend? picture op?
Family Planning

Do you travel?

So I was at Wal-Mart this evening and this totally whacked out looking guy comes up to me and he's like

"Hey dude, you travel right??"

"uhh.. no?"

WTF is he talking about? Is that street slang for "Got any crack???"?

That's the second time someone has stopped me in a store asking me for drugs(I think).

(no subject)

How is that sometimes an aids infected woman could give birth to a perfectly healthy baby?
How could they get pregnant without infecting their partner?
This has always baffled me.

(no subject)

I'm trying to find a certain type of picture on gettyimages and I have no idea about keywords. Any idea what keywords could bring this up? I don't care about the age or gender of the person.

It must be side on, and a person lying on their side, or possibly stomach...  and holding their torso up with a straight arm. I can find lots where they're on their side propping their head up with a hand... I don't want the hand to be on their head. A bent arm where the forearm is on the ground is alright too, but I'd prefer straighter...


Have you had the new Oreo Cakester?

Is it good?

Is it reminiscent of an actual Oreo?
Or is it like a snack cupcake?
Devil Dog?

It says that it has Oreo creme.
Is this true?
It looks like that whipped cream crap in every other generic snack cake out there.

(no subject)

 Have any of you ever studied abroad? Where?
Which program did you go through?
How was your experience?
How much did it cost you? 
And last...
Would you reccomend this company?

Thanks :)
P.S.- Know any good ways to get scholarships for such a thing? I've run into a few sites, but the more, the better :)
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

1. Will you show me an incredibly "MySpacey" picture of yourself? (AKA bathroom mirror, extreme angle, etc.)

2. If you have a MySpace, show me your default picture please?

3. If you have a MySpace, show me your #1's default picture please?

4. Are MySpace questions super duper annoying omg?

(no subject)

How many  people do you know have found their husband/wife in high school? On average, how many people do you think find their husband/wife in high school?

If you are 25 and haven't had a single boyfriend, are you doomed?

Hell&#39;s Libarian

On-line publications

I'm wondering if anyone has heard of and if you have what you think/have experienced with it.

I'm looking to do a bit of free-lance writing, not even necessarily to get paid (although that would be a bonus), any suggestions?

~ K.
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2 questions

:) Hi.

What can I do to stop my legs itching when the hairs grow back from shaving? I never used to have this problem. I use shaving cream and a sharp razor...and I don't use drying soap. Any ideas? I tried putting deodorant on them, but still it itches when it's growing back! it helped a little bit.
Waxing seems to help but it's not always feasible. Depilatory cream makes no difference..still itches when it grows in.


What are some good movies about strippers? Or that have strip club scenes.
NOT Showgirls or Striptease. :)
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever had a teacher who just seems to be trying too hard? My professor gives the entire class the questions to the quiz, scans the readings for us (so why buy a textbook), sends us the lecture notes, and just now sent us some more hints to the quiz. I seriously get about 5 e-mails a day from this guy. What gives?

2. Pooping: feels gross or feels awesome?

3. If you took the GREs, how were they?

4. Are you very particular and detailed with your hairstylist over how you want your hair to be, or do you trust them to do their own thing?

Two questions

I have an interview tomorrow at the Levi's store downtown. Should I wear jeans, or should I wear a suit? I was thinking of wearing jeans with a blazer, but I don't know, since I don't have Levi's jeans.

Second question is this: do any of you know the songs played in the movie Shoot Em Up (with Paul Giamatti, Clive Owen, Monica Belucci mmm hot italian woman yum) especially in the beginning?

I know one song which is "If you want Blood (you've got it)" when Clive's character is skydiving and shooting everyone.

Thanks and have a nice night.

(no subject)

I just love my hot water bottles. The trouble is, when it becomes necessary to replace them, (either because they have leaked or the rubber has just worn too thin), I just can't bear to throw my old one away. What exactly do you do with your old hot water bottles?

(no subject)

1] Are you, in anyway, homophobic?
not in anyway at all. All my friends are gay. Well, all except for one boy. They're all waiting for me and him to turn gay.

2] Do you de-construct your food?
I constantly take apart my food. For example, if I have a snack wrap, I take it apart and eat everything separately. Same thing with Spring Rolls/Egg rolls, and sometimes sushi.

3] What's something you had a realization about recently?
That the word candelabra is not spelled 'candlebra.' My whole life has been a sham

Edit; 4] Do you know what 'Square Candies that look round' are? What do you think they are, if you don't?
prue chillaxin

(no subject)

1.  Do you personally know anyone with a really unusual first name?  What is that name?
2.  What's the worst experience you've had in a foreign country?
3.  Have you ever invented a really tasty dish?  Please post the recipe.
4.  Have you ever had to eat something you found repugnant, but you felt you had to to save someone's feelings?  What was it and why was it gross?
5.  When you were in high school, or if you still are in high school, did you/do you shower after gym class?
6.  Is the show Sex And The City a realistic portrayal of love and sex in today's society or were those women emotionally stunted whores?
7.  Do you have a bowl of potpourri sitting somewhere in your home?
8.  When you were a child, did you have a stuffed animal or doll that you loved above all others?  What was its name and where is it now?
9.  What's something you think you'd like to do one day, but you don't know if you have the nerve?
carrie: are u sure

(no subject)

I work at a hospital in the Emergency Dep't. Last Halloween, we had a trauma team where this coked out guy tried to decapitate himself and FAILED. What's the most bizarre thing you've witnessed at work?
pretty flowers

(no subject)

It came over my mind today that if I were confronted with an uncut penis, I wouldn't be sure what to do (if anything needed to be done). So, my question is this:

Is sex different with a guy who's uncut? If so, how?

I be an ingorant American who hasn't got a clue :-P
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