September 10th, 2007

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Are there any words that you can't pronounce correctly? If so, how do you pronounce them?

I have a slight lisp, so instead of "sixth" I just say "six" (what phonetically amounts to 'cksth' is a bit much for me), and instead of "particularly" I say something like "pertikalary" and "museum" is...I don't know. It sounds fine to me, but people tell me I say it wrong.

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i am looking to buy a game system (a gameboy of some sort) that will be reliable, most likely used, and will put up with hours of me playing dr. mario. also, color is pretty much a must, and i'd like if it had a light so i could play at night.

what are your recommendations? is ebay a reliable source, or should i go to a gamestop or other video game store that resells games?

all kind of feedback would be excellent.
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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Let's say you share a room with someone (like a college dorm).  Your roommate moved in first, so s/he took the side by the window and closet.  Because s/he has the dresser in the closet, and the window juts out a little bit, s/he has a bit more space on her side of the room.

However, in the last week since you've moved in, your roomate has slept in the dorm a total of three times.  Two of the times s/he went home and two of the times s/he was at a significant other's house.  You know that your roommate will stay at their significant other's house the majority of the year.  You, on the other hand, are in the room most of the time.

1. Is it fair to ask your roommate to change sides? S/he is hardly ever in the room.
2. How would you deal with this?

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Let's say Eric gives Allison some roofies. Under the influence of the roofies, Allison puts roofies in Eric's drink. They proceed to have sex. Who raped who? What would happen in this kind of situation legally? You can turn the names and drug around however you want. It's the situation I'm curious about.

Is it appropriate?

Is it appropriate for a married person to spend time alone with a co-worker?

My husband was planning to go on an all-day trip with a female co-worker to a football game. I told him the I did not think that this was acceptable behavior of a married person.

He makes me feel like I am crazy and tells me that other people do it all the time. I really don't know of other married people that go off and spend time alone with someone else. It seems to me that it could be bad for the marriage.

Is it appropriate for a married person to spend time alone with a member of the opposite sex? Do other people do it all the time?
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I am 22. I havent had pimples since I was 16 and even then, it was rare.
All of a sudden this summer I have been breaking out like crazy. I swear, I have a pimple that takes up my entire chin.. it looks like a welt. Im a year postpartum, so I know its not that. I havent been smearing any greasy food on my face.. it just doesnt make sense. They're huge. And they hurt.
So my question to you, TQC..
1. What the hell?
2. Can stress really cause pimples, or is that a stupid myth?
Feet Pyramid

so stupid.

1. Did anyone else see the commercial for the new reality show on MTV staring Tila Tequila?

1a. What in the HELL?

1b. Are you going to watch it?


2. Also, do you think TQC should get a new layout?
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Does anyone here watch The Dead Zone? I don't know if this happened for everyone, but they messed up while showing it here and didn't show the whole 10 minutes or so of the middle.  Where did that piece of paper with Walt's password come from?   How did Johnny, the Sheriff, and that other guy end up in the sheriff's office? Why was JJ frantically unpacking?
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Poll #1052931 The seal is for marksmanship, and the gorilla is for sand racing.

My boyfriend is dressing as Buster from Arrested Development for Halloween. What costume should I wear?

Lucille 1
Lucille 2
Loose seal
Other, which I will describe in the comments.

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how do you go about deleting #'s in your cellphone? is there a certain amount of time that you have to not talk to a person before you delete their #? do you not delete #'s at all? i always have people who i haven't talked to in YEARS, text me out of the blue. and they know better than to call because i don't answer #'s i don't recognize. if we don't talk here and there, what's the point of me having your #? i just often wonder WHY THEY STILL HAVE MY #?!

why do you think they still have my #?

work is soooooooo boring right now, it's monday, and i am still tired because i didn't get to bed till way late. what's your rant?

for those of you that like, listen and follow the rap~* world, tomorrow is THE DAY, whose cd will you be getting? I AM GOING WITH KANWEEZY ALL THE WAY.

facials and guitar hero

Do you usually look really shiny after a facial? My ex-bf went to one and afterwards, he looked shiny, almost greasy. I just had my very first facial yesterday and I looked great afterwards.

Are you addicted to Guitar Hero? Can you play Expert Level?
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If there existed a complete food for humans, much like a cat or dog food, would you be content with eating that food for the rest of your life? Why or why not? You would feel completely satisfied and full all the time.

What if it guaranteed you general good health and weight control for the rest of your life as long as you followed the recommended portion?

ETA: This food comes in 20 different flavors, and you would be allowed one snack of your choosing each day in addition to your complete food meals.
Mr. Misto

Coming out of hibernation...

Couple questions for ya'll... 

1. What are your favorite happy hour rail drinks?  What is the name, and what are they made out of?

2. I need suggestions for a good gym book. Something engaging, but not to heavy to hold. ( Previously enjoyed: Magic Study, Tanya Huff novels, ect. ) 
Little Stripper

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How was your weekend? What was the best thing that happened? The worst?

How do you calm yourself when you are nervous about something that is coming up later in the day?

Do you have to dress up for work or is the dress more casual?

What was the last movie you watched at home or the last TV show you watched?

What is your favorite kind of cheese?
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I just recently saw this movie called "Once" and in it the girl speaks a bit of Czech. The main guy of the films asks if she loves him, referring to her husband and she replies in Czech. I really want to know what she replied.

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boredom has struck.

I recieved a comment on facebook that says "Wow, you got hot".
Should I be offended? I've never been called hot before, and I find it kind of flattering, but at the same time it makes me pretty angry, because I see this kid make random racist comments, and I hate how hot people get away with so much in life, for being just that.
For an ex...I have a jackass manager, and he's sarcastic and mean to EVERYONE, except to an attractive blonde crew girl he apparently hit on (while he has a gf).
Anyway, do you like being called hot? Would you rather be called cute or pretty? I'm absolutely sick of cute+pretty. Beautiful is always awesome, but i'm not asking about that.
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My English Prof has not specified if our papers need to be double spaced or not, actually he hasn't specified ANYTHING about required format.

Should I just use the format I have been for my other college courses or should I just leave it default?

The papers are based on revision btw so I will be rewriting it like...3 times.
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1. So I waited too long and someone else asked my standard Monday morning questions. So instead, what's the last thing you missed out on because you waited too long?

2. Say your younger sibling (if you don't have one, pretend) joined TQC. Would this change how you answer questions at all? If so, how?

3. Would it be different if it were your older sibling (again, pretend if you don't have one)?

4. Which of your icons is your most recently uploaded? What is it of (if that's not self-explanatory)?

5. If you had to give one up for life, would you rather give up butter (and all substitutes like margarine) or cheese?

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At what age does it become silly to refer to a female person as a girl? a male person as a boy?
(Someone asked me if I was with 'that girl over there' when I was shopping with my mom. Weirdness. My 40 and then some mother is not a girl.)

What is the first thing you notice about a person when meeting them for the first time?

What was the best present you ever received? Worst?

If you could go back and relive any part of your life, would you do it? If so, which part?

If they made light up shoes in adult sizes would you buy them? Cartoon character shoes? squeaky shoes?

What one thing describes your sense of humor best?
Link it here. A video, a comic, a joke, a story. Something.
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1) Who, if anyone, would you sacrifice your own life for? I'm talking "Don't shoot this person in the head, shoot me instead."

2) Red potatoes or white potatoes?

3) Kid Rock vs. Tommy Lee in the ring: who would win?

Haruhi disappearance

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1) Will you post a fall picture you or someone you know has taken?

2) Will you show me a picture of your teeth? As much of your teeth as you can show! If you have had braces, pls post before and after shots :D

3) Have you ever taken any photos of a natural disaster/severe weather incident? Please share if you do.

4) Will you post a photo of yourself dancing?

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If you're shy, and haven't had many girlfriends/boyfriends before, and you like someone who you're friends with... how do you personally express that liking? (or, how do shy people you know express it?) Voluntarily or involuntarily/subconciously.

edit: and I didn't mean telling them that you like them, I meant the ... partially involuntary behaviour that shows that you like them.
And not advice for what I should be doing, I'm asking what things you do, as a shy person. Or things your shy friends do. 
i say, old bean

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do you get bed head? if so, will you show me a picture so i can point and laugh at you?

would it make you feel better if i posted one so that YOU could point and laugh at me? edit and ofcourse it does so, follow Collapse )
if you don't get bed head, will you show me your hair looking the best it ever has?

and because i'm hoping your answers have changed since the last time i asked this:
what would you do for a klondike bar?
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1. Have you seen that new show on HBO, "Tell Me You Love Me"? Thoughts?

2. What's your favorite Imogen Heap song?

3. What are you drinking right now? Or what was the last thing you drank?

4. Anybody else have a cold right now?

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1. do you know what a progressive dinner is without looking it up?

2. have you ever been involved in one, either as a host or a guest?

3. would you ever host a course for such an event? what would you serve?

edit: it's a dinner where every course is served at a different person's house. so the guests are basically a traveling group of hungry people.
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Who, if any, was your favortite Beatle?
Who do you think will be the last Beatle standing, Paul or Ringo?

-I <3 George. Mellow man with a sitar.
-I have a feeling Ringo will be the last to die.
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1) What was the last movie you watched?

2) The last thing you said aloud?

3) The last meeting you went to?

4) What tutorial would you suggest for someone who's never made icons before? Or program?

5) What has been great and lame about your day today?
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south park

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Have you ever had a job that had "Warm-ups" and "Cool-Downs" ("warm-ups" meaning they spend a few minutes telling you what you're going to do, and "cool-downs" where they spend a few minutes at the end of work where they recap and tell you what you did that day)?  Does anyone think that's weird?

You know that person at work/school who you want to avoid at all costs? Care to describe that person?

Is there anything weird about your school/workplace that you don't typically find at other places?


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I'm home sick and watching movies to pass the time. I don't have much of an attention span because I don't feel well and just kind of want to sleep.

So far I'm about 1/2 way through 'Soylent Green' and am not sure I'll make it to the end.

Tell me TQC, what should I watch next?

Also, in honor of the oh so appetizing movie I'm watching, what spice or seasoning is your favorite?

easy recipes?

I've been invited to an invitation-only potluck dinner/meet-and-greet. The people there are my potential bosses/coworkers and I want to make a good impression. I need some recipes that are easy to make but will look at least somewhat impressive (I'm not that good at cooking and I have no idea how many people will be there). Any suggestions for recipes?

It's Jilicious, bitch

How do feel about someone who uses the correct spelling but not the correct puncutation? A la "youre such a bitch" and not "you're such a bitch."

Hey, it is not "your such a bitch" so at least they're showing some effort. It's okay.
Now it's just an E away from the possessive. Lame.
What the fuck? Did they break their right pinkie or ring finger? It angers me, perhaps irrationally but all the same, they are lazy fuckers.
Ummmm, you do not spell your with an e, kthxbye.
I think it shows a certain creative flair in their typing style.

Hey ladies, and those boys in the know: I am getting married in FORTY FIVE days and I want absolutely flawless makeup. What foundation and powder do you recommend? Any experience with the spray on foundation?

Which notoriously foul smell do you actually like?

Permanent marker
Catfish bait
Nailpolish remover
Ammonia (not necessarily full strength but if you dig it, then damn)
Flea collars
Old fashioned bug spray
Burnt hair
Gas, as in a gas leak with that rotten egg odor that's added to it
Cat pee
Burnt rubber
Your own B.O. (I do not want to hear "but I smell GREAT" because if you do, then it's not a foul smell. Only if you stink, and happen to like it, should you click this option)

Do you actually like Brussels sprouts?

The very idea makes me vomit.
The very idea makes me salivate with desire
I am okay with them.
I have never had them.

Where are you atm?

In class, lol
Sitting around at home.
At a wi-fi location that is not my house.
OTHER, and I am going to TELL you about it.

Which of these is more bearable?

Back ache
Stomach ache


From behind
Standing up
Girl on top. Or boy on top of boy if the case may be. Or girl on top of girl, in which case, EVERYONE will click this.


I'm looking to invest in a pair of knee-high boots for the fall season. Probably a black and brown pair. Even after a few weeks of looking I cannot choose. There are way too many options.

So, tqc, my question is will you link me to your favorite pair of boots? Either boots you want or ones you already have.

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In a fit of mocking the online chatspeak, my boyfriend and I started a list of all these things: lollerskates, roflcopter, etc. What other ones do you know? And how do you pronounce lmaonade?

These are what I know:

I know there's got to be a lot more out there, since I've been out of the internet loop for 6 months.

(no subject)

I got hit in my eye really hard yesterday and I'm spectacularly disappointed at the failure of a bruise to materialize.

So let me live vicariously. Tell me about your battle scars past and present.
love flower

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So yesterday was just one of those days. I started a load of delicate laundry, and went back to my room. Apparently my Mom (who lives with me) decided that since it was such a small load, it was OK for her to toss her brand new red top in with it and restart the laundry. On a normal cycle in warm water. Then dry it on high heat. I did not know this until she told me she had finished my laundry for me and I went to fold it. And discovered that all my delicate little lace panties and stockings are now hot pink (but otherwise fine). So nothing that got dyed can be bleached. I know they sell products that will remove colors that have bled into colored fabric. But I don't know if they work.

Have you ever tried one?
If so, did it work for you? And if it worked, what brand was it?

On a related note ...
Is there someone in your life that thinks they always know better than you? Who is it? Do they refuse to admit it when they're wrong? How do you deal with it?

On an unrelated note ...
Is there a song that makes you sad when you hear it? A song that's not supposed to be sad.
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1) How old were you when you first started using the internets regularly?

2) Were you slightly disappointed when you first realized that, contrary to popular belief, not all internet nerds are fat, socially inept people?

3) How many hours a day do you spend online?

4) Do you ever look at other people's outfits and feel like your clothes are incredibly dull by comparison?

5) Fairly often on my left calf, I get a really dark bruise. It seems to come around the same area every time. Dr LJ, is this a symptom of something?

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I've acquired a bit of money from my school. What should I do with it?
(Being a poor jobless college student doesn't allot me any spending money. This is a rare occurrence!)

What would your utterly useless super power be? I've given this a lot of thought for a while now.

Whats your favorite sushi?

Why is that every time I think of a really aweesome TCQ question I always forget it it?

What is your midichlorian count?

(no subject)

Is it raining where you are today? It is in Irving/Dallas.

If you live in an apartment, how many square feet do you have? This one I'm staying in till 10/26 is 800 sq ft.

Maybe perhaps you might leave a comment just to put something random in my inbox (again)?

Worth it?

I am trying to find this extremely rare DVD that could possibly figure into my thesis. The original language is, I believe, Faroese. The only place I can find it is on and it appears that the audio is dubbed into Dutch; however, there are English subtitles.

I'm kind of a picky film person and generally dislike dubbed films. Considering, though, that this may be my only option and that I wouldn't understand the original language anyway, do you think I should buy it, or just forget about using it as a source, which would probably not take up a substantial amount of my thesis?

It's 17 pounds. :(

What would you do?

(and I can play region 2 on my computer so that's not a big deal)
pink trees

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1. I ordered a book from amazon, but I checked the post office's web site and it said this:
We attempted to deliver your item at 11:30 AM on August 31, 2007 in (my town)and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender.
Does this mean that they will automatically try to resend it to me? I never got a notice about it in the first place though...?

2. We're having the first meeting of the school year tomorrow for creative writing club. What is something fun we can do involving creativity and words? We are going to go around and same names and stuff but after that I'm at a loss.(usually at meetings we will read stuff we've written but I doubt people will being things to read tomorrow.)

(no subject)

1] In Tim Burtons 'Big Fish', allegedly the scene before the siamese-twins perform, the puppet / puppet master is saying something too rude in Vietnamese(?) to have written in subtitles. What is it?

2] Your mother and father divorced 4 years ago. You have something in the house which you and your father made together, which could be left or could be taken. You are moving house with your mothers new partner. Do you take the item for sentimental value, or leave it and potential unhappy memories?

(no subject)

1. I've been calling in sick to my McJob coz it's dirty and it makes me want to slit my wrists. I've used the time to look for new employment. Today my supervisor left me a voicemail asking if something is wrong and that "they would be willing to work with me" if I came back. Should I take her up on the offer or tell her to fuck off? (I know you really need more details than that to make an informed decision. Be creative. Fill in the blanks.)

2. How do I make an iced (or frozen) coffee like Starbucks and it not taste like ass?

3. When was the last time you had to bathe someone? I gave my dog a bath last night. WOW. The CEILING got wet, even. She's not a strange off-white anymore though, and that's good.

4. Do you have a preferred format for questions on TQC? Do you like them numbered? Bulleted? Freestyle? Should people answer their own questions under a cut? Should they include their answers with their question and use that horrible tiny font? Parenthesis? Brackets? Italics? TELL ME.
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If you had one week in South Korea, where would you go? What would you do?

If you had one week in Japan, where would you go? What would you do?

If you had one week in China, where would you go (other than Beijing, where I have already been)? What would you do?

I like all kinds of things, I like cities, I love beautiful natural scenery, love unique cultural experiences, throw anything out there.

(no subject)

1. What kind of cell phone do you have? (Pics if you're not lazy.)

2. What was your last text message?

3. I have a really, really big test on my birthday this month in my Psych class. D'you think my professor would get pissed if I jokingly asked to skip it?

4. Who's coming to my birthday party?

5. I've decided I'm going by myself on that vacation I mentioned a billion posts ago. But instead of going to Orlando, I might go to Tampa. I know my way around Tampa better, and Tampa has beaches. Orlando would be interesting to explore and if I get too too lost I can always just get back on the interstate and go home. Tampa or Orlando, everyone?

6. Anyone here in Central Florida wanna meet up and go to a Tori Amos concert with me? :D

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i can't decide what i want to be for Halloween. it's between Vince Noir from the first season of The Mighty Boosh when they worked at the zoo and Eli Cash from The Royal Tenenbaums when he shows up to Ethel's wedding high with crazy face paint and a cowboy hat.

i'll have someone to help with the paint, so i won't just be attacking my face with brushes hoping it'll turn out alright.

i'm a torn 'cause i think both costumes would be excruciatingly awesome.

also, i'm a girl with brown hair if that sways your decision at all.
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1. I lent my sweatshirt to one of my coworkers. I washed and dried it after she returned it, and today I noticed there were oil stains all over it. Is there any way to get them out now?

2. How do you re-charge when you're feeling burnt-out? Just tired of your routine and feeling stressed/frustrated.

3. How often do you buy new clothes?

4. Should I do my homework, work on my research paper, read Preacher, or just keep cruising the internets?

I don't want to study...

Today I have discovered that I can access a wireless network from my work place. Yay!

Anyway... I had planned on studying this evening instead of goofing around online.

I have 3 tests tomorrow. The classes are records management, spreadsheet design, and operating systems. Yeah.. I totally don't want to study.

What can I do to get in the mood to study?

Online study of spiritual beliefs and experiences

This is not intended as spam - apologies if this is inappropriate to the community!

Hi all! If you enjoy filling out questionnaires, please consider taking part in a study of paranormal, religious, and spiritual experiences, being carried out online on behalf of the Experimental Psychology department at the University of Bristol, UK.

If you have had at least one paranormal/supernatural, religious, or spiritual experience (no matter how small) in your life, and you are over 16, you are eligible to take part. You don't necessarily have to be spiritual or religious, just to have had an experience that science can't explain!

The study involves filling in questionnaires at your leisure online, and takes about 30 minutes in total. The study is *completely anonymous*. Not even your email address is required! If you take part, *please* complete a consent form and *all three* questionnaire forms (so four in total, see links below for more info) and answer all the questions.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, which is fully endorsed by the University of Bristol's Ethics in Human Research Committee, please click one of the following links:

Go straight to the study
More information at the study's LJ community, belief_study
Contact the researcher at
the hares turn hunters

(no subject)

I saw a musical group featured in Borders last week. They were a British girl group who perform in the style of the Andrews Sisters or other 40's singers. I've heard of them before so I assume they are somewhat popular. Does anyone know who I'm talking about? I'd like to listen to some of their music.

Cigarettes - Where to find?

I'm looking for the brand I discovered in Europe last year - France, specifically. I found it on tons of UK and European websites, but nothing yet that will ship to the US.

Anyone know where I can get Fine 120 Menthol cigarettes, either online, or in the SF Bay Area? I'm in San Mateo, but I can travel to get them.


(no subject)

1. Do you guys know where I could buy any of those small, handheld tape recorders ? ( for taking oral notes and stuff)

2. If you watch Made, which episode is your favorite?

3. If you watched any of the past ANTM seasons (they keep having marathons) who was your favorite model?

(no subject)

Poll #1053351 The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.

If terrorists kidnapped President Bush and held him for ransom in return for the release of certain prisoners, do you think the US would negotiate with the terrorists?


fullhearts showed me her lovely video of a couple of turtles getting their freak on. Ladies, if you were having sex with a dude and he kept saying "" with every thrust just like that turtle, what would you do?
「stock」★ your aura captivates me。

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Are there any stores that sell separable rings? (That is, a ring that can be worn as one whole ring or that can be split due to its design into two separate rings that can still be worn comfortably.) I'd prefer if it weren't too expensive and with something that doesn't tarnish too easily. Also, as a location reference, I live in Southern California, about 20-30 minutes away from Ontario Mills.

Thanks in advance! If you know an online store that has fast shipping and a decent selection, that would be great, too.

- hl

Broken promise

1. How would you feel if a close friend of yours broke a promise she/he had made to you?

2. Would you forgive him/her knowing this was a very important promise to you? Why or why not?
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fan ficiton question

ok, so I read like 2 stories of G.I. JANE fan fiction and it seems that, in all the google world....that's it! and I'm **pulling out hair** NOOO! haha joking... but yeah, I am trying to find more G.I. JANE fan fiction around the 'net.

Anyone know where I can find any?

Already read the one on brego and kaylinne. Please don't tell me that's it!! They have viggo fan fic for every other movie he's made, I'm quite sure, why is it so hard to find for G.I. JANE...?? :'(

any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated....
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epic shit

(no subject)

ETA: Found! Thanks.

I really like the band Great Big Sea and back when I first started looking for music by them on Kazaa (quite a few years ago now) I found this one song that I loved and haven't been able to find since (I'm beginning to doubt it was actually by them, even though it said it was). It was one of the slower songs and not by the lead singer if I remembered correctly. Also, I believe it was on one of their earlier albums and about fishing in Newfoundland. It was a bit political in nature and talked about the good old days of being able to fish and now that's being taken away from them. It was a bit of a ballad song, saying that you can take the fish away, but not the sea.

I have every single album of theirs and have been trying to find this one song for ages and it's just not turning up. I swear it's Great Big Sea even though I can't find it. If anyone knows the name of the song and if it is or isn't by Great Big Sea, I would be very grateful for your knowledge.
Haruhi disappearance

(no subject)

I need to use the bathroom but my boyfriend threw up in the toilet earlier and now I'm all grossed out & don't wanna sit on the pot and have been avoiding it all afternoon. I'm a really awful emetophobe and for some reason I think it's gonna get on me (It's all gone) or that I'm gonna catch it(his nurse-aunt thinks he has a gallbladder infection & thats why he's sick).

Is this completely irrational behavior?

Do you have any irrational behaviors? What are they?
years go by


How many times a week would all you yoga people out there generally recommend going to yoga classes? I know it depends on the person to a point, but I'm sure there must be a ballpark range.
Give a dog a home

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Have you ever stayed in a hostel? I'm going to NYC just for one night and after my last experience, I've decided that I'm going to just pay for a place to stay rather than stay with someone who lives outside of Manhattan.

I was looking at this place, which is a room with three bunk beds. Are rooms like that usually completely full? What if they put my delicate flower female self in a room with five men?

Should I cough up the extra $40 to stay in a single room hotel with a shared bath instead?

If you live in New York, can I come stay with you? I'll bring you cookies.

(no subject)

sorry about the myspace statement.. someone had been asking yoga questions, and I posted that to the wrong community. So, do your parents have myspaces? I've found out that both of mine do!

(no subject)

How do you like to give a gift to someone? Meaning, do you usually just hand it over and say something like "Happy Birthday!/other reason for gift/Here's your gift!" or have them purposely find it somewhere you hid it, or something else?

(no subject)

I've got $50 for and I don't know what to buy!

I'm looking for clothes, a watch, or shoes, but have not yet found anything I'm really in love with.

If you were/are a college-aged chick, what would you get on

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If someone you were casually dating told you they had herpes, how would this affect your future relationship?


Goodbye everyone, I feel that alot of you miss the point of this community. After the last few weeks or so of posts (and the often aggressively and needlessly snarky comment storm that accompanies several of them), I feel that I must leave this community. Be happy with your commuinty of bitches, since you are the queen of them. this community would be much better if you didnt jump down every persons throat on almost every damn post.

What's your flounce?

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1. Would you be able to stay friends with someone who often tried to convert you to their religion? They don't say that you're going to hell for not converting, but rather just try to "inform" you in a sweet manner to convince you as to why it's so great, and other than that you enjoy their company.

2. If your employer saw everything you did at work, what grade would he or she give you? A, B, C, D, or F?
Bella / Alone in Woods

Which came first, the music or the misery?

Anyone looking for an icon maker?
I'm up for requests.

Be specific as I can't read minds.

& so I'm following rules here I have another question:

What's the best way to cure a migraine when you have no access to aspirin or a store?
I've tried about everything & my head is still pounding.
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Have you ever been an exchange student through National Student Exchange (  How was it?  What college did you come from?  Where did you go?  What was your experience like?  Would you recommend it?  Any other information you'd like to tell me, because I'm thinking of doing it.

Electric bill...

How likely is it that the electric company got my bill wrong?

I just signed up for an online account so I can monitor my bill and see what rebate I will be getting in a few weeks.

I saw my current bill and the amount was almost $300!!

The statement said that from 8/6 to 9/6 we used almost 500 Kwh more than the previous month.

The thing is, we haven't been home that much in the last few weeks. I've been busy with work, school, and helping friends with wedding prep. When I'm not home, my husband and son go to my in-laws' house. We set the air conditioner to almost 80 degrees so it will kick on less often. We even quit using the extra fans in the house. Nothing is left on when we leave.

It just doesn't make sense that using less is costing us more.

I already sent an e-mail to customer service. But seriously, could they have read the wrong meter?

Oh, and the gas charge went up too. The only thing in the house that uses gas is the furnace..and we sure as hell haven't been using that.
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Question for dog owners.

Do you think it is acceptable to grab a dog around the muzzle?  Can this be a playful gesture or should it be reserved as a punishment?

Somebody I know was playing with their dog by grabbing her by the muzzle and shaking her around.  They weren't angry or shouting but the dog was squeaking loudly and trying to wriggle away.  I asked them to stop as it seemed cruel, but they refused, arguing that rough play was natural in dogs and that she would be enjoying herself.  Sorry if this post is deserving of the Loaded Question Award of 2007, I am interested in arguments from both sides.

Baby, you've been on my mind

1. Do you make wishes on 11:11, or at a similar time?

2. Which celebs, one male, one female, do you think will have nekked pix leak next?
2a. Who would you want to have leak?

3. Do you think white nail polish looks like tacky, like it was painted with white-out?

4. Referring to the VMAs What the hell is up Kanye West's ass?
4a. Is he justified for his whining?

5. Are you too indie to listen to the radio?

6. Tell me what's on your mind. What are you thinking about right now? (not related to this post)
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1) Anyone else starting uni this month?
1a) What am I likely to forget to take to Halls with me Sunday?
1b) Were you scared terrified the week before you started university? It's normal, right?
1c) Any tips for a soon-to-be first year?

2) Tomorrow I will be buying a laptop. I've seen one I like, but before I get it - is there a particular laptop brand that you would definitely NOT reccommend?


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When you walk, do you walk with your head up or down? Why? When you see someone looking at the ground when they walk, do you think they have low self esteem?

I walk staring at the ground, partly because I'm not comfortable looking people in the eye and partly because if I don't, I'll trip over a tree root or a rock or a crack in the sidewalk or my own feet.

For all online gamers:

MY husband used to play an online game called Anarchy Online. However he has played it for almost five years and it has gotten boring.

Besides WoW, what are some good online games you would reccomend with an only decent computer?

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Have you ever known someone who just keeps giving you the SAME things/gifts over & over. you HATE this 'gift' but you don't have the heart to tell them? What is the gift? How do you break it to them gently to just stop?

for example.. my best friend's mom makes me this cream cheese pie type of thing for my birthday and christmas.. every.single.year. she told me she's going to make me another one and to come pick it up this week. the problem is that the pie is fucking DISGUSTING. way too tart. and she adds canned cherries (the kind in the thick syrup) on top of it. ugh. vomit. she thinks that because I really like cheesecake that I'll enjoy her special pie. I appreciate her making it for me, and I don't want to hurt her feelings. I know it'd upset her if I was just like "hey.. that cream cheese pie? makes me wanna puke. stop baking it". I don't want to pretend to like it anymore & just end up throwing it away, thus making it a complete waste of her time. so.. advice plz.

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If you had a skill/attribute* that you did not consider sexual in any way, but you knew there were people on the internet who thought it was sexual, and were willing to pay money to have sound recordings (no pictures) of you displaying this skill, would you take the money, and make the recordings?

This question is about 75% hypothetical.

ETA:*Like... Sneezing.

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Do any of the tooth-whitening strips/kits work? What about just using whitening toothpaste and a whitening mouthwash?

I'm really leery of that shit because supposedly it fucks up your enamel. I'd go to a dentist to get mine done professionally but honestly, I'd rather go to the gyno.
Science! It works.

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Un cadeau, if you will.
Baby Got Back, in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan. If I were the littlest bit incontinent, there might have been problems.


1. If you feel physically crappy this time of year -- let's say: stuffy/drainage, sore throat & intermittent cough that may or may not be related to drainage, headache, pressure, blah -- would YOU assume it's seasonal allergies, or a cold?

I did this to my older brother the other the other day, and I guess I'm mean. (His answer was "uhh.. nope, just Pavarotti.")
2. Without looking anything up, how many [and which] opera singers can name off the top of your head, other than Pavarotti?

3. If you have a bunch of clothing in good condition that no longer fits you, what's your general course of action? Box it in the closet, eBay, consignment shop, give friends/family first dibs then donate to Goodwill or similar, other? If you still really like a piece, get it tailored? Tell me all!

No lie, TQC, I am not friendly to insects that encroach upon my living/working space. They are not allowed to be where I am. I don't mess with any bugs outside, but nor am I one of those individuals who gently ushers Our Six- and Eight-Legged Friends out the door (unless they are giant and scary, and then I make someone else take them outside).
But me, I show no mercy. Especially not if they show up, say, in my shower, or on the floor of the chocolate shop where I work.
4. So how do you deal with unwanted insect/arachnid visitors, TQC?
EDIT: 4b. If you kill them, method? I swear I'm not that morbid, but we all have our ways of meting out swift justice.
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Oww! My teef!

Two weeks ago I started getting pain in my jaw/teeth on the right side, particuarly after eating/drinking very hot/very cold foods and numbness when I ate.

I trundled off to the dentist who poked around a bit, took an xray of a few teeth and decided I had a small cavity in the top tooth and did a filling. He tells me to use sensodyne for the sensitivity and since I just had Colgate sensitive toothpaste on hand I figured I would use that. A week later the top tooth/jaw is fine, but the bottom half I'm still getting intense pain whenever I eat or drink hot or cold foods. I've only ever had 1 filling before so I don't this pain normal? Are my teeth just sensitive from the cavity/filling? Could I have a cavity there too? Surely that would have been picked up by the x-ray and the associated probing? The tooth it seems to be directed at is one over from the tooth with the filling (and on the bottom). 

I would just go back to the dentist, but it's a 3 hour round trip (I don't drive) and the dentist is a close personal friend of my parents so I don't want to accuse him of being incompetant, but I'm going on holiday for 6 weeks in less than 2 weeks and don't want to have to have a tooth yanked or something extreme in some non-English speaking country. 

Should I brush with my newly purchased sensadyne for a few days and see how it goes and if there is no improvement head back to the dentist or go now or wait?