September 9th, 2007

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Bidet Shower

While I spent a week visiting friends, I noticed that one of them would never wipe herself after having a bowel movement. She'd cleanse her bottom by using the shower head hose like a Water Pick/bidet and wash feces from her ass. This grossed me out since I was staying with her and when I called her on it, she claimed that washing instead of wiping soothes her asshole and prevents hemorrhoids.

I think that's a load of bull. But is it true that bidet cleansing prevents or decreases hemorrhoid occurrences?
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Joys of APEC...

Why was it necessary after what was widely reported as a peaceful protest, in a place where the police had agreed that the protest could take, for the police to then go through the crowd arresting the organizers?
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m4v to mp3 - best program?

I downloaded several videos from iTunes to use on my MP3 player, which is a Creative Zen, which also plays videos. But alas they are in m4v format, which I did not realize, and which does not seem to play on my Zen.

Can anybody recommend a good program to convert m4v -> mp3 or whatever would allow it to be viewed on a Windows-based viewing platform (wva?), or, alternatively, does anybody know if it's possible to install something onto a Creative MP3 player that will play m4v files?

Thanks ~

(no subject)

1. Has anybody seen Shoot 'Em Up? Is it enjoyable/should I see it tomorrow?
2. What is the least amount of time you've spent reading an entire book? Not a picture book or a baby book or anything like that.
3. What are your thoughts on college students dating high school students (more specifically, a high school senior and a junior in college)?
4. Do you like eating cookies with milk? I have a bunch of cookies and I don't know if I should or not, because sometimes the milk takes away from the magical taste of the snickerdoodle.
5. Do you think that Madeleine McCann's parents actually responsible for her dissappearance? I think they are obviously extremely careless, but I don't think they actually killed her. I know that there was blood found in their car, but couldn't it have been from before she went missing? (I might just be missing something here, though.)
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(no subject)

TQC, do you consider Playboy pornographic? Why or why not?

Personally, I consider it risque, but not pornographic, because I've never seen anything explicit in any issue, just nudity.
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(no subject)

1. Do you brush your teeth before going to bed?

2. What toothpaste are you using now?

3. Do you floss?

4. When you take a shower do you use one towel and hang it up to dry so you can use it for your next shower, or do you throw it in the laundry basket and use a new towel for your next shower?

5. If you've had a baby before, who was in the delivery room with you when your baby was born? (Besides the doctors, of course.)
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(no subject)

1.  What is your all-time favorite show that you just can't miss?
House, M.D.

2.  What's a good movie that you've seen recently?
SuperBad, Rush Hour 3, and Balls of Fury

3.  What's a strange phrase that you use a lot?
''Hellzz yeah, biznatch'

4.  What color are the shoes you wore today?

5.  What is something you always carry with you?
Cigarettes orrr MP3 player.

6.  Piercings/Tattoos?
7 piercings.

Favorite color?

8. Where/Who do you spend the majority of your time at/with?
At my house or around town with my bf, Boo.

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so for those of you that have seen the "leaked" episodes of season three, what are your opinions/thoughts? what the hell happened with andy and that other soldier?
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(no subject)

What sound bothers you more than anything else? Why does it upset you so?

The sound of the Emergency Broadcast System makes me cry. It scares the everloving shit out of me. I've never had it go off for real for anything other than weather...but it scares me just the same. I'm talking, throw my hands over my ears and hum loudly until it's over kinda scared.

I think part of it is imagining it going off for real, like as an airstrike warning or something, not knowing how much time you have to prepare/evacuate, all other forms of communication down except for that crackling, obsolete sound, followed by a muffled voice that may or may not be able to inform you on what is going on and what to do about it. *shudders*

(no subject)

1. I'm a junior in college and most of my friends are people I met during my freshman year during orientation, and so we were more or less forced to socialize. And...I suppose that we were all a bit desperate for friends, being freshman and all. I'd like to branch out a bit. My question is: how do you go from acquaintance to friend when it comes to random people in your classes?

2. For those of you who have graduated, do you keep in touch with people you met in college?

3. Girls, how do you ask a guy out?

4. Did you meet your SO in college?
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Vote for who gets a tax-deductable (free money) donation

So who should get some ching? I'm going to do it on Monday and have no strong feelings either way.

The choices include:

EarthShare of Washington (coalition of 66 huge environmental like Sierra Club, etc):

Emergency housing for homeless women (YWCA):

South King Cty Habitat for Humanity:

Public TV:

Ballard Goodwill Store:

Poll #1052437 Best (of the following) local charities

Who should get some tax deductable loot?

EarthShare of Washington
Emergency housing for homeless women (YWCA)
South King Cty Habitat for Humanity
Public TV
Ballard Goodwill Store

(no subject)

My friend and I have just agreed to stop being friends. So, now... I need a movie to cry to... a GIRL movie... any ideas?

What version of Hamlet did you like?

Which one of Danielle Steel's movies did you like?

Languages anyone?

Hey this is my first post here.

I'm attempting to learn another language and I need to answer two questions first...

1.Which language?
2.How to go about it?

My list of languages I want to learn is:

I probably want to start with either French or German but maybe Spanish.
So which one seems best to start with?

Also I'd like any suggestions about how to go about learning one of these languages.
So anyone?
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(no subject)

Have you ever volunteered abroad with an association like United Planet or BUNAC? (Which one and where did you go?)

How was it?

Is the fee worth it for what you get from the association or is it better to just plan a trip on your own?


Have you ever visited Morocco or Bahrain?

Tell me about it.


what does Casamento mean in spanish? Or does it mean anything?

I thought it meant apartment block but my spanish language skills are el sucko.


EDITED : thanks for all the responses! :)

En espanol - it means nothing, in Portuguese it's a beautiful thing.. marriage.
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(no subject)

1. Would you have casual sex (FWB or a one night stand) with someone you're not physically attracted to (assuming you're completely sober and assuming you would have casual sex)?

2. Would you be in a relationship with someone you're not physically attracted to?

3. Some people have said that they feel like people are joking when someone asks them out or compliments them because of the way they were treated in middle school or high school. No one ever treated me badly or asked me out as a joke but I still always feel like people are playing a big joke when they compliment me (on my appearence or something else) or ask me out. Does anyone else ever feel this way? How do I STOP thinking that?

4. When and where will your next vacation be?

5. Do you usually save up for vacations or do you put them on a credit card (or something else)?

(no subject)

1. What are some good things to eat and drink to make one's throat less phlegmy?

Due to a series of uninteresting events, I only got back to school this Friday, and it turns out that the auditions for our production of Chicago are on Monday. Doesn't leave me with much time to prepare, and I naturally have sinus problems. I've heard a lot of things from other people, some sensible (no milk or dairy products) and some bizarre (blue gatorade is good, but orange is bad...?), so I figured that a bunch of strangers on the Internet might know more than my fellow students do.

2. Every year, my Unitarian Universalist church reconvenes after a summer break and starts off the year with a Water Ceremony, in which church members bring water from (or tap water pretending to be from) somewhere they've visited or somewhere that's special to them. The water is poured into a vase and mixes with water from past years.

Say that you were required, for whatever reason, to participate. Where would your water be from (or "symbolically" from)?

(no subject)

Has anyone else seen these recent commercials prompting parents to discuss sex with their kids, telling parents that they should tell their kids to wait until marriage?

If you have kids now (or if you ever do), will you tell them to wait until marriage?

Collapse )
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(no subject)

Your are single and enjoy your singlehood. You meet 2 people of your choice. Attractiveness is not an issue as they are equal. You tell both of them that you are not looking for a relationship. You just want to take one day at a time. It's been a loooong time since you last got the nooki.

A has insecurity issues that comes out with jealousy and plays the head games. Knowing you don't want a relationship, they are still willing to have the sex. They even agree to a FWB setup.

B has a confident personality and you have some common interests. They don't play the head games but they want a relationship and won't have the sex until both of you are in the same place relationship wise. They are willing to be just friends until you're ready to move to the next level.

Would you pursue either?

(no subject)

 Do you exercise regularly?

Gym membership, sport, or at home?
all three

What's your favorite part of your body to exercise?
my stomach, at the moment.

Where's your favorite place to take pictures?
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Scary TV Show ?s

1) Did you know that all 40 episodes of the TV show Goosebumps is coming to Cartoon Network on October 20th?

2) If you've watched both, what do you think was/is the better show: Are You Afraid of the Dark or Goosebumps?

3) Did you ever watch the TV show American Gothic?

4) What's your favorite scary TV show?
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(no subject)

~*~HoNeStLy~*~ lololol

How often do you...
1. Brush your teeth?
2. Floss?
3. Use mouthwash?

I brush my teeth morning and night, try to use mouthwash at least once a day, and carry around floss me for when I have food in my teeth while in public, but I hardly ever do it regularly.
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(no subject)

1. I have some cans of Progresso soup, pepperoni, cheese, PB&J, bread, popcorn, chips, rice cakes, canned white chicken, white rice and condiments. How can I shake this up to make a more unique combination than soup and a sandwich, chicken salad, or something like that?

2. Which celebrity do you wish you looked like based on their face? Their body?

3. Coke Zero or Diet Coke?

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O rly?

Can anyone give me a not rly owl? I googled, but all I can find is this guy:

I just got me a wig (because turquoise hair doesn't go down too well with real estate agents I imagine), any wig care/putting on tips?

Did you hear about the chasers prank on APEC? (They got in to the secure area pretending to be part of the Canadian convoy, one of them dressed as Osama Bin Laden). Funny, or hilarious?
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(no subject)

what should i do for my birthday? i'm 23.

election 2008- who should i vote for?

whats worse:
voting uninformed(or not as much as i should be) or not voting at all?
what do you think of people that don't vote?

Do your kids wear babylegs?
what do you think of people using cloth diapers for their kids? or women using cloth pads? Gross, awesome, other?

where should i go or what should i eat for my birthday dinner?
what did you do on YOUR birthday?

im broke but got birthday money, do i use 100% of it on bills or use a smidge of it to splurge on myself?
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help an unexperienced rube, please? sorry if it's tl;dr

my friend and i are going on an excellent vacation here in about ten days. we're travelling for a total of twelve days. i'm compiling lists of things i need to bring with me, etc, that's all handled.

now i'm thinking about clothes. we're going to be spending six days of this vacation in new york city. two of those evening's activities have us attending broadway plays - namely Wicked and Avenue Q.

i want to dress comfortably for the whole trip - but i also want to dress appropriately.

how dressy do we need to be to attend these shows comfortably but appropriately?
is it allright if i wear a simple skirt and nice shirt, or can i get away with slacks and a nice shirt? or is that overdressed? underdressed?

can someone who's been tell me what the norm is? this is my first trip to NYC.

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Eating, fighting and fucking Disney

You have to have sex with one of these Disney characters. Which one?

Maid Marion
Robin Hood
Ariel (mermaid form)
Captain Hook
Grumpy and Bashful (shorty threesome)

Your plane crashes in the Andes and you have to eat one of these characters to stay alive. Which one?

Jimminy Cricket
The Genie
The entire cast of A Bug's Life
Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.)
Lady and the Tramp

It's Fight Club, and you have to fight. Who would you like to punch in the face?

Snow White
Dalmations #4,6, and 92
Peter Pan
Brer Fox
Queen of Hearts
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  1. Have you seen Playing By Heart? If yes, what did you think of it?

  2. Have you ever made sushi? How did it turn out?

  3. What program do you use to burn movie DVDs if you do?

  4. What was the last thing someone gave you for no reason?

  5. What mobile phone do you have? Pics please.


(no subject)

Would you (or do you) let your child wear whatever they wanted in public, regardless of how ridiculous or extravagant or "not normal" it may be?

I was at a picnic today and this woman was complaining that her (probably 6 year old) daughter wore her pirate outfit, and that she wore it yesterday and she just will not let go of it, and she keeps trying to make her not wear it but just gave up. Why is it such a big deal? The girl was really cute in her pirate look. :P

eta: I'm talking about young children, not your teenagers wearing bras and thongs to school with nothing else. And I'm talking about young children wearing extravagant clothes, not young children wearing bras and thongs to school with nothing else.
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Can anyone tell me if is a legit site?
I was thinking of downloading Macromedia Flash, but as I have never heard of before today and know nothing about shareware, is this version of Macromedia Flash genuinely shareware? For license details it says:
'License: Shareware; $499.00'
What does that actually mean? Are you expected to pay Adobe $499, is this optional, or what?

Thank you so much for any shareware education you can offer me!

(no subject)

Have you heard of any cases of F/F rape?

Do you think the authorities take F/F rape as seriously as M/F rape?

Which do you think is taken more seriously, F/F rape or M/M rape?

(no subject)

1. How do YOU pronounce Cthulhu?

2. Is there a way to test items for lead? I have this awesome coffee cup that my stepsister made for me, but a lot of ceramic paints have high lead levels and we don't know what paint she used.

3. Do you have a weird photo--the type where the angle was wrong or someone blinked or whatever--that you still like anyway? Will you post it? // Collapse )

(no subject)

What movie could you watch over and over?

What t.v. show do you totally veg out on?

Is there a movie or show from another country that you love?

What actor or actress from another country are you a fan of?

Have you ever seen a movie or play in another country?

Have you ever meet a famous person? 
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(no subject)

1. how do you comfort someone who is feeling like an absolute failure(and has a legit reason, or at least something that's understandable, not like, "omg i got an A- on my paper, i'm such a failure! i'm going to die penniless in a gutter!")?

2. what's your musical guilty pleasure that you really want to see live?

mine is Drake Bell. i want him to tour so i can hide in the back and enjoy his bad songs and total hotness.
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(no subject)

So during Thursday night out with the girls, after a few beers ... Dumb ass that I am, I managed to turn my head while making a gesture with my hand and smacked myself in the face. In the process, I left a gash in my chin from my thumbnail. It's since crusted over into a half inch wound that you cannot help but notice. Friday morning, I dropped something that rolled under the bed, and in my hungover state, I didn't notice the fairly large curious German Shepherd puppy perched on the edge of the bed. She jumped down to see what I was fishing out from under said bed, with her back feet coming down on my forehead, leaving a lovely lump that has since settled into a bruise that's the most gorgeous shades of blue, purple and green. Since there's no chance that any of this will be gone by tomorrow, TQC ... I need some kind of excuse to explain my injuries. Because the truth just sounds way to stupid. What excuse should I use? The wilder the better.

*edit* For those who couldn't wait for me to finish dealing with the idiocy of my ex and I submit before I was finished typing.

*edit again* Bah! %^#&@!!!! I am not having a good day! I managed to post this as a comment instead of in the edit. Grr ... Sorry, guys. My nerves are shot today. I'm having serious problems with my ex. He will not leave me alone. And as I was typing this up, he called and I was trying to hit the off button on the answering machine so I didn't have to listen to any more of his bullshit. And as I was leaning forward to reach the machine, I hit my mouse and managed to click submit. I was going back to edit it when I started getting replies.
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(no subject)

I just bought a bunch of movie posters. The problem is, they won't stay on my wall. I got those foam squares you can put on the back of posters, but they aren't holding.

I don't want to use tape on them, and I don't want to use push pins either. A few years ago, I used to use this kind of sticky putty stuff on posters, and while they held up on the wall pretty well, sometimes they'd stain the paper and I don't want that. And I'm a little strapped for cash right now, so I can't get them all framed the way I really want to. What else could I do to keep them posted?

(no subject)

For metageektv

1. Are you a geek?

2. What fandoms do you consider yourself a part of?

3. What separates you from non-geeks?

4. What odd ball questions do you encounter when talking about your geekhood with non-geeks? ("Do you wear costumes when you play D&D?" "Do worship Satan?" etc)

5. Do ever find the need to hide your geekery from normals?

6. Have you ever had to come out as a geek to someone you were dating?

7. Have you ever had to defend your particular fandom to other geeks, or your geekery in general to non-geeks?

8. What misconceptions about geeks do you want most countered?

9. Is everyone geeky about something?

10. Do you know where fnord your towel is?

(no subject)

Does anyone know
a) what style hat 50's-ish photographers wore and
b) what they're called.
I'd like to wear one at an event i'm photographing soon, and i'd love to wear one, only I can't quite remember what they look like and where i've seen one before!
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(no subject)

you're out with a group of your friends one evening.. you guys are all having a good time when all of a sudden one of your friends (btw, you're witholding some information from your friends because you're just not quite ready to share it with them, it's nothing bad! you're just not ready to spill the details, you're still enjoying ~*the news*~ yourself) heads towards you and says 'OMG! CONGRATS ON (insert secret they WEREN'T supposed to know or anyone else for that matter) :D!!!' how do you react? do you shush them up? look at them in disbelief/like they've lost their mind? act like they didn't just say what you think they just said? something else?

for those of you that were assigned homework this weekend, did you get it all finished? will you be cramming later on tonight?

will you be watching the VMA's tonight? is Britney going to make a complete fool of herself or will she FINALLY show us that she's bringing sexyback?

for those of you that have watched/caught most of the seasons of ANTM, which one (out of all of the contestants) do you think was the prettiest? what about the ugliest? provide pictures please.
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period suppression

What's your opinion on complete period suppression using birth control pills?

I personally think it's kickass. I've been skipping inactive pills for a while now so I only get 4 periods a year, and my doctor just prescribed one with no inactive pills so I get no period at all. I have horrible PMS and I am anemic, so not having a period is a very welcome thing and I don't miss it.
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(no subject)

TQC, why is my computer tower beeping? I just turned it on, and the tower is beeping. No messages are showing up on the screen or anything. It's just beeping. The tower. I don't get it.

I'm on my laptop right now. The computer that's beeping is doing absolutely nothing, except beeping.

edit: i unplugged and re-plugged-in the keyboard, then accidentally hit the power off button, and now it's fixed! Thank you, TQC!
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In search of the perfect pair of jeans...

Just got back from jeans shopping, and the pickings were so slim in the women's department (nothing but low-rise jeans!), I ended up getting two pair from the men's department.

Women: do you know your pants size from the men's dept.?

I can fit into a 31x30, but a 32x30 felt better, so I got a 33x30 as well...

Men: do you prefer women in jeans that leave something to the imagination? Or do you actually like the low-risers that show off the undies?
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I have anuder

Is there a belief that you held about yourself that turned out to be completely false? What did it take for you to realize the truth?

(my answer in the comments)
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College questions

1. What is the hardest part of the college application process?

2. If you go/went to college, do/did you like the college you chose?

3. What did you write about for a college application essay? (If this question has been asked before, and I'm pretty sure it has, sorry, I couldn't find it.)
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beauty question... and water

Can a person with a face full of zits still be hot/beautiful/attractive? If you had a friend like that, and you were setting him/her up on a date, would you feel the need to mention that while being very attractive, s/he has a bit of acne? Or would it not matter because s/he is gorgeous anyway?

Do you drink sparkling/mineral water? If so, what kind? I like Gerolsteiner but would like to try other brands (besides Perrier and San Pellegrino).

(no subject)

This past week, I looked up a flight for 2 separate dates. Both dates (Oct 3rd and Oct 17th) cost $36. On Saturday, the price went up to $49. Am I to assume the flight price permanently went up or that this is just a weekend change? (Like, charging more because it's the weekend and the general public is more likely to be online.)

Do you think it'll go back down tomorrow?

Wow, this is such a boring question. My apologies, all.
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(no subject)

What food or restaurant do you know is so bad and gross, but you can't help but crave it every now and then?

For me, it's Pizza Hut. I know it's a sin because I live in Chicago and have a million of good, local, mom-and-pop pizza places. But it's what my parents served us growing up. I just saw a commercial for it and now it sounds SOOO good.
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(no subject)

I'm going to Boulder, Colorado in two weeks to visit some friends and my cousin! I'm 19 and I'll be there for a week. We will have a car.

So, TQC, what do you recommend I do in Boulder?
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Dear TQC

1. Are you having a happy Sunday?

2. I was looking at some shirts and I know I want this one, but I didn't know if I should also go ahead and get this one too. Should I go ahead and get both shirts or just get the first one?

3. I really like amaretto sours, but I want to try new alcoholic beverages as well. I prefer sweeter drinks, so what do you suggest I try next?

4. Is the show "Ugly Betty" any good?

Thank you :D
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(no subject)

anyone else going to watch the TRAIN WRECK that will be Britney Spears on the MTV whatever awards? I'm hoping for something horrible to happen.

ETA: okay, so it wasn't so much a train wreck as it was plain old sad. Looks like she was waiting for someone to bring her a cheeseburger. though, I have to say, she looked better than she has in a LONG time. Was she wearing a wig?
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(no subject)

Do you think its possible for a homosexual person to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex,and marry them without caring if their not sexually attracted to them? Can eventually their love make it possible to have a healthy sex life someday?

(no subject)

Whats your favorite font?

Have you ever downloaded a font and it be bad and cause the program you're using to shut completely off when you try to use it?

Do you make your own fonts? How?

How many of you don't particularly care for Football but pretend to do so to make a SO happy?
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(no subject)

I was in the movie theater last night waiting for the previews to start and I heard this awesome song. The announcer man said it was by Voyage (said the french way), or maybe it was Foyage. And they said go to But that didn't help.

The song was techno-ish, and there was a girl singing in English and a man 'rapping' in Spanish. Anyone have any idea?

nana smoking

(no subject)

My lover's cat was hit by a car tonight and died. He's had this cat for most of his life. He's utterly heartbroken.

Any words of comfort you can think of? Serious answers only.
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(no subject)

When does the usual "OMG UNIVERSITY I'M FREE!" phase end, or even die down?

My friend who is was very shy has suddenly gone into complete party mode, giving her number out to random guys (she told me 52 at last count) and going on 'walks' with them, crashing parties (O-Week and others), toilet papering other people's dorm rooms, drinking and generally doing everything she swore she'd never do. It's scaring the hell out of all of her friends, me included.

When exactly, does the madness begin to fade?
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(no subject)

TQC, what kind of woman attire goes properly when the man is wearing a sports coat?

I have to go to dinner and a jazz show tomorrow in New York with my boyfriend and his dad, and I'm not sure what to wear. I am not very good at girly things like dressing up. HALP.
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(no subject)

1. I just purchased the book Fight Club because I've never seen the movie or read the book. Was this a good idea? Which did you like better, the movie or the book? Was it an easy read?

2. Who is your favorite author?

3. Which book could you read over and over again?
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(no subject)

So was Britney's performance a hoax?

Is she going to come out and do something for real?

EDIT: I have a theory.

The VMAs are the "new" 9/11 attacks, and Al Quaeda is ruining America by infiltrating our popular culture. Y/N? Discuss. THINK ABOUT IT. RIHANNA SINGS "UMBRELLA" AND WON AN AWARD. AL QUAEDA MEANS "THE UMBRELLA".

Total coincidence or subversive plot?


(no subject)

The question a few below reminded me:

I want to stretch my ears, but I'm afraid I won't be able to wear 18 gauges anymore. And I have a lot of really pretty 18s.

Do you think it'd look weird if I stretched my second piercings, and left my first ones at 18? Do you think fancy earrings in my first holes would look weird if I had stretched second holes?


[ETA] I have replaced the word "gauge" with stretch. That does not change the question. Nor does the fact that I used the word "gauge" mean my earlobes will explode if I stretch them. Gauge was simply the word I'd always heard used.

(no subject)

I haven't talked to my mom today. We live on opposite sides of the US, we have a pretty close relationship, and I usually talk to her at least once a day. I haven't skipped a day of talking to her since moving, and now I feel off, like I haven't completed my day.

Has anything made you feel off today?
If so, what was it?

(no subject)

I'm trying to budget my money and figure out how much I should spend on food. I'm single, so I'm only shopping for myself...

On average, how much do you spend on food when you eat out (on yourself only, not including other family members)?

How about when you cook at home (again, for yourself, not including other people)?

(no subject)

You are all a bunch of opinionated fuckwads that like to school together and attack people. Well you know what? Grow up! It's the goddamn internet not a social club or high school. All of you can kiss my lily white ass. 

Do any of you have lives? I mean seriously like at all? Or do you sit around dreaming up questions?

I'm done. I've played nicely and I'm not going to be attacked anymore.


(no subject)

since crying/sad things seems to be a bit of a topic today, what's the last really ridiculous thing that made you cry?

i cried today when i watched You, Me and Dupree 'cause most of my friends are crap and Dupree's friends kept taking him in. lolll. i'm glad i was home alone today 'cause i totally lost it when "Train in Vain" by The Clash played.


I usually keep a decent variety of beverages in my refrigerator. Currently I have tea, kool-aid, apple juice, Hawaiian punch, gatorade, and some soda.

For a couple of weeks I was having a problem regulating the refrigerator temperature. It kept freezing my drinks. I turned it almost all the way down (or up, not sure which it would be..I really don't care at this point) but I'm still having problems.


Why did my tea freeze and no other drinks did?
How can I keep my tea from freezing other than turning the temp gauge to the warmest setting?

The rest of the stuff in the fridge is just fine on the current setting.

Should I just give up and quit making tea?

Sorry if it makes no sense....I'm exhausted and can't sleep.

ETA: I've tried just about every spot in the fridge where the tea pitcher will fit and it still freezes.

ETA again: Since when are cock and noose dirty words? I was watching the Linkin Park VMA performance and they performed "Bleed it Out".

When Mike said "Filthy mouth, no excuse, Find a new place to hang this noose", they bleeped noose.

When he said "Shotgun opera lock and load, Cock it back and then watch it go", they bleeped cock.
Meerkat: It's What's for Dinner
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1.) What's the first videogame you played?
2.) What's the first videogame you owned?
3.) What's the first videogame you ever wanted to beat solely so you could read the credits to find out who made it, so you could look them up in the phone book or on the Internet or whatever to find out their home addresses, so you could convince your parents to drive you over to their house, so you could punch them for making such a crappy game?
4.) Are there any videogames based on movies (or vice versa) that don't suck?
5.) If you were a burrito, would you have black or pinto beans?

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Haruhi disappearance
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1) Have you ever deleted your account/an account online before? Why?

2) Would you ever get your panties so in a knot over someone disagreeing with you/insulting you, that you would delete your LJ account? What would it take for bahleetion?

3) What, honestly, is the point of a flounce? Besides the obvious "it's hilarious" factor to the rest of us.

4) Did you know TQC is super srs bsns?