September 8th, 2007

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When you're away from a computer, do you ever think of questions that you think would be fun to post, but then completely forget later? I did today. It would've helped me in a discussion I had with my mother. Boo.

Do your parents still make fun of you for something you did/said/happened to you when you were a kid? My parents love to tell the story of the goose that chased me in the zoo. I'm sure I would've laughed too, but I was 3 yrs old and the goose was taller than me, goddamit!

Honestly, how do you learn to think for yourself?

 I've always valued my older brother's opinion, especially his criticisms. I'm beginning to notice that I'm really easily influenced by other people's opinions, especially my brother. I always seek his opinion on what other people would perceieve on certain things. I seem to always think that his opinion represents the majority. 

Please don't respond rudely and take this seriously.
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Do you play World of Warcraft?

If yes, what server? Are you Alliance (shame on you) or Horde? Were you pissed off when the expansion came out and you weren't cool anymore because you have another ten levels to go?

If no, you're not allowed to bash it unless you've leveled a character to at least level ten. After that, bash all you want. Not that there's much to enjoy even then.
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1.  Which season premiere are you looking forward to the most?

2.  Have you ever had/known anyone who has had an entirely online job (like one of those work-from-home doing surveys or data entry things)? Did it work out? 

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Why is Timbaland's new song called "The Way I Are"? Would it have been so hard to call it "The Way I Am"? Doesn't that seem a bit more... legitimate?

I was driving home today and I finally got so fed up that I turned off the radio and forced myself to listen to an old Backstreet Boys CD I found between the seats that skipped.

Does it bother anyone else as much as it bothers me?

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it's 1.20am and im still awake.. i just spotted a massive spider crawling across my curtains. I hate spiders, i wont sleep if i know it's in here. Should I wake my dad and make him get it.. even though he has to go to work at 7.30?
Am I being ridiculous?


ps when i say big i mean big big big.

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do you 'believe in' your zodiac sign/horoscope? do you read it often? do you think you're just like your sign? how are you NOT like your sign?

I read mine, but not religiously. I think I'm just like my sign except for that I'm not nearly as much of a clean freak as people think my sign is [Virgo]

also, it can't be a coincidence that the 'stars' say that me & Gemini's make good friends at first but then things take a bad turn. three of my best friends drifted apart from me after 3 years.. all because I got sick of their flighty bullshit. & now another one is about to do the same. they were ALL Gemini's.

just an example of the weird coincidence. but I'm tired & talking outta my ass.
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Inspired by Woody Allen's movie "Match Point"

When does perseverance turn into foolishness?

IE: At what point should you stop 'wasting your time' and admit defeat?

Or should you at all?

And also: 
I know, another stupid "what song" question, but I am making my friend a mix cd. He has been there for me lately, and has been fantastic, I couldn't ask for more. Some good "friend" songs. (And he is also the best friend I have a giant 3 year long crush on, so maybe some not-so-obvious songs about that as well?)

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Religious communes

Religious communes
Not long ago I watched an american movie about a girl, who decided to live in a colony of german settlers to avoid police prosecution. The settlers were very religious and tried not to contact with the other world, their lifestyle was almost similar to a lifestyle of an 18-th century farmers.
Well, you must have seen this comedy - to stay in a colony, that girl married a 12-yeard boy.
I know that these colonies really exist, but there was a moment in a movie, which interested me much - when that girl and her "husband" were leaving the area of colonists' farm, they stopped at the police post, where was a sheen with the inscription:
"Welcome to the United States!"
Does it mean that the colonists' area is not a an american land? Well, I understand that it's impossible, but this inscription is quite strange.
How much do the authorities interfere in life of such religious communes?
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Look, I've got a map on my userinfo page(, that's a user locations map. (
Lot of people have the same map, so I want to ask you - does this map counts my visits?
Am I right to understand that the red point becomes bigger only in that case when different users visit my blog? Is it right that this map doesn't count several visits of the same user?
The red point of my town location is quite big. I don't remember anyone from my town whom I talked with in my blog, and I didn't tell anyone in my town that I have this blog. And I think the possibility of many occasional visits from my town is also very low. But they could have found my blog by the links to communities I gave them... And I wrote in that comminities, you know...
So the main question I want to ask is - if the red point of my town location grows becouse of my own visits or it grows becouse of other visits from my town?

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Have you ever failed a breathalyzer test (fail in this case being blowing anything above a .000) after having had no alcohol?
(insert long stupid tale of long stupid morning here) and my friend blew a .001 though all he drank today was water, apple juice and milk. I should know, the only time I wasn't with him while we were both awake today was when he was at work. He, a friend of ours and I all had to do one. I'd had no alcohol either, and blew a .000. The state trooper got really pissy and accusatory with the friend who "failed" it with a .001, demanding to know what he drank. =/


How many movies are in your Netflix (or other mail-based DVD rental program) queue?

Do you think that the word "queue" has 4 more letters than strictly necessary?

We have 231.

No. "Queue" is badass.
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To All You High Schoolers Out There

From what I remember, in high school the baseball season takes place during the spring. But when exactly would a state championship game take place?

Also, what month does prom usually occur in?

I haven't been in high school for like five years now which makes writing about high schoolers more and more difficult

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Have you ever posted a question on TQC that got 0 responses? What was the question?

What's the most amount of comments you've gotten on a question? Were they actual responses to the question or people talking back and forth/arguing?

I'm doing face painting today. What should I paint on myself to advertise? It'll be going on my arm and should appeal to small children and their submissive parents.
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College Football

1. Lots of good games today... what will you be watching, and who do you hope wins?

2. Do you experience a bit of glee when ranked teams get beaten by unranked ones (as long as it's not your ranked team being beaten)?

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oh, the things I think about in the shower.

If your SO had the same name as one of your parents, would you still be able to call it out in bed?

Alternately, how would you feel if YOU had the same name as one of your SO's parents and they refused to say it because it made them feel awkward?

-edit- I don't care if it's not possible because your SO has parents with ~omg unique~ names, just pretend. Use your IMAGINATION, OK? :) :)

-edit #2- If I eat circus peanuts for breakfast, am I doomed to an early grave?
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i think we've all pretty much done it. what has TQC (NOT livejournal, NOT the internet!) kept you from doing? examples plz.

i was supposed to start getting ready at 9:30 to go out with my best friend, it's now 10 and i am STILL not any closer to being ready than i was when i woke up. I AM GOING, I AM GOING!

Two Questions

1. My new kitty has looks like he has excessive amounts of wax in his ears. Moreso than any of my other cats ever had. It looks like a lot of dirt in his ears. The vet didn't say anything about it so I figured it wasn't an issue. But sometimes he acts like his ears itch him. Is this dirty of ears normal?

2. Okay, growing up I was always taught that it was tacky for your bra straps to be seen. The only people who would wear a tank top and a bra were teenagers and such. Grown woman would never do so. I was taught it was the ultimate of tacky. (Please note: I was also raised by women that don't wear white after Labor Day, shoes match their purse and belt and once wouldn't let me wear sandles made out of a suede like material because it is unseemly to wear suede during the summer.) This resulted in having to wear strapless bras every time I want to wear a tank top, which is no fun when you're a D cup.

But, I just realized that EVERYONE wears tank tops and bras. Everyone. From girls in middle school all the way up to middle aged women.

Did the fashion rules change? Is it okay now? Because if it did, that would be awesome. No more strapless bras that hurt like hell.

*ETA: Just checked. Kitty's ears of mite free. He's just waxy.

global roll call.... where do we like? where DON'T we like?

A) What is one of your favorite cities or towns on earth, and why?
B) What's one of your LEAST favorite places on earth, and why?
C) What's someplace you liked a lot more than you expected to?

My faves: I have hundreds, but I'll say Vientiane, Laos for now. It's like Thailand was 30 years ago, say my Thai friends. Probably the mellowest capital city on earth, very friendly and small.

Least favorite: Either Indianapolis or Binghamton, NY, both of which gave off a depressing, moribund vibe. Sorry--I'm sure they both have their charm.

Pleasant surprise: Cleveland, OH. Nice waterfront, and a surprisingly vital little city. Second choice would be Mexico City, which was totally overwhelming, in a good way, and not at all scary.
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Do you like onions?
Are onions like ogres?
Are ogres like parfaits?
Are parfaits good for breakfast?
Is breakfast good in bed?
Are beds made to be jumped on?
Are rules made to be broken?

What are some things you've eaten that weren't food?

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What kind of bed do you have? Is it just a mattress? Water bed? One of those temper-things?

What color are your sheets?

Does everything on your bed match? sheets, pillows, comforters...

Has anyone else ever slept in your bed?

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do you have a hard time getting yourself to just get up and do the laundry?

i do. it always takes me forever and a day to finally get it going. today i said i'd do my laundry when i got up. when i got up i said, "i'll do my laundry at noon." now it's 12:30 and i'm like, "i'll do it when the England/Israel game is over, there's only 15 minutes left." i'm don't know what excuse i'm going to have when the game is over but i'm sure i'll find one.


why the hell haven't Michael Carrick and Peter Crouch been put on? Peter Crouch is a superhero.
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Clark and Michael

1. Do you watch Clark and Michael?
2. Do you think it's hystrically funny? I love Michael Cera. I think he's brilliant.
3. Have you ever noticed the photo on Clark and Michael's fridge? Do you know who it is? It looks like Zac Ephron to me. If it is, that just makes it funnier. Collapse )
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Madeleine L'Engle just died.

For those of you who were fans of hers, which book was your favorite?

Who was your favorite character?

Do you have a good quote from her?

My favorite book was A Swiftly Tilting Planet and I always liked Calvin and Charles Wallace.

"An infinite question is often destroyed by finite answers. To define everything is to annihilate much that gives us laughter and joy."
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A little help, please?

Problem: There is a bomb and the only way to defuse the bomb is putting exactly 4 gallons of water on the scale.

Items you have: A pond with unlimited water supply and one container of exactly 3 gallons and one container of exactly 5 gallon.

The catch: There are no marking on the containers, so you won't be able to see the number of gallons and such.

There are two ways to solve this problem. Any help would be appreciated!

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1.what is the easiest way to rinse out non-permanent hair dye quickly. I picked the totally wrong color for my hair and its basically black. it looks horrible on me. I've already washed my hair 7 times and each time i left the shampoo on for a about 5-7 minutes and then rinsed it out. HELP!

2. my dogs anal glands SMELL BAD. have you ever expressed your dogs glands yourself? what happened?

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I'm tutoring around 7 15 year olds in chemistry until December. I'm pretty good at chemistry obviously, but I don't think I'm so good at tutoring. I'm trying to think of every day chemistry examples (for example, cooking) for our first session. Do you have any ideas? There are a bunch of "experiments" I can think of, like mixing baking soda and vinegar, putting a soapy stick in colored milk, etc, but I would have to buy a bunch of materials and I really can't right now. So just like ideas that would involve stuff that you could find in an average household.
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1. Are you related to, or do you know, anyone who's invented anything of note? What is it?

2. Is any part of your name -- last, first, middle -- the brand name [or model name] for any product? What?
My last name is a brand of German motorcycles and mopeds, and I only discovered this within the last year or so. WHAT.

This next one is kind of longer. My older brother's best friend got married this summer; I've known him for at least 8 or 9 years. Normally he's really rational and levelheaded, but sometimes his decisions make me go "okay it's your life, but whaaat." So.
He's an officer in the military. His wife supports this career. AFAIK, he's been in since he graduated college in 2001, has family history in the branch. Yet when I looked through their wedding pictures, it took a sec to register 'hey waitasec, he didn't get married in uniform.' [Also, their cake looked like stacked hatboxes.] When I asked about tux vs. uniform out of curiosity, his responses triggered my 'whaaat' button.
a. two of his groomsmen were also mil., so it would have disrupted the color scheme of the bridal party with the mix of tuxedo and summer dress uniform.
b. uncertainty of military career -- "I may end up hating it after my next two sea tours [...] I didn't want my wedding pictures to be blatantly portraying something that I might end up hating, therefore by my logical progression, hating my wedding pics."

Now. To ME, since he's in the military NOW, and he got married NOW.. I'd want the pictures to be a record of my life at the time I got married. I mean, with that logic, jeez. "I might end up divorced, so I don't want wedding pictures at all." "I might end up irrevocably estranged from my brother, so he's not allowed in the pictures." "I might end up with a mustache later on, so I'm bringing a fake one with me for a few pictures -- I'll hate the ones without." I realize I'm getting silly, but STILL.

3. What's YOUR take on that? Should wedding pictures account for "what ifs" about the future?!
[I suppose this might only work for military weddings, as nothing else is coming to mind, but if you can come up with other scenarios, I'd love to see 'em.]

EDIT: It's not the lack of uniform that I'm questioning; it's his reasoning. I'm okay with military folks getting married in tuxes if they just want to wear tuxes, etc.

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so i just put a dvd into my computer... and i've watched this same dvd on this same computer at least 5 times within the past year... but for some reason, this time it wont play... like... when i go into the window's media center and click on "play dvd" it says that there is no dvd detected... 

any idea what might be wrong or how i can fix it?

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1 When you're taking off a t-shirt or jumper, do you take it off by grabbing the bottom of the shirt, or around the neck/shoulders? are you male or female? (I've found men tend to grab it by the collar, women by the bottom)

2 Have you ever used the "butt tissue" on those hot, hot days? Would you?

3 when talking about underwear for girls, what do you call them?

Knickers or undies. I'm really uncomfortable with panties being used for little girls, as to me, panties are something women wear. (panties isn't a term used commonly here, fwiw.)
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AT&T vs T-mobile?

1. Which is better and why?
2. How easy would it be to swap a T-Mobile SIM card into my current cell phone?

I have AT&T now and want to switch to T-mobile, but I'd prefer to continue using my current cellphones. For the record I have a Cingular 2125 (HTC Faraday) and a Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard).

Thanks! :)
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Have you done one of those '101 things in 1001 days' list?

Can you link to it in the comments?

Do you think you'll accomplish everything on there in the 1001 days?

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Does anyone know of cheap or free software for uploading photos onto your PC from your digital camera?

The software I used to use seems to have quick working, I have attempted to reinstall it to no avail.

any ideas?

i have 2 cats. one is a year old the other is like 5 or 6 (i really don't know, just guessing)
the 1 yr old fights with the older one ALL THE TIME! i've tried everything i can think of to make them stop. i've been nice, picking up the 1 yr old and holding him for a while, being mean and smacking the hell outta him, locking him in the bathroom...

now, it looks like the older cat is starting to fight back. maybe it will help, but right now i'm having to chase down 2 cats that both know they're in trouble.

any ideas on how to get them to calm down?

oh yeah, i tried the spray bottle. it worked for a while but he eventually just started ignoring it. i even put a little vinegar in it, i heard that works. i may not have put enough in, but it didn't work either
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1. Do you always wash your hands when you go #1?

2. How about when you go #2?

3. If you are out or at someone's house and REALLY need to wash your hands, but there is no hand soap, what do you do?

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Poll #1052295 I slang the body electric

What's the most disgusting?

Being the victim of a teabagging
Being the victim of Arabian goggles
Being the victim of a Dutch oven
Being the victim of a dirty Sanchez
The tummysticks championship at Father Murphy's Altar Boy Retreat

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1)Do you get birthday cards from anyone?
2)Have you ever seen anyone slip on a banana peel in real life?
3)Have you ever seen Casablanca? Is it really as great as everyone makes it out to be?

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1. What tips do you have for booking a REALLY cheap flight? I need to fly out from Detroit to Chicago for an interview at Midwestern.

2. Who will win more games this season, the Lions or Michigan?

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1 Do you ever say 'bless you' to yourself (after you sneeze)?
2 Do you enjoy/ hate/ are indifferent to the taste of cough syrup?
3 How do you act when you're sick? (A little more whiney? No energy? Act like you're not sick and do your life as such, etc.)

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Do you flirt with/hit on customers at work? Or just anyone (while on the job/in uniform)?

PRETEND YOU DO INDEED ACT UPON SEEING AN ATTRACTIVE PERSON by hitting on/flirting with them while at work. What if you're in a position where your appearance is disguised? Like say being one of the people in costumes at Disneyland or something. I'm not talking about if you're Batman or Sleeping Beauty cause obv. you can still tell what they look like. What if you're like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny and you see a hot chick/guy? How would you flirt with them? And don't say "I wouldn't" because for the purposes of this question, you would. Keep in mind that usually the people in these costumes can't actually talk.

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My cat just walked across my keyboard and has made the toolbars and menus at the top and bottom of my screen disappear (I'm using IE). I've tried googling, but it is failing me. :( How do I restore my toolbars? Gah, I hate asking this, because it seems like the answer should be really obvious.

EDIT: Solved!! Thankyou TQC!
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1)Are you a music snob? I don't really think I am but I knew this one guy who annoyed me a lot more after I found out that he hated Lynyrd Skynyrd. I mean how can you HATE Skynyrd?
2)Have you ever talked to yourself while looking in the mirror? Were you actually talking to yourself or pretending to talk to someone else?
3)Do you get squeamish when donating blood or getting blood drawn? What about when getting shots?
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Where should I go on vacation?

What are good fun and romantic places for a couple to take their first vacation together in North America?

Guidelines:  Must be in North America, something to do in fall/winter (rule out Alaska and other really cold places!), either be a weekend trip possible from southern WI or up to maybe a week long trip within flying distance, not Vegas (or anywhere that involves clubs, gambling, drinking), and hopefully somewhere where you can relax (beach, lake, ocean, etc.) but also explore and do fun stuff too (museums, zoos, historical places, hiking, sightseeing, etc.), and bonus points for not being ridiculously expensive. 

I'm exhausted...

2 of my very good friends are getting married tomorrow.

I've been busting my ass for the last couple of weeks helping them with anything they need.

I'm flat out exhausted. The bridal shower was Wednesday. The rehearsal was Thursday. The bachlorette party was last night. I've had about 10 hours of sleep since Tuesday night.

The bride called me at 8:30 and asked if I could come help her tie up some loose ends..which means another long night followed by an early morning. She was supposed to call me back after she got done picking up some supplies, but I haven't heard from her.

It is 9:51. It is pouring down rain. I'm in pain and I just want to sleep. I know she has plenty of help right now (fiance, cousin, cousin's boyfriend, mom, and perhaps our other friend).

Should I just say to hell with it and go to sleep? Should I suck it up and go over there whenever she calls?

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I need to download some new music for my playlist. I need something new before I go crazy

Question is, what should I download, just tell me the names of the bands/artists you like or just a couple of songs you really think I shouldn’t miss. I’d appreciate it if you told me the genre too. I listen to pretty much anything 'cept country and techno

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I'm home alone tonight, laying in bed with my chihuahua and a big o'l wine glass full of Blue Moon Summer Ale - and I'm quite bored.

So, what's on your mind right now, TQC?

I'm wondering when the Pumpkin Ale hits the shelves, because I'm getting impatient.

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Did you have any pleasant surprises today? I opnened the manual to my new cell phone and found out the sales guy slipped in a coupon for a free Bluetooth handset. =D

Can anyone recommend a good brand of eyeshadow? I want to buy Mac eyeshadow if it's good. Cost is not an issue, I won't use it often except for special occasions so it'll be worth the money I spend on it because it'll last me a year or two.

On that note, I have green eyes (blue and gold flecks in them with a ring of sea green around the iris), and I wear a dark brown mascara. Should I wear a light, shimmery pink eyeshadow (like this) or an eye-popping watermelon pink (like this)?

Also, should I go to Orlando next weekend by myself or with someone else? I know my way around (I live 20 minutes away) and I want some time to myself, but at the same time Orlando is an awesome place to go with other people.

And can I see some pictures of eyes? (Your eyes, your mom's eyes, your dog's eyes, any that you find attractive, really.) My eyes, for the curious. =D

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Why is public intoxication an offense? I don't mean someone who commits drunk driving, assault, public indecency, or disturbing the peace while drunk in public. Why is it that someone can be jailed and fined for being drunk and taking a peaceful, quiet walk? I'm honestly curious, and I know there are a couple police officers in TQC (not to mention my wacko Libertarian self is screaming "Victimless crime rawr!", and I want to get the facts before jumping to conclusions).

Last night a friend of mine was nearly arrested for PI because he was drunk, another friend and I (both of us sober) were taking a 15ish minute stroll with him to let him get some fresh air (I know, I shouldn't have taken a drunk off his own property, shame on me). No one was the wiser until a police officer on patrol saw us and stopped us. The cops ended up making a bigger scene than my drunk friend had thus far or would've the one block left to his house.
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my bank is a northeast chain only. i am in the northwest. i need to deposit a paycheck asap. is there any way to get that money into my account (not just cashed) by myself? is there anyway the bank the paycheck was written from could do it? thank you.
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Anyone work at Sephora? Or know of a friend that works there? I was thinking of bringing in a picture of someone to ask one of the makeup artists at the store to do my makeup like in the picture. Do they do it for free? Like would I have to tip them? I'd probably be buying one or all of the products they've used on me.

What about in department stores? I can bring in a picture and what not?
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I'm packing my stuff into suitcases for my flight tomorrow. I have 3 times more stuff than I can fit, so I have to sort through what I really want, a lot of which is completely necessary. Tips on organizing and fitting things and not taking 8 hours?

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My fiance's birthday is tomorrow and we won't be together for it. :-( What are some things I could do for him to make him feel special and know that I love him? I thought of texting him 30 reasons why I love him... but I want to do more than that. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!