September 7th, 2007

Mitty box

EDIT: Now with links to the pictures!

1) Is it mean to send pictures of my son holding a handbag and a pink ball to my neo-con SIL?
2) I've been procrastinating about getting my other 2 wisdom teeth out. They are starting to hurt really bad now. How do I get over my dental anxiety? What would be a good pill I can take before the procedure (not a surgery, just a yanking) to help me relax?
3) I just drove for the second time in 4 years tonight! How long did it take before you were completely comfortable driving?
4) What's the last thing you cooked/prepared?
5) What's the last thing you got as fastfood?

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Do the robot!

Have any of you ever robotripped? What was your experience like? My friend told me she's going to do it tonight and I'm kind of worried.

Why is it to damn hot in my room?

Should I eat chocolate ice cream or chili?

(no subject)

I have to go on a flight to Indonesia in 7 hours. Pfft. Early morning flight sucks.

1.How many panties should I bring for a 2 night, 3 day stay?
2.Here's a common question: Can I use my Creative Zen during the flight? It has a radio function which I'm not going to use but do you think it'll have any effect on the plane? (It's actually just a 45 minutes flight, so not a big deal for entertainment)
3.When will your passport expire?
4.Have you ever used the washroom on flight? How was it?
5.Have you ever had sex in the washroom on flight? Is it even possible??
6.Have you ever use the barf bag? What happened?

And in response to this:
Do zombies itch? Since, all they do is walk around and eat people but don't really care about their physical state. Never really seen them touch themselves in the movies too...
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(no subject)

1. Why are you still awake? Assuming you're in a time zone where you probably should be sleeping.

I just don't feel like sleeping mostly because I'm bored which you'd think would make me want to go to sleep but I just want to do things.

2. What do you have to do tomorrow? Do you think you'll get it done.

I'm feeling low so I'm going to cheer myself with retail therapy and get some new shoes and a hoodie I've wanted for a while. I might also go to a thrift store and see if I find anything worthwhile. It's my dads birthday tomorrow and I haven't gotten him anything yet, whoops, so I'm going to get stuff tomorrow.
I really hope I get everything done. I probably won't but I'm going to try really hard.

3. What's the last thing that made you sad?

My boyfriend assumed I didn't want to go see a band tomorrow night with him and his friends and I felt really left out and like he didn't want me there.

4. Who is your favorite tv chef?

I love Alton Brown. And the Ace of Cakes people.

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For those of you who have ordered from the horrible Goliath that is ticketmaster
How long did it take your ticket to arrive via standard shipping?
If it didn't arrive on time, did they refund you?

(read only if you feel inclined to)
Now, in the real world 11 days would be plenty of time for an envelope to go from point A to point B. However, in the business world they take their sweet effin' time. I'm wondering if its enough time. I scanned through the help section and didn't see anything on return policies concerning shipping. I emailed them but their customer service staff is taking ages.  Their express shipping is 15+ dollars. Since I'm already paying sixty for tickets, that is not an option. Then again, 15+ dollars for shipping of an envelope would be out of the question in the first place. Highway robbery! Also, Will-call isn't an option for some reason unknown to me and I live 2 hours from the venue.

Update: The crisis may have been averted. Thank you for your assistance team TQC.

(no subject)

1) what was the last seriously stupid thing you did at work?
2) what is your favorite drinking game?
3) have you ever lied during a game of "i never"? what did you lie about? why did you lie?
4) do you know anyone who exhibits the three major signs of sociopathy? (the signs being: inability to resist certain urges, a fascination with fire or destruction in general, and a lack of empathy for others.)

i work nights and thus need to stay awake until about 8am. staying awake is not a problem. however, i'm bored out of my fucking mind. sex and masturbation are out of the question, because i'm at a friend's apt and would feel HELLA weird masturbating in the living room. so i have no idea what i want to do. i feel like getting out and driving somewhere, but it's 3am and the only places open are denny's, another diner, and the grocery store. wtf do i do for the next five hours?

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(no subject)

1. What's the weirdest compliment you've received lately?

2.  When was the last time you cried, and why?

1.  Someone complimented my teeth today.  I think teeth compliments are slightly weird.

2.  I cried earlier today, after I found out that a family friend died this morning.


(no subject)

When's the last time you got some lovin'?

Will you give me some? I am on the rebound but I'll treat you nice and make you a cheesecake.

Should I demand my ex-boyfriend buy me birthday presents, since before we broke up I dropped 200$ on him? He dumped me right before my birthday, and my friends say I should be out for blood and a little bit of cash.

ETA that my last question is not serious.

Mornin, TQC. Here's today's round 1.

Your significant other left their email inbox open on your computer.

1. Do you look?

2. What do you look at/for?

3. What would you do if you found recent responses to ads for a personals site (, etc)?

4. Would you confront them? (If so, what would you say?)

5. If you found out your S/O was snooping in your mail, would it jeopardize the relationship?
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(no subject)

What can I do to stop my apples from absorbing an onion-y smell while in the fridge?

I can't keep them in a fruit bowl because I have a munch-munch cat and I always seem to get fruit flies. I keep them in a bag in the fridge, but they still seem to get a smell/taste to them.

Round 2

You've been dating this person for about a month. You knew prior to you two starting to date that they had gotten out of a 1.5 year relationship 4 months before you started dating.

1. Would you be concerned about the ex coming back into their life?

2. Would it affect your relationship if they were still friends with their ex?

3. What if they just told you today that they were engaged for 6 months of that relationship?

4. What if they had told you before you started dating? Would it have changed whether or not you would have started dating them?

5. Would it make a difference (and if so, what difference) if the REASON they broke up was because the ex "realized" they weren't bi, but were gay/lesbian?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. Do you have the company Empire Direct in your area? If so, can you sing their phone number?

2. How about Scruff McGruff, the crime fighting dog? Can you sing his address?

3. ? (I can't think of something else, so give me answer to whatever question you think should be there.)

4. Can you show me a picture of your favorite stuffed animal?

5. If you sleep with a stuffed animal, do you take it with you when you go on trips?

Dialing for . . .

Have you ever used a telephone with a rotary dial? If so, how old are you, and in which country do you live? If you haven't, have you ever SEEN one?


Yes, I have used a rotary dial phone. I'm 51, and I live in the U.S.


I see it hasn't been long enough for rotary dial phones to disappear. I forgot about people hanging onto the old phones.
HP-DH-Deeply Preturbed


Right now, if I had paid 500 smackers for an iphone; I'd be wittle upset.

Wouldn't YOU be a little upset if the phone you paid 500 dollars for was suddenly reduced to TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?


Can they get a refund?

Do you ever think they'll come out with a pay-as-you-go-iphone?


That's the only way I would be able to afford one.

random//my dumb face

Movie question

I have the most vague question that I'm thinking there's no way in hell I'll get an answer to but I'm going to try.

A woman I work with was flipping channels and saw a snippet of a movie. All she remembers is that there was a woman with really short red hair that did the little flip up thing in the front (she calls it the "duck thing") holding some beer over the fence like she was trying to invite someone (possibly a guy?) to a party.

She loves that haircut and is trying to figure out who that was, what movie that was, something like that. Anyone have any clue?
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(no subject)

I am...going on a six-seven hour road trip to visit my boyfriend in a week and a half.

How often should I stop?
What food/drinks should I bring?
What are some good road trip songs?

Worst of the Worst

What is the worst....

customer service experience you have ever had?

customer you have had to deal with in your work experience?

restaurant you have ever dined in?

(these have probably been asked before but....)

book you have ever read?

movie you have ever seen?

song ever released?

Round 3 (I know you guys love me today.)

1. You're going on a 10 hour road trip with your significant other (5 hours each way). What do you do in the car to keep yourselves entertained? Any and all suggestions would be great.

2. I have a blue bottle that I'd like to fill with some sort of semi-potent but sweet (and one that doesn't burn your throat when you take shots of it) alcohol/hard liquor to sip on throughout the day. Suggestions?
(*EDIT* Not while driving!!! This is for when we get to the faire the next day.)

3. What's your opinion of people who play D&D? (Snide remarks expected and encouraged. I'm a gamer, I can take it.)
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Food questions. I'm hungry!

1) Inspired by the chocolate post... If you eat These, what is your method of eating them?

2) What is your favorite variety of these truffle balls?

3) I'm going to Chili's tonight. What should I order?

4) What is your favorite salad dressing?

5) What do you put in your tacos? Crispy or soft?

1) I eat the outer shell first, then eat the creamy middle part.

2) Dark or Milk chocolate!

3) I was thinking ordering the bottomless chips & salsa to share with everyone, and a garden salad. There's not much meatless stuff there, but I'm open to ideas!

4) I really love italian, ceasar, and ranch :)

5) A tiny bit of refried beans, tons of lettuce, tomato, onion and pepper, jalapenos, shredded cheese, and taco sauce. Crispy, always always always.

edit: shit, I forgot I posted another question a little bit ago, my apologies for the too-soon post!
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odd thought hit me the other day at a bus stop

I'm not sure on the specifics behind this, feel free to chime in on the whys of it if you know, but it is something of a tradition that when you go and see the Pope (not just the current one) you must kiss his ring. It is either when you first goto see him or just before you leave but the kissing of the ring is key.

It's an odd tradition and it may have to do with luck but that's not the point. I personally would not do it regardless and that's just for this stray notion I had... you suppose he washes that thing between kisses?
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My TV died. Long live the TV. 

1. Where would you recommend buying a TV from, online or in-store?

2. Is your HD/Plasma/Flatscreen/super fancy TV all its cracked up to be?

3. And for those of you uninterested in the TV saga, do you prefer scented candles, wax tarts, oil burners, or room sprays?
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(no subject)

Does anyone else find this song, which was sung 'seriously', totally and  utterly hilariously brilliant, in some sort of way?
Warning, it's NSFW.
It's like, so wrong, yet so hilarious. I don't think he meant it to be. Is it funnier after seeing the 'censored' version he sang to children?

Whats your favourite Monty Python sketch, other than the Lumberjack song, the Spam song, the Silly Walk and the Dead Parrot?

(no subject)

I was born the same day Paris Hilton was born.

My boyfriend was born on the day Reagan was elected president of the US.

What "important" event happened on the day you were born?

By this I mean things that happened the exact same day, same year.
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Its Friday...and I need drinks!!!!!!

My family is coming down from Maine for the weekend and I want to spoil them with food and drink. Please give me your favorite drink recipes. You can post pictures too, that would be sweet.
I love margaritas and Mai Tais....I want to stay drunk ALL weekend. Food pairings as well??
Thank you.

(no subject)

Do you like incense?
Do you prefer cones or sticks?
Do you have a particular brand you love? scent?
What is the best kind of cones to get? I have a few I had gotten at a Goodwill. These burn very nicely and I've even had them for a while. On the other hand, I have these Dollar tree ones that are crap- I just don't know what brands to look for in the cone style.
I'm most likely going to a shop that has a lot of incense so as to stock up this coming week, so I was wondering what TQC thought-
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(no subject)

i'm weird like this. will you show me a picture that has someone either in it or in the background whose name YOU DON'T KNOW? (basically someone who is in the picture who you do not know)

what do you think their name is based on how they look? (you know how sometimes people say a person looks like a certain name)
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(no subject)

I'm thinking of composing a mix cd with songs to have sex to. (Yes, my mind is still on sex.) I have a few ideas, but would like input. Got any songs to get it on to?

Requirements: Something with a beat, no Barry White, something you would have sex, not make love to. The kinkier, the better.

My own ideas:
"Closer" -Nine Inch Nails
"Let's Go" -Lil Jon Feat. Trick Daddy and Twista
"Yeah" -Usher, Feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris
"Slither" -Velvet Revolver
"Get Ur Freak On" -Missy Elliot
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(no subject)

My friend found out yesterday that her boyfriend of sorts cheated on her, aftr I told him that he should grovel be honest with her. I did;t know he had cheated on her, jsut thought he had ben very thoughtless and tactless about something invovling his ex. Yes, the one he cheated on my friend with. I have been texting my friend this morning about this thing.

So, I am asdking: should i a) spend my lunch break on the phone to my friend and b) brek the guy;s kneecaps, or will a swift kick in the balls suffice since he is also a friend of mine?

(no subject)

What mean or funny nicknames do you have for people? what do they mean? or why?

one guy we call fauker, cause his last name is folk but he's f-ed up alot of my friends
shorty... she's short..
my bff is chicken, cause it's her fav food
my friend megan, Fluffyfluffymcgirdle haha from one of those name emails a few years back
the bitch... b/c well... she is
oger--- a guy at work he's huge and DUMB
frog boy---obsessed with frogs

oooo I got a nother one. this girl laura who was LARGE and sketchy, I called her the WHALE, b/c of her size plus she puked all of the room once and it reminded me of jonah and the whale, getting jonah spit out
Tea [Inara]
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(no subject)

1. Do you eat leftovers, or are you a person who forgets they're in the fridge/eats things fresh-cooked only?
1b. Green pepper is the worst offender I can think of for permeating leftovers with its flavor. Will you eat leftovers with green pepper in?
1c. Any other quirks about leftovers?

2. If you, personally, had an 18-hour drive to make [alone], would you try to do it in one haul, or stop for the night? Assume you could start any time of day you wanted.

3. What's your favorite thing to do for someone else [friend, stranger, family], no strings attached, just because you like making someone's day a little better?

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(no subject)

if you get interrupted by something while typing your password that doesn't require you to take your hands off the keyboard, do you finish typing your password or delete everything and start over?

what if the distraction does require taking your hands off the keyboard?

(no subject)

These don't seem to be too well liked, but I'm kind of desperate.

I have an interview at Best Buy in 2.5 hours. I've never interviewed for a job at a big chain store like this..

What should I expect?

What kind of clothes should I wear? Is business casual ok (i.e., black pants and a cute dressy top)?

Has anyone here ever worked for Best Buy? Did you like it? Any tips, etc?

Thanks in advance...

Edit*: Should I bring my resume? I submitted an application online, but I also have a resume they haven't yet seen, and a letter of recommendation from my previous employer, where I was a Receptionist. Should I bring either of those?
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Fear of sexuality

I think I am a sexual anorexic.

I came out as a lesbian when I was twenty, but I've been dating men for ten years anyway, because I'm not attracted to them. I used to think I was suffering from internalized homophobia, which didn't make any sense because I was raised in a very liberal, loving, accepting family and social group. Now I'm pretty sure that's not the issue at all. I'm sure if I was straight, I would be dating women because I wouldn't be attracted to them. I am terrified of my sexuality. I wish I could only be attracted to myself.

I'm embarrassed about the way I'm acting at work when a woman I'm attracted to is there. I'm sure everyone I work with thinks I'm an idiot or severely deranged. I have a very simple job (Taco TIme) but when she is there, I can't use my head. I know I should be able to just treat her like anyone else and keep my attraction to myself and just act like a normal person, but I don't know how to turn this off. I've been taking an antidepressant for a couple years that was suppressing my libido and I recently stopped taking it. All of a sudden I'm staring at women constantly and thinking about sex ALL THE TIME and I don't know how to stop. I don't remember being this obsessed before I was taking the meds.

Can you give me some tips so I can relax? I do want to deal with my sexuality issues, but right now I just want to get through the next few days without getting fired or wanting to kill myself. My sexy coworker will be leaving to go back to school after that and then I will be able to breathe again.


So I'm contemplating going to the movies by myself cause I am so bored...what do you recommend I see?

What do you think I should do today in general?

animated gif knitting icons

anyone know where I can get some (community, link)? I've looked in icon communities but they seem to be actor/actress/tv show/ movie oriented for teh most part... :(


PS IF I take icon from somewhere, will credit of course. 'cause I'm just like that.

Shaken or stirred?

My cousin (who's like a sister to me) is turning 21 in a couple of weeks. What kind of drinks would you recommend for her to try?

If it helps: our families don't really drink, so neither of us have a good idea as to what kinds of things she'd like.

I'm 22 and have tried a smirnoff and an amaretto sour, both of which I wasn't too fond of but I could get it down if I had to. And I really didn't like the Arbor Mist blackberry merlot...but since she hasn't tried any of those, she might.

Neither of us liked the non-alcoholic versions of champagne or beer.

Oh, and she's a college student, so try to keep the prices reasonable. ;)
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Book Recommendations

I'm looking for some new good books to read. Examples of books I really liked are : I know this much is true, The Kite Runner, The Time Travellers Wife, She's come undone, The Lovely Bones. I'm also a big fan of interesting non-fiction books.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm pretty open to anything. The only type of book I've found that really can't hold my interest is science fiction. Anything else is fair game.

(no subject)

My best mate was whining for the 430043rd time last night about being overweight. I have little sympathy for him but I've always (always being the last 3ish years that he has complained of being overweight) been polite and patient with him. 

Last night I snapped, I said something close to "You know what? you are getting fat, quit fucking spending $100+ a week on MacDonald's and you might not be. Oh and the insecurity stuff is boring, get over it" Note I said GETTING fat, because at the present he is just quite overweight, not really fat.

He either starves himself or eats a whoooole lot of stuff and frankly I am sick of him bitching about it. He has SO many things going for him, he is sweet and very intelligent and personally I think he's quite attractive but so so clueless. We are pretty close but I am sick of trying to help him when he doesn't even try to help himself. What should I do about it? it is getting a lot deeper than the normal "I'm fat" thing. 

How can I help? I know that was really really horrible of me but it upsets me to hear him beat himself up so much then go eat fast food and be completely blazay to it! argh! I just want to help him out. Why would he continue whinging and be so depressed about his weight but keep buying junk food 
That is the first time I've ever said anything so cruel so please don't think I bully my mates like that heh =S 

Fine - ETA : My friend is overweight and miserable. How Can I help?

more teacherness

influenced by this question:

Some teacher friends of mine were saying that its a shame that terrible teachers tend to affect people's life more than the good ones, or that the bad ones are more memorable - and they said this was true even for themselves, who'd gone into the profession.

Do you think this is true? who was your  most awful school teacher?

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Do you eat in your sleep?

Almost every morning I wake up and see signs that I was eating..but don't remember!!!
Last night I guess I ate potato salad, chips and salsa and spicy pretzels.
Do you take any part in this zombie walking food fetish?
If so, tell me what you usually eat, and how you feel in the morning.
My mouth smells like food abuse.
give me a break
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(no subject)

Inspired by this article.

What do you usually wear when flying on a plane?
Does it matter how long your flight is or your destination?

In the article:
Does the girl's occupation really have any bearing on the story at all?
Do you think the flight attendant had the right to do what he did?
Do you think someone said "PLEASE think of the CHYLLLLDRUUUUNNNNSSS!!11!" & demanded something be done? :)

ETA: Just saw a news item about it on ABCNews and someone DID complain. *Eyeroll*

wowz Lets get interactive!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Would you please post a funny missed connection or something oncraigslist, and post on here the origional post and the responses youget?!

I posted this missed connection today and got this respose... Maybe we could get together for drinks sometime this weekend?
I looked up the guy from his email addy. and LO AND BE HOLD IT"S HIM!! crazy!

Scott: Maybe we could get together for drinks sometime this weekend?
me: Wow. that was a very fast response!! I just added you on face book.!~Allison
Scott: So how did u know who to add to facebook?
Me: hhmmm well i'm nerdy lol.... and goggled the company ur email addy was from and looked at the site... :P yeah i'm creepy prolly.
Scott: Well just so u am not the one that you saw this morning!

funny childhood stories

So a few weeks ago I was browsing a community that advertised a sort of open "performance" show where people went on stage and read hilarious excerpts from diaries and things like that from when they were little kids and angsty teens. They linked the show to a website that had videos of people readings these narratives and open discussion boards with people sharing these funny stories and scans of old childhood misery. The name of the website has escaped me though, and I was wondering if any of you guys might know what I was talking about??

On that note, do you have a funny story that you wrote when you were younger?
Bret's bulimic

(no subject)

those of you who watch Flight of the Conchords, what's your favorite song?
will you post a youtube video of it?

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for those of you who don't:
how much do you think i would stink up the apartment if i smoked half a cigarette right here by the window?
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(no subject)

My parrot thinks trying to bathe in his small water dish is the best thing in the world, and he will joyfully fling water all over my room while he attempts to smoosh himself inside of it.
He also thinks getting an actual shower in the bathroom is OMG SO TRAUMATIZING!

What weird quirks do your pets have?

(no subject)

Are any of your professors/teachers on facebook?  If so, do you have them added as friends?  And how weird is that?  

I have about four of my professors as friends on facebook.  One of them even changed our friends details so that it says we took a class together.  I don't find it extremely weird.  Then again, I go to a tiny university, and it might be different if you go to a school where you don't talk to your profs very much.


You're in the laundry room of your building (apartment building, dorm building, whatever, some kind of communal laundry room where a bunch of people who don't know each other all that well share laundry facilities).

You're putting your laundry in the washer, when a pair of underwear slip out of your grasp and fall on the floor, with the parts that touch your sensitive bits being the parts that land directly on the dirty, grimy, who-knows-the-last-time-it-was-washed-and-what-has-been-on-it-since floor.

What do you do?

15 megabytes of fame

There are many well known blogs/journals out there, most of which focus on some particular topic - politics, a sports team, whatever.

If you wanted to be blog-famous, what would you write about? What do you know about or have an opinion about that you think others would be interested in?

(Yeah, I know this is my second post today. I make up for it by not posting any questions for months at a time.)

(no subject)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is on right now. Is anyone else watching it?

I know that life isn't like the movies, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was?

Has anything movie-worthy ever happened to you?
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(no subject)

Ok let's say you a spy, and you are tasked to go retrieve a macguffin. Whilst out retrieving said macguffin you encounter a masked spy who is working against you. You begin fight the other spy and eventually knock them out, you bend down and unmask them and discover that this masked spy is your favorite relative (Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Sibling, Parent, Grandparent). What do you do next?
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(no subject)

Has what an author you liked said (outside his or her books) ever put you off the author and their books? What did they say? (my recent one is Anne McCaffrey)

What's the weirdest hobby you have?
What's the weirdest hobby someone you know has? (you actually have to know them. Hearing about it somewhere doesn't count)

Am I the only one who has the problem that nail polish, no matter how disgusting tasting, doesn't put you off wrecking your fingernails?

Funniest book you've read lately?

Have you ever submitted something to fandomsecrets ? Would you ever? (and if you're not 'in' any fandoms, you don't have to answer that question as it would be a given)
cubs hat
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(no subject)

Ok, TQC, I've had a really, really bad week. Now I'm at home and I *NEED* to drink. Unfortunately, I'm doing it alone unless you live in Chicago and want to get wasted with me.

These are the options that I have at home, but I do have a liquor store across the street from my house, so I'm willing to go and buy more alcohol if it sounds really good. What should I be drinking?

What should I drink tonight?

Malibu rum and pineapple juice
white wine
ammereto sour
shots of tequilla
scotch on the rocks
  • lynn

(no subject)

TQC, do any of you have the T-Mobile Sidekick ID phone?

I am going to order one in a few hours and was curious if anyone could tell me what you love/hate about the phone (i.e., is it too bulky, QWERTY too small, screen easily scratched, etc.).  


x-posted all over... :)
[Merlin] - Gwen

(no subject)

I can't do my homework in complete silence, but if I put music on or something, I get really distracted and start to sing along and completely forget about my assignment. So, are there any songs in languages other than English that you really like, or even just instrumental songs? I think that's the only way to finish my history homework without being completely bored. Thank you!
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1 Night in Paris?

Let's assume that you are a famous celebrity, and that you make a sex tape with a lover (or lovers, if you wish). The tape gets leaked out, of course. What are the tabloids going to name your sex tape?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

If you had to compare your overall appearance(face AND body) to one animal(not human), what would it be and why? For example, do you look like a gazelle, a hippo, a cat...?

Are you content with this comparison?

If not, what animal would you like to resemble?

(no subject)

What's the most 'ghetto' job you ever had? What made it that way?

Did you work there long? Do you still work there?

(Coz I took the rest of the day off from my shit job. I'm having a hard time not slitting my wrists at my desk up there. I knew it would be bad, but damn. Time to start looking elsewhere, methinks.)

ETA: And to clarify, my job is ghetto in the sense that I do Tech Support. We share phone headsets (and desks) and every morning I get to wipe other peoples' body/hair oilz off my stuff. And the chick I sat next to today was telling me how she had a huge reaction to her Tuberculosis test but never went back to the doctor coz she doesn't like to get shots. And then she coughed for like 12 minutes straight. And no one seems to know what they're doing, not even my supervisors.
2 - I didn't quite get hear that

think I missed it

Black Sheep
Summary: On a vast New Zealand sheep station, a reckless genetic engineering experiment goes horribly wrong, turning sheep into bloodthirsty killers.

Posted that roundabout February elsewhere. What I wanna know is if this ever actually came out? Trailer says out in March, website says out in June; outside of finding this online I never heard anything else about it.

Has it come out yet?

If you saw it, what'd you think?
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Here I Come

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If you send an email to a friend asking them something and they haven't replied back, but have obviously been online a lot, how many days do you let pass before you send them another email asking WTF?
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I need fashion advice

I need fashion advice. Absolutely nothing I put together looks good on me. I know there is some "style" out there that fits me but I have no idea what it is and I'm tired of looking sloppy all the time no matter what I try.

I am very short. I can't really wear layers because my torso is too short and my hips are too wide. No pants are short enough for me. Seriously, petite sizes are still way too long on me. I'm about 20 pounds overweight, but I don't wear (fit into) plus-sized.

Where should I look to try to find clothes so I can actually look decent?

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How long does it take you to grasp the full weight of a situation?

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If you were getting married locally, not in a church, with only one attendant, what would you wear? Really interested in the guys responses as well. 
Would you have flowers? 
What would you do afterwards?

 Edit: I forgot to mention that the "limo" will be a Harley Davidson.

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1. Do you currently or have you ever had your nostril pierced? If so, which nostril?

2. Have you ever had surgery? If so, what was the surgery for and how long ago was it?

3. When you want to treat yourself, what do you do? [ex: go on a shopping spree, get a pedicure, go out to eat.]

edit: 4. What color are your eyes?

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1] Please, tell me, what kind opinionated person on you? Do you force your views on others? Can you tolerate someone with completely different opinions than you?
I am completely indifferent to everything. I have no real opinions, and I see sides to everything. I don't agree with them or disagree, I just acknowledge all viewpoints without forming an opinion. I feel strongly about nothing. I also tend to contradict everything because of this.

2] How do you feel about Square Candies that look round?
I find them exciting.

3] What are you reading right now?
Eclipse. Which is weird, because I really hate vampire books. A lot.
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Answer my question... Look -there's a bloody Hollywood thriller about a maniac, where you can see white guy, black guy, and chinese. Who's going to die first? And who will survive?
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Christmas Jim and Pam

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These questions were off as possible interview questions.

If you were at a business lunch and you ordered a rare steak and they brought it to you well done, what would you do? 

Why is there fuzz on a tennis ball? (Why would they ask this anyways?)

What would you do if you won the lottery? 

What is your personal mission statement? 

What are three positive character traits you don't have?

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1. Should I dye my hair purple? 
( It's the only color I have right now)

2. What are good baby names? Girls or Boys.
Hallie Marie (girl), Jesse Lawrence (boy)

3. Favorite beverage?
Red Bull or Dunkin Donuts Medium Blueberry Ice Coffee with Skim Milk and one sugar.

4. Do you smoke?  What do you smoke?
Camels.  And pot, occassionally.

5. What's your favorite band?
Shinedown, Circa Survive and Shiny Toy Guns

6. Tell me something personal.
I used to be ADDICTED to the Spice Girls.
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Why am I reading the rule book for Wizard of the Coast's Star Wars RPG? I don't even PLAY tabletop RPGs.

Is there something wrong with me? Something serious?

Will a knife work to fix it?

If not, what?

bloggity blog blog

Hey ya'll..

is your major blog on eljay?
do you "advertise" your blog? tell your friends about it? strangers you meet on the street?

if you don't advertise it, would you, if you wrote some amazing, inspired post? would you forward it around to your friends who don't keep up with your eljay?

if you started another blog, outside of lj, would you tell your lj friends about it? your real life friends?

huh? HUH?

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1. what does a normal typical vagina smell like?
2. what does a normal typical vagina taste like?

3. how does the smell of a vagina differ if there is a yeast infection?
4. how does the taste of a vagina differ if there is a yeast infection?

don't tell me to post this in vaginapagina because i'm about to post it there as well.

Which one??

I got two job offers today; one for Target and one for Radio Shack. I can't decide which one I want to take, so I am going to ask you guys which would be best...

Guaranteed 35-40 hours per week
Working both the service desk and cash register
The hiring managers already love me
$7.50 an hour
Discount on everything in store
A lot of people who work at the store go to the same college as me

Radio Shack:
Unknown amount of hours per week
Sales associate only
I don't know which store I will be working in
$7.50 an hour plus bonuses for selling cell phones, service plans, Sirius radios, etc.
10% discount on name brand stuff, 30% discount on Radio Shack brand items

Which job would you take based on this information?

Also, I need to pass a drug test for both jobs. The last time I smoked was August 12, will I pass by now?

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What do you think of the upcoming Geico "Caveman" TV show?
I thought the cavemen were hilarious at first in the commercials. but this is overkill. I have absolutely no interest in the show.. it just seems way too idiotic that they actually had the nerve to turn this into a TV show.

What did you eat for lunch today?
I had an egg salad sandwich. yum.

Do you buy snacks at the movie theaters despite the outrageous prices?

What's the last movie you saw in theaters? how was it?
that Halloween remake. it was alright.

Raccoon eyes.

Can you recommend a mascara?

I'm a drugstore kinda girl, because I loathe the mall and its prices.

I've used Loreal and bleh.
I've used Lancome, when I didn't care about spending 17 bucks a tube and bleh.
I currently use Great Lash waterproof and it's just not working like it used to.

I see ads everyday on TV, but how do you know which is a good one?
wedding jump


Anybody know of a store or website where I could buy a cute kimono style robe?

If you saw "License to Wed" I'm aiming for the red floral robe Mandy Moore wore in that.

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my friend gets off work at 9:30 and will then take the bus over to my place for movie night. we'll be watching You, Me and Dupree or Night of the Museum.

two questions:

1. what should i do until then? i don't have booze of any kind(if i had alcohol i probably wouldn't need to ask question #2).

2. how can i convince her Matt Dillon is an assface and makes terrible movies and that Night at the Museum would be the better choice in this situation? bonus points if you can include in the argument how to see passed her hatred for Ben Stiller. that's going to be the real challenge(i hate him too but i still liked the movie).
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I need to reboot my computer. It came with a disc, but I got the computer more than two years ago and the disc is now MIA. (The computer is a compaq) Is there any other way to reboot?
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for those of you that just started school again, how's it going?

eta: LADIES! can i see a picture of your eyebrows? and just how the heck do you get 'em EXACTLY how you want them? i am going to pluck mines tomorrow and was just wondering how people get theirs so.. perfect, because i try and i try and they don't look how i want them to look, any how-to advice?

do you spell it roomate or roommate?
Erin Go Bragh
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Resizing a ring

I lost some weight recently, and one of the weird places I lost in was in my fingers. Now my ring is too big and I have to get it resized. It's a silver claddagh I got in Ireland. Never having had to do this before, I don't know how it works. Do I just go to a jeweller and ask them to resize it? How much do you think it would cost? Do jewellery stores in the mall do it or do I have to go to a jewellery repair place?

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So I have a bottle that says "use opener" on the lid. Problem: I don't own one. So how do I go about opening it? Preferably without destroying the bottle and/or myself.

Edit: Never mind, I got it with a fork. Only a small amount of splatter, and no destruction :) You can still answer in the non serious variety though.
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A writing question

What would the first line of your autobiography be?

My answer: I had several choices, but finally went with: I was always a curious, wantful child.

C'mon people, I'm really curious to see your answers.
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1. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King was a pacifist and believed that hatred and prejudice could be fought with love. Do you agree with him? Do you think that in all situations a peaceful response is the correct one?

2. And another, less obviously homeworky question. What are the top 3 movies in your Netflix queue?

Mine: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Casino, and Better Than Chocolate.
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Cherry woes....

 So for a recipe I need black cherries. My sister and I went to whole foods in search of them and were basically laughed at. 
I know they are out of season but are out of season fruit impossible to get ahold of?
Do you think there's a place I could find some?

still waiting for movie night to commence...

1. do you feel guilty when your friends ask who you have a crush on and you don't want to say 'cause you're embarrassed?

i had a little crush on this kid from work last year who i went to high school with but i never told anyone because i was embarrassed. i felt kind of guilty for it.

2. say you dated or liked someone for a long time, like practically in love with them. then they moved away or you just sort of felt like you got over them but lately you've been noticing the people you are attracted to or liking look similar. would you think you still had feelings for that person or that that was just your type?
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Can i see a picture of you jumping in the air? these seem to be quite popular and i was wanting to see just how many people actually HAVE a picture of themselves doing just that.

If you don't have one and i don't want to have ya'll feeling left out.. can i see a picture of you IN MOTION? (playing a sport, running, dancing, etc)
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At work, we have certain policies that we follow. However, there are always exceptions to the rules. So, when we do something that is against the normal policy, we simply note the name of the individual who gave us permission to do it. That way, if it's wrong, then we don't get blamed since we had permission.

So, my question is....what would you like permission to do so if it turned out badly you wouldn't get in trouble?

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So my wisdom teeth are coming in and today I noticed the inside of my left cheek was swollen and there were 2 little white bumps back in there. They hurt like a motherfucker and I can't close my teeth together because the swollen cheek  gets in the way. Is that just from my wisdom teeth coming in? Do I have an infection? Has anyone else ever gotten them before? Thanks in advance.
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4 Things

What are 4 things about you that people can't tell just by looking at you?

My Answer: 1. I'm a writer.
2. I consistently hate myself.
3. I generally feel awkward and socially inept.
4. I love to read.
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


1 - What's the most out-of-character thing you've ever done?

2 - Whose your underage celeb crush?

3 - Will you show a picture of one thing in your closet that you'll never get rid of?
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Last one I swear!

 Alright TQCers....I really thought by avoiding all the ceremonial aspects of the wedding that it would be a cinch. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Now I'm het up about months, days, and colors and their superstitions.

If you wed in bleak November, only joys will come, remember.

So what in the hell does this  mean exactly???

We're thinking November now. It's after both our birthdays (Aug & Oct) and right before the holidays. 11.14.07

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bed time for bats

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Hey everyone. I am working on a museum this semester. I was wondering what you guys thought about the Neue Staatsgalerie by Stirling and Wilford Associates. I decided to pick this museum to analyize. If you guys have any great sources available or know of books or sites that are great for specifically this museum that would be great. Also just things by the architects would be nice too, like interviews. Hey if anyone has any personal photographs that they would like to share with me that would be even better. I keep coming upon the same set of photographs in books.

Having to analyse this museum is making me ponder about the the meaning of an art museum. What do you guys think? Museums are interesting because they are meant for both the individual experience and the collective.

Thanks for all your comments in advance.

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What's the most dangerous thing?

Going to Iraq wearing a t-shirt that shows the image of Mohammed saying "Jewish women are so HOT I gave up all that prophet stuff and became a rabbi"
Having an all-night threesome with Paris Hilton and a gigalo while using no protection
Buying a brand new computer, plugging it in, opening Internet Explorer, and first stop, hardcore porn sites
Waxing a gorilla who's on PCP
Tandem parachuting (with you on the bottom) with a narcoleptic
Swimming from one end of a swimming pool to another that's filled with 100 piranha
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I moved from California to Massachusetts for college and I am really, really homesick. I almost cried after watching Monk and Psych because I usually watch that with my family, and I started sobbing after I got off the phone with my dad. I have no real friends and hardly any casual acquaintances on this side of the country. What can I do to stop being so homesick? Is it true that the first month of college sucks for nearly everyone?


Where would you say is the best place to make friends? School, work? Events? Sports, social activities? The bar? 
Work has not been too successful for me, i'm pretty awkward and overly nice. What would you recommend for me?
I'm sick of looking for something to do on the computer every weekend :P

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What's the name of the hamster that was mentioned in that 70s show?

What are the names of some famous mouse animated characters? (Ex: stuart little)

Which sport do you absolutely despite?