September 6th, 2007

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Unrelated craaaap

In light of the first couple questions here --

I've heard that new houses with two master suites are becoming more common, especially when couples have differing work schedules, "sleeping incompatibilities" [snoring, jostliness?], etc. We all like having our own space, but that sounds kind of roommate-y to me.
1. If given the opportunity, would you and your SO buy a place with this setup, or do you prefer the intimacy of sharing bedroom space?

2. What is the ideal size bed for two [sleeping] adults to share?

3a. Are there some things you ONLY like as real fruit, but hate as artificial flavors? Which?
3b. Reverse: are there fruits that you dislike, but you're fine with candies, yogurts, etc. flavored like those fruits? Which?

Lately my boyfriend has been, unfortunately, saying "where we're at" a lot. Consequently, I've been helpfully suggesting death via a number of household items, as that phrase makes my skin crawl with its wrongness. "Where it's at," I can get sorta behind; Beck had two turntables. A microphone. Still wrong, and I don't SAY it [much], but at least it's not "where we" C excuses this by insisting it's used at his workplace -- ex. "Well, that's not where we're at. Where we ARE at is..." -- at which point I crankily inform him that all his coworkers sound like idiots.
4. What's the one phrase that's made it into the vernacular in the last 5-10 years [barring Internet-speak] that makes you want to kill yourself or the person speaking?

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(no subject)

Poll #1050917 For $5,000,000 a year for the rest of your life, would you...

...agree to have your hair styled just like Donald Trump? You can never change it

67(67.0%) willing to consume 5,000 calories a day for the rest of your life? No restrictions on exercise

58(56.9%) willing never to set foot on dry land again? Yachts, zepplins, houseboats, etc, are completely acceptable

75(74.3%) willing to be in a loveless arranged marriage to someone who's just using you to stay in the country? If you're married now, you'll have to divorce


...part with your sense of smell and taste? They're irretrievably removed, and you could be standing in a cow pasture and not know it, and chocolate pudding and strained peas taste exactly the same to you

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I have three classes tomorrow: Political Science, Social Science, and History. For social science, I am required to do 12 hours of volunteer work this semester. Tomorrow, I have the opportunity to do 5 hours with the USO, welcoming soldiers back from Iraq.

Do I blow off class (attendance isn't mandatory for any of them), do the USO work, and just email my teachers, or go to class? They all seem like they'd be pretty on board for something like this, but I just can't decide :(

(no subject)

1] Dear TQC; What exactly does it mean to flex on your ex?
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2] Does the idea of dying/ending up alone scare you? Not completely alone, just lacking a significant other.

3] Would you consider yourself independent or codependent? Simply, do you hate being single/would rather be in a relationship?

4] Be honest; Do you have life outside of the vast universe of the internet?
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(no subject)

Do you have a crazy ex? Are you, or have you ever been the crazy ex? Will you amuse me with their/your antics?

Fortunately, I do not have a crazy ex. Just a bunch of assholes. My boyfriend on the other hand, man does he have a whopper. I don't think I have ever been the crazy ex.

Six Pack of Behavioral Questions

1. What is it called, or how is it described, when you're generally pretty annoyed by people, the presence of people, and having to deal with people, and yet you get along really well with virtually everyone, and pretty much everyone really likes you?

2. What are some good coping skills to deal with this problem?

3. What are some good career paths for someone with this problem?

4. How do you keep from alienating your friends when faced with this problem?

5. Is there a "cure" for this problem, something that eliminates the feelings of annoyance and loathing that you feel in the presence of others?

6. Does behavioral or drug therapy help?
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

(no subject)

My first semester of college, I got a 3.6 GPA. Last semester (my 2nd semester of college), I slacked off and wound up with a 2.5-ish GPA, which brought my cumulative GPA down to like a 3.1.  I need a 3.5 cumulatively to get my scholarship back.

This semester I'm only taking 12 credits (four classes plus a lab). I don't have a job yet, but I hope to work part-time somewhere.

1. Does this sound reasonable to bring my GPA back up?
2. I would have to basically get a 4.0 (straight As) to get back to a 3.5, no?

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(no subject)

1] Will you show me a picture of your best friend[s]?

2] Would you mind letting me see an adorable picture of any of your pets?

3] Is it obvious that I only asked the pet question because I wanted to show off my adorable puppy?

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a few

Is Canon EOS 400D Black DLSR 10MP Digital Camera, a good camera?
Websites similar to sparknotes? lol
Generally do pictures come out better indoors or outdoors? portraits i mean?
hannibal skull


What do you wake up to in the morning?

What gets you moving when you're arse-dragging tired?

I have my stereo in the lounge room on LOUD and a CD is my alarm.

A cold shower and caffeine.
yummy beer!, yummy

(no subject)

On my way out of the store this morning, I sneezed and a lady getting out of her car said, "Bless you," which pleased me inordinately.

I don't want to debate whether it was appropriate of her, since that's not what prompted this question for me.  Rather, what I want to know is what small pleasantry would you find or do you find most enjoyable to hear from a random stranger?
note: not referring to offers of money/monetary rewards or sex  - just genuine comments or niceties.

say 'velveeta'

For those who have experienced both, is there a big difference in picture quality between a 3 mp and 7 mp digital camera if you're not blowing the picture up to a large size?

If so, what <$300 7+ mp camera do you recommend?  I'm shopping around, as my 3.1 mp Kodak is starting to look like a Fisher-Price toy.

Say no to drugs.

 In paper this morning:

Patrick Hamman, 22, of Des Moines, Iowa, was arrested on a charge of domestic assult after he threw a bag of CHeetos at his father, Micheal Hamman, hitting him in the face Sunday night. The bag hit his father's glasses, cutting the bridge of his nose. The police report said, "Micheal's T-shirt was also covered in Cheeto dust." Police said Patrick Hamman, who lives with his father, admitted he was on methamphetamine at the time of the arguement.

What's the most ridiculous think you've done while high/ drunk/ just plain sober and crazy?

I'm feeling silly

So, I herd u liek mudkips?

My boyfriend just sent me a mudkip plushie because he's awesome and I'm a dork who actually really does like mudkips. Who wants to see it?
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(no subject)

Do you get multiple-sneeze fits often?

Do you have multiple orgasms often?

Just wondering if there might be a link between the two. Ha.

Do you like sneezing fits? I think they feel soooo good but it's *really* embarrassing when it happens around other people, especially at work, because I know it's totally obnoxious.

Do you make birthday resolutions? I never have but I feel like I should this year because it's going to be my golden birthday.
i say, old bean


if you were a parent, and you had a 16 year old son or daughter, how would you feel if you came home one night to find they had moved out?
what about if they already paid 6 months rent?

what was the most difficult thing for you to learn in school?
algebra. heh, i hate math.....
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

I've been on vacation and have pretty much skipped all TQC posts. Did I miss anything good? I'm not even going to ask if you missed me.

If you were to run away from your life, where would you go and how would you do it?


Do you believe that history repeats itself?

What is/are historical events that have happened in your lifetime that stood out to you?

How has this event(s) impacted your life?

What is something big that you would like to see happen in your lifetime that has not already happened?

(no subject)

Hello TQC!

Thanks in advance for reading this? I was wondering what is a professional font to use for a resume?

Aside from Times New Roman. I want it to look good and different, but still professional, and I only have Word.

Please help!

Thank you again for your time!


It's my boyfriend's birthday and I'd like to get him/make him another little something in addition to what I've got already. I've left this pretty late though, as I've been working and plus haven't been able to think of anything suitable ;( 

So...are there any little ideas for gifts anyone can think of that I can make in an office?! There's a shop sellig paper/glue etc nearby. Either that or if anyone can think of something useful but still gift-worthy for under £10? I can get to shops before I see him, but only if I know what I'm going for.

Background - he's 22, we've been together for over 3 years and he's pretty much your typical guy of that age when it comes to interests.

Ta in advance!

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Start menu

Aside from the obvious answers, i.e., "because PCs are stupid", can someone explain or tell me why I can't drag and rearrange my program buttons in the task bar? Picture after cut.

For e.g., I opened AIM first, but I want Lotus Notes in front of it. Why can't I just click on it and drag it in front of AIM?

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(no subject)

1. how can i get someone to admit they stole something, and get them to return it? (i have no proof. just basically my word against theirs)

(non serious answers are nice too. i need a laugh)

(no subject)

how do you pronounce the q-u-a-t in 'aquatic'?

something like ah-kwot-ic, like quad. as in, "Yeah, I can't find my Cranberries CD. I gotta go to the quad before somebody snags it."

or something similar to ah-kwat-ic, like quack. as in, "Quack, quack, I'm a duck!"

how do you pronounce the word 'aquatic'?


and if you picked 'other', specify, you freaks.
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(no subject)

 The vending machine at your work is actually just a bunch of snacks laid out on a table and sodas at a certain spot in the fridge with a little container for payment. Everything is priced and payment is an honor system, as there is no one there taking the money.

Are you honest about paying for the snacks you take?

(no subject)

Ok say all the dead US Presidents all get together in the afterlife and decided to have a Royal Rumble Cage Match (30 something Presidents go in 1 comes out)...Who Wins?
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(no subject)

TQCers, if you happened upon a dude standing around in the break room lamenting about need for chocolate and discussing favorite chocolates with a group of four of his female coworkers...

would you conclude that the dude in question was:

a master schmoozepimp
something else entirely

[edited to correct "gude"]
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Oh joy

I'm having stupid health problems and need distraction, so...what's your current medical malfunction? Are you going to see a doctor about it? If you're in perfect health, feel free to brag.

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OW! My Vegetable BIT ME!

I was walking around the garden today, and noticed that one of the veggies that our neighbour planted has been growing nicely.
I am not 100% sure what it is, that is why I come in need...well...more so want...haha...of what it could possibly be.
It kinda looks like a chinese cucumber like this: (picture snatched from google not my garden) BUT these ones are yellow and green and prickly black stuff on the skin AND the vine, the vine has a sticky substance oozing from it when you pick one off. I ate one (well a bite anyhow) and it tastes JUST LIKE cucumber. Oh and the vine is a yellowy-green too.

Do you think I'm right in assuming that it's chinese cucumber??

If it helps any, it's in with our neighbours grape vines =/

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(no subject)

seriously, who is "The Man"? i've had friends ever since high school who go on about "The Man". but when i've asked they've never been able to tell me who it is exactly they're crusading against.

i always just figure they're as brainwashed by their punk music and anti-establishment books as the rest of us are by "The Man".
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(no subject)

whenever you go on a trip, after you get home.. do you tend to unpack right when you get home? the following day? or does it take you a good while to unpack? it always takes me forever, about a week sometimes.

tell me about the person that you know whose name starts with an E?

whenever you meet someone and you want to exchange #'s with them, do you HAND them your cell phone so that they can enter the # into your phonebook? or do you just ask them to tell you the # and you enter it yourself? i add the # myself.

(no subject)

Is there something you can use to record/download non-downloadable songs that you play online? Eg. non downloadable Myspace songs, songs from the 'Music' application on Facebook etc.

I was asked this by a friend and I had no idea, but he's got me curious...


(no subject)

You know on mac & cheese boxes how it says not to rinse the pasta? What happens if you do?

My designated mac & cheese pan is losing its nonstick surface all over my noodles and my ceramic one hasn't gotten here yet!
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(no subject)

So like there's a red bandanna tied to our mailbox. Should I be worried? I want to take it down but I don't want to get like... shot. Or something.

ETA: So I took it off. There was also something in the mailbox that had attracted a LOT of ants... This makes me glad that we're moving in less than a month. :/
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(no subject)

Do words offend you?

If someone calls you a whore/cunt/fag?
Do you get mad?

EDIT: Background story
Someone called me a fat dyke the other day.Possibly because his ex likes me but thats besides the point.I thought it was funny afterall, i am fat and a dyke.My friends were more pissed off than i was.I'm glad that im not the only one who thinks it's dumb to let words get to you.
prue chillaxin

Thump Thump Thump

Does it irritate you when a car pulls up next to you at a stop light and REALLY loud rap music is blaring from it so loudly that you can feel the beat in your chest?

If so, does it worry you that maybe you're racist since this seems to be standard practice in the culture of young black men (at least in my area)?

Is there anything that annoys you so much about a particular race or group of people that it worries you that you might be more racist or bigoted than you wish to be?

(no subject)

1.) Has anyone successfully lost weight without counting calories?

2.) For those at already relatively low weights, how did you lose the last five pounds?

3.) How are you going to carve your pumpkin this year?

4.) How often do you eat candy bars? What is yur favorite?
prue chillaxin


This post has revealed that while in your car many of you turn up the volume of your stereo to the point where you inflict your music on everyone around you.

1.  Why do you do this?
2.  Would it bother you to know that most many people think you're immature and rude when you do this?
Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

What do you think the punishment should be for high school teachers that have sexual relationships with their students?

Has this ever happened at your high school?

---If so, what happened?
===Was the teacher or student the one blamed by the majority of people?
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Spitz - 三日月ロック
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(no subject)

hello, I am new.

What kind of snacks (chocolate, sweets, chips, etc.) are available in Norway?

What kind of snacks exist in the US and Australia that they DON'T have in Norway?
Self cleaning

Stereotypes are always correct. Always.

What stereotypes do you have about people from different regions of your country, different states/provinces, etc? (E.g. For the Americans, what stereotypes do you have about Southerners, Midwesterners, etc.)

What about people from other countries?

Have you found that most people from those countries or regions fit the stereotypical idea you have of them?

What is your favorite thing about the area you live in? What is your least favorite?
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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) What are your mother and father's names?

2) When you're in a serious relationship, do you have any preconceived notions or expectations about how the other person should treat you? (In other words, is there anything you require in a relationship? Such as "we must be monogamous", or "a call before bed is a plus", or anything.)

3) My boss is stationed at another branch for the next 3 weeks, and one of the outside salesmen is coming in to serve as branch manager. He's just a salesguy, not really that experienced with much else. He's also the company president's son. How chaotic should I expect the next 3 weeks to be? (EDIT: He's a nice guy, we all like him...he's just kinda clueless sometimes)

4) What do you think (or know) your next purchase will be?
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(no subject)

 So I've had maybe 6-7 migraines in my life.  I had a few when I was 11 or 12, and a few in high school, a couple in college, and I'm absolutely positive they're migraines.

But why is it that people say "That's too young for a migraine"?
me and reagan 24th


Do any of you "do" FlyLady (

Leaving out the obvious Christian background and teachings on the website, for those of you who aren't into that, what do you think about the overall idea/system?

Personally, I'm in love. It's so perfect for me, if a little cheesy sometimes with her little mottos and whatnot. lol.
by crop-crop-crop

Inspired by the girl in Sociology who had a bag of gummi worms for breakfast

My roommate is a dietetics major and we were talking about this earlier.

Did you gain the "freshman 15", "thesis thirty", etc. in college? Do you think it was because of bad eating habits or just a slower metabolism?

A ton of kids eat poorly in college. Did you/do you make an attempt to eat well while in school, or did you/do you eat mostly take-out and vending machine staples? Did you/do you just not care, or was it a convenience thing?

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Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. My office took us on a field trip today, pumped us full of food and sugar, let us shop, then brought us back to the office and expected us to actually work the last hour of the day. How stupid of an idea was that?

2. Would you work that last hour of the day? (The boss has already left for the day and left us here.)

3. What was the scariest thing you've seen in the past week?

4. Any plans for the weekend?

Memory boxes

If you have one that is mostly filled with items from past relationships with SO's, do you hold onto it for the sake of remembering good times or get rid of it? Let's say you do hold onto it but fast forward some odd years and you are married, do you keep it forever as something to look back on or again get rid of it. If your spouse wanted you to dispose of the box, would you?

(no subject)

I have made wedding and birthday cakes for a while now, and have also done some small-time catering and event planning. I want to give it a go down here in LA, but have had a really hard time thinking of a name.

What would you name a catering company that specializes in, but is not limited to cakes?

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(no subject)

I want to get a few football jerseys, but I don't really like any specific teams. I decided to google around and see if any websites make custom jerseys, but all I could find were websites dedicated to making custom ones for like, high school football teams.

Has anyone ordered a custom personal jersey before? I'd love to be able to choose between a wide range of colors (like hot pink, lime green, purple, etc), so any website reccomendations would be great. The cost doesn't really matter.

(no subject)

When you see qualities in someone you wish you had, do you admire them or get jealous? Do they inspire you to change or discourage you?

Do you believe it's true when people say that you should never have to change yourself? In what ways is it true, and what ways is it not?

What do you want to change about yourself, how are you going about it, and what's stopping you?
bang bang


In recent months, there have been at least three independent sightings of a "huge black cat, as big as a large dog, but definitely a cat" around the fields and woodland near where I live in the Northwest of England. What is it, TQC? Is there a Jagular on the loose? Is it the Hound of the Baskervilles? Are we all going to be violently eaten (or at least gnawed on) in our beds? Could it ACTUALLY be some kind of crazy catlike animal that has escaped from somewhere? PLS ADVISE.


Alrighty, here's the situation:

I moved into a townhome with 2 other people (S and R) on July 10th. I'm on the lease, as is S (her mother co-signed for her). R is not on any lease, at all. R has not paid rent this month, but at the beginning of him moving in, he gave me equal to 1 months rent. I took that this month to pay rent to the leasing office. It is now the 6th, and still, no rent has been given to me. S and I talked yesterday, and we agreed he needs to be out (in addition to not paying rent, he also hasn't paid on a few utilities that I've covered). Her and I are going to be talking to him tomorrow, can we kick him out tomorrow or do we have to give him 30 days to get out since I took his deposit?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

Let's just say there's this guy that you used to really like, and while he's away in the Navy, you correspond through phone calls and IM, and you both decide that when he comes home, you're going to try to start a relationship.  He doesn't go overseas or anything, he's just away because you live in a state that the Navy wouldn't even bother protecting.

In the mean time, however, you're trying to staunch your feelings for someone who you think you love, but you think he's not at all interested in you.  Then, a few months later, one day you both realize that you're in love with each other, and everything is wonderful and hippies frolic through the flowers, and the Beatles play in the background, and la-dee-da.

But then you remember the Navy guy...he's coming home for his birthday in three weeks.  How do you tell him?  Do you tell him over the phone/IM?  Do you go to his birthday party and risk awkwardness, then wait until the day after to tell him?  Do you just avoid him and hope he forgets about you?  TL;DR?

RELATIONSHIPS, AHOY!!  Oh, wait...crap...that sounds like a pun.  Damn it.
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(no subject)

Are all you of who claim to believe in an imminent zombie apocalypse actually serious?


A question. Why the fuck? Is it just that I'm Australian and completely out of the loop but seriously. Just. What

(no subject)

When you read the question "what do you want to change about yourself?" did you think first about a physical change or a mental/emotional change?

Have you ever gotten away with a made up word? What was it? When/where did you use it?

In 6th grade for a science project I made up all the scientific names for various animals. Insecta Othrodopolis was African fire ants. 100% A++ In 8th grade science I think we used the word "fructolius" in something with no comment from the teacher. :)

(no subject)

What sorts of things would go well with a light blue turtle neck?
So far I have a navy short sleeved jacket thing with darts in the waist and a brown and cream houndstooth blazer.

I don't want just layering options either, if you can think of something else to go with it, I would appreciate it :)

(no subject)

1)bightchee is telling me I shouldn't bleach my asshole at home by myself. Is that true?
2)Do you ever buy rotisserie chicken from the grocery store? If so, do you eat it like that or do you take the meat off and use it in something else?

(no subject)

Does anyone have a copy of Adobe Audition that I could have?

I'd really like to have it on my computer to save time instead of having to go to campus every time I have an assignment due ... which is all the time...
Thank you!!

Eeeeew! Dinner Time?!

OK, folks, here's a classic. Sorry if it's a repeat, I'm newish here.

What's the weirdest or grossest thing you've ever eaten? How was it?

I have three answers for you, in descending order of palatability, all from backwoods Thailand:

1) hornet larvae pounded into chili sauce;
2) saa, a dish made of raw pork and steamed pig intestine, served in sauce of blood, bile, and peppers; and
3) part of a tarantula egg sac, renowned for its curative properties.

The first two were better than expected; mostly spicy. The third tasted intensely bitter, like burnt earwax, and was disgusting overall.

Also, sorry I don't know how to do a cut, for those of you who've just thrown up a little.

How long ago...

1. How long ago did you last go on a first date?
2. How long ago did you go on your first EVER date?
3. How long ago did you last fall in love?
4. How long ago did you last suffer from a broken heart?
5. How long ago did you FIRST suffer from a broken heart?
6. How long ago did you meet your SO?
7. How long ago did you lose your virginity?
nana smoking

(no subject)

Sex questions! Always fun.

-For someone who normally has a pretty damn high sex drive as it is, why the fuck has mine jumped like 3 times higher than normal in the last week? Both serious answers and jokes cool.
-Most times you have masturbated in one day?
-What's YOUR sex drive like on a normal day?
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(no subject)


Chinese girl's name, or boy's name?

I can only find references to this person's research paper and beign a grad student, but nothing that says "he presented" or "she presented" or gives a picture.
madly i do &lt;3

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

Inspired by a post further down about SS cards and birth certificates, I have this question:

I just asked my mother where my birth certificate is, and she says that she won't give me her copy of it because she still needs it for things to show proof of my birth. (Although she also says she doesn't know where it is.) I know I can get my own copy, but this just sounds weird. I'm almost 23 years old, after all--what could she need it for?
Grammar love!

(no subject)

I don't know if this should go here, but what the hell.

In April of 2005, I got an MP3 player. A Rio Carbon. However, in the past 6-8 months, it's been screwing up. If I charge it, it tells me it's charged after 5 minutes; when I unplug it, the battery's barely there. So basically, to charge it full, I have to plug and unplug the charger every 5 minutes, which takes forever. Another thing it does is go into UPGRADER mode randomly and I can't get out of it by resetting the player. And sometimes, it freezes while playing a song, and when I turn it off and back on, it goes into UPGRADER.

My question is this: does anyone have a Rio Carbon and have the same problems? How do you fix this? I don't know much about electronics and their site doesn't give much.

And another question.
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Edit: Most people are saying I should get a Creative. I heard good things about them. But I'm just curious, anyone here have anything by Sandisk? How is it?

A question for the ladies- Caring for women's clothing??'s

Due to being laid off, I am now a househusband. I have always done my own laundry even when I was working because I thought it was unfair for my wife to have to do one more thing after teaching special ed all day. I've always cooked for both of us so there is nothing to get used to there. SO, Since I am not working I have decided to take care of my wife's laundry as well as my own since I have extra time and I figure this would be a great way to keep all of her clothes off the floor. Now, since I have never seen her really put much clothing away, I have a few questions about the care of womens clothing.

1. how do you hang a skirt?

2. what is the right way to put a bra in a drawer? Folded in half or stacked or what?

3. what is the best way to store purses? They are on the bottom of her closet on a pile right now and we have a good amount of room.

4. Would you want your jeans hung, or folded in a drawer?

5. She removes all of the tags from panties. What is the best wash setting for satiny ones? I usually do most stuff on cold anyway?

Anything else I should know?

(no subject)

 How unattractive is a large nose?  Would it make or break the beginnings of a relationship? (You know, if you go by the philosophy every love is sparked by some kind of physical attraction.)
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

(no subject)

There was a question about pumpkins, which is Halloween-y, so I must ask:

1) Are you planning what to wear for Halloween yet?

2) Do you wear the same thing every year, or do you spend a lot of time every year making something crazy and new?

3) Post a picture of your favorite Halloween getup!

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  • kit_n

Plumbing anyone?

Er, okay. So at the moment my toilet has no water in it, and there is toliet paper that remains at the bottom. Whenever I flush, it nearly floods. I've tried using a plunger with no luck. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is or how to fix it?

Any ideas?

(no subject)

Alright, folks, I have a tech-related question. First, though--backstory: I'm in a building on campus (my dorm) that is pretty much right on the outskirts. I suspect that the source of the wireless internet (is that the router? but do you know what I mean, anyway?) is far, far away, which results in shitty, shitty signal strength.

Short of lifting up my building and moving it to a more optimal spot, does anyone know of any devices or jerry-rigging techniques that could help boost my signal strength and thereby reduce the amount of tantrums that I throw when I'm trying to buy textbooks online and my internet goes down?

I realize that I could indeed take my laptop and my power cord and go somewhere else--that is a possibility, yes, and would probably be a better idea than just sitting on my butt in my dorm. But there are days when I just want to hide at my desk and type to the people in my computer. So any help would be appreciated.
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Posting to TQC while sitting at the bar.  I've reached a new low.

What do your local bars do on weeknights to get people in?

They've had movie nights, guitar hero tourneys, Madden Tourneys etc.

Nights are already designated for Open Mic, Beer Pong, Acoustic night, DJ's, Live bands.

Help us!

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Would you rather. do?

Sleep with a homeless person in their cardboard box in the alley. Safe sex, of course
Give up eating ice cream for the rest of your life
Be the one who spongebathes the residents at a retirement home for one day

What's the most useless thing?

Mosh pit at a Celine Dion concert
An encore outfit for KFed, which he'd wear onstage when the audience is demanding an encore
Complete set of the Encyclopedia Brittanica in Britney Spears' house
An inflatable woman in Lance Bass' house
An Oscar acceptance speech for Keanu Reeves

How long should you be with someone before it's ok for them to burp in front of you?

First date
Couple weeks
Couple months
At least a year
5 years

How long should you be with someone before it's ok for them to fart in front of you?

First date
Couple weeks
Couple months
At least a year
5 years

How long should you be with someone before they can catch you in a Dutch oven/covered wagon and all is forgiven afterwards?

First date
Couple weeks
Couple months
At least a year
5 years
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How young do you think is too young to get a piercing (other than one hole in each ear)?  What about a tattoo?  Do you think all of the 18 year olds who are getting inked the second they're old enough are going to look at their bodies and regret it, whether or not they decide to get the work removed?

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this is an example of blatent camwhoring


so, this week i was prescribed the drug lamictal. have you ever used this drug? i'm a little freaked out about taking it and was wondering if there was anyone here who could share some experiences with it. can you tell me anything about it (besides regular drug info, i already looked it up on webmd)?

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What do you think finishes this sentence?

"Je suis un garçon, ___________."

Bonus points if you finish it with a song quote. No googling!

You ever have a moment when you realize, oh, hey, I've got some pretty awesome friends?
One of my friends just gave me a call to make sure I'm okay because my dad's going in for open-heart.

EDIT: I will give you a clue. The second half starts with "J'aime."

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You burn more calories than you consume while you eat celery.
So, in theory, how much celery do you need to eat before you lose all your body weight and are 0 lb?

Edit: I watched someone turn this into a mathematical problem and come up with a certain quanity. What is the weirdest thing you've seen turned into a mathematical statement? This by far has to be it for me.

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What was that book series, about dragons.. Young teens whent to a cave when that set of dragon eggs hatched and "bonded" with one of the babies.  Different colored dragons had higher/lower strength/respect value?  I want to say the main char. was a girl..

 EDIT: Thanks!  Got my answer (:

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I am doing an extra credit assignment for my world religions class. For this assignment I have to look up the word divination. There are 4 parts to the assignment:

1. Research the topic
2. Describe your research
3. Analyze the research
4. Give your opinion

I have done steps 1 and 2, and have a good idea for step 4, but how the hell do I analyze the definition of divination? Unlike the previous assignments of creating a definition of world view, world religion, and deciding whether or not holy is the same as sacred, this one is pretty straight forward.

So TQC, how would you analyze the definition of divination?

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Some person is depressed-drunk, but otherwise fine (i.e. not feeling ill) and has been building up aggression/self-pity for the past hour.

Are you the nice person that listens for ages even though the other person probably won't remember anything the day after, are you a decent person that sits there and pretends to listen while getting drunk, too - or do you fuck with their minds?

Come on, someone must be mean too.