September 5th, 2007

Gattuso and Cahill by pacalis

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i'm severely lacking in hugs these days. so, if you could hug anyone in the world right now(i'm talking someone famous that you really like who you'll probably never meet. none of this "omg my bf, lol" crap), who would it be?

i think i would really enjoy hugging Christian Bale. maybe too much. or Owen Wilson. after watching all these Wes Anderson movies with him i feel like i just wanna hug him until he can't breathe.
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leave your turntable on

not the first, but certainly never the last.

In a failed attempt at "fixing" my eyebrows, I accidentally took too much off of my right brow and now, instead of being slightly arched (like in that... icon, only not like that... think kind of like a softer, inverted check mark), it's more in a rounded arch and it's a few millimeters shorter than my left brow. I look potentially deranged, and I need help figuring out how I can either fix it or conceal it until my eyebrows come back to their naturally unruly yet full state. Anyone have ideas or suggestions?
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I just found out that one of the guys I work with is a sex offender. I want to know if this is true or not, but every time I search it they want to charge me for it. Does anyone know of a free search where I could out for free. Do you know of any?
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It's 4:30am

I apologised to a snail for almost stepping on it. Is that weird?

Have you ever gotten a hole in one of the soles of your favourite shoes and repaired it with some kind of tape?

Have you ever heard of lisianthums?

What's your favourite breed of horse?

Do you like peppercorn sauce?

ETA: Do you get really silly and say things you find endlessly amusing but everyone else is like 'whaaat?' when you are tired?

ETA2: Would you rather have a voice like Barry White or Porky Pig?

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1) Do your flirt with your coworkers?
2) Who is your favorite person to flirt with at work? What do you like about them?
3) Would you consider dating any of your coworkers?
4)When does harmless workplace flirting cross the line?

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Do you find it pretentious/annoying/your-negative-word-here that James Blunt has a song about being in love with a girl that he met in a club in 1973 when he was BORN in 1974?

It shouldn't bother me as much as it does.
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Oldware Question: PC Illustrator 3.0

Has anyone been able to get PC Illustrator 3.0 for DOS to work in DOSBox? If so, what did you change in the configuration file to get it working? I have been able to get past the "Press Any Key" prompt to the one that says "Is Microsoft Mouse Ready?" and I do run Microsoft Mouse before launching the program, but I haven't had any luck with anything else. It might be because I don't have a plotter or printer installed, but I'm not sure.

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Dear TQC,  my husband punches/hit/slap/shove me because I flirt with men, and didn't do the laundry. He has once almost thrown a hammer at me. Something tells me this isn't normal for a marriage. My mother and father wants to fly me home to NY.  But, today is my first day on the job, to work at a food store, yeah i could get a better job than that. I don't want to decide too rashly...

What do you think?


1. Tablet PCs, are they really awesome if you are an artist? Are they worth the extra money?
2. If you've moved out of your parents house and had to move back in with did you survive? I thought I had an okay relationship with them, but seriously it's just reminding me why I moved out in the first place!
3. What is the longest amount of time you've been unemployed? What did you do during that time? I don't know what to do with myself. :[
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Where can you find decent looking myyearbook layouts?
I've been looking for a couple weeks, and I get the same generic patterns.

80s and 90s kids- What were your favorite cartoons growing up?
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Henry can paint the house in 4 hours, and Claude can paint the house in 3 hours. How long would it take the two of them to do the job together?

a. 3.5 hours
b. 2 hours
c. 1.75 hours
d. 1.71 hours

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Where do you live?

What do you live in? (Apt, Condo, House, Box, etc)

Do you pay rent? How much?

My answers:

1.Suburbs of Philly

2.An Apt

3.Yes,$981 a month, luckily split between 3 people.
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I know that pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy itself is different for every woman, but do you think that by looking at your Mother's pregnancy or pregnancies, you could predict and know what will be going on with yours??

Also, do you ever feel like a Garfunkel to someone's Paul Simon?
Stick People

Three guys walk into a bar...

Do you prefer to sleep alone or with someone?

For those with husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, farm animals, etc., do you miss having the whole bed to yourself?

Do you like rain? Thunderstorms? Snow?

How much do you text message? What was the last thing you sent and/or received by text message?
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1. Are you an older sibling, younger sibling, middle child, or only child (however you want to define siblings - step, half, etc.)?

2. Which of the above groups do you tend to make more friendships with, if any?

I'm an older sibling and I gravitate toward younger siblings. The majority of my close friends at least have an older sibling, though they may have younger as well.


1. Do you say Mamma Jamma?
2. On a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being the least), how powerful is the spoken word in your opinion?
3. Are you weird?
4. What is the strangest thing you've ever seen?

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I want to buy a new digital camera, but I'm honestly clueless as to what's 'good' for what price, and what's not. I don't need something really  professional, but I want a good picture (obviously) that isn't grainy and cheap looking - which is what I keep running into. I'm a big video-taker, too, so video quality is a must. I had a brand new digital camera from Best Buy for about 250$ a year ago, but the video quality sucked, so I returned it. I'll probably be buying again from Best Buy or Micro Center.

Suggestions from anyone who knows a thing or two about digital cameras? What megapixels should I be looking for?

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ok my dog started distroying my house while at work. last night I cam home to my laundry strun allover my house, the garbage torn up and she ate my toilet paper!

she's never done this before and I know she's gonna have her pups soon, but I don't know what to do.

should I put her in her cage while i'm at work?
her cage is 4 ft x 3 ft

or what are some other options?
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Poll #1050285 The forgotten ones

Do you know...???


YAY! More stupid polls!!

Shameless, just shameless
Why do the uncool kids even try to be cool?

I am too bored at work.

Yes, obviously.
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Are there any forms of mutilation that you're interested in? You don't have to LIKE doing it or like having it done upon you, but are just interested in what brought the idea of it about, the thing itself, and the effects of ones' appearance and such.

Hell, some people consider a nose piercing body mutilation.

Personally, I'm becoming increasing fascinated with the Glasgow smile. I should probably stop.
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Did you ever make one of these in elementary/intermediate school?
What the heck was it called? They had silly things written on them.

They were really popular to do back when I was in elementary/intermed. school (waaaaaaaaay back in the early 80's). Silly, but then we didn't have cell phones and iPods back then.

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how many people does a person had to had slept with for you to consider them a slut? (if you don't judge it based on the # of partners, what do you base it on?)

is there a difference between a slut and a ho? what about a whore?

do you know anyone IRL that you consider a slut? what makes them a slut?


Has anyone ever bought a used turntable?
Did you pay a lot for it?
If you found it needed parts when would you stop fixing it?
Does anyone know how to shrink an over stretched turntable belt?
Does anyone listen to vinyl anymore?
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I have to take a drug test by 12:30 tomorrow, but I can't do it today because of transport issues. How long does this typically take? Is there typically huge line of people that need to do it? I'm worried because even if I get there right when the clinic opens (at 8 in the morning) I'll still be too late and thus unhireable =(
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So, I had this story idea. Because I'm a dork like that, I tend to write love stories.

This one is basically about two people who end up falling in love after they become step-siblings, they're in high school when their parents marry, and did know each other beforehand.

Would that automatically weird you out and make you avoid the story?
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1. Do you have a piggy bank?
2. Is it an actual pig? What does it look like?
3. Do you periodically count the change in it, or do you just wait until it's full to count it?
4. What do you usually do with the saved change?
5. I have $17.06 in mine right now, should I keep saving it, or blow it on the latest Hanson album?

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so i have dry feet despite using lotion every day and such. my left heel has gotten so bad that i have a large deep crack on it. it hurts.

besides neosporin, is there some miracle product out there that can help me?
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1. I'm babysitting and said I'd take the kid to the park down the street. I don't feel like it. He doesn't care either. Should I take him?

2. What is your shower routine?

3. What color is your hair? Is it straight, curly, or wavy?

4. Have you ever gotten a tattoo in or around Pittsburgh? Where at and who did it? Can I see?

5. Do you like to cook?

Feeble attempt.

 1. A somewhat distant relative falls ill in their old age and you are contacted as their only living relative. Do you do what you can to take care of them?

2. A not so distant relative falls ill in their old age and you are contacted as their only living relative. Do you do what you can to take care of them?

3. An immediately family member falls ill in their old age and you are their only living relative. Do you do what you can to take care of them?

Be as specific or wordy as you like as to why/ why not/ stipulations, etc.


So I just bought myself a ticket to the Mandy Patinkin/Patti Lupone concert in Palm Desert in January. Yep, it's a long way off. It's about a three hour drive from where I live and the concert starts at 8pm. I would assume the concert will get out between 10-11pm. No one's going to the concert with me, cause my SO will be working til 9pm that night and I just don't think it's fair to drag my friends to one more odd concert they don't want to go to. So...
Poll #xxxx Concert
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

What should I do after the Mandy Patinkin Concert?

Suck it up and drive home
Get a hotel room by myself (around $90 and safe)
Invite a friend along; they won't go to the concert, but hey, free hotel room!
Seduce Mandy Patinkin and stay where he's staying
Play it by ear! Don't reserve a room ahead of time, but find one (hopefully) If I'm too tired to drive home.
Other! I'll comment.

  EDIT: poll is dead and nothing I do makes the Submit Poll Button clickable. Sorry for my suckage.

inspired by the question below

remember the tsunami? yeah, that one. right after Christmas.

anyway, afterwards i heard a couple times about this Australian woman who was on vacation with her two sons, aged 2 and 5, i believe. they got caught in it the wave and the mom was in a situation where she was having to use one hand to hold onto a tree and the other her children and couldn't hold onto both. she ended up letting the 5 year old go to hold onto the toddler. as it turns out, the 5 year old survived(yay!! btw).

now, i'm not asking, how could anyone make that decision? blah blah blah Sophie's choice, etc. etc. i'm wondering:

what is that kid going to think in 5 or 10 years when he's a teenager and he realizes their mom let him go?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) When drinking out of a bottle, do you prefer flip-top, screw top, or pull-up spouts?

2) Do you own a GPS unit? What kind is it? How often do you use it?

3) What song are you really into/listening to a lot at the moment?

4) If someone calls you and a recording picks up that says "please hold, I have an important call for you!" do you hang up or hold on?

5) Do you have any big plans/events in 2008 you're looking forward to/dreading already?

1) I like flip tops

2) No :(

3) I've been listening to Jack Off Jill's version of "Love Song"(I know, blasphemer, haha) a lot lately, as well as The Pogue's "The Belle of Belfast City"

4) I hang up. If it was really that important, they wouldn't put me on hold!

5) I think so

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If you could alter one physical characteristic of your SO, what would you change?

For those of you who are single, if you could guarantee your future SO had any one physical characteristic, what would it be?

How about any one personality trait?
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Hey TQC!

How late does UPS deliver? I ordered some threadless shirts last week, and the tracker said the package was out for delivery at 7:26 AM today. It is now 5:38 PM and I'm not seeing any sign of the UPS guy. :(

About how many books do you own?

I think I have around 150. Not counting the ones I still have from when I was a wee kid.

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What are the things you would NEVER ingest?

What are the reasons? (political, chemical, moral, etc)

Edit: What would the consequences be if a scenario like Fight Club (hitting the "financial reset" button) happened? Is it possible to start society over from scratch without wiping out almost the entire world population first?

(no subject)

Who is the richest person you know? Why are they rich?

If your other half hit you would you automatically leave them?

Do you agree with any controversial veins of thought? Or disaagree with anything deemed normal that would make you controversial.

What would you do if you had a free day or two in London apart from shopping.. because that's obvious.

And finally... what shall I name my b/g twins?


Is there a website similar to Librarything for dvds?

How many dvds do you have?

How do you store/organize your dvds?

Have you ever used a Slappa brand case?

I'm moving and will have NO room for my ~100-150 dvds.
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Due to a random craving for Lucky Charms, I now wonder...

In your educated opinion, TQC, what is the best goddamn kids cereal out there? Why exactly is it so awesome?

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1. Can you find an email address for Dr. Rougeau-Vanderford anywhere on this site? Coz I sure can't. Nevermind. This person may or may not even exist and I ended up getting placed in a different class anyway. It would have been nice if they mentioned that to... anyone, really, but hey.

2. How about the Accounting Office? If you call them, do you get an actual person or voicemail? 432-552-2706. I've been assured there are actual real live people in that office but I have my doubts. Finally got someone.

3. I've called in sick to work for the last 2 days so I could stay home and attempt to deal with these people and their convoluted system. Should I say damn the torpedoes, skip this semester, and find another school? All I'm trying to do is register and pay for tuition for English 1302. GOD.
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TQC, I am young, bored and prone to bad decisions. What should I get a tattoo of? (srs answers only!)

A coworker of mine (I'd go so far as to call her my best friend at work) had a seizure yesterday and cannot work or drive for a few days. I'd like to give her something to let her know I'm thinking of her. Do you have any suggestions?

ETA: Is it just me, or is it hilarious that my mother wants to drive 6 hours with me to go to a Kelly Clarkson concert? I mean, I love KC, too, but... is it weird?

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Did anyone else fail their driving theory (or permit test) first time round?

I just failed my hazard analysis. Which sucks because I got 48/50 on the multiple choice. AND I failed it because the tutorial didn't explain it to me, not because I'm crap and didn't notice anything.
Bailey and I

My 18th Birthday is Coming

(The BF wants to buy me a tattoo, I'm thinking about it)

TQC, Do you have a tattoo?
  Can I see it?
Where is it?
What is it of?

What was your first tattoo like?
Did you put a lot of thought into what you were getting?
Were you scared?

Should I get a tattoo?

What is the most attractive place for a girl to get a tattoo?
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(no subject)


my bf just asked
me to marry him
we are 18 and i want
to get a tattoo to symbolize our love.
can you please tell me
where is a good shop around me
and how much would it cost.

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Okay, this seems like a stupid question and amazingly simple but;

How do overweight people feel totally and completely secure that their SO loves them mind, body and soul? I can understand the mind & soul part but I can't understand the body part, which I know is me screaming how immature and shallow my thinking is. I'm not sure why I can't manage to understand this - the simple answer is because looks is not what matters. But it is in so many ways; when you go to the beach and your big ass is waddling towards the water while some beautiful bikini'd chick walks in front of you - how do you not feel inferior?

I don't know how else to word this. I'm pretty good at making fat jokes about myself but this is something I honestly haven't figured out how to wrap my mind around.

college lyfe

Why do I keep falling asleep in my classes? They aren't boring classes- I'm very interested and I try really hard to stay awake- but my eyes won't focus and my body just droops. You should see notes that are taken while a person is half asleep. Not very helpful. I don't get it, I get at least six hours of sleep a night (almost eight most nights), I eat three regular meals, and I don't do anything particularly strenuous (like hardcore gym time) during the day. So why do I fall asleep? And more importantly- what can I do to not fall asleep?
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Would you hire someone who was fired from a previous job for "inappropriate conduct"?

What if the "inappropriate conduct" was having consensual sexual relations with a superior outside of work time?

Would you allow the person to explain the situation?

Would any explanation seem appropriate?
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I just started a black and white photo class and I need to take a crazy amount of pictures of just random items from different view points, backgrounds, and depths of field (i.e a building from floor level/looking up at it/just a window of it, or maybe a shoe on the ground on its side, on a foot, from a worm's eye view, just the tread, etc).

Any suggestions? I need to shoot more than two rolls (36 exp a roll) and have at least 3 angles/depths of each item.

I'd rather not go too avant-garde and take pictures of poop, but I live in Chicago and there's plenty of stuff I can take pictures of. One thing I was thinking is maybe an orange in a super market bin, in a bag, in someone's hand from close up, far away in a basket of fruit, etc.

Halp me, Professor LJ.
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Please excuse the tl;dr

Okay, this is a little long and kinda tl;dr but here it goes...

Collapse )

1. Should I send her a card? Would you put anything in it, even though obviously if there was a baby shower I wasn't invited?  Just let it go and if I ever happen to run into her around town again, say congratulations then?

For those that didn't feel like reading that...

2. Whats your favorite kind of cookie?

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wuv, twue wuv

Which is worse?

Getting involved with a coworker
Getting involved with your best friend
Getting involved when you are going to move across country in 7-9 months (and the other party knows it)
who cares, just fuck him

What if it is all three?  My coworker, who is my best friend EVER, knows I am moving across country next year, yet we both came clean about our feelings towards each other.

Tell the future TQC, what is going to happen?!?!?  LIVES ARE AT STAKE HERE!!

Edit: damn, you guys like tickys don't you?
Christmas Jim and Pam

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Where can I find the lyrics to Voltaire's Zombie Prostitute? Google has yielded nothing, and I can't download the song at the moment. 

Also, does anyone think the characters change in the Office season three? I think the writing was a little out they were trying to be a little more edgy and shocking. Anyone else notice it?


What are your favorite running/jogging shoes?

Anyone have good recommondations for someone with a slighty narrow foot that needs a shoe with a decent amount of cushioning (sensitive knees)?

Doesn't college just suck?

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What do you eat that is healthy, meal (and snack) wise?

I'm looking to expand my breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Mainly dinner. I like things that don't take longer than a half hour to 45 minutes tops to put together, inexpensive, and tastyyyyy while still being healthy and fufilling. Yaknow, high in protien, low in sugar. Ect ect. Tell me how to make your favorite healthy plate!

Also, anyone's LJ in here mostly photos? Or do you know anyone that posts alot of photos?

I enjoy looking at journals like mine that are mostly picture-posts.

THANKS! Eat healthy, and post tons of pics! ;) haha.

Fish tank questions!

So right now I have 3 goldfish and one small Plecostomus sharing a 10 gallon fish tank (I know- bad fish owner! But their old tank had a crack in it and I had to move them ASAP into another one). Every time I look at them I feel horrible- I know they're completely cramped. I want to buy a 40 gallon and get it set up.

But does anyone know the estimated price of setting the whole thing up? What will I need? I know a tank, filter, air supply, heater, rocks... am I missing anything obvious? Any brands you'd reccomend? I get my paycheck tomorrow and I want to make a quick run to the store to pick everything up.

Also, my goldfish are the messiest mofos in the world. I will completely clean their tank, and one week later their water will be extremely dirty (neon orange, I tell you!). I've heard of a below gravel filtration system (I think it involves a pump?). How do I set that up? Do I need to buy for that?

On my old (and current) fishtank the lighting is really bad. It's just dull and yellow, and really makes the tank look boring. I see some tank lighting that's beautiful! Is it a special type of bulb?
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So I greatly despise one of my coworkers plus he's a shitty employee. I was nice to him when he was new but gradually I realized he's an ass and would never change. He just announced he's qutting and I could not be happier.

The problem is, another person on our team wants to have a goodbye party for him. She new and doesn't want to plan by herself and she doesn't think it's right not to do something for him (and I don't think she realizes the depths of his asshattery).

She wants me to help her because the three of us worked closely together. However I really feel kind of two-faced helping since I am so happy he's leaving.

Should I be the bigger person and go to his goodbye lunch? Or just blow it off entirely? Or go and secret celebrate his quitting?

(no subject)

Do you feel awkward when someone asks you what you want for your birthday?

What should I want for my birthday?

Edit: I really don't know what I want and have already made a lecherous and completely inappropriate reply.
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parted hair

If your hair is parted to the side, is the part of the right side or the left side?

Is one side more common or natural looking than the other? I seem to see celebs with theirs parted on the left.

Mine is parted on the right but I part my daughter's on the left and I have no idea why.

Why, tqc, why?

And will you share a pic with your hair parted?

Cause you're sick of zombie posts, I bring you...a zombie post. Use your morality wisely

1. You see Donald Trump in a restaurant. He pays for his big meal with a thick wad of bills, as thick as your wrist. Zombies attack, and Trump gets killed. However, 5 minutes later, he's back on his feet, shambling about aimlessly. You know the money was in his back pocket. Do you attempt to pick the Trump zombie's pocket?

2. Zombies are invading the land, and you're armed and ready for zombie dispatching. You got a sweet machete and no walking dead can step up to your zombie-fileting skills. You're leading a small group of people to a sanctuary, when you walk into a zombie ambush! During the fray, one person in your group gets bitten on the hand before you manage to repel the attackers. The turnaround time for zombification is 24 hours. After that, they die and become one of the walking dead. The zombie virus travels about 8 inches per hour through the body until it kills the brain. Now, knowing that, what do you do with the bitten person? Let him go, kill him, ignore the risk or hack off his hand?

(no subject)

Long shot. I woke up today and Newport Harbour was on MTV. A song was playing in the background that sounded like I might like it. I've googled, blah blah. The lyrics I caught were: "I'm not, what you think, or dream to's all in your head" The song sounded alternative-ish. If anyone knows I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

(no subject)

if you found a naked picture of co-worker or friend on a porn site or magazine, what would you say to them, if anything? should you let them know in case it's being used without permission, or would it create too much embarrassment to talk about?

back story:
this happened to me. I saw a co-worker featured topless in one of those singles / phone sex line papers that used to litter Los Angeles street corners. it was a younger picture of her and I wondered if she knew that magazines were using it. i couldn't figure out how to bring up, so I never told her.

(no subject)

1. What's the correct form of the word bold in the following sentence? "There are four bold phrases in the paragraph..."

Bold? Boldened? Bolded? Boldeded? I know it's an awkward way to arrange the sentence. That's me. Hi.

2. What stress relieving toys do you have at your desk or work area? I HAVE LIKE FIVE OF THOSE LITTLE CANS OF PLAY-DOH. EWW IT'S ALL SQUISHY. And I have a stapler that I constantly mess with and end up stapling things together that Shouldn't Be Stapled.

3. Totally unrelated but, hypothetically, how would you get Play-Doh out of a stapler? Oh hai. I ran it under warm water for a minute and all the Play-Doh washed out of the little crevices. Yay.

NEW 3. What was the most recent thing you ate or drank? Mine: water. (Unrelated to aforementioned stapler.)
Hunger Games

car question

I have a 97 Dodge Neon. I've only had it a couple months, the door ajar light flickers with the dome light and it drives me nuts. Out of frustation I removed the bulb from the dome light and now the cd player won't work. I replaced the radio fuse and bought a new light bulb for the dome and both still won't work. Any suggestions? If not, what type of repair shop should I take it to and any idea how much the repair might cost?
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I'm a newb

I'm starting the first major research endeavor of my college career this semester. Most of my schooling has been focused on critical analysis and interpretation. I'm a second-semester junior, and I feel like I should know what I'm doing, but I'm totally lost as to where to begin. Will you please share your best research tips with me? How you go about starting?

I went and picked up a few good overview books on the broad topic of my research, hoping to find something to narrow it down.
hannibal skull

No poll

Polls. Bah, who needs them? :)

If you had to live the rest of your life in one place that you have never lived before (not just a different house, but a whole new city and/or country), where would it be? Yes, you can visit where you came from, you just can't move back.

hard drive integrity

Backstory: Over the weekend, I was defragging my computer when I got a Blue Screen of Death. After reboot, I could no longer get into Windows (regular or safe mode). A diagnostics utility I have on a CD that came with the computer did a hard drive check and gave me lots of "Disk Failed" messages. Via an XP disk, I was able to get in once and rescue some documents I wanted to save but after that the Windows-wont-load syndrome returned. I got the XP CD to allow me to run CHKDSK /f to find and fix errors. I also ended up getting Scan Disk to trigger one time trying to get into Windows and it also found and fixed numerous errors. I finally resorted to reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows and so far it seems to be working.

Can anyone recommend a good way to check my hard drive integrity (is that the correct techy term?)? Or in other words is there something I can do check if my hard drive is liable to fail again? Someone told me they had heard of something you can run that will find bad sectors on your HD and isolate them so your computer doesn't try to do anything with them thus avoiding a crash for that reason.

FWIW, I have Windows XP Home. And if it matters its a completely legit CD key.

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  A Whore is not a woman who screws around with many different men, or a woman who performs in pornography or a woman who sells her body...a Whore is a woman who intuitively Knows how to fuck her man...because she actually likes men: the feel, the smell, the taste of a man...and it is not her sexual skills, neither is it her willingness to do anything sexually, that makes a Whore great in bed: it is only the genuine lust within her heart

what do you think about this quote?
are you a whore?
cruel world

Math inquieries/riddles.

1. Write the next three numbers:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 ...

2. Place two addition signs and two subtraction signs between the numbers to make the left side equal 41.
9 __ 3 __6 __ 2 __ 31 = 41

3. In your dresser drawer there are ten blue socks and sixteen red socks. What is the least number of socks that you must take out (without looking) to get two socks that match?

4. Sixteen, quadrupled equals ....

Why am I always with the tl;dr?

So TQC, I need your advice yet again. As I have stated before, I suck at making decisions without unbiased opinions.

I've been in a full time job at a pool/solar heating business for the past 2 weeks. I'm on a trial for one more week. It's an office job (which I've studied/trained for for 3 years). Thing is, it's not my kind of office job. I'm a computer person, specifically a Microsoft Office person. My main role in this job is to answer phones & do paper work, which is what I will always be doing until I move up in the company (which I honestly have no interest in).

I have no interest in pools or solar heating, which makes it harder to learn everything I need to. My boss is an arrogant prick & I have to sit 2 meters away from him & listen to his snide remarks. I hate answering phones & filing all day long. I don't even have my own computer.

Ok so at the end of my trial they will either decide to keep me on (which I'm not sure they will from what I heard today) or I can say 'sorry, it's not for me'. From what I hear there are a lot of casual positions going in local deli's, cafe's & the like in my town at the moment which will be a lot less stressful & I can take the time to find an office job that I would like better. I'm thinking about scoping them out & seeing if I can find myself a job or 2 for the moment. Maybe go to Uni also.

But then again I'm making $400 a week. But then again I'm not happy in my job & dread it every morning.


I much apologise for the tl;dr.

Edit; $400 a week is a lot of money for me seeing as I used to get $250.
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Do you hate the Truth commercials?

I do for the most part. Especially the one with the "Light" bullets cause it makes no sense. And the one where the guy tells you how some company said milk is worse for you than cigarettes. Okay, obviously that's bullshit but the fact that some dude lied isn't going to steer someone away from smoking.

The commercial they had where they tell you that a chemical in cigarettes is also in hair removal products makes more sense though.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever done something bad to a job that treated you like shit? What was it?

2. Do you know where I can download any Atmosphere? Their new song "Sunshine" in particular.

For myself:
1. Quitting in general screwed my previous job over, but I'm not feeling quite satisfied. I worked for them for a year, had a raise / promotion dangled in front of me for 2-3 months, then I was told that I wasn't a "loyal employee" I wasn't getting a raise after all. But now they're screwed because there's no one to replace me.

(no subject)

1. What is that thing you use to squeeze out icing?
2. I need to make fake muffins, but the cake cases I have easily become flat and hardly hold the shape of the muffins. Any suggestions how I can retain the shape? :) Thanks!!

(no subject)

Do you think it's possible for a man to love a single woman unconditionally and never fantasize about any others and focus only on HER? If your significant other told you this, would you believe him or would you have doubts? 

Does anyone else on here have serious trust issues that stem from childhood and are now taking a toll on your relationship?

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I live in an apartment building that was built in the 20s.
There is a terrible smell, always near one wall. We've tried everything to get rid of it. It smells just like the squirrel that died in my dad's basement.

That being said, how likely is it that something crawled into the wall and died?
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Been having brownouts since yesterday and just had the first blackout of the season, though it was a mercifully short one. Assuming you're not ready to sleep yet, what would you do during a night time blackout? Know where a flashlight is in the dark? Got candles? How do you entertain yourself for a while?
Haruhi disappearance
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When you're sharing an ice cream cake, do you try to hog all the crunchies?

Do you know what I mean by crunchies?

How great are those crunchies?

And for those of you who "don't eat that shit",

What is your favorite vegetable, and how do you like to prepare it?

(no subject)

where were you when 9/11 happened?

how did it affect you?

have you ever cried about it?

do you know anyone (personally) that died in this tragedy?


I was in 9th grade in the dean's office, during first period American History class.

I felt really really horrible about the whole thing. but words can't really express that clearly.

I cried over it once

& no.
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(no subject)

I am in my last semester of college. I'm taking three regular courses and a "senior paper". My parents give me enough money monthly to live on easily, and enough that I could save up a little but not much.

Should I try harder to get a job even though I'll be out in the "real world" in three months or should I relish this time to live off of my parents? I've applied to a couple places but I don't think I'm going to get any of the positions.

Keep in mind that when I save money I usually spend it in one chunk on something I don't even need anyway.

TQC, you are going to determine what I do with my life!!!!!!

Edit: What's a good way to get a job as an au pair in Europe? I'd be interested in Scandinavia or pretty much any of the Western European countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, possibly Germany and France, UK, Luxembourg, etc.

(no subject)

my boyfriend is a poop and so I cannot get a cat, I love golden retrievers but live in an apartment without a yard. I hate poodles.

What type of small dog should I get?

Who would win in a cuteness contest, pugs or corgis?

(no subject)

Why the hell is my ex from 6 years ago telling me he loves me and misses me?

I'm chalking it up to insanity, as we were 16/17 when we dated and we haven't seen each other in 4 years and I'm now married.

I'm obviously not looking for serious answers.

(no subject)

If you were walking through a park, and encountered a group of strangers playing a pick-up game of Four Square, encouraging passers-by to join in, would you play?

When's the last time you played FourSquare?
If you've never played, do you know what it is? Do you call it Four Square or something else?
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Do you know of anywhere online where I can find lots of images of famous works of art... or even works of art that aren't all that famous, but were created by famous artists. 

My six year old daughter is enchanted with art right now and I want to show her the world of art that's out there. 
(In addition to art books and trips to galleries, that is.)

(Nudity is fine.  Sex, violence and gore isn't.)


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Do you think that most people are prone to depression?

My dad told me that he gets that way sometimes after I was explaining to him that my brother was prone to depression and his response really took me by surprise.

EDIT: Also, it seems that a lot of people in my life such as friends have had a history of some sort of depression and had to be treated so it really got me wondering.

403, ih8u!

So, whenever I open my AOL Explorer or Internet Explorer browsers I got 403 Forbidden errors for every single site I try to go to. Firefox is normal, though and I can go to any site I want. Why are those web browsers being jerks? I checked my firewall and both those programs have full access. If anyone can help a sistah out I'd really appreciate it!!
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Dear Dr. TQC

What would happen if a perfectly normal 23 year old who can already keep it up for a good hour or so, were to take advantage of the free trial offer of enzyte I saw on TV last night?

(Random guessing challenge!)
I am a 5th year college student in a software engineering program. How fast do you think my home computer is right now in Ghz? Peeking in my journal is cheating.

(no subject)

1.  Is your room messy?  If so, how is it messy?

2.  What sort of fruit do you eat regularly?

1.  Yes, kind of.  It's not dirty, but I have books and papers everywhere, and there are towels and clothes on both of my chairs.  Also, my new rug is shedding everywhere.

2.  I just ate an entire cantaloupe a few hours ago, but I eat grapes, oranges, and apples more regularly than any other fruit.

Friend Issue

So my friend, who was having an issue with her boyfriend, asked me if she was fat. My exact response was:

"No you're not. You're a beautiful curvy woman, and you of all people should know that bigger does not mean you're fat."

She in turn got very upset at this answer and said that curvy is just a nice way of telling someone they're fat, and is now refusing to talk to me. I completely understand her anger since I threw that one at my SO a couple months back, but now being on the opposite side, I'm confused as to what to do...

Background on this: She's just under--- lbs but she carries her weight quite well, and I was being completely honest when I told her I thought she was beautiful.

So now:
1.) How should I have handled this situation?
2.) What do I do to fix it?
3.) Why does the word big=fat?

#2 is the more important question of the three

Proper Etiquette

I'm going to a wedding this Saturday.
I already bought a gift for the wedding shower (which I attended). Would it be proper to get another gift, give money or just a card (with no money or gift) for the actual wedding/reception?