September 4th, 2007

healthy stuff.

What vitamin/herbal supplements do you take, if any? Currently I only take a women's multivitamin (and only then if I remember to, which is... twice a week). I also have the typical student-on-the-go-with-little-budgeting-skills diet, which revolves heavily around frozen meals and frozen margaritas.
So anyway, I'm working on eating (a lot) better and I'm thinking of incorporating maybe a fish oil supplement, too. Does anyone take that? What about vitamin E?

And finally, for people who actually drink 8 glasses of water or more a day-- do you notice a difference? I've been slacking off on that lately but I do recall it made me a bit bouncier and my skin a bit better. I am chronically dehydrated lately, which is probably bad.
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1.) I have this coworker who only wears head-to-toe white, and he says it's because of this religion. What religion requires you to wear all white?

2.) How many kids in your graduating class have died so far?
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If I wanted to download an older version of itunes, could I just move all my music files to a safe location (which I've done before when I've had to reinstall this shitty version of itunes like A MILLION TIMES, in fact the reason I'd just like to go back to the old version), then delete everything that has to do with itunes, then download the version I want?

Because when you download an update, it's completely different. It... builds off the older versions or something, right? I want to go back, so should I feel like I should just delete everything and start from scratch. Please tell me if this is wrong.

If it's relevant, I have a mac OSX 10.3.9.

edit: i totally figured it out.

edit: shit, i'm supposed to post a new question, aren't I?

uhh does anyone else type 'withought' instead of 'without' sometimes? probably more common, do you type 'typeing' instead of 'typing'?

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 It's a quarter past midnight. I'm very bored and don't feel like sleeping. I have a very strong desire to exercise but I don't own any gym equipment. It's near impossible for me to sneak out of the house as my mum is asleep on the lounge downstairs; it's smack bang in the middle of the front and back doors and she'll wake up if either of them are opened.

Oh wise TQC, what do I do for the next six or seven hours until I'm meant to be waking up?
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I'm finishing up an assignment and can't think of more words I would associate with high-end designer cake. It's a little silly, but I figured if so many other things can be designer, why not cake?

What words would you associate with a pricy designer cake?

Would you buy a pricy designer cake?
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How hard was it for you emotionally and financially to move out on your own for the first time?

I'm looking to move out next year with either my boyfriend or one of my friends and I'm totally scared about it. Yes, even though it's 12 months away. I have no idea what to expect. TQC, give me expectations!
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Have you ever purchased an item you saw advertised on a TV commercial?

How did it work out for you?

(The Magic Bullet, OxyClean [before it was sold in stores] and Smart Spin containers.
The Magic Bullet [which has an unfortunate name that sounds like a sex toy] is a fairly good system for blending drinks and foods quickly.  OxyClean works, but isn't the miracle that the commercial made it out to be and Smart Spin is a rip off.  The lids don't stay on well, so foods tend to spill.  Also, the spinning thingy tends to fall apart.)

this is for school haha

1. gender?
2. how old are you?
3. what method of shopping do you use most? (eg, online, traditional stores, etc)
4. how often do you shop online?
5. what types of products do you purchase?
6. what type of products do you purchase the most?
7. favorite place to shop online?
8. why is this your favorite?
9. least favorite place to shop online?
10. why is this your least favorite?
11. how could it improve your shopping experience?


What was that...

1. When we were children we used to have a toy you looked through, kind of like binoculars, you'd load a circular piece of cardboard with tiny coloured slides into it and click your way through a film. What was this called? I thought they were called viewfinders but I haven't had much luck.

2. There was also a second cinema type toy that you held in one hand, looked through only one eye, and was operated by batteries. You'd load small brown reels of film onto it and operate it by a trigger button. It would show you short cartoon reels, like Captain America and the Incredible Hulk. What was this machine called?
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Time for questions from someone who has not slept correctly or to the needed extent all weekend! Yay!

Have you ever given/received a rim job?
If so, what was it like for you?
Does high school really never end?
If you could go back in your past with everything you know now, who would you fuck up for breaking your heart?
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1. I blew out my outlet in my dorm UNPLUGGING the microwave to plug in my fan. Now the fridge isn't on. Should I investigate what my roommate has inside, or let her find out what happened on her own?

2. What community do you post to the most besides thequestionclub or something like it? (AMA)

3. Can you describe in 2 lines, how your day has gone so far?
I am so freaking tired I don't know what to do. And it doesn't help when my dreams are what is stressing me out.
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US-Centric Question

In way northern states, such as Wisconsin and Michigan, when your average highs are in the low 30s/upper 20s for a few months, does the snow ever melt off? Or does it just sort of pile in places where sunlight doesn't melt it?

(no subject)

I want to sell all of my little girls outgrown clothes on ebay.I have a massive garbage bin bag full from the last 5 months BUT I got quoted $30-$40 for shipping! I browsed through other bulk lots and many of them list shipping as $9 for what looks to be the same amount of clothing, if not more. Is there a cheaper way I can post the items? I'm not interested in selling them separately, I have before and it was a massive pain in the back-cushion. 

Secondly, I have been saving for quite some time for a really decent digital camera. I just peeked and I have about $1200.00 saved. Can anyone suggest any really good cameras that are relatively easy to use? I'm a complete newbie to photography but I want a decent camera. I'd mainly be using it to take pictures of my daughter. Preferably available in Australia.

Thanks! =)

(no subject)

I...need to get a new (laptop)computer, so:

Where did you get your computer?
What kind of computer is it?
Do you think ebay is a safe place to buy a computer?

I want something kinda light, so I can carry it around without breaking my back(my laptop now is about six lbs -and it's about seven years old).
And...I would prefer to have a mac, but I wouldn't mind having a pc.

Any suggestions?

Also, if you've been to/ are going to college:
Did you live in a dorm?
Do you think you were ready to leave home(if you did)?

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Google is not being very nice to me today. >_<

Do you know of any websites where I could find sketches of daisies? I need one for a tattoo that I am getting, and I cant seem to find any good ones on google!


OH OH OH annnnnd

Have you heard the new rilo kiley cd?

what do you think of it?
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1) What is on your mind at the moment?

2) What is your favorite emoticon?

3) What is the name of your favorite place(s) to get pizza? What toppings do you get?

4) Do you use hand sanitizer? Why or why not?

5) What is your favorite city?

1) Something that's making me blush!

2) I always like "XD" and "o_O" and its variations.

3) My ALL TIME favorite is a local place called Napoli's. You order it by the piece (they are baked a tray at a time, so you can order say, 8 pieces, or you can order a full tray which is about 20 pieces.). I get grated parmesan. My other favorite is Pizza Hut, I get the thin crust with pepperoni & green pepper.

4) Yes. I am an emetophobe and during sick season it helps me cope, even if it's not really doing anything.

5) I do love Boston, and Paris was awesome as well.
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what are some questions you've been asked in a job interview? or should i say a career interview? i'm not talking about high school job interviews but a job interview that could lead to a career...

what questions can i expect to be asked?

(no subject)

1) do you have a master's degree (or anything beyond that)?
1a) what is your degree in?
1b) if you don't have one, do you ever think about getting one (or any sort of degree, for that matter)? what is stopping you?

2) what can you tell me about grad school?

3) what is your typical daily schedule?

4) does anyone in here work a full-time and part-time job?

5) i'm new in TQC! any TQC advice?

Collapse )


What's a good estimate for the amount of varying kinds of alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) that would adequately cover a party of 40 drinkers over 3 hours? Finger foods/appetizers are being served, and not everybody drinks every thing.
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For those with significant others, do you watch porn with them, or do you find it weird?

My husband says it feels weird to him, and I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

(no subject)

 Alright Ladies....I'm doing something character-ish on Thursday night. Show me the sluttiest make up on a woman you can find, please.
Or if you don't feel like working up images, what are the colors of eye make up and thickness of eyeliner that just scream SHE'S A SLUT!?


(no subject)

1. Would you name your baby Lolita?

My friend is going to. She's never read a book the book or seen the movie. I'm making a conscious effort not to be a bitch so I didn't say anything. Would you bring up the possible negative connotations of the name? Do you even associate the name Lolita with the book Lolita?

2. What's that song they always play in westerns when the two people are having a duel in front of the saloon? It goes like: Do Do Do (Do Do Do), Do Do Do (Do Do Do). I think. Found it! And? Clint Eastwood used to be hot! Thanks flavorpacket!

3. Today is shitting on me. Is it Monday in disguise?
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Anyone ever use a car sharing service, like HourCar? I'm getting rid of my car come fall, but will still need a car to visit my boyfriend's family once or twice a month, about 80 miles round trip. Is it cost effective for this kind of usage? Convenient?

Does anybody have the Magnetic Poetry Food Lover's Edition? If so, does it have spice names? Specifically, Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, Italian, Rosemary, Cumin, Garlic powder, Bay leaf, Ginger, Red Pepper, Chili powder, Thyme? Any other ideas for how to (neatly) lable glass spice jars in this spice rack?

What's your favorite space in your home? Will you tell me about it?
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(no subject)

1. What is your favorite musical instrument?
2. Do you play any musical instruments? If so, which ones? Got any pictures to share?
3. What musical instruments do you wish you could play?

A Winnar Is Me

What's the last embarrassing thing you've done in public?

If you can't remember that, what's the last thing you saw someone else do?

I just walked nose-first at full speed into a pane of glass. I don't think my nose is broken, but I'm starting to taste blood. I'm sure that's going to look fabulous later!

Rainbow colored favors.

 A family friend is doing a HUGE service for me by watching my kidlet full time right now for a very very low cost. We are piss poor and will be for a few months - and even then, we will only be able to actually be on the poorer side of normal. I am away nearly 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and yes, I've weighed all my options -this is the way it is right now. 

So this lady who watches the baby is a dear, sweet lady with four kids of her own and a little 3 year old girl. She has a lot of family that lives in the area and they are all very involved with each other (I say this because she usually isn't in need for much). 

What can I do to thank her? She isn't very forward, she's shy and sweet and she does a greta job taking care of my fussy infant and she should be paid a lot more than she is but we simply do not have it. I want to come up with things I can do for her but I can't think of much - maybe ffer to pick up milk for her if she needs it, etc etc. 

Any bright ones TQC?

(no subject)

What's the worst physical discomfort you've ever been in?

I was at Electric Picnic this weekend, and when I was at the Beastie Boys, right in the middle of 'No Sleep til Brooklyn', I got headbutted and taken to first aid. They felt my neck, said there was a slight chance it could be broken, so I had to go to the field hospital. To make sure my neck didn't move, they strapped me immobile to a board. I spent the next five hours strapped to the board, going from place to place, being examined, and absolutely bursting to go to the toilet.

In the end? My neck was absolutly fine.

(no subject)

Do you believe in aliens?

Not sure.

Do you believe in alien abduction?

Not sure.

Compared to religious belief/belief in a higher power, is belief in aliens...

More logical.
Less logical.
Equally logical.
Equally illogical.
Not sure.

Compared to religious belief/belief in a higher power, is belief in alien abductions...

More logical.
Less logical.
Equally logical.
Equally illogical.
Not sure.

(no subject)

1. How would you describe your relationship with your mother? How about your father?

2. If it has been five years or more since you began living "on your own", could you live with your parents again for an extended period of time?

3. My Babydaddy's mother has asked to take my 2.5 year old somewhere that would require an overnight stay.  She is currently dating a man, whom I have only met twice.  He would also be spending the night with them.  Would you let her go? (Yes, I am a total spaz.) 
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(no subject)

I'm trying to decide on a class, and I figured making TQC make my decision would be much more fun than flipping a coin:

Would you rather be good in music or art, and why?

Also: My to be in-laws are coming...I need quick and easy to make lunch ideas. I was thinking along the lines of chicken curry salad, something I've already made for them...Ideas?

18 Yr. Old birthday

My sister will be turning 18 on the 11th.

What should I get her?

serious and non-serious answers welcome.

Oh, and a "toy" has already been suggested, and seriously considering, just to get a call from Mom going "oh god, you should have seen her reaction", XD

Extra information:
1. Can't take her out. I live 8 hours away. Won't see her again until most likely Spring Break or her graduation (sad, huh?)
2. She's got a sound system for her vehicle, along with all the electronic gadgets a teen wants, XD
3. She's got a belly ring (has had it for 2 years)
4. Can act like a spoiled snot, but then again, she is.

(no subject)

Is this dress okay for the bride at an informal wedding?

If so, what shoes should I get to go with it? If it's not a good dress, please make lots of fun of me. Ha ha ha! Look at the fashion casualty! Nerd girl would probably wear sweatpants to her own funeral! Ha ha ha!

(Edited to add: Please! I'm the bride, and I have no girlfriends here, and I'm totally fashion-impaired, I really would like some advice. I know that I can wear whatever I want.)

(no subject)

I need somewhere to host a site.

My mom works at a tiny quilt shop, and they need a website - nothing too grand or special, but something. And I need to do this for them, but I need somewhere to host it.

The Receptionist Classic

Tweenagers, see them tremble with fear

Turn on your way-back machine and tune it to your days in junior high or middle school.

What is something you wished someone would have warned you about before you started junior high/middle school? Advice you wish/ed you would have received for that age?

(One of my cousins started 7th grade last week and somehow we all forgot to mention the part about having to change in a locker room thing to her. Oops.)

paging dr. lj

Have you ever had your lymphnodes under your jaw/neck be swollen and painful? So swollen you can feel the lump under your neck?

How about JUST ONE SIDE, and with no other indications that you are sick at all?

Am I dying, Dr. LJ?
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(no subject)

1) What is the last interesting thing you learned/found out about?

2) What is your favorite brand of jeans? If you don't prefer any brand, what is your favorite fit of jean, and why?

3) Can they take in the thigh area of a pair of jeans without affecting the way the waist fits?

1) I found out my dad knows Dr. Keith Ablow. Seriously! He worked on the plans for his house on Plum Island, MA. We were watching TV one day and my dad goes, "HEY! I KNOW HIM!". haha ;)

2) As far as brand, I usually go for GLO "Flame" or LEI bootcuts, because they fit me well. For a general fit, I go for wide flare jeans. I have a heavy middle with slender legs, so I feel like it balances me out.

3) I would like to find this out, because I have to buy jeans to fit my middle, and that leaves the area through the thigh baggier than I'd like it to be. I only need to take it in like, an inch on each leg, just so they show off my bum and thighs, haha. I'm just afraid that taking in the legs will alter the way the whole pant fits...I don't get many clothes altered, so I don't know how it all works.

Painting and tacos.

I'm playing house with my sister (I recently moved in with her).  Her old room mate finally got his stuff today (which is kind lame since he's really fun) and my mom's shamooing our carpet soon!

So.  What color should I paint my room?  I like teal, cranberry, sage, chocolate, and butter.  I also like liking weird color names.  I've been thinking of painting just one wall cranberry and leaving the rest white.  I'm kind of boring and might want to leave it all white.

Give me fun ideas?

Choose!  Soft tacos or crunchy tacos?
Tacos or burritos?

Roman Catholic

I am looking for a Roman Catholic group on LJ for the Toronto area, so I can ask a few questions. Anyone know of/if there is such a group on LJ? I tried looking but got nowhere.

If not, then I'm hoping some of you guys in here could help.


Is there a cost to baptism?

I know I could just ask the pastor but something like "Hey, how much is it gonna cost?" seems kinda tacky to ask.... **shrugs**
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Inspired by this

For those of you who are sexually active, do you feel your SO/partner needs to know how many people you've been with prior to them, or do they just need to know you're clean and free of disease, etc?

Would you be offended if they asked you for the exact number?

(no subject)

Theres black dots all over my roses' petals, is there something wrong with them?

I want to order a movie on pay per view, but my mother in law pays for the cable... should i?


What do you think of someone who only wears black? Do you know someone who does? Why do you think they do it? 

I know someone that has been wearing only black (a little red) for almost 15 years. She can't even wear WHITE socks or WHITE/colored underclothes..She feels like an outcast with colored clothes..

Thank you all who commented! I am the person I was talking about. People ALWAYS ask me why I always wear black! There's no reason other than I love the color and it makes me feel safe! Ok that sounded weird..haha..YES back then I was in that goth/punk phase..I still am..I'm a mommy now and people assumed that I would change..HELLO!!!! I still am the same person! I don't tell them what to wear..I am me..and I love me!

(no subject)

 I juggle my senior year of Cyber School, 3 college classes, excersize, and a boyfriend into my schedual everyday. Would I be able to handle having a job without a nervous breakdown? 

if so what kind of job should I get? I have exerience in food service and retail, but neither of which were pleasant.
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I recently sold books on, including a Chemistry lab manual that my instructor decided not to use. It was brand new. I listed it on the way you're required to--by using the ISBN. I priced it to be the cheapest so it would show up first and sell quickly at $30.00. It sold the next day, and I shipped it out the day after that. Now the buyer is contacting me "Is it the book or the workbook?" I replied "It's the workbook :)" and the buyer replies back:

Comment/ Question:Thank you, but i do not need the workbook i need the
actual book so when i receive it i will be returning it back to you. When
i do this i will expect my money back.

Am I at all required to give her a refund? What grounds does she have to demand a refund like that? And was it just me, or was her reply a little asshole-y?

Edit: For the record, my listing just said "Bought brand new, professor says "You won't need it!" as the headline, and the actual listing said "My loss is your gain--I bought this book for 70 dollars, only to be told we wouldn't be using it for this class."

(no subject)

1. So I'm having my sneakers painted (because I'm a loser and can't do it by myself), what's a good design? I want something clever, like something Julian Beever would do, but on a pair of sneakers.

2. If you need to decorate a room in which a Japanese Singing/Karaoke contest is taking place, what Japanese-y stuff do you put/draw/make/use? Do paper cranes = tacky? =\

And on the random side,
3. How often do you speak to your best friend?

(no subject)

Who do you dislike/hate/get annoyed by?


who do you like/love/think is amusing/interesting?


Are you going to complain about popularity polls but vote in it anyway?


im french

(no subject)

Let's say you're in your mid-twenties and casually seeing someone for a few weeks also in their mid-twenties. The person you are seeing is a virgin (you don't know this). When should they tell you that they haven't had sex before? Right before they get lucky, at dinner, out of nowhere, not at all?

(no subject)

How often do you exercise?
How often do you eat fast food?
How often do you drink soda?

Also, I have an English paper due tomorrow. Not that long- about 27 full lines of text. But I just really don't want to do it and I keep putting it off. My class is tomorrow at 12 pm. Should I suck it up and do it tonight, or should I wake up extra early tomorrow and get it done then?

1 - I run 2 miles, 5 days a week.
2 - About once a month.
3 - About once every two weeks I'll have a can... but I generally don't drink the whole thing.
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(no subject)

you're stuck in rush hour traffic on your way home.. when you look to your left and who do you see? (insert your favorite musician/actor/actress here)! YES, it really is them. EVEN if you live in a dingy ass town, YES! it is them.. what do you do? (try to sneak in a picture? wave? lol stare?)

if somebody waves in your direction, do you assume it's you that they're waving at? what if you turn around and realize there's nobody behind you so it HAS to be you that they're waving at, do you wave back?

circa what year do you think Britney Spears was the most attractive? (if you've ever found her attractive) pics, plz!

who was the last person on your friend's list to update?

Howdy Doody

1) What's cookin'?

2) What can I do to not have sweaty armpits?
Even when I'm not exercising or nervous around a hottie, it happens.

3) Do you sweat a lot?

4) What deodorant do you use? Do you like it?


(no subject)

1)Say you were 30 and had a 15 year old sister. She offered you some ecstasy. Would you do drugs with your little sister?

2)Do your pets make any weird sounds? My dog sometimes makes this sound when he's dreaming that sounds a lot like a zebra (If you don't know the sound I'm talking about listen here or here)

3)How come Goofy talks but Pluto doesn't?
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Random randomness

1. How was your Labor Day weekend, for my fellow US-dwellers? Or your weekend in general, for everyone else.

2. Do you have a calendar? What's the subject of it? (I have no idea what brough this up.)

3. This hairstyle, y/n? I'm thinking of getting mine done this way...

4. Would you ever consider taking out a (smallish) loan to go one a week long trip for your birthday?

(no subject)

1. If you were in a relationship that had serious problems, would you seek couples counseling, or just break-up?

2. How about if you were married? Would you seek therapy then if you were having serious issues, or just get a divorce?

3. If there is a difference in your #1 and #2 answer, why?
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(no subject)

What is gauze cotton? How does it feel?

I want this bedspread but it's made of gauze cotton and I have noooooo idea what that is. And if it's that kind of material that sticks to dry feet than no thanks!

(no subject)

i'm heading over to the video store in a minute to return some stuff and i can't decide what i want next.

what should i rent?

disc four of Ugly Betty
Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket would be cheaper(and i haven't seen it in like a million years) but i'm addicted to Ugly Betty.

do you hate your parents? even a little?

i do. just a little.
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(no subject)

so...we all answered how many people we have literally and metaphorically slept with. my question is: has that number gone up since you answered the question?

free bubble gum to all positive answers
(and by bubble gum i mean a virtual handshake)
original colors

(no subject)

Tomorrow I begin commuting daily 45 minutes to and from school.

THUS I need to update my Ipod.

What do you like listening to while driving, TQC?
I'm up for anything but would enjoy avoiding country music. Nothing against those who love country, I just do not.

(no subject)

my 20th birthday is next Wednesday [the 12th].

What should I do for my birthday?

stick to the plans [small get together w/ friends, cake, dinner]
celebrate on the weekend, & on the actual day have a "ME" day
go to the beach at night with friends and just goof around
push old ladies down & shove dirt in kids faces
something else [will comment]

snark is invited, though I really have no idea what to do for it yet.. I don't want it to be boring... at least, I want to TRY to make it not suck.

(no subject)

Is anyone else having problems with mobile17 right now?

Why can't I use the songs I download as a group tone?

What's your ringtone right now, if you have one?
My default is The Tide by The Spill Canvas

What are you reading?
Right now, Becket for my english class

What is something people notice most about you/give you compliments on?
My smile

Random medical question

Whilst hiking in Yosemite NP, California in early August, I slipped and did *something* to my ankle. It swelled up and was hard to walk on for a day or so, but I could put weight on in the next day. It's almost a month on, and it still hurts, and if I move it a certain way, it feels like its stretched. There's no swelling/bruising, or anything. Now, I'm aware that my fellow LJers are not medical professionals [well you might be, who knows?], but I'm just wondering:
- Is this something I need checked by a doc, or is it something that will sort itself out eventually, just leaving a weak point in my ankle?
- If my ankle is a weak point, is there anything I can do to help this? I do martial arts and kinda use my ankles a lot.
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(no subject)

Have they stopped making peanut butter with honey altogether? I really liked that stuff.

What font browser do you use? Is it free? If so, would you kindly link me to where you got it. Every time I go looking for one I find ones that suck. I don't want a sucky one, I want one thats made of win!

If you lived near me, would you help me pack?

I'm moving to a house that doesn't have a washer and dryer. :(

Where are the best deals on washers and dryers online? Searching online I have realized that EVERY website has "the lowest prices" and "best deals on the web" in their descriptions. ::headdesk::

(no subject)

Will I get into college with very few extracurricular activities if I get pretty good grades (GPA 90+) and am in a college prep type program (IB)? I might join a club or something this year but Im already a junior and I heard colleges are looking for things youve stuck with for a number of years. I am not really athletically inclined at all.

(no subject)

After reading a book about ADD, I feel like it would be really beneficial for my mum to read it because a lot of what it says might provide insight to the way she is. She's been told by doctors that she has a lot of things, including that, so I don't think she thinks much of this diagnosis in particular. How do I bring up a topic like this? She's impossible to talk to about anything, ever, because she's temperamental and horrible most of the time, and so for around a month I've blown off the idea of discussing it with her, but I feel like it might change everyone's life for the better. How would you go about trying to bring it up or discuss it in a sensitive way?
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(no subject)

So as we all know, certain members of TQC love posting the same picture over and over again in pic posts.

Will you post a picture of yourself imitating one of those people? And also will you tell us who it is in case we forget?

Collapse )
penis kissies

(no subject)

This Friday has been declared a public holiday for Sydney-siders because APEC is being held. I don't know whether I should enjoy my day off or go protest Bush (amongst others including our own PM & the Chinese 'president') Sydney.

This Friday, what should I do?

Sit on my butt enjoying my public holiday
Go and cause havoc in Sydney around APEC
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A funny.

If aliens from outer space ever come and we show them our civilization and they make fun of it, we should just say we were kidding, that this isn't our real civilization, but a gag we hoped they would like. Then we tell them to come back in twenty years to see our real civilization. After that, we start a crash program of coming up with a new civilization. Either that, or just shoot down the aliens as they're waving goodbye.

What is YOUR favorite Deep Thought ??
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Hay TQC,

It's almost September 5th. Where the heck did my summer go?

In your opinion, what is the greatest action movie of all-time?

I don't care if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.
The correct answer to question #2 is Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Highly ridiculous zombie morality question

You know that really cute person who you go to school with/work with/see on the bus/etc? Yeah, maybe you're not single and maybe they have no idea you fancy them, but you do.

Ok, zombies are rising from the ground and are ambling about. Some are after the living, but most are just shambling aimlessly about. All the recent dead are back on their feet. During the initial panic of seeing the dead all ambulatory, there was an OMG stampede where that cute person was killed. Sad, but life isn't always puppy dog tails. You're the last one left behind and you pause over your idle crush's trampled corpse, ruing your passivity and so forth, when suddenly, the body begins to move, and slowly rises from the dead and starts ambling about aimlessly, completely unaware and unresponsive to its environment. All in all, maybe 10 minutes passed between death and re-animation, and they're probably still warm to the touch. As a result of the death-by-manyfeet stomp party, their pants's buckle completely self destructs and drops to the ground, revealing sexy sexy zombie ass. Even though they're dead, they're still looking rather fine. You look around and you're the only one within a New York mile of this freshly dead strip show.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how tempted would you be to conduct sexytime with this hottie, only-been-dead-for-10-minutes, zombie?

2. Say it was some famous sexy celebrity, like Jessica Alba or Christian Bale or Johnny Depp or Evangeline Lily or whoever you got the paparazzi hots for. On a scale of 1 to 10, what's your temptation level now?

3. On the other hand, let's say it was a famous person you really hated, like George Bush or Michael Moore or Bill O'Reilly or Paris Hilton. Their pants don't fall down, but they're ambling towards you. On a scale of 1 to 10, how tempted would you be to just walk over and punch them in the face?
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Why will Fandango let my friends in Wisconsin and Arizona view the list of movies available on September 14th in my area (I'm in South Carolina), but when I try to look, it tells me there are no listings available? It does it all the time. It'll let me look ahead nine days (most of the time), but anything more than that? Oooh no. "Showtimes are currently not available for this theater. Please check back later." My friends, however, are able to see the showtimes.

Are there any sites that seem to hate you in similar ways?


Do you have any phobias? What are they? and I'm talking about you see this thing or whatnot & you start to panic & feel truly terrified. not just stuff that you might "eeek!" about.

Have you ever felt that you could not escape your phobia?

Where's the worst place you've seen a roach? like the last place on earth you'd want to see one, but you saw it there.

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OK so my bf got pulled over by the cops the other day. The reason: because his dad had just gotten the car and there were paper plates on it. The cops said that they pulled him over to make sure he had registration for the car since it had paper plates on it.

Now, I've known a number of people, myself included, who have had paper plates on their cars recently and havent gotten pulled over.

He got a hefty ticket for no insurance (no lectures on that please!). Now he has to go to court.

Was what they did legal? How do I find out if it was? I live in Iowa, if that helps.
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some questions

1.  How old is too old for the average person (in other words, I'm not talking about nuns or the like here) to be a virgin?

2.  Do you know of any good books (fiction, non-fic, scifi, fantasy, horror, gay/lesbian, I'll take ANY genre) that are written in the point of view of the antagonist or the anti-hero?  If so, what are the titles of those books (or the title of that single book you know about)?

3.  Do you like gum?  If you do, what's your favorite flavor?