September 3rd, 2007

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My roomate and I bought a chubby goldfish last week. The pet shop owners told us to change the tank with bottled watter, but it takes about 4 bottles every three days for it to get clean. For us college kids on a budget, this gets expensive quickly.

I tried using tap water from the bathroom, but he's a lot more sluggish, and then I added a bottle of water and he's sticking to where the bottle water's been poured.

So, TQC, what are some inexpensive ways to clean his tank? Should I buy one of those Brita things? Get a filter? Let it die in the tap water (which I really don't want it to)?

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1. Is Woody Allen still married to his step-daughter/adopted daughter?
2. What do actors/actresses do when they've stopped making films? 
3. Is there a song being played on the radio that you think never should have made it there? What is it?
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for anyone who's read jean auel's earth children series, or else maybe you've heard the name: how exactly do you pronounce the name Ayla?
 i tried googling it but i didnt have any luck. i just need a definitive answer as to how the name is pronounced.


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when you go to rent a movie, do you ever worry the clerk is looking at the movies you rented before and judging you?

i always worry the person checking my movie out is thinking "She keeps renting movies with so and so in them" or "She keeps renting movies about such and such subject".

like, i rented The Royal Tenenbaums a week or so ago. Wednesday my dad called and asked if i'd seen The Life Aquatic 'cause he loves Bill Murry and had just rented it. then when i went to rent Bottle Rocket Friday night i realized there'd already been two Wes Anderson movies checked out on the same account in a week(i use my dad's 'cause mine has a huge fine) and i was afraid the guy was going to be like, "What is with this nerd girl? Why doesn't she just marry Wes Anderson if she loves him that much?" so i put it back and got Ugly Betty.

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I've never seen The Matrix. Is it really that good? Should I watch it now?

Should verbal racist abuse be illegal? (Don't wank. If you wank, I'm taking my ice cream and leaving. If you don't think you can avoid wank, a yes or no will suffice.)

Do you wear glasses?

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1. I was asleep. Then I woke up. Then was going to take a piss. Then I stepped on a soaking wet (whatever you call that furry towel-like thing people put next to bathtubs and in front of toilets). I kicked it across the room, I peed, I flushed, and A FOUNTAIN OF URINE AND TOILET PAPER CAME OUT.

I closed the bathroom door and put a big angry sharpie note up.

Question: Once I figure who did this, how many and what things of theirs do I piss on? In addition to urinating on things they hold dear/put into their mouth regularly, what should I do?

Response: Because it is my deepest desire to alienate my housemates. And I am angry after stepping in urine at 3am.

2. a)If you are sitting alone, and someone says "so you're sitting here alone?", are you supposed to invite them to sit? Do people ever not sit if they aren't invited?
b) You and another person live near each other, and a mile away from current location. If you leave to walk home, are you supposed to offer to wait for them to finish a task before you leave, or, what is the protocol here?

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Poll #1049337 Don't talk with your mouth full!

For the next 30 days, you can only eat one of these foods. Nothing else may cross your lips, food-wise. Which would you rather spend the next 90 meals eating?

Deep dish, extra thick, extra cheesy lasanga
Grape Nuts with 2% fat milk

Which would you sooner have sex with?

An 80-year old (of the appropriate gender to which you're attracted to) in an edible onesie
A RealSex doll of yourself
Someone in a Chewbacca costume (complete with WAAAAARRRGGGHH sound effects...of ecstasy)
Two midgets in a 2-man (or woman) horse costume

Which would you sooner have sex with?

Carmen Elektra in a whipped cream bikini
The shipload of Jack Sparrow clones in PotC3
Jessica Alba wearing NOTHING but a toilet paper toga, and you're armed with a supersoaker squirt gun
Tyler Durden, as he gives you the rules for 'Fuck club'
Indiana Jones (Ford) and Lara Croft (Jolie) descend upon the same hidden treasure, and the only way to settle who gets it is to have a threesome with you and let you pick who's better

TQC is having an enormous game of strip poker. Once you're unwilling to strip any more articles of clothing, you have to leave the room. You're not very lucky tonight. How far do you undress?

I'm not even playing this game, pervert!
Just my socks, shoes and jacket
Lose the shirt
Lose the pants
Lose the bra
One birthday suit, coming up. P.S. - you get to see all the other people in their final stages of undress

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For those of you in the Southern California area that felt them, 2 earthquakes in 2 days. Are you worried?

For everyone else:

When you go to a fast food restaurant, do they still say "do you want fries with that?"

If a person is deaf, how do they get up in the morning if they can't hear the alarm clock? Do they use something else?

Would you rather be deaf or blind?

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When you clean, what's the first thing you do (dust, vacuum, wash windows, etc)?

I know it's early, but will you be celebrating Halloween? Are you dressing up?

I was blonde and dyed my hair brown, so how come everyone thought I cut it?

edit: My boyfriend came on vacation with me and my family and one night before we went to sleep, he farted in my face. I pretended to gag for a few minutes and we went to bed. Then I had an asthma attack and puked. Do you think his ass is trying to kill me?
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I once heard someone saying something about how they would never buy a hybrid car because the creation of a single lithium-ion batter causes as much pollution as an automobile.

Any idea if that's true? Or where I can find more information on it?

(I've been searching for "lithium-ion production pollution" and so on but I can only find websites talking about a lack of pollution, not producing any)

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what does a "serious relationship" mean to you?

i've never been in a "serious relationship". i've never really been in a relationship. i'm not really sure what a "serious relationship" entails. for you, is it when you start thinking about getting engaged or married or just when you've been together for a while?

i always felt like a serious relationship was when you've been together for a while. i never necessarily related it to thoughts of marriage.

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1. Have you ever had a job where you had to clean up after other people regularly [restaurant, movie theatre, etc.]?

2. Has a job ever changed the way you behave as a customer? How?

3. Who or what has shaped the way you behave as a customer [good or bad]? Your parents/friends/other customers?

4. Why do people leave all their trash in the auditorium after a movie?
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being a customer

1. When you go to a large store, do you try to find things on your own, or do you ask the people working there lots of questions about where everything is so that you don't have to go looking for it yourself?

2. when you can't find something, do you assume they don't have it, or do you then ask someone if they carry it?

3. If a store is sold out of something that you need, do you try to get them to find one for you "in the back" or "put one on reserve" for you for when it comes in, or do you just accept it and go someone else?

4. Are you a friendly customer or are do you try to cause a scene so that you'll get some kind of break?

5. If you are looking at a shelf and there are signs on the shelf and you are not sure what the organization is, do you try to figure it out by looking at the signs or do you immediately go find someone to explain it to you?
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What's on your walls? I'm specifically thinking bedroom, but any wallspace you have decorated is good!

I don't really have anything yet. My bff gave me these two gorgeous black and white matted photos a while back, but I left them at home. A friend is coming down here this week so i'm going to ask him to grab them from my house... so yay for that. But even with that... I kind of want to get some color in here!

Descriptions are awesome, pics and/or links would be A+

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1. Remember in Fight Club, where Tyler Durden asks Ed Norton's character to hit him in the face as hard as he can? If this was Fuck Club, what command would Durden have asked for instead?

2. If all the cool kids jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

3. If you said no to #2, do you think that your antisocial, nonconformist tendencies will lead you to making pipe bombs in your basement or joining a Fight Club with an unhinged headcase?

4. If you said yes to #2, if all the cool kids joined a cult and removed their genitalia with a cheese grater, would you do it too?
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Do you find it easier to get over a breakup/relationship/person if it was friendly, or if it was nasty?


If people do indeed find it easier to wash their hands of it all if it ended badly, why do people still try to make breakups amiable?

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 1: What is the worst hair style you have ever had?
 2: Have you ever seen the show "Dirty  Jobs"?
 3: Do you think bottled water is a scam?
 4: Do you use paper plates?
 5: Do you have anything that is older then you, like a family heirloom?
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Other than items involving money, what is the biggest favor someone could do for you right now?
Extra credit if it's something you can't bring yourself to actually ask for.

Also, if you could dictate the frequency, how often would you like to see good (as in well done) troll posts?

Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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At least one of my wisdom teeth is finally emerging. How long can I go without it being looked at? What about it(them) being removed? I'm away from home at college and I wouldn't be able to see my regular dentist, let alone find an oral surgeon and pay for the procedure.

Why won't AIM load onto my computer? It's a brand new computer but it has Vista on it (blah). Is there anywhere else I can go to download it?

How can I find laundromats in State College, PA? (Guess where I go to school, lol.)

Wholesome, sensitive questions for the ladies

1. They say all women are 2 drinks away from a lesbian experience. How many drinks away are you from some girl-on-girl action?

2. How does that translate into jello shooters?

3. Say the woman in question is Angelina Jolie. How many drinks do you need now?

4. How far or how many bases have to be crossed before a female dalliance turns into an official lesbian encounter?

what sort of entree....

....would you make if you were making strawberry shortcake for dessert?

i had a thing of strawberries that was about to go bad, so i sliced/sugared them and i'm going to make some sponge cake and whip up some cream. and, with a luscious summery dessert like that, i'd love to have a great dinner to precede it. but i don't know what to cook.

i have chicken and beef, some asparagus, papaya, avocados, limes and lemons, some rice, various kinds of cream soups, pasta, various other staple-y type foods, and about a million different frozen veggies. i can also go to the store if i need to, but i'd prefer not to.

so spam me with recipes and ideas, please!

thanks! :)
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My husband and I want to have a holiday party for our friends in early December.

1. What drinks would you like to see at a holiday party - we were already thinking eggnog and hot buttered rum. Anything else?
1a. Have you had hot buttered rum?

2. What sort of food items? Are there any snacks or food that just mean the holiday season to you?
2a. Would you like to decorate your own (premade) gingerbread man? Or is that too lame?

3. White elephant gift swap - good idea or no?

4. Dorkiest holiday sweater contest - would you participate?

Anything else you would suggest to do or not do?
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1. do you have any mantras that you say often? what do you say?

2.&the truth is that i miss you!.... who do you miss right now?

3. is it easy for you to let people into your circle of trust life?

4. in terms of work. are you very particular. like everything in its right place ?
4.b. are you like that at home? where everything is supposed to be in order...

Augusta, Gone


Does anyone list all the songs on the "Augusta, gone" soundtrack. I tried google but to no avail. I know 2 songs,
Slipped away - Avril Lavigne
The Calling - Jennifer Paige.

I want to know the rest. Thanks. TC.

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1. Who do you confide your fears to?
2. Is there someone on your friends list that you just can't understand why they live their life the way they do?
3. Do you judge them?


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Poll #1049632 Hey, that's a dead guy

The dead are walking about, eating the brains of the living. At this point, you happen to be in a small town (road trip stopover). These are the only notable places in this town. Where do you go for shelter? You may have to hole up for a while

Tony's Supermarket
Local bar (it resembles the pub from Shaun of the Dead)
Gold's Gym
Linens and Things
Ed's Adult Entertainment and Marital Toy Emporium
Chuck E Cheese
Salvation Army
Blockbuster Videos
The Dancing Queen (gay disco)

For some reason, along your short journey from point A to point B, these are the only items you come across that you can use as a weapon. Which do you select to arm yourself against the creatures of the walking dead?

Crossbow with 30 shot
Prosthetic leg
Bag of coconuts
Fireplace poker
Stainless steel spitoon
30 lb. sledgehammer
2 Swiss army knives
18" plastic dildo
Deer antlers (mounted on base)
Heavy porcelin toilet tank lid
20 rotary saw blades (no saw)
Bowling ball
One bowling pin
Gasoline-powered chainsaw (without any gasoline)
Tennis ball serving machine (it moves on wheels and delivers balls at high velocity)

You're allowed one item to use as armor. Remember what you're using as a weapon and try not to get anything that'll compromise your ability to utilize said weapon

Burlap sack with arm holes and a portion that can be worn like a hoodie. Difficult to bite through
200 lb. jousting knight armor. It's extremely extremely difficult to move quickly
Chainmail bathing suit
Garbage can lid
Gorilla costume made with thick fake fur. Difficult to penetrate with teeth or hands
Shin and elbow guards, biker helmet
Human-sized hamster ball (was being used as a Great Dane ball)
Santa Claus costume (complete with protective plastic 'belly')
Public bathroom stall door
Horse saddle that can be adjusted to fit around your torso

Finally, your companions. You're separated from your group and have to join up with a small band of others to survive. Choose the group you'd rather be stuck with

5 third grade boys
Ex-marine, kung fu expert, wheelchair bound
Retired park rangers, couple in their 60s
2 female pilates instructors
6'4 weightlifter, strong, quick, physically competent, who's wearing a prison jumpsuit and broken handcuffs on his wrist (escaped convict)
3 Buddhist monks who have taken a vow of pacifism
2 hunters who are recently born again and are extra interested that, should you die, that you will be welcomed into Jesus' inviting arms
Normal couple, 20s, no skills or abilities of note against zombies
Chuck Norris, shaking off the drowsy, disorienting effects of root canal anesthesia he just had
3 high school cheerleaders
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If you pour boiling or near boiling water into a pyrex measuring cup, will the cup explode?

I've heard tales of exploding pyrex before and I just did that, so I was crossing my fingers nothing happened...

Computer Issue

I turned on my computer an hour ago and I found this icon in the task bar. I can't right-click it to find out what it is. ScanDisk isn't helping me and now all of my favorites are gone. Does anyone who has computer knowledge know what this icon is and how I can get rid of it?

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so within the next two weeks i have my boyfriend's 19th birthday as well as our one year.

- what could i get him as a birthday present? he's into guitar, bands like thrice and brand new, video games, etc.
- aaand what could we do for our anniversary? we don't really see each other that often so i'd like to do something special. we've kind of exhausted the opportunities around here, like parks, movies, carnivals, etc. it can't be too expensive as he's currently paying for college and fixing his car. i'm pretty clueless.
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What should I name my car?

He's a '92 Buick LeSabre, the color is maroon.  I have no picture but basically 1. Big 2. Old 3. Ugly.  I'd like an ethnic name, I think...oh, and he is definitely a boy.
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Travel Books and Oktoberbest


Regardless, I want to buy a good solid book on traveling Europe, which company do you recommend? I was really thinking about the lonely planet guides, how do people feel about them? Are the shoestring guides worth it? Are the rough guides better? I'm mainly sticking to Central Europe-Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Vienna, Munich, etc...Should I buy one big Europe book, or should I get the guides to all these places separately? I'm hoping to see few places pretty well rather than see a lot of places but only spend a few days in each.

Furthermore, I am hoping to go to Oktoberbest this month. I know there isn't a lot of time left so...can anyone give me good advice on what to do? How to go about attending this and having a good time and all? Hotels? Hostels? Tickets?

Thanks for the help!

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I have four Weight Watcher points left after dinner!

What should I have for dessert?!

EDIT - Options include:
2 Cookies - 3 points
1 Banana - 2 points
1/2 cup frozen yogurt (Chocolate Caramel or Strawberry) - 3 points
1 cup plain vanilla yogurt - 3 points

I'm also willing to get creative.
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If anyone can find an Mp3 of the version of The Ponytail Parades that's on Emery's myspace, I'll love you forever.

I have been searching all day for it. It's on The Question [Deluxe Edition], but I don't currently have the money for it.
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Job interview questions?

1. What are the main questions asked in a job interview?
2. Do you have any links to find a list to prepare before an interview?
3. With cover letters for resumes: Do you feel it's appropriate to be as formal when applying for, say, a job at a liquor store as opposed to a job in an office? Does it matter, since the mananger of any store usually considers themselves a professional?
4. (a)What's the longest you've gone between jobs? (b) Do you have a good excuse/reason for this when contacting your next potential employer?

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The Dude Abides

Video game ?s

1) What is your preferred medium for playing video games (home console, PC, portable)

2) What is the worst video game you've ever played?

3) How much would you pay to play this game? It might not be safe for work. It's some type of erotic anime first person shooter.

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 Say you meet two people who are a couple. They seem really into each other and all is well, they are nice and great to be around.

Then you find out they are having an affair with each other. And have been for more than a year.

Does your attitude about them change in any way? If so how? 

EDIT: Neither of them are legally married to anyone.

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What was the last thing that made your mouth water? If you ended up eating said thing, did it satisfy your expectations?

How old are you? How young is the youngest age you would date? How old? What qualities do the people within these age limits possess that those outside of them do not (and vice versa)? What if you found someone outside those limits who possessed those qualities (if they are what you look for) or do not (if they are what you steer clear of)? Or is it just the number itself that draws you away/in?

Will you write me a rhyme?

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What's your favorite dessert?

Vanilla or chocolate?

 Is there anyway to save pictures/audio recordings to a SIM card in a cell phone?

Do you have another account on another blog website?

Favorite book you read for school?

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I want to clean the seats in my car... the passenger side has a pretty set in stain (Coke) on it... any suggestions on what I should use as far as cleaning products? They're fabric, not leather.
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do you like your toes?

who was the last person to see YOU naked?

whenever you wear jeans/dress pants, do you wear a belt?

do you think paying $6 for a pair of socks is too much?

(no subject)

If you have a punctured lung, are you supposed to breathe deeply or breathe shallowly to slow its eventual collapse?

(I know the correct answer is "get thee to a hospital" but for the hypothetical meantime.)
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haven't posted in w hile, so here are a few randoms...

1) How many of you have the same birthday as me? (YESTERDAY, Sept. 2nd)
1b) How old did you turn?

2) Have you ever had your palms read?
2b) Do you think palm readings are full of shit?

3) What are your favorite movies?
3b) What is/are your favorite movie/s with a homosexual/trans gender plot line?

4) Do you know if they are releasing Grindhouse as one entire movie, or as two seperate movies?

5) Do/have you ever had a GSA at your school?
5b) Did you have a weird name or a funny acronym for it?
5c) What it be called?
5d) Were you apart of it?

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Drake Bell or Zac Efron?

Drake Bell
Zac Efron


eidna and me are going to California to fight over Drake Bell. i told her the loser gets Zac Efron. i hate to stick her with the fruit but all is fair in love and war.
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Which did you find the most difficult?

What did you major in? Or for current students, what are you majoring in?
(Yes, this is a shameless attempt at coming up with unthought-of careers)

Whats the demand like for that major?(as in available jobs)

If you had the chance to rename yourself, what name would you use? Would you keep your given name?

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I'm seventeen and completely in love with my boyfriend.

1) Do you think I might be too young to think I'm in love?
2) Is there an age limit on love?
3) If so, how young is too young -- and how old is too old?
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Is there anyone you will not make fun of? "Make fun of" going anywhere from childish poking fun to downright mean insults.

Anyone. Living or dead.

I can make fun of anyone, it seems, but I can't bring myself to make fun of Mr. Rogers.

ideas needed!

So my boyfriend has never had a birthday party before. I'm throwing a surprise party. The party's theme is the Evil Dead series. I want it to be like a kid's party with games. All I can think of are variations of "pin the tail on the..." Somehow 80 games of that doesn't seem like it'd be best. So, does anyone out there have any party games that can be given an Evil Dead theme?

'Turning' lesbian?

Do you think it is possible for a woman to turn lesbian because of bad experiences with men?

Why I'm curious: a friend of mine told me that she had a couple of awful boyfriends before she turned lesbian, and she did so because she found that on a whole, women were less likely to hurt her as badly as men did. And eventually she came to prefer women.

To me it seems more of a conscious lifestyle choice than sexual orientation, so I'm curious - what do you think?