September 2nd, 2007

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I'm 5'1, 95 lbs. (No I'm not bragging) I have a serious question here. I need to get some more professional looking clothes (khaki pants, dress pants, long sleeved shirts, etc for the office) but I'm having the hardest time finding stuff that isn't upwards of $60 to $100 for each item. 

So are there any ladies out there that are my size that have suggestions on where I should look? 

Edit: I'm technically a size 0 but they always seem to be  a little loose which I know I can have them taken in and what not.

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In the commercial, a little boy runs up to the top of a hill and holds an empty jar over his head, and closes it, trapping the air. Then, it seems like he runs a long way and eventually finds his way into a house, where an old man, presumably his grandfather is celebrating his birthday. He's sitting at a table, and there is a birthday cake with lit candles on it. He's surrounded by his family. The little boy gives him the jar, which he proceeds to open. Since the jar was closed at a higher altitude, the air expands, blowing everyone back. Then, everybody laughs.

Does anybody know which company this commercial was for, or where I can find a link to it?

Resolved!! Thanks. A link's in the comments, if anybody is interested.

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so, if one is, which celebrity is annoying you the most right now?

i really can't stand Zac Efron. i liked him in Hairspray but he's just everywhere. i don't really feel like i can criticize though 'cause i'm totally in love with Drake Bell.
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Which urban legend scares you the most?

I always check the backseat before getting into a car. ALWAYS. The thought of someone crouching in the back, waiting to fuck me up as soon as I sit down scares the crap out of me.

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Hey guys-
My fiance and I just got engaged this week. We originally planned to get married in June of 2008, but when I started planning the wedding, I remembered that I hate weddings and we should just get married in November of this year.
We want to have 100 or so guests
We want it to be relatively cheap (like... under $5000)
We want it to be sort of casual, but not trashy

Do you have any suggestions?
Also, is there anything that is important to remember to do that might get lost in all the confusion and rush?

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I hate watching films out of order. It's silly and senseless. However, I also hate watching really bad quality films (not because my copy of the film is bad quality, but because if the film is old, they simply didn't have the technology back then).

Alien is one of those films. So, I've never seen those films because Alien is kind of blocking my way, because I've never been able to sit through the entire film.

So, I was wondering, are the Alien films sequential? If I skip to Alien 2, will I understand all of it regardless of not seeing the first one?

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What's the most ridiculous thing you've bought lately? (Ridiculous being relative.)

I bought my boyfriend a 20$ 6'5" Sonic the Hedgehog today at the flea market. It's as tall as he is, and the head is as big as me!

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1. I have a nasty cold/cough/hacking thing going on, so I'm sucking the Theraflu down like it's going out of style. It says it's cherry flavor, but I think that's false advertising. Why is it impossible for scientists to make medicines that actually taste decent? I truly don't understand.

2. What is a certifiably important book you haven't read? As in, famous and universally known for being incredily relevant or brilliant. I've never read 1984.

3. Also, have you ever read any of Chuck Palahniuk's books? Is he crazy? Or does he just have a really vivid (re: disturbing) imagination?
me with eleanor


Has a commercial ever made you cry?  If so, which one?

(Yes.  Two.  There used to be a Hallmark commercial played around Christmas where a soldier returned from duty on Christmas Eve and tiptoed through the house.  The other one was from the '80s.  It was for Sony, I believe.  It was a beautiful silver monkey overlooking some misty mountains.  He was wearing headphones and listening to really pretty music.  I know!  It's silly, but it touched me.)


Why is the good ship called Lollipop?

It's a happy ship that travels to only wonderful places
In tribute to its captain, who used to lure kiddies aboard with suckers
It was produced by the Tootsie Roll company
It tastes like cherry when you lick it
The crow's nest was rather large and bulbous

Best Lee

General (Civil War)
General (Dukes of Hazzard)

What's the best way to overcome a mediocre intelligence?

Studying. Lots of studying
Mind-expanding drugs
Electric-shock treatment to stimulate those lazy brain cells
Kill as many smart people as you can. That'll lower the average intelligence
Boob job. That'll make people stop asking you difficult questions

Most of you are Americans, and this is Labor Day weekend. Non-Americans can take a stab at this question too, imagining if they belonged to this Bush-led wonderland. Q: What activities will your Labor Day weekend involve?

Ironically, lots of labor
Fireworks (I still have a bunch left over from July 4)
Worlds of Warcraft
Sitting around, watching tv, scratching my ass
The pool/beach/cooling body of water
Sex, but without all the hassle of involving another person, er, masturbation
Movie theater
Preparing for first day of school
Honestly, it's no different from any other weekend, since I'm not getting Monday off
Not one thing of interest except for taking this poll

My little sister is an alcoholic.... Should I help her out and how?

I found out with proves from my family members and friends, that my sister of 22 y.o.,  is an alcohol dependent person..... She drinks alone, over nights... and it's about 1 year already....
I'm in shock.... and I want to cry.... What should I do in this situation?

I'm not sure.... if I should do anything about it, try to help her...
 or leave it as it is, as I have my own life, and she has her own.. Everybody has responsibility for his own life and everybody choses his /her own life... But she is my youngest sister....
I live too  far away from her ( on the other side of the world ) to be able to come to her place and see what is going on.... and see her face....
The only thing I can do, is to call her by  "Skype" - up to 5 hours per month.... but what should  I  tell?
As she denies everything....and refuses to talk on this topic at all...

Should I try to help her or leave it....? Or how can I help? What to do/ to tell?
If anybody has gone through it..... Can you share your experience, PLEASE....
captain kate capsize

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What's the last thing of yours that broke?  Did this upset you?

My bra broke this afternoon while I was out grocery shopping.  I can fix it, so I'm not upset, but I was a bit lopsided for a few minutes :/

EDIT:  Are bras, cars and sunglasses especially flimsy objects, or is it that they suffer greater abuse at our hands?
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For those of you who're familiar with fanfics and such ...

I'm currently looking for an entertaining movie to watch, that also has a fairly large fandom. Something that will get me addicted to its fandom and inspire me to write [romance-themed] fanfictions for it, and generally get me obsessed. Any suggestions?

No sci-fi, please. o.o

edit:: No need to attack me. o_o I'm just bored. XD


anyone ever been to koh phangan (phangan island) in thailand? i'm thinking about going there this month and wanted to know what it was like and hear about other people's experiences. thanks in advance.
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Can you name 5 high schoolers in TQC? 10? SUMMERRAIN DOES NOT COUNT BECAUSE HE IS GONE
Can you put 5 names to an exact age in TQC? 10?

Why are all of you 26? And why did you take latenightdrives to your side yesterday?!

eta: when I ask "can you" I expect at least an effort.

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ok so my boyfriend and I were out to lunch the other day with my best friend whose name is denise. so denise and my boyfriend were TOTALLY flirting. ok so I was super POed that he even ASKED her to come, because when he asked me he said it like he was asking me out on a date. then he invites denise also because she's walking with me and I'm like HELLO you just asked me to be your freaking girlfriend and now you're asking my best friend to come on our first date? ok so we go to taco bell and denise forgot her money so he PAYS for her. wtf? he's MY boyfriend he should NOT be making moves on other girls like that. he doesn't understand how stressed out I am right now, my parents told me I have to get a job because I'm a senior now and they're not gonna give me any more shopping money. I got an application for an office job but they only pay $8.50/hr. ok so right now I'm just so confused.

is my boyfriend cheating on me? should I dump him? or was his little flirting shindig his official way of breaking up? would I look dumb if I tried talking to him?
why don't my parents understand that in order to make the same amount of money they gave me before to go shopping, I'd have to work full-time? do they WANT me to cut freaking class?


eta2: ok guys I gotta go to work, nice chattin' jerkfaces, but leave me comments and I'll get back to you tonight. love ya!

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    1. Does anyone here live in York or Hanover Pa ?
      1a. Do you know any good tattoo places?
   1b. I get paid on the 7th and its going to be a good sized amount for all the hours I've put in at my new job so far (opening a store)    and I'm worried about spending all of it, so if I go small with the tat, even if its colour, should it be at least 200 or less? Cause I  do know about tipping a tattoo artist

2. Is there questions I would absolutly have to ask when going to a tattoo place?
   2a. Like should I ask about the inks?
   2b. I have a tat i want, but i don't want the background, is it okay if i take the original photo AND a photoshoped one where i've removed the background? Would that be helpfull for the tattoo artist?

3. There was a fire at my condo's a couple of months ago (or more) and we were all freaking out, and a good many new people lost everything they had, and the one row was completely gutted. My friend was giving us who were freaking out something herbal to calm us down, valarium or something, what was that? Also, is it at Wal-Mart? (or Giant or Walgreens)

4. Do you like hot sause? If you like putting it on lots of differnt things, what kind do you use? I like Franks Red Hot. 

Storing Offline Journals

If you keep an offline copy of your journal, what do you use to store it in? I imported my journal into dBASE, but unfortunately I can't search the Memo fields so I'd like to find another alternative. Ideally I'd like to use something that allows me to search subjects and entries, so it could be a tool to create e-books or some kind of article database system. Freeware would be a bonus but I'd be willing to pay for a shareware program that works well. I *have* Googled around but there's just too much to test and I'd like to find out what works from people who have done it. It could be a Windows or a Linux program that imports delimited fields, or a freeform notes database...

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What's the weirdest thing you've been obsessed with?

For awhile, I was obsessed with Old West gunslingers like Billy the Kid and Wild Bill Hickock. NO idea why.
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So, have you heard that beer is the new wine? - for reals!

For you beer drinkers, if you could own all rights to one existing beer and have it named anything you want, which beer would it be and what might you rename it? 
If you want to keep the name, or just add something to it, so as not to lose the name factor, that's cool too.

For everyone, if you could have a beer made that would taste like anything you wanted it to, what would it taste like?  And what would you name it?

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1. What is the meaning of death?

2. What's last movie you watched? Did you enjoy it? What was your favourite scene/aspect/character whatever of it?

3. What's your funniest offensive joke?

dumb ipod question

Dear TQC, I know we all hate the ipod questions but I've never asked one before and my ipod is doing weird things.

It wont play songs. The screen is fine and normal and when you pick a song to listen to it just says 0:00 and will never play. I can go to the next song but same thing happens. Any ideas how to fix this?
i say, old bean

whine-one-one, how may we help you?

what's the last thing you went to the hospital for?
what's the longest you've ever been at a hospital?
what do you like/dislike about hospitals the most?

and finally, one of my bestfriends is in the hospital right now, she just had surgery this morning. i want to get her a happy gift. do you have any ideas?

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Not so hypothetical situation: Let's say you got into a falling out with a friend, and she basically was like, i do not want you in my life anymore, I feel bad, but that's how it is. Say, three months ago. and now three months later, you go get lunch together for reasons unknown and hang out for a couple of hours and then make plans to call each other to do something the next week, do you think it's okay for you to be like, i'm glad we're hanging out again, but just know I don't want to get hurt again or is that like, too much slice and dice?

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What is your record for most weddings attended in a single year?

And, for those of you in a relationship, what is your snappiest reply for "So when are you two going to tie the knot" type questions?

college post!

1. If I were to transfer to Bank of America, would they still charge me to use their ATMs, or do their ATMs just charge the same fee for everybody?

2. For those of you who live or have lived in residences with communal bathrooms/showers, how horrible is/was it (in terms of location, people using it, number of stalls, etc), and how did you deal with it?
Our halls have one bathroom per floor, with 2 sinks, toilets, and showers - thankfully, this is only for 11 girls, and we're all pretty varied time-wise. It didn't come with any towels or anything to dry our hands on, so I left a roll of paper towels in there, and I guess we'll probably rotate paper-towel-provider duty. And one of the toilet stalls has a window in it! Not just a little window up high, but a big one, that you can see out onto the street if you turn right while on the toilet! But thankfully, it's all blurred and three floors up, so it's not too much of a problem, but people keep leaving it open - awkward! As for showering, I carry an old tote bag for my clothes and other dry items, hang all those on the hook outside, and take a little shower-caddy thing in with me, for all my shampoo and soap and such.

Wet Phone

I was wading today in my local pond, and discovered I'd stupidly done so with my mobile phone in my pocket. It wasn't drenched, but it was damp. When I tried to use it, it looked like it was working, but it said that I had no service (not true, I live in an area with great coverage). What are the chances that it will work again if I leave it to dry out?

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Why do cats like to chew on electrical cords.. especially ones you really need?
I woke up today to find that my cats had somehow opened the door to my room, came in, and chewed up my cell phone charger cord. I can't get mad at them because I have 3 of them and I can't be sure who's doing it.. though I have a pretty good idea. GRRRR. this is seriously the 5th+ time they've done this. they chew on phone cords & computer cords. WHY???

Can you recall a really strange dream you had? any random dream
I once had a dream that Kenny Chesney was my uncle and he was outside mowing my lawn on a big riding lawnmower with my [ex] best friend sitting behind him on it. it was a really 'WTF' dream. one of my best friends still makes fun of me about it to this day & mails me joke 'kenny chesney lawn mowing services' mock advertisements. hahaha.
Haruhi disappearance

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If a recipe calls for 1 cup cottage cheese what would be a good substitution?

I hate cottage cheese. The recipe is for a vegetable and cheese pasta dish. The cottage chese & some romano cheese is what creates the creaminess, but it also calls for a can of vegetable broth to create liquid.
take it easy

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Hello everyone. I have a question about PLANE TICKETS! So exciting. :D

How old do you have to be to buy a plane ticket yourself? I'm going to be 17 next year and I'd really love to visit Toronto. I'm from Alberta so I'm not leaving my country or anything. Since I'll only be 17 would I need parental consent before they could give me a ticket?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Just one, but rather essential, question:

Why does IE crash when I click on the "back" button on LJ? This is not only on one computer, but internationally - happens to me in South Africa at home and on campus, as well as having happened to me on campus in England.

Damndably annoying to navigate. 

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what's something you had that you didn't appreciate until it was gone?

our Entertainment Weekly subscription. we've had it for over a year now but neither my sister or me can renew it this time and i miss it. i didn't even know i liked it :(
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Okay, curiousity won out:

For those who write or read fanfic/are part of fandoms/etc. which write romantic, non-canon fanfic... what is the (apparently widespread) draw?

(If you are involved in slashfic, please also note how the addition of non-canon homosexuality is also of value.)
me with eleanor


1.  What is a mistake that your parent/parents made while raising you and what negative effect did it have?

2.  What did your parent/parents do while raising you that you think had a really positive effect on you or your life?

3.  What was the most effective, yet non-abusive or scarring, discipline that your parents employed while raising you?
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1. These questions are for my friend because she's curious: Have any of you ever done one of those teach English abroad programs? Which country did you teach in? Which program did you go with? What was your experience like? Would you recommend it? Is there anything you wish you knew before getting into the program? If you taught before doing the program, how do the students abroad compare (she's heard students abroad are better behaved and more eager to learn)?

2. These are for me: If you have an English degree, what job do you have? How did you get into that job? Were you able to get into that job without an internship?

I'm currently teaching, but am considering a career change in a year or so depending on how things go unrelated to my job. I've been looking at ads for ideas with what I can do with my degree and most ads ask that you have 2+ years of experience, especially with publishing type jobs. I don't know how to get into the field with no experience.

ETA: I have an English degree already.

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Pics please? ..of what is, in your opinion, a desirable amount of chest hair and an undesirable amount of chest hair. I guess guys/lesbians/etc can do leg and/or pit hair on girls too if they so choose.

I have some questions.

Frequent reader, my first attempt at playing your reindeer games....

1. In reading a news story about a Spanish male removing a body part (of his own) to "stop the sin", I got to wondering. Why is it acceptable to refer to the penis as a "member"? How did this term come to be and come to be socially acceptable?

2. Compulsive purchases.

2a. What are things you compulsive "must" purchase, whether you need them or not?

2b. What is a price-point of an item where you think, "well, for that price, sure, why not?"

2c. How do you justify to yourself or others your compulsive purchases?

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-My boyfriend just finished his first week of med school. I get bored out of my gourd when he is studying. What can I do besides clean,sleep,read,tv?!
-Anyone else in a similar situation (med or law or grad school)? What do you do? I work full time so my weekends are wide open.
-I looked at the PC game zootycon and it seems like an OK game. What are similar games to the SIMS and tycoon games that would be fun and time consuming to play?

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So say you fall hard for an obviously contrived troll post. You get really worked up about it, super angry, and don't figure out for a while it's um, fake, and you missed the entire point, making yourself look not only stupid, but also like a jerk in the process. How do you feel? How do you deal?

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if you are engaged how long do you plan to stay engaged before you get married? if money wasn't a problem would it be different?

if you are married , how long were you engaged ?

if your neither, how long do you think an engagement should last before marriage? how long is too long?

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Why would whoever built my apartment put a towel rack in the shower? It seems so silly, putting a towel where it would get wet before its use.

Also: which fries are best?
any other that I couldn't think of...

Charles Fazzino... Jigsaw puzzles

Ok perhaps I'm the geekiest geek(ette) of all, but I am in DIRE need of Charles Fazzino puzzles.

I'm specifically looking for the two-piece set of "on broadway" and "coney island." Take a look under the cut for (sub-par) pictorals.

Collapse )

Now now, I did try googling for it - can't find exactly what I'm looking for. Anyone happen to own this item and want to sell it to me? Or know where I can find it for sale online? ;D
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What do you put on your hotdogs?
Ketchup and relish.

If you previously were in a relationship with someone and it ended, but a year later they asked you out again, what would you do?
I said no, but he keeps asking me. I think hes a sweet guy, but its getting annoying.

How do you eat your oreos?
I dip them until they are soggy. This prevents the awful oreo in teeth conundrum, most of the time.

I love the sims 2, but I have stopped playing it. Do you have any random things that you do in that game to keep you interested?

What is your favorite sex position?

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How many of you have a Nintendo DS?
You're just a bit addicted, aren't you?
Any favorite games?

I got one for my birthday earlier this year! I'll admit that I can go just a few days without playing. I got "Cooking Mama" along with the DS. Then I bought "Trauma Center" (bleh) and "Animal Crossing"(yay!). I haven't bought any more games, sadly, on account of not having the monies to do so.
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nana smoking

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(Yes, I'm supposed to be using my Bloo/Cheese icon but I'm pissed.)

-What makes you lose faith in humanity?
-What makes you want to beat the living hell out of someone?
-Have you ever imagined really hurting someone out of anger or revenge? If so, who and why?

Reasons for my questions and pissiness: I just read about a girl who got beaten by her father who is threatening to take her child away because she's a lesbian.
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happy monkey

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1. i can't seem to concentrate at work. it's so bad that i'm really anxious about going to work tomorrow. what can i do to help myself keep my mind on what i have to do, and not let my mind wander?

2. what characteristics makes one a loner? would you consider yourself to be a loner?

3. would you ever buy large, framed photographs online?

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1. What is your favourite accent? Foreign or otherwise.

2. What is your least favourite accent? Foreign or otherwise.

3. For non-Americans, what do you think of American accents?

4. If you had to move to a foreign country, where would you move and why?

Thanks :]

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Are there comms where people can ask for people to affiliate  comms with their comms? (so you could say 'hey i've got a  comm about [topic] anyone want to link to it?') If so, which ones?

Did you know that the whole idea about medieval people only washing three times a year is a myth?

What do you think about Kath and Kim being on channel 7 now?

Do you ever think that people should go back to using hankies rather than tissues because of the waste of trees?

What was the last movie you watched and what did you think of it?

Can someone explain the pornandkittens comm to me please? I don't get it.


So, I'm taking my driving test in two days at Baker's Basin in Trenton, NJ [and by the slim chance you got your license there, i want details :) ] and I'm pretty nervous.

Did you get your license on the first try?
Any hints/tips?

BTW: What's the proper blinker signaling for parallel parking? What about K-Turns?


computers and candy

Sony Vaio or Dell Inspiron? Anyone have one and love it? I'll be using it for the web/word processing/music/pictures, nothing fancy.

What is the mystery flavored Airhead? (as in the candy) Is it an entirely different flavor or just a differently labeled usual flavor? I can't tell.

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 1. Do you watch Weeds or Californication? Which one do you prefer?
 2. Why do some hotel rooms not have VH1 or MTV but have stations like Cinemax, Showtime and HBO with ACTUAL gratuitous nudity?
 3. Are you having BBQ tomorrow? 
 4. Where do you want to be right now?


Ok, my sis and I are freaking out over how smart we think we are.

Why is October not the 8th month, and December not the 10th?!?  Prefixes have taught me that it should be that way...but where did it go wrong?  Help me, wise tqc.


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What do you do when you crave a change?

If you lived at home and your parents totally forbid piercings, but allowed it if you got a tongue or navel piercing, would you try to push their limits on it? If yes, how far?
I'd like a nostril stud, but know my parents wouldn't allow it, so I figured I'd wait it out.

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Inspired by a post a few entries down...

When you have water in your ear, you really can put rubbing alcohol down your ear? What does the rubbing alcohol do? Make your ear drain faster?

(this is way serious, I never knew you could do that, and it would actually help.)

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My phone broke and I borrowed my grandma's. I don't have the manual and this little icon popped up and I can't figure out what it means. The phone is a Siemens CF62 and the icon is a little box w/ an 11 and a magnifying glass....what is it?!! It's driving me nuts. I've googled it to death and apparently I'm too dumb to find the answer. HALP!

serious question this time, guys.

How do you judge how nice people are? I'm always worried people think I'm unkind (because some do), because I'm not the type of person to engage in copious amounts of small talk with a constant smile on my face and giggle at everything people have to say. I'm more the type who offers to get you something, listens to you talk, and doesn't complain when you ask a favor. Do people notice that? Or should I work on being more smiley-happy all the time? Would it seem fake?

Why are IHOP's kid's meals so huge? I ate half a pig in a blanket and hash browns, and had 1.5 left.

Do you like high fives?

Err... Laptops.

My mom is thinking about getting my brother and I laptops for Christmas, but we're all basically stupid when it comes to technology, so...

We have DSL internet.
What kind of stuff would we need to hook up internet to laptops?
Could we just go through our other internet ... thing?

]: Please use technology-stupid language when answering, and possible links to products? [:

Thank you!

OH! And reliable but cheap laptops?

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If you had a choice to either a high school like this:
a large, public school that has very good academics, but is run down, an hour away from your house, you wouldn't have any friends there (at first, then it would depend on your friend making abilities), there would be several people already attending this school that strongly dislike you, your sister went there for a year and was miserable (even though the majority of kids who have gone there have liked it), it would be slightly easier to get into a "good" college, but had no real sport teams to speak of,

or: a small, private girl's school, that is also known for having very good academics, is small, is known for the students' spending a large time working and having very little social life, it would be slightly harder than the other school to get into college because of the competition, has strong sports, is about 20 minutes away from home, is comfortable and casual and just a nice place to spend the day, with strong teacher/student relationships, and you already have some friends there but haven't really fit in with the rest of the girls,

which would you choose and WHY?

And I forgot to add this. You were offered a merit scholarship to the private school, but your family would still have to pay 12 thousand a year, which would be somewhat of a stretch for them.

I had to choose between two schools like this when I applied to high school, so I'm just wondering what TQC would have done.

How old

How old were you when you had your first boyfriend/Girlfriend?

How old is too young to have a boy/girlfriend?

My daughter is 10, and she likes a boy who likes her. They play together on the play ground and she said she has 'hugged' him and he has 'hugged her' but that they haven't kissed. (Good thing I would have his head).
IMO She is too young to have a boyfriend, and she definately won't be dating, and I have told her that, but what age do people start dating now adays?

mary joo wana.

Do you say "pot" or "weed"? Do you smoke it?

The other day it was brought up that people who smoke it call it weed and people who don't call it pot. And we all "hmmmmm"-ed. Do you agree?

When I used to smoke it, I called it weed. Now that I don't, I call it pot.

Like... pot is something that other people do. Weed is something that I used to smoke.

Your thoughts?
prue chillaxin

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Why do so many people say:  ... between you and I...  OR ... for my friend and I... , when correct grammar is actually:  ... between you and me... OR  ... for my friend and me...?

I have a theory that misguided teachers are now teaching it incorrectly in schools because I've actually had people argue with me that their incorrect version is correct.  They tell me that they learned it that way in school.  Am I wrong?

It really grates me.
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Questions about questions

I have an interview on Tuesday at a yarn shop, and if all goes well I'll have another one in the coming weeks at a publishing company.  I don't interview well.  I get nervous and babble and forget to breathe.  But I also never know what to say when they ask "so, do you have any questions for me?"  I know I'm <i>supposed</i> to, but no one has ever told me anything about interviewing, other than "iron your clothes, don't pick your nose, don't chew gum, and make sure your shoes are clean."  I WISH I were joking.  I grew up being treated as though I knew the answers to everything all the time because I was in TAG & such, and any questions I asked were met with exasperated sighs and "I don't know, go look it up."  So that's what I do, I look it up.  Wikipedia, reference books, Google, and forums like this one.  So Question Clubbers: What questions should I ask the interviewer when I go for a job, assuming things like "what's the salary" and "what will my responsibilities be" are answered, because it's usually been my experience that they talk about those things unprompted?
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I'm on vacation in Florida.

Tell me, TQC, why on earth are my husband, mother-in-law, and her boyfriend ALL ASLEEP at 10pm when tomorrow is Labor Day?

What should my sister-in-law and I do?

EDIT: also, I have water in my ear. How can I get it out? Non-serious answers welcome.

I've looked and looked...

Where does Apple get the iPods that they refurbish?  I have searched their website, and the only thing I'm seeing is a free recycling program, and then refurbished iPods for sale.  None of them explicitly say where the iPods come from.  Do people sell/trade them at Apple stores?  I'm thinking of selling my iPod mini so I can get a better iPod.
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Ahhh okay, someone just sponsored a one month TotalFark subscription for me and I have no idea how to properly respond. I'm not up on Fark etiquette. How do I go about thanking him? D:
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I snagged about a pound of Jamaican blue mountain beans from my Uncle yesterday - $45 a pound online! It's absolutely delicious.

Worth it or overpriced?
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I am going to be taking the CLEP test for credit for Intro to Sociology.  My current school (Monmouth University, NJ) has many different professors for this course, and almost all of them have chosen different books.  Since I'll be doing the work on my own I want one of most complete books out there.  I will be talking with one of the professors, but I wanted some opinions from people who have taken this course.  Even if you've taken the CLEP test for Intro to Sociology, which books did you use?
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1)If your grandparents are still alive, do you ever call and talk to them? Wish them happy birthday and such?

2)Have you ever received a compliment on a feature you feel shouldn't be complimented? Once when I was working at Walmart a lady said she thought I had beautiful skin, which is weird because I have gross pimples on my face at all times so I don't know how that's even possible. It didn't seem like she was being facetious, idk maybe she was blind or something.
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Quick question

Just was bashing my head into a question and wanted to ask advice and see if I am off my rocker.

Ok someone asks you if you are free and you say no, that your busy. Then you free up a day in that time range.

Who's job is it to contact the other?

In my opinion it's the person who was busy and now isn't to let the other person know they are free.

It's the other persons opinion that the person asking in the first place should have called again to, um, verify that the other was still busy.

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Do you have different sets of friends, perhaps a group at home and a group at university, or from different activities etc
Would they all get on with eachother?
Yes, and no I really don't think all of them would get on. This sounds a bit rude, but my main group of friends a home are collectively a lot cooler than my uni friends, who are a random merge of personalities. You don't get that rank system at uni mean girls style, so people seem to slot together easier.

Are you/do you know any hypocondriacs? tell me about that...
I think I used to be one. I went away for the weekend with a good friend of mine who absolutely adored complaining about every little thing that was wrong with her, and she went absolutely mental over a bee sting because she claimed she might be allergic.. she wasn't. Also she's always said she's allergic to nuts, she accidently ate something with nuts in and guess what.. nothing happened.

What's the most embarassing thing about your body?
I have a seriously small bladder. If I don't go to the toilet as soon as I need it then I get verrrry desperate very fast.

Most annoying habit someone can posess?
I think it's got to be chamming.. chewing with one's mouth open.

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What do I want for my birthday, TQC? (I'm turning 18 on the 25th. I'm already getting pierced.)

Should I take my new Goldie action figure out of the box or keep it in there? I can't take it out of the box, a review I just read for the toy says that it won't even stand on its own.

Why does the weather always insist on telling us Floridians about hurricanes that they even say have no chance of hitting us?

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For the females: Have you ever taken the birth control pill Seasonal (which results in 3 or 4 periods a year)? How did it affect you? Did it work (as in the number of periods, not whether you got pregnant)?