September 1st, 2007


i'm a little bored and i'm surfing youtube.

you see that racism still exists, right?

do you also see that it doesn't exist in every single facet of life?

do you think it's obnoxious and ignorant when people act as though EVERY situation is driven by racism? i do.

why are some people so consumed by and focused on racism? yes, it exists. yes, it is awful. no, it is not every white persons fault that some non-white people have it tough.

inspired by:

if someone (T Mobile) says that something will be shipped in two days, do you think that means two business days or just two days? i can't tell if my phone is coming tomorrow or monday and i'd kind of like to know.

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If Bush is the leader/head of the Republican party, who is the leader/head of the Democratic party?

We were discussing this in my 'The Presidency' class and my professor never told us. I said 'probably Pelosi'.

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I hate how the few days that I have spent out in the sun this year have bleached my hair. I'm going to dye it. I can't decide on the color though. Should I go redder or dye it black?

What are you procrastinating over by being on TQC right now? I'm avoiding re-reading Wurthering Heights. I don't like reading books twice.

Any Labor Day plans? Mine involve working.

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1. What are some cartoons you watched as a kid that you now realise how racist they were?

2. Do you remember why you initially joined LJ?

3. What do you usually do on your computer when not using the internet?

ps. I know that question 1 is poorly worded, but my excuse is that it's late.

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1. For those who have shopped at Wal-Mart, does your particular store carry items that cater to the local demographic? For instance, Wal-Marts here carry stuff for quinceañeras.

2. Do you ever put off a simple task for no good reason? Example, please. If so, how long did this procrastination last and what was the task?
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When I input a ZIP code to find TV listings, does the website use the ZIP code's time zone, or my computer's time zone?

Basically, ESPN College GameDay is broadcasting live at 10am Eastern, and I'm wondering if it will be broadcast live everywhere (so 8am Mountain, I think?), or if it will be broadcast at 10 everywhere and will just only be live on the east coast. Anybody know?

PS, you should totally tune in to GameDay before ECU at VT - hopefully you'll see me! I'm going out there around 5 to try to be in the front :)

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I just moved to a new place and set up a landline. Unfortunately the phone number they gave me is that of a former escort service! It hasn't been much of an issue until tonight when I received 4 calls at an ungodly hour, the last one of which opened with "is your pussy shaved?" I only answered because the guy kept calling even though the answering machine clearly indicates that the number is a residence and not a WHORE HOUSE.

I don't think I'm going to change the number unless it becomes a huge problem, but I need some responses other than, "um... that business is closed, this is a residence." So TQC, what are some snappy comebacks I can use in response to weirdos calling and asking "who is working tonight?", "is this *name of escort service*?", etc.?


why in breezy hell do people on the internet have such an aversion to terms like "husband," "boyfriend," "partner," "girlfriend," "wife," and "fiance(e)"?

is it the relationship equivalent of people who can't bring themselves to say "penis" and "vagina" and have to say "wiener" and "you know... down there" instead?

also, why the hell do i always get hiccups right before i go to bed?
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I'm all for tipping waitresses and pizza delivery people, but why when I go to Pizza Hut or Dominoes now to pick up my own pizza, do they ask for a tip? They are not serving me and they are not delivering to me, I'm picking up food like I would at any fast food restaurant. They didn't always expect a tip as far as I can remember. If there is a real reason for this then I am fine with it, so can someone please explain?
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Hello everyone! Happy Labor Day weekend.

When registering for gifts, specifically housewares, like dishes and glasses, how many of each of the following is typical/appropriate to have?

White wine glasses:
Red wine glasses:
Champagne flutes:
Place settings (everyday dishes):
Flatware pieces:
Drinking glasses:

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1.) If you like Tool, what is your favorite song by them?

2.) If you like A Perfect Circle, what is your favorite song by them?

3.) What is your favorite month and why?

4.) In all seriousness, do you think Britney Spears is mentally ill?

5.) Do you know a place to find nice Autumn themed icons?
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Have you ever read or discovered something about a celebrity - that you liked or didn't, either one for this - that made you like them a little more/dislike them a little less?  If so, what was it?

Edit: I know the wording is kind of convoluted, but I'm really hoping for positive stories on this one: things that made you think better of a celebrity - of course, just now it hits me how I could have been oops.
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Inspired by this video:

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-Do you like Weird Al Yankovic?
-Is there anyone he could not/should not parody, in your opinion?
-Is polka music really that evil?
-What's a song he has not done that you would want him to parody?
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"In every job that must be done
There is an element of fun.
You find the fun and SNAP!
The job's a game."

What's a job where you have a hard time finding that element of fun? Do you think it would be more fun if you sang or whistled while you did it? People always seem to be having lots of fun doing work in musicals.
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If there was a movie based on your life, who would play you?

I was watching "13 going on 30" last night, and thought that Jennifer Garner would catch my awkward, goofy, good-hearted self perfectly. Although either she'd have to gain a little weight or I'd have to lose some before I did something worth making a movie about.

Since 9/11 is less than ten days away...

Which seems more rational, you make the call:

Scenario one:
Nineteen college-trained fanatical Muslims (or twenty if you believe the government) over years devised a plan and are able to exploit weaknesses in the US airline/airport security system which allows them to hijack four commercial airliners. They then use these airplanes as guided missiles to attack US landmarks. One is guided into the Pentagon, which seriously damages one wing of the building. One each hit the North and South World Trade Center buildings respectively, causing major structural damage on both buildings, and eventually leads to the collapse of both. The fourth airplane crashes in Pennsylvania, apparently due to the passengers fighting back and overpowering the hijackers, causing the plane to crash, killing all on board. Soon after Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden take responsibility for the attacks.
Scenario two:
The Bush administration in an attempt to bolster his sagging ratings and to achieve a neo-con take over, and the impetus to start an imperial war against the Middle East for the control of oil, craft a plan where secret US government agencies use US airliners to create a “false flag” attack against US landmarks. They use four airplanes filled with accomplices to carry out this plan. The planes take off from US airports and the original passengers are carried off to secret government locations, where they depart the plane and go into hiding. The planes then are refueled and then are remote controlled to their destinations. The government uses a missile to attack the Pentagon, and not an airplane, and they stage the downing of the Shanksville plane to make the “victims” into heroes. The other two planes are successfully flown into the Trade Center buildings, but the government knew they would not be enough to bring the buildings down; the government had secretly rigged the buildings with high power explosives to help bring the buildings down. The government uses Al-Qaeda and bin Laden as patsies to focus the blame on and allow them to launch a pre-emptive attack on Muslim lands without any world denouncement.

Which one seems more rational?

Scenario one
Scenario two



I'm meeting an old teacher so we can discuss the recommendation she is going to write for me to get some job. She said she wanted to know more about me, so... yeah. We're going to go out to talk over coffee or something, to like, George Webb's. It was originally going to be at 10am, but she never showed so I called her. She called me about a half an hour ago saying she had a rough day and such, so she'd gotten up late... I was totally okay with it, I assured her it was totally fine because I'm not doing anything anyway. So we decided on another time.

So... my mom keeps asking me five thousand questions regarding the situation, questions that are really grating my nerves. "Well are you sure of what time?" "Are you going to eat or just have coffee?" plus other questions about the entire situation that are really annoying to answer... etc. etc. etc. I wouldn't be so irritated if this wasn't a regular thing, like she has to know every single detail of all that I do. Before she was alking about how it was perfectly fine for me to be ditched by her too, because she's older and older people forget, and she was all "you'll understand when you get to be my age!!" Ugh.

Anyways, then she decided, "Well you should buy her lunch!" and I'm like. ...what?? And I told her I didn't really plan to and didn't want to. I don't see why I should. The thought of it didn't even cross my mind. So suddenly I'm ignorant and I don't understand older people, and I'm apparently rude.. I don't see how this figures...

Am I an ass because it didn't even cross my mind? lol honestly I don't want to do it at all now that I've gotten preached to like I'm a terrible person for not thinking of buying food.

Aaand now I was just told I'm crabby. GOD. I can't take this woman. I just want to scream at her for trying to control me and preach at me.

Anyways, am I an ass?? Is my mom crazy? WHAT DO I DO?


I'm about to go get my hair cut, but I really do need to wash my hair so I wanted to do that before I went because I don't want them to have to deal with it being all squicky and gross and then tell me "Gosh, you really need to wash your hair more often." My mother says they will not care, and that they cut it better if you have them wash your hair or something, which I think is weird.

Is it impolite to go in with hair really needing to be washed?

Would you care, if you were a hairdresser? If you are a hairdresser, what is your take on this?

What do you usually do?

Am I overthinking this?

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I got a labret piercing just over two weeks ago. The piercing is almost fully healed, but on the inside of my lip, the metal has gotten pushed into the skin and roughed it up a little. I've been meaning to buy a bioplast or other soft labret jewellery, if I changed to that, would this stop happening and heal faster? (Btw, it was making out and sexin' that got it this way, not just normal mouth activities)

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while watching DIrty Jobs, this question came to me....

which smells worse?

a septic tank ?
a decaying body?
sewage facility?
the 2 pigs that myth busters left in the corvette for 4 weeks?
grease trap from McDonalds?
what else can you think of?

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 Do you use A-1 sauce on your steak?
 What is your favorite marinade? 
 You're only allowed to eat three snack foods for the rest of your life, what are they?
 Vanilla or Cherry Coke?
 Least favorite vegetable?
 Least favorite meat?

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What have you done today that's really good for you--




EDIT:  Do you remember the movie bushwacked?  Lol, I'm watching it right now.  Epic.

Also, I've tried the Cheddar Shapes, BBQ Shapes, and have the Savoury flavour.  What should I buy next? (scroll down about 2/3 the way through)

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My MIL sent over a apple with a white skin. When you cut it open, the flesh is a dark red. It reminds me of a blood orange. 

I have never seen an apple like this before. Have you eaten/seen one? 

edited to add: it was given to my FIL, someone developed one in this local area and was passing some out. They grew it this way. It's really tart though.

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 How do you FORCE youself to leave someone who is cheating on you and treats you like crap, but you are so dependent on? I am having such a hard time to leave someone most people would not have any second thoughts about.  I am not pretty and I have the dreaded complex that "I'll never find anyone else."  Can I please hear some words of advice?
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cute shirts

What's a good online store that sells cute t-shirts for $15 or less and ships to Canada?

I'm thinking something similar to - not a chain store.
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I'm making a sort of bath-basket to give as a gift for my boyfriend's mom for Hanukkah. (Yes, I am SO aware that it is only September, lol).

I've got four bars of really nice soap and I plan on making one of those heated face mask things for the eyes as well as a salt scrub.

Am I missing out on anything?

Also, who wants to have dinner with me tonight? Homemade meatball subs, fries and chocolate lava cake topped with vanilla ice cream for dessert!

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My mother approached me today to tell me that my boyfriend had called her and was trying to convince her to let him give us a gift of two birds from an adoption center by him. He knows how upset I am about Sweetie dying and how much I miss our other cockatiel, an elderly male we named Patch who died about two years ago. The adoption center recently received two young cockatiels (I'm not sure what genders) and they just went up for adoption.

I would love to have birds again. I know I said I don't want another bird, but I miss 'talking' with Sweetie and we had Patch since before I was even born, I've never known a home without birds in it. But I don't know if it's too soon, she died two days ago, and I don't want to feel like I'm just replacing her. Should I accept the birds or should I wait?

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 When you have a sore throat, start of a runny nose, and your inner ear itches like a bitch, what do you do to make it stop itching?
I have had that horrible tickle/itch in my ear all day and the q-tips are not helping.

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Does anyone know of a good law community?  Or a community that talks about minors in consumptions?

The younger sister got a MIC last night, woke up in the hospital, and had a BAC of .337 (or .377? both numbers were being tossed at her).

The question that I have for the law community (but am posting here in case someone here knows) is: how long does a MIC stay on a record?  And would she be able to work it off by doing community service?  How often does someone go to jail for a MIC also? 

We're in Minnesota.  I saw the law is 100-700 dollar fine and up to 90 days in jail.
kiv dancin.

the internet's a powerful tool these days.

i am a bit freaked out (albeit pleasantly) that i keep seeing icons of The Mighty Boosh. nobody i know knows it, but you lot seem to.

Poll #1048760 The Mighty Boosh

How farmiliar are you with The Mighty Boosh?

I've seen it all and I Love it.
I've seen it and I like it.
I've seen some of it and I like it.
I've not seen it but I'm interested
I have not seen it and I am not interested.

edit: in case you don't know and want to find out, you can see the first section of episode one here.

if not, why, no worries.

PPS: 'not seen it' = 'not heard of it'.
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For people in the USA

What are your plans for this holiday weekend? Does your family have any traditions when it comes to Labor Day weekend?

In my family we always smoke a big pork butt ( If you didn't know, pork butt is the name of the cut but it's actually from the shoulder of the hog. ) for some good ol' pulled pork bbq sandwiches.
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how much does it suck when you need to pop or crack a certain bone in your body and it won't budge? 'cause I REALLY need to crack the heel.. bone (?) in my left foot and it won't crack.

have you ever cracked or popped anything and actually really hurt yourself?
no but I crack my neck so much and so fast/hard that I'm afraid I'm going to break it one day. it's a bad habit.
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Is there any way to relieve blood build up under a toenail? I dropped a glass jar on my big toe last night and my nail is purple. It really hurts and I think it's from the pressure of the blood.

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I'm moving into a new house at uni and wish to have different posters on my wall from last year.
Last year I had Amélie, Rolling Stones & Breakfast at Tiffany's.

This year I want a print of Byron Bay Australia, a hot model- b&w tasteful nude or perhaps Kate Moss (for inspiration purposes and lower my self esteem greatly ha) and.. i'm stuck.
I don't have any favourite bands I want on my wall especially...

What posters/prints would you decorate with? or your favourite images? pics please.
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How do you get someone to stop talking to you 24-7? I have a friend that calls, texts, and IMs CONSTANTLY. It's not that I don't want to talk to her or hang out with her, because I do, but she is excessive with the constant contact. She's driving me up a wall because she's all up in mah grillz, yo. HOW DO I MAKE THIS BITCH STOP?

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I know you guys hate itunes questions as much as I do, but the weirdest thing just happened. When I try to play music there is no sound and the files won't play, but when I click on videos they play just fine with volume and everything. This makes no sense at all to me. Has this happened to anybody else? Do you have any ideas?
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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1. Have you ever gone along with something that didn't feel right to you?
I did my first Communion when I was 13, and even then, I knew that I didn't believe in God or in the idea of religion. I still haven't told my family how I feel about it.

2. What's your favorite board game OR games that are found in the board game aisle in stores?
Scrabble, Sorry, Apples to Apples, Guess Who

EDITED. Apples to Apples, not a board game, duh.
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Would you rather...

1. eat shit -or- eat giant hissing cockroaches?

2. fuck a really hot person that was bad at sex -or- fuck a really ugly person that was great at sex?

3. be rich but with a bad reputation -or- be poor but with a great reputation?

4. be able to bring someone back from the dead -or- have the ability to make anyone you want fall in love with you?

5. get a really bad cut -or- break a very important bone?

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Do you make noise during sex?
Can you control the amount of noise you make or is it just spontaneous?
If you had to be quiet do you find it harder to reach an orgasm?
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Have you ever used , commented on someone's LJ, then corresponded with them enough that you eventually added each other to your respective friends lists?

I've never done this, I was just wondering if anyone had.

Have you ever seen The Jazz Singer?  What did you think of it?

I haven't.  I have the soundtrack, and I love a lot of the songs on it.  I have a friend who loves the movie, but I see most of the internet thinks it sucks.

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Why does Titanic (the movie) make me want to cry? This and Love Actually are the only two movies to do that to me.

What is one movie that always gets you to cry no matter what?
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Say your child wanted a second piercing in their ear very badly, and had begged and begged for it for almost a year. You refused. One day the wind catches her hair and reveals her ear and-- oh! Seems she's pierced her own ear!

What would you do?

just curious

I'm going to try some would you rather's. Answer them if you like.

A) Would you rather kiss a donkey who just had his mouth washed or a cute puppy who just drank from a toliet bowl?

B) Would you rather chew on a piece of used gum found under a desk or a brand new piece found on the street of NYC?

&C) Would you rather hear someone you don't know tell you that you are ugly or a person that is close to you tell you they hate you?

Yea I know they are random, but try it! :)
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