August 31st, 2007

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1. What is one bad habit that you would get rid of
2. What scares you more, death or eternity?
3. Were you forced to go to church as a child?
4. If your child was gay would you accept it?
5. What's the most hurtful thing you ever said to someone?
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hannibal skull

Oh, pain!

What hurts at the moment? Would a kiss make it all better?

If someone you know hurts you often (emotionally, not physically), at what point do you cut them out of your life? Is the answer different if it is a member of your family?
kaizers orchestra: janove sunset

Question to maybe set my mind at ease...

1. Do you think you'd feel....guilty for going to an interview, talking to the company a few more times on the phone and then turning down the job when they say they're ready to hire you, when they sound eager to have you working for them? I never felt completely sure of the job but I thought maybe I'd get to like the idea. I don't feel I'm ready for a 40-hour-a-week job at 19, with only 10 months work experience. Though I still may go grovelling back to them in a few days, if another job offer doesn't come.
Am I just being dumb kid feeling bad? It seems it, to me.

And something a little more random...
2. On a scale of 1-10, how hilariously emo is this song title?
"In My Tears"
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How often do you go braless?

I wear bras like 30% of the time, and the other times I layer so that it's not obvious or otherwise tacky, but I don't like wearing bras. They're dumb and pointless unless I'm trying to do something with my breasts like make them squish together.
Caffeine BUN

Slumber party!

Did you like going to sleep-over parties as a child/pre-teen?
I hated going to sleep-overs, with the exception of my best friend's house, I was always incredibly uncomfortable with sleep-overs away from my house because I was scared I'd get sick!

Did you par take in quintessential pranks such as hand in warm water? Or freezing of the training bra?
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Answered: Tom it is. Thanks!

What makes the better ringtone?

"Yeah I'm free, free fallin'" by Tom Petty [opening of the chorus] or "Hold me closer tiny dancer, count the headlights on the highway" by Elton John [heading into the bridge i think]?

i love them both and can't decide :(

bolded [tl;dr].

So my boyfriend--of not even two months--just told me he thinks we're ready to have sex.
I told him that I know for a fact we aren't ready, and that we'd definitely regret it.
We're fifteen and we're both virgins.
He got mad at me and said, "Well before I asked you out you said you wouldn't have a problem with having sex. Plus I love you and blah blah blah."
Which is true; I did say I wouldn't have a problem with having sex. However I've learned a lot since then and I've come to the conclusion that even if I were ready to have sex, he isn't. He's simply not mature enough and he doesn't seem to understand that while he may think he's ready, he isn't.

So my question is: Has this, or something similar, happened to you, or someone you know? How do I get myself out of this mess? Was it right for him to get mad? Or just give me your opinions, I guess.

edit 1: Sorry for the useless bolding; I figured you wouldn't want to read the whole thing. :/

edit 2: After talking, and him telling me to go fuck myself and calling me a bitch and telling me to fuck off several times, we've concluded that we weren't meant to be and have come to a mutual agreement that friendship is the best route. Thanks for your advice everyone, and sorry for more useless bolding / big letters. [:

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Are you the type of person that tends to underreact or overreact? Why?

Do you have friends that you and a ex share then how do you deal?

The other night my friend invited my ex along to dinner without me knowing and it was awkward as usual. We dated 2 years ago for only several months and he was my first everything. Sigh.

Describe to me in 3 words, your first girlfriend or boyfriend.

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TQC, today is the last full day of work at my current job.

What shall I sneak out of the office to remember it by?

Do you like it when people give you attention based on things like birthdays, you leaving a job or being ill or does it make you slightly uncomfortable?
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is there anything you need to tell me?

do you share a bathroom with anyone?

if you do, is there more of your stuff or their stuff on the counter?

you've taken a shower.. your bathroom mirror happens to look like this do you leave it alone, wipe it to where you can at least see your face, write something on it?

ETA: your friends are getting you a set of monogrammed towels, for no reason.. you're just that great of a friend :) but they've asked you what you'd like them to be monogrammed with, what do you tell them? (ie. your initials, just your last name's first letter, your nickname?) they'll look like Collapse )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO latenightdrives, LU BB! (i know it's not until tomorrow but i doubt she'll be on-line tomorrow.. or maybe even today)
Cats pawing at mommy's face

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1) I'm always getting phone calls from work. My phone's available ringtones don't offer me anything atrocious enough to express my annoyance. What would be a really obnoxious ringtone to download and put for the work phone?

2) Do you have a pet? Do they sleep with you at night?

3) What object have you owned for the longest period of time?
3b)What is the oldest object you own?
hannibal skull


How generous are you?

Do you share well?

What was the last thing you gave to someone?

When you give someone something or do something nice for them, do you expect them to do something in return?

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Can you bring sneaky snacks (junk food) on the airplanes as long as they are not liquids or geletin-type materials?

Do you think TSA will give us any crap going through security with 5 carryons, a child with his carseat, and over a quart of formula?
unnecessary cuteness


7:30 PM 8/23/07 · While shopping for dress shoes for Sis' upcoming wedding, the conversation not surprisingly went on about shoes. Dad, who had taken me all the way around Novato looking for sales, was surprised to learn that other than a pair of slippers and a couple of old dress shoes I really just have the one pair I wear most of the time. It had been my understanding, both from Dad various life experiences, that it's the female of the species that collect shoes just for the love of having them while the male tends to grab only what is necessary or practical.

Which is what sparked the question...

What's your gender and how many pairs of shoes do you own?
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xenos everywhere

almost made a community for this...

...but I didn't have a Skrull mood theme handy.

8:48 PM 8/28/07 · Marvel Comics has put forth a very interesting idea recently and I just wanted to feel folks out for their thoughts on it. Not so much specifically it but the possibles that could very well be of it.


Let me simplify.

Of the peoples of the current Marvel Universe, in disguise on Earth, who do you think is a Skrull?

For the record, I am convinced that Tony Stark isn't one!
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Possibly long winded backstory, I'm still a little upset.

My cockatiel died very suddenly last night. We were chattering to each other, she loved talking to people and was a sweetheart, which is why we named her SWeetie. But while I was chattering with her, she suddenly started jerking and fell to the bottom of the cage. I freaked out and yelled for my mother and Sweetie just lay there jerking for a efw seconds before she died. She had been in good health and relatively young, only about 8 or 9 years old, we just can't figure out what happened. My mother suggested that it could have been a heart attack, because Sweetie was always a bit high strung, but she was very relaxed and happy while we were chattering. My brother was a few feet away, playing video games, and barely looked up the whole time except to tell his friend to ignore me and my mother hysterical crying over the bird. His friend kept asking what he could do to help and got tissues for us. We put her in a shoebox with her mirror and bell (her favorite toys) and buried her this morning. My brother says we overreacted and that we should have kept the toys for another bird, but I would have felt horrible trying to give Sweetie's favorite things to another pet, I don't even want to get another bird now.

Did my mother and I overreact? Was it really stupid to bury Sweetie with her toys? Was my brother just being a dick about it? What even happened to Sweetie? He's already talking about getting another bird to 'replace' her, how do i get it through his skull that you can't replace a pet like that and that nobody else even wants to get a bird right now?

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My fiance and I went out to dinner last night. Local restaurant, certainly wasn't upscale. When our waitress came to the table she took our drink orders, when we ordered a coke and an unsweet tea she said "well that's easy." Came back and deliveried our drinks and we were ready to order - we both wanted chicken fingers cause they are just yummy. She again said "that's easy.", picked up the menus slammed them on the table to make them even up with each other and walked away. Someone from the kitchen brought our plates out, she appeared a few minutes later and asked if we needed anything extra. We said we would like an extra cup of honey mustard. Took her 10 minutes to bring that to us. We eat and every time we put a bite in our mouths she asked how we were doing.

After about the fourth time of her coming over and asking how we were doing my fiance turned the table and asked how SHE was doing. She said she was "tired". 

It's time to get the check. We asked for a to go box and the check. She brought the box and forgot the check. Brings the check, sets it down on the table after another five minutes of waiting. My card was already in my hand and ready to give it to her but she walked away too quickly. Sit there for another 5 minutes waiting for her to come back. I see her come out of the direction of the kitchen, she stopped at the table diagonal to us, then the one in front of us and started to move down to the table beside that one....I called her name and she looked at me like WTF? So she comes to the table and I hand her the card. She rings it up and brings me the receipt...I didn't tip her at all.

Was I wrong for not tipping her? She didn't bring our food out. She wasn't moving at top speed and seemed to think that since she said she was tired everything would be ok. I always tip at least 30% on a check and I felt she needed to be taught a lesson. What do you think?

I do kinda feel bad about it now but I was just so pissed at having to wait 15 minutes for her to ring us out.

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1) Why do some people go icon-less or without a default icon? Does it bug/weird you out/annoy/perturb/bother you when they do?

2) I have some personal time left at work and I think I would like to take a day off in September or October. When should I take it, and what should I do?

3) What is minimum wage in your country/province/state? It's $7.50 in MA I think? Maybe $7.25

4) Queso dip or salsa?
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Another "how would you pronounce this" question...

How would you pronounce this name: Revé

If you didn't see the accent mark, how would you have pronounced it?

More often than not people can't/don't type accent marks so when my name is typed, the accent mark is usually not included, so most people say it wrong.

[Named after Adam Walsh's mother (whom Code Adam was about) and John Walsh's wife (host of America's Most Wanted). My parents weren't trying to be oh-so-unique, lol. My dad's name starts with "R."]
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What is your favorite role by each of these actresses:

Cameron Diaz?

Katherine Hepburn?

Reese Witherspoon?

Jodi Foster?

Helen Mirren?

Also, if you don't happen to be familiar with Hepburn, Foster, or Mirren, why the hell aren't you?  Do you know what you're missing?

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i have a pair of merrell sandals that i love and wear all the time. however, after awhile, they tend to start smelling bad..just like..FOOT. what would you suggest to:
1. get rid of the smell
2. prevent them from starting to smell in the first place

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I have a brand new laptop I bought for school, and it came with Vista. Vista sucks monkey balls. Is there any way to make Vista suck less? (*edit* Besides getting XP or linux.)

How do you tell someone they have bad breath, in a nice way? (*edit* Tried offering gum, he said no thanks.)

What is that tl;dr or whatever thing? Answered. How retarded.

Does anyone else hate chatspeak like I do?

Random question Friday

1: Do you sweat when you get nervous?

2: When you get to the bottom of the cereal bowl, do you drink the milk with the spoon or do you drink it from the bowl?

3: Do you keep the manual that comes in the box?

4: Do you prefer black or blue ink?

5: What is the weirdest animal you have eaten?
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Back to school type questions

1. Is there one specific brand of pen that you must write with?

For me it's plain Bic blue pens. Anything else and I start complaining about the color of the ink, the way it feels in my hands, the size of the point, etcetera.

2. Do you prefer legal or spiral notebooks?

I usually go for spiral, but this semester I thought I'd be adventurous and go for legal pads. The fact that the paper is rainbow colored had nothing to do with my decision, I assure you.

3. Do you carry around a mini stapler with you?

I do, even though I rarely use it. This is mostly because the one time I asked someone to borrow theirs they said no. Mean people suck.
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home urinal

LADIES, how would you feel about having a urinal in one bathroom in your home (assuming you lived in a place with more than one bathroom)? Does the idea gross you out? (According to the linked article, women tend to be disgusted by the idea.)

GENTLEMEN, would you want a home urinal (assuming you had room for it)?

Collapse )

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A while back I had to reinstall windows on my laptop and regretably I forgot my yahoo email's password. 
I've gone through and done all the versions of the password that I thought it was to get back into it and none worked.
I thought no biggy and went to try and recover it and discovered that I don't remember any of the information that I need to fill out the forms Yahoo wants. 
Is there any other way of getting my account back?
I had a friend say that there was a number I could call, but I'm really phone shy, so if there are othe ways, that would be my last resort.
There are a lot of things saved there that have sentimental value and I miss those.
screw u

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What is an appropriate response to someone that counters every point you make in an argument with, "You're a liar"?  I'd like to resolve this situation, but the person I've been arguing with cares much more about being right rather than coming to an agreement.

(For the record, no, I'm not a liar.)

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For every hour you're in class, how many hours do you spend:
on homework?
travelling to and from school?

what do you define as studying?

Do you completely work that's due right after it's assigned or right before it's due?

Do you work better alone or in groups?

How often do you check your phone messages?
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How much information do you allow fellow LJers to know about you?
Name, state/city you live in, name of your school, names of loved ones, information about relationships, your daily life, emotions/opinions, pictures of you, etc?

If your journal is friends only, how much more do your friends know?
The Receptionist Classic

Birthday Stuff

Which would be more fun:
Getting dressed up and going to dinner at Denny's?
Getting dressed up and going to dinner at some nice place?

Does your answer change if you know the people involved include myself and latenightdrives? Just wondering.

Also - I pre-ordered something for a friend of mine (her birthday is coming up) and I made a flier thing to give to her that shows what it is and when it is coming to her. But I want to wrap the piece of paper up and give it to her. It is a standard 8.5x11 piece of paper. What are some nifty ways of wrapping it up? I have these heavy, thick paper tubes (like toilet paper rolls, only bigger) and bubble wrap at my disposal, but I'm open to any suggestions.

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I pack a knife everywhere I go, just a little 5 inch folding blade in a nice leather holder. I sit down at the beach and slice limes for my gin and club sodas with it. If I am with a male companion, I like to slowwwly lick that sharp knife clean while staring at him intently and then I judge the guy's reaction. Denim tent = a-okay with me. Cringe in horror with balls shriveled up inside body cavity = even better. Either way, that knife is a gauge on whether they have anything to do with me ever again or not. SO far, nobody has stopped talking to me.

So, what do you think? Deranged woman licking her sharp knife clean while staring intently - hot or not?

For college students

I started my freshman year of college one semester late, and I'm trying to catch up so I can graduate in spring 2010. Right now I'm at 16 credits this semester, should I take another and go for the 19?

The regular is usually 15 per semester and I'm suppose to be at 45 credits in total. I'm at 35, but I could be at 38 cause they let you take up to 19 without charging extra...
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After talking to a high school kid that works with me, it turns out that The Dave Matthews Band has become the new "cool" thing to like, it's what the potheads and the hippies listen to, like Phish was for my generation, like The Grateful Dead, and Pink Floyd. I'm not talking about kids who are generally interested, I'm talking about the "trendy" kids who like them because everyone else does.

My reaction: lolwut?

If you're an oldschool fan of DMB, how do you feel about this?

What was the "cool" band to listen to when you were in high school?

I'm kind of annoyed. I grew up with DMB and now all these little kids go to his concerts 'coz it's cool. If they're genuine fans, alrighty, but not just cuz they wanna dope up and feel trendy.

It alternated between Phish and Bob Marley.


Is it acceptable to you to informally abbreviate "California" as "Cali"?

And are you from California?

Edit: Are there other states which can be abbreviated in this way?
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To all you non-hetrosexuals,

Do you have gay pride?

I'm a lesbian, but i dont go to pride fest
I dont own anything rainbow
i just think it's kinda lame to be proud of something, that you did nothing to make happen.
My sexuality is a part of me, it's not all that i am.
Everytime i say this, people are ready to lynch me and tell me im ashamed of who i am.
I just dont see it as that.
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cartoon cat
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I know I asked before but it was a while ago and perhaps new people know!

Is there a website or forum or something where you can type the name of a movie you like, and they will recommend movies with similar plot or a similar "feel"? Like a Pandora or Last.FM but for movies.

I will also ask: I liked Tideland because it was so dark and surreal while still being all naively magical and realistic. What would you recommend I watch that might be similar?
flowers in the attic
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ikea sleeps

hi folks
i'm looking to buy this bed at ikea:
what do you think would be better for it, a [slatted bed base] or a regular [matress base]?
Also, out of the matresses that they have, what do you think would be a good/inexpensive choice? And any experience with matress pads?
Thanks for any input :)

I've recently read an article re difficulties of having sex on foam matresses. Anybody try it? :)

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     In a fit of cleaning up my parents computer, I accidently deleted Microsoft Office and purged it from the recycle bin.  Ugh.  Is there anything I can do to get it back?  I've tried several free recovery programs with no luck, and I can't find the original disk.   

eta: I dl'ed Open Office.  It seems to be an appropriate replacement.  Thanks!
Bailey and I

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 In 1997 Princess Diana Died Today:

1. Do you think it was an accident, or was it a conspiracy?

2. Do you remember where you were when she died?

3. Do you remember where you were for the September 11th attaks?

4. How do you feel about Jack The Ripper?

5. Are you interested by gore and killers?
  5x.   How does that kind of thing make you feel?
hannibal skull

French fries

Poll #1047900 French Fries

Do you like French fries?


How do you like them cooked?

Deep fried at home
Oven Baked
Fast Food fried
Other (comments welcome)

What do you eat with your French fries?

ketchup, catsup
tomato sauce
sour cream
ranch dressing
seasoning salt
other (comments welcome)

What do you call French fries?

French fries
Pomme de terre frites
Other (comments welcome)
Rin angry

(no subject)

In brief: has anyone EVER seen or used the abbreviation LMIRL?

Longer version: For anyone who hasn't, it's short for Let's Meet In Real Life. I've seen it twice now--both times offline. The most appropriate response I could formulate was OMGWTFBBQ... because who DOES that? I've met 'Net friends IRL myself, and it has NEVER been that casual unless they're the friend of a friend I already know. Even then, we've never used that or anything like it.

Of course, when I saw that headline today, it also mentioned kids texting it to each other. Yes, by cell phone. If you already have someone's number and you're going to suggest a meeting, I'd think you'd do it during an actual call...

Then again, this is probably the same type of people who thought "yeah, I'd hit that" was a good ad campaign slogan for both a McDonald's hamburger and the PSP. >_>

[x-posted for more angry letter fodder]
Love Actually

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Seems like TQC has a lot to celebrate this weekend, so what are you going to bring to the party?
I'm going to rip up my dissertation note cards and toss them around like confetti
And I'll also bring a cheese log and pickled eggs- because my mother never used to let me buy either.
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1) You have the chance to make up an acronym that will be known across the intarwbs. What do you choose to create?

2) Gatorade or Powerade? You must choose one!

3) What is your favorite current meme?

4) What is your favorite old meme or internet phenomenon, one that still makes you laugh every time?

5) What do you think was the very first internet craze?

2) Gatorade

3) I still like cat macros!

4) I do enjoy All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

5) In my mind it's that ugachaka baby or the hampster dance, but that's only as far back as I can remember as far as internet phenomenons go.

(no subject)

I have two .925 silver rings which I put in this fairy thing (sorry for the crappiness of the photo). The rings have been sitting in there with miscellaneous other jewelery for a little over a month. Lastnight I got them out hoping to wear them. The rings were tarnished and smelled pretty nasty.

Now my question is...
How in the hell did that happen?
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caughtcha mom!

i'm 24. i don't smoke pot - i dont care if others do around me, but im perfectly satisfied with my marlboros and a six pack of sam adams.

my mom has been staying with me and my boyfriend for the past month, and my dad has been here for the last two week. they came to help us get some stuff done (they live in texas, were in ohio). I grew up your typical boring suburban childhood, and my mom was a stay at home mom. my mom wouldnt even let me have bags that were made of HEMP when i was a kid.

so, enough of the backstory. i caught my mom smoking pot in our living room (my boyfriend and i live together). i didnt actually see her smoking it, but i smelled it, she thought we were all gone, etc etc... basically, i know she was smoking pot. when she and my dad left to go do something today, i checked in one of her bags (i felt so very dirty doing this) and i found the pot in her bag, so, evidence confirmed.

Anyway, I don't care that she smokes pot - i couldn't care less actually. I just don't want her to do it in our house. We prefer ithat people smoke in the garage, because my boyfriend's family just shows up all the time and walks right into the house. My mom is the uber defensive type, who always thinks people are accusing or attacking her of stuff, and she denies everything. i would like to avoid a huge blow up session, i just dont want her to smoke in the living room.

Dear TQC - how would you get the message across to your mother that A) you dont care that she smokes and B) to please smoke in the garage - my house, my rules, etc. seriously. i don't want my boyfriend's uberstraight laced grandma to show up and see my mom smoking pot. :::headdesk:::

(creative and non-serious replies especially appreciated ;) I think its hilarious...)
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nervous stomach

 This might sound strange, but I get these really bad nervous stomachs at random times and have absolutely no clue how to get rid of them. 
I started getting them when I was in junior high, but basically what happens is I get nervous about something and get this really bad boiling feeling in my stomach/ intestines and it makes me feel like I need to lay down and die. Once the sick feeling hits I go into this crazy panic mode where all I want to do is be in the comforts of my own home where I feel safe from embarresment.

I've seen a doctor about it and we ran different tests to see what it could be from. They did an upper GI and didn't find any ulcers or anything, and then I started taking lactaid because we thought maybe I was lactose intolerant. None of these things helped so I'm lead to the conclusion that its all in my head and I make myself nervous. 

I eventually thought I had grown out of it because I only got occaisional "boily stomachs" when I ate something that was too greasy or I was under some kind of pressure but I recently started getting them back again in odd situations like the middle of class or when I'm getting ready to go somewhere. 

Has anybody here ever had this problem? What did you do to calm yourself down before the sick feeling hit you???
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...there was a FIREFIGHT!


I just watched the first two discs of the first season of Lost, I'm starting the third.  My friends are telling me that I should stop watching now, while I still can.  They say that the later episodes (later seasons maybe?) are absolutely terrible but that it's impossible to stop watching once you get too involved in the series.

So LJ, should I stop now?  I'm going back to school in a couple days and the discs will no longer be around to tempt me.
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happy monkey


this may not make much sense... cause i'm typing this while i'm all emotional.. Collapse )

1. how many of you TQCers agree with my coworkers?
2. do you feel sorry for their boyfriends?
3. why does it feel like the sky is crumbling and the world is ending? :(


 1: Do you eat the recommended serving size?
 2: Do you go through the Drive-Thru or do you walk in?
 3: What is the most fatten thing you have ever eaten?
 4: Have even eaten butter(the real stuff) by it's self? 
 5: What is your favorite topping on ice cream? 
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(no subject)

Why are my website and email timing out?

Nevermind. It's suddenly working again.

New question: Do any of you write stories/poems/death threats?

If yes, what do you do to deal with writer's block?

prue chillaxin

Childhood Memories

Do any of you remember the words to any of those complex patty-cake games that girls play in elementary school?  Like "Miss Mary Mack", etc?

My little girl asked me to teach them to her and I have absolutely no memory of them.
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

Poll #1048274 Social lives

How many times a week on average do you go out with friends?


Do you wish you went out with friends more?


Where do you typically go when you go out?

Someone's house
WTF I don't do that shit.
Other, I'll explain in comments.
omfg ticky!

What is your current status?

In a relationship
I hate people
Other, I'll explain in the comments

What do you do when you're at home with no plans?

Watch TV
All of these
None of these, I'll tell you what I do in comments

(no subject)

1. Do you ever wait until rush hour(s) is(are) over before leaving the house?

2. For those who have lived with a significant other, how is it different from living with a friend aside from physical intimacy? (Do you find it easier to live with them?)

3. For those of you who have TurboJamed, how did that go for you? If you did it frequently, did you see results?

4. Who has the most annoying display image on TQC?
captain kate capsize

(no subject)

Do you usually find it helpful or annoying when someone mentions their job title, political leaning, sexual orientation and/or hobbies when they introduce themselves?  Would you prefer to mention these things as soon as possible or wait until someone asked?  How do you feel about websites that encourage you to display this type of information in profiles?
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(no subject)

Women: Do you like the smell of your own Vag?

Men (and maybe women too): Do you like the smell of your own farts?

Do you ever think up questions but then forget them later when you have time to ask them on TQC?

(no subject)

What are some good books that I should read?

I haven't had a new book to read in about a month, and I really need to read something fresh. I love Chuck Klosterman and Chuck Palahiuk, so do you have any suggestions for me, TQC?

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Okay, while brushing my teeth just now I leaned in close to the mirror to inspect my teeth and noticed that my chin appeared to be glowing. Well. Sort of. Since I'd leaned forward and tucked my head down, there was sort of an invisible extra chin against the black of my t-shirt. And that was a horribly worded and confusing sentence. Anyway.

So I held up my hand against the black of my t-shirt and it was there too. It's sort of like when you don't focus on something in front of your face and on a point further away so it looks like there's two of the things in front of your face, just not as extreme. So like really slight double vision, but only against a dark background.

So could you please go try this in your nearest mirror and tell me if it happens to you? If so, is this some science thing to do with mirrors I never learned about in high school? And if it doesn't work for you, then which one is dying, my eyes or my brain?
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Where do I want to go out to eat tonight?

The restrictions are it must have a location in Jacksonville, FL and cannot be Mexican/Indian/Japanese.

EDIT: and also not poop sandwiches, because I had those for lunch.
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So people always say when you find the person you're going to marry, you usually just know at a point that this is the man/woman for you.

Those of you who are married, was this true for you?
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two very unrelated questsions...

1. The Dream Concert on September 18th in Washington D.C.: Is there any chance of that being on t.v.? I really want to see it, but going to D.C. and getting tickets is impossible. = (
Edit:I lied. Its in N.Y.C., but i still couldn't go.

2. My friend is going through a really rough time. I can't do anything to help the situation that is causing the drama, but I still want to help. What is something I can do for said friend to cheer them up/take their mind off of things/let them know I'm here if needed.

2a. What is the nicest thing a friend has done for you when you were going through a rough time?
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How excited are you about Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween? 1=Fuck that dude; 10=omg I've been looking forward to this for months

Mean: 3.98 Median: 3 Std. Dev 3.15

1)Do you think there are enough people in China that they could make a bridge of bodies all the way across the Pacific Ocean and still have 2 or 3 people to every one American so that they could beat us all up and take over the country?
2)What's the worst childhood accident you've ever had? Not mine, but at my cousin Matt's birthday party one year one of his friends shot his other friend in the eye with Matt's BB gun. The kid was okay, but my aunt and uncle were afraid there might be a lawsuit or something.
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1. Do you like Nik-L-Nips?
2. What's your least favorite vegetable? Fruit?
3. How many televisions are in your home?
4. Do you have any expired food in your refrigerator right now?
5. What kind of fridge do you have? One with the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other, or one with the fridge on the bottom and the freezer on top?

Hi, I have a silly question...

it's a silly question but I can't get it out of my mind.

The other night, while drunk, I was making up rhymes to go with Rihanna's "Umbrella" song.
The two I remember were "you can have all of my Salmonella-ella-ella-ei-ei" and something to do with Cinderella.

But there was ONE certain word that I just CAN'T remember.... but it was soooooo funny and perfect and maybe my drunkenness had to do with how funny I found it, but I'd just really like to remember what that word was.

So... friendly neighbourhood LJ helpers... do you have any suggestions for what the word that rhymes with Umbrella could have been?

thanks so much!
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Do you eat the sides/ crust of cheese? My husband finds it odd that I don't eat the crust except for Brie sometimes. Just wondering if I'm the only "odd" one.

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Hi, new person here.
I have a question!
Does anyone else ever experience smoking hiccups?
Sometimes when I'm smoking a cigarette every time I take a drag it makes me hiccup. And only when I am actually inhaling. For as long as I don't have a puff I stop, and even if it's a few minutes later, when I have one I will hiccup.
It's weird, no-one else seems to get it.
So do any of you guys ever experience such a phenomenon?
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for whatever reason, eating sushi just makes me feel awesome. physically, emotionally, mentally. i went into the sushi restaurant today in a heinous rage, and by the time i finished, i was so mellow that i almost looked high. when i used to have bad stomach problems, whenever i ate sushi, i would feel ten times better.

any idea why sushi makes me feel so great?
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This is driving me crazy... where was the majority of the outdoor stuff in the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" shot? I live in Albuquerque and I could swear that in the one scene where Dwayne is outside the van... it looks EXACTLY like the mountain I live on in the background.

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I was "seeing" (we were just friends, truthfully) one of my best friend's cousins on and off over the past few months, but I really distanced myself over the past month because he was a heroin/ecstasy addict and I didn't want to be involved with that. I also wasn't happy with how careless he was with his programs and rehabilitation. It pissed him off a lot. My friend just IMed me and told me he drowned today. I'm just in shock. I'm not even sure what to think. I almost feel like I could have done something.

What goes through your mind when someone you know dies?
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My parents are out of town for the next two weeks, and knowing how things go, I'll probably be the one cooking for my sister and I after I get home from work. So... any ideas for easy and delicious things to make for two people? Do you have any family favorite recipes that you'd care to share?
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My trusty old rubber hot-water-bottle finally sprung a leak last night in my bed and wet the sheets and mattress. Has this ever happened to you?...and what did you do about it?
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Okay, so in my Modern Poetry class, we have to pick 2 poems at least 14 lines long from the poets discussed in class (or we can see him for alternatives, but he seems pretty cool. I think he'll be willing to work with me) and recite them. But which two to choose?

Poll #1048432 Recitation Options

Which two should I pick? Pleez pick only 2!

"Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came" by Robert Browning
Part One of "The Wasteland" by T. S. Elliot
"The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock" by T. S. Elliot
"Goblin Market" by Iforgetwho
Some Poem By John Donne (plz tell which in the comments)
Some Other Poem, Will Detail In The Comments

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I know it's only August but I've been thinking about Christmas. I'm already, hopefully getting 2 Man Utd tops and a McLaren Mercedes/Alonso t-shirt. My dad came home last week sometime and asked if we wanted a Nintendo Wii. I was going to ask for a Nintendo DS though.

Pros and cons for both machines? Which do you have/which do you recommend?

Also: why isn't GTA IV COMING OUT ON PS2?! :(

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If you have ever worked in a restaurant, have you ever seen anyone spit in the food or do other gross things to food?

If you've worked in a hospital, what's the nastiest thing you've ever seen there?

If you've ever worked ANYWHERE, what's the grossest thing you've seen at your job?

(feel free to tell those "my sister's uncle's brother's grandma's" stories too!)


mine would be just some things in the fridge (milk & chinese food left in there for months, etc). but at my old job I was a gas station clerk so I had to clean the bathrooms. yay! fun! except not. I've seen semen on the bathroom floor and shitty underwear in the trashcan, as well as on the walls & floor.

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 Do you use your first name or your middle name at work?
 What is your middle name?
 Do people call you something else outside of work?
 Is your paycheck issued by your first or middle name?
 Do you wish you could change your name to something else? If so, to what?

Considering it.
People typically don't call me by my name and my fiance uses terms of endearment
First (but curious if there would be any changes required with the bank if it was issued in my middle name)
Sometimes. I used to go by Bree in high school. I was bent on changing my name to Brianna.