August 30th, 2007

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I recently had to fill out a form with the wording

I, [mother's name], know as fact that [father's name] is the biological parent of [baby's name] because:

and you fill in the blank.

I had to LOL at the open-endedness of the question and its invitation for some potentially outrageous answers.

TQC, what kind of possible answers do you think they could get written on this form? Creativity FTW.

(no subject)

My hair is falling out a lot. I haven't been dyeing or bleaching it and I don't blowdry or straighten it excessively. Is there any particular shampoo/conditioner that would make this stop or help it at all? I will spend a little money if necessary.

(no subject)

Are you going to [school/college] this year? What are you studying?

Can someone explain what an "AP" class is? My american friends mention them all the time and it's too late now to ask, lol. - thanksssssss

(Rhetorical) God, how hard is it to get web hosting these days?

(no subject)

I just e-mailed my current land lord my thirty days notice.

I have a place to move to in said thirty days, I even have a way planned so that I have money for said place to live.


It's not like he can reject my notice and force me to stay. He can't guilt me into extending my lease; after all he IS SELLING THE PLACE!

So WHY, my dear sweet gentle TQC, WHY IS MY TUMMY ALL IN KNOTS!?

::curls into ball::

(my icon is also how I am feeling :( )

antigay officials and sex scandals

Another antigay congressman has been caught in a gay sex scandal. Senator Larry Craig has been caught beating off in while peeping in a men's room and trying to get some gay action with an under cover cop. It's very ironic how so many elected officials in this country caught up in gay sex scandals turn out to be opponents of gay rights. I'm trying to name more gay-bashing gay officials. There's gotta be more.

Let's make a list:

*Senator Larry Craig (R) OH

*Congressman Mark Foley (R) FL

*Ray Crohn, the right hand man of Senator McCarthy.

Who else?
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Will I or won't I?

Do you have a will? If so, who is your executor and/or main beneficiary (if they are different)?

Do you have a living will? Would you be left on life support forever or pull the plug quickly?

I have one. My husband gets it all and makes all decisions if I go before him. If not, it's up to my brother(or any kids he has, if any, ever) and the nephew.

I don't have it in writing, but it's widely known that I don't want machines breathing for me. I'd rather die when I am meant to.

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TQC I feel like an idiot. There were a couple of members here that were pregnant and I seemed to have missed them all having their babies.(Within the last month) I can't remember the name of the one I am thinking of but she was due in July and married to an English guy. HALP!!!

Do you know who I am talking about???

*got that figured out*

Clearly this is a case of me being nosey.

What do you think the definition of a groupie is?
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(no subject)

Unnecessary story that prompted this post: Facebook's poll today asks the question "Do you have good taste in music?" which I found to be a little bit stupid cause who's gonna say no? So I looked, apparently the options are "better than average", "about average", "worse than average". Of course the first slot has the most, but 21% voted average and 5% worse! Unless they're doing this as a joke, I don't get why people would vote that their own taste in music sucks.

So TQC, do you have good taste in music?

What sort do you listen to when you drive?

What about when you're working in the house (ie cleaning)?

Do you listen to music lining up with your mood, or to counteract that mood? (ie if you're pissed do you listen to angry music, or calm music)

What song/band do you show to people only to get the "wtf r u listenin to" look?

EDIT Why on earth did I post using this icon?

(no subject)

1. Do you put ice in your coffee (if you drink coffee)?

2. I don't know if this will make sense, it's one of those weird things I notice that I'm not sure anyone else has but; You know if you're carrying a cup or bowl of something liquid (soup, coffee, etc) and you're walking very carefully with it as to not spill it...and it swishes and few times almost like it should have totally spilled over the cup. bowl but it didn' seems like the liquid knows NOT to go out of the cup (to a degree). If that makes any sense to anyone at all...I wonder how that works. Does gravity or some other scientific explanation explain this?
James Franco joint

(no subject)

1. Are you/have you ever taken anti-depressants? What kind?

2. What is the nicest thing someone has said to you in the past 36 hours?

I took Paxil in 10th grade, 3 years ago
"I am so proud of you" and "You make me laugh more than anyone"

To people who know anything about marriage

and all its accouterments and accessories...
I'm engaged and we're looking for an engagement ring. I won't justify the fact that I want a shiny diamond, I just do. But my betrothed wants to get one of those "wedding sets" with a engagement and wedding ring that go together on the same finger. He thinks if I only have the one ring people will think I'm still just engaged after 20 years. I use my fingers a lot, typing and playing geee-tarrr and in my experience, great, imposing rings (or two on one finger) can impede free finger movement, so I just want the one little, thin diamond ring. This may be a silly question, but does anyone know if it's done anymore to just have one ring? Will people think I'm only engaged after twenty years?

He seems to think I'll have a big herd of salivating men clawing at my thighs if I don't look married enough or something, which isn't true anyway.

Thanks for any advice on this, and sorry I went on and on.

(no subject)

The guy that I have crush on mentioned (in the company of 4 people we know) that he has nobody to see movies with again last night. I'm not sure if this is his extemely nerdy way of asking me and if I should casually volunteer, or if he's just whining or something. What do you think?

he was trying to ask you out.
he was belly aching.
something else (in comments).

If someone asked you out when all of your friends were standing around, would you think that was really weird??

something else (in comments).

Why are men so shy about asking women out???

Help/suggestions/silly answers are welcome ;)

edit: btw, I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but the "friends" that were standing around are all guys, and the "movie statement" was made in my direction.
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(no subject)

1. What are your plans for today and tomorrow?

2. What was the best thing to happen in the month of August?

3. What are you most looking forward to in the month of September?

4. Do you have a potato with you right now? Are you using it for anything? Can I have it?

5. What color underwear are you wearing today?

(no subject)

We were sitting around talking about goths yesterday. What do they listen to, the goths these days? We could only come up with stuff like Siouxie and Joy Division, but that's proto goth, that's almost batcave.
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Going on a long trip

I've decided, 'to hell with the heat' and I am going to be going to New Hampshire from mid-October until next mid- June. Part of the reason I hate it so much is it's impossible to walk my big fat black dog, Kiona, because my vet says "Don't walk her if she's going to overheat" and she overheats just sitting outside. She's healthy, she's just so gatdang black and fat. So, unless I wake up at midnight, I can't walk my dog, and even then, only for about half an hour. Plus she LOVES the cold.

So, I'd like to take her. Cowboy will be staying here with my parents, bless their hearts. The reasoning is that (1)he doesn't like the cold so much and (2)he's a much easier dog. They don't really like dogs and Kiona is just too much dog for them, whereas Cowboy is very catlike in his ways.

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Dippin Dots

(no subject)

I've been thinking about getting a pedicure, but I currently have two mosquito bites on my foot.  Would this be a problem?  I've never had a pedicure before, so I don't know much about it.
EDIT: they aren't gross, just two red dots about 1/3 inch in diameter.


breathing fine most of the time

9:15 PM 8/26/07 · I have a light case of asthma. It may've been triggered by my trip to India when I was 15 though I think maybe I had a slight case before then. It's never been strong or that bad, largely triggers around certain cats and in Spring; lovely how my allergies mix in with it so well.

The more commercials I come across advertising a future asthma going from light to stronger keep saying daily doses. The first doc I discussed this with, from the onset, told me I only needed to medicate when I was having an episode. While initially that was several times a day, coughing up all that black gunk that got into my lungs from being in India, nowadays I'm lucky if I use my inhaler more than 3 times a year.

Commercials would sorta give the impression this is not right.

Am I supposed to use my inhaler every single day or just as needed? I'd think constant usage would weaken my lungs, not the other way around. Especially as the commercials feature people that seem to go the every day route but if there cases worse over time then maybe that's not the way to go.

If you use an inhaler, how often do you use it?
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Why should we not put bananas in the fridge?

Do you put your bananas in the fridge?

I do to keep them fresh, so I want to know why I shouldn't.
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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

Is it really okay to willingly hurt someone if you need to end a relationship?

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So wise TQCers, any advice for me? (I'm obviously going to go with what I feel is best, but I would like to know how you would handle such a situation.)

Okay, that was an emofest. Here's a few better questions:

2) Do you use any lotion to help with dry skin? What brand?

3) What are your thoughts on The Cure?
3b) What about Placebo?

4) Do you do anything special when your boss is not at work? What do you do? We go out for breakfast sandwiches!

5) What is your favorite Disney movie?

2 Questions...

1. Can someone explain to me in non-geekspeak, the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R discs? I had to pick between 2 bundles this morning and I didn't have a clue what the difference was, neither did the labels explain.  Thanks!

2. Would "The Impossible Dream" beat "I Did It My Way" as the ultimate life/funeral bombastic type song, or is there a third contender?

(no subject)

What are some frozen dinner type things that you've had and liked?

I got into the habit of eating late at night while at home, and now I'm at school and am rather SOL at the moment, but would like ideas for the future. And I'm going shopping for necessities this weekend (at school now). Thank you!


Hey married people - how much was your wedding? Tell us a bit about it.. (Pictures are great!)

If you haven't had one - how much do you think yours will be? Tell us a bit about your plans/ dreams..

Oh, and who paid/ is paying for it?

If you've been divorced - why? Who "gave up" first? (I hope this isn't an offensive question.)

(no subject)

1. Do you smoke? (if so, what brand?)

2. What new-ish movie should I rent tonight?

3. Do you feel that saying to someone "im sorry about.. well.. your, well he was like, sort of your uncle" after their aunts common law husband of 15 yrs dies, is inappropriate? maybe im crazy, just the way its phrased was annoying

4. Have you seen 'Year of the Dog'?

5. Are you excited about Rob Zombies Halloween, and are you going to see it this weekend?
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(no subject)

My boyfriend has a communications class at my university and he was telling me about his professor today. Every day in class so far this semester, his professor has mentioned Virginia Tech and told the class how he feels threatened now and if any of his students exhibited that kind of behavior he would not hesitate to tell UPD (University Police Dept). I and a few of my friends think that saying this in class, especially repeatedly, is inappropriate. How would you handle it?
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Do your pets have alternate lives that only occur when you're gone or not looking?

My cats do. Stevie works at Sears selling air purifiers. He is also a schoolbus driver and gets very cranky when the kittens won't keep their paws inside the windows. Chatta drives a Cadillac and is the manager of a candy factory. When the sour gummy worms come out wrong he is grumpy for the rest of the day. Wonky is a trashy romance novelist and prefers to dine on Hamburger Helper, hotdogs, and mac & cheese.

Enlighten me.

What do you call today's hipster trend?

Like you know, all those clothes you find in Urban Outfitters, etc. Does this style of clothes have an official name?

What will the hip-happin' trend be in 10 years?
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(no subject)


41. do any of you experience 'summer headaches'? do you know what causes them?

since i was a kid i've always gotten headaches when it was coming up to and during spring/summer. i just thought it was a thing everyone got. apparently not.
it's not a tension headache, nor one from dehydration

my SO said it could be due to my lowish blood pressure. anyone know anything about this?

9. do you buy garbage bags? if so, why? where are you from? (place names, not like PA or whatever, cos i dont know what that stands for)

18. if any of you have tried many types of menstrual cup, which would you recommend?

65. what's a fruit you'd recommend? i'm really over the generic apples, oranges etc

66. (for who it is relevant) What's your opinion of APEC?

22. for those living in a country where the powerpoints have on/off switches, are you still wasting electricity if the plug is in, but the switch is off?
ETA: i mean these types of powerpoints:
The Dude Abides

Diet Soda ?s

What diet soda (if any) do you drink because it tastes better than its original counterpart?

What's your favorite diet soda?

Unrelated: Under what circumstances would you feel comfortable giving your checking account number to someone who wasn't a bank teller?

(no subject)

What happens if I use water to extinguish an electrical device, such as a microwave? Do I actually get shocked, how bad? What happens to the microwave? ..What if I use a fire hose made of rubber?
Pure speculation, nothing is really on fire here :P I just can't find the information on what actually happens, only that water shouldn't be used.

BB logo animated

The big 3-0

My friend is turning 30 in January. Her fiance and I have decided to throw her a surprise party of some sort.

We live in a smaller town, so there aren't many restaurants that could cater a large group of people without it getting really expensive. I thought about throwing it at our house, but my house couldn't accommodate 40 or so people either, and I would rather not have people tracking snow through my house that time of year. Not to mention that it would be pretty obvious if she pulled up to my house and there were 40 cars parked outside.

My questions are:

Have you ever planned or been apart of a surprise party?

What did you do for it?

Give me some ideas as to what we could do for her?
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(no subject)

I have to deal with an unpleasant situation tonight after work. I have a knot in my stomach that's working its way to being the size of China's big brother. I still have 4.5 hours before I can start to deal with this. What can I do to ease my anxiety while at work (the chances that work will distract me are slim, I have nothing to do)?

If you tell someone you're really terrible at a certain task, but they have you do something involving that task anyway, do you think they have cause to complain when you do it at a C-level (like school grades)? If you let people know ahead of time that your car is a disaster, are they justified in complaining about the mess when you give them a ride?

Why does water start to taste bad to me after a few cups? It tastes like the greatest thing ever to start with, but as I drink more (no matter how thirsty I still am), it starts to taste really...hard(?) almost. One of the sources of water where I experience this most is the purified water bottle things you get from Culligan, so I don't think it's mineral build up.

When you're stressed, do you over-eat or under-eat?

What things that you were sure, from the start, were a terrible idea turned out worse than you feared? Exactly as you feared? Better than you could have hoped?

My 7 week old kitten has a funny attachment to a scarf of mine. I've watched her play with it, and I've determined it looks like she's nursing on it. She was orphaned as a nearly brand new kitten. Should I encourage this behavior? Discourage? Just leave her alone with her new best friend?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) I would like to buy a small potted(I always called them pot plants, as in plants that are in pots! blah, haha) plant for my desk at work. I have little experience with plants, and I would like something hardy that won't require a lot of repotting. I'm also in an office that has little direct sunlight. What type of plant should I look for? I like flowering ones best, but anything pretty is cool.

2) How would you pronounce the following cities?:
a. Worcester
b. Gloucester
c. Haverhill
d. Cotuit
e. Thibodeaux
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(no subject)

what do you think about married couples (or couples living together) having two seperate bank accounts instead of just having ONE joint bank account? does it matter whenever the couple gets married? do YOU and your SO (if ya'll are married) have a joint bank account or seperate bank accounts?

is this a good idea? y/n? why?
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(no subject)

What food do you love to eat until it gives you a stomach ache?

Mine would be fair food like funnel cake, and this awesome tofu, spinach, and chickpea dish I make with mock peanut sauce.

(no subject)

Horror movie fans,
Which movies do you recommend I see?

I'm talking stuff thats not as well-known mainstream, because gore and things that are more abstract/strange dont get as much recognition.. not like, the Ring or the Grudge, and that sort of stuff.. to give you an example, some of my favorites are Suspiria, The Shining, and Evil Dead which are all super insane and strange.

(no subject)

For those of you still in high school:

Is your school open or closed campus?

Mine's closed, but it's usually hella easy to ditch lunch and sneak back in, but I got caught today for the first time. D: I have no clue what my punishment's gonna be either, which really sucks ass. :P
Got Rat

(no subject)

It's my 7th anniversary with my boyfriend soon. We thought we'd stay in a hotel somewhere in the UK.
We stayed at Piccadilly Circus in London one year which was good, but we were thinking maybe near a theme park or zoo this time? Or something else? Can you recommend somewhere awesome?
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(no subject)

Why do so many people STILL think that it's being scientifically debated whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable?

What are some of the stupidest catch-phrases you hear people throw around because they think it makes them sound intelligent?

(no subject)

If you were a strong Athiest and your parter and the father/mother of your child held strong religous beliefs and wanted to bring up your offspring in that fashion would you be okay with that?

Do you believe in past lives?
I'm watching a program about regression, and there does seem to be something in it, but i'm not convinced. I think i'd like to be regressed though, see if they could get anything out of me.

Do you smoke?
If you do, why the fuck do you?
Is it really that hard to give up, or don't you want to?
No, I used to.. but it really is a disgusting habit. One day I just decided to give up... so I did, that easy. It's all about will power.
Why increase the chances of dying a horrible painful death.. so many of my friends smoke and they don't seem to want to give up any time soon.

Can you reccommend a website that one might enjoy whilst bored?.. interesting/fun/whatever
I find this really interesting, odd.. but i'm a name geek.
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(no subject)

What was your favorite outdoor game as a kid?

Mine was sardines

What is the funniest story you're constantly reminded of from you childhood?

I stole a set of keys from my classroom when I was five, and brought them home with me. My mom asked me about keys and I made us this extravagant lie about how there was a gust of wind and they were rolling down the roof, and I jumped high up to grab them. Then I told her I found them in the grass, then I told her the principal gave them to me to keep safe and secret. My family always says, "And the keys were rolling down the roof, and I jumped and I caught them!" when they think I'm lying about something in a detailed way.
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Have you ever been on a wine tour?

If yes:

What did you like about it?

What didn't you like about it?

My boyfriend and I are going on our first one at the end of Sept. in upstate NY.
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(no subject)

What are some good questions to ask a guy at the beginning of a relationship?

Are there some questions that are "taboo"?

How fast is too fast?

Is a relationship really ill-fated if you have sex right away?

Have you ever had one of those zits that are not only the size of a planet, but in a place that THROBS nonstop?

(no subject)

the singer of my favorite band is auditioning girls for an album/movie side project thing. they want to do a bunch of songs with different female vocals. i really want to enter and i am a good singer but i'm nervous. should i do it?
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(no subject)

College is starting back up, and you have 5 days left to slouch around. Do you?
A. Read up on the classes your taking so going back isn't such a shock.
B. Slouch around more.
Funky me
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(no subject)

I'm having a brain freeze moment - what does   :wq     represent? It was at the end of an email I've just been sent  & I can't work it out.
A million apologies if it's really obvious.

(no subject)

Have you heard of the Jena 6?

I've been reading alot lately that hip-hop sales have been on a decline. What do you all think is going to be the next new thing in music?

What kind of music you listen to now?
The Receptionist Classic

E-Degree Holders Welcome

Was anyone else forced to watch Sybil in a psychology class? Were you left fearing enema bags and pianos, too?

Since we're on the subject...
a) Do you have multiple personalities? (I've always wanted to talk to someone who actually does, to hear how they handle it and such. Not in a textbook case study form.)
b) Do you know anyone who does?
c) Would you say that sock-puppets are a form of multiple personalities?
d) Do you hold an e-PhD in Psychology?
e) Did you steal the cap to my Coke bottle?
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(no subject)

Do you hate UPS as much as I do?

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And also, what was the last package you received?

I got my birthday present from my dad this morning! Thank God for the postal service.
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(no subject)

Would you answer your cell phone if it rang while you were in a public bathroom???

I ask becuase within the past week, I've had it happen a few times where I've been in a public bathroom and in the stall beside me, the phone rings, and the person ACTUALLY answers it.

I just think it's funny once the toilets start flushing...


Have you ever called someone, and realized they were in a bathroom, doing their business while talking to you?

Do you think that's gross?
Little Stripper

(no subject)

TQC, have you seen my attention span? I seem to have misplaced it.

What is your favorite "I'm supposed to be working or doing something productive but really don't wanna" activity?

How you doin'?

What is the all time best/your favorite ring tone?

ETA: (Inspired by the bitchy woman I just dealt with) If you were driving and a truck of some sort did something you disapproved of, would you call the company that driver worked for? Why/Why not?

TQC Superlatives

1. Most friendly:
2. Best comedian:
3. Hottest:
4. Most sensitive:
5. Most likely to post while drunk:
6. Most likeyly to reply to any post:
7. Most likely to be involved in deep discussion:
8. Most pointless replies:
9. Most dramatic:
10. Most obsessed Hanson fan:
11. Biggest complainer:
12. Most helpful:
13. Most likely to start an arguement:
14. Most likely to be famous - for what?:
15. Biggest gossip:
16. Biggest buzz kill:
17. Best screenname:
18. Worst screen name:
19: Best icons:
20. Worst icons:
21. Most stubborn:
22. Most likely to make predictable posts:
23. Most optimistic:
24. Most pessimistic:
25. Most sarcastic:
26: Most unique:
27: Most bitter:
28: Meanest:
29: Happiest:
30: Most non-dramatic:

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(no subject)

1. What are the top five characteristics that would be most important to you to have in a lifelong partner?

2. What are the top five things that have bothered you about your current or past partners?

3. What factors of your own life do you focus on when you need to distract yourself from negative hurtful thoughts?

4. What song reminds you most of somebody important in your life?

3. I make imaginary music videos of my daughter in my head with songs that remind me of her. One day I might actually realize one.
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(no subject)

1) Have you ever built a computer?
2) Did it work?
3) Are you hungry?
4) What should I eat: pizza, skettios, or ramen? (I R HEALTHY!) I've gone with pizza AND ramen! I am hungry!
5) What's the nicest thing someone's done for you recently?
6) Are you a fan of Fudge Stripe cookies?
7) What's a good way to .... Do you ever forget what you were gonna type right in the middle of typing it?? Oh wait! I remember! What's a good way to motivate myself?

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inspired by another post

What would be your dream ensemble Halloween get-up?

I wish I could get together with some friends of the necessary genders and we would all dress up as the Sugarcubes. No one would even understand but it would be a funny inside joke.

(no subject)

1. What is the most 'exotic' food you have ever tried, and did you like it?

2. What is your favorite chain restaurant? (not fast food)

3. What is one food that alot of people have misconceptions about?

Not a homework question!!!

Since I don't want to ask a question about my Physics homework here, where oh where, my helpful TQC members, can I go to get an answer for said question?  (And don't say my momma, cause she don't know squat 'bout Physics!)  :)

EDIT --  Nevermind...found the physics community....although, humourous answers would be good right now as well!!!  :)
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HDM - Lyra & Iorek

(no subject)

Do you ever type in a comment and then just hit the back button because you don't feel like posting it/just because?

What do you do during long car rides, when you aren't the one driving?
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YA books

What are your favourite young adult books? Or even adult books that are appropriate for young adult readers?

I'm a teacher and just found out I have $250 to spend on my classroom library. I'd like to stock it with lots of proven books - ones my 13/14 year olds will love.

(no subject)

so my molars have been hurting me lately. I was thinking it was just a cavity but it hurts in the four corners of my mouth. I think it may be my wisdom teeth. Does this mean I need to get them out?


I suck at working out at home and can't afford the gym right now.
I am skinny and out of shape, not too too bad but still pretty bad. I can walk anywhere but suck at running (have to run 2K in under 15mins, preferably 12mins) and cant do even 1 push up (and I NEED to be able to do 10-15) haha!

I need to be in GOOD shape within 6mos - 12mos. I'm not saying muscle bound girly freak. Just be able to hold my own in a career where fitness is a MUST.

What kind of work out/ fitness regiment works best to get fit within a year?? and can stay doing it and stay fit....

Anyone do crossfit?
Does crossfit actually work?
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Quinn Twin

lipcolour sealant

I know I've seen this before - I think sally Hansen made one. It was clear and you could put it over any lipcolour to set it. I'm going to be cosplaying this weekend and to get the mouth makeup right, I need to blend several shades of colour.

Last year the best I could do was apply a base of the colours I was using in eyeshadow and then paint the actual lipstick over to blend. However, since I will be at a con, I will be drinking a lot, so even with precautions like straws, it tends to come off rather quickly. Also, lots of people will be taking lots of pictures of me and it's not really feasible to carry a bag to put all the makeup required for the look in and do touch ups as much as I would need to.

Is there some sort of makeup artists' trick that I don't know about? Please help me, I love this costume and want to look great, but I can't be primping the whole con when there's so much more to enjoy! Thanks guys!

(no subject)

Deal or No Deal?
What sort of money would you settle for dealing at?
Or wouldn't you deal at all? Would you go all the way regardless if there was a slight hope in winning big?

What's the largest amount of children you know in one family?
What are their names?
Johnny Christmas

Computers and weight

1.  I just moved and got a new computer, leaving all of my old files on my parents computer.  Now I need to transfer all of my pictures and music, but am lost on the fastest/easiest way to do this.  I know I could burn them to discs, but I have so much music and pictures, that it would take a crap load of discs(Not to mention time).  Is there an easier way to transfer all this data?
Looks like I'll be getting an external hard drive!  Thanks for the suggestion!

2. Today my boss's 4 year old granddaughter pointed at my stomach and asked "Is there a baby in there", motivating me even  MORE to lose some weight!  What's the weirdest question a child has asked you?
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So I have these berries growing in my yard and I don't know what they are.

They look like blueberries, only darker. They grow in clusters like grapes and the stems are bright pink. There are a few little seeds inside the berry.


I can't find my camera cord, sorry.
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1)I accidentally flushed my keys down the toilet but they didn't actually get flushed. I can kinda see them back there. Who is gonna volunteer to stick their hand in my toilet to get them?

2)Have you ever been sexually harrassed? How'd that work out for ya?

3)No one ever comes to visit me :(. I'm always having to go meet people. If I came to visit you, what sort of cool stuff would you want me to do with you?
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Is there celeb that you love despite it all? (all=lack of talent, terrible movies/music, general obnoxiousness)

(Mine is Britney. Or Fergie. Well, and Will Ferrel, but I feel less embarrassed about loving him than I do about loving Britney and Fergie)

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Do you consider William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew sexist? Explain why or why not.

Personally, I don't consider it sexist. Kate needed to be tamed. She was beating up her sister, yelling at her father, abusing any man who came to court her...

Behaviour like that is unacceptable, no matter what that person's sex is.

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How do you pronounce Ramen?

No one ever agrees with me on the pronunciation. :(

ETA: apparently, I'm still in the minority. I was always taught that a vowel, then a single consonant, then a vowel make the first vowel long. Like ray-men.

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It's old news that Hillary (or rather, "voters") chose a Celine Dion song, "You and I", as her campaign song. Other campaign theme songs have included Springsteen's "No Surrender" (Kerry '04), Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" (Bush 2000), "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (McGovern '72). Which leads me to my question, TQC:

If you were running for office (let's say President of the USA, or President of TQC, take your pick), what would your campaign song be?

I'd want something about change, like Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come," James Taylor's "Shed A Little Light" or Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin.'"
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Is there anybody out there who owns a Toyota Camry or a Mini-Cooper?

1. What car/s do you own?
2. Why did you purchase that car?
3. Did you get it online or from a local dealer? How many places did you go to shop for it?
4. Did you buy the car because you wanted that particular model, or did you buy it because it was a good deal, or something else?
5. What do you think your car says about you?


What do you do when you just can't shake the feeling that you don't deserve the happiness you have?

I'm not liking my current solution, which is to sit around brooding until said happiness goes away. Not so fun.
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Bodily Functions

Why are we, generally speaking, embarrassed about bodily functions? I mean, it's something everybody has to do, it's an entirely natural thing, and in most cases, we have to do it. I mean, gender aside, we all shit, piss, fart, burp, menstruate, sneeze, get earwax out, etc. So why is are most bodily functions regarded as embarrassing?
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I use Opera as my primary browser but not all sites are compatible with it. Whenever I needed to view a page that Opera couldnt I would just go to my documents and type "" in the bar which obviously opened up Internet Explorer. Today I decided to download the newest version of Internet Expolorer. The download went fine as well as the install. After restarting my computer like it recommended I couldnt find an internet explorer icon anywhere. I do have an internet explorer folder under program files but there is nothing in it that will open IE. When I go to my documents and type "" (or whatever) in the address bar it pops up a little box that says "Application Not Found."

Is there anyway I can fix this? Or should I just system restore and forget about the latest IE?

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Have you ever randomly wanted to touch a stranger?

There was a guy in the grocery store tonight and for some reason I just wanted to touch him. I didn't of course because that would have been weird. :(
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Should I worry about my child thinking she's too thin and needs to gain weight?

My daughter (who's seven) thinks she's too skinny. She frets that she can feel her ribs. After big meals, she'll poke around her side to see if she's gained weight. (She's bound to be tall and slender, but she's at a healthy weight for her height, if not a bit on the slim side.)

What's your average grocery bill? We just spent a little over $115, and we can eat off of it for about a week and a half. (Two weeks, if we're careful.)

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So we have a boxer that's a little over a year old. She's extreeemely energetic, and it causes her to not get along well with other dogs. She just jumps around constantly and tries to wrestle. A while ago a dog got fed up with it and started a fight :-\

Has anyone else had a problem like this with their dog? What did you do about it?

(no subject)


1.How long would be too long of a commute (ie: at what point would you say screw it and either move closer to work/school/etc, or find a new job?)?
a. Would your answer be different if you had to rely on public transportation?

2. Summer head colds suck so much more than fall/winter ones Y/N?

3. How's the week treating you?
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If a kid (16-17) is suffering from (clearly, obviously, without a doubt) major depression and has been for six plus months, has dropped out of school, has no life and has made it very clear that she wants to be left completely alone, is there anything you can do about it? The parents either don't know or don't care, I'm not sure which.

What would you do, TQC?
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 1. What was your best trip/vacation ever?

2. Just for fun: My husband is fresh out of the shower and it's about an hour before we hit the sack.  What naughty, kinky thing should I do to him tonight? 

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Say that you want pizza. You have no car so the only way to get it is to have it delivered. You have enough money ONLY for the pizza, not enough to tip the driver. Would you still order it?

my boyfriend ordered pizza and realized that he had no tip. He gave the guy a two dollar winning lottery ticket he had, and apologized.

I would be too embarrassed to not tip.

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has anyone else tried getting a sidekickID from the t mobile website recently?

there's a sweet deal so i'd really like to, however, i keep getting the same error message.

anyone else getting an annoying error message over and over? anyone else want to scream at whoever is in charge of t mobile?

i can't help but think that it's trying to force me into buying one from the store for $120 more. very frustrated.

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What snack (that you can buy at the average grocery store) should I get? Or should I get a snack at all? I'm mildly hungry and I don't mind taking a walk to the store. I kind of want ice cream, but do you think this is a bad idea considering I'm going to beach/will be in a two piece tomorrow?


Would you be upset if this happened to you?
I was at lunch in school with my boyfrirend and two other friends. I bring out my tarot cards and give a reading to my two friends. My boyfriend jokes with them about what he got when I gave him his reading. Then other college kids start to come by and want their readings too. Next thing I know, I'm surrounded by people, and my boyfriend has left!! This is really the only time I can actually see him during school. I am not sure, but do you think he was upset with me? Would you be if your boyfriend or girlfriend did the same thing?
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Do you ever see shows or movies that you used to watch when you were little, and are surprised by how little the kids in them are because when you saw it, you were little too? Like, I used to think Mary-Kate and Ashley were all sophistocated and older than me in their home videos, and then I see my sister watching it 10 years later and realize, "They were four."
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So like, 5 random questions that don't relate to each other, really.

1. Do you feel more comfortable making the first move to initiate friendship, or would you rather have someone else introduce themselves/say something?
My A: I'm good with either but I'd rather initiate.. as that's what I do anyway.

2. How do you feel about clingy friends? Would you feel bad if you wanted to neglect the friendship after years of friendship? How would you go about doing that?
My A: That's happened recently and I feel bad but I was feeling overwhelmed.

3. Do you chair dance (as in, you bop and twirl and bounce on your computer chair to music)?
My A: Well, yeah. I've fallen over a few times too.

4. Does anyone have advice for what to do so you won't boredom eat?

5. If you have/had a roommate, what's the worst thing that she/he would do that would just get on your nerves?
my A: She would give me the silent treatment like a 10 year old and would get angry at the simplest things.
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will you tell me 10 big honking lies about yourself?

here's mine:

1 - My name is Jenniffer
2 - I was born in 1920
3 - I was kidnapped by aliens shortly before my 9th birthday, and returned in the year 2000, aged 34, and a male
4 - I was managing director of the coca cola company between 2001 and 2004
5 - I have 6 pet tarantulas, and a pond full of carp
6 - I eat pigshit for breakfast every day
7 - I read at least 3 novels every month
8 - I am a fully qualified masseur
9 - I agree that swearing is unnecessary and the sign of a limited vocabulary
10- I became a virtuoso on the violin, piano, tuba AND accordion before I was 5

Baby did a bad bad thing

I made a really stupid mistake that was entirely my fault. Should I confess?

Last year I had an internship that is mandatory for my university program. It was a really bad experience, they never gave me anything to do and I wasn't pro-active enough to make sure my needs were being met. After a semester and a half, I just stopped going. My agency supervisor never called or e-mailed to ask why I wasn't coming, my university advisor never asked why I wasn't handing in my time sheets. Neither supervisor ever contacted each other. I ended up getting away with it, and getting credit for the internship. I feel absolutely terrible about what happened and I acknowledge that I was a total idiot. This year, another student from my department is at the same internship. There is a slight chance that the agency supervisor might ask her what ever happened to that Gina girl, and a slight chance that the student will relay this information to someone at the uni.

Should I:
a. confess, even though it means I will have to re-do the internship, with time & money I don't have
b. do nothing and hope for the best and never put myself in that situation again
c. befriend the student at the internship, explain what happened, and ask her not to rat me out.
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What is an interesting co-culture to do a speech about? I have to do it on a group that I can observe. Some examples are things that have to do with a certain age group, gender, sexuality, etc. My mind is completely blank.
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I'm checking my checking balance online and there's 2 pending charges. #1 is $15 worth of California rolls (for a party). But #2 is for $1 and the date says ATM/POS 08/31. The last time I used the card was for the rolls.

However, I did accidentally put my debit card instead of my Chevron card into the pay slot at the pumps this afternoon. I hit CANCEL and paid with my gas card.

Could the Chevron gas card/debit card mix up be the reason for this $1 charge? I didn't pump a drop of gas before hitting CANCEL.
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(no subject)

1) What do you when you find yourself in time of financial trouble?

2) How do you suggest getting money back from someone who owes it to you?

3) Do any student loans exist where you don't have to have a cosigner?

4) Does anyone know of any "type at home" programs that you get paid per article transcribed or w/e?
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What's the last thing that really disappointed you?

All the parts for our new computer came today and we put it together AND!!!! it didn't work. The motherboard is defective. My husband is soooo disappointed. He was hoping to have the 3 day weekend to play around with it and now we'll have to wait another week at least. Poo.
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