August 29th, 2007

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A few weeks ago, someone posted a website in some comment thread with an archive of pictures of male celebrities in water or in wet clothes. ;) And now I want to show it to my friend, but I can't find it. When I google it I get a bunch of porn results. Does anyone know what website it was?

Also, I have to do an project in which I have to paint one of the leading painters of surrealism. Do you think it'd be more interesting to paint Frida Kahlo, or Magritte?

Job interview while pregnant.

Okay, so you may remember me, and you may not. Regardless, I'm 5 months pregnant. I have a job interview on Thursday, and you can pretty much tell I'm pregnant. My question is- to tell or not to tell?

I've been thinking about it, and I think the best idea is to be honest. I need money more than the other applicants because of my situation, I'd be willing to work as far as I can and take as little time as possible off, etc. So I think it may work towards my advantage, but obviously there's always the "it'd just be easier to hire someone who won't be taking time off" blah blah blah.

So tell? Don't tell?
Also, have you ever been in a similar situation, or know anyone that has? What happened?

Ps, I'm doing better now (if you remember my post from before).

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Is there any reason why banks would be late updating today?

It usually shows up at midnight that I've been paid when I look. But it's almost 1AM and still nothing. Just wondering if this is a bank lag-issue or whether my work has fucked up paying me (again). There was a bank holiday on monday - would that delay things?

I live in the UK, fyi.

James Franco joint

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Do your dreams ever affect your mood the next morning?

I just had a dream that my friend Michael died... I just started crying, it's been 45 minutes. And this happens to me basically 3 or 4 times a week.
Am I just overemotional, or does this ever happen to you?
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I'm taking a few semesters off from university, and I used to only take night classes (I work full time). For the first time since I was 17, my weeknights are completely free. I can go to the gym, but that's about all I can think of... I don't want to be stuck in front of a TV or a computer screen all evening, so I ask: what can I do outside of the house on weeknights?


Also, I'm single. Are dating sites worth it like eHarmony?
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In a relationship, do you prefer:

Subtle communication, the truth but with a bit of tact


The honest trust, little to no tact, but complete honesty.

For example, if your girlfriend was doing something that wasn't like them, and you didn't like it, would you try to tell them gently, with subtle hints over months, or just tell them flat out how you feel?

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1: Anyone sending their kid(s) off to school this week?

2: Are you glad to see the summer coming to a close?

3: Do you have any plans for Labor day?

4: Do you take a daily vitamin?

5: Do you have paper work waiting to be filled out? 
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1. How long have you been a member of Livejournal?
2. What made you sign up?

3. How long have you been a member of thequestionclub?
4. What made you join?

5. Have you made any friends via LJ that you consider a true friend?
6. How many?
7. Have you met them in person?
7b. If not, do you plan/ want to?

8. Do people who can't ever be serious (always have to say something in a goofy way) bother you?
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What is a moment in your life you can remember where you could see the beauty in nature/life?

-Laying on the grass after class had let out and watching two dragonflies above my head in a mating dance in the wind. It was amazing to watch.

One more: No matter what you feel right now, what is something you can think of that makes you smile?
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Friend A and B live together. They are both close friends of yours.

Friend A has told you that they dont want to live with friend B anymore. Friend A doesnt have the guts to tell friend B and friend B comes to you and expresses concern, and they ask you whether friend A has said anything about them?

Do you tell friend B, or do you not?
Beast mode!





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Birth Control

I've been on BC now for two years without a problem. For those of you who understand how it works, you know that you're suppose to get your period on the last week's set of pills. And I have been so far.... until today. I'm not suppose to get it for another two weeks. In other words, my last period was 13 days ago.

So, any idea why this is happening?

And no, I have not been sexually active.
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1. do you have a song that absolutely must be played at your wedding?
(or if you're already married, was there a song that you definitely had to play at your wedding?)
2. what's this song?
3. why is it so important... so necessary?
i say, old bean

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has anyone every broken into your house?
did they steal anything? did you catch them in the act?
did they leave and never return or did they consistently show up until they got what they wanted?

OT - but what do you think is the best picture you've ever taken?
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Much madness is divinest sense

My Brit Lit teacher in high school absolutely hated Emily Dickinson and was always saying how she wished Emily were in hell. I'm not really sure why she had no many things against her and as far as I can tell she wasn't that disdainful about any other American writers.

What are your feelings on Emily Dickinson?

What about her poems?
Misc: Cowboy Boots
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New computer questions

If a person was to be thinking about getting a new desktop for: video editing, playing games (Sims 2 and things like that, nothing too crazy), and photo editing, and it had to be a PC, what brand would you recommend?

Would 2GB RAM be enough?

128MB video card?

What speed?

320GB hard drive or something bigger?
birds building


1) Beneath what cup size is "flat-chested"?

2) Do you actually wear ear plugs when you go to a concert?

3) What's either the most useless or weird major you've ever seen/heard of for a Bachelor's degree?

4) How many kinds of knots do you know how to tie?

5) Do you know who Christy Miller is?
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My boyfriends sister is getting married in two weeks. After the wedding there is going to be an open bar, and we both recently turned 21. What are some fun drinks I should order? (I'm not looking to get hammered and make an ass out of myself in heels though!!) I am fine with drinking beer but since I have to opportunity to order something I normally wouldn't I would like some fun ideas!
Feet Pyramid

baby behavior

Why is it that when people hear that I don't want to have kids they assume that either:

1) I'll change my mind...


2) I'm a horrible evil person because children and beautiful and precious and unique and everyone should want 2,058,583 of them!


I am 22 and a few friends from high school recently had babies. One person I used to be good friends with brought her baby over to show me (because that's something I'm interested in, of course) and when my 7 lb. pomeranian was sniffing her car seat while the baby was in it, my friend smacked my dog away freaking out.

My initial reaction was to say "If you can discipline my dog, I think I'm entitled to discipline your child when it does any of the many irritating, loud, obnoxious things that it does." How many of you think she overreacted?
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hywh on a bike


so, my seven-year old sister has recently been getting into music and likes songs like umbrella by rihanna, we will rock you by queen, barbie girl by aqua, girlfriend by gym class heroes i was wondering if you guys knew some catchy songs (preferably without profanity) for her to get into. obviously she's into simple choruses and easily memorable melodies.

can you think of any fun songs i should play her?
let's go see Raul!

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i was out with my friend yesterday and i said we should have an Owen Wilson movie weekend to celebrate his recent suicide attempt. this girl sitting behind us turned around and told me that was really rude and disrespectful. i thought it was a funny idea(so did my friend).

what do you think?

we thought it was funny 'cause he's done a couple movies(one which he co-wrote) which have dealt with suicide in a dark humor sort of manner.

i probably should have mentioned that we both really like him and are glad he isn't dead.
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Do you formulate questions just so you can answer them yourself and be able to talk about something you want to talk about? (i.e. OMG this just happened to me it was so cool this guy I like and then he did this and I said 'ORLY?' and blah, blah, ad nauseum. TQC, when was the last time you said 'ORLY?')

Does it annoy you when people do that, or do you just not care?

What is your favorite icon of yours / why?
What is your favorite icon of someone else's / why?
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I took a peek in the snack box at work, just to show myself there was nothing worth eating in it...
but I found a Dove bar! D:
Should I eat it Y/N? I've been eating healthy all week and I was on a roll!
DMB wash me

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how long have you been at your current job?

would it give you anxiety to search for another/different job?

i've been at my job for 5 years (i'm 25) and it is a job i am over qualified for. i am in the process of sending resumes out while at the same time i am dealing with anxiety over actually leaving. i am a (uncertified) home health aide and have worked with the same woman (her husband died in february, i worked with both of them until his passing) for 5 years and i am so over it. i want a computer, a desk, a boss, a lunch break, and a job where i have to wear something other than basketballs shorts and tshirts every day. 

would you be very picky if you were to find another job? 
i am beyond picky. i want a raise, first and foremost and they have to let me finish my masters

anyway, is your lawn green? or brown? (some other color?)
mine is brown...buffalo has had less rain than most desert areas this summer, lol
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I am graduating soon and I don't want to settle down yet, but I am not sure where I'd want to go, I just really want to explore abit.

So, I was wondering, are there any programs, or any other way, for me to temporarily find a job or internship-type thing at some different locations for a few months or so, but not permanently moving there? For example, I did an internship at DC last fall for four months.

Has anyone done that? Just temporarily lived somewhere, without moving there permanently, just to see what it's like there for a few months? Thanks.
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This weekend I'm flying into Pheonix, renting a car and driving to the Grand Canyon. I'm not an experienced traveller, but I've looked over the G.C. National Park site and some other tourist-y websites. Is there anything I need to know, or need to pack that isn't obvious? Any advice from those that have been there?

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Ok i installed windows vista,. which sucks ASS btw... and now my speakers dont work.. did anyone else ahve that problem? how do I fix it>? I cant even find the troubleshooting option on this stupid vista animated desktop! grrr

theres nothing wrong with my speakers cause I connected them to the laptop and they work fine, and they ARE plug  in the right place.

thanks anyone that can help me resolve this.. I miss my music :(

south park

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How does 475 dollars (even though I haven't had to use my debit card in over a month, and I haven't given away any information) just seem to VANISH from my account, with no records at all whatsoever?  Has this happened to anyone else?

Anything piss you off today?

Edit: Completely off-topic.  Is it me or are there a ton of new people in TQC (more than usual)?

Dog Kennels

I'm flying to California the end of September with my SO, so we're looking into boarding our 1 year old Lab/Newfoundland pup. I'm going to be very picky with deciding. We'll go visit first, and probably bring him in, too... although i'm not exactly sure how that works. This is my first experience with dog kennels.

I posted a message in my community forum asking for kennel recommendations in my area, and all i'm getting back is horror stories. It's really freaking my out. This might sound stupid, but this dog is my baby and i'm scared enough as it is leaving him with strangers for a week. I keep picturing him laying on a cold concrete floor, caged and alone, for hours upon hours with the sad face he does when he does something bad. I'm probably being overly dramatic, but yeah.

Does anyone have anything good to say about kennels? Please?

Anything I need to know? Any advice?

Thanks :(


Over the years I have heard more than a few gay people express sentiments such as "bisexuality doesn't exist", "you can't be on both sides of the fence", "bi is just another word for gay", and my personal favorite - "bisexuality is just a stop on the train to gaytown".

I am curious to hear other opinions about this. So, TQC, is bisexuality a legitimate sexual orientation? Or is it all LIES!?!

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does anybody know of any hotels/ have you ever stayed in a hotel that is either inside or on the outskirts of NYC that was under $200 a night? My boyfriend and I want to go to NYC this weekend for one or two nights just to enjoy the city for a last summer adventure but we don't want to spend too much on the hotel because we plan on doing alot of shopping. 

any info/advice is appriciated!
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buying checks online

I've had a checking account for a while, but have never needed actual checks, so I never ordered them. I need them now though, so I went to the bank and ordered some. I was shocked at how expensive they were! Almost $20?!? For pieces of paper?!?

I ordered them anyways, because I need them, but I figured there had to be a better way. I'm looking at checks online now, and I can get twice the amount of checks...checks that are cute and designed, for the same amount as the boring expensive ones from the bank. 

Have you ever bought checks online? Do I have to tell my bank somehow, or do they just automatically sinc with my account? Is it safe to buy them online?



Alright, does anyone know where I can find the message on Mark and Roger's answering machine in Rent? You know--the ''Speak!'' one. I have it on a CD of answering machine messages somewhere, but I cannot find the darn thing. If any of you know of any movie sound clip websites that might have it, I would be eternally grateful. ^__^

Could I pull off super blonde?

My friend has been wanting me to go platinum for a while now and I've recently been thinking about it. She keeps telling me that since I'm super tan and already a naturally darkish blonde that I could definitely pull it off but I'm still not sure.

This is me:

More pictures of me plus the shade of blonde I'd like to go, under the cut!
Collapse )

EDIT: I now know the color that I want is NOT platinum but could I pull off this color is what I'm asking about.

And you guys keep saying a red and I really like the red on the top picture:

Would that look good?
Also posted in Madradhair btw.

Wednesday Six

1.) Can you think of 15 (or more) similarities between New York (or any major city) and an insect colony? Please list them.

2.) What are five good (subjectively, to you) reasons for your not being a nudist? If you are a nudist, what are at least five good reasons for this?

3.) Recreate vividly in imagination your first orgasm. To what extent do you still use the same accessories (stimuli) to turn you on?

4.)Why are you reading this sentence right now? Think of as many reasons as possible. This of course leads to more questions (why did you get online in the first place? why do you have a computer? why is it you were not born blind?). Be creative.

5.) Do you enjoy it when you get "chills" or "shivers" up your spine?

6.) Who is the one who is living you now?
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Inspired by the whole Owen Wilson thing

1. Do people still think the "it's down the road, not across the street" thing is funny and/or original? I can't count how many times I've heard that in the past couple of days. It's so damn lame. Especially in response to learning someone tried to commit suicide. People are so lovely.

2. Cookie dough: great food or the greatest food?
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Haruhi disappearance
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1) Has anything good happened to you today? What was it?

2) What is the last compliment you received?

3) When you doodle, what are the most common things you end up drawing?

4) I'm going to a party on Friday, my boyfriend's cousin's party. He's called it a "drinking party". Should I drink myself stupid and take Saturday to recoup, or just get a little buzzed and watch everyone else turn into morons?

1) My co-worker came back from lunch with a pot of flowers for me and the other office girl. I thought that was real nice!

2) My boss was amazed at my typing skills(I type really fast), and said he needed to find a way to implement that skill at work. He also said that if I knew all the plumbing codes, I'd be making them a fortune with counter sales, haha.

3) Ducks, kittycats, flowers, and goofy faces :)

Little Kids

What kind of crazy dumb things did you do as a little kid?

My sister put vasaline all over her bedroom when it was naptime once..and babypowder. I wrote on the walls and blamed the dog and dug in the plant and blamed the dog. Also I put silly putty in my sock, when playing undermy daybed, forgot about it after trying to get it out, left the sock inside out so you could see the putty and left it there, it ended up in the carpet!
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Why is it when (my fellow) nerds get together to determine which character would win in a fight (Goku v. Superman, Spider-Man v. Vash the Stampede, urmom v. LOLOL) they tend to completely forget the personality of the character and it falls down into "I AM A HUGE FAGGOT, PLEASE RAPE MY FACE" or something equally as worthless?

Are there any misspellings, in anything, that cause you severe cranial hemorrhaging?

Is it ever gonna drop below the Upper 80s/Lower 90s/Upper 90s here?!
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Please play along again for this one.
So your very most favorite online word, phrase, or acronym is in danger of being BANNED.  Unless you can come up with a good explanation or a stellar example of how it can effectively be used, it will become verboten as of this time tomorrow. 

What will you say to save your favorite e-phrase?


Also, when you have a whole bunch of questions in your brain clamoring to get asked on TQC, how do you decide which one (or group) goes first?
Note: I myself do not normally like to throw a whole bunch of random questions together, unless they're the quick, choose between two options variety.

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There is a girl in one of my classes that is 9 months pregnant. She is due September 11.

Is it bad that I kind of want her to go into labor while we have class, just to start a little excitement?

(no subject)

I have looked online for this and found two different answers.

Does Los Angeles Airport have baggage storage at the airport?

Being in LA for a 9 hours, would you suggest going out to the city to see anything? Anything in particular?

How much time have you spent, or will you spend on airplanes recently/in the near future?
Haruhi disappearance
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TQC, because of you whenever I actually do work at work, I laugh. In the terminal system I use, if I have to fix an error, it says "DO YOU WISH TO CANCEL Y/N?" and all I can think of is you guys. Also, I use capslock at work and it now forever has an association with TQC!

Has TQC ever influenced your real life in some little funny way?
Rocky Horror - Sweet

(no subject)

1. Do you feel bad for killing bugs? Do you kill some but not others? Why?

2. If you exercise on a regular basis, is 'I don't feel like it' enough of an excuse for you to skip a day? How do you feel if you skip planned workouts?
boston blood

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Have you ever returned pictures because the person that developed them fucked them up?

I recently had them done in a different store than I usually use, because I have an employee discount, and half of the pictures are cut off, or they have brown or red stuff on them.

(no subject)

What is the weirdest invitation you've received for a party?  Any sort of invitation, spoken or otherwise, is fine.

I got invited to the "Most Dreadfully Unfun Party of the Year".  This was my friend's description of it in the invitation:

If you wish to have a good time, go to the other cool parties. Don't come to this one. Don't come at all. It will be the most unfun party you have ever had. After you have been to this, you will think nothing of hauling concrete blocks, or counting grains of sand for hours at a time, or visiting your parents. We will dance by moving our feet about the floor in a slight shuffling manner, and we will eat only small unsalted things, like boreos.

Please bring your own bored games and refreshments. As the night passes - how slowly it will pass! - we will play Dranium and wish that we were somewhere else. I will also give away copies of my children's story, which will make the children weep when they are forced to read it in school.

Anyone who smiles will be ushered out.

7:00 - 7:30: Unfortunate arrivals
7:30 - 8:30: Introductions, occasional shimmying, pondering giraffes
8:30 - 9:00: The Music of Hank Williams: A Documentary
9:00 - 9:30: Lying on the floor and pondering the Mysteries
9:30 - 10:00: Watching the credits for the extended "Lord of the Rings" and looking for New Zealanders we know, eating unsalted chips, listening to John Adams and contemplating the extraordinary life of James A. Garfield, the twentieth president of the United States who could write Greek with one hand and Latin with the other simultaneously
10:00 - 11:00: Civil rights and personalities: who needs them?

ruby slipper

im looking for a pair of adult sized ruby slippers. 

i cant seem to find anything as far as websites go. 

im looking for red flats. 

if i have to make them myself, what kind of glue should i use on the shoe for the glitter to adhere?

any help/suggestions?

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i'm watching pleasantville and came up with an interesting question (i think, anyways).

for those of you aren't familiar with the premise, the town of pleasantville is a black & white town stuck in the 50's, completely devoid of any real substance (for lack of a better word) or any concept whatsoever that a world outside of them exists. when tobey maguire and reese witherspoon's character come in from ~the future~, they start corrupting the town by allowing them to see what it means to be "alive", so to speak by way of art, literature, music, sex, and subsequently, real human emotion.

so, my question is: if you were placed in this kind of a world, what would you "show" these people in the attempts to teach them about what it means to be human? what kind of music would you play for them? what would you tell them about the world? what pieces of art would you show them? etc.

i'm kind of in a rush right now, so i don't have much time to think, but from off the top of my head:

-- patti smith's version of "gloria" or "rock 'n roll nigger"
-- allen ginsberg's "howl"
yummy beer!, yummy

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When you feel as though you're "dying of thirst", what is the drink that quenches said thirst better than anything else?

If you could only drink one specific beverage for the rest of your life, with no ill effects whatsoever, what would it be?  The more specific, the better - brand, variety, etc.

When you feel cold and want a hot drink to warm you, what is your beverage of choice?
  • raaaain

Freddy VS. Jason

When the movie ends, what song is playing? Is it "How Can I Live" by Ill Nino? I can't figure it out and I don't have the movie... Thank you!

Also, what in your opinion is an awesome file-sharing program to use? LimeWire's starting to suck really bad...

  • jezemel

(no subject)

If you were standing near a small hole in the wall and some guy on the other side stuck his dick through it, would you get on your knees and start sucking his dick or would you walk away disgusted?

What if there was a 50/50 percent chance that it was actually Johnny Depp's dick?

100% chance that it was actually mine?

(no subject)

How can I convince my boyfriend that I need a motorcycle more than a car?

Besides the gas mileage being better, I rarely travel long distances, I don't go places that require carrying a lot (except grocery shopping which we always do together regardless of who's paying), the bikes I can afford are higher quality than the super old cars I can afford...To me, this says buy a decent motorcycle, not a POS car.

(no subject)

How come able-bodied people, when walking down the street, lose their minds and forget how to walk when they see a person in a wheelchair (especially a motorized one) coming towards them?
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Hi everyone =)

I have a very important question about how unethical, if unethical at all you think this situation is. I'm a senior at a high school where the mascot is a ram. We've always had a fake model ram in our school, but two days ago one of the teachers brought in a real ram. The ram is small, and looks very young, so I dont know if anyone is really in danger. The question is how much danger is the ram in? It's kept in a cage, where students can easily see it, and get close to it, The cage is not tiny, but it is still a cage on campus, which just bothers me. I heard it will only be kept until a football game that is coming up, which is sometime within the next month, and really, any amount of time is just terrible. What do you think of this? Should the students say something? Do you think it's reasonable to be upset about this? I would really appreciate your advice!!

Thank you in advance

(no subject)

My hair's just been cut far too short.
is there anything I can do to remedy the sitution, other than wearing heidi bunches everyday for a month?

Something creative with clips?
And i'd rather this went unanswered than just be told off for being vain, because im in a rather delicate state, so if you've got nothing nice to say, just don't.
  • iluq

Old Norse society type question

I just read about a queen who tried to make a law that allowed exclusively she to wear red. She may or may not have been of Bohemian origin. She was the second wife of one of the kings (I think related to Gorm).

What was her name?

I should have written it down but thought I would remember it. :(
Typing Monkey

(no subject)

I started student teaching yesterday and I am having a really hard time. It's not my teacher or the students; I just feel like I can't do this. When I get back to campus from my school, it seems like all I do is cry. I begged my mom earlier to come and get me, to let me quit and come home. I just... I need to know if this is normal. Does it get better? What can I do to get through this?

I don't want to do something I'm going to regret for the rest of my life.


In your opinion, is the hottest woman hotter than the hottest man? Why or why not? I believe so. I'm turned on by men more often, but when I see a gorgeous woman, I can barely speak. I think women are just so graceful..curvy..soft..and I find more hot women who's egos seem less inflated by their beauty, than I do men. if that makes sense? i'm too lazy to figure out better wording. and it's just an opinion!
Are you m or f? straight, gay, bi?

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(no subject)

can i see a picture from your most recent vacation? where'd you go? would you go back?

most of the calls on your cell phone/landline .. are they incoming or outgoing?
hannibal skull


If you were handed a plane ticket and $5000 to spend but you had to leave tomorrow AND leave your current country, where would you go? (yes, you have a valid passport, just imagine...)

(no subject)

are you so attached to your cell phone that you would answer it while you're taking a shower?

(this just happened in my dorm's bathroom.)

can you go a day or more without your phone?
do you even have one to begin with?

what do you REALLY think about them?

I can go a day or two without mine and be fine. Shower time is me time and unless someone is dying, you're just going to have to wait.
The Receptionist Classic

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Guys! HELP!

Okay. So I am making a baby blanket. Crochet. Because I'm aweseom like that. Anyways, it is a pale green because up until, like, an hour ago, no one knew if the baby was a boy or a girl. Green is preety neutral. But now we know that IT IS A BOY!! so I can finish it and yeah.

Do I finish it in BLUE or in the white/multi baby stuff (has blue, yellow, green, and pink in it)? I CAN'T DECIDE.

Edti: The blanket is green. It is the edge/trim that I need to decide on. Just in case that helps. Okay. That's all. Bye.

Also, when you pour a glass of wine, are you like... not supposed to fill it to the brim? BEcasue Only 3 glasses and my bottle is empty... :(

Also, should I go back to using this *points to userpic* as my default? i kind of miss her.
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Pink Shoes

(no subject)

It was my daughter's 4th birthday yesterday and I'm making a slideshow of all her birthday photos which I'm going to put on DVD and give to my family members. What would be the perfect song(s) to use as background music?

(no subject)

Inspired by Miss South Carolina:

Why do some guys consider idiocy to be a factor in a woman's attractiveness?

Do you think Jessica Simpson just pretends to be dumb to look more attractive?

Which famous women do you think only pretend to be dumb?
  • jo_fitz


I know a lot of Skaters ware the skin tone colored mesh with their costumes. I was wondering, where could I find something like that? (A skintone mesh of something like that)
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vampire princess miyu

manners VS manners.

In early June i went to a grad party for an old friend who finished law school. 
She said she was officially trying to be an adult and would send out thank-you cards for all the gifts. If she did send any out, i didn't get one...
i didn't put my name anywhere on the box to say it was from me, i somehow figured she would be able to keep track of all the gifts she got that day, heh, so of course this is my own fault.

The gift was handmade (by me) so i really want to know if she liked it! (translation- i want praise for hard work) But i don't know if it would be rude of me to email her and ask about it. Would it? What could i say? Or do i just shut up forever and deal with it because you're not supposed to give gifts expecting thank-yous and praise? :(
At the same time, i would feel bad if someone gave me a gift and i didn't know who it was from. I would want to know.
Oh, boy.
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My husband and I had to write a check to our old landlord to cover 'damages' to the apartment. I think he's making it up and is a douchbag, but our lawyer says that the way our lease was worded that we'd lose if we went to court over it.

Now, I know it's inappropriate and I'm not going to do it, but I'd love to write something in the memo section like, "I hope you choke on this check, asshole!"

What would you want to write if you were me?

Have you ever written something funny or inappropriate in the memo section of a check? What was it?
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Well well well.

After ten-plus years of being on The Internet, I'm going to have my first IRL meeting with an online friend this Sunday. (Breakfast at the local IHOP. My fiance and daughter will be there, too.)

Any advice you can give me?

I have ants all over my gorram kitchen.

Why do they like it in there so much? (The fact that there was a drop of pancake syrup on the counter doesn't count.)

How can I get rid of them?

Should I give up and just adopt them as pets? Give them names? Talk to them adoringly as I shoo them away from the sugar jar to make my coffee in the morning?
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What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen thrown out in the trash?

the town is still cleaning up from the great flood of '07, and today I saw a casket out on the side of the road. (looked like a Halloween prop, but a damn good one though!)
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I'm looking for songs from musicals, to  sing. I know you'll ask about my own vocal quality. I have a wideish upper range.
So, do you know any songs from musicals that fit these criteria?  (and what ones?)

For a female character.
Solo (or mainly solo that I can get rid of other parts or sing them myself)
Aren't really overused.
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Anyone know a good way to download youtube videos?

I tried google but they give so many programs and I don't know what are frauds and what are spywares.

I also tried Ashampoo Clipfinder but whenever I try download, it says it is locked.

Anyone please?
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What shall I call my new giant Ghana tiger snail?
They're the biggest snails in the world with a shell length of up to 22cm. So maybe something related to his size?
I'd love any names related to Evolution, but I don't think Darwin or Charles suits him so far.

It could be a girls or a boys name since snails are hermaphrodites, but i see him as more male really. I don't know why.
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Who were all the people you bathed with as a child? What were the circumstances of having to bathe with them? Did you ever bathe with someone of the opposite sex?

What was the oldest age that you remember taking a bath with someone (before the age of sexual interest)? Did you ever reach an age where it made you uncomfortable?

What is the oldest age you feel that it is appropriate for a child to bathe with the same sexed parent? Opposite sexed parent?

Is it appropriate at any age for a child to bathe with a grandparent or other extended adult relative?

I bathed with my sister and occasionally female cousins mostly to save water; and occasional showering with friends after swimming. Only once did I shower with a boy after swimming.

I think 7 was the oldest for bathing with my sister or cousins and by then it was rare. With friends, maybe up to age 12 but it always made me feel uncomfortable.

Maybe 3 or 4 for same sex? And 2 or younger for opposite. I don't know why I feel that it's different for opposite sex.

I wouldn't feel comfortable with my kid bathing with any adult besides me.

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Giving blood...
1. Have you done it?
2. How many times?
3. Do you go to drives at your school/company/area, or just go to the donor centers?
4. Do you like the people who work for the donor service?
5. What free stuff do you get?
6. How do you feel after you've done it?
7. Any other stories?
8. Do they let you pick what color bandage you want?

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So, I had an interview on Monday August 13th and it went well. Very well in fact. The guy said he had another interview later in the week, but that hopefully I would hear from him soon.

As of Thursday I hadn't heard from him, so I emailed him. He wrote back
"I have another interview tomorrow (Friday). Please hang in there, I know you are anxious to hear my decision, and I will let you know ASAP."

I still haven't heard back anything. It seemed as though he would let me know either way.

What should I do?

Should I email him again, or would that make me seem over anxious?

I really want this job so I don't want to ruin it, but at the same time, the waiting is killing me.
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There are two people that live the same distance away from Point A but in different directions (one lives an hour south and one lives an hour east).

If someone were to mail a letter to these 2 people from Point A at the same time, should the two people receive it the same day?

Edited to add a new question:

My dog, in her 9 years of existence, has only slept in my mother's bed or downstairs by herself. The past 3 nights she has taken it upon herself to come sleep in my bed (not that she is unwelcome there but if I ever tried to get her to sleep in my bed before  she would usually run away).  Why does she suddenly love me TQC?