August 27th, 2007

Red Air Conditioning Sugar

Hi guys, weird situation here.

I was gone for a whole month, and just got back.

I went to turn on the air conditioner and noticed a strange red sugar-like material all over the windowsil. I also notice it going all the way up along the inner windowframe. On the top of the windowframe it's amassed into thick red blobs hanging like icicles. I pulled one off and it was completely hollow. The material was brittle and crumbled easily in my fingers. Curious, I checked my other air conditioner in another room. Same thing, except a lot more of it. It managed to get all over the top of my bed and pillows, and is just caked up and won't come off.

Does anybody have any idea what the heck it is?

EDIT: Here's some pictures of the strange alien sex goo

At this point I think it's unrelated to the airconditioners, but moreso related to the fact that both windows are always open. the drips on the upper ledge are right over the largest of the "goo" splotches on the lower ledges. but still, what the heck can it be?
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(no subject)

are there any external factors that influence the taste and smell of a woman's vagina? in particular foods that make it better or worse.

i've heard that semen tastes different depending on the man's diet, is this true? i think i heard that vegetarians have better tasting cum.. but that could just be some creative PETA propaganda or something.

random posting...

1. if you have pets, do they sleep in the bed with you?
1a. if not, where do they sleep?

2. what was the last thing you ate ?

3. it's 1:!2 am do you knwo where your SO is??

1. the cats used to sleep at the end of the bed, until the dog moved in last week, now the dog hogs the entire bed. one cat sleeps in the bathroom (she's nesting) and the other sleeps in the sink.

2. cheetoes and diet pepsi

3. on the computer in the livingroom playing a game i'm sure

(no subject)

A few questions inspired by a conversation with my (wasted) brother.

1. Do you think self-destruction (specifically by 'artists') is in any way admirable?

2. Do you think that (for those that are) being self-destructive is necessary for their art?

3. Do you think that their possible death is worth it, for what they create? Or do you think they could create so much more if they weren't cracked up constantly?

4. What do you think of Pete Doherty?

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Calligraphic seal

Ouija Board Question

Have you ever used a Ouija board?   Do you believe they really are mediums for the dead to communicate with the living?  Do you know anyone who does?  Any Ouija board stories you want to share (whether firsthand, secondhand, or thirty-thirdhand)?

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(no subject)

I remembered all the school posts from back in early August so I thought I'd ask:

How's school going for those of you in it?

What's your favorite class?

And some others:

Were/are you a trust-fund baby?

Do you and your SO share any bad habits?

Do you and your SO often get asked if you're siblings?

Who's the main house cleaner in your family?

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(no subject)

Do you think that cybering with someone other than your SO is cheating?  What about cybering with someone you know in real life as opposed to someone you only know online?  Or what if you get "married" in an MMORPG, but never cyber?

(no subject)

1)What sort of fun would you have with cardboard boxes, six lbs. of balogna, and negative space?
2)Would you attend a death rabbit match?

All questions must be submitted in writing. If you need assistance, please dial 0.
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(no subject)

1. My face is round...okay, fat...and as a result I hate the way I look when I put my hair up. Any suggestions as to how I can get my hair out of my face while not highlighting its chubbiness at the same time? I used to do two braids but my hair isn't long enough for that anymore. I don't like bangs and they make me look about five years old but I guess I am somewhat open to the right style...

2. Which novels have been written entirely in second-person?

(no subject)

I recently changed my workout to three one-hour cardio sessions a week. This leaves me utterly exhausted afterwards to the point where I am in a daze the entire evening. I know I will eventually get used to it but right now it just kills me. My question is this:

Will I get the same benefits, or better benefits, from doing six 1/2 hour workouts a week or should I stick with the rigorous one hour workout 3 times a week?

There wouldn't be a difference in the number of calories I'd burn a week (about 2700), but I'm wondering what is best overall for my body and heart.


Someone from work did a Starbuck's run, and brought me a biscotti that was said to be chocolate. Unfortunately, it is actually black licorice flavored. *gag*

What disappointment have you experienced this morning?

(no subject)

I'm thinking of getting a Suberu Forester when my car (also a suber) conks out.
Can anyone tell me if its good on gas mileage, cause i don't want to spend a lot on a car to have to then be spending a lot more on gas than I do now.
Also, what is good milage when they have it on the site with the car, and can anyne recomend a car/something like the forester that has good gas mileage and is pretty easy to see out of?
I like my car cause I really only have 1 major blind spot that I worry about, and its nice and easy to park because its small, but I'd like to be higher off the ground because lately more and more bigger cars have been kind of harassing me so I'm worried I'm going to get squashed.
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Attention film buffs and/or film studies students

I teach junior high, and this year I've been given grade 7 film studies as an option class to teach. Though I like and am able to appreciate movies as an artform, I've never taught this subject before. What I'm looking for is a website that lists a bunch of films (or clips - this would be even better) that are examples of various techniques or terminology. For instance, "the stadium scene in Dirty Harry is a good scene to watch when studying distance and angle in camera techniques." Do you know of such a site? If so, would you mind passing it on to me?
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1. Is it worth it to hire a moving company for my upcoming move?
2. Have you ever hired one?
3. If so, was it expensive?
4. What is tipping etiquette for movers?

I don't have a ton of stuff and I'm going from a first-floor apartment to a fifth-floor apartment that has a freight elevator. It's not going to be a huge endeavor, but between full-time school and work I have no idea how I'm going to do it myself.

ETA: It's an in-town move and only about 5 miles.
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(no subject)

So if you were a zombie, would you eat any brains you found or would you be a little picky? I would worry about getting Mad Cow, personally.

Also, would you wear shoes?
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(no subject)

1) What is the funniest/weirdest thing that has happened today?

2) What brand of soap do you use?

3) Any plans for the upcoming weekend?

4) If you live in the US, do you have Monday(Labor Day) off? How do you plan to spend the day?

5) If you could only live in one single month for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

1) Either the jackass, bros-before-hos, snarky, annoying kid at my work waltzing in today telling EVERYONE, "I'm in love!!!!", or my other co-worker nonchalantly saying, "Hey, we haven't had the windows shot in a while, huh?" haha. He just said it so casually. I love my ghetto city.

2) I switch between Ivory, Irish Spring and Dove.

3) Party friday night, maybe some car show Saturday, nothing much sunday, and I dunno for Monday.

4) Yes. Dunno yet :)

5) November! Thanksgiving and my Birthday :3
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(no subject)

You are a character in a horror movie. How do you die?

I'd be killed off near the end of the movie, sacrificing myself so the hero can get away, just after the killer reveals him/herself (I have thought about this lots, haha).

(no subject)

You're driving through the woods, when you hit something. It came darting out into the road. Upon stopping, you find out's BIGFOOT. He's not moving, but still breathing. What do you do?

Move him to the side of the road and hope that someone else comes across him. I then get back in my car and continue driving.
Call 911. Maybe we can save the missing link
Strap him to the hood of my car. I'm going to eat good tonight. I can almost taste them sasquatch steaks....
Put him in my trunk. I'm going to sell him to the highest bidder when I get back
Bring him home and try to nurse him back to health. He may have to wear one of them cones around his head so he won't bite the stitching
Why do you assume I stopped? Be it human, animal or missing link, I don't brake for roadkill
Back the car up over him and put him out of his misery. No sense letting him suffer
Skin him. I'll be the only person in the world with an authentic bigfoot fur coat
Skin him and turn him into the world's first authentic sasquatch furry suit. This will up my props in the furry community
Call my lawyer. I plan on suing bigfoot for everything he's got. I could have been killed!
i say, old bean

oh internets.

who has been your longest internet friend? where in the world of web did you meet this person?

So, i switched my room with my little sister this weekend and painted both rooms, what'd you accomplish?

when was the last time you painted something?

ohnoes! it's my 1-year anniversary thing, what should i do today?

(no subject)

Last night something pretty weird happened.  It's hard to explain so bear with me. It was around 2 am and my eyes were getting heavy and I was thinking about how I was probably going to fall asleep soon. 

All of a sudden my eyes close, I feel like I'm falling off my bed and just felt really weird inside... I was trying to say my roommates name. I didnt actually call her name but in my mind it felt like I was really trying to and she couldn't hear me. I felt like I was in trouble. The scary part was I couldnt wake up, I felt trapped and believed I couldnt open my eyes, and I  was a little shaky when I did. This whole thing only last about a minute but it was super weird. I dont know if I actually couldnt physically open my eyes at that moment, but it really felt like it.

Its almost like I fell into a deep sleep really quick and then woke up again.. and it wasnt a dream, it was really different. This has never ever happened to me before either.

To explain it best would be to say that I was asleep but also thinking about the fact that I was asleep at the same time.. some of my thoughts were "oh I must be falling off the bed, she must be coming to help me, but I cant see anything.."  I   felt trapped like I was in another world or something, I couldn't open my eyes or anything, it was scary. 

Does anyone know what I mean?? It was just very odd so I really wanna know what happened and if it's normal or whatever. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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(no subject)

So the husband and I were at BJ's Warehouse the other day and we were looking at the electronics. They had a desktop PC with 2gbs of RAM, 130GB HDD, DVD player/burner, built in card reader and it came with a 17" flat screen HD LCD monitor, speakers and Windows Vista Home Premium all for 599$. I want to say it was a Dell.

EDIT: It also came with a video card and a sound card, not just onboard video and sound.
EDIT2: The processor was an AMD Athlon 64 something or other +4000. NOT an Intel.

Is this a good deal?
Should we buy it?
Would YOU buy it?
Do you think the price might go down around Black Friday or after Xmas?
Are Dell's good computers?
Does Vista suck?

Nevermind! We decided to build our own.
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laptops, bras, and clothes - my main concerns in life

1. I'm buying an Apple laptop for school. I was thinking about the base MacBook, but the MacBook Pro calls to me. Is it worth the extra bazillion dollars?

2. Why would a bra that has always been too small for me suddenly fit perfectly? The cups were fine but it was too tight around my ribcage and I haven't lost any substantial amount of weight that I know of. ETA: It's not stretched from washing or wearing because I never... washed it or wore it.

3. What are your colors according to your skintone, hair, and eyes? Do you stay close to them when buying clothes? I have pale freckly skin, chestnut brown hair, and green eyes. Apparently I am "warm" and should stick to autumn colors.

(no subject)

1.) What's the greatest length you've gone to retrieve something you'd accidentally thrown away? Dug through the trash can, jumped in a dumpster? Something more drastic?

2.) When you played Goldeneye, which character would you always play as? How about in Smash Brothers or Mario 2?

3.) What's the largest foreign object you've ever had inside of you?
[Merlin] - Gwen

(no subject)

Is there a website when you can enter a word and it will spit out all of the words you can make with the letters? Not a full anagram -- like, I enter a seven-letter word and it will give me all of the three-letter words, four letter-words, etc., that I can make with those seven letters? I fail at Google and I can't find anything.
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(no subject)

I'm looking to open up a small savings account, just to put my extra change in at the end of the week. I'm looking for a bank that won't charge me a lot of fees or anything. (I do have the minimum deposit on hand and plan to keep it in there)

What bank would you recommend? I'm in northshore Massachusetts, for reference.

and since that question is very region-specific, here's another:

What is your favorite pasta dish? I particularly enjoy Pasta Puttanesca, spaghetti or tortellini with sauce, and mac & cheese, although I love any pasta!
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scavenger hunt

Me and my camp friends are looking to have a scavenger hunt when we all visit each other next weekend, and I'm looking for some fun ideas to add to our list.  Stuff like "get a picture with a police officer,"  "get 5 random guys phone numbers,"  "propose to a stranger," etc.  any ideas!

Follow-up Bigfoot questions

1. Most of you would call 911. They rescue him, but since he has no insurance, the hospital refuses to keep him overnight. Since you're the closest thing to a caretaker he has at this point, you're asked if you wouldn't mind having Sasquatch recover in your home, until he's healthy enough to be released into the wild. Sasquatch is potty trained, and just requires a litterbox (think three times as big as the one for your cat) and a steady diet of fruit, berries and fresh meat. The recovery process will take about 3 weeks before he's healthy enough to leave. If you refuse, they'll just drop him off in skid row, same as they do with the injured homeless. Do you accept the invalid Sasquatch into your home, or let him fend for himself on the mean streets?

2. Bigfoot survives the automobile accident, and hires a lawyer to sue you for attempted manslaughter (or apemanslaughter), claiming you saw him crossing the road and sped up to hit him. Turns out, yetis are assholes, and Bigfoot just wants money to buy that handsome cabin in the woods he's had his eye on. Fighting these charges will be very expensive. You know that he's staying in a cave in the woods, which was his abode all along. Would you contest these charges in the court of law, or simply go out one day and poach him?
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(no subject)

What, to you, is the epitome of Autumn (aside from the obvious turning and falling of the leaves)?

Is it just me or does Halloween have a distinct smell? (Yes, I'm aware its a wierd question but Halloween smells different to me)

(no subject)

How are we going to pay for the $3k worth of work my car needs by the end of next month to pass inspection plus the remainder of our wedding costs (about another $3k)? We have about $2600 in savings.

Srs bznis ansrs helpful, but not required.
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(no subject)

This guy is the ultimate babydaddy.

1. What is the sexual appeal of a one-legged 60 year old man? Are you into one-legged seniors?
2. How many citizens of that country have bought stock in Trojan Condoms because of this man?
3. Maury Povich episode waiting to happen y/n???
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(no subject)

You have to move, tomorrow.

Don't worry, the movers are coming to pack your stuff for you, and we'll have a modest apartment/house for you at your destination, as well as a job/school.

Where would you like to go? The only catch is, it must be within your current country, and you have never been there.

(no subject)

Now my co-worker is asking me to make her how-to's for stuff so basic I dont know what to write.. how wrong is it to ask my boss when I meet with him on thursday to recommend she take a basic computer course?

she'll prob. say no, or complain about it because she's a stubborn 59 yearold, who thinks I should teach her everything I can about the computers and how stuff works, and when I don't know the answer because it's something technical, like why the font changes when she hits enter in an email. she gets defensive if I don't know the answer or don't understand her question!


(no subject)

Maybe I am going to get serious shit from this, but does anyone else occasionally (not religiously, but, you know, whenever you can) watch Hannah Montana simply because of the mildly-lesbian undertones, the two females? ^__^
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Opus with Hat

(no subject)

Are you interested in seeing Dynamite Warrior? What style of martial arts is that? I've never heard of taking the impact of the hit on your knees. What other movies from Thailand would you suggest?

Are you going to watch 3:10 to Yuma? What other action movies coming down the pike are you looking forward to?


Hope this hasn't already been asked;

1. Did you know there is going to be a lunar eclipse early tomorrow morning?
2. Do you plan on watching it? (if you are within sight of it)
3. Someone earlier in the week told me that tonight something about Mars will be closer to the earth than it will be in a thousand years (or something) and it wlll be as big as a full moon in the Eastern sky - reaching its peak tonight. Anyone heard of this?

(no subject)

Anyone use Verizon prepaid and want $15 on their phone?

I lost my other phone so I tried to add money to my old phone to call it, but I haven't used it in so long I can't add money. So first to reply with their email gets the activated card PIN number.
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Unfortunately not hypothetical :(

What would you do if you found yourself in a serious, living-together relationship where the other person is extremely sweet, devoted, etc. to you, and you DO indeed love him/her, but you find yourself not wanting to be in a relationship at that time in your life? Maybe it's boredom, you don't know.
edit: You were engaged at one point and have broken that off already.

Would you break up with this person and never look back?
Would it be stupid to give up a great person who loves you just because you feel like being unattached?
Is boredom and wanting to be unattached a signal that this relationship is fated to never work out?
How do you leave someone who has done you no wrong as gracefully and easily as possible?
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(no subject)

Do you ever play dress-up with your own wardrobe and put together outfits in a style you wouldn't normally wear? What styles do you go for?

Today I am Hipster Liz. I also go punk rawk liz sometimes with a pair of old chucks.

I have a feeling you guys are going to say no, in which case I preemptively accuse you of being no fun. You should try it. And then take pictures. Now!
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(no subject)

Would pizza w/ veggies on it be safe to eat after around 18 hours of sitting out? I mean, what are the chances it'll give me food poisoning or upsetting my stomach or something?

(no subject)

My cat, who hates everybody and likes to be left alone, won't quit staring at me.

She has a clean litterbox and fresh water and food. She only ever wants to see me if there's a problem with one of those three things.

What does she want? Why won't she stop staring?

It's kind of creepy.
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Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. I'm thinking of changing my LJ name, but everything I think of is already taken. Do any of you have any good ideas of what I should change it to? Edit: I think I'm going to with "iaccountthings"

2. What is the first sentence of the last comment you received on your LJ?

3. What is the third website you visit each day?

4. What is the most common name (i.e. the most people have it) in your circle of friends?
Hawkeye - best of the best

haven't thoroughly researched this

Assuming you know of what I speak: are there any members of The Initiative that aren't human? It is the superhuman registration act, after all. Does it seem fair at all that it seems to apply to all powered individuals that are on the Earth and not simply the human ones? For that matter, what about folks like Hawkeye and a few others that are big with the gimmicks but don't possess any actual powers...why should it apply to them?
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(no subject)

What's the best way you've ever seen someone fix a car? By best, I mean ridiculous.

Someone replaced the front quarter panel of their car with what looked like florists foam- you know, oasis. And painted it to "match" the car.

Best news of the day?

My school owes me lots of money!

Anyone in the Columbus OH region wanna teach me how to ride a motorcycle? I'm tired of riding bitch...
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All about Clue

1. Who is your favorite character in the movie Clue?
2. Which of the three endings do you like the best?
3. Did you see it in the theater when it first came out?
4. If so, were you confused if someone told you the ending was different that what you remember?
5. Know of any other movies that feature planned multiple endings in the theater?

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(no subject)

If you go to a place that develops pictures and ask if they have any negatives from over exposed film with no discernible picture that you can have, are they likely to give it to you, or lecture you about customer privacy?

(no subject)

What are your favorite tv shows? Movies?

What politicians have you actually spoke with, one on one? What were your impressions of them?

Does your local police department have a bomb squad?

Would you buy a product if the commercial for the product has had the people proclaiming it to be wonderful edited into it?

Would you consider someone that abuses sleeping pills and drinks a bunch of alcohol every night just to go to sleep as a candidate for a security clearance?

(no subject)

My dad and I were watching an episode of Medium the other day and started discussing this-

What do you think is the difference between Fear and Dread? Do you even think they are different at all?
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KB: puppy!

(no subject)

1. For those of you who have tattoos, how much would a tattoo like this cost? I realize that it can vary from area to area, so what would it cost in your area?

2. Does getting a tattoo with colored ink jack up the price? If yes, how much more? Like, a few dollars, or forty bucks? (Basically, a little or a lot?)

3. Any recs for a tattoo place in/around Houston, TX that you think is awesome?
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(no subject)

1. I'm getting sharp intense pains on my left side/to the kind of center of my abdomen.  They come and go in waves.  I started getting them last night before I ate dinner.  I thought it was because I had taken my pain medication on an empty stomach, but it doesn't line up as well anymore.  I just had my wisdom teeth out, I'm taking hydrocodone and ibuprofen.  Has this ever happened to anyone?

2. Do you like tapioca pudding?

3. If you're in school, when do you/did you start?

4. Favorite color to paint your nails?
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(no subject)

What's the closest other people have been to you when you've been messing around with someone?  I.e. ten feet away, on the same couch, etc, and what's the worst you've done when someone is not involved was really close to you?

My answer in comments.
Mitty box


1) Do you ever wear khaki pants not in a work setting?
2) What's your favorite flavor of Teddy Graham?
3) How long are you supposed to use clarifying shampoo for?
4) Do you already have plans for your Halloween costume?
5) If so, what are you gonna be?

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JD + Chauncey

Trashy eats

What was the last truly trash-tastic food/meal you made?
I just cooked up a can of low-fat cream of mushroom soup, added vegetarian mince, tossed in some instant gravy granules, and topped with a heaping spoonful of powdered cheese courtesy of Kraft Mac and Cheese. Despite the strong resemblance to vomit it truly is a most enjoyable bowl of goodness...

What is your experience with canned spinach (if any)?
I didn't want to buy a bag of frozen spinach because I'm moving out soon so I bought a can of leaf spinach, but I'm scared to try it in cooking.
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joss whedon owns my soul

(no subject)

1, My boyfriend has recently voiced the request that i be a little more girly, ie about fashion, hair, make-up, etc. I, being a near complete tomboy, could care less about all this stuff and have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?

2. How many TQC members started school today? What classes are you taking? What grade level are you at?
--I started my sophomore year of college today. I'm taking english, aerobics, and sociology.

Nooooo my PS2

I think I broke it, haha. D: Hopefully someone here knows something about this.

I bought a Japanese game and SwapMagic and a slide tool and attempted to use them. I removed the cover of the disc tray, put SwapMagic in and let it load up, and tried to use the slide tool as instructed (stick it under the tray and use it to pull it open). I got the tray to come out about an inch or so, but then it wouldn't come out anymore, and I can't get it to go back in either. Also, if I press the eject button, the light just blinks and the tray doesn't move. Wah. D:

So, TQC, is there a way to fix this? If so, what should I do?

(no subject)

1] Are you personally friends with a psycho (ex)girlfriend? What have they done to make them a psycho (ex)girlfriend?
I used to work with a couple, and I was close to both of them. After they got into arguments, she would leave his house [or wherever they were] angrily, cut/scratch/punch herself, call the cops and tell them she was raped, and asked nicely if they could call her boyfriend and inform him of what just happened. She did this approximately 2-3 times a month.

2] My FAFSA says that I have been selected for verification. What does this mean?! It does not sound happy.

3] Were you abused as a child? If so, how is your relationship with said abuser?
My mom used to beat me up all the time, pretty bad too, but it stopped when I was about 13 or so. I don't respect my mother, but it doesn't have anything to do with how she abused me. It didn't damage me psychologically, but I always find it weird when people I tell are disgusted/appalled by it.

4] What are you reading right now?
The Nanny Diaries.


My sister is going crazy trying to remember the name of a book she had to read in school in like 11th grade.  It was about some British people and a man invited a friend on a safari with him, but the friend ended up being the prey.

Do you have any idea what this book is?
vintage skull

(no subject)

1. I need a very black black eyeshadow!!!!!!!!! Preferably something glittery... any recommendations?

2. When it's going to rain, do your legs (or any other part of you) ache?

3. If you ever eat at Greek restaurants, what do you order?
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(no subject)

1. Tomorrow I am taking my driving test for my licence. I am 18 and I didn't go to driving school. Do you have any tips for me?

2. How old were you when you got your licence?

3. Have you eaten cucumber salad before? How was it prepared?
don, ufc, mma, frye

Restaurant finder for MN?

I am currently looking around to find a nice, preferably high-tone expensive restaurant in my area (North Twin Cities Metro, Minnesota); does anyone have any good websites that can direct me to the best places to check out? Preferably ones that feature ratings and/or price listings.

puppy dog

Food Zines

Does anybody here know of any food related zines that deal with either junk food specifically or just have the tendencie to cover cheeseburgers and fast food restaurants, do you know anything of that nature?

If you cant think of any zines like that what is your favorite food related zine anyway?

Would a zine like that interest you at all? When I say junk food i mean meals and restaurants, reviews and maybe funny news articles on taboo and possibly unhealthy food subjects.

Obviously Im writing something like this, Ill probably include things without meat as well, (like tasty yet unhealthy vegan dishes or reviews/news whatever) Any Suggestions?
minnie and zeus

"our song"

For those in a relationship (answer for a previous one if you want), do you have a song together?
If so, what is it?  (feel free to link to lyrics)
Why is it your song?

My boyfriend and I were talking about how we don't have a song.  he thought it's supposed to be the first one you dance to, but we haven't danced yet and I haven't heard that idea.  So how did you get your song?

(no subject)

I'm halfway through The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster. And I think I'm in love.

Normally, I won't buy new books while I'm still in the middle of a few (I'm re-reading Emma as well), but my mom said she'd buy me a few before I go back to college, so I want to check out more of his stuff.

However, I've been warned that the rest of his oeuvre is more depressing then Follies. Would anybody be able to recommend which one I should read next?

some cloud

(no subject)

"Part One" - Band of Horses
1. Is that not the most beautiful thing ever?

2. If you agree, what other music do you put into that category?

on a way more depressing note...
3. Does anyone here have experience with getting a DUI/DWI while being under 21? What was your experience with that/what should be expected?

&4. what's a good website for cheap band and/or vintage t-shirts?
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For those who have been:

1. Dumb question...We are staying at the MGM Grand and by the looks of the maps it's pretty close to the airport. We won't have a shitload of luggage. Would walking to the hotel be fine?

2. The purpose of the trip is to just gamble and maybe catch a show. Is the "Fremont St. Experience" worth seeing?

3. Why do some strip clubs not allow unescorted women? Does this mean a woman can't go alone? lol. I feel it's obvious but I don't get it.

4. How much spending money did you bring?

5. If you were surprising someone who has always wanted to go to Vegas with a trip there, how would you give it to them? Srs and non-srs answers obviously

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So some of you may remember my awkward/weird/freakish toes, so I'm back with more bendy appendages! In this case, my bendy head/neck. So I was exercising today, and my brother was like WHAT your neck forms a right angle with your body. Does anyone else's do this? Pix are preferred whether you can or not, but I can maybe take your word for it.

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2. Who's watching the lunar eclipse tonight?

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Hey TQC! I need help with something!
I'm going to paint my backpack for school. However, I don't know what paint to use... I mean, Fabric paint is the obvious choice, but I hate the results. Will Acrylics work on a jansport backpack?
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Are the clocks fast or slow in your house? Are you often late/early for appointments/meetings with people/work?

Do you HAVE to know the time? Does it bug you if you can not see a clock when you need the time?
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Internets, I need your help plz.

Where can I find handcuffs?

I'm not doing anything tomorrow so my boyfriend challenged me to go find and purchase a pair of handcuffs by tomorrow night. What kind of stores should I be going to? It would be preferable if they were fuzzy but not necessarily required of them. I am completely at a loss of where I should even START as far as looking for them.

I am seventeen and cannot go to stores of an adult nature.

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I'm off to watch Californication (it's debuting tonight in Aust)

So while I'm off drooling over Mulder, is there anything you want to ask me?
I'll answer it when I get back.
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Seeing Eye Dogs and Gracie's boobs

I saw a seeing eye dog today, at work.

And the first question that popped into my mind was, "Hm. What if he has to poop? Where does he do it and who cleans it up? Or are seeing eye dogs not subject to that law?"

So, TQC, I thought maybe one of you might know. If you have a seeing eye dog, what is poopie protocol? Does the blind person walk him/her a certain number of times a day? Is it scheduled? And the most important question - who picks up the poop? And HOW? Are seeing eye dogs trained to direct a blind person to the poop? How does it work?"

An the second question, how do you get to be a writer?

As a side, tonight we saw the girl from the Nanny's boobs! That's right. Gracie. We saw Gracie's boobs! (californication. oy.)
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Book from childhood

Do any of you remember this book?

I got it from the kids library when I was fairly young, so some twenty years ago, back in England. There was a town which was walled, had a main gate. The main gist that I remember was something about bad town officials or leaders, and an outsider eventually takes care of them by tricking them into getting on this black horse that will be by the town gates that night. All the guys get on this horse - I vaguely remember that it turns out to be a really long one, and the guy sees the horse's back in the gateway and jumps on, not noticing the other guys right away - and this horse turns out to be there to take them to hell or something, and it has red eyes. They try to jump off but its hair is wiry and they are stuck to it, and it carries them off to... well, hell I guess.

Freaky as shit, but yes a kids' book. Ring any bells, oh QC?

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How many books do you read a month?
What were the last 5 books you read?
What books are you reading ~right now~?
What books have you been planning on reading but have been procrastinating for years?
What's your goodreads dealio?

Do you think history is at least as or most important then english?
what about math?
physical education?

Another one bites the dust...

What type of music would you like to be played at your funeral/memorial/wake?

What are five songs that are a must for your funeral/memorial/wake?

Do you want your funeral/memorial/wake to be full of mourning, celebration, or both?

Are you offended by laughter at such events? 

On a mildly related note, if you could choose your own entrance song (think wrestling) that would play every time you walked into a building, what would it be?

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