August 26th, 2007

Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) Have you ever made your own LJ layout? How did it turn out?

2) What did you have for dinner today/last night?

3) What is your dream car? Pics plz.

4) What is the worst birthday you have ever had?
a. The best?

5) Could you suggest some music for me to download? I enjoy punk, rock, goth, and also anything upbeat :D

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1. Where can I find some of those crazy narrated 'house of the future' cartoons from back in the day? (Only legal sources OMGBANHAMMER, kthnx.)

2. You know what I'm talking about, right? The ones with the robotic kitchens and the automated Rube Goldberg morning-routine conveyor-belts? Weren't those great?

3. What do you miss from back in the day? [I miss all the politically incorrect and uneducational cartoons from the 80s.]
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(no subject)

What happened to the livejournal viewing scheme that started with a D? My old accounts still have it but new accounts don't and the new schemes are ugly/messing up livejournal. Is there ANYWAY I get get the old scheme?
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tqc, halp.

i have a cold sore at the corner of my mouth. it popped up two days ago, and it's still bugging me. it looks raised and kind of crusty looking, and i think there's some yellow fluid/goop in there. i'm not gonna poke it.

short of going to walgreens and getting something overpriced to put on it, do you know any tried and true home remedies that will at least make my suffering a bit shorter?

ps, i'm not sick. a bit stressed out, but not sick.

edited to add stuff.
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why is my Wii glowing?  i haven't played it in a while, or even turned it on in a while.  it's hooked up to our router, so it's connected to the internets.  but the slot where you insert the game is glowing blue.

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(no subject)

I was once playing Monopoly with a friend, and she got really pissed off because I was whooping her ass at it playing to win. Mortgaging properties in order to have more free cash, so I could buy up as much of the board as possible early on. She threw a hissy fit and refused to continue playing.

I thought this was really pathetic, because what's the point of playing a board game if you don't try to win it?

So, my question is, do you play to win? In games, IRL...?


I had a few fillings done and the dentist told me my mouth wouldn't need to be numb but when she started drilling it hurt a lot. So she gave me the needles to make my mouth numb. About two hours later I started getting tingly feelings in my mouth and it felt like I could feel a pulse in my tooth. It's such a piercing pain.

Does anyone know if this will go away in a few days?
Or should I Go back and chuck a sad at the lady?


What are your thoughts on shoplifiting? Do you think it's "justifiable" because stores are overpriced? Have you ever shoplifted? Do you do it often?

Personally, I could never do it because I would be too nervous, and I don't think I would ever want something that much enough to steal it and risk getting caught. I think if you don't have the money for something like clothes, you just shouldn't buy it. Food or items for a drugstore can be a different story, but I don't get people who shoplift excessively from clothes stores and justify it by saying that they're getting back at the store or something.
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Dear TQC Coffee Lovers:

I recently got a book about how to brew perfect coffee, but it's written in such a dry manner I'm having trouble shouldering my way through it. My bean grinder broke about a year ago, and Christmas morning of '06, my French press broke. I've yet to replace either and have thus been using a percolator to make coffee. This past week I spent at a lake house in Maine, where I had the best (percolator) coffee I've ever had -- but I do not recall the brand it was. Some organic, free trade, Ecuadorian coffee, I think (although my stand-by is Gevalia). But this leads me to these two questions:

What brand of coffee do you make yourself at home?

How do you brew it?
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reading habits

What kinds of material do you read regularly? (newspapers, internet, types of books, etc.) Why and when do you choose those materials? Why do you avoid the ones you don't read?

Whatever you read, do you feel you read enough to "stay informed" (whatever that means to you)? Why/why not?
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I will not eat it, Sam I am

What is one food you loathe with every fibre of your being?

If you HAD to eat that food every day (not only that food, but it had to be included in at least 2 of your meals), how would you prepare it in order to be able to stuff it down?

I hate eggs and brussell sprouts.

I'd make scrambled eggs with lots of cheese and smother that in ketchup or I would make fried rice with egg. I might even be able to tolerate omelettes. I could live with that. I'd make the sprouts into a casserole with other stuff and I would probably be able to eat them.


1.What's your pooping routine? Early morning? Everyday? Before sleep? Once a week? or no exact timing?

2.Do you read while you poop? What do you read? Are you the kind of person who HAS to read something or else it won't come out?

3.Have you ever had a conversation on the phone while you poop? Did the other person know? Was he pooping too?

4.At what age did you start doing potty and stop wearing diapers? Have you ever had an "accident" in a public place?

5.If you're over at someone's house(for dinner, party, hanging out, sex, whatevers)... and you feel like pooping(but not in a bad kind), would you poop there or would you wait until you go home?

6.If you're using a public toilet to poop, how many tissues do you lay on the toilet seat before you sit on it(like that dude from American Pie did)? Or do you poop with your butt lifted so that you won't touch the seat?...Or do you just seat on it without any extra covers? :(

7.So, do you feel like it? Have I psychologically made you want to poop?

Also:did you know that according to wordnet, poop is defined as an "obscene terms for feces"? How is poop an obscene term??
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(no subject)

do you have a friend/acquaintance (not a family member) that lives in Ohio?

do you have a friend/acquaintance (not a family member) that lives in Alaska?

for those of you that like these two men, who do you think is PHYSICALLY hotter? Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

what was the last thing that made you go NUH HUH, NO WAI!? (if anything)

(no subject)

do you freecycle?
if so, what have you freecycled?
what have you gotten from freecycle?

I freecycle mostly clothing, nicknacks, things my husband owns that I don't like (i.e his ugly green shirt)

Working with Family...

My SIL's partner is starting her own chiropractic practice. She and I have tossed around the idea of me being her CA (Chiropractic Assistant). I currently have a job but hate who I work for and what I do.

My husband is getting ready to deploy to Iraq and my SIL and her partner have offered to let me and our son move in with them while he's gone, thus saving us lots of money and allowing me to have some help with the little guy.

Is it possible to work with someone you live with?

Is this a good idea or a disaster waiting to happen?

(no subject)

I want to start some yearly "first day of school" tradition. I want it to be a baked yummy something and have no clue what to make. I don't want to make a cake because my daughter is making cupcakes for me next week for my birthday. 

I am thinking pumpkin bread. It's yummy. I have an awesome recipe and the kids love it. 

Do any of you have first day of school traditions that you do or that your moms/dads did you for you? 

long shot.

Ok, I'm trying to figure out the name of a song and who it's by. I don't remember much about the song, except that it's pop, a girl (or girls) sing it, they say "uh oh" a lot, and the only line I could remember is "If you want me to stay, I'll never leave."
Anyone know what song I'm talking about?
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(no subject)

aww man.. I was going to go to the university library to work on my thesis today.. but for some reason it's closed.. and the public library is still closed due to flooding. So, what should I do today?
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James Franco joint

Non hypothetical, as you may imagine

1. My friend and I were driving over to the music school (we would walk, but she plays two instruments, and I play cello, the 2 mile walk is intense and uphill; I pay for her gas every other time, because everytime she drives, I'm with her). We agreed to practice for 3 hours and leave at 10:00. At 10pm, I walked into her room, and waited for her to finish. At 10:30 I ask when she will be finished, at 11:00pm she is yelling at me for rushing her.
1a. At what time is it rude to continue practicing on her part?
1b. At what point was I rude for rushing her?

2. Grills:
2a. Cool or uncool?
2b. Does it depend on race or gender?
2c. Would you wear one if you got it fitted properly and it was free?

3. Those of you who took statistics:
3a. Was it hard?
3b. What grade did you get?
3c. What were your high school math grades?

Dom face

School reading, hurrah.

What are good reading strategies for actually learning large portions of text?

How do you arrange your lecture notes? (outline, no organization whatsoever, other?) What are the best ways to take notes during lectures?

Background: I'm in a textbook/lecture heavy history course this year, and it's only two classes in and I'm already dying...I'm a lot better with discussion-oriented classes. I have no idea how to read so that I'm actually *learning* the material, and I don't know how to effectively take organized notes during the lectures. Writing in the book isn't an option, either.
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(no subject)

Stupid question, but....

Can you pick up your dog?  (If you have a dog, that is)

I don't mean this in terms of how much the dog weighs, rather - does your dog allow you to pick it up?

Because both my dogs flip out and flail around like maniacs if attempt to lift them off the ground.
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Can anyone explain to me what "Elevation of attribute to entity" means (in relation to databases and SQL and all that), or link me a page that can explain it? I've had no luck on google. :/
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(no subject)

What are your favorite soap opera opening themes of all time? If your favorite show's/shows' themes have just mostly been remixed versions of the same thing, which version do you prefer?

I have to say, the early 90's theme to All My Children *The one they use now, actually, but I prefer the very original version.* and mid-to-late 80's theme to One Life To Live by Peabo Bryson are my favorites. A close second would be the one they used from 1995 to 2002 on All My Children.
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TV !!

If youre sitting at home right now, are you watching TV?
What are you watching?

If youre at work, what would you be doing if you were home?

Out of your whole movie collection, what movie do you reach for the most?

Do you like flavored ice tea? Whats your favorite flavor?

Are you a neat freak or a slob?

p.s. Yes, I am sitting on my couch and most likely will respond to your comment within 30 seconds until my kid wakes up from his nap :)
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(no subject)

Well, I am looking for a black & white vertically striped shirt. Not a pin-striped shirt, but with big blocks of stripes. Does anyone know where I could possibly find one?

edit; A fitted girly shirt, preferably.

(no subject)

Hypothetically, of course: If your little sister's boyfriend beat the crap out of her, and your friends offered to "teach him a lesson", would you give the go-ahead? Your hypothetical sister is hypothetically very sick, and the hypothetical boyfriend told her she's worthless and crazy and the whole nine yards...hypothetically. Calling the police is a bad hypothetical idea because the hypothetical exboyfriend's friends know where you and your hypothetical mother live. My answer in comments.
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Self cleaning

(no subject)

This may be a stupid question, but humor me anyway. I have cable for my net and tv, but only have one cable jack in my room. I want to hook up my router and my tv. I know they make splitters so that I can accomplish this, but my worry is in the quality of the connection after splitting. Will my net connection or cable signal suffer if I use a splitter?

And for those without the technical knowledge to answer the above questions.

If you are in, or have been in a relationship, what is your favorite part about that relationship? What is your least favorite part? What are your favorite and least favorite parts about being in a new relationship?
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Computer Problems

If this confuses you, I'm sorry because I'm just as confused.

I'm came home yesturday and got on the computer like always to find absolutely everything deleted. Like no programs, no music, no pictures, no Sims, no anything. So I asked my sister (the only one is ever on the computer other than me) and she said she put the Windows XP Cd because she wondered what it did and voila! Everything disappeared. She says she doesnt know what she did and I'm too afraid to put the Cd back in. So today I started to task of putting everything back on my computer when it started saying that I had low disk space on HP_RECOVERY (:D). And I was thinking "WTF?! How? Everything is gone!!" So to make a very long story short I found out that the rest of my files were in the Documents and Settings folder but this is a different one from the one the in the HP_RECOVERY folder. So I'm confused. How do I reset everything to how it was before?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: To clarify. It's almost like the computer is hiding the other folder and won't recognize the programs installed on the computer beforehand.
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To Relist or Not?

The bag I put on ebay the other day, though it had a decent amount of watchers, did not sell. :( However, before I resorted to ebay, I asked in some local communities if anyone knew of a nicer consignment shop that might take it first. No one responded to those (haha, it was last weekend, they were probably all out doing actual things!) so I went ahead with ebay just to get it over with. A few days after I'd already posted it to ebay, a local girl responded to my community post saying she was interested in the bag. At the time, since I hadn't included a 'right to end auction at any time' clause and don't know if it's needed to do so, I just told her if she bid on it and won I would bring it to her or let her pick it up for free or reduce shipping if she'd rather have it sent to her since she was close by.

So, my question is this : Do I tell her it didn't sell and offer it to her first, resulting in probably getting less than if it were to actually sell on ebay or just relist the stupid thing and skip her altogether? Sometimes the selling of these bags on ebay is hit and miss in that a certain print will suddenly be very much in demand and then the next week none of them will sell but something that wouldn't sell before will go for upwards of $400. :/
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(no subject)

I'm going to Orlando on Wednesday!!

The hotel we're staying at has a little bit of a reputation for having some high prices on food. I'd like to pack some snacks/breakfast items to take along in my luggage, just so we're not paying a ridiculous amount for cereal or something.

Any suggestions as to what kind of snacks I should bring?

(x-posted to thequestionclub, hip_domestics and poor_skills. Sorry if you see it more than once.)
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born to run...?

If you had to go on the lam and take a new identity, what would be your new name?

What totally new place would you want to go to start your new life? - you shouldn't know anyone at all there on the off chance you'd be recognized.

If you could convincingly find a way to pass for the opposite gender (from what you are currently), would you do so?  Consider that it increases your chances of remaining undiscovered.  If so, what would be your new name now?

my head hurts.

1. If you have a really long detailed you try to shorten it and post the short version in TQC, say screw it and post the super long version to TQC, or just write/ask about it in your personal journal?

2. Can you skip rocks? Can you teach me?
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(no subject)

So, you know the electrical/heat smell that hair driers give off? I don't know how to explain it but it's sort of ozone-y and if you own a blow drier, you've smelled it.

My laptop definitely should not be emitting a similar smell, amirite?
because teacher
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Getting to know you

I want y'all to do my homeworkplanning for me. School starts tomorrow. I'm going to have six classes plus an advisory (like a homeroom) of 7th graders. I have name cards to place at their seats so they know where to sit. I want to do one of those "get to know you" activities where they put info about themselves on each of the four corners of the card; for example, they might draw a symbol of their favorite hobby on the top left corner, write the number of family members they have in the bottom right corner, etc.

What are some ideas for questions I can have them answer on the cards? (Um, 7th grade, school, can't be anything too inappropriate, but clean'n'funny is good, as are just biographical/personality/interest type questions.)

Boring questions

My fridge is leaking. I opened the egg container today and it was full of water. What gives? I tried turning down the temperature in the fridge (it was maxxed out). The roof of the top part of the fridge is all wet with condensation. :(

What do you like on your pancakes? I like bananas and some toasted granola with grade b syrup (less refined, more vitamins & tastiness!)
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Pets / Changes

1.) Would you give away your dog or cat to a good home for one million dollars? What about one billion?

2.) Does anyone else think that 2007 there's been a disproportionate number of big life changes for you and your family and friends? Or not?

(no subject)

Oh great TQC

Does flour go bad? Even if the last sell date was 04.05.2004?

It doens't look dangerous, and doens't smell, but the age just made me do a double take.

Should I bake cookies anyway?
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(no subject)

Not that this actually happened or anything, but let's pretend. 

So say that you have a really really really really really close friend.  Like best of the best.  You get along super well, you can tell them absolutely anything, you never get annoyed with each other, etc.  Like yeah.  We'll call them Person 1.

You are at the place where you met this friend, said friend is not there, but will be there later in the summer.  You get to become close with another person (person 2) and find out that Person 1 and Person 2 have A LOT in common.  Like it's something that not many people have in common but OMG they do.  So you start talking Person 1 up to Person 2, unaware that this may later stab you in the gums. 

Person 1 arrives.   At first Person 1 and Person 2 don't interact much.  You leave said place.  Person 1 thinks Person 2 hates them, and they don't know about the thing they have in common yet.  You push REALLY REALLY hard for them to get to know one another, because you know that they'll get along really well (blissfully unaware to the later strife this may cause you yourself.) So, it works.  They meet.  They suddenly become TIGHT.  Like really tight.  Like "This is slightly unfair seeing as I did all the work in A) becoming friends with Person 2 and B) connecting Person 1 and Person 2." tight.  Time passes.  Person 1 leaves said place, you come back to said place.  Person 1 orchestrates you and Person 2 hooking up, which you have wanted to do all...along.   Person 2 and you are both so timid that you know that this never would have happened without Person 1 acting as a liaison between the two of you to assure you that you both wanted to do shit.  You and Person 2 leave said place.  Now you and Person 1 are as close as ever, but it seems to you that Person 2 is drifting away from you, and drifting towards Person 1.  You know that Person 1 likes Person 2 and you know that Person 2 (much to your dismay) likes pretty much everyone and is not picky.  You feel slightly irked that after your six weeks of gaining Person 2's friendship that once you introduced 1 and 2 they Automatically became tight and that Person 1 did no real work, although you can't be upset with Person 1 totally because you know that without Person 1 you wouldn't have hooked up with Person 2.  But now it seems like Person 2 is being standoffish towards you and not at all towards Person 1. 

You are supposed to go...on a trip with Person 1 and Person 2 shortly but you worry that Person 2 would rather you not be there.  Person 1 assures you that this is not the case, and you do worry that people don't like you unnecessarily, but you are also worried that on said trip Person 2 will make faces behind your back and then due to Person 2's uncommitted nature that Person 2 will do the nasty with Person 1 while you are in the which would not be surprising because when you and Person 2 did stuff there were other people in the immediate vicinity. 

So, if you got that, at all, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

What would you think?  What is your opinion on this mottled strange saga?  Hypothetical advice for these not real people?
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i have a keylogger installed on my computer, and i dont know the password to "access the viewer". i believe the program is PcPandora. i cant seem to find it anywhere, and i dont know how to get rid of it. can anyone help me?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a nightmare from taking OTC cold medications? Or any kind of medication?

I don't usually have nightmares (at least not that I remember) and I'm not scared easily, but this one made me wake up with a jolt. :\

(no subject)

My ex boyfriend (who lives 100 miles away) is coming to visit me and will be spending the night.  He's been saying he wants me back but doesn't know about the whole distance thing.

What kind of crazy things will happen tonight?


Why do guys mention large breast size on a beautiful woman like that automatically means the woman was an excellent catch?
Do you watch the Dog Whisperer? Do you agree with Ceaser's methods? I'm in love with that show.
Is your cat as needy as mine? He follows me around and meows and runs in between my feet until i'll pick him up. He meows outside of the bathroom until I let him in. He jumps on my neck when I come out of the shower. Right now he's lying beside the computer screen. I like it though...just wondering if your cat is like this. oh and do you ever procrastinate getting up for hours at a time just because you don't want to move your sleeping cat or am I really the needy one?
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(no subject)

Parents -- what do you call your kids in casual conversation with people who might not know them by name? ie My ____ (baby, son, daughter, kid, brat, little girl, etc...)?

I generally say "my kid" or "my daughter" but it took me almost a year to say "daughter" comfortably.

Laptop/kid question:

My 18 month old and I will be taking a two hour plane ride in the next coming weeks and the only way I can think of to keep her still and quiet for two hours is to zombie her out with the laptop. But the laptop will obviously be in her reach so she'll obviously want to pound the keyboard.

Some ideas I have...

- Either put on some kids DVD or something to zone her out but then is there a way to lock the keyboard or any ideas of something to cover it so she can't press keys?

- OR a toddler "keyboard pounder" type game but are there any exciting ones that can hold her interest for two hours?
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Something I learned in Evidence today..

North Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming and Tennessee consider the testimony of a hypnotically refreshed witness to be per se* admissible in some cases.

Do you think this is good? Why or why not

* adj. Latin for "by itself," meaning inherently. Thus, a published writing which falsely accuses another of having a sexually transmitted disease or being a convicted felon is "libel per se," without further explanation of the meaning of the statement.

ETA: I should mention that hypnosis is fairly common in civil/criminal investigations because its useful in developing leads and carries the promise of otherwise unavailable testimony, according to the person who wrote my evidence text.
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song lyrics

does anyone know where these song lyrics are from?

"there's smoke in my lungs
drink in my blood
a break in my bones
a big leap of faith
a little sprinkle of truth
that i could do without
you are the waves of the violent sea
i could never swim
but i jump in
just to see what happens"
Winter - Hot Chocolate

(no subject)

My friend is upset, really upset. Her boyfriend of two years broke up with her two days ago, she has been crying ever since. It seems that he had fallen out of love with her and had been feeling like this for a while and didn´t know how to tell her. She had no idea.

I have been comforting her, I tried to advise her not to call him an-and.. and now it seems she called him and they´ve agreed to give it another try.

I´m.. sad for her.. and frustrated and angry at her. I want to be there for her but I´d rather slap her silly for begging him to take her back.

But I want to help her, and I don´t know what to do. Advise?

(no subject)

1. Do you know military time?
2. Do you give birthday gifts to co-workers? If you do, do you give to everyone or only select people, and if not everyone, do you try to hide that you're giving a gift or you don't care who sees?

(no subject)

1. So what's with those people who have seen certain movies like 200 times? How can you do that?
2. What's the most you've ever seen a movie? What movie?
3. Do you reset the play count on iTunes so people don't know how many times you really listened to some songs?
4. Are you embarrassed by the song or just the number of times you've played it?
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(no subject)

Do you "baby talk" to your pets?

I find myself doing it all the time. my pets names are: Dedo, Stitch, Boots, Spook, & Sparklez (yes with a z on purpose).

except I never call them by their names. I call them all: Dedo boo, Stitchy Poo, Bootsie or Bootsie Wootsie, Spooky Spook, & Boo or Pretty (for Sparklez).

just wanna know if I'm the only lame ass that does this.

edit: I forgot.. I also call Dedo "deeds". this is what he thinks of it:

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psychotic like what?

My dad and I were talking and he mentioned an interesting blog he was reading and then added
"but he blogs in center alignment like psychotic people"

I looked at him like "O_o what?"

1. Do psychotic people blog in center alignment?
2. What type of psychotic people could he possibly have been referring to?

3. Do you or anybody you know blog in center alignment?
4. Are you or they psychotic? What kind of psychotic?

5. When you think of the word "psychotic" what actions come to mind?

I tried to ask what he meant but he didn't really make any sense. TQC, help me understand.

(no subject)

Why do I sing the most when I'm sick? i feel so bad for my boyfriend.

What was the most dramatic change in your employment?

I went from a job where I worked 2-4 hours whenever I could fit it in, took breaks whenever I wanted and got free food, and if Chef thought I looked a little tired, he'd tell me to leave early to take a nap and study. Now I have a grown up job with set hours, 2 carefully measured fifteen minute breaks and G-d help me if I leave early.
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(no subject)

How much money would you be willing to spend on tickets and travel in order to see your favorite band?

How far would you travel?

If they are playing near your hometown and you already have tickets... but have the opportunity to go to a far-away show (mainly for the experience of being there in certain company)... would you go to the far away show, or just settle for the nearby one. Or the nearby three.

Edit: my answers?

I spent about $400 on travel, and about $100 combined on lodging, food, and merch for the weekend. The show itself was free.

Google Maps tells me that trip was 1,360 miles.

I have tickets for the three shows in the DC metro area (well... not super close, but one is like 20 min away, one about an hour, and one about an hour and a half). The total cost has been about $100 for the three tickets. If I was to go to the far away show (Orlando), it would be another $40ish for a ticket and about $310 for travel. I can afford it (I have enough money to spare, and between now and the show I will make enough to cover travel and the ticket, and I don't have any bills at the mo')... and I've found a flight that will make it so I only miss one class. But I know it's totally unreasonable and that just because it's feasible doesn't mean I should do it! sigh.

(no subject)

Does anyone know of a reliable service that can help you find someone email address? I don't mind if I have to pay a little to get it. I keep finding services that only offer up a physical address and that isn't what I need.

(no subject)

I recently sold a t-shirt on eBay & just received neutral feedback from the buyer, which was;
"item i felt was a little faded like it had been washed lots. ok delivery"

I put in the description that the shirt had been worn a couple of times & had been sitting in my closet for years (it's never fitted). The delivery was 'ok' because I unexpectedly moved house 2 weeks after the t-shirt was won & lost my internet connection, meaning I couldn't get her address for about a week. I explained this to the women & thought she'd understand seeing as she didn't pay for the item for 2 weeks because she also had 'things going on in her life' at that time. Oh, & the t-shirt wasn't faded, the black print on it has always been more of a dark grey than flat black as you can see in the second pic (you can see the item here).

Ok so after some tl;dr, I've never received neutral/negative feedback so what, if anything, should I do in this situation? I'm the kind of person who always wants to explain themselves during issues like this.
Should I just forget it & leave positive feedback? Neutral feedback as she didn't pay/contact me for 2 weeks & left neutral feedback without asking me about her thoughts on the shirt? Email her & explain what I just did above?

Ugh, I never know what to do in situations like this.

(no subject)

1. How do YOU get visitors to leave?
2. Are you one of those visitors that wears out their welcome?
3. How can you tell if you are wearing out your welcome?

Not directly related to questions 1 to 3:

4. Say you are renting an apartment and your friend will be renting out a place too but can't move in for 3 weeks. She asks if she can stay with you in the meantime. Do you ask her for a portion of your rent for that month?

I think 3 weeks is too long, especially since my place is too small, I live alone for a reason (I like living alone), and she's allergic to my pets (which I'd have to either keep cooped up or at my parents' house or even a kennel). I'd prefer that she find an extended stay hotel but don't know how to say "Why are you wanting to stay with me? Find an extended stay hotel!"

Edit: after how long, in your opinion, does a visitor become a temporary resident?

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Did anything big happen in Scottsdale, AZ?

I'm from Utah and going to school in Philly... somebody said, "I'm from Scottsdale, AZ" and my friend from Boston said, "Wait, did something happen there?"
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If you could have any drink in the world named after you, what would it be?

It can be a well known one that currently goes by another name, or it can be one you've come up with yourself. 
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i met this girl at The Cribs show i went to a few weeks ago. we hit it off and have been talking online and through facebook since then. she lives an hour away but she goes to school in London and is leaving in 4 or 5 days. would it be weird, since we only met the one time, to invite her here for the day to hang out and stuff?
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This t-shirt:

Sexist? Racist? Neither? Both?

I always thought it was kind of funny, but the folks over at Daily Kos (I follow that site almost religiously) are mega-offended.

Just curious to hear some opinions. Are my true white male colors showing through by laughing at this shirt, even though Obama is my first choice and Hillary is my second?

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My friend is having a party on Friday &you have to dress up as a musician for it. Everyone else has their costumes figured out except for me. I don't really look like any musicians so I'm in quite the pickle!

Any suggestions?

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Inspired by this post...

If you don't have a middle name, and are part of a culture that typically has them, do you know why you don't? Is there a story behind why you don't?

My parents both hated their middle names, which is why they didn't give me one. That never made much sense to me, because what if I hated my first name (I don't, but say I did)? I wouldn't have any "fall-back" name.
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The 4400

I'm watching the 4400 (one of three shows I try my best to keep up with), and it inspired this question:

Would you take the Promicin shot?

[Promicin enables a person to use parts of the cerebellum normally humans cannot access. Promicin's behavior and effect are unpredictable, potentially giving any super-ability imaginable. An injection has a 50/50 chance of either killing the person or giving them an ability.]

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this is a fitness question; during the previous school years i have consistently been working out and getting exercise. however i've recently stopped working out this summer, and now that school has started, i've decided to get back into shape. i haven't gained any significant amount of weight as in pounds (give or take 1-2 pounds over the summer) but i know i have lost a little muscle and all that good stuff. the thing that kills is that my stamina has decreased a lot over the summer, so my question is what is the best way to start working out and rebuild stamina after not doing so for the past 2-3 months?
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So you know how there's a bunch of different software available for transferring music on an ipod to a there anything like that for other mp3 players, specifically creative zen?
Haruhi disappearance
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Do you have small or large nipples(or Areolas if we're getting technical)?

Are you self conscious of your nipple(areola!) size?

What about your boobs in general?