August 25th, 2007

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between like 4 hours ago till now, i drank 3 shots of rum (and i got super drunk).. iam eating pasta because i was hungry but now im feeling sick,
I know im still drunk because this has taken me so long to type, and im looking beside me and there is gravol.

if i take a gravol right now to ease my tummy, is that okay to take right now im my situation.


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So I am drunk. Not in an obnoxious way (although drunkenness in itself may be obnoxious to some... sorry.) but anyway my question is what is good music to listen to while drunk?

In completely unrelated questions:

1. How many jobs have you quit?

2. How many jobs have you been fired from?
--sort of 1. I was not really fired from a job per se, but I quit a job and the agency through whom I had the job said they were no longer able to work w/me because I didn't give sufficient (read: any) notice. I have learned my lesson there, don't worry :)
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1) What is vexing you right now?

2) TQC, are you drunk?

3) Why are you on the intarwebs and not out wherever people go on Friday nights?

4) What is your favorite type of bread?

5) What type of mood are you in?

1) My wisdom tooth is coming in and its making my jaw inflamed and thus practically immobile ;_;


3) I went out to eat earlier!

4) Bagels!

5) SILLY. I am listening to Gloria Estefan and shaking my boo-tay while giggling madly.

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one of my best friends is a guy and he never calls when he's in town. we've never been involved and as far as i know neither of us have liked each other at any point. we keep in touch, he just never calls when he's around to visit.

why the hell doesn't he call when he's in town? is it just because he's a guy? 'cause i can deal with that.
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Have you ever blamed somebody else (like either "she did it!" or "well this person told me to do it this way..." etc) for a mistake you made, but get caught in your lie?

How did you deal with it; did you just come clean in the end or make it even more complicated?

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If you have slept on down or down alternative bedding:

how was it?
is it as wonderful as so many people say?
would you say it was worth the price?

Edit: which is the best user name you've seen on the Internet?

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What is the last guilty pleasure you indulged in?

mine was having a venti caramel frappuccino from Starbucks today like the fattie I am. loaded with calories, but also sugary goodness. it hit the spot.

edit: also, what kind of deodorant do you use?

I have this asian pear secret platinum protection. sorta smells like candy.
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You've been applying for jobs for a while and finally a store you love called you back for an interview. You're extremely excited about it, as you know you're completely qualified and you're just the type of person the store is looking for. When you get to your interview however, you see that the person interviewing you is an old rival from high school. You get kind of nervous, but do the interview anyway and know you've nailed it. They mention that you're perfectly qualified for the job and you'd be great on the staff. However, the interviewer tells you that they're not hiring you simply because of what went on between you two in your high school years.

What would you do?

Sorry about the first two

1) How would you convince someone to confide in you that they feel sick and know they should go to the hospital?
-Already done the "talk to me if you feel like it.." but they still feel like they have no one, apparently. :(

2) Also, how would you convince someone to go to the hospital?
-Sorry about the semi-serious questions, but I failed at it last year and I don't want it to happen again.

3) What's your favorite cereal?
-Lucky Charms or Vector, I think.

4) Do you buy food and/or snacks because the packaging or product itself is cute?
-I did today. Izze naturally flavored sparkling juice beverage.

5) Do you prefer being shivering cold or sweating hot?
-I'd rather sweat.

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Can anyone recommend a good (and free) virus scanner that isn't AVG Free or Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE?

My IE keeps giving me pop-ups and the only way to stop it is to set it to Work Offline [I use Firefox, but I can't use MSN Messenger while IE is offline]
Neither of the two programs above found ANYTHING!

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Why does my stomach always hurt after I eat breakfast and go to work?
If I don't eat breakfast, I'm hungry all day, but if I eat, my stomach hurts so badly. I don't think it's a reaction to the food I eat, because when I eat it any other time, it's fine. So what's going on with my stomach?
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Somehow my son managed to strip the holes where the hinge screws in on his bedroom door. So now the door is kind of wobbly. I tried screwing them back in, but they just won't go tight. Is there anyway I can fix these stripped holes instead of buying a new door? Because those bitches are expensive!!

Also, should I beat him with sticks, fists, or a fish?

How much does it suck that I have to be at work in an hour? Does it make it better that there might be donuts?
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1) Is it alive, does it writhe?
    1a) Can it survive under the sun?
    1b) Is it green, is it red?
    1c) Is it brown, is it white?
    1d) Is it really out of sight?

2) Can it squeal, does it squirm?
    2a) If it's fresh will it burn?
    2b) Can it fly, will it try if the wings are still wet?
    2c) Can it heal, is it real?
    2d) Can it feel the threads of time?
    2e) Does it glow, will it shine?
    2f) Does it leave a trail of slime?

Are you surprised when I touch the dwarf inside?
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You are the preeminent ruler of a state/country where the death penalty is prohibited.
What do you do with sick fucks like Jessica Lunsford's killer, John Cuey? 
What about the next Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, or Charles Manson, et al?

A growing segment of the population points out quite rationally that we put down rabid animals rather than house them interminably, and asks why would we not want to do the same thing for similarly sick individuals?

What answers can you come up with other than reinstating some version of capital punishment?

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I'm bored as fuck, if you were in Austin today, with a car and a GPS, what would you do?
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Oh Hai TQC,

I have no weekend plans other than to start research on a paper that is due on thursday, and a little reading for literature.

So I ask the great gods of TQC.

What should I do this weekend?

PS. I don't drink.
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What are your favorite things to get in care packages? Do you like small items, food, or just cash?

My brother just started college, and as the older sister I want to send him some fun things. What would you send to an 18 year old boy in college? Besides, condoms, of course.

A little light reading..

Today we had a nice big old powerout for a few hours. After realizing I had nothing to do with no computer or TV, I figured I need to start reading again. But I'm not quite sure where to start, which is where you guys come in. Here's some background:
I'm female, 20 years old, and not the sharpest crayon in the box. That being said, I don't want "sweet valley high" either, or "atlas shrugged." I think I'll save those "harder" books for when I'm a little more grown up and a little smarter. So do you have any suggestions, then?

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How do you laugh on the internet? Do you lol or lmao or hahaha or huhu?

Would you actually be laughing when you're typing them?

If you're on a webcam and you type in "lol" but in reality you did not laugh out loud, wouldn't you feel weird?

Has anybody used to get a gift certficate? What was your experience like? (Was the restaurant good about knowing what to do with it?)

I'm kind of confused about how this is worded, that's why I'm asking. They are selling a $25 gift certificate for $10. The details say "Minimum purchase $35, 2 entree min." (The restaurant's entrees run about $15 a piece.)

Does that mean:

a) You buy stuff, you turn in your certificate, and your bill must still come to at least $35 post-discount


b) Your bill must come to $35, then you are allowed to use the $25 certificate that you only paid $10 for (therefore getting $15 off the whole meal)?

I'm inclined to think that with the "2 entree" comment, that they mean b. What do you guys think?

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I'm about to go to an interview for a really simple retail job at the mall.  I asked if I needed to dress formally and they said no.  Is a yellow sun dress and slightly curled hair too much for this job?

Web Cam users

I'm looking to buy a new web cam seeing as how mine is MIA. If you have a web cam that is NOT built in to your computer, can you please tell me what kind it is and if you recommend it?

If you could also tell me what the ideal resolution or speed or whatever is. I'm web cam illiterate. The last one I had I got off Ebay and it wasn't that great. I don't need anything amazing. Just something that doesn't drag and has a built in mic that actually works.

Thanks in advance!
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I have an awesome bf of 3 1/2 months, and was very happy with him, until a few days ago, when school started up and I met this guy in one of my classes who is my age and everything I know about him matches what I look for in a guy. It's absolutely crazy, because that has never happened before. He's even easy to talk to and be around. My bf and I are just hitting the point where all the probs in our relationship are surfacing, and it doesn't help that he lives an hour away.
1) has this ever happened to you?
2) is this normal, or am I a schmuck with an unfaithful heart?
3) how the heck does one deal with this situation? (avoiding ppl is not an option)
4) what would you do if it was you?

On a more fun note, 5)what is something fun to put in a fountain, other than food dye?
6) What, if anything, have you put in or seen put in a fountain?
7) Who is your favorite composer/song-writer?

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Do you think the mods of feminist are Soviet-like?

A few of their rules:

There are certain words you aren't allowed to post, no matter the context (eg. dumb, crazy, bitching)

You can't post macros

Women can be prejudiced against men, but that isn't sexism (sexism = prejudice + power)

Non-whites can be prejudiced against whites, but that isn't racism (racism = prejudice + power)

Telling women how they can try to avoid getting raped is victim-blaming

Saying that a woman might have lied about getting raped is victim-blaming

Does finders keepers apply?

My dad is the coach of a ten and under soccer team, and today after a game he found an extreemely nice digital camera left behind, just laying in the grass - practically brand new too. It's with its bag, batteries, what looks like a mini tripod, an extra memory card.. even the cord to hook it up to a computer.

I know that my dad will probably give it back no matter what I say, but what would you do? If you did keep it, would you feel guilty?

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You're on a road trip with a couple friends. You're over 100 miles from where you live. Late at night, you stop by a 24-hour convenience store in some small town. You're the one elected to pick up the munchies and supplies. You grab all the snacks and road trip essentials and are walking to the counter, when you notice that the clerk is asleep, snoring. You have about $15 worth of stuff. A casual look over reveals a couple of security cameras around the store, but none in the parking lot, so your car's plates can't be filmed. You're the only one in the store.

1. Do you wake him and pay, or just leave with the goodies?

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If I go to I Luv Video, am I cheating on Vulcan Video ;c?

What is your favourite historical film?
Is it accurate?

Do you rent films?
What was the last film you rented?
What did you think of it?

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Does anyone know of any good, reliable websites that have information on travelling for people in wheelchairs? Particularly travelling to Japan?

Also what interesting attractions/restaurants would you suggest that is within the Tokyo area?

Of course I've been using google a lot for this stuff but sometimes it can be even better to get the info off people who have been there and done that.
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My room mate is watching something on the Spanish channel. He is Mexican, so he understands every word. The only word I know in Spanish is "gracias" and "hola." In other words, he is off watching something on the only TV that I can't understand.

Would this annoy you?
Would you ask him to translate?
Would you try to learn Spanish so that when he does this, you can understand small amounts of what is being said?

Would you just ignore it and read a book?

Also, I know this has been posted before, but where can you get that system cleaner for drugs, and what is it called?
I applied to a lot of jobs that require drug tests, and the last time I smoked was about two weeks ago. I need to clean my system!

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Say you and your girlfriend are poor college students. Say you were going to go out with your friends later, and happen to be at your parents' house doing nothing when she calls, asking if you wanna go get a nice steak dinner (she got a bonus at work).

Would rather go get the steak or hang out with some friends and look at some cars?

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So, I want to draw a picture. I usually end up drawing from reference photos of people when I'm drawing people.The problem is I'm trying to draw characters from a book, so it's not like I can watch a movie and base it on the actors. And I have no idea really how to search for the ... sort of face I'm after.
I'm looking for a middle eastern teenage boy, aged between about 16-20 years old, I  guess describing him as 'pretty' is appropriate. (since the characters describe him as that. Apparently he also has big eyes). In the book he has sort of floppy longish hair, but I can add that on if the face is right. The thing is, in the book he's mixed race (with one 'caucasian' parent), so his features are... in between. The thing is, I sort of need the  expression to fit too... since I'm not that good at art. In the book he's quite happy but also quite snarky.
I've tried looking around but I can't find anyone. Anyone know anyone?

Things to do in Nashville, TN

I know it is early BUT I have to come up with a bday and Xmas gift for my brother. I need alot of time to save up money since his Bday and Xmas are only 10 days apart.

My idea is for one of them is to buy him two tickets to something in Nashville (we are from NY but he goes to school at Vandy and therefore spends more time there) for him and a friend to go see/do.

He is not a fan of Country music (I hear there is a non country crowd there so I don't think I am such a huge tool for thinking there is more than Country music in Nashville) and he does not have a car down there so walking distance from the university or public transportation only unfortunately.

So TQC what can I buy tickets to for my brother that is after Jan 5?

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I have a problem. There is a cat in our neighborhood who always comes to our yard and kills birds. Nothing we've tried has stopped her. She can kill literally 3 in one day. And I know that it's not about hunger .. she hunts even if she has already had three birds. Is there anything I can do about this?

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1. Which do you prefer/which is best: Armageddon or Deep Impact.
2. Which is your favourite disaster movie that you would recommend?

1. I love both and both make me cry. I'll have to tip Armageddon though.

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Who is more fuckable?
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b.) if you know the movie, how much did their character affect your decision?
c.) What if we threw Stanley Tucci in the mix?

(I frankly cannot decide as they both sport the curly '70s musician hair that gets me every time...)
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Does anyone else have troublr uploading pictures onto photobucket when they're using Safari for Windows or for a Mac?

Im using Safari for Windows and when I try to upload pictured it just stays at the uploading thing forever at 0%.

being poor

I'm trying to be cheap....what would you suggest for affordable cheap meals?

I've thought of ramen noodles and the like, but I'm sure there are other options out there.

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I haven't posted here in a couple months, but I keep lurking.

1. Do you date younger or older then yourself?
1a. If you have, how much older were they?
1b. Was it accepted?

2. What do you think is the best board game of all time?

3. If you go for a run, what is the typical time/distance that you shoot for?

Yes, my username is wrong. It should be 'you're the voice', but I couldn't fit that in the 'pick a username' box.

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i apologize for my previous post. that was... bad.

1) what's the best car insurance for a 19 year old female? eta: i drive a '98 honda civic lx with no accidents/violations/etc.
2) if you had a pet bear who was all black, what would you name it?

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How do you store your earrings and necklaces, along with other accessories?

I'm getting really annoyed because the two jewelry boxes I own are just too small and don't hold things properly. I'm constantly getting all my necklaces tangled up and I've just grown to stop wearing them in general because of it. ):

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What CD/tape/radio station is on in your car?

Do you like to sing along to music as you drive?

If you're by yourself are you more restrained while driving(e.g. no over the top belting out of lyrics) than you would be if you were with a friend?

What's the best road tripping song?

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1.) How many toes do you have?

2.) How long do you hang on to the fortune from your fortune cookie for? Have you ever unveiled any extremely relevant ones?

3.) Why did World Trade Center 7 collapse on September 11th, 2001?

4.) Do you have any extra nipples?

5.) Can you wiggled your ears (no hands!)?

6.) Left or right?

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Would a foot fetish site displaying pictures (that don't include nakey/pornographic bits) and information about things related to it be considered 'pornographic content'?

EDIT: Are there any webhosts that allow this sort of stuff (I guess it falls under adult content?).
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I am all alone tonight.

EDIT: I just ate the Oreos and milk! Now according to the poll, it's time to masturbate!

New question! Should I put porn on my mp3 video player?

What should I do?

Watch 300
Read a book
Watch porn and masturbate
Go to bed early
Channel Surf
Play DS
Play Bejeweled 2
Eat some Oreos and milk
None of the above (put your suggestion in comments)

Dammit! I forgot the "Ticky box!" option! That's the whole reason I made it a ticky poll. Blargh.
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today is our first wedding anniversary :)
unfortunitly, we both had to work overtime, I worked first shift and he worked second, so we haven't seen much of eachother.

so should we, go out for a bite to eat somewhere?
or should I cook something for him?
and if I cook, what should I make?


would you try to make it up with someone who doesn't want it?
would you try to make it up with someone who is not really keen on it? 

the problem is:
you are afraid you get rejected. 

what would you do?
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How do you deal with the death of a pet?

One of my cats that I've had for 12 years died suddenly today. I've done nothing but cry all day and I'm pretty much completely devastated. I haven't had a pet die since I was really little.

Oh, and does anyone know how much it costs to cremate a cat? I tried google but I got a bunch of different answers. I don't want anything fancy, just my cats ashes in a container. I know weight probably factors in too, and I have no idea how much he weighed, but if anyone has a rough estimate.
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the thing about books

Do you read for fun?


What is your favorite book genre (sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, mystery, contemporary, etc.)?

I don't have one.  I read them all.

How many books have you read this year (so far)?  

12 1/2.  I'm in the middle of reading my 13th.

Which, of the books you've read this year, was your favorite/would you recommend to others?

Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh

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Ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone

1. Dog owners, do your pups go to the bathroom outside or in?
I went to a friend's house tonight and his parents own two shitzus that are roughly 7 years old each, and the things just pee and crap all over the foyer and then walk through it and the rest of the house. I was thoroughly skeeved out.

2. Do you ever wish you were of a different culture, if so, what?
I always wanted to be Russian or Ethiopian

3. Would you tell me a little story about something random that happened in your life?
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don't lie

Poll #1045296 just another poll

are you a dirty pervert

i am taking this between porn viewings
only enough to make my parents blush in public
Shh!!! i am not allowed to say that word
stop making us take these stupid polls
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This is something I have always been curious about.

How does one become a nude model for an art class? Do you just go in and say, "I'd like to model" or is there an interview process?
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