August 24th, 2007


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So I have this new friend.

He's just about the coolest guy I ever met. He's kind and intelligent and pretty good-looking but...he's missing practically all his front teeth. And it's not like they fell out, they're all broken off and...well it's not pretty.

I'm usually not superficial teeth is...well, something new. I've gotten used to it but the burning curiosity of how his mouth came to be that way is eating me alive [not to mention the fact that I also want to beg him to go to an orthodontist as soon as possible].

So really my question is how can I ask him about it without offending him?

He's really open-minded but I'm sure even the toughest people might not like a question about a negative aspect of their aesthetic appearance so I need to figure out a way for him to end up bringing the subject up and telling me himself.

I can be pretty manipulative but I can't do that.

Help please?
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Have you ever inquired about a job listed on Craigslist? How did that work out for you?

If you have ever worked at an after school care program, did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it?

I'm trying to find a part time job because I have a lot of free time until the end of October, and it's always good to earn extra money. There are certain amounts I would not work for. So if I were at an interview and they said "You're hired! You'll make $_ an hour" and it's not enough, what is the best/most polite way to decline the job? Last time this happened I panicked, and pretended I was going to take the job. They set up when I was supposed to go to training and everything. I never bothered to show up, and I didn't answer their calls. Obviously there is a better way.
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TQC, I can't sleep.

What do you do if...'re tired and you still can't fall asleep?'re not tired but you have to get some sleep because you have to get up early or whatever?

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i am drunk as a skunk.


What colours do you like?
Does colour really affect what normal everyday products you buy? cause if its a colour you like , or is a soothing colour to you, will you get it?

also, do you have braces, cause i do. Do you hate haveing the little 'chain' on them and then food gets stuck and it just bugs the hell out of you?
i does me but i'm too sleepy to go downstairs to the bathroom to get my little thing that gets food out of my braces.

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How do I make it so certain people on my friends list can no longer read my livejournal?
Is my journal only accessible to my friends if I always click "Friends" on the drop down menu that says "show this entry to" ?
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dear TQC,

what are some tv shows you love that no one seems to get? the kind of shows that you fess up to watching and people either react saying "why?".

I watch MXC and Golden Girls. Why? MXC is like Jackass, only some how less Jackass-y, and The Golden Girl is just hilarious in general. Shady Pines, TQC, Shady Pines.
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1)Which of the 4 TMNT movies was the best?
2)What's a song you can really relate to or really fits your mood sometimes?
3)How much would I need to pay you to say every thought you had out loud for the rest of the day?
Zooey face


Hey Dr. TQC, my throat hurts and I have to leave for work in an hour.

1. What are your best tips for dealing with a sore throat and swollen glands?

2. Do you think naproxen will help with the swollen glands (the ones around the throat area)?

3. What is  your favorite tea to drink when your throat hurts?
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Home Economics

Did you take Home Ec in high school? Why or why not?

If you did, do you feel your decision to take Home Ec has somehow impacted your current life? Skills you learned, experience or insights you gained, expectations for yourself and your career path and/or marriage, anything?
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Why are babies so flexible? My sister says it's because their muscles haven't got all the scar tissue that developes as you age- that's why adults are so inflexible you see, it's scar tissue on muscles. But, I read that babies have about 300 or so bones when they're born, a good number of them actually being cartilidge for now. I think that's why my son can plant the soles of his feet on his temples.

Is it a combination of the two, or what? All searching just told me about how they have more bones, but no one explained why babies are so flexible- just that they are.
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hannibal skull


1. Does anyone owe you money right now? How much?

2. If someone owes you a lot of money, how do you approach them about paying you back? Do you wait for them to mention it?

3. Are you the type to demand re-payment for any amount of money owed, even $1?

4. Why is money one of those taboo subjects?

5. How much money did you spend yesterday?

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I have a really annoying coworker who has a bad habit of interrupting conversations. She also likes to constantly tell me things I say are wrong, even once I've proven to her that they aren't. Today, I told her to stfu (literally, I used those words) and to stop talking to me.

Am I a bitch?
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1. So what does "home" mean to you?

2. What is a common incorrect assumption people make about you?

3. What is a common correct assumption they make?

4. What is the lamest argument you've made for something recently? Did it work?

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Is simply "not noticing" something a justifiable excuse on its own? a work environment?

Like... ideally we would all like to be perfect and never make a mistake, and it's annoying to have to remind somebody that they made a mistake.... but do you think that somebody has complete and full control to NEVER overlook things? Even if you are being as careful as you think you can be?

What if somebody overlooks tiny things EVERY single day, but always a different thing. Is it justifiable that this person may potentially have attention issues and despite their efforts, still easily overlook things?

Is it reasonable to assume that you can simply ask somebody to pay closer attention and that they will then be able to pay full attention?

In short, is attention and awareness something we have 100% control over?

How is your attention and awareness?

On an unrelated note, I recently posted an entry using Rich Text mode but I prefer HTML mode. Ever since using Rich Text one time, it automatically opens update windows in Rich Text format. How do I get it to go back to automatically opening in HTML?
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1. When did you realize the place that you grew up wasn't your home?

2. Will you vote on my names?
VOTE on my Name List

3. If you had to marry one of your friends (not your SO), who would it be and why?

4. What kind of sunglasses do you have?

I am so bored

1. Will you make a name list for me to vote on? I don't care if the names are drawn out of the air, like someone else said below, I like judging names.

2. What color shirt are you wearing today?

3. Should I order fish and chips or a pastie tonight at Riley's? People seem to not know what these are. It's a pasty, which Wikipedia can explain here :

4. What's the last thing that bummed you out?

5. What do you do when bored?

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I want to do something spontaneous. Like, take off to another city and wing it for a day or two and come back. Anyone ever done something stupid/insane/fun as all fuck like that? I'd love to hear it.

If you were to do something like it, where would u fly/drive/cruise to?
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1) Womens, what brand of tampons/pads/cup/whatever do you buy?
a. Do you trust generic brands for your feminine needs?

2) Men(OR WOMEN OK? lol) , what brand of condoms/other contraceptive do you buy?
a. Would you trust generic brands?

3) Has this week gone by slow or fast for you? Are you pleased with this?

Theme: Fishing

Theme: Fishing

  1. Do you like to go fishing?
  2. Who do you go fishing with?
  3. Whats the biggest fish you've caught?
  4. Do you bait your own hook?
  5. Have you ever deep sea fished?
  6. Worms, fun or gross?
  7. Where do you like to fish?
  8. Have you ever fished with anything than the usual pole and bait? (like been creative?) if so, what?
  9. Whats your favorite type of fish to eat?
no idea why i'm all about fish today.. it got in my head and i'm just stuck on it.
What should I think about instead?!

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Is there anything you eat that other people find really strange and/or gross?

I put catsup on pizza, but only if it's cheese pizza. Most people find it gross, but I love it.


GODDAMMIT, I'm all kinds of hungry for things covered in cream cheese, chocolate, and melted cheese. :S
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When you personally have paid or helped pay for a dinner out in a restaurant, what is the most you've ever spent?  How many people was it for?

Was it worth it?

How often do you splurge on meals? 

What else do you treat yourself to (as far as non-necessities and luxuries), and how frequently?
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1. Are there any websites that stream live news broadcasts? I want to watch CNN Headline News in the mornings, but I don't have a tv on campus. I've gotten so used to getting an hour of news to get me ready for the day, so now I don't feel like reading the headlines anymore.

2. If you catch a guy making eye contact with you a lot when you're not talking, does that mean anything?

3. Why does my morning breath taste spicy?

My Question of The Day

Hi everyone,

I have a community on Livejournal and a group on Facebook for the nonprofit organization I've started - The 3C Foundation of Canada (providing support, services and programs for those afflicted/affected by Crohn's, colitis and colorectal cancer and eradciating the social stigma attached to having one of those illnesses).

Anyway, my question do I get both groups to be more active?  I really would love to have both groups thrive and to get more active members.  Any ideas?

Thanks so much!  I appreciate any ideas.

EDIT: deleted the links - sorry, didn't mean to start any "flaming" or whatever you guys call it...thanks - fixed.
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why are most girls catty bitches who spread rumors about their friends?

so let's say three girls (mallory and jenn and danielle) were hanging out with these two guys (vince and zack), and they had alcohol and etc. vince's seriously fucked up, and the rest of them are pretty tipsy except for jenn, who was mostly sober. mallory hooks up with zack, except she's on her period so they don't actually have sex. danielle ended up sleeping with vince, and then danielle hooked up with zack a few hours later (pretty much everything but sex), except mallory was asleep on the bed next to them.

turns out mallory was actually awake, and was pissed at danielle for that. mallory is now spreading rumors about danielle, saying that she slept with both vince and zach, and that she knew vince liked jenn, and that mallory liked zach. danielle knows almost for fact that vince doesn't like jenn, and that mallory doesn't like zach. so why's mallory spreading rumors? she claimed to not be pissed at danielle anymore. also, shouldn't she have also been pissed at zach? he was hooking up next to her too.

this are hungover post. i apologize if it's incoherent.

eta to add names, and also to say that mallory tends to be the slutty one of the bunch, the one that always gets super easy when drunk. danielle's usually the mostly sober one who drives everyone home in the morning, and jenn's usually just odd, and will go to parties but not drink, and spend the whole night texting other people. and two weeks ago, none of us were being catty bitches. i dunno why everyone's being like this all of the sudden.

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1) I was planning on getting a new piercing soon. I would really like a lip piercing, but I'm not sure if it would look dumb on me, or not.

What do you guys think(if you hate piercings to begin with plz disregard this question ) ?

If I do get my lip pierced, should I do it on the side or in the center?

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2) What do you usually get on your pizza?
a. How many slices can you eat in one sitting?

3) When do stores typically begin hiring for the holiday season?

4) I had another question to ask, but when I went to write this entry I forgot it. What was I going to ask?

5) I've walked 2 to 3 miles a day at a moderate pace(with lots of hills) on 4 our of 5 days this week. I've been trying to cut calories as well. Is this a good amount of exercise, or not nearly enough?
Mr. Misto


1. What were some of the computer games we played in elementary - high school? I'm getting all misty eyed since I can't remember which ones they were and I'd like to try to find them.  ( By we I mean 1990's - 2000 ) 

1a. And does anyone remember ( that one ) the Museum game?

2. If you went to elementary/middle school in the late 90's, what games did you play?

3. And does anyone remember a program.. Storybook Weaver? Where you would write a story, but you could illustrate it too?

1a. I remember DinoTycoon, The Island of .. someone where you had to shoot the ugly troll head things, Oregon trail.. and that's about it. Number Munchers? Maybe?

hannibal skull


1. What is the best thing to do on a cold, rainy day?

2. Are you good at giving advice? How do you feel if the person you advise does not listen to you?

3. Do you ever use curlers in your hair? Foam, velcro, heated ones or something else?

4. What's a good paper gift to give someone for a 1 year wedding anniversary?

5. Anyone notice that I first posted that to my personal journal? No? Ok...good. DUH!

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when you have you call out your lover's real name or thier screen name?

Will you talk dirty to me?

Do pre-season games mean anything?

do you ever confuse the words angina with vagina???
death from above!

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Hai guyz!

I'm trying to learn patience and strategy.  One of the reasons I'm so bad at strategy is because I'm impatient and mildly ADD (not really, but I have a really short attention span).  Any ideas to help?  I'm really looking for games that might help, but really any suggestions would be cool.


(Edited because I suck at typing properly)


What songs do you know that are about unrequited love where there's no chance and never had been a relationship? Doesn't have to be depressing, could be hopeful still, or realistic.

How about songs about being in love and trying not to continue to be so? (like, knowing it's wrong)

Or about songs to do with best friends, or people with a really strong connection to each other?

a computer moron

okay i know how to use the keyboard and the mouse.. but im trying to add comments with pictures from my computer and i dont know how to do it. do you? how come i can add an entry with pictures but i cant make a link for pictures in my comments like other people do? what am i doing (not doing) wrong?
petit prince

the sun never sets...

stephen fry is quoted as saying "It only takes a room of Americans for the English and Australians to realise (sic) how much we have in common."

in the spirit of that quote-

based on your personal experiences, who amongst the english speaking countries of the world is most similar to whom? who is most different?
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lmao this is sparta caution sign omg

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What are your thoughts on this story?

Do you think the poster is within his/her right not to conform to the store's receipt policy?

I think the store could have handled the situation better, but I honestly don't see why it was such a problem for the poster to just show the receipt before exiting. It takes what? Five seconds? Heaven forbid one minute if you have to dig it out of the bag or whatever?
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What is your favorite Tom Hanks role?

Your favorite William Shatner role?

What about favorite John Cusack part?

Last - but never, ever least - what is your most favorite John Candy role?
And does anyone else on occasion still mourn the loss of this wonderful talent?

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So, college students/graduates (graduates preferred, but if you're currently a student and have experience with this, please answer) who changed their major(s)...

  • When did you change your major? Multiple times, just once?
  • From which major to which major did you switch?/How big of a shift of subjects was it?
  • Did things work out better or worse after the switch?
  • How did you know you wanted to switch?

I recently got to campus for my first year, and over the past 10ish months I've been gradually realizing that I just took my major as a given, even though I'm only slightly interested in the topic; earlier today, when browsing through my books, it suddenly occurred to me just how disinterested I am. As such, I want to gather some personal experiences and whatnot so I can figure out when/how to talk to an adviser. Additional advice would be appreciated.

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I got a filling replaced ttoday and they jacked me up with lidocaine. It's been 2 and a half hours and I still can't control the left half of my mouth, so when I talk it's kind of blubbery and I when I smile only the right half responds.

I have work in 45 minutes. I'm a waitress so it's kind of important that I be able to speak and smile properly.

Any ideas on how to get this lidocaine to stop working faster? I've been shaking my face a lot to try to get the blood moving it out faster...

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has anyone here ever tried the birth control pill Lybrel?

If yes what was your experience like, are you still on it, and would you reccomend it?

would you feel comfortable never having a period again (lybrel has no placebo pills, so you never have to have a period again)?


Is anyone else having the worst fucking day EVER?!
Should I say to hell with sleeping patterns and pop a couple of pills and sleep til my husband gets home, or stay up like a hardcore bitch?

And to add on to the question below since I've been thinking about it, what is the best birth control and/or best way to get rid of your period? I don't want kids ever, and I loathe my period. What's the best product out there, in your opinion?
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1. Are there any actors or actresses who's movies or TV shows that you will always watch, no matter how bad they look?

2. Are there any actors or actresses who's movies or TV shows that you refuse watch, no matter how good they look?
yummy beer!, yummy

Yet another tqc popularity poll... ;)

Who asks some of your favorite questions here in TQC-land?

Which tqc-ers do you most hope/look forward to seeing answers from in your posts?

Who are those that you dread seeing comments from?

Are there any tqc-ers for whom you refuse, except maybe under threat of torture, to answer questions?  Who are they?

Do you always try to answer the questions of those on your flist?

Does it make you happier (than any other given response) when one of our mods answers your question?

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was watching this cartoon with this little girl and a dragon and it was a canadian show, does anyone know what this is called? i thought it was cute.

also, whats your favourite ringtone? The one you have now?

Does anyone have any Legend of Zelda ringtone?

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I have a party tonight.
I also have shoulder length red [dyed] hair and green eyes.
I'm planning to wear a new rave outfit.

How do I do my eye makeup [ I have a limited colour range in good quality eyeshadow, but everything in not-so-good]?
++ How do I even out my skin tone [no spots, but blotchy-ish] ?

ps pictures would be great!
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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I honestly don't mean this to turn into racial wank, but I'm curious.

Would you ever ket your kids out of the house wearing a shirt proclaiming pride in their race?
Would your answer change depending on the age of the child?
Would the answer change depending on your race?

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Please don't turn this into racial wank! I'm curious.

serious answers optional

My kitten keeps meowing like he needs something, but he has food, water, and his litterbox is clean. When I pick him up and hold him, in case he wants attention, he looks at me and meows. What does he want?

What is you favorite kind of pizza? Mine is bacon and pineapple.

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why do boyfriends become the most important thing in the world when girls get them? my friend was home for the weekend 2 weeks ago but she didn't call 'cause she spent the whole time with her boyfriend. WHAT UP?
elise (judgemental)

kinda weird

I keep on hearing this song, and I can't figure out what it's called.

It was played on the commercial for that Princess Diana made for TV special that TLC (was that it?) did for the 10 year anniversary of her death.

It was also played in season two of Grey's Anatomy, I forget what episode.

It sounds like they start out saying "there's no sign of light" but it could be "life." And it sounds like they end up saying "I tried."

It's seriously stuck in my head, and I've tried googling the combinations, but cannot get it right. Help?

Edit: it's sung by a woman with an almost Sarah McLaughlin (sp?) voice.

EDIT2: It's called Modern Love by the Last Town Chorus, it's a cover of a David Bowie song. Here are the lyrics, if you're interested; kinda morbid for a Princess Di song.

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Would you rather...?

put the lotion on its skin
get the hose again

Pick the best options

Go see War tonight
Go see War matinee tomorrow
Go see Manufactured Landscapes tonight
Go see Manufactured Landscapes matinee tomorrow
Go see Electroma (a film about robots directed by Daft Punk) tonight
Go see Electroma (a film about robots directed by Daft Punk) tomorrow night
Go see the Red Bull Flugtag tomorrow night in Austin

If the proposed amendment in Atlanta to outlaw baggy britches which reveal thongs and/or boxers passes, how will this affect The Great One?

oh he dresses better than that so it won't affect him at all.
he's gonna have to buy some new weekend clothes.
He's gonna have to get rid of his whole wardrobe.
He's gonna have to get rid of all those thongs and boxers.
Kitty Lick


So, I got my ears pierced about a month ago now. I bought some new earrings to wear for my first pair. I tried to take my old starter earrings out today and it really hurt! I didn't push trying to take them out, so they're still in atm.

Is it supposed to hurt when I try to take these old ones out? Or does it mean that I need to let them heal more?

They're not grown into my ears or something dumb like that. I can easily turn and move the earrings in my ears. I've kept them clean too like I was instructed, and they've felt fine up until now, so I don't think they're infected.

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does anyone know of a website where i can type in events to a calendar and then later print it offline?

what about an excel-type spreadsheet where i can type in what is going on at those times?

yes, i am aware that i can do this in excel, but i'm asking for stuff that's already made because it'll be 100000% times better than what i can do.
gnome child

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SO, Scientologists have three massive bunkers located in the United States that are dedicated to archiving L. Ron Hubbard's writings and various teachings. It's basically there for when the world ends- there are even giant symbols etched into the ground as a sort of homing device for when your soul is floating around the universe it will know where to go. One of the facilities (compound and vault) is located here where I live, in Northern California. I flew over it the other day and it's HUGE!!

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It's all underground, aside from the entrance that is pictured (as a reference, the doors you see can allow a semi truck to pass through). You can see where the dirt has been displaced behind it, forming a slight arc on the surface of the earth. The underground facility is approximately the size of a football field, extending back to the white box-type object pictured (which is a vent).

NOT pictured is the actual compound they have, which is separate from the vault facility. There they have regular living accommodations and such.

My question to you is: What do you think is REALLY in there? Is it just documents, like they say? Or something else...?

Oh, entertaining.


Does the Tinkerbell make it feel less or more desperate and pathetic for you?

Apparently it's gone now, for those still interested, here's the text:

Desperate for Money - w4m - 35
Reply to:
Date: 2007-08-24, 8:56AM PDT

I am a single mom with an emergant finacial need. I need someone to help me out with rent and bills that are all passed due. If they are not taken care of then I will have no place to live. I do work. I'm a 5'4 plus size single mom who is willing to do Just about anything to save her house and family. I'm asking for anyone who wants to help out to please contact me.And I have to say its quite a bit of money.. I dont want to break you or anything..

Thanks for looking :)
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Have you ever made a fool of yourself in front of someone famous/important?

Yesterday I would have said it was tackling Billie Joe Armstrong, but today I topped it. (Not THAT hard). I got shoved today, and fell into Barack Obama and touched his ass. He turned around and laughed, and I felt like such a retard, but it was hilarious at the same time. ( He came to FAMU about 10 minutes from FSU where I go to school)


Should I go see Trainspotting tonight, or play Apples to Apples? (Trainspotting is free at the movies)

Should I go see Polyphonic Spree tomorrow night? It is also free, but I could sleep or do something else, I'm not sure yet.

Grilled, orange, sesame, or fried chicken (or another choice)? (It's chicken night).

5 hour car drive, $60 in gas, $60 ticket in a shitty seat to see Bob Dylan, worth it?

(no subject)

I'm going to stuff my bra for an outing tonight, as I have no boobs and no padded bra. Anyone have any advice?

Edit: I'm not looking to increase size, they're oddly shaped and I wish it were different, so that's what I'm trying for.

Wow! Look at all the v-gifts :)

Ok. So let's say you come across a post on Craiglist (like this one and that post references this site:

Help-Jack THEN refers you to a "Recovery Blog" (shown here, which provides links to two MORE blogs about Jack: and All 4 sites are asking for donations so they can reimburse themselves for the medical bills that they paid for.

So yeah, I'm an animal lover. Like 'em better than humans, most of the time. But after a certain point, desperation does start to reek. 

Scammers? I don't think so... but a bit of overkill, perhaps?


(no subject)

What's the worst or best pun you've ever unintentionally or intentionally come up with?

Earlier at work, I was talking to a co-worker about an idea for a Ph.D.-level dissertation computer program I wanted to write for the sake of making a lot of cash. Anyone who's familiar with programming Unix I/O operations might get a chuckle out of saying such a project is a "pipe dream". I intended it and amused myself, but it didn't seem to amuse my co-worker.
Haruhi disappearance

Friday night picspam of doom

1) If you have it available, will you share your high school senior and/or yearbook photo with us?

2) Will you share a picture of you as you appeared 5 years ago?

3) Will you share a picture of you as you appeared 2 years ago?

4) Will you share a recent picture of yourself?

5) If you have a baby/child pic, will you share it?

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(no subject)

You have to watch movies for the next 24 hours straight. You will be given enough caffeine and stimulants to help you accomplish this feat. There's 3 rooms showing movies on continuous loops. After you pick, you can't pick again. Which movies will you be forced to watch for the next day?

Kevin Costner film festival
Jamie Kennedy film festival
Ben Affleck, but only the movies where he's in the top 2 billing. Post-Chasing Amy
Robin Williams live-action movies from the last 5 years (none of his cartoons)
Martin Lawrence movies, except for the ones where he's paired with Will Smith
Olsen sister film festival
Jim Carey's serious movies
Any movie where Al Gore narrates

You're forced to watch another 24 hours of movies, this time the category is directors. Their movies will be shown on continuous loops. Where will you spend the next day?

Uwe Boll film festival
Ed Wood film festival
Rob Zombie film festival
Joel Shumacher movies from the last 10 years only
people |  rapp ; poetic/pathetic

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TCQ, why do I feel like I have to cry over every stupid thing? note: This is a new development, that just started about last week. I don't think anything terrifyingly catastrophic has happened to me, no deaths in family, etc... so i don't know why.

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Give Peace A Chance

Song lyrics

I was just driving home and heard a song with lyrics, "we are the people of the roundabout." The vocal harmonies reminded me of the Doobie Brothers' "Another Park Another Sunday," but a pretty exhaustive Google session has returned nothing. Anyone know this song and/or band? Many thanks... :-)
LOL Ryan be my BFF

(no subject)

if you could be doing anything right now, what would it be?

i'd be drunk and in a band. a really awesome punk/britpop/electro pop nightmare.
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(no subject)

1)Have you ever had a Screaming Orgasm?
2)What's your favorite flavored liqueur?
2)Have you ever said Hi! and waved to someone you recognized and then remembered that you hated that person because they got on your last nerve, but since you said Hi they were coming over to talk to you and so you're like frantic for some kind of escape? How'd you dodge that bullet (if you did)?
Bug-eyed Earl

(no subject)

If you were going to be on American Gladiators what would your stage name be?

I'd be uh.. Savage or something, I'm not good at thinking of names. I'd be total mean aggressive dick. Pelt people with the tennis ball cannon after they lost, jump on them after I knock them off the joust column thing. Stuff like that.

(no subject)

1. for the ladies. if you're wearing something that doesn't have pockets, do you ever put stuff in your bra? i put lighters and money in my bra when i don't have pockets.

2. for those that have dogs. does your dog ever kick at the grass after they do their business? i'm not even sure how to explain it. i think my dog is crazy.

2a. do you pick up your dog's poop if you live in a place where you *should* pick it up? be honest. i used to. but i'm moving in a week and taking the dog. and my ex is going to continue to live here. so i'm pretty apathetic this week.
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Dear TQC,

Since we all know how fun voice posts are...

Will you make a voice post for me where you sing/rap the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song?


-edit- Also, the part where you beatbox is V. important and I will cry if it is left out.
elvira sloo

stupid iChat

ok so if you were in a deep conversation with someone and then your friend who's been in hawaii for the summer came over and you put an away message up and iChat logged you off because your MacBook is fucking stupid and iChat always logs off when you're screensaver comes up, but this said person you're in a conversation with is on a new screen name and it is not saved on your buddy do you get the screenname again?? said person is all the way in the netherlands, btw, otherwise you could just send a quick text message. UGH

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Does the name 'Cheyenne' sound white trashy?

update: So apparently it does. :( And the fun part is that I was named after my dad's car! But I'm not white or trashy so it's mostly the association that's annoying.

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okay really. not to post multiple questions in a row. but.

has your dog ever tried to hump you in anyway? my dog just tried to do that to me. for the first time ever. i feel like i need therapy or something.
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1. Picture this. An old woman, all hunched over smiles and says to you, "Hi. I hunch." Is this funny??!?

2a. Do you smoke?
2b. What brand?
2c. How many a day?
2d. When did you start smoking?
2e. Have you ever tried to quit?

3. What music are you listening to right now? 

4. How old are you?

My answers
1. I find it absolutely hilarious! I spent all day laughing about it. lol
2a. yes
2b. Marlboro Ultralights
2c. about half a pack
2d. like, 3 months ago. lol
2e. not really

3. Father of Mine - Everclear

4. I'm 19

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1. If a person is highly allergic to something--peanuts for example--do they have a right to ask coworkers not to eat candy bars and other foods containing peanuts around them? What would you do?

2. I heard a riddle today but not the answer: A man is running down a long hallway. The lights in the hallway flicker for a moment and the man stops running. Why?

3. If you could design your next house, what features would be most important to you?

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Did anything funny happen to YOU today? If so, what was it?

EDIT: oh, and if you can't sleep fall asleep, what do you do to help? It was already asked yesterday, oops.

My answer
I stayed the night at an old co-workers house last night to help her with her business (she's kind of a motherly type to me now) and I'd been awake for like 20 minutes this morning and when I got up I'd put the clothes on the bed that I was gonna wear today, including my bra on top. About 5 minutes later I went to grab my clothes to get in the shower and the bra has magically went I'm looking everywhere! Under the bed, around on the floor, behind the bench, and I can't find it! I went into the living room wondering if I'd somehow dragged it in there when I glanced out the side door. She has a 5 month old Dalmation (and an older one) and they are playing tug of war with my bra!!! So I run outside yelling "puppies! NO!" and then I look around and there are like 5 people just looking at me. I'm in my pajamas, yelling at dogs for playing with my bra and she'd wanted me to meet her neighbors.

I was muchly embarrassed, and this would have been a better story if I wasn't so tired.

So yeah, come on people, amuse me!

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do you yelp?

what was the last review you wrote?

Which do you think would have a bigger historical non-fiction section, an independent film rental store or a large chain film rental store?

edit: sry about the html, I am drunk.