August 23rd, 2007


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So TQC I just got done watching the Colbert Report...

-Do you think the Colbert-Branson water fight was born of actual ill-will or were they just being silly? Did you find it uncomfortable or funny?

Completely unrelated:
-Other than saying 'I love you' how do you say I love you? (As in, do you have words or actions that mean that; for example how Westley always tells Buttercup "As you wish" in The Princess Bride.)
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I need new bras. I used to buy mine at Victoria's Secret, but only because of branding really. So, wise TQC, what line of bras do you recommend?

Do you think being a librarian is a "real job"?

What's your favorite kind of Chinese food, if you have one?
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New York

Hey. My boyfriend and I are probably going to be taking a trip to New York next January, but don't know how long we'd be going for yet. My question is - What are the things we absolutely must see/do while we're there? We're both 19 and I would quite happily spend the entire time shopping but I don't think my boyfriend would be up for it, so I'm looking for some suggestions. Also, are there any good under-21 clubs there? Thanks!
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Do any of you know of a good program that helps you keep appointments and scheduling? The best kind would be something that could pop up a reminder on the day when something was scheduled. It would also help if it was a program that was always running and that I didn't have to open to find out what was what. I know that sounds pretty specific, but I'm just really bad at pen and paper appointment books, and I've tried using my college's webmail scheduler, but it doesn't work very well. I'm trying to be organized this semester since I'm working an off-campus job and going to school. Any suggestions? Even if it doesn't completely fit what I'm asking, I'd like to hear it.

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You know how when you read a word too much, it looks wrong? Well, this is happening to me now with a phrase I can't remember.

It is "save from" something, or "save for" something?

You know, like, "Save from/for the occasional urge to cry, I do enjoy onions."
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~*~randomz, lol~*~

1. should i stay up till 2 and watch another episode of house or go to bed?

2. assuming that i am really messy, do you think your room is messier than mine?

3. how many pairs of birkenstocks do you own?

4. were you an asshole to anyone today on the internet?

5. what do you think is the least-used mood on lj?
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A Cornucopia of Questions.

1. Have you ever played any of the Nancy Drew PC games? If so, which ones? Which is your favorite?

2. When you wear flats/pumps, do you wear any type of ped/sock/nylons with them or not?

3. Do you have any delicious recipes that include tofu? If so, please share!

4. Which is your favorite Law & Order (SVU, CI, or the original?) and why?

5. Do you think it's weird for a 17 year old girl to not have her ears pierced?

6. If you don't have your ears pierced and someone gives you earrings as a gift, what do you do with them?

7. Converse or Vans?
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Does anyone here have experience with the brand Electric Cosmetics? It seems to be a small independent store, so I'm not sure if it's 100% legit.

Also, what's your favorite 'look' or style of dress?

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1) I've recently read the Hannibal Lecter novels, a couple books by Stephen King (Dolores Claiborne, The Green Mile), and The Prince of Tides. Do you have any reading recommendations for me (and what are they)?

2) I think I have a tendancy to overeat. I don't currently have any weight problems (maybe that's due to a high metabolism), but I've heard that once you get to be about college aged metabolism slows and you put on weight. To get to the point: I'd like to regulate/cut my calories to prevent that problem before it starts. I'm concerned though because health teachers have warned me in the past that calory cutting can actually lead to weight gain. Is this true?

3) Did Hooked on Phonics work for you?

4) What is a good moisturizer for dry, acne prone skin? Everything I try feels thick and greasy (even when they bottles say they're oil-free).

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Which country in your opinion has the best flag?
What are you looking forward to doing today?
When was the last thing you where doing something you weren't supposed too?
What was it?
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Do you think that parents should feel obligated to pay for a child's college education and/or wedding if they have the means to do so? What about their first car?

I personally don't think so. Those aren't necessities, they are luxuries and privileges. I think the parent should decide whether the child should have to work and pay half of those costs, if the parent will pay everything, or nothing at all. The people at my work are all, "Oh, I'll have to pay for college someday..." I just wish I could tell them that no, they don't HAVE to, it's a choice to make!

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You're locked in a room with 3 TQC members and nothing to entertain yourselves with. You could be stuck there for days, weeks, or hours, there's really no way for you to know.

Which TQC members would you want to have with you?

Edited to add: What will you do to entertain yourselves/not go crazy?


We received tulips as a present yesterday. They're potted and about to flower. Can we transplant these directly to our garden or is it best to just to leave the bulbs undisturbed and happy? We're coming out of Winter in a few weeks, but tend to get harsh frosts in the first two weeks of Spring. What would be the best place to plant tulips in a garden and are they frost tender?

And if anyone has any orchid advice that would rock also *s*
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Are you shy or do you tend to take the lead in a conversation?

What's your advice on how two shy and quiet people can converse? Any tips on starting or prolonging conversations? Does it help to ask a lot of questions? :)

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I manage a small office and have acquired a temp that I despise.  Believe me, I have my reasons.  I'm pissed; our sales reps are pissed; my back-bone-less manager is pissed.  

She called this morning, claiming that her car had been sideswiped in her driveway.  O_o  *coughbullshitcough*  She's here now, but she's been on the phone all morning, calling all over hell and gone and doing absolutely nothing work-wise.  This is sort of the last straw on a very long, abnormally-strong camel's back.

I plan on firing her next week.  I'd like to laugh in her face, TBH, but I won't because I'm not that mean.  

What can I do instead to satisfy my rage?

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If you won 300 million dollars what would you do with it?

I would pay off all my college loans, and then finish paying off college, then pay for my study abroad trip to Australia and then buy a car. I would probably get a bunch of new clothes and things. I would donate a lot to charities and then put the rest in the bank.

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my boyfriend of five years moved out a couple weeks ago. we are no more. i haven't been able to sleep for shit since.

i've tried melatonin, sleepytime tea, tylenol pm and booze. nothing works. any other suggestions?

should i try sleeping on the uncomfortable couch? only because it's not our bed.
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Are you aware of whether or not the style of your default userpic matches the style of your journal layout layout?

Does it bug you if they completely clash?

If you have a moment would you look at mine and tell me if it clashes hardcore enough to warrant changing? Ha.
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I found a dead mourning dove near the front door when I came in to work this morning. It was sad. :( Tell me, TQC...

What should I do with it?

Toss it in the garbage.
Let the stray cats that hang around snack on it.
Have it for lunch this afternoon.
Give it a proper burial...the poor thing.
Who gives a shit, it's dead?!?
These choices are lame...I can think of much more creative ways to get rid of it! Let me tell you....
Ticky box tocky box tocky bix bocky tix botox!!
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Bailey and I

While we're in the "parts on fire" mood

Inspired by this post

What would you do if your SO set your parts on fire?

And thanks to </a></b></a>cessyangel 's comment....
Where they posted this

MEN: What would you do in that situation?
WOMEN: Could you even imagine doing that? Would you ever???

If my s/o set my parts on fire, I don't even know. I'd probably kill him.

No. I could never ever under any circumstances whatsoever even think about doing that. YIKES!

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are all blank cd's the same? apart fomr the -R and +R... like for examples the ones I used to burn music  are smaller capacity  i thnik than the ons I used to burn movies/.. but can I burn music on the ones I burn DVD's on?? will this result in me being able to place more songs on the dvd cds? haha sorry I'm right dumb :P I just dont want to buy a bunch of DVD cds to burn song and come to find out it doesn't work.


hey ya'll..

1. what is your favorite type of "art" to look at/enjoy?

2. what is your favorite type of "art" to make/participate in?

3. what is your least favorite type of "art" to look at/enjoy?

4. what is your least favorite type of "art" to make/participate in?

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inspired by chat dreams - PH34R IT

i'm sure some of us have undergone this sampler before; please try not to spoil it for the others :P

1. what three words would you use to describe your favorite colo[u]r?

2. what three words would you use to describe your favorite animal/creature?

3. what three words would you use to describe an empty room?

4. what three words would you use to describe the ocean?

workplace mischief!

1.  Who are the sexy beasts at your work place?
(we have a new VP of operations who was introduced today - and he is a DREAMBOAT. Which was completely unexpected on my part, as he came in with a name and repuation which I took as 'comfortable nondescript middle-age')

2. Every been part of a work-place prank?
(Sadly no, unless you count my theatre work closing night goofs)

3. What would be a dream work place prank you'd pull if you could get away with it w/out blame?
(plateful of special brownies for everyone but me.  ah, hilariously illegal)

4. Anything just plain funny happen at work lately?
(probably my face when i met Dreamboat VP)

Haruhi disappearance

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1) Would you tell TQC a fact or two about yourself that you feel we should know?

2) Do you get comments e-mailed to you or do you just check around to what you've posted?

3) What is your favorite type of takeout food?

4) What was the name of your first ever friend? Tell me how you knew eachother.

5) Did you ever have a Chia Pet?


1) TQC, after reading past threads, I feel I should inform you all that I canceled my engagement :) I need more time! So, I'm not engaged anymore :)

2) E-mailed, I'd miss tons of comments otherwise.

3) Chinese, or good old pizza.

4) His name was Eric, he lived next door to me.

5) No! My brother and I had this weird obsession with buying my mom one for any given holiday. Dad never let us.

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i want to apply for a Victoria's Secret credit card but i'm worried about getting approved. not because i have bad credit but because i have no credit. i've never had a credit card before.

does anyone here have a Victoria's Secret card?
do you think i'll get approved with no credit?
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What's your favorite thing to snack on at night?

If you sometimes like to eat cold cereal at night, what kind do you like to have?

Is this different than what you prefer in the morning?

Are you a drown your cereal in milk type, or just enough at the bottom of the bowl?  Something else?

Is there anything special you wanted to remember to tell me today, August 23?  Hmm?  

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I sometimes feel like I'm faking being a "grownup" and I'm secretly 12 years old.

What do you feel like you're faking?

edit- reading through the comments it seems like we all have similar insecurities about things.

Does it make you feel any better to know other people are feeling the same way? :)

What was that one?

I am thinking of a book.  Here is what I know about it:

*It would definitely be classified as "chick lit"
*The main character is a girl, with red hair.  She is a bartender while going to college to become a teacher.  She is Irish.  She bakes a lot of cakes.  Her roomate is a drag queen bar performer with a lot of money.  Her family is constantly trying to hook her up with a man.
*They try and hook her up with a guy who refers to himself in the third person all the time.  In my mind, his name is Hesh since that is the name of the guy on Sealab 2021 who does that, but it is not actually Hesh.
*Other people in her apartment include a mystery man that no one ever sees, a redneck girl who only has lawn furniture and a realtor friend
*She meets a cute fella who turns out to be hot on the trail of her missing roomate, who might be involved in some sort of smuggling ring.
*Cute fella is a high-level repossessor.  He buys Redhed a big dog named...something.  Big dog is loveable and cute.  Redhed falls in love with cute dog and cute fella.

Any ideas?  Oh, and I am not going to ask whatwasthatone because if *I* were in that community, I would get really irritated with people who joined to ask one stupid question.  I don't want to irritate them.  I WANT TO IRRITATE YOU.

EDIT: To be clear, she is of Irish descent.  She is American.  I think the story takes place in Boston, maybe?

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Have you attened a Navy basic training graduation at the Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois? Where did you stay? How easy is it to get transportation to and from the base? What else do I need to know?

*Edit* I won't have a car.

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i met somebody today who had a huge bump on his arm. the top of it was pink, like the skin had somehow peeled away and the lump appeared hard, not like it was filled with some sort of liquid. his arm also looked stiff and when i went to shake his hand, it was really stiff and cold also..almost like he couldn't actually bend his fingers.
what do you think it was?
Tangled: Knitting

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Have you ever used a service like Let's Dish! or My Sister's Kitchen? What was your experience like? Was the food tasty? How about cost effective? Did the food fit into a regular fridge/freezer, or did you have some extra storage for it?

Are you a naturally messy person? If not (or if you've overcome your slovenly nature), what tips do you have for people who lack the motivation to do general cleaning regularly, say, do the dishes right after dinner, instead of storing it up?
me and reagan 24th


I know, I know this question has been asked a million times in a million different ways. Forgive me? I never paid attention to the answers before.

I'm going to the library today for story time (for my daughter). What books should I check out?

I just finished Harry Potter, and I generally enjoy romance dramas, mysteries, classics, and even cheesy stuff like Nicholas Sparks, Gossip Girl, etc (I know, I know). I'd love to check out anything recommended, though, deep or not. I forgot how much I missed reading until I started reading HP just this month (I read books 3-7 in 3 weeks. Yeah, I love reading).

Also, out of season I realize, but what were your Christmas/Jewish/etc holiday traditions growing up, if you had any?
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Have you ever had a psychic reading (in person)?

Was it accurate?

How do you make incredibly difficult decisions that aren't black and white, or that you can't decide with a pro/con list?

Why is my throat sore? Did so_mikey give me his STD?

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Dear TQC,
My kitchen is small, and very lacking in counter/drawer space. We only have two drawers, and they are filled to the brim.
I'd like to get some sort of storage thing[possibly on wheels?] to put in the kitchen to keep our kitchen towels/rags, and possibly some of the appliances we don't use everyday [like the waffle iron, for example].

Any suggestions? Do you have something like this? If so, can I see a picture?
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does this look like an explosion to you?

who do you think will be TQC's next serial adder?

since i haven't seen this asked in awhile.. what is the funniest video you've seen on youtube(or anything similar) recently? care to share?

if you and i ever bumped shoulders in real life, what would you say/think/do?

what would unplug my sisters nose, besides just cold medicine?

aaaand lastly, if you could have any last name, what would it be and why?
(it's okay if you're married and like your last name already, i just want to know if maybe you wanted a different one.)

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1. Why is it ok to pick eye snoogies, but not nose snoogies?

2. Do you find rice cakes yummy?

3. When was the last time you pooed?

4. Which community do you spend the majority of your time on?
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Ever gone to Disney World?

If so, what did you like best? (And would you go back?)

Would you ever want to work there? Why?

If you have worked there, share some experiences?
The Dude Abides

Weekend ?s

1) What are your special plans for the upcoming weekend?

2) Do you have any special weekend routines or rituals? What are they?

3) How far in advance do you usually make weekend plans?

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okay, so there has been a post done about what you know about such and such lj user, then there was the one about what you would like to tell TQC about yourself.. well now i bring you..


direct a certain question(s) to whichever member(s) and see if you get an answer to the question that you've been DYING to know the answer to.

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This weekend is my friend’s bridal shower. It’s a “tool” shower and I’ve been assigned the bathroom. I got her some tool stuff already, but for part of her gift, I’m taking some song lyrics and having them laminated. I’m going to punch a hole in the top of the page and include a suction cup hook thingie to hang in the shower. This way, she can sing in the shower and have the right words. I want to do some goofy “duet” or couple-type songs (to encourage showering together) like “So Happy Together” by the Turtles and “I’ve got you babe” by Sonny and Cher. I also plan on including the DiVinyls “I touch myself” as a joke.

What other silly songs can I include?

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1. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow.  What were your favorite foods to eat after getting teeth out?

2. I wear a ring my boyfriend gave me on my left ring finger; I don't wear rings on my right hand.  Weird?  My friends think so.

3. What are you listening to, if anything?

4. What's the weather like where you are?

2 questions

1 - What's a website with cute underwear that's fairly inexpensive? Like, 3 dollars a pair would be ideal. I'm not willing to spend more than 5 dollars a pair. Thongs and boyshorts are prefered. I rather not be directed to Victoria's Secret. I'm hoping to find new places to shop, and I already have a few pairs from there.

2 - I went jogging today for the first time in over a year. Well, actually... 30 minutes was walking, and 10 was jogging. I'm going to work my way up slowly, because if I make it a miserable experience right away I know I won't stick to it. But is this doing any benefit at all? If not, when does it reach the point of progress? I'm going to do this about 5 days a week, sooo...
Beast mode!

One of those "hypothetical" sitations

Collapse )

1. So, knowing all that, how petty would it be for you to point out to the anonymous attackers that not a single one of them seems to know the difference between and correct usage of the words “your” and “you’re”?

2. When you go to amusement parks, do you try to attack the costumed characters? Why would you do that?

3. What shoes are you wearing today?

4. How has your week been?
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1) Do you have television shopping networks where you live? If so,
a. What is your favorite shopping channel to watch?
b. Have you ever bought anything?
c. What do you think of the old ladies who call into the program?
d. What would you NEVER EVER buy from TV, no matter how enticing the price?

2) Does the US government give tax breaks to people who convert their homes to solar power? If not, are they stupid?

1) Yes
a. QVC!
b. Yes, twice
c. They're alright, except when they talk FOREVER or start complaining about health problems.
d. I'd pretty much buy anything, haha.

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Dear fashionable TQC members,

I bought a dress to wear on my birthday, and I'm unsure about which color of shoe to wear with it. :( (I'd also like to wear some sort of wrap to stay warm since the dress has spaghetti straps)

Here are three pics of the dress that kind of show the color/style.
2 and 3 are the best representations of the color.

So tell me TQC, what color shoes/wrap should I get? Also, would the wrap need to match the shoes? Help me TQC! I suck at being a girly girl. :(

Gold is out because I have a BIRTHDAY TIARA that I plan on wearing and don't think it would go. Silver is also out because I am super pale and it makes me look washed out/sickly. :(
[dance] pink side to side

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1- How do you feel about 'mixed' couples?
2- Am I, supposedly the lone white person in our new neighbourhood, really gonna get beat the hell up? Serious answers only PLEASE! OMG.
3- What ghetto-tacular name should I go by in our apparently all-black neighbourhood? Jen just doesn't cut it. SERIOUS ANSWERS!!
4- For the reward of a box of cookies, who would like to help me move? Once again, only serious answers, OK???
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Freaks and Geeks -- Geeks on sidewalk

Questions for New Yorkers

My roommate and I are heading all the way out to NYC from LA for a long weekend in September. I was just hoping to get a few tips from you all about your favorite places/things to do. So, in my oh so organized way, I decided to write a list of questions:

1. Favorite Thai restaurant? Vietnamese?
2. Favorite Bakery?
3. Favorite ice cream?
4. Favorite cheap place for lunch or dinner in general?
5. Area of/thing to do in Central Park?
6. Show currently on Broadway?
7. View of the city?
8. Museum?
9. Place to shop for clothes (esp. for women's clothes)?
10. Independent bookstore?
11. Bar (esp if it's cheap, or at least doesn't charge a cover)?
12. Place to people watch?
13. Favorite thing you feel most visitors miss out on?
14. Farmer's market/outside market?

And after that long list, what is the one thing you think every visitor to NYC should do/see?

Just so you have a little background info about us, we're two recent college graduates. I've already been to New York twice, so I've done most of the touristy things, but my roommate has never even been to the east coast before. I think we'd sort of like to have a weekend with a mix of the touristy and the more off the beaten track attractions. We're pretty open to all sorts of suggestions, but we are traveling on a budget, so we can't afford to do anything super expensive.

Thanks for any answers you give!
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So my dad just bought me a new phone for good exam results, yay!
It's an LG Chocolate, which im so stoked with.

Thing is, I lost my old phone and so the guy in the shop did something so my old number is on the new SIM. He said it could take up to 24 hours, but that I musn't turn the phone on for 2 hours.

My question is this; why? and should I pay heed to this warning?

(no subject)

Okay, so, I was on good ol' YouTube today watching some Penn and Teller clips (I'm not sure who they are exactly, they appear to be magicians with a politically themed mini-show) and I started to think they had a pretty smart and funny act. Then I saw this one:

At one point the one who speaks says that he would personally kill every chimpanzee in the world to save one human. I got completely annoyed when I heard this. I wouldn't wipe out an entire species to save myself or even someone I loved dearly. The man also went on and on about how many millions of human lives are saved by animal testing and things like that as well. I literally roll my eyes every time I hear someone say that or anything like it because I think 'Yay, more overpopulation!' Not that I don't care about humans of course, I do, but I don't see why everyone thinks we're hot shit when all we did was evolve.

So, my questions.

1) Do you think human life is more important than other animal life? Why or why not?

2) Would you kill an entire species to save one human? Why or why not?

3) When you hear about new medical advances that could potentially save millions, what is your first thought?
dude wtf?

Computer Troubles

Something's wrong with my computer. My desktop isn't popping up and, well, I'm scared. I somehow managed to take a screenshot of my desktop. Also, it won't let me wearch for things or open up folders.

Ummm, how do I fix this?

x-posted to my journal and ask_me_anything

ETA: Thank you so much for all your help! The problem is fixed and my computer is beautiful. Life, is beautiful... XDDD

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my mom is taking me shopping in manhattan for my birthday,
and i wanted to know what are some good places to go shopping there?
if you've been or live there, basically what are your favorite places to shop?

(no subject)

There was a post a couple of weeks (maybe months) back that mentioned a website that helps you keep inventory of your books. I registered for the site but stupidly forgot to bookmark it. Now I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me. Does anyone remember the website URL?

Obsessed with the dead.

Ive been watching "Dont blame me", its about Ozzy Osbourne and there is a segment about Randy Rhoads, now i cant stop playing "Goodbye to Romance"
I think its his face, hes kind of haunted looking.

Have you ever found yourself obsessed with someone who is no longer living?

(no subject)

Me and my loverly bf will be dating for one year this next month.  He's my first boyfriend.  We're both 16.  Aw! 

What should I get him?  He's a great writer and is passionate about music and movies and such.  (His favorite band is Radiohead.)  What kind of gift should I be looking for?


My google-fu is wak and wikipedia hates me. And let snto talk about my ex the CUre fanboy. so..

When id he Cure song stop th world and melt with you come out, on which album was it on, and is thee anything else i shoul know abou its origins?
eyes on hands

(no subject)

suppose your best friend gets mad at you, for reasons that you are not aware of.
would you approach her and ask her what the problem is, or just ignore it since you dont know what you did to her, and as far as you know, you havent done anything wrong?
father ted: dreams

Musical dreams

Have you ever had a song play in your dream? What was it?

I had one a few days ago where I was talking to some random guy who told me that he lost his virginity to 'The Hardest Button to Button' by the White Stripes while thrusting to every beat. Before that, I remember walking through a desert and hearing some orchestral music in the background and thinking to myself "Ooo! John Williams did a good job with this HP film!"
funky chicken

(no subject)

What's the silliest thing you've done while bored and surfing the Internet?

I just drew someone's tattoo onto my arm to see if I could make it look any better than their "artist" did. I failed, but not by a huge margin. Now I have to figure out how to wash it off completely. :-)

Second question: What's the best thing to use to wash it off completely? I tried soap and water, and there's still a little bit left.

(no subject)

I'm turning 19 in two weeks, which means that I will be of age to drink. What should I do to celebrate the fact that I no longer need my fake ID?
What should my first legal drink be?

(no subject)

Short version: I bought something online that was packaged poorly but wasn't given the option of paying for insurance. When the item arrived it was broken.

Collapse )

1. Am I correct in asking for the seller to send me a replacement? Or is it one of those, "too bad, you should have insisted on insurance" things?

2. If so, should I expect to pay shipping (again) for a replacement?

3. Have you had a similar experience? If so, how did it end?

4. Which shampoo do you use?

(no subject)

1) I'm making a scrapbook on the computer for some of my friends using windows movie maker. To burn it onto a CD I know that you have to convert it into a .wma document, but is there a way to burn it onto a DVD without using a program, just converting it into a different file?

2) I want to choose some songs for the scrapbook while the pictures are onscreen. Any friend-leaving related songs that you know of? So far I have Umbrella (acoustic) - Rihanna, v. by Marie Digby and Everything Changes - Staind.


(no subject)

Today on my evening walk I was assulted by a nigger. I fought him off with some mace and a kick to the balls. So, let me ask you TQC, when was the last time a nigger assulted you?

Could you tell me something about yourself that no one really knows? Mine would be that I actually hate all of you and would like to skullfuck you all to death at the same time with my 50 superhuman cocks.
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Ok, so my best friend is getting married, and she did not ask me to be a bridesmaid.... is it ok that I'm offended by this? (and secretly wish I could make up some elaborate lie about how I'm getting married to show her how it feels)

And, I got my braces removed 4 years ago and never wore my retainer.... Now my front teeth are moving..... how much of a bad idea is it to try to shove my disformed teeth into the retainer that was created for them 4 years ago?


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This may not be entirely appropriate for this community, so if it isn't, lemme know, and I'll delete it forthwith.

So you are out with your friends and your girlfriend calls you after having been at work for eight hours. You've probably been out with those said friends for a few hours now, and the girlfriend sounds tired.

Ah, fuck it.
I worked eight hours yesterday and called my boyfriend when I got home to see if he wanted to hang out/see me or something. Turned out, he was with his friends, and I can only assume he had been with them for several hours. (He gets up around 1 pm, and it was seven thirty when I called). Anyway, he explains that he is with said friends, and asks, quite reluctantly, if I want him to come over. Whatever. I say no, tell him goodbye, and then hang up. Today, I called him after work and he said that he was at his sister's, and, again, asks reluctantly if I want him to come over or if I want to come over. I say no, tell him that last night I was upset, but tonight I am pissed, and that I will just see him whenever he feels like it.

So my question (and you thought I was just telling some lame story in the wrong community, didn't you?) is--am I justified in feeling this anger/disappointment?

Should I call him tomorrow, or see how long it takes him to remember that he is dating me and therefore to pick up a phone and call me first?

Have any of you had boyfriends/girlfriends that drove you batshit insane sometimes? How did that relationship work out?
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What on Earth is the purpose of this?

I get that it's so that LiveJournal can contact you in case of an emergency, but what kind of emergency would LiveJournal staff need to contact you about? Perhaps if your LJ was on fire?

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Weird question - are full stops still called full stops when you use three of them to indicate trailing off?

Here's my deal, I'm writing about a play, and the line ends with, "And you just..." I'm adding a note in there to say "full stops in original." But in this context, is there another term to describe that "..." action?

Nevermind, it's ellipses!

March of the duck feet

1. Surely in a community this size, there are a few people who have to buy "wide"-sized shoes. I do, and I'm finding it harder and harder to locate any. Does anyone have any suggestions for online stores that have a good selection of "wide"-sized shoes (preferably inexpensive)?

2. Do you wear "wide" or "normal" shoes?

3. What size shoe do you wear?

4. If you could only wear one type of footwear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

5. Do you prefer to go barefoot, wear some type of shoe/sandal/etc., wear socks, wear slippers, something I haven't thought of?

ETA: Since several people have suggested Payless . . . that's where I would normally shop, since they actually do (used to) have wide-width shoes. My local Payless, though, has quit carrying more than a few wide-width shoes in each size, hence the search for a new shoe supplier.
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TQC, I'm bored!
Part 1:
1. What's your preferred genre of music?
2. Within that genre, who is your favorite artist/band/group/whathaveyou?
3. Who should I listen to right now, I need some new tunes. I'm getting sick of my normal drum&bass.

Part 2:
4. Why are soccer/futbol players (usually) so god damn attractive?
5. Futbol/soccer fans, what is your favorite club? Player?
6. People are trying to buy my season Galaxy tickets like crazy for between 4 and 6 times what my family pays, should I sell them (or at least 1 or 2?) or at least the games I can't go to? How much should I charge?


TQC, over the course of two years I lost approximately 50 lbs and I'm really proud of myself for it. I did it the hard/healthy way by changing my eating habits and exercising. Lately though, due to stress and instability in my life, my eating habits have gotten really shitty again and I haven't had the time to exercise (although I will MAKE the time, starting Monday). I love to eat, and I work in a restaurant so grazing on what's around is par for the course. I'm absolutely terrified of gaining that weight back. I was never obese but I'm much healthier now.

Would it be weird of me to write down everything I eat, so I can figure out where my bad habits are and get rid of them? It seems to me like it might be helpful, but also kinda weird and on the verge of ED obsession.

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I need honest opinions here (but no need to be harsh). 

I have had a pixie haircut for a few months now and have always liked it until one day my boyfriend made a comment about me not being as attractive as I used to be when it was a little longer. Needless to say, my feelings were hurt and I've been trying desperately to get hair extensions. The bad news is that I can't get them put in until I have 4 inches of hair on my head (at least) and right now I have two. 

TQC, should I keep this hairstyle or should I grow it out? 

this is me now:

Hell&#39;s Libarian

Police in Washington, DC...

My google-foo has failed me, or rather has come up with too many possibilities.

I need to know

(a) what colour the police cars are for Washington, DC
(b) if it would be the Metropolitan Police Department (and do they have another name or an acronym) that would respond to an assault on the George Washington University campus.

Before you ask it's for a work of fiction, I'm just trying to not arbitrarily make up things more then absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance!
~ K.
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Yesterday I had a slightly sore shoulder, nothing big. Today, while walking up the steps, I randomly seemed to wrench it somehow (wasn't carrying anything or doing anything stressful) and for a while there was a slight sting in my shoulder blade in the back, and through the general area of my shoulder. At the moment, it's still sore but not excruciatingly so... It's rather difficult to move my arm forward around my front, or backward, without pain though, and in some cases I can't quite lift it up, only if I maneuver it a certain way...

Should I be concerned, see a doctor, etc.? Or should I just rest it and put something on it?

Thanks for the info. :) All the stuff I'm finding on google seems like it's moreso for severe injuries. I have no history of shoulder pain so I don't think it's that...

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How come I sink when I swim? If I am in water over my head I end up walking on the pool/lake floor.
If you could be any Disney villian who would you be?
Someone care to explain the whole pirate, ninja, zombie craze to me please?
Why is it so damn hard to find a decent apartment?
If you could have any super power what would it be and what would you do?
Do you proof read your LJ posts?
Do you have a favorite cat macro, if you do would you care to show me it?