August 22nd, 2007


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I am hoping for a Las Vegas trip this coming October. My favorite low cost strip hotel (The Boardwalk) is now gone.

What is a great hotel to stay at that is on the strip?

My only requirements are that it is clean, within walking distance to or on the strip so that I can just park the car and leave it for the couple of days I will be there, and won't hurt my wallet too much.

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Just sentenced to 28 years in prison for child rape, a man discoveres he has terrible diabetes and will need dialysis and a new kidney. 

1. He won't be making much money these next few years, would you care to offer some of your money to pay for his medical expenses?

2. Your father (or another important family member to you) needs a kidney a few years down the road. He is close to death and you find out the last kidney that was a match for your father was also a match for the (above) felon and they gave it to him. The prisoner was on the list first - should he (the prisoner) have received that kidney?

Note: Please don't assume my position on any of these. I chose my words in a certain way but the point is not to reflect my position.

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I was watching this documentary type thing on NBC a few weeks ago, it was about a girl who had gone missing, and although her father reported her "dissappearance" to the police, eventually they discovered he was involved, by placing a GPS tracking device on his car and therefore finding where he had buried her body. I remember the girl was 9, she had curly red hair, and her name was Valerie. Does anybody know the case I'm talking about? I had to turn off the TV and I really want to learn the rest of what happened.
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Why would the cover of a birth control pamphlet say "Model is for illustrative purposes only" under the woman on the cover?
Are we going to think she is an OB or that the IUD looks like her if the wise disclaimer wizards did not tell us?
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1. Do you believe in reincarnation/past lives?

2. Have you ever been hypnotized? If so, was it for past life regression or some other purpose? What other purpose?

3. Do you think you know anything about a past life of yours? Please share!
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Passion vs. Reason

If you had to decide between which of the following peeople to have a romantic relationship with, which would you choose?

a) A good friend who treats you like royalty and with whom you get along extremely well, but for whom you have absolutely no sexual attraction to, and whom you view like you would a sibling?
b) Someone you've previously been romantically involved with, have amazing passion with and care about very much, but who in the past has treated you badly (though may have changed)?

Assuming each of the people are equally in love with you, which would you go with?


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so i had a cup of yogurt and i didnt finish all of it and i put it back into the fridge with the foil cover still on it but since it was opened, it wasn't sealed or anything. it was just kind on top of the cup of yogurt. that was last night. 

would the yogurt have gone bad by now without being sealed?

how do you know if yogurt is bad without tasting it?

Naruto: Hinata

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I just got (well a couple of hours ago) a voice mail telling me that one of the houses that I've put an application in for to rent is going to be "shown" today at about 6. pm.


It's not a fancy place, and we aren't "hifalutin" people round here, but I want to look appropriate.

So what do I wear?
Should I ride my bike or walk? (no car, no license, don't drive)
If I wear a nice sports jacket and shirt, can I wear pants?

I'm NOT wearing a dress, HAYL TO THE NO!


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What do you call that type of ride where you look at a screen showing a rollercoaster/car chase/whatever and the screen somehow tricks your mind into making your body act like it would if you were there?

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Dear TQC,

Yesterday afternoon as I parked my car outside a liquor store, a man walked up to my window and stood there staring at me. I gave him a look of death while shaking my head and he walked away.

What do you think he wanted?
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1. How would you pronounce the name "Jehrime"? Would you guess that is a man or a woman?

2. If you are female, do you hate wearing dresses/skirts? Why?

3. What's the most expensive thing you've purchased in the last week? How much was it?

4. If a female you knew was 23 24 and unmarried, would you assume they were a lesbian? Why or why not?

5. George Washington, Tom Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, or Teddy Roosevelt?

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Do you look more like your mother, father, or the mailman?

My eye color is closer to my dad's, but when I look at my mom I see myself. Everyone's always told me I looked like her, but I never noticed it until this year. It kinda creeps me out how much I look like her now. Not to mention I know exactly what I'll look like in 24 years. At least she's pretty, so it's not something to dread...
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So I know if you go to, you get a lot of complainers. The complex I currently live in only has 32% recommended but I love it and have never had the issues people are complaining about. (Slow maintenence).

The apartment I want to move into has 12% and most of the complaints are about noise.

At what point do you disregard the tendency people have to whine on those sorts of websites and start taking it seriously? Are 13 people complaining about noise worth listening to, or do you suppose 13 people just had issues? It's a gated complex, so we wouldn't be able to go into the complex at night and see if it is noisy.

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why do cats always gotta lay on paper? ever since i was little my cat has always come and laid down on my books, my homework, a magazine, anything paper. and i've found out that other cats do this as well. my friend's mom has these post-its with little jokes about cats on them and one of them says "Here's another piece of paper for your cat to lay on."

why do they do this?

Oh Diiuh

I admit it. I'm a sucker for love. A pretty face and a nice butt. I am also a sucker for a goofy personality and a caring heart. I'm a bigger sucker for someone seeking God with a realistic point of view.

With all that said I'm prolly going to be single forever. It's hard to find someone out here thats exactly what you want physically and mentally and spiritually. The last one makes things even harder because the more I've dated I've found that Christians that stick to there guns are thinning out. Heck I almost messed up a few times. I need someone that can support me in that and it's looking bleak.

If I settle... I'll be swim'n in women. Because I have no problem, meeting or dating women..It's just the right ones. It seems If I try too hard (or at all) I scare the ones that actually fit what I want away. Whats a celibate (until marriage), 22 year old, single, friendly, dorky, slightly off beat (eccentric), male to do to find his female counter part ?
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thegreatone0391 was in my dream last night. We were fighting in a classroom, and there was a bunch of other TQC-ers in the class as well, cheering us on. It was a verbal fight. When was the last time you dreamt about a TQC person?

How did the Triangle Pyramid Head macros start? I only learned about them last night in my stupid_free post.

Is rape instinctual?

How do you go about moving far, far away? Like, to the other side of the country? Do you look for a job? How do you interview for it if you can't afford to fly out there for an interview? Do people get HIRED over the phone? How do you find a place to live? etc.
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Where on the internet can I buy an obi? You know, the broad cloth you tie a kimono with. I don't actually want a kimono, just an obi for decorating purposes. But all I can find is antique obi (I don't care how old it is! I just want it to be pretty!) or paraphernalia related to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

James Franco joint

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1. What is the funniest 'accidental' injury that has ever happened to you? (or a friend)
2. Where can I get one of those transparent ID badge holders with a lanyard? I searched Wal-Mart, Target, and all over campus!
3. Are you more of a shopper, or the one that gets dragged around?
4. What is the most recent thing you bought AND regretted?

1. My friend accidentally stabbed me in the face with a fork yesterday. We were all out in the food court of the mall, and he was trying to stab the cup I was drinking out of, and it hit me in the face and I bled for 25 minutes. It was HILARIOUS. He almost started crying though, he felt bad. :)
2. No clue, obviously. Maybe a luggage store, but I can't find one ANYWHERE
3. Depends, yesterday I went shopping with my friends Kaylan, Danny, and Zach. The boys shopped more than we did, and not in Gamespot or Dick's, like you may expect. The Gap, Anchorblue, and ExpressMens.
4. I regret buying a $7 salad with NO MEAT on it, just leaves and dressing, at the diner a few nights ago. I am SO poor.


I'm going to the State Fair on Saturday!

1. Have you been to a State or County Fair recently?

2. What's your favorite thing to do/see?

3. What Fair food should I go after?

4. Do you secretly wish you could be a carny/join the circus?

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1. Kind of early but have you decided what you're going to be Halloween yet? If yes, what?

2. Will H&M ever get with it and have an online store?

Poll #1043388 Lily or Amy

Who is better - Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse? You have to pick one!

Lily Allen
Amy Winehouse

Better is used subjectively. You can go by who you think is a better singer/performer, who is less annoying, etc.
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What is the strangest dream you've had lately?

I dreamt that I was at a grocery store that was having random competitions during the day. I happened to be there with some friends when the "Bring as much yoplait to the front registers and you get free yogurt" contest was happening. I won, but the cashier told me that someone who worked there tried to sabotage me by not stocking the yoplait. It was strange.
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Hey TQC. I got a new phone yesterday.

Can you guys pick out a new ring tone for me? (I have searched forever, but I can't find anything good!)

2. If you take Nyquil does it make you feel groggy in the morning?
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I need some ideas, scholars of TQC.

I'm taking a basic, 100-level survey course of Gothic Art in the fall with a professor I work closely with (as in, I will be TAing for her next fall, and doing an independent study with her). She suggested that rather than doing the usual slide memorization stuff with the rest of the class, that I come up with some more challenging work that I'd like to do. I'm leaning towards a research paper to improve my research skills and formal writing, but I'm not certain. Class starts on Monday. What should I do?

On a completely unrelated note:

After a stint of unemployment, I've found that I am terrified of spending money on anything other than the necessities. Bills, food, gas, etc. I'm at a job now that's higher-paying than any I've had in the past. What gives? Has this ever happened to you?
Jesus Bong

Ode to Christine

Christine, Christine
How do I love thee?
Please, allow me to count the ways!
When an AIM chat screen pops up
My heart doth skip a beat.
Just the anticipation that it is you
Sends my mind into a fog.
Although, admittedly,
That could be because
You are my e-bong partner.
But, whatever the reason
For my current feeling of euphoria
Know that at this time
Everything is really nice.

Do you like this poem?
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What are you having/did you have for breakfast today?
A peanut butter sandwhich, salami, olives, some brie, some blue castello, and a handful of pizza shapes... mm, healthy -_-

Were you in a long term relationship when you were young? Did you ever find that difficult? Yes, my boyfriend and I started dating when we were 14 and we're 18 now... I love him very much, but sometimes the permanence of it frightens me.

What music do you like to listen to when you're cleaning?
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1. How are you gentlemen?

2. The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

3. What's this box doing here?!

4. Can you think of any other amusing questions asked in video games?

5. If you couldn't give half a shit about video games, what was the last DVD you bought?

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Well, I'm in a pickle. I was cleaning my ears out with a qtip this morning. (I know, it's not recommended to do that.) Well, now I know why. So I pulled the qtip out and the cotton was my ear. I didn't stick the swab all that deep, just normal. But I can't feel the cotton with my finger and now there is cotton in my ear! 

So TQC, what should I do?

**EDIT** I got it out! warm water and a try with the tweezers, ftw.
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To writers in TQC:

1. What kind of things do you write (fiction, nonfiction, fanfiction, poetry, etc.)?

2. Where do you find inspiration?

3. What do you do to get rid of the dreaded writer's block?
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What movie do you know every line to?

I've got Casablanca, Wayne's World 1 & 2, Clueless, and Tommy Boy down pat.

Mallrats and Dogma too... And Cinderella (all the song lyrics too)... There are too many to list. Who am I kidding?

dr TQC!

Okay, here's the thing. yesterday, I wiped my butt a couple of times and there was blood on the toilet paper each time. Not like OH MY LORD, BLOOD IS GUSHING, but just like, little specks. But it was noticeable.

What does this mean?

Is death imminent?

I need medical advice, internets.
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1) I kinda hate having to wear makeup, but my skin is blotchy red in spots and pale pale white in others and I think it looks like crap. Any advice on how to make my skin look more even without face powder? I exfoliate with a face wash scrub, but it doesn't really help.

EDIT: Nooo, I don't WANT to wear makeup :P It's not the feel or anything, I just hate having to apply anything to make my face look even. Any ideas like an exfoliant, a night cream, slapping myself, etc? lol

2) What is your favorite Weird Al song? Come on, you've listened to him at some point. I kinda like his "Found It On E-Bay" song, because it reminds me of the intarweb culture, haha

3) My company has bigass water guns with our company name on them. How cool is that?

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Is there a website where I could type in my favourite authors, and up pops a list of other authors who write in a similar style? Sort of like, but for books.

Edit: If there isn't, SOMEONE MAKE ONE.
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Boys & Bubblegum, a girl's two favorite things

Which is the bigger commitment: getting married to someone or having a baby with someone?

Guys (or pretend you're a guy for this question), which would scare you more: your sometimes-girlfriend telling you she wants a more serious relationship (and you're a commitment-phobe) or telling you that she just wants you DNA?

Unrelated: Why do they sell single packs of gum for $1.50 at the register or a three pack of the same size for $2.00? Why?

Do you have any gum with you today? If so, what kind? (I have some nasty Trident Spearmint stuff. Bleh.)
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So I'm writing a story about two people, a man and a woman who do a lot of traveling around, and the man is formerly notorious for being a bit of a manwhore but since he's been going around with this woman they've started to have casual sex and get kinda... closer. Maybe there are feelings, but there's no way to tell. In their travels they end up staying at one of the woman's family friends houses, a rich, wordly and handsome guy who is obviously really interested in her, which annoys the hell out of former-manwhore man. Got any ideas for ways I can build up the jealousy without having her actually do anything romantic/sexual with the rich guy?

Also, I am now able to drive all by myself! Where should I go and what should I do to celebrate? No alcohol or anything please.


Why wasn't "Borat" nominated for Best Documentary?

Was it because it was fictional?

Do you believe there was just as much fiction in "An Inconvenient Truth" as there was in "Borat"?

(I mean really, think about it. Other than the fighting and frat boys, it could have been the same movie. Two guys pretending to be something they are not, travelling the globe and spewing something they really don't care about for publicity.)
Quinn Twin

P is for Pee!

So, yesterday I went to the Dr and they ordered some lab work, including a urine sample... Common and unalarming, right? WRONG. For whatever reason, my doc needs my pee - ALL OF IT ... FROM THE NEXT 24 HOURS! Ummm......................................... kay. So I have to collect all my urine and keep it in this jug they gave me and return it to them tomorrow. Oh yeah, and it has to be refrigerated too! *Snoopy dance*

So here it is, TQC, a friendly wager game where the winner gets... NONE OF MY PISS! How could you NOT want to play?! I'll give you some info to help you decide just how much I'm gonna whiz into this thing, starting since about half an hour ago when I took my first tinkle into the jug and going until I wake up around 7:45am tomorrow! Collapse )

Oh, also, I lined the cooler really well with trash bags and then got all set to put a bunch of bags of ice on top so that I could hide my shame away from the world, but SOMEONE used almost all the ice so this plan was thwarted (and it wasn't me as I never use ice - except when attempting to cool my urine, apparently). I, woefully, had to shove the whole super lined and closed affair into the fridge. Should I alert my friends and family as to why they should leave it alone, or let them inquire to pay them back for using all my ice? Normally I'd just get their drinks and such myself to avoid it, but every single ice tray was almost empty so I'm feeling sort of vindictive!

Bonus clickable pic of me being classy for your participation! And yes, this was taken before I peed in it!Free Image Hosting at


Gonna head out in a bit and buy a new Wii game for my birfday.  :P

Anyone got any suggestions?  We already have Big Brain Academy, Trauma Center, Mario Party 8 and Zelda Twilight Princess.
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Serial killers?

So, a discussion just came up about serial killers, and we were talking about how they're mostly white men.

We came up with a few examples of female serial killers, but couldn't come up with examples of black, hispanic, or other ethnicities.

Can you name any serial killers that aren't caucasian?

Please to not start race-wank about how or why what races do what. Really just looking for examples and I remember there being some people interested in the subject on here before.

Edited to add: We were really only talking about serial killers in the United States, so that's what we're looking for.
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non-QWERTY keyboard users/cold remedies

What kind of keyboard do you use (if it is anything other than QWERTY)?
Were you taught on that keyboard or did you just get fed up with QWERTY?
Where are you from?

My friends and I were talking about how QWERTY is the standard for most people in the US (not sure about other [english speaking] countries), and it got me thinking about people that use non-QWERTY keyboard.
Hopefully this makes sense.


What is your best cold remedy (aside of sleep and liquids)?
I'm really sick (sneezing, alternating stuffy/runny nose, sore throat) and I'm moving tomorrow and I don't wanna feel like shit in my new apartment and get it all gross with my sick germs. I bought a dayquil/nyquil double pack last night, and it's helped a little, but not as much as usual.

Pink Floyd, The Wall, The Film

I feel so uncultured.

I just watched Pink Floyd's movie The Wall for the first time. I loved the abstract nature of it, and the surreal cartoons. Very creative and artistic. But I feel a little confused by the symbols and the meaning of it all.

1. Basically, I'm asking: What is the exact meaning of this film? What's the theme? What inspired it? What exactly is this metaphorical Wall anyway?

2. It appears to me to be a nihilist anti-war piece, with a British viewpoint. What was going on in Britain at the time?

3. Seriously, what's with all the hammers?
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What household product is good for cleaning walls?

Not major cleaning but I just moved furniture around in my room and around my desk area is kind of dirty. I've got a lot of stuff in spray bottle but I don't think any of them are really for walls so I don't know if they'll really do anything. I'll probably have to buy something but I wouldn't even know what to look for.
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1. So I finally set up my own Paypal account. I added a bank account and waited for the two small deposits Paypal makes for verification. I got those and entered them in Paypal's site, and now my status is Verified. This was about 2-3 days ago. However, today I keep getting emails saying that the funds for something I ordered recently could not be withdrawn because the bank account is closed (I checked with the bank and the account is not closed), and I just got an email saying that Paypal couldn't make the two small cent deposits because my bank is invalid even though I got those deposits 2-3 days ago? Wtf is going on here gaiz? I'll probably email Paypal too but I wanted to see if you guys had any idea. D:

(To add to this, I bought an item the same day I verified and the transaction went through just fine.)

2. Do you prefer real orange juice or stuff like Sunny D?
Personally I HATE real orange juice.

3. How big is your property?
.75 acre.
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hi question club!

how would you go about loosening a piercing that just won't undo? the little diamond stud that screws into the post just will not undo. idk what to do :(

edit: thanks, i got it!

superbad!... the word super looks really weird now.

I'm sure its a popular question - I couldn't find it in the last couple of pages though.

1.   You are a supervillian
a.) What is your supersuit?
b.) What are your superbad deeds? (edit: Or, whats your superpower?)
c.) What is your fatal flaw?
d.) Who/what is your evil sidekick?
e.) Why do people love to hate you?
f.) Who is your nemesis?

(I'll comment in my answers)
Zooey face


What is your favorite part of your job?

Your least favorite?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Are you currently on the career path that you really want? If no, then what is that career path?

Do you aspire to get a higher degree in school?

(no subject)

What is media control? Band control?

If you own a chinchilla or have in the past, tell me everything you know about them.

If you live on the west coast and have one free airline ticket to fly to any of the states ON the west coast, which state would you choose? why?

(no subject)

Does anyone know why exactly they took out the fun shapes in Trix cereal?

Do you know of a really good straightening iron for your hair, especially girls with curly waves?

What's the name of the song on the new Secret comercial, the ones were the firemen run up to the top of the apartment building to find the woman there? And the catch phrase is "Because your hot."

Thanks ;D

Dinner & a movie

My SIL and her partner gave my husband and I a giftcard to The Cheesecake Factory. We haven't been there since our son was born (15 months).

The in-laws have agreed to babysit while we have a nice dinner/see a movie.

What should we order at The Cheesecake Factory?

What should we stay away from?

We're planning on seeing 300. Is it any good?

yellow watermelon!?

I saw yellow watermelon in a local italian based food store and was a little weirded out because I have never seen/had yellow watermelon before.

Have you ever had/seen yellow watermelon?
How was it?
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1. Have you ever been to Scotland?

2. Have you read Ali Smith's The Accidental?

3. What is your favorite mundane, mind-numbing office task?

4. What is your favorite highlighter color?

5. Do you like transcription?

6. What is your favorite kind of pasta?
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1. So I sent my resume in via e-mail. I got a response asking if I could come in for an interview tomorrow at 9:30am. I replied within 15 minutes saying yes, and asked if I could get a phone call to confirm the interview. If they do not call and confirm/reply via e-mail confirming, should I still show up? I'd hate to drive out there and show up and be like "HEY LOL" and look like an idiot.
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Anyone know where I can get similar bed sheets/comforter? Not the houndstooth but the white side with leaves. I like the simpleness of it.

These are from Delias.

Please don't suggest Ikea because I can't see their website on my outdated computer.
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Game On

What's your favorite video game?

What games are coming out that you're most interested in?

This part isn't a question, but Bioshock is fucking amazing. Now, if only I could get 2K games to replace my broken Big Daddy figurine....
Mitty box

(no subject)

So, I put some money on the new RPG Blue Dragon that's coming out soon. But now that I think about it, I really don't have the time anymore for epic RPGs. It's one of the reasons I gave up WoW and never finished FF3 for the DS. Since I've gotten married and had a kid, the only RPG I've finished was Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap for the GBA. My question is:

Should I go ahead and buy Blue Dragon just so I'll have *something* I can play on our Xbox 360? Or should I get my money back and start putting money onto a preorder for a Wii?

(Blue Dragon is 60$)
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Haruhi disappearance
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1) At what age do you stop being "young"? (In a societal sense. Ex: When does the majority consider you "too old" to be doing/saying/wearing ______?)

2) Do you believe that women past the age of 40 should shorten their hair?

3) Do you think that bright and wild clothing and makeup is reserved for the under 30 set?

4) Do you believe that people should tone themselves down and be more stable once they are past the age of 30? At any age?

5) Are you afraid of getting older?

6) What do you do to keep yourself looking young?

7) Why do we value the maturity and experience of age, but the appearance of youth?

ETA JUST IN CASE: These questions don't in any way reflect my views :P
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(no subject)

If someone was going to take you out for a nice dinner, but there are limited options in the area, which would you choose?

Goodwood Barbecue Co, Famous Dave's, or the local bbq joint

Johnny Carino's Italian, Bucca di Beppo, or the local Italian restaurant

Texas Roadhouse or the neighborhood steak house

If you've started to notice gray hairs, when and where did you first spot them?

Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford?
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For those who have Verizon:

Is your service being an absolute communist right now?

I'm stuck at home with no phone, which worries me because I'm sure at this very moment, the toaster is setting the kitchen on fire, my roof is caving in, there's a rapist outside and the basement i don't even have is flooding.

(no subject)

I'm from Utah and I go to school in the Philly area. It rains a lot, as I learned last year. I just used snow boots. But now I met this frosh from Arizona and she asked me where people buy rain boots and I had no idea.

Where do people buy rain boots?

This is one of the driest states in the nation, so don't flame... it's only rained three times in the three months I've been here and those were two minute storms each.

(no subject)

1. Have you ever had someone try and imitate things you do, say, wear, like, etc?

2. How did you handle it?

3. Who do you find most annoying in TQC?

4. Should I get another cat? (I have one now)

5. What is your favorite cat macro, if any? (pictures plz)

those TQC girls

hey ya'll..

1. can you tell me something about cherrybaby?
2. what can you tell me about __ria?
3. know anything about trillian421979?
4. i'm curious about psychgirl83, what can you tell me?

5. what's up with orangulent?
6. do you know anything about aerynmoo?
7. how about [info]eidna?
8. thejoysofjess: what do you know about her?
9. can you tell me anything about mostlytaken?

[edit, because i am a terrible speller:
10. cottonmanifesto: what do you know about this mysterious woman?]

most of these ladies answer most of the questions on TQC, and i'm wondering what exactly we've learned about them throughout their answering careers. oh, and my questions are purely out of curiosity, not out of snark-seeking or irritation.
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I've had my earlobes pierced for about 3 years now.
I've not had a problem with infections or anything, and I keep them clean most of the time.
I don't like to wear earrings all the time, but I find that when I haven't worn them for about 3 days, the right hand hole will close up, and it REALLY hurts to re-pierce.

Is there a way I can stop this from happening without having to wear earrings all the time,
and does it just mean that I am exceptionally healthy?!

School (and Wii update)

Hi, everyone.  My first classes of fall semester begin tomorrow and I'm a lot excited and a lot nervous.  :E

You see, I haven't been in school since graduating high school--and that was seven years ago.  Like I said, I'm really excited, but I have no idea what to expect; college isn't exactly the same thing as high school.  I went out and bought all of the basic supplies I need for a first day and now I'm just playing the waiting game.  @_@

Sooo.. I want to know if any of you out there have any tips, advice, cautionary tales, words of encouragement--anything--for this antsy, late-to-college boy.


P.S. Thanks to everyone that replied to my Wii game question.  I ended up getting Cooking Mama, though I almost got Super Paper Mario (and will probably get it next).

Empire Records.

In Empire Records, exactly what was Lucas supposed to do with the money before he went off to gamble it?

I seem to remember he was dropping it to a bank, but if it closes at midnight, then banks wouldn't be open, would they?

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Does anyone know of any good websites where I can compare doctors and such? I've googled it but I can't find anything about the doctors themselves. Any help would be appreciated. ♥

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1)When you take a shower do you turn the water on and let it heat up first before you switch it to the showerhead or do you immediately turn on the shower and wait for it to heat up?
2)Do you like gym showers? Edit: I should clarify. I'm talking about the high-pressure showers that are usually in gyms where the spray kinda feels like pins and needles.
3)How would you feel if you found out police were targeting your area for drugs because of a drug test performed on wastewater from your community?

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i'm looking for a cheap laptop. i basically need it for essays and facebook. i like to have about a zillion windows open all at once and battery life isn't really a big deal for me since i'll always be near a wall to plug it in and it probably won't leave my too tiny for a desktop room.

should i get the dell Inspiron 1501 for $679? or could i even get the 499$ one?
keep the 1GB or upgrade to 2GB?
whats the difference between Intel and AMD?
what colour would your dell notebook be?

links for reference:
Hell - Picasso Devil

Fandom Tardis

So If you had a Tardis that was able to take you not only to any place or time in our universe, but also in any fan-verse, as it were, where would go if....

1. You were in a quest-for-knowledge kind of mood?

2. You were ready to get your party on?

3. You wanted to seriously relax?

4. You had an itch, you know, for some debauchery?

5. You could prevent something that has happened from happening?

6. You wanted to be present for a single historical event, just as an onlooker?

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1) What do you wear on long flights? More specifically, what should I wear on a flight to England in an hour?
2) What are your essentials for plane trips?
3) What is your favorite type of gum?
4) Do you like macaroons?

no place like home

1.  Do you think living in more than one place in your lifetime is vital?  What do you think of people who have never left their home state?  Do you think it is different if you vacation a lot, and just have never lived anywhere else?

2.  If you could have three different homes (a summer home, your regular home, one extra for fun) where would they be?

3.  When you've been away from home for a long time, what is it you most look forward to returning to?

(my answers in comments)
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Hiring and firing

For those of you that have had to hire and/or fire people, what was that like? Any interesting experiences? Any tips/hints/advice? 

I've been told that I need to start looking for a new empoyee in the next few weeks but I have never done that before, so I'm interested in hearing other people's experiences.
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Christopher Walken is going to record a series of books on tape, and it's up to you to pick three books for him to read.

What'll they be?

I think my top choice would have to be The Bible. Then maybe some Dr Seuss, and The Waste Land.
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1. wut chu up to? what else are you doing right now... (other than answering this comment or reading TQC)?

i'm trying to accomplish something that would take 2 weeks... over night. all for my unappreciative boss :( i HATE having to take work home. tis sposed to be my down time! *sigh* :(

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Did you play the Powerball?

What would you do if you won the 245 million? (114.7 mil. Cash value)

I played it, and personally I would pay off ALL my bills, move to Springfield, MO, buy a brand new house, an Escalade, a pink convertible of some kind, and all the clothes I wanted. *sigh* Like that would ever happen though.
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1. Do you believe that zombies are a very real threat? What are your plans for when they attack?

2. When zombies do attack, will they go after our animals, too? Like, as a snack or something since the dogs/cats have smaller brains. Do animals then turn into zombie animals?

Selling College Textbooks

Has anyone tried selling college textbooks on

What kind of luck did you have with it?
Is it a good way to sell textbooks?
If/when you sell a book, how do you ship it to the buyer?  I'm still at a loss on that one!!

Anything else I should know?
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Vacation, all I ever wanted...

How many hours of vacation pay do you have saved up from work?

Do you plan on using any of it anytime soon or are you saving it for an emergency?


Have you ever flown US AIRWAY? Positive or negative experience?

Have you ever used Positive ornegative experience?


In an attempt to clean my very small bathroom, I just knocked an open pot of powder blush that I didn't notice on the side of my sink directly into my open makeup case which was on the floor. The stuff goes on sheer and shimmery, but in the pot it's dark-ish pink with gold flecks. This stuff is now all over all of my makeup.


What's the last huge mess you made? Picture?

Chicas, if you are a big fan o' the makeup like I am, what do you keep it in? I think I'm going to replace my super old Caboodles box and trade up for something nicer, but it's got to be a decent size. Suggestions?  
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What a random offering

1. How long does it take suicide notes to be released to the family?
2. There have been two suicides. One shot himself to death and the case was closed the next day. Three days later, another hung himself and the case is still open and being investigated a week later. All of this occurs in the same town. Should there be any concern in the second case? Should the family have any reason to believe that something suspicious occurred?

3. Have you ever been likened to a character in a movie and been nicknamed that character? (Example: In What about Bob? you are exactly like Bob and therefore are called Bob Wylie)

4. Do you get upset if you can't find your cell phone?
5. Do you get upset if someone has a cell phone and refuses to carry it with them?

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What is your favorite Simpsons episode?

What is your favorite Seinfeld episode?

1. The one where Mr. Burns wants to make a suit out of Santa Little Helper's puppies. I think we can all agree that the "See My Vest" song was one of the best moments ever.

2. The one where Elaine finds out her boyfriend is a Christian.
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Haruhi disappearance
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I put a hooded winter coat on hold at Kohls for 2 days until I can talk to my mom about buying it (My card is off limits right now, so I need to use her charge and pay her back). The coat is about $50 off with a sale. I think it's only a one day sale.

When I go to retrieve and pay for it on Friday, am I within reason to request the sale price from a manager if it's not immediately offered at checkout? I mean, $91 is a good deal to spend on one item at that store...


so, i am currently enjoying a sandwich.

what is your favorite type of sandwich meat?

what kind of cheese do you put on a sandwich?

what kind of bread do you like?

what sort of dressings do you use? mayo, mustard, etc...

do you like peanut butter and jelly?

what kind of peanut butter do you like? creamy or chunky?

what kind of jelly or jam do you use?

what kind of bread do you like for a pb and j?

turkey with american cheese on white or wheat bread i like mayo

i love pb and j sandwiches, creamy peanut butter with grape jelly on white bread

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1. Does anyone here know how to take out the keyboard in a Toshiba Satellite laptop/how to fix any loose plugs in said keyboard?
2. Does anyone know how much something like Geek Squad would charge to do something like this if I cannot?

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1] Sideways Stories from Wayside School?

2] How many times have you gotten used for sex?
Once! I was a virgin and everything too.

Nevermind, already asked =[

3] What's the worst thing you've done while drunk?
Nothing terrible; I made out with my best friend's boyfriend last weekend! And a few years ago I admitted my undying love for my ex-best friend's then boyfriend. To be fair, I liked him first, and she told me he was an asshole and to not go out with him.

4] What book-to-movie movies are you most excited about?
Inkheart, P.S. I Love You, The Lovely Bones, The Time Traveler's Wife, My Sister's Keeper.

5] What's the funniest movie you've ever seen?
Kung Pow: Enter The Fist. Seriously, I love that movie to death.


I just remembered something I wanted to ask before so I'm going to ask it now and too bad that I've asked two questions in less than ten posts. Nyar.

Have you ever said something and then thought, "Gee, I never thought I'd ever say that."

I said before "There's ceiling tile in the dishrack. It sounded like a very bizarre thing to say.

Have you ever seen Microcosmos? I'm watching it right now in high def and I'm alternating between skeeving out and thinking its awesome.

Pepper spray

Pros and cons? Anyone ever had to use pepper spray? Does it work?
Homebrewed varieties any good and does anyone have any recipes they'd like to reccomend?
Can it cause lasting damage? (either way it'll better than the knives everyone has started carrying in this country, as in cause less damage than them.)

Yes, I did check google, got some advice on home made pest control. Sure this is for pests, but I had bigger pests in mind than the ones they seem to think I can control with it.
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New York Climbing

Whereabouts in New York City could I find a shop selling climbing gear?
I'm on holiday here and based in Manhatten for the next few days with limited ability to travel around much. Does that limit my options still further?

I've tried, but my Google-fu is weak with this one.

i'm a happy-go-lucky scamp

what do you think happened to the Manchester United group on Facebook? it's just gone. it was the only reason i still went to that site.

in all seriousness, why would a sports group just get deleted? i'm perplexed more than anything.

BONUS QUESTION: are you one of those people that just has to know everything? not necessarily peoples' business, but stuff like... you just HAVE TO KNOW what that movie on The CW at 3 am was, even though what you saw was trash and you have no intention of ever renting it.

i definitely am.
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