August 21st, 2007

personality, schmersonality

1. Do you know of anyone who has an exceptionally strong personality; meaning, do you know anybody who encapsulates a personality trait to the extreme (i.e. someone who is incredibly cynical all the time)? If you had to guess (or if you know), why are they like that?

2. Which personality trait of yours do you feel is the strongest or most prominent? Try to pick only one.

3. Do you find Larry David attractive/appealing? What do you think your answer might reveal about you?

4. Think of someone (anyone - friend, family member, SO, enemy, etc.) you know that's relatively different from you. Based entirely on your own interpretations, which one of you would fit under the "DARK" category and which one of you would fit under the "LIGHT" category? If you want, explain your own interpretations.

5. Which kind of people just don't work with the type of person you are? Do you think that these discrepancies are completely natural or do you have a completely conscious choice in who you do and don't associate with?

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Is anyone here going to Eastern Michigan University this year?
Also, if you are, what building are you in? So far I only know of three people staying in my building--Best Hall. I need a cup of water from another fishtank to start off the cycke in the tank for my will-be-betta, or can I just set it up a few days in advance and then go out and get him? It is not filtered--I plan on cleaning the tank once a week. Also, I will be using gravel, though I know it is not a requirement for these guys, if that changes things.

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computers are such a headache for me.


My livejournal is "friends only" .... I'm hoping, it is anyways because I always click "friends only" in the drop down menu under "show this entry to"...

(is this much right? I want my lj to only be seen by my friends)



I really want to delete certain people from my friends list so that they can no longer see my entries. How do I do this? Can I get it in a Step 1, Step 2 explaination please?


thank you! :)

petit prince

o snap

which movie or movies was this woman in?

talladega nights
wedding crashers
no idea

bonus question! what's her name? (no cheating)
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(Sorry to post 2 questions consecutively, but I assure you I won't post here again for about a day or two..)

How many of you use bit torrent?

Which client?

What website do you grab most of your stuff from?
anti-time dispensary

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So, I told my mom I was biking over to a friend's house who lives nearby(I'm 22, I live in another city, I feel that this is not a huge deal) and she freaks out because it's OMG MIDNIGHT. Apparently, perverts and rapists and kidnappers only come out at night, so I should do my biking during the day in the 118 (million) degree heat. I think this is absurd, but she says that I'm being stupid, ALL WOMENZ know not to go outside at night, I'm the only one who does.

So hay womminz (not guys because you never evar evarrrr get raped, lolz) do you go outside after dark? After midnight? AM I GON' GET RAPED?
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Wow, weird.

I've heard of people dyeing their poodles with kool-aid, and I want to try this with my cat. Trouble is, I Googled and couldn't find anything specifically for cats, and the stuff pertaining to poodles was inconsistent.

Who here knows a fantastic way to dye a cat with kool-aid? I don't suppose submerging one in a tub of the stuff is a realistic option, hah.
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1. What's your favourite breakfast food?

2. What is something you eat for breakfast that others might consider strange?

3. What is something that you would NEVER eat for breakfast but deem acceptable to eat for other meals?

4. Do you eat breakfast every day?

5. What was the last thing you ate for breakfast?


how would i go about impaling a roll of film? so theres a hole in the middle, you know. wherrrree the little circular area is on the top of it.

(no subject)

A. Do you find yourself surfing to new destinations on the www...or do you just look up your tired old favorites?

B. Do you ever wonder WHAT the wwwis really good for?

3) Do you think its wasting its potential??


E. Diet or exercise?
Zooey face


This tags onto that great paranormal post that was around the other day. (The comments were SOOOO fantastic!)

1. Have you ever seen/experienced UFOs, aliens, anything unearthly?

2. What does your favorite color smell like?

3. What was Vivaldi's favorite food?

4. Are you an alien?
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weird question

Hey guys. This is a little strange, I realize, but I have a secret that no one around here knows, and that is that I like to smell girls' feet. With socks on preferably. We're not talking about so much a sexual thing here, as, even if I had a good female friend who'd just, every so often, put her feet in my lap and say, you can smell them if you want. Everyone I know hates feet so much, and/or hates having their feet touched, so I keep quiet about it. But I also read that it is the most common "fetish". So, I don't need to ask how weird it is because I realize it's fairly odd, but, for girls, how accepting would you be of this if a good male friend or partner were to bring it up with you? I'm interested to know how people feel about this. Thanks.
P.S. This was born, I think, when I was younger and some neighbour girls would be playing at the house and I'd be smelling their feet just messing around as kids do.
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VFest Toronto.

1. Is anyone else going to the Virgin Fest in Toronto?
1a. Who are you most excited to see?

My answers:

1. Yes.
1a. While The Smashing Pumpkins are my favorite, I'm more excited to see Bjork because I have a feeling she puts on an incredible show. I also want to see if Amy Winehouse even shows up, heh. I'm loving The Editors a lot lately too.
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(no subject)

1. When was the last time you injured yourself? How did it happen?
2. What is the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you?
3. What do you call your parent? Your grandparents? Does it weird you out when adults call their parents mommy or daddy?
4. How young is too young to get married? Too old?
5. What are your favorite pizza toppings? Least favorite? Weirdest?
6. Cat macros, funny or stupid? Or both?
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(no subject)

1) What is your favorite variety of apple, and why?

2) What was the last medication (OTC or prescription) and why did you take it? What does it do?

3) Do you like (at a glance) daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendars best? Why?

4) What is a "signature dish" you make?

1) Pink Lady. They're so sugary sweet!

2) Tums. I had heartburn. It gets rid of heartburn.

3) I like monthly or daily. Yearly and weekly seem awkward.

4) My veggie soup is delicious, as is my stir fry!

(no subject)

For those of you that have student loans or know how they work:

1. Does your student loan cover everything? like can you use part of it to pay your car payments aside from tuition and books?

2. Do they send all of the money directly to you or to your school?

3. Are you able to not work while you're in school because of the loans?

I can't seem to find any websites with detailed information on this without having to apply.

Does it make any difference that I'm a pre-nursing student?

(no subject)

1. Can you please post some good recipes with apples as the main ingredient? Especially savory ones.

2. How often do you get a physical (if you appear to be in good health)?

3. Do you have any cooking appliances in your dorm that you can't live without? I'm trying to cook more this year to save money.

4. What is your favorite kind of canned soup? All brands seem to taste pretty bad :/
i say, old bean

(no subject)

are there any habits you didn't abandon when you were a wee little kid? what are these habits?
whenever i have nails..i have a bad habit of scratching myself in the face when i'm asleep.

anything crazy happen in your city or state this week?

i'm going to change my ljname..any ideas?
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. how do you react: fight or flight?
2. do you find that generally the good things you do go unnoticed / unappreciated while the bad things seem to be highlighted?
3. when was the last time you cried? what made you cry? do you cry often?
4. when was the last time you laughed (a real laugh)? what were you laughing at? do you laugh often?
5. how are you today? how's your day been going so far?

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I'm thinking of going to Europe in the next 2-10 months. Right now, my top visiting choice would be 1-2 weeks in late Oct/early Nov. I'm a 29 year old single female currently living in NYC.

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Where would you recommend I go, considering the time of year, my preferences, budget, and what little you know about me?

Has anyone done or Servas to stay with people? Would you recommend it? Since I'll be alone, the prospect of meeting people along the way is very appealing, and besides, saving money is a huge plus.

Any tales of traveling around Europe you want to share with me? Most interested in people who visited in their late 20s and older, but all tales welcome.

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I enjoy "collecting" redundant song lyrics, the kind that you listen to and then think "My god, they couldn't come up with anything better than THAT?". My favorites are:

* "The heat was hot" from America's "Horse With No Name" and

* "Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone." from Billy Squier's "Lonely is the Night".

Do you have any redundant song lyrics to add to my collection?

Just... why??????

OK, so here's the scenario:

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So, the questions:
1. Do guys have some rule about how long to wait after a date before contacting someone?  If so, why?
2. Did the girl shoot herself in the foot by sending that last e-mail?
3. Should she just calm down and wait- she's over-reacting and everything is fine......?

I know, I sound like a spaz.  But I'm not used to dating, and this whole situation is pissing me off.  I'm attractive, successful and normal (despite how  this makes me sound), so I don't know why he's doing this.   I hate dating.

TO CLARIFY:  The e-mail I sent today wasn't a "where is our relationship going?" thing- it was a "you called me every day, replied to my messages almost immediately, and were otherwise very attentive and interested, so why have you changed?"  I DID say "I am curious to see where this could go" but nothing more ... long term or relationshippy than that.  I just want to know what changed in his mind between dropping me off on Saturday night and getting my e-mail on Monday.  I should probably also mention that he works with my cousin's ex-husband, and is friends with several people I know, so I have a small fear that someone talked some bullshit about me to him.  I just don't understand how he could change his mind when nothing changed.

EDITED AGAIN:  Since people are still not getting what I said in the e-mail, here it is: 

OK, so I'm going to assume you were really busy yesterday, and that's why you enver got back to me.  But like I told you, I have this history of people suddenly deciding that... well, I have no idea what they're thinking because they all of the sudden decide to blow me off completely.  And while I try not to be a typical crazy chick, I get worried when someone who I talked to on a nearly daily basis suddenly decides to cut me off. 
And one thing you'll find out about me is that because I don't like fighting, I tend to address my worries before they get to a serious freak out level.  I also don't get hints, so if you want me to go away, you'll have to come out & tell me that.  So I'll just ask you flat out:  what's up with you not getting a hold of me at all in the last 2 days?  In the past week, if you haven't messaged me on Facebook, you sent me e-mails or called me. 
And then we went out, and everything was good.  You asked me if I wanted to see you again, more than once.  I said yes.  So I was thinking that meant that you wanted to see me again.  But I don't know if you're mad that I didn't put out, or if I'm just too much woman for you, or if I have too many pets...... I just have a bad feeling.  So I'll just finish like this:
I hate feeling weak, and I hate feeling dependent. So I hate having to do this.  But I like you- you're funny, and we have SO much in common, and I'm really curious to see where this could go.   So if, for whatever reason, you've decided that you don't want to see me again, please let me know, so I can stop wondering what I did wrong when everything seemed to be going so well.
And if this is all in my head, just laugh at me, and don't hold my paranoia against me, k?  Once i know where I stand, the insanity drops dramatically.

All of the self-depreciating humour is related to things we discussed previously.  I'm NOT asking him to pick out a china pattern, just to tell me if he's decided he's not interested anymore. 

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A friend of mine made this site (yes, it redirects since it's a .tk. But she's in beta mode, she'll go to a .com sometime apparently). It's a fanfiction competition site basically. If you write/read fanfiction, would you ever use it? Why/Why not? Stuff she could improve?

Have you ever read the books "Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists", and the other books in that series? (I think there's only three of them so far) What did you think? I just finished Pirates in an Adventure with Communists and I couldn't stop laughing.

How would you get more people to join/post in a Lano and Woodley fan forum? (the guys in my icon) There's no other lano and woodley places to advertise in that weren't spawned by one of us. :P We also talk about other comedians. Actually, how would you get people to join and post (posting in particular) in a forum (not a comm) for ANY obscure tv show, book or movie? Like, in general. Tactics.

Do you like the song "Highschool Never Ends"? I only discovered it yesterday and I can't stop listening.

(no subject)

Do you pick at your pores?

Is there anyway that my o-ring could've fallen through my ear?
My earring was on the floor with no o-ring to be found and my ear is all red around the hole now and it wasn't even just two hours ago. So I'm wondering if my o-ring fell out with my earring and that agitated it.

(no subject)

How much do you generally spend on food in a week? a month?

How much of this is spent on groceries and how much is eating out/fast food?

How many people are you feeding?

Is this more/less than you'd like?

(no subject)

Do you have boring on your mind?

Are first impressions really important? Do you think my calculus teacher will still like me (because he does from the first day) even if I score low on the test we had based on the summer packet?

lots of questions

Would you consider yourself quick-witted? Do you feel as though you're always *on a roll*?
If you ever wore braces, did you continue wearing your retainers forever? If not, have your teeth gone to shit since you stopped...and how long had you worn your retainers for?

I don't consider myself quick witted, therefore I always feel i'm having a slow day unless I drink caffiene or am drunk.
I've been wearing my retainers for two years now, does it matter how long you've worn them before you stop? I'm supposed to wear them every night for the rest of my life :|
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(no subject)

okay, I have tickets for the Baltimore Ravens home opener, which is the 2nd game of the season. Why, oh why, do the tickets say "Game 3"?

If you like (American) football, what's your favorite team?
California: Los Angeles; 101 North

where is my memory?

I'm using a 2GB Sony Micro Vault memory stick to transfer data from computer to computer. This morning I wanted to move a TV show and I got a warning that said there was not enough space on the stick for the file. So I checked its capacity and there is only 125 mb of free space.

Where did all of the memory go, and how do I get it back?
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(no subject)

1) Could you list some low calorie, low fat salad dressings that taste good? Preferably cheap.

2) Have you ever tried writing down what you ate for a whole day? Were you shocked at the amount of calories you ate/didnt eat?

3) Whatever happened to salad bars? (Restaurants dedicated to them, I mean)

(no subject)

My knowledge of modern manners is stunted pretty badly due to some grand scale shyness, but there was a post earlier today about contacting people and oh no, wait. What??

1 After what social-outings do you usually call people?
2 Is it necessary to call/e-mail/whatever someone after you go on a date with him or her?
3 What do you say when you call?
4 How quickly do you respond to e-mails/calls?
5 What do you think when people don't respond to your e-mails within, let us say, a week?
6 Am I an awful friend for never responding to e-mails or calls?

I have so many questions but 6 is already too many.
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I'm completely redoing my wardrobe and I have to plan my shopping otherwise I'll end up with like 30 tank tops and nothing else. I work in a business casual office and go to school full time, so comfort is important. At work I usually wear khakis and a nice blouse or button-down shirt.

1. What's the most you would spend on a good pair of pants for work?
2. What's the most you would spend on a good pair of jeans?
3. How many pants, jeans, and shirts should I plan on buying?

I'm willing to drop a big chunk of change and put a lot of effort into this because I am determined to find clothes that actually fit my body type, dammit.
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(no subject)

How often do you go on LJ at work?
(I'm on it all the time, I just keep hitting refresh on my browser when I get bored/have nothing to do/finish all my work)

How long is your commute?
(Depending on the day it's either a 1.5 hours total (to and from work), or 3 total)

(no subject)

Anyone have the Dell Vostro 1500 notebook? What do you like/dislike about it? What upgrades did you get?

How accurate is cardio equipment when it tells you how many calories you've burned?

What's your favorite quote from a book?

What is it with people living in the south really disliking anything 'yankee?'
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(no subject)

i'm screwed. I'm short 53 dollars on my deductable to get my car out of the shop.
what are some ways I can get the money fast?

I've asked family, and allready included my income this week.
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

What are some party games for a bunch of 17-18 year olds, guy and girls, that aren't lame?

Also, why have I been sent and electoral enrolment form for my 17th birthday when I'm not an Australian citizen and therefore can't vote?

LJ Story?

Kind of a weird question...but I remember awhile back, I believe it was an LJ spotlight, about two people who met online (one in the US and one in the UK)...and then they finally got to meet in real life. I was trying to tell a friend of mine about their story and wanted to show her the LJ...but I can't find it. If any of you know what I'm talking about could you post the link? Thanks!

Answer found! Thanks pageless
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(no subject)

What's the best way to make a good chunk of change in 2 months time?

I'm already selling the majority of my crap and working as many hours as I can take. I write articles online for cash, but there's very few sites that do that. So. Feed me your "get rich quick" schemes. I'm desperate, I tell ya. Also, preferably something legal.

2. If you could decorate the person you hate the most's house in any way, money is no object, how would you do it?

3. What's the most disguisting ice cream you've ever heard of?
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(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I am home alone and very bored. I have no transportation so I can't just go and do something.

1. What should I do?
2. Will you entertain me?
3. What do YOU do when you have nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to hang out with?
4. I've been feeling very down and bummed lately. Is there something wrong with me?

(no subject)

So I think I'm going to do a murder mystery for my next birthday (in December). I'm writing my own, so anyone have some awesome ideas?

Has anyone written one? Any help on how to do so?

I'm mostly looking for awesome ideas for the whole plot though. Characters, twists, motives, whatever. Use your imagination. :D

eta: I really want to do one with a film noir kind of feel. do you think this is relatively easy to dress up as and decorate? suggestions on that too, please :D

(no subject)

If you could magically put back together any band that's currently broken up, who would it be and why?

If you could have any band break apart (in a really trashy, embarassingly ugly fashion) who would it be and why?

(no subject)

on the WoW site, on the ten-day trial thingie, its being odd and asking for an authentication number on the sign-up, and there's a 404 error once I fill out my contact info. Glitch in the site/should I come back later? Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

If you're attracted to really manly-looking women and really girly-looking men, what does that make you? My friend asked me that a while ago and I've been wondering myself.

Oh, and who here watches Yo Gabba Gabba?

(no subject)

i want to put this one album on my iPod but it is exponentially louder than anything else i have. is there anyway to like..turn it down at the source?

and yeah, i'm aware i probably worded that question in a really retarded fashion. but i don't know much about computers and i don't pretend to.
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(no subject)

1. I wanna make cupcakes. I have all the ingredients but none of those paper liners... if I spray the cupcake pans well with a non-stick cooking spray will I be okay?

2. Should I make plain or vanilla cupcakes?

3. When you clip your nails, do you make sure to clip over a trashcan, or do you just clip them onto the floor and figure that when you vacuum/sweep next they'll be good to go.

4. Between you and your SO (or if you do not have one, best friend), who is more likely to give up something they want if the other wants it to? Say, there is only one bite of icecream left and you both want it - who'd be more likely get it, and who is more likely to not get it? And none of this "we'd share it!" crap.
Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

1) Why won't Paypal let me add funds from my bank account? Why won't it let me add a bank account?

2) Besides using a credit card (which I don't have) or Paypal (which won't work) how else can I pay for my paid account? Does sending cash work? Obviously sending money in an envelope half way across the world is risky but if it does arrive will LJ actually add a year to my paid account?

3) Also, what's LJ's address? Or should I send the money to SixApart? What's their address?
  • kit_n

Comcast, grr

I offically hate comcast. Their services suck beyond all suckage.

I'm in the Colorado area, do any of you know of any other companies that can provide cable and high speed internet OTHER than Comcast?
liek omg by retreat_repeat

(no subject)

i was arrested while visiting a friend in a small town in northern Illinois when i was 15 for opening the door of an unlocked truck to grab a pack of cigarettes. they got my finger prints and took a mug shot. i'm 20 now and have two questions:

1. would they still have the mug shot?
2. would they give me a copy?

i'm curious if they still have it as the county person threw it out(it was a really ridiculous thing to get arrested for in everyones' opinion but the cops, apparently) and i'm no longer a minor. and if they do, i want it. for funsies!
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(no subject)

Do you get super excited when you make a new friend?

Cause I met someone near me who is pretty cool and I'm pretty much bouncing off the walls.


Ice cream before pizza: y/n?

(no subject)


1) What is the most money you can make for college work study?
2) How much did you make, if you were awarded work study?
3) What did you spend it on?
4) Are you annoyed when people sign their comments?

Immediate help needed

Normally I do not post computer related questions and think they are annoying as hell, but I pressed something on my media player that makes the music play really, really fast. I can't stand it!!! Please, does anyone know how to fix it???

I restarted the computer and all is well. That was weird. Sorry :/
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(no subject)

whenever someone offers you a mint do you immediately think to yourself 'does my breath stink'?

do you know anyone who is majoring or has majored in interior design? what about architecture?

your SO* asks you to marry them, you say yes.. you're engaged for 6 months before you find out he/she has been cheating on you. you call off the wedding, what do you do with the ring?

*even if you're single.. for the sake of the question imagine you have a SO.

(no subject)

I've been meaning to ask this question for a while now.

For those that never want children (and are honestly sure about it)... why not?

I'm honestly just curious. This isn't meant to sound condescending, or anything. I've never heard a reason behind it, and I know a few members feel this way, so I was hoping someone could explain their feelings about the matter.

(no subject)

1. Does your town have recycling laws? Do you follow them?

2. The apartment I just moved into has a gas stove. This is the first time I have ever used a gas stove and I am completely in love. However, the burners are warm to the touch even when everything is turned off. They're certainly not hot enough to cook anything, but they're just warm. No gas smell or anything. Is this a normal feature of gas stoves?

3. TQC, I just moved and I have this pretty large, blank wall in my living room. It desperately needs something! Any suggestions? Preferably something inexpensive. I have some art prints but I don't think they would look right.

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(no subject)

1. What is the name of a flat (except for one part that's slightly curved upward) piece of metal in a circular shape that you stick in between a door and a wall for additional security (helps prevent the a door from being opened)? The name escapes me and I'm going to buy one.

2. Which novel to you find to be overrated (if any)?

3. What is the last thing you broke?

(no subject)

1. You're going out to dinner a casual dining restaurant. Are you more inclined to order a meal (something like steak and caesar salad, a burger and fries, or a stir-fry), or an appy (such as nachos, dried ribs, spanakopita, etc)? Since appies are meant for sharing, they tend to be as large as a meal, so try to ignore the hunger factor.

2. Where are you right now?

3. Do you (or your parents/spouse/roomates) own a deep fryer? How often does it get used?

4. Does the performance of DSL decline when lots of people are on the internet? If not, why do I keep getting that damned CANNOT DISPLAY WEBPAGE thing? Does my DNS server have anything to do with it? (no community referrals).
Sheriff Bored
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I'm female and a junior in high school. I have three male teachers, aged 37-41, who are in the habit of winking at me. I've always considered winking a somewhat flirtatious gesture, but now I'm reconsidering.

My questions are these: 1) what is winking to you and others your age? 2) Would you be a bit weirded out by this, as I'm inclined to be?
  • angua27

(no subject)

I got a call on my cell phone from 000-000-0000. I called it back and there was no such number. My cell phone says when a call is restricted or not available.

So, my question is... WTF?


I know that just about everyone hates them, but I do believe that it is one of the only jobs available where I live for me currently. So people with telemarketing experience (or who know of people with experience)...

Was it worth the money? How long was the training? Were the hours flexible at all? Could you get days off easily? etc.
  • brree

abusive relationships

1. Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? (significant others, family members, etc.) If you feel comfortable enough, will you tell me about it?
2. If so, how did/do you deal with it?
3. How do you feel about people who stay in abusive relationships?

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(no subject)

How do you choose your doctors?

If you moved to a new city where you didn't know anyone, what type of research would you do before choosing your new doctors?

Does your insurance (if you have any) have an online search database?

Do you trust your insurance to cover good doctors?

(no subject)

I went to a group interview today for some company that sells air filters. Big ones used in like nursing homes and hospitals and whatnot.

They claimed we would make $20/hr for the job if they hired us. You'd do two hour long presentations for appointments made ahead of time (so you're supposedly not harassing people to buy a product - they said not to be pushy or aggressive with sales) at least 25 times every two weeks. Which rounds out to about $1000 minimum every two weeks. Oh, and they'll give us an extra $500 at the end of each month to cover all travel expenses (even though the maximum they said we'd have to drive to our presentations was 45 minutes)!

So what's the catch?

We don't have to pay them any money for training or equipment and paychecks aren't based off commision. If you sell all 25, you get paid $1000, if you sell 0, you get paid $1000. The only thing we have to do is sign a form taking responsibility for the air filter they give us to take to clients.

I was part of the group invited back and while I figure there's no way this is not a scam, I'm going to try and be optomistic because if it was a real job, then well, I want it. I'd like to try to research the company more, but I had to leave the group interview session quickly to get to another appointment. They were called GHI or HRI (or some combination of that) and based out of Ohio for the past 79 years. Have you ever heard of a company scam like them?

(no subject)

What's the best release from depression?

Doing something selfless, like helping someone who's in need
Drugs. Hard drugs
Playing with a child
Strengthening your apathy muscles so you no longer care
Meaningless sex
Whiny emo blogging
Petting a kitten/puppy
There is no cure for depression

Favorite Orlando?


The best things in life are ____

found in the company of companions
$3.99 a minute
not legal
not found in my town
In Rowling novels

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What is the best 'get up and fucking dance, bitches' song?

In three days, i've eaten 20 krispy kreme doughnuts and a box of cakes from a bakery, three lindt chocolate bars, a bag of jaffas and a litre of coke. How fucking awesome is that?

Have you ever just walked out the door and gone walking? Where did you end up?

How sugar-high am I?

Work-at-home jobs

Does anyone here do any work-at-home stuff? What do you do? How much do you make from it?

Are there any legitimate data entry work-at-home jobs? I've been looking all over the internet for it.

Why I'm asking is because I'm about to quit a very crappy job and need to make some money while I'm looking for another job. Better yet, if I could make a steady income and work from home, I'd be very happy.
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I have massive sores in my mouth (6, to be exact). They're really painful, especially the big one on the bottom side of my tongue

To top it off, my throat is really sore and raw. Like, it hurts badly to talk, and even more to eat. I haven't eaten anything in full since like 3 days ago when I had a spicy chicken sandwich...and that probably wasn't a good choice!

but it's really painful even when I'm not talking or anything! And my doctor's appointment isn't until tomorrow morning!

Do you have any solution to get rid of all the canker sores or to ease the pain?

Hope you can help
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Heard any news lately that has pissed you off? I just found out a kid in my class had to leave his house because it was under 4 feet of water. Why the hell my town doesn't do something about the flooding every fucking time it rains just pisses me off. Now and little 3 year old has NOTHING.
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i love barnes & noble and i was thinking of getting a job there while i'm going to school. does anyone have any experience working there? or at least stories from people they know who've worked there? extra points if you know about working at b&n in nyc.