August 20th, 2007

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1) what is the "taste" of Root Beer??
2) what does root beer taste like to you??

3) why when you're drinking and you go in a hot tub, you feel more drunk??
4) when was the last time drinking resulted in you vomiting all over yourself, a toilet or another object?
 b) do you normally drink to the point of black outs and getting sick?

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1. How do I make my car make the rev'ing noise?
2. If I have my foot on the brake and put my other foot on the gas pedal, what will happen?
3. Suppose I wear 25 spf on my face plus bareminerals (spf 15) will that equalize to a 40 spf or not?
4. what's your plan for the rest of tonight?
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one - how often do you wash your hair?
two - what's the longest you've ever gone between washings?
three - how long can you usually go before it gets greasy/dry/desperate?

and i guess

four - when you don't have time to wash it, how do you make it less gross?

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How do you motivate yourself when you have something that really needs doing but you don't feel up to it?

I'm asking because I have a lot of studying to do but I'm just really not in the mood. I keep thinking "One more episode of *insert pretty much any show here*". I needs help, y'all! :D
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Mom's birthday again...

What would be a good online gift certificate to give to my mom for her birthday?

(I asked what I should get her the other day, but most of you told me to get her things I've already bought for her in the past.  I've decided to get an online gift certificate... but what sort?!  In the past I have gotten her gift certificates for Netflix, Lush, eBags and eBay.  She liked most of them, especially Netflix.  Any suggestions?)

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1. Are you in highschool or college?

2. When does school start back up for you?

3. What grade or year are you going into?

4. Are you looking forward to it?

My answers:

1. highschool
2. August 22
3. 11th grade
4. No, i'm going to a new school closer to my house and i'm scared that me and the people who i've become friends with that don't go to my school will get distanced.
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Have you ever donated a car to charity in the US?

Who did you donate it to and how did you decide that?

What was the process like?

I already itemize my taxes, so I know about the tax deduction side of it. I'm more curious about how your experience was with the organization, the interactions and the eventual donating of the car.
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where can I find a karaoke (no vocals) version of "it takes two" from the Hairspray? pref the broadway version, but I'll take the movie one too if we can't find anything else.

and if it doesn't exist, is there a simple program out there anywhere for mac that removes a vocal track from an mp3?

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1) have you ever gone to work drunk? tipsy? etc?
2) why?
3) did they figure it out?
4) if so, what happened? if not, were you freaking out that they would?

1) yes.
2) i drank too much at a friend's party, but then couldn't call in to work. well, i could've, but i knew which manager was on, and i knew she'd plead with me to come in anyways.
3) nope!
4) yess. oh man. i had to go talk to the manager like right when i got to work, and i was SO scared she'd figure out i'd been drinking.

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Are you usually the one that is always asking your friends for advice, the one that most of your friends come to for advice, OR neither? why do you think that is?
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Would you like it, if for xmas, you got a bath bomb, a small tub of lotion, a tube of flavored chapstick, and 2-3 votive candles?

If that was your whole gift, would you be sad that there wasn't more?
Even if you're not a girly-girl, would you be interested in trying those products?

I'm thinking of sharing my favorite e-tailers with my friends/family for xmas. I think that they will like them (I LOVE them), but I don't want to be cheap by giving them just that, but I also don't want to 'out-gift' everyone if I give them that + their real gift.
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1) If you are breaking up with someone, what are some creative ways in which to do it?

2) What's the weather like today?

3) What's the worst thing your significant other has ever said to you?

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how do i buy songs on itunes, if i dont have an account. a friend said i could just put in the number after i scratch it. buuut. all i see is "create new account" and "enter your username if you already have one"
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When I visit my homepage (Google) here at work, the page looks like THIS. (I cropped the page down)

I know this is someone in TQC's icon, I can't place the name, but WHY THE HELL is it on my Google page?
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1- Why does my cat keep drooling on me?
2- Finger paints: y/n?
3- What is a swell (yet doesn't cost a million bucks) camera that is capable of panoramic shots? I just got a taste for doing them, and now I want more!
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Apple or PC?

I am clueless about computers. 

I went to buy a PC, perhaps and e-machine or another and was swayed by the sexy Apple iMac.  I don't want the Apple guy to be blowing smoke up convincing me Apple is better.

If you are a loyal Apple fan, let me know why? and vice versa please tell me any and all woes about Apple.

PS.  I would just be using it for basic internet surfing, writing papers and of course music and photo storage etc.



five big ones.

1. what is your favorite shade of pink?

2. do you keep medicine in your medicine cabinet?

3. how many mosquito bites do you have?

4. what creative thing will you do this week?

5. have you ever been to Branson, MO?

ETA: if you have never heard of's the country music capital of the world. it has more live country shows than Nashville. It's also insane. It's like Las Vegas without the glamour, gambling and nudity.

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As of February 2008, I will be moving somewhere completely new. I have nothing holding me down, so why not while I can? I haven't decided where yet and moving to a new country for awhile is definitly a possibility.  My only restrictions (and these are all just personal preference) are that it must be within a couple hours of the ocean, either have English or Italian as the language spoken, and preferably either be a large city or close to one (within an hour's distance). Nothing in New England as that is where I am living now and nothing in the Southeast (of the US) as I have lived there in the recent past.

Edit: And not Florence either. I've lived in Italy and no offence if you love it but I think Florence is the most overrated city in the country.

If you could move somewhere that fell within these guidelines, where would it be and why?

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Movie time

1. In your opinion, what (so far) has been the best movie to come to theaters in 2007?

2. What's your favorite genre of movies?

3. In your opinion, what has been the worst movie to come to theaters in 2007?

4. What's your least favorite genre of movies?

ETA: 5. What movie(s) this year that's not out yet or is in theaters now are you looking forward to seeing?

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How do you sing?

I am a girl with quite a deep voice; if you aren't talking to me in person you'll probably mistake me for a tween-boy. When I've sung before, in my "normal" voice like this, my mother had told me that I sounded like I was singing through my nose. So I sometimes I try to sing a bit... higher, but I don't know if that is totally natural? Because when I sing up on the scale, my range gets pretty limited... I'm not sure if you're supposed to sing from your voice or up a bit higher like that, what is natural?
Quinn Twin

Opinions, Plz!

1. I've never sold anything on eBay before, and now I'm selling a designer bag since I've decided to buy the same print in a different style. Assuming you're bored or just like giving your thoughts out, could you check it out and tell me what you think? I only bought a few of the upgrades because they are the only ones *I* care about when looking to get something off eBay. But, as I would like the bag to sell (and preferably at a higher price than it's at right now), I want opinions of other eBayers and I have no idea where else to get them!

2. My husband, our best friend and I are going to Dragon*Con very soon and we love to dress up! My husband and I know our main costumes, but our friend will only dress up if he can do it with us. What are some good ideas for two guys and a girl to dress as? I'd prefer to be something cute and sorta sexy because that's what I like to do for the cons. I was thinking something akin to American McGee's Alice with them as the hatter and march hare, but it's hard to find scary rabbit masks that don't cost $400.

3. I went to work on Saturday to work out (I work in a gym, btw) and a lady flipped out on me. She's never been mean or rude to me before, so it caught me really offgaurd. Also, she knew I was off the clock and I know I didn't do anything inappropriate at all (basically she was mad at me for having a conversation with other ladies around us - I didn't use bad words or riske' topics). Even though I know I was in the right, I just apologised to her over and over, but she was WAY upset for some reason and mentioned she knew she should be telling my boss and not me, but my boss wasn't there. Today when I go to work, do you think I should go ahead and address it with my boss? I am pretty sure this lady will hunt my boss down to the ends of the Earth if she has to to complain since she was freaking out, which is why I'm considering it.

Fishy Questions

Would it be cruel/stupid pet ownership to get a betta to keep in your college dorm?

I am heading off to college in a couple of weeks, and I have to leave my hamster at home--we cannot have animals like that in our dorms, though I am fairly certain that we can have fish. I think I will sort of miss having an animal around to be my pet/friend--does anyone know what I mean? Anyway, I do not want to get a pet simply for the companionship, and end up accidentally mistreating him by keeping him in a too-small tank or any of that.

How do *you* take care of your betta? Have you come across any helpful tips as to keeping them healthy? Do they only eat dried bloodworms, or do you give them other foods, as a treat or something? How long have you had your betta?

Have you ever had fish (not just bettas, I mean fish in general)? What kinds of fish were they, and how long did it/they live?

I had a pink kissing gourami named Hootie, who honestly lived about seven or eight years. (Which amazed me, since their life expectancy is about 5 years, and, to be honest, I got him when I was younger and, as a result, rarely cleaned his tank. Not quite the best pet ownership, but kissers can apparently adapt to most water conditions...)

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In honor of being able to move back into the house yesterday with brand new gorgeous dark wood floors in the living room (seriously, they're awesome)...

What kind of flooring do you have in your place of residence?
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So, I was watching a little of The Price is Right this morning... 
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1. Do you like The Price is Right?  If not, what are you - a Commie?   ;)
2. What is your favorite game on the show?
3. Is this the one you'd want to play, or is their another you'd do better at?
4. What kind of contestant would you be? - excited, cool like dat, lowkey but happy...something else?
5. If you watch and see someone from your home state/town/college, does that make you more apt to root for them?

6. If you could be on any old-school game show (think The Game Show network, not the newly abundant - and abundantly silly - primetime ones), which one would it be?  Would you kick some ass, or just be on it to have fun?

lost in translation

Just got back from my lunch break. While I was out there, on the way to nummy foods, I saw something else that was quite nummy. There was this woman in a short black skirt with knee·high socks, and pink t·shirt. One of those women you see and for a few seconds your brain goes totally blank...

...which may not be so unusual for me as it is for other folks.

Anyway, I found my gaze brought specifically to her shirt (not for de boobage...well, maybe) and I got a bit cunfused. Y'know those shirts that saw I love, using a heart in place of the actual word love, something or other? Well, instead of a heart she had the symbol of the Playboy bunnies. So it was "I playboy·bunny·head you".

What the Hell does this mean?
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1) Will you tell me your experiences with the Chase credit card company?

2) is 12.99% APR a good or bad rate on a credit card?

3) Is staying with someone because you are afraid of being alone & hurting the other person a dumb idea? (Assume this is a very serious relationship)

4) What is your favorite chocolate-covered snack? Mine's pretzels.

5) My co-worker came in with a bad cold today, and now my throat hurts. Is it possible for me to catch it that fast when he only walked by me a few times & handed me some order slips?
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Since lots of us are gearing up for school starting again, tell me what classes you're taking this semester! Which class are you looking forward to the most?

BMS 523 - Epidemiology
CS 661 - Introduction to Medical and Bioinformatics
STA 621 - Design of Experiments and Regression

I'm most excited about Epidemiology.
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Oh, TQC, with your infinite experience and wisdom, I call upon thee to bestow some advice, hopefully in the form of lists.

In about a week and a half, I'm moving to a dorm. Those who have been through this, what did you bring with you? What should I bring with me? What are some things you didn't think of, then realized would be helpful? And what things are really obvious (because I'm bound to forget something like that)?
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So the Powerball is up to 245 Million. I bought 5 tickets, lol.

Assuming you play, what would you do with the money if you won 245 million dollars?
Would you take the monthly payments or cash out for the chunk?

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1. Have you ever gotten your car towed? Stories, cost?? My friend just got hers towed when I was with her. We went to the bookstore to go to our interviews, then decided that since we were right by the music school, to go practice. 3 hours later, her car was GONE.

2. What is your favorite default LJ layout? Where do you get yours from? I need  a  new one soon.

3. What color is your bed spread?

4. What should I have for dinner that is CHEAP?

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What do I say to my new tenants who have, I discovered the hard way, painted over the lock to their apartment door, as well as all other locks in the apartment, all outlets (some are painted shut) and all light switches (rendered immobile)?


I do, unfortunately, have to be nice to these people.
that's what she said!
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how often do you buy something, anything?

What's the longest you've gone - hours, days, months, what have you - without spending money? As in - not using your ATM card, no cash out of your pocket, not charging to a credit card, etc? Are you conscious about how much you spend each day, or does it not really phase you?

I ask because I realize I haven't spent money since about this time yesterday, and it feels weird. I usually buy a mocha or lunch or something, but I haven't spent a dime in 24 hours. Feels good. Weird. But good.
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I already tore through Wikipedia about this

During The Infinity War series, several evil versions were made of all the Marvel characters. After the war ended only a couple of these survived; most notably the Doppelganger creature that was patterned after Spidey.

Other than that one, the one that was patterned after Daredevil survived and thrived beside the voodoo priestess Calypso (former lover of Kraven the Hunter). It continued to pursue Daredevil for a couple years after that till it eventually met its end.

I can never remember...what was the name this creature went by?
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Have you ever had a root canal? What was it like? Oh yeah, how much did it cost??!!

Have you ever had a crown placed on a tooth? Cost?

Was it painful? It looks like I may have to have one of the above. They'll know more on Thursday once they start drilling. What does one do when they have basic dental insurance b/c they've never had any problems ever before with their teeth except for a rare cavity and now their basic dental insurance doesn't cover root canals or crowns?
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Which is worse?

So, in your opinion which do you think is worse:

  • Having a job you hate in the profession you chose


  • Trying for years to get a job in the profession you chose to go into, without any success

In sum, is it worse to have a job you hate, or spend years trying to get your foot in the door.
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Geeky Girls
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Hanging Out? What to do?

A guy that I just met wants to hang out in my apartment, this evening. So far, he's not tried anything so I really don't think it is for that reason.

How do you entertain someone on a work night without alcohol available and without "relations"

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Quick, think fast!

Who would win in a fist fight: Henry Rollins or Glenn Danzig?


Note that this is a bare fist fight, there will be no use of power tools, appliances, cutlery, or former bandmates in this brawl.

And serious answers only, please. This is a very serious matter.
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(no subject)

1) What is the last trivial thing you cried over?

2) What general time of the day do you usually go poo?

3) What is your favorite condiment?

1) I just started bawling at Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah. At work. Oh dear. I'm not even really big on that song.

2) lol, morning

3) Relish
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I bought some cute Kamio stationary the other day, and I'd love to use it; however, the envelopes it comes with are labeled in the Japanese mailing system (which is the reverse of the US mailing system--zip code first, then city, then street, etc.).

My question is--can I fill in the blanks as they're labeled, and will the post office recognize it? Or should I just get a white label or something and place it over the form and just address it then?

Also, the address form is on the back of the envelope. Will the envelope go through the post office okay, or should I squeeze the address in on the front instead?


- hl

PARANOIA! (and lots of 2 part questions!)

1. Ever been paranoid while at home alone? What's the story behind that (a specific example)?

2. Anyone else having HORRIBLE sinus problems? If so, Where do you live?

3. What's the longest distance you've ever driven by yourself? How long did it take?

4. Anyone have reading material in your bathroom? Whatcha got?



1. YES! One night last week both of my roommates ended up being gone all night and it was probably about 3am. It started thundering and I was CONVINCED someone was breaking in down stairs (I live in a townhouse), I even got up and locked my bedroom door. Then I looked towards the window and saw flashing light. ANY other normal person would then realize it's a storm, not me! I then convinced myself it was flashlights of the people breaking in. It wasn't until I looked at and saw there was a storm that I somewhat calmed down again. Oh, and PS...I'm 22.

2. My sinuses want to kill me. I live in Atlanta.

3. I moved to Haverhill, MA from Atlanta, GA earlier this year (yep, lasted only like 5 weeks), I packed up everything that would fit in my car, grabbed my cat, and drove 1200 miles, alone. Driving time was like 18 hours, but I stopped in Chambersburg, PA. Five weeks later I made the trek back, and stayed in Chambersburg, PA again, oddly enough, same room.

4. Yes, I was sick last week (TMI!). I have an intouch weekly, and the perks of being a wallflower. :)
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(no subject)

1. So what's awesome in your life right now?

2. Have you hugged your lawyer today?

3. I want to do something special to celebrate my roommate not getting kicked out of school. If you had just not been kicked out of school, what would you want to do?

4. Which US Constitutional Amendment is your favorite?
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Random Q's.

1. What is the nicest thing you've ever done for someone else?

2. What is the nicest ting someone else has ever done for you?

3. What is the youngest age you, as a hypothetical parent, would feel comfortable letting your child play outdoors (in a relatively enclosed neighborhood and no traffic) with a group of other kids up to the age of 12 there to watch them?

Just asking cause my daughter likes to play outside with the other kids and some of them are as young as three with no parental supervision! I always go out with my daughter but other than that, nobody is watching the other kids. My mom once said that she let my daughter (18m) play outside with them for a while while she went in to make dinner and I was like D; WTF, PLEASE NO.

Is 18 months too young? 3? 5? 12?

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I was watching TV and saw a documentary on dogfighting. I was wondering, Do you think Micheal Vick should have the maximum sentence possible or should he get a reduced sentence because he made a plea bargain? This interests me because I have a degree in criminal justice and was wondering what other people thought.
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1. If you've ever used to sell something, about how long did it take until you were paid?

2. Have you ever worked night/3rd shift? What was it like?

3. Ever worked in a warehouse? I might be starting a job working 3rd shift in a warehouse, but everyone I've talked to seems to think it'd be a horrible job since I'm a girl. They didn't tell me what to wear and that I should just come in on Thursday. What would be appropriate warehouse clothes?

Non-Standard Frames?

I've got a bunch of stuff collected on my travels (original comic art, prints from the Moulin Rouge, etc), that are non-standard, larger sizes. I've found a few places online that do those sizes, but I'd really rather not pay $50 per frame. Most are already matted, so matting them to fit a more standard frame doesn't work, nor am I crafty enough to make my own frames. Since I'm not in my 20's anymore, I don't think it's legally allowable for me to tack them up without frames! ;)

Where's a good place, online or brick & mortar, that I can go to find non-standard sized picture frames? Is there a secret, gotta-check-them-out store for more standard sizes?

And for giggles, here are all the sizes I need (both standard and non-standard):

11 x 14: 7
17 x 22: 4
19 3/4 x 27 1/2: 1
16 x 20: 1
14 x 19: 3
13 3/4 x 17 1/2: 4
9 1/2 x 11 3/4: 1
5 1/2 x 11 1/2: 1
9 x 13: 4
15 x 15: 1

Frame to mount oil painting canvas: 15 x 18
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(no subject)

i've never had a job where i had to work a double shift(i've really only ever had a full time job). can it apply to a full time job or is it just part time jobs that you can get stuck with them? 'cause my friends keep complaining about double shifts and i'm like.. it can't be that bad since you work part time shifts. so i wonder if i'm missing something.
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(no subject)

My google-fu is failing me and the consulates are all on lunch break at the moment.  What is the procedure when one's schengen visa expires?  I have always thought that you had to leave the Schengen area for three months prior to returning but can't find anything about this on the Belgian embassy page, the Schengen info page or the MFA page. 

(no subject)

1 Where do you want to be?

2 What is your dream job?

3 Do you have/want kids?

4 How much would/did you spend on your wedding?

5a What is one thing you do every day?
5b What is one thing you would do every day if you had the time/money?

6 What do you want?

(no subject)

I'm trying to think of a music video, maybe from the late 90's that had a clay guy or alien or a robot(not sure)..... and he had a fire or something in his stomach or it opened up and it showed his daily routine maybe of going to work..... I can see it in my head.

Does anyone know what Im talking about?


clothes clothes clothes

1. what are you wearing right now? bonus points if you can find/take a picture of it.

2. i have kind of a funky/colorful style and i need new clothes. what's a reasonably priced(nothing like Abercrombie & Fitch prices), fun store i should shop at when i get a full time job?

3. is there ANYWHERE that doesn't make ALL their girls t-shirts cap sleeved?


does anyone else hate cap sleeves with a fucking passion?

no, i like them.
i don't care.

1. i'm wearing the Manchester United 05/06 season goalie shirt

and these horrible pj pants that have a cartoon cat with a feather in its mouth and the words "BAD KITTY" all over them. i wouldn't post a picture of them if i had one.

2 & 3. idk!
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(no subject)

Do you, or at any time did you, have really really dry hair? My hair is just devoid of moisture, and I don't know what to do. What products would you recommend to bring my hair back to life?

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(no subject)

If you were going for a really nice dinner out, would you prefer to go someplace you've been to before and like, or try something new?

Have you ever been to a wine tasting? What did you like/dislike about it?

Do you keep track of the books you read? If you track them online, what's the link?
the goodies

One year ago...

1 What did you post about one year ago today? (or the closest to it, if you didn't post that day)

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2 When talking to someone face to face, which of their eyes do you look at the most? Do you try to give equal eye time in case one gets jealous, or do you just look between the eyes to make it fair?

I look at the right eye the most, though I flick over to the left every now and then. I feel silly looking at the space between their eyes.

3 Have you ever read a Dr Seuss book out loud without tripping over the words? My daughter's father gave her some, and boy those things are hard to get right. At least she's too young to understand English, let alone Seuss :)

hypothetical riddler.

If a person is good too all the people in his or her entire life time, except one. 
There is one individual this otherwise kind person is wretchedly vicious to. 
It is not known or obvious that the individual has done anything to the person.

If good and bad were black and white; Do you guess that this person a good one or a bad one at the end of their life?

(no subject)

1. are there any cute running shoes these days? i hate the ones with all the different colored lines going everywhere and the ugly white soles. if you know of cute ones, please link.
2. why do people get all cocky when they're chewing gum? i read once that chewing gum makes people score higher on tests. do you think it gives people confidence?
3. how far away do you live from where you grew up?
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(no subject)

Do you have any horribly depressing people on your friends list? Like people you can't stand to read their posts, but you're afraid to unfriend them incase they try to kill themselves?
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(no subject)

So, it's some time in either the present, future, or past, and you have a teenager that is half your DNA. They're 16 and want piercings. You're in a place in the world that does not allow minors to get pierced without parental consent.

What's your stance on letting your kid get pierced? Explain your reasoning behind it as well, please.
Does the gender of your kid matter? Why or why not?
Does the piercing matter? Why or why not?
If the piercing does matter, what piercings would you allow, and which ones wouldn't you? Why or why not? (some examples: eyebrow, nose, navel, cartilage, stretched lobes of various sizes, lip, etc etc)
If you do let them get one, and after that they come asking for more, where would you draw the line and start saying "no?"
  • bee224

advice please

I am considering rushing for a soriority this coming semester, although I will be a Junior, is that too old?
also, please describe to me the process of rushing for a sorority, and, how often events are/are they mandatory? generally, is it a good idea to join or no?



damn TV shows...

1. do you watch VH1's the pickup artist?
2. what about the white rapper show?
2a. do you think there will be another white rapper show?
3. What is you favorite all time show?
4. What show are you into right now?

(no subject)

It's day 4 in my math class and I'm completely lost. I look at the question and it's like trying to read Arabic... yeah, doesn't work. :-\

Does anyone know if colleges have tutoring programs this early into the year? We just started on the 15th. Where would I normally go to ask about this?

(I go to City College of San Francisco, if it matters)

(no subject)

1. I hate this question, but what should I do with my hair? It just hangs there and I cry. I'm open to anything, but something preppy and work-friendly would be best, really. Please include links or pics of cuts/colors/etc, if you have 'em. Collapse )

2. Who owes you money? You gonna break their legs or what, yo?

3. If you drink beer, which beer do you prefer? I like Dos Equis even though I seem to be the only one sometimes.

(no subject)

Why has itunes suddenly started sorting songs starting with numbers and brackets at the end of the list instead of the beginning?
And how do i get it back as it was?
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(no subject)

Have you ever seen American History X?

how amazing is that movie?

did it make you cry at the end? (because I completely did. FUCKED UP.)

do you, or have you ever, agree with some of the points in that movie?

do you know anyone who is really really racist?

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1. What are good jobs for adults with ADD? 

2. What do you do to feel better when you're overwhelmed?

3. What is a good random gift to send to a boyfriend of 2 years? 

4. What do you do if you really want to start riding your bike more often but can't stand the obnoxious people in your town/city that constantly beep or yell random sexual obscenities at you while you're riding? 

5. What are some good documentaries to rent?

6. Do you know of any websites where you can watch documentaries for free?
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if you are so intent on just talking about yourself, and you aren't even going to leave 10 seconds for a responce, why bother asking the other person how they're doing?
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I am taking a 2 hourish plane ride soon, so tomorrow I am going to go buy a book to entertain me. What book should I buy? I can read fairly fast especially if that's all I'm doing, so no quick reads pleaseeee.

Should I buy a coloring book too?