August 19th, 2007

Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine


What would you do in this situation:

You're at a video store, looking for videos. A man comes up out of nowhere, a man who really isn't your type, and says, "excuse me, I just want to say I think you are beautiful" and then goes on a bit about how you're beautiful, about how he thinks everything happens for a reason and that the two of you were at that store at the same time for a reason. He talks about his favorite bible story in which a king marries a Jew unknowingly, then decides he wants to kill all Jews, but then the woman says, "Wait, I'm a jew", and then he doesn't kill the Jews, and compares that to meeting you in the store. Says he feels so comfortable with you, feels like he belongs next to you, doesn't want to leave you, and you give him your number just to get him to leave you alone. He doesn't give up creepy vibes (even though what he's saying is creepy, it's more just him trying very hard to win you over), but you're not really interested based on the outside package.

then later he sends you a text message: "[yourname], you are indisputably beautiful. Gosh, you made my heart stop for a moment tonight. Please call me tomorrow. Good night."

What would you do?
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(no subject)

This is a long shot, but worth a try.

Can you give me/help me locate the icon that says something like "I'm the girl you/your dad jacked off to."

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

1. What is the last really random thing you did?

2. What is the last movie you watched (either at home or at the theaters)?

3. Do you remember the first movie that made you cry?

4. What's the silliest thing you ever stole?

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Ho hum...

1a) Which races are you most often attracted to?
1b) What makes them attractive?
1c) What race are you?

2) What's one thing guaranteed to make you horny?

3) Favorite expletive?
4) Why are all my friend's boobs bigger than mine?

5) What do you if your friend tells you she's going to shave her hair into a mohawk (because she's 'SoooOooO punk rawk?') 

6) Can you tell me about one of those times you realize you're going to regret what's coming out of your mouth midway but it's too late to stop?

7) Where did you go today?

8) What is your favorite acronym and what does it stand for?

9) What is on your clipboard? (ctrl + v) 

10) Can you tell me the meaning of life?
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a few questions- need a guy's point of view on sex.

1) Does guys like it when their girlfriend show up at their door in middle of night with a coat with nothing under it?

2) Suppose a girlfriend decides to bring a lesbian porn to your place and wants to watch with you, would you def watch it and have HOT HOT sex with her?

3) How do you guys feel when a gal stick a finger up your ass when giving you head?

4) When it comes to sex life- what things would you def like to try?

*** I'm a girl just wanting to get a guy's POV***
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(no subject)

I have some animal photos that I took yesterday, and was thinking of making a macros out of some of them. I turn to you, TQC, for your advice on this - will you help me come up with some witty captions? If so...what are they?

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(no subject)

1.Okay sorry Photoshop related question. Please don't kill me. I need to print an A4 size poster, what size should I use in Photoshop? From File>New>Preset, should I choose A4 or something else?

2.What kind of pencil do you prefer? The normal wood pencil, the woodless pencil or mechanical pencil?
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(no subject)

I have a new computer. How can I get all my music off the old computer and on to the new one? I don't have wireless in my dorm, and my boyfriend's apartment does but I don't really want to drag both computers over there and set up a network to move the files. Also, the old computer is a PC and the new one is a Mac, if that matters.

My university says that illegal downloading is the most common offense on campus, but they can't see what people download so they don't really know when it's illegal. However, they CAN see what people upload, so that's what people usually get busted for. Basically it sounded like they were saying that if you use torrents, don't seed, and if you use limewire, don't allow sharing. But if I'm downloading a file from a site like mediafire and not uploading it for anyone else to use, that's okay, right? I mean, aside from the fact that it's probably still illegal. =|
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(no subject)

For those of you who mod/have modded a community with moderated membership, what are your most memorable experiences of granting someone membership and coming to regret it?

Will you also share a story about someone whom you considered rejecting but didn't, and they proved themselves to be a worthwhile community asset?

If you eat hot cereal, what is your favorite kind, and what do you like in it or on top of it?

Other than popcorn, what is your "must-have" movie snack?  Beverage?
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New job. Resume. Need criticism and advice.

I am starting to look for a new job as Unix/Linux systems administrator these days. That's besause I have growth enought in my company and reached my ceiling/limit and also I think that I cost more, than the salary I have :) . I think that my last project (getting into prodiction a HP blade server with a _very_ big network attached storage and moving some services to the blade) will end in September. So I am preparing to this.
I am rarely young, able to relocate anywhere in Russia (I'll be permitted to leave Russia after Dec, 2009), and I have many other advantages to find a good work.
It is not a secret that if you know foreign language, especially English, you can find a job where you will be paid some than if you don't know foreign language. So I want to find a job where I will need to use my English. This will be an another ability to improve it...
I wrote english version of my resume, it is under lj-cut. If you have some spare half hour (or more, I don't know ), could you check it and say you remarks? I am of cource not sure in it, because the way of writing resumes is some different in different countries..
So criticize and give me some advice
Thank you.
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(no subject)

1) Do you like to play in the rain?
I do, though I haven't in ages. Lack of decent rain makes it hard

2) Do you actually listen to instructions when someone gives you them? If not, why the fuck not?

3) If someone gives you clear, concise navigational directions while you're driving, do you pay attention and follow them? If not, why the fuck not?
Clearly, someone has done neither of these lately when I've given them clear directions. It pisses me off! Especially while they're driving, and I have to repeat myself loudly as they're about to miss the turn, after i gave them plenty of warning for it. I just don't get it.

Because you guys helped me with this, do my dramallamas pass the test?
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(no subject)

Mostly inspired by the show Girlfriends...

How would your parents react if you started dating someone of another race? Would they react differently to different races?

(edit) What about a different religion?

What race are you? Religion?

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(no subject)

I have a really important follow-up interview tomorrow for a marketing manager of a mall. During my phone interview, the guy seemed to think I was pretty qualified for the position, but I don't.

I really, really want the job, I just don't think I have enough PR/marketing experience. I am going to put together a fake event so he can see what I'm capable of, but other than that I'm at a loss.

How do I make them believe I'm qualified for the job, when I secretly don't think I am?

Any other general interview advice? Dos/don'ts?
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(no subject)

What are some suggestions for a hair straightener, TQC? I'm not going to be straightening my hair every day, so I don't need a professional-level one or anything like that, but I don't want a cheapo shitty one either. How much should I expect to spend? I have about $120AUD atm as a budget. My hair is very long, slightly wavy and kind of frizzy in some places, if it helps any.

(no subject)

1. Do you like seafood? I'm asking about things like fish, crabs, lobsters, etc., not that cheesy joke. :P

2. What television show(s) is/are overrated?
2b. What movie(s) is/are overrated?
2c. What song(s)/band(s)/singer(s) is/are overrated?

3. What is annoying you at this moment?

4. What is your favorite dressing on salad? I have just discovered this 'lemon-pepper' marinade. They suggested putting it on salad, and this is glorious.
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(no subject)

What's most likely to happen?

Several women come forward and say that they were Richard Simmons' lovers and that he's got illegitimate child with each of them. Apparently, Richard has been obsessed with women over the years and is forced to check into sexual rehab
Kevin Federline wins a grammy for rap album of the year
Justin Timberlake retires from music to focus all his energy on lifting weights and preparing for the next Mr. Olympus
Some computer nerd steps forward and says that Paris Hilton paid him money to photoshop her sex video. Paris wanted the publicity, but has never actually had sex. She's waiting for marriage
Britney Spears wins the Mother of the Year award
Fifty Cent reveals that he's never been involved in gang violence. It's all a gimmick. Those aren't bullet wounds. He once fell into a wheat thresher on a school field trip. Oh yeah, he's gay
It's discovered that Hilary Duff has a child. She's kept it hush-hush, but she got pregnant at the age of 12.
It turns out, Bush was right about Saddam. And the Iraqi war. And global warming. And stem cell research. And evolution
Tommy Lee meets a nice christian girl and settles down, and converts. He then has penis reduction surgery
Through a similar Mili Vanilli incident, it's discovered that Celine Dion's been lip synching for years. She's completely tone deaf in real life
They remake the Princess Bride, with Ashton Kutcher as Wesley, Demi Moore as Buttercup and Wilmer (Fez) as Inago Montoya
FOX feels that the tv show House is too serious, and adds an undercover cop in a fat woman suit to the cast, and renames the show Big Momma's House
The Olsen sisters overcome their eating disorders, great breast implants, and end up ballooning up to 300 lbs each
Ryan Seacrest ends up ballooning up to 300 lbs and grows man-boobs
They find the real killer of Nicole Simpson. O.J. is finally found to be completely innocent in the public's eye. Every tabloid prints an apology

AVI Communities?

I'm a member of a few fabulous ipod video communities, but would like to get movies in AVI (or higher size/quality) format. Bittorrent is my friend, and was wondering if there are communities for AVI lovers as well on LJ? Searches don't come up with much.

I love my prez...
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(no subject)

do you think it's a good idea to teach your children what racial slur words mean? Not in the sense of using them around them, but just letting them know what these slurs mean.

I'm not looking to start a flame war, but i've always wondered. When I was growing up, I never knew what any of those words meant - my parents didn't want me to know, and while I can understand why, when I got older it got me in a lot of awkward situations... it doesn't help that sometimes I can be a complete dingdong.

I'm particularly interested in the opinions of POC.
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(no subject)

Hey TQC! I am planning my Sweet Sixteen (yay!) and trying to decide how to tell people to dress.

What does semi-formal make you think of? (Clothes for girls and boys)
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(no subject)

you were supposed to be ready 5 minutes ago, we're going to be late! WHY ARE YOU STILL NOT READY?????????

when's the last time you got a greeting card? who was it from?

(no subject)

Why in the world does my chinchilla's water bottle keep spilling all over her cage all of a sudden?

At first I thought she had chewed on it or something, but yesterday I got her a NEW water bottle, and she didn't even have time to chew on it before it started doing the same.

Heck, it's not even spilling - it's just that the little metal ball things just seem not to have any suction powers anymore, since they just let the water drip out, instead of holding it in.
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Sorry if it's tl;dr

In Sociology, part of the stages of human development (I'm fairly sure it refers to completion of self, not the eight stages of man), there is a fairly recently introduced topic that refers to an adult taking time to search within themselves to complete their self-image; if I remember right it is the final and ultimate achievement a human can make as far as completion of self goes, not something everyone can or does accomplish, and has been debated heavily as to whether it should be applied to this area of study. There is a specific title, for that stage and for the overall topic, it is going to drive me nuts. Anyone know the title or can point me in the right direction?

Do you have any strange or unusual contacts in your phone?
What's in the cup closest to you?
What does your backyard look like?
Do you need to use the restroom but are too lazy to get up?
What color is your front door?
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Inspired by this post in stupid_free

What is this "furry" concept? I tried looking into it, even found WikiFur but I  still don't really get it. Can someone sort of bring it down a notch?

I mean, is it a fetish? A hobby? Is it inherently sexual or is it completely not but it's hard to keep sex out when people are involved in non-main-stream activities? Does it involve dressing up in costumes? What the heck is babyfur???

And.... what do you think of all of this business?

srs ansers only, as this is very srs business! >:-|
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(no subject)

So, last night while I was napping on my boyfriend's couch, apparently I started to put my hand down his pants. He and his little brother were playing video games, and his brother felt awkward and went upstairs. I don't remember any of this, but I'm equally amused and embarrassed. My boyfriend was super, super amused. I just know if I saw some girl fondling MY brother, I'd get out of the room too.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in your sleep?
I think I should just laugh this off, my boyfriend's brother is a cool kid. Good idea? At least it wasn't in front of his mom, right?
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(no subject)

So, I know nothing about real estate. We are currently renting our house and moving in November. The owner of this place is selling it. There's a For Sale By Owner sign on our front lawn. Now, she always calls us when someone is coming in to see the house and that's cool. Just now, some couple showed up and said they were here to look at the house. I got no phone call, no warning, nothing. I just got home from work and was pretty frazzled trying to get two dogs under control. I said now wasn't the best time and they got pissy with me saying that if the sign is up, then the house should always be ready for viewing.

Dudes, is this right? Can people just come to your door and say they're here to see the house and you have to let them? They didn't even know we didn't own it. They have some other real estate agent and said they'd be back with her. I let them in, because I'm a pushover, but is this standard procedure or am I right in being a bit pissed off that people are showing up announced demanding they see my house?

(no subject)

I'm looking to get another MP3 player, this time a Creative Zen. My last one was an iPod, so all my music is on iTunes. I assume it wont be a problem, but I thought I'd ask you guys, Zen works with iTunes, right?

Also, I'm looking to get a laptop later this year and want to get all my music from my moms desk top onto my laptop. Do you guys know if there's any way to transfer my music from my Zen onto the laptop? I know I needed some special soft ware if I wanted to do it with my iPod...

(no subject)

I got my credit card in the mail about a month ago and haven't yet received my first statement or anything. I tried paying for my road test and a trip online and both sites said that my credit card info is wrong and won't let me use it. I am typing everything in correctly. I can't call them until tomorrow.

I have a Capital One Gold card.

What could be wrong?

(no subject)

For those of you who have travelled to Japan...

- What advice would you give to others wishing to go?
- What was your favourite/least favourite part of your trip?
- What do you wish you had've known before you went?
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(no subject)

Are sex offenders the only felons who are required to put their name on some sort of public registry?

If this is the case, why aren't other felons required to do this as well?
I See What U Do

o great tqc...

I need to go to the store.. should I drive to Gallup (90 minutes away) tonight, or count on my friend who is supposed to go with me to Flagstaff tomorrow to bail like she always does?

I'm out of coffee creamer, and even with the cost of gas, its cheaper in Gallup. Plus there's other stuff I need too..
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(no subject)

Where can I buy a pair of nice, opaque black pantyhose? Most pantyhose I come across has a sheen to it which I don't like, and stuff I find that's nice and opaque usually turns out to be leggings, which I don't like. Are there any brands or specific pantyhose you'd recommend or suggest?

Thanks in advance!

- hl

PS: I live in Southern California, so I might not know about/might not have smaller chain stores and stuff found in other regions.


Is there an *actual* reason as to why some people snort when they laugh, and some people don't?

I've always thought I snorted because I was trying to hold back my laugh, as I have a VERY loud laugh, but then earlier I laughed at something and I still snorted (I didn't try to hold back my laugh as I'm home alone). Odd.\

Do you laugh?
EDITED AGAIN (because I'm an idiot)
Do you snort when you laugh?

not related at all:

Do you pop anything on a REGULAR basis? (as in knuckles, neck, etc)

(no subject)

What is the last meal you made from scratch?

mine: I just made baked salmon with rice, asparagus, and a delicious knock off of those cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster. I'm quite proud. even though salmon is really easy to make, my oven being on makes it hot as fuck in my house & I'm just glad I got through it.
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(no subject)

Do you still have any of the books you read (or had read to you) as a child? If so, what do you have?

I have the copy of The Magic Pot that my grandmother read to my mother and then later to me. I also still have my autographed copy of A Wrinkle in Time.
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mail in Europe

How long does it take (approximately) for a letter to reach Frankfurt from Paris? I'm assuming it's about the same in the opposite direction, but correct me if it's not for some reason.

(no subject)

1.Where do you live?
2.Do you like it? Why or why not?
3.If you don't like it, where would you rather live?

My answers:
1.Orlando, Florida.
2.NO because it's way too hot down here all the time, there is no winter, and there's no real city around here to do things except Disney and all the tourist attractions.
3.BOSTON, MASSACHUSSETS. I will be living there when I am done with college.

Another question!
In Brave New World; Why does John get sick in the helicopter factory?
I am thinking that it has to do with how he was disgusted by seeing the thousands of clones and how no one was an individual. Everyone did what they were told to do and soma takes over these people's lives.

I don't know if that's right though or not. :-/
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(no subject)

When a job ad thing says to send a resume through e-mail, do they mean as an Word attachment, or copied and pasted into the body of the e-mail? I'm sure the answer is obvious but I just wanna make sure!

I need to make a resume, will someone convince me I should do it now when I'm bored and have nothing to do instead of procrastinating?

Anyone know of any good places online to find samples of civil service tests?

Right Now

Right now, what fandoms/fandom pairings do you wish people had heard of, most?

Right now for me,
Pagan/Roland from the Pagan Chronicles by Catherine Jinks
Ricky/Jake/Mickey (no not all three of them together) from Doctor Who
and Frank/Ricky from Showbands I and Showbands II. Not like anyone knows what Showbands is. :( (They're a set of Irish movies, about a girl/woman who wants to be a singer, and her manager, who runs a showband that she sings for, and her 'rival' Ricky who she dates to cover up rumours that he's gay, and it turns out he is, with Frank, his manager.)

Natalie Holden/Peter Carlisle from Blackpool
and now i've t hought about that, something to do with Danny as well, also from Blackpool.

What about you?
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(no subject)

i just discovered that i am sensitive to/allergic to the mascara i use - CoverGirl VolumeExact. oddly, i've never reacted to the eyeshadow just the mascara. does anyone know of a good natural-ingredient based/hypoallergenic mascara?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) Why would a girl who has a loving, committed relationship with a great guy, suddenly and without provocation want to be independently(ie, not living with anyone) single? (I'm not saying that she's weird for wanting to be single, I'm just wondering why it might have come on so suddenly. I don't know her well enough to ask)

2) Do you enjoy the smell of lestoil?

3) What is your favorite soup?

4) Should I wait until kitten season next spring (also when I get a bigger apartment) to adopt a second cat, or should I visit a shelter now and pick out an older kitty? I would love an older cat, but I'm still afraid my apartment is too small, and I'm wondering if Milo, my current cat, would get along better with a kitten (he's the runt and I'm afraid an older cat would boss him around). Give me advice, oh wise TQC :P

(no subject)

1. I'm always amazed at how well some actors can change their speaking accents. What actor (if any) did you not know had an accent until much much later than everyone else?

2. Are you good at any accents?

3. Have you ever faked an accent on the phone or face to face with a stranger, and they believed it?

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(no subject)

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SO while the dog was living a my brother in laws, they never fed her dog food, she would eat table scraps and whatever else was around.

My question is, how do I break this habit and get her to eat dog food?
what's the trick?

(no subject)

1. You've been with your SO for almost a year. They just confessed to you that your "first time" together a few months ago was actually their first time, despite their original statement that they'd been with two other people just as you had. They were afraid you would think less of them if they had told you they were a virgin to start with. What is your reaction?

2. Would your reaction change if your SO was a member of the opposite sex? (Opposite meaning the sex that they aren't.)

3. How long has it been since you graduated high school?
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(no subject)

Dear TQC:

On Tuesday, I will be taking a long train ride, followed by many days of boredom in a tiny cabin in the woods. I would like me some books to read, so I am asking for your recommendations, keeping in mind that I prefer kind of ... dark, scary, occult, supernatural/psychological thrillers.

I am going to the store tomorrow. Please to be helping me compile a list.
The Receptionist Classic

Go for the Gold

Have you ever lived in a city that has hosted the Olympics while the events were being held?
If so, what was it like?

Every time San Francisco makes a bid for the Olympics, I get really excited and then I think, wait no, it'll suck ass traffic-wise and stuff...
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(no subject)

Have you ever fixed something of yourself that you consider to be a character flaw? (Example: a tendency to be late all the time.)

How long did it take and how did you go about it?
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(no subject)

Would you prefer that you child watches tv or surfs the Internet for recreation? Why?

Assume equal time spent on each, both forms of entertainment are easily monitored (so no porn or anything you deem as inappropriate), and your child knows what is appropriate and does not stray from the rules you've set forth. This kid probably doesn't exist, but let's just say s/he does for argument's sake.

You must choose one or both if you're apathetic. "Neither" is not an option, and telling the kid to get a book/go outside/whatever is also not an option.

(no subject)

i just got out of a 4.5 year relationship. boo.

how long do you think it'll take me to get over him? should we start a pool?

how long before i should even attempt dating again?

if you're single, do you like casual dating? i hated it. i'm hoping i won't hate it as much this time around.
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(no subject)

1. Tomorrow is my first day at my new job. I'll be doing Tech Support at a call center. The dress code is 'business casual' so we're allowed to wear jeans and sneakers, which I feel most comfortable in and what I usually wear. Should I dress nicely to begin with and gradually introduce my normal clothes or should I be 'honest' and wear my normal clothes from the start?

2. On a scale of 1 - 10, how good or bad was your weekend? 1 = BAD, 5 = average, 10 = awesome

3. My cat bit me today while we were playing. It barely drew blood and he's had his shots, but do I need a tetanus shot or anything?

(no subject)

Do you speak any languages besides English?

I speak Spanish (fluently), Russian (at an intermediate level), and Italian (enough to get by in Italy without using any English, but pretty basic). Tomorrow I begin Arabic.

Random Questions

1. What are some items every girl should have in their wardrobe? (I ask because I am going to do some shopping tomorrow.)

2. Has anyone seen Becoming Jane? If so, did you like it?

3. Where is a good place to buy shoes if you wear a size 5.5 (US size)?

Name This Movie:

Lady gets drunk at a bar, hooks up with guy and goes home with him. Turns out, his home is a boat, she passes out, he kidnaps her and takes her to his private island where she's held captive.

I don't remember who's in it, and that's all I remember of the movie. What is it?!
Emily Porch
  • xemcats

"Do you have any Tylenol?"

Are you generally the person asking semi-strangers and friends for pain relievers while you're out in public, or the person who always has it in your purse/pocket/bag/whatever and gives it out?

Have you noticed that the person asking for the pill usually uses a kind of shy "I'm in so much pain and would be so grateful if you could help" voice intonation?

king size

1. What is the point of icons with script too small to read? Ah, for decoration.

2. Anybody ever seen the movie Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael?

3. What are some things that you love everthing or almost everthing of? (directors, muscians, authors, brands, etc.)