August 18th, 2007

Nail polish stain on carpet.

Can a big nail polish stain ever come off of carpet? Would you have to call a professional? Nail polish remover helped to fade it, but it's still there. PLEASE HELP. My dad is so pissed. He said that if he had a gun, he would shoot me right away.

Btw, I tried hairspray on it, but it didn't help much.
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TQC! I get to meet my first internet friend on Sunday! When you meet internet friends, what do you do with them when you hang out?

If you were in a serious relationship, and someone who wasn't your significant other said to you, "I've liked you since the first time I saw you. I know you don't feel the same way, that's fine, but until I can find someone just like you I'm going to be repeating the same pattern over and over, and that's what kills me." What would be the best way of handling that? OMG ONLY SRS ANSWERS 4REALS DOODS

Where do you live?
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What would you do?

I met a guy in my dorm, he's nice, takes me out many times, shows me around, etc. However, there is a girl he is close to in the dorm: always accompanies her out, cooks and eats all meals with her. One night me and him go out, get drunk and hook up. He tells me that he was with the other girl for three years, was engaged, then broke up three months ago. He tells me to keep what happened between us a secret, because it would hurt her.

Now, other than the occasional hello, he ignores me and avoids me. This is a small dorm and it's totally awkward. I want to ask him what his deal is but there's a significant language barrier (studying abroad). I can also never get him alone to talk to him. What should I do?

EDIT: I'm not interested in being with him romantically, I just don't want it to be awkward. The dorm is small, about 15-20 people on one floor, so not seeing/talking to each other would be next to impossible.
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Should I join my school's field hockey team this year? I know it's my decision and everything, but I want advice.
If I do, I would have to go to mandatory preaseason, which cuts my summer vacation two weeks short. Also, once school starts, it's four days a week. And I think some people think I'm better than I am, and that might be awkard.
It would be kind of a drag because I'll be pretty busy with college applications.

On the other hand, it would be helpful to have on my application, because I would be co-captain this year. I would get exercise, and the kilts are actually really cute (clearly a reason). And I wouldn't have to take a PE class during school, which is really good because I would get lots of free periods in school to do work/eat/sleep/go get sushi off campus and I wouldn't have to change and shower in school.

So, what would you do?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Have you ever heard of a cinema pub? (A movie theater that serves actual meals at a table while you watch the movie). Do you have any near you? If so, what is it called? Do you like it?

We have Chunky's Cinema Pub around here. It's pretty good, if a little expensive.

2) If you knew who I was to begin with, did you not recognize me without my dear old Shuichi icon? :P

eta: 2b) Should I just go back to the purple haired gayboy wonder? lol XD

not so hypothetical

ladies (or guys, i suppose).
pretend you are married (or engaged or seriously dating someone) and have a baby. you are the child's primary caregiver. wherever you go, the baby goes. your mother-in-law asks you if you and the baby would like to accompany her and her sister to the beach for a week. you only have 2 days notice, so pretty much 1 day to decide. there will be several more of your husband's family members around (and you've never met them). you won't have to pay for food or your room.

do you think a) free trip to the beach! or b) omg a week with the husband's family without him being there to protect you?

would you go?

ALSO. this does not count as community whoring because the community in question does not exist. would any of you TQCers with kids want to join a parenting community for normal parents who are not scary Dr. Sears worshippers and don't hate on everyone for DOIN IT WRONG?
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I am leaving for a 5 and a half hour drive to my new home in a jail-cellesque dorm in Tallahassee at Florida State. I am actually pretty damn excited.

What would you like to ask me about college, my dorm, my roommate, or my life?

What is/was your favorite part about your dorm/apartment/house?
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What should I draw?

(Background:  I'm a trained illustrator, but it's not my career.  I just do it as a creative outlet, to give as gifts and to decorate my home.  I usually draw people.  I'm not sure if I want to stick with people or branch out.  Landscapes bore me.  The last thing I drew was a picture of my sleeping daughter.  What now?  I'm feeling the urge to create something.)
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how do you trick a boy into liking you? rly, i need trickery people. good looks and charm are not my friends.

edit: i have a surefire plan that involves kidnapping, gaslighting, and stockholm syndrome, but i figured that'd be unethical and definitely cause for arrest if i didn't finish making him fall in love with me before i was caught.
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Here's Mikey!

Truly Outragioius!

Did you watch Jem and the Holograms back in the 80s?

I vaugely remember it, and I've been watching episodes of it on You Tube and this show... it's so dumb sometimes, and the "outrageous" 80's outfits and hair make me laugh, but it is just so addicting in it's soap opera-esque badness.

Isn't Jerica/Jem the ulitmate Sue? She's a super nice business woman who runs a music studio and spends all the money she makes on her foster home for girls! But when she uses her supercomputer and earrings her daddy left her, she terns into a glamorous rockstar! She has a gaggle of sue friends, everyone loves her, and all the boys fight over her. She even has evil anti-sues, the Misfits! But despite their best efforts, everything always works out for Jem because she's JUST THAT AWESOME.

So anyway, if you remember watching it, did you like it?

Why isn't Jerica ever pissed that Rio of the purple mullet is cheating on her... with herself?

Speaking of the purple mullet, why is it that everyone important has crazy hair colors? None of them dye it. Hell, they even show a video of one of them as a baby and she had purple hair even then!

Why don't they ever call the cops on the Misfits for their repeated murder attempts? Because I totally would. Those guys had a BOMB put in the Holograms' HOUSE. That alone should land them in jail for a good long time.

No serious answers, plz.

What other shows did you watch as a kid? If you watched them now, what would stand out as glaringly stupid to you?

Rock School 2.

Did anyone watch Rock School 2?

If so did you know that Lil Chris is like huge in the UK now?
Well I don't know if huge is the word but his single was number 3 on the charts.
I'm shocked, I liked him on the show though Aha.


I just learned yesterday that the father who has neglected to contact me for the past seven years is not a deadbeat, as I assumed, but has descended into profound schizophrenia. After years of trying to contact my paternal family, I finally received an e-mail from his sister explaining everything. He also suffers from formal thought disorder, mild delusions, maladaptiveness, and avolition. He's very reclusive and has been living with his parents for the past several years.

I'm feeling a different mix of emotions. I always just assumed he was avoiding his child support payments or had hard feelings towards my new stepfather. Learning that he's actually mentally ill and has been in and out of treatment facilities makes me feel extremely guilty for feeling so resentful and hurt as an adolescent.

I'm also very hurt that his family didn't try to contact me early on, for genetic reasons as well as personal ones. I've been dealing with depression, borderline personality disorder, self-mutilation, and I've been on and off medication and in and out of therapy for quite a few years. It would have helped a great deal in my own treatment to know about his condition earlier on.

My aunt brought up the point of possibly reconnecting with him. Should I try to form a relationship with my father? Or could this have a negative outcome, considering his condition? I don't know, perhaps my inner abandoned emo child is doing the talking here. Maybe I should just let bygones be bygones and get on with my life.


What are your plans for today? Hooray for Saturday! :]

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what is/are your favorite acid(s)?

Acetic acid
Acetylsalicylic acid
Benzoic acid
Boric acid
Citric Acid
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Fumeric acid
Formic acid
Glycolic acid
Hydrochloric acid
Hydrofluoric acid
Lysergic acid
Lactic acid
Nitric acid
Sulfuric acid


Ascorbic acid
Phosphoric acid
Salicylic acid
Palmitic acid
Lauric acid
Stearic acid
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I woke up thinking this morning. Dammit.

Why does drinking beer through a straw make you drunker faster? (They say it's an old wives' tale, but I have the mild hangover to prove otherwise.)

If comedy=tragedy+time, what is the value of time?

What should I do this weekend? It's going to be cooler (88 degrees as opposed to 100) and rainy off and on, and we don't have a lot of money to spend...

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Is it pluots or plumcots?

I am talking about the plum+apricot things. I just saw two different names for them in a gardening community and I have always called them pluots. The ones I see in stoes have the stickers that say pluots.
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(no subject)

1. If everyone in your life didn't like the person you were dating, married to or interested in, would you continue to date or pursue them?

2. Have you ever ignored your intuition? What happened?

3. Do your first impressions of people tend to be right or wrong?

4. Are you self-destructive? In what ways?

(no subject)

1. What are your views on abortion?

2. Should pot be legal?

3. Are tight pants on males really that great?

4. You're stranded on an island and can only bring three items with you. Which do you choose of these: iPOD, best friend, books!, alcohol & weed, S/O.

5. Is peeing in the woods really gross?

6. What are you/do you want to pursue as a career?

7. Would you forgive a cheater?

8. Shiny Toy Guns or Birthday Massacre? Neither?

9. Do you avoid having bowel movements in public restrooms?

10. If someone were to label you (ex. punk, prep, emo) what would you be labeled as?

Annnnnd, what are you favorite lyrics?

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do you like blasting your music? is there only specific songs you just turn all the way up? is there any creative music out there anymore? can you recommend ANY?

how much money do you make at your work?

what's something you want to brag about?
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Will you take part in my Gender Confusion survey? :)

What I did is I took 12 people, got them all the answer the same question ("What do you look for in an ideal partner?"), took off their names, and am getting people to try to guess what gender they are based on the "vibes" that they give off. It sprouted out from when I mistook one of the guys on my friend's f-list as a girl XD And I have a pretty good amount of replies, but I think more is better :D

Also, it's quick--the faster you do it, the better :D


- hl
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Recently, within the past few months or so, I've been getting the most debilitating hangovers ever. I'm literally "not okay" until about 7-8 hours after I wake up, and then I still don't want to do anything. Drinking less- even two beers- will require hours of recovery. I didn't used to feel this way, which is what concerns me.

I have absolutely no appetite, no energy and terrible headaches, muscle cramps and a little depression. I'm too young for this shit.

I have tried: drinking obscene amounts of water (while drinking and after), Gatorade and force-feeding myself fast food.

TQC, what can I do?!

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How long are Hershey's Kisses good for?

I found a bag full of loose ones while i was cleaning out my closet, and they're from two years ago. Should I throw them out, or are they still okay?

(no subject)

1) If someone removed an article of clothing to wash it, blew their nose on it, and then tossed it in the washer, would you be grossed out? (Note: It wasn't me who did this.) How gross is that?

2) Okay, warning, this is rather gross. Don't read if you're squeamish: Lately I've been waking up with my mouth having mucusy build-up inside it. What could be causing this? It's icky and I want it to stop. I have trouble breathing through my nose at night, if that makes a difference.

3) What's that song playing in the commercial where two fireman run up to a roof and see a woman standing there listening to her iPod or something? Anyone know what I'm talking about?

4) Do you think it's rude to have sex in a movie theater or train station bathroom? (Note: I'm not planning on doing this, I'm just wondering.)

5) If you walked into a public bathroom and saw two half naked women, would you assume they were having sex? (I ask because a friend of mine and I went into a public one stalled bathroom to switch outfits once and the lock was broken and someone barged in on us. People were giving us some pretty weird looks when we walked out.)

6) How has your day been? What are you wearing?

7) I've started sleeping 12-13 hours a night. AM I GONNA DIE?

8) Have you ever caught someone having sex in a public place? If so, what happened?

9) Do I talk about sex too much?


Harry Potter post...if you ain't interested, sorry, move along.

For those of you who have finished Deathly Hallows, what are your feelings?

I have a question about the Elder Wand. (THIS COULD BE A SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED!) When a wizard defeats another, does he have to physically have to take the wand, or do the powers of the Elder wand move into his wand? Because Harry wouldn't have the Elder wand because Draco didn't actually take Dumbledore's wand, he just disarmed him.
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How do you know if your cell phone is dead or if it has a battery issue?

My phone shut off on its own the other day but I pushed the on button and it came back on. It was working fine since then. I called my mom this morning but she didn't pick up. But apparently she's been trying to call me and is only getting my voicemail. My phone is off (though I didn't turn it off) and won't come back on. The batter was showing that it was fully charged this morning. I'm currently charging it to see if that works.

It's an LG that I've had for almost two years (my contract expires in a couple weeks). So what do I do? Do I take it into the store to get looked at? Or should I just go get a new phone since my contract is up anyway?

ETA: Also, I've never had an issue of any kind with this phone before. This is the first time it's acted odd.

ETA2: Nevermind. I just went and got a new phone and renewed my contract, fo shiz.
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While cleaning my room yesterday, I found a stuffed animal I was forced to make in home ec class in the seventh grade. My mother insists it looks like an amorphous brown blob, but I think it's at least moderately recognizable. Then and again, I did spend innumerable torturous hours stitching the damn thing together.

Picture #1!
Picture #2!

Can yoooooooou tell what it is? What did you make (if anything) in your home ec classes? Got any horror stories?

Sending flowers.

If I was going to send flowers to someone (tulips, if you're nosy :D) how would I go about it?  Like, would I call a flower place near where I'm sending them, or use one by me?  Any florists you would reccomend to use?

(no subject)

1) Is it weird that when I watched The Hitcher I kept thinking "Oooh, Sean Bean is kinda hot."?

2) The person who posted those nasty pics below is Voldemort reborn, yes or no?

3) I ate a whole crap load of celery and still feel hungry. Why?

4) Medicine for your eyes:

(Me after I saw the pictures)

(I'm sorry, childfree people.)

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Just to get back on track.

1] Are you anything like your best friends?
Nope. My best friends are all very gay black boys that spend their weekends at the club getting money from rich older men =[.

2] What's your favorite carbonated beverage?
I don't drink soda! I gave it up, and when I drink it now, it tastes gross.

3] Which side of your face is your best side?
My left side!

(no subject)

1. How would you interpret the following comment made by an anonymous user on one of your older entries?

"Hope you enjoyed our editing... Karen, Tom & Mike"

The subject line was "Clarissa", which is not my name.

2. Have you ever been guilty of a major "fashion don't"? If so, what was it?

(no subject)

Do y'all remember the girl who posted here a month or so ago, saying how her parents were stupidly late home and how unusual it was for them to do that without calling, and they weren't answering their mobiles and stuff?

Does anyone know what happened with that? I still think about it, mainly because I would've been so horribly freaked out if that was me, I'm incredibly paranoid with stuff like that.
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I just managed to scrape up a used copy of Okami for the PS2... but it has no manual.

Does anyone know where I can find a scanned copy of the manual? (I'd ask if anyone who has it could scan it, but I know how that would turn out ;] )

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Poll #1041484 For 5 million dollars, would you...

...not wash your hands or bathe for an entire year? You're not allowed sponge baths or moist wipes


...wear the clothes you're wearing now for an entire year? You're not allowed to change them at any point, or to wash them. You may still wash yourself, as long as you put these clothes back on again


...forgo using toilets or bidets for an entire year, and only use adult diapers?


...break up with your significant other, and date your SO's closest friend (who's the same gender as your SO)? You're not allowed to mention the money at all, not until a year passes, and you must date the friend for at least 3 months


(no subject)

Wtf do men do when using the toilet?! please explain what it is they are doing in there that takes so damn long? there are very few things I can think of that one would do while in a toilet, but neither of those things take me 20+ minutes? I have asked the boy but he gave me a really odd look. =S

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fish emergency?

I have a female betta, she seems to have some sort of "thingy" dangling from beneath her. It was not there this morning when I fed her. It is brown, and hanging creepily like a tick from between her front fins.

I sortof assume her death is imminent(although it doesn't seem to be bothering her), but any advice or prognosis would be appreciated.

Edit: Okaaay it's gone now. But unless bettas have an unhinging anus like a snake has an unhinging jaw, I doubt it was poo. it seriously looked like she had a 7mm or so tick hanging from between her fins. all that's left now looks more like poo, but the giant thingy is gone and does not appear to be in the tank somewhere.

creeeeepy ew.

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I posted this to my journal, but apparently my friends have social lives. Plus I'm impatient. So I'm asking you!

I have a lot of leftover cooked rice, and I want to make rice pudding. Does anyone have a favourite recipe? I have milk, eggs, sugar, honey and various spices, but no raisins or sultanas. I like the mushy kind you make in a saucepan more than the baked puddings.

I found a recipe online that looked ok, but it calls for half a cup of egg substitute. Can I substitute eggs for egg substitute? :)

Also, what the fuck is egg substitute?
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Help a dork find her inner sex kitten plz?

So, my fiance just made the comment that I don't "tease" him. I think what he means is that I make no effort to initiate The Lovin'.

Upon a bit of reflection, I think he may be right. For several reasons that I won't get into right now, I usually just drop a few hints and let him take the initiative.

I guess what I'm asking here is... how would I do something like this? (I'm thinking tonight something comfy yet cute and giving him a good glomping, then walking away for a while...)

Serious answers appreciated, not-serious answers welcome as well. (Because a good sense of humor is always sexy.)
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What is your favorite/most ridiculous R. Kelly song/video?

I know "Trapped in the Closet" is the obvious choice but my roommate just introduced me to "Feelin' on Your Booty" and its pretty effing ridiculous. 

Oh sh*t handles

Ya know those handles above the windows in cars? What are they for exactly? I thought they were "oh sh*t" handles, like something you grab when you think the cars gonna crash or the driver's driving crazy. But in some cars there's an "oh sh*t" handle on the drivers side, which makes me think that they aren't actually "oh sh*t" handles but are for something else (because a driver should have his/her hands on the wheel, not on a handle).
What are those handles meant for?
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Is it true that grades are all that matter when applying for a program at another school?

For example, Aquarius goes to Crap College and gets a 4.0. Gemini goes to Prestigious University and gets a 3.5. Both have the same degree and are applying for the same degree.

Or even: Aquarius gets a 4.0 in Psychology and Gemini gets a 3.5 in BioChemistry.

Will Aquarius get in before Gemini's application even gets looked at?
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(no subject)

Do you know someone famous, whether directly or by association?

Directly: Mike from "Mike's Super Short Show!" on Disney channel is in my graduating class.

Association: My nino went to school with Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn from Linkin Park in college.

Edit: Forgot one. My boyfriend is apparently a 3 or 4 times great cousin to Abraham Lincoln.

"Fast Food Nation"

1. Have you seen "Fast Food Nation" based on the NON-FICTION book by Eric Schlosser?

2. Apart from less-than-perfect acting, what did you think about the subject matter? Is it relevant?

3. Are you still eating fast food? Why or why not?
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(no subject)

1. I don't like Daniel Craig's looks. His face isn't very attractive and I don't like his build... So why do I find him so HOT?!

2. Have you seen Stardust yet?
2a. Did you like it?

3. How do you like your toast?

4. What's your favorite fantasy film?
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(no subject)

1. Have you watched Ratatouille?
2. What's your favorite Pixar movie, if any?

My answers:
1. I just went to watch it today, and I loved it!
2. It's probably a close call now between
Ratatouille, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. Actually, I like all Pixar movies--I haven't seen Cars, though, and I definitely plan to!

- hl

PS: I've posted the results for the Gender Confusion Survey, if anyone who participated is interested. :D


Thanks everyone for the advice on going or not going to my babys mommas baby shower.
I went and, actually had a good time. For once we were actually civil with each other lol

But now On to my questions:

1. So far hows your weekend going?
2a. Have you or do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with depression?
2b. If so what medication were you or they prescribed?
2c. Did it make them better or not?
3.  What did the last text message you recieved say?
4.  Whats one useless fact that you know?

1. I got to see my son today so it was pretty good
2. Yeah I know someone, and I think the meds. actually made it worse but thats just my opinion
3. Fuck You. I fucking hate you for what you said to me last night
4. A jellyfish is 95% water haha

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(no subject)

What was the topic for your college application essays and what did you write about?

added question: If the question is the same for different schools I'm applying to, can I submit the same essay?
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(no subject)

For those of you who drive SUVs, why do you drive them? What made an SUV right for you?

(Yes, they eat gas like I eat chocolate, but I drove an Explorer today for the first time and really liked it. I can see myself driving something like that in a few years when I'm ready for something new and need more room for my music toys.)

Probably forbidden, but like I care: Any other HP fans here who are particularly bored and maybe want to chat for a while?

(no subject)

Even if you don't like Kanye or 50 cent which album would you rather buy?

How I met your mother or My name is Earl?
Prison Break or Lost?
House or Grey's Anatomy?

What's the most amount of cookies you have consumed in a half hour?
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