August 17th, 2007


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TQC why am I so hungry? I ate a whole lot of chicken salad just before and drank a lot of water since it's so hot out, and it feels like I haven't eaten at all. What's up with that?

edit: By chicken salad I mean chicken with mayo and celery. I had more to eat today, but I had that just 1-2 hours ago.

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why does that old guy pronounce it 'diabetus'?
is it his old peoples' dialect of english?
are there two pronunciations of diabetes?
is one wrong?
is he wrong but no one will correct him because he's old and has diabetes?
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1. Honestly, what makes up most of your self-worth today? 

2. In the past, what did you have to possess (could be intangible or whatever) in order to feel worthy?

I'd appreciate serious answers. Thank you.
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Is it wrong(ish) for a 36 year old woman to have a crush on Noel Fielding?  A big crush.

Is it wrong to give caffeinated soda to a child?

Is it wrong to feed peanut butter to a dog just to watch the dog smack its lips repeatedly?  Even if the dog enjoys the peanut butter?

Is it wrong to put salt on watermelon?  (My mother eats it that way.)

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Do you shave your toes?

My friend shaves them, which I found really weird because I've never even had hair on my toes, so I asked my sister, and she responded like it was the most common thing, which got me curious. I've never even heard of shaving toes before.

Tattoo Ring

Are tattoo rings stupid?
I'm engaged and I'm not really a jewelry person at all. Rings look funny on my hands anyways. I want to get a tattoo ring that has my (future) last name and the date of our wedding.

I've thrown this past a few friends and they're like, "Nooooooo that means it's FOREVER".
Well, to me, marriage IS forever.
And, if we do end up divorced, I could always have it filled in, but I'll always have that permanent "wedding ring".

What do you all think?
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1. What is the one personality trait that annoys you regardless of who the person is?

2. What trait do you think everyone should have or learn to have?

3. What do you think your best traits are? Your worst?

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tqc, what do you do when you feel like you've been broken up with and stabbed in the back by 2 of your best friends all in one night? and i couldn't drink afterwards cause i had to drive home.



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How do you feel about someone using a picture of themself (alone)
a. in their friends-only banner?
b. Their layout?
c. On the front of a notebook/binder?
d. In a locker, etc etc?

will you post a picture of something mutant? but not x-men.

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yummy beer!, yummy

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I gotta know...

Who watched the final results show of "So you think you can dance"?
Were you pleased with the results?

Did you watch the performance show on Wednesday?
Which was your favorite dance match-up of the night?

It appears that Ms. Winehouse is battling rather serious addiction problems right now.
How do you feel about that?  Do you like the ever-increasing irony in her "Rehab" hit?

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This is kind of inspired by an earlier post, but I was going to ask it in a couple weeks anyway... might as well ask it now.

My mom has quit smoking and her 1-year anniversary is coming up. I am really proud of her and want to buy her a present. What do you buy someone for a quit smoking anniversary? I don't even know what would fit the occasion!


Edit: I can't bring her anywhere or do stuff with her because we live hundreds of miles apart. But I do appreciate those suggestions!

Movie preview.

Does anyone else enjoy watching MTV shows and laughing at them? (Underaged and ENgaged, Sweet Sixteen, etc.)

Also, does anyone know the rap-ish song that plays in the trailer for American Gangster?? :]]
Someday I'll be a flower

Rhapsody vs. Pandora vs. Live365 vs. ???

I'm trying to decide which "streaming radio +++" program to go with. My ultimate goal would be one I could play on my work computer, in my car, on my Ipod, and at home... although that's probably asking a little too much. I want one that has a HUGE VARIETY of new age/piano/classical music.

I've tried the following:
+Live365--good (Whisperings, Mystic Soundscapes) but it tends to repeat a lot.
+I found Pandora yesterday and while I liked it, I'm not sure they carry all the artists I like (I didn't hear any of David Arkenstone when I made a station for him.)
+Rhapsody would be my first choice, I think, but I need to d/l the plugin at work and haven't yet (admin has ok'd it but they have to do it)... How are the streaming radio stations? I think this would be my first choice b/c with a subscription I can make playlists out of zillions of albums and I can play on demand.

I'm sure there are other sites out there... what else is good for new age/classical music? I do have a 30GB ipod and I wish Rhapsody were compatible... it's not. Any others? Itunes doesn't have streaming radio, unfortunately... What do you use?
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After reading this post, I'm curious: why does everyone seem to think that all Catholic priests molest little boys? Yes, some have. But to act like they ALL do it is stupid. I've heard of teachers molesting kids, so are you against your kid going to school or against them becoming a teacher? Doctors have molested kids, so are you against taking your kid to a doctor? Against him becoming a doctor?

My eldest brother is a Catholic priest, is NOT a pedophile, and became a priest partly because he believed so strongly in the Catholic teachings, and partly because he wants to help underpriviliged people (he works with immigrants to the US, many of whom don't speak English).

So why do people all think they just molest little kids all the time?!

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What are some *good* fantasy books?

I'm looking for things that I read to simply pass the time, so they don't have to be *great*  (Hence why I'm stepping away from my normal readings), but nothing pure trash please.

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What do you think of redundant names? Do you know anyone with one?

A friend of mine wants to name her daughter Ellen Lynn, and this friend's last name is going to be Lindberg. She is set on the idea and considers it very cute and catchy.

Renaissance fair.

So I am going to join my friend this weekend when she goes to a Renaissance fair. I have never dressed up when going to one; I went when I was younger. As of now... I plan on dressing up as a woman dressed as a man, b/c I don’t have any skirts or dresses that would work, and my friend is wearing one of my peasant tops. Anyway, I plan on wearing black tights, and peddle pushers (khaki Capri’s)
What else should I wear? Any ideas? I don't want to spend much money as I am quite poor right now.
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I just ate a bowl of salad with honey mustard dressing and a cup of soup for breakfast (I'm not even sure why, I'm in a weird mood)...

What weird things have you eaten for breakfast?
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try to remember the last time you cried. why?

me? last night, at campstock - a huge live music thing we have at the summer camp i work at - and it had be an extremely up and down day for me, so when my head councelor started singing Chasing Cars (by Snow Patrol) and we were all hugging I just started crying becuause all of this emotion (combined with the fact camp ends today) just exploded out in the form of tears.

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I'm going to be visiting my grandparents for week, I leave tomorrow. There's this cheesy little amusement park called Santa's Village not too far from where we're going to be staying and I wanted to take my boyfriend there, I love the place in spite of/because of it's cheesiness. Everyone I've mentioned it to thinks it's a stupid idea and a total waste of time. What do you think? Would you want to go?

If there is anyone from the area or who's visited before, what are your favorite places to visit? I don't mind touristy stuff :)
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1. It's 10:38AM and my little sister is still asleep. Should I wake her up so we can go to Six Flags already or wait until she wakes up on her own? (I did keep her up until 1AM.) She's up! I'm so gone!

2. When was the last time you went to an amusement park? Which one was it?

3. What are your plans for the weekend?

4. Did you know that Six Flags has a dress code? Is that really as weird as I think it is?

5. What's the best part of waking up?

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With the Utah mine collapsing AGAIN, what do you think should happen next? Should they keep searching even though now rescuers are dead?
Do you think the mine owner should go to jail for not keeping the mine upkept properly, or should he just get sued out of his mind?

It sounds horrible, but I really think that they should not go in there again. Now that rescuers are dead, in my opinion, it's not worth losing MORE lives when the mine is that unstable.
I say jail, but maybe I'm just being harsh.
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Haruhi disappearance
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1) It's time for me to write out my Xmas and Birthday list! (My family shops early). Any suggestions on what to ask for? So far I have a Wii and a DS, makeup, bras, and gift cards listed. I list a lot of items, because my family likes to use the list to pick and choose :)

2) Do you like shortbread cookies?

3) Is today crawling by for you?

4) What is your favorite season? Why is it your favorite? Are there special things you do in that season?

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would you hug your best friend if they were naked?

do you sleep naked?

if youre a hermaphrodite or transgendered - do/did you like masturbation more as a girl or guy.

in general to everyone - do you think female multiple orgasms or male "edging" seems better.

have you ever wanted to be the opposite sex for the day to test out that theory?

Music recommendations

Hello all -

Recently I've been obsessing over the following musicians - can any of you recommend any others based on these recently acquired musical tastes?

Lily Allen (I love the beat of her stuff, and her humor)
Flight of the Conchords (obviously the comedy is what I'm enjoying)
Neko Case (just love the sound and the stories!)
Rufus Wainwright (I love his voice and this idea of "alternative-pop")

*edited for my awesome typos.
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Christmas Jim and Pam

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This morning I received a message, via myspace, from an acquaintance of mine. The message was entitled "bfsbfs" and read:

zipidy be-bop hi ho hi ho u scare

What in the world does this mean? I don't really know this guy, it's not like we're friends and I appreciate his wacky sense of humor or something.

Serious and non-serious answers welcome.

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Have you ever had some paranormal experiences? Ghosts, predicting the future, telepathy, anything??

My brother received a text message from his same number. It was blank but the date and time on the text message said 12:12 am, September 19th, 2020. Weeeeeeeeirrrddddddd. Text messages from the future!

Ohh, I remembered something else. My mother bought a store in 2004 from a couple that had just gotten divorced. The wife had been cheating on the husband in the city that their other store was while she was there. While going through this divorce, the husband was taking care of the store. When my my bought it from him she cleaned out the store. While she was cleaning/moving things around she would find very large, sharp fishhooks randomly around. She found at least fifteen. They were all udner thigns, in things, hidden, I guess. She has a guy here that is into this kind of stuff. he's from Cuba and he can read tarot and he blesses things. He came to the store and 'cleaned' it. He felt sick when he was leaving. We think either the wife, April, planted them around as 'bad luck' tokens or we don't knwo what!
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Does it look weird to wear a dark shirt and dark shoes with very light jeans? it's what I threw on this morning and I lol

Is it as tacky to see a white bra through a white tee as it is to see a black bra through a white tee? What do YOU wear under a white tee? I really don't want a granny beige bra, LOL

Is it tacky to wear a black tee with white shoes?

Does it look weird to you to wear a medium-blue shirt with medium-blue jeans? This has always looked weird to me, but everyone looks at me like I have two heads when I say that. Blue shirts and blue jeans can look ok together but they have to very contrasted.

Gray shirt with khakis? Looks weird to me.

Who is your latest flirt subject? Do you like to flirt?

What is your favorite medium for contacting someone, for example to ask a quick question? call, text, email, myspace, etc?

Won't you let me take you to... funky town?

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How old


Do you


Wish you were?

a baby (1-2)
a toddler (2-4)
a kid (5-9)
a preteen (10-12)
Animal Icon 1, Happy Icon 1, Cowcowcow!

Pet Food Nation

1. After the recent pet food scare, have you been feeding your pet homemade recipes, such as those in Pet Food Nation?

2. Wasn't Elvis totally awesome when he danced to Viva Las Vegas? I just saw a clip of him on TV!

3. If you do not have a pet for whatever reason, do you want a pet? What kind?

4. What's the most you would ever pay for a bed?

5. What do you usually do during your lunch break (besides eat)?

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(Thanks to all the women who answered my slightly embarrassing last question!)

What do you like to do to pamper yourself?

Is the HSC (highschool certificate, for when you complete school, includes the UAI, which determines your marks for getting into univeristy) really that important?

I'm going clothes shopping later, to refurbish my wardrobe, since I own a corset, layered skirts, lots of fancy lace, and nothing casual! What should I purchase?

Dogs or cats?
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not that i have a death wish...

But I'm thinking I have to give my cat a bath. She's got dandruff, and that's something she's not going to lick off herself. Problem is, she's a cat. Giving a cat a bath is like pouring water into acid.

So my question is, what's the best way to give her a bath that she might remotely like, and that doesn't end up in me getting a royal feline bitchsmacking?

Non-serious answers are always welcome, of course.
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First time posting!

I am in the process of getting out of debt. we should be out by next may. I want out quicker. I have a credit card with high interest i am paying minimum on to just shut them up until tax season.
I found an awesome co signer to help me get a loan. Any suggestions on where i go now? i need a loan for less than 11 percent.

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What are some great five-letters or less words that I can put on my vanity license plate? I have my little dude in a wheelchair in the space that a sixth letter would go, but I'm not picky about him being incorporated into the theme of the plate. And yes, speed is taken.

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Hey TQC,

1. I have a new boyfriend. After my breakup with my ex, I began spending a lot of time with a friend I've known since high school. We both realized that we have romantic feelings for each other. Despite that I jumped into a new relationship fairly quickly, I feel so incredibly happy to be with him. How should I celebrate this new relationship?

2. For those who are practicing a religion different than the one you were raised into(atheism & agnosticism don't count)...

Is your family accepting that you practice a religion that is not the same one you were raised into?

3. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

I don't have a relationship with them at all anymore. They were emotionally abusive parents. I've disowned them.

4. What movies you love but most people seem to hate?

5. Do you have any family members who are incredibly irresponsible?

Yes, I have a cousin who is always driving recklessly. He loves speeding and I fear he may one day get killed because of his reckless behavior.
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Inspired by this story:

- Should morbidly obese people be allowed to adopt children?
- Should they be allowed to foster children?


- Besides the obvious, like people who have served prison time, "crazy dangerous people", violent people, alcoholics/drug addicts, and insane people, what kind of people should NOT be allowed to adopt/foster children?

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Intruments you can play on and sing at the same time:
Drums, guitar, bass(kind vaguely similar to guitar), piano, accordion, standard harp

Instruments where this does not work:
Tuba, trombone, wind instruments in general, mouth harps

Where would violins and bass(kind vaguely similar to MASSIVE VIOLIN) and such fall into the list? Possible, but impressive?

Also clearly i've missed instruments(Zither, bassoon, harpsichord, hurdy-gurdy), but what are some common, possibly-seen-in-a-band kindof instruments i may have missed (and their classification, if not bleedingly obvious)?


I'm bored and sick and there's nothing on the television or TiVo. Give me some pictures to look at!

1. What was your senior prom theme? Did you go? Picture?

2. Were the speeches at your highschool graduation funny, sad, good, bad? Picutres?!

3. What's the most unflattering picture of yourself?! 

4. Do you have a picture of your mom?

5. Random picture, yay!

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Sigh, i need boy advice!! I always text message this guy first and he always replies to me 5 min later and we talk all day long via text message until bed time... so my friend said I should make him text message me first... Should I?  It's driving me nuts. What is the benefit of doing this? So far its been an hour and no text messages from him.

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1. Would you pay $100 for pre-season tickets to your favorite football team? (Really great seats, weather expected to be fantastic.)
1b. If not, what would you pay?

2. Do you always lock your front /main door at home? Even when you're home?

3. When you knock on someone's door, do you use a knocker if it is available?
3b. How many times do you knock?
3c. Do you have a knocking pattern?
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I am ready for the hate...

Inspired by cherrybaby's post:

Do you think Cancer (specifically Leukemia) survivors should have children?

I am a Leukemia survivor, and did not get it through genetics, but outside agents. I plan on having children, even though I am diabetic, and have Celiac disease as well. I feel as if Diabetes and Celiac disease is easy enough to handle if caught at a young age/prevented.

Do you think this choice is selfish? If so, why?

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so im pretty much stumped.

im trying to print on index cards using the word perfect program and everything looks right and formatted but it doesnt print out on the index cards and when i try to print jsut using regular paper its like cut off and only shows up on the top left hand corner.

does anyone know what i can do to try to fix this?

i would appreciate it thanks.:)


You've been hanging out wtih a really cool guy. You guys click, he has an awesome sense of humor and your friends love him. he seems super innocent, never gets grabby or anything. He asks you out..then you guys have a couple drinks, but aren't really too drunk. Then he assumes that hes gonna get some sex all in the same night. Then you deny him and he totally feels bad. Is this weird? Did he ask you out just because he thinks hes gonna get some..or because he really likes you?

advice.. I mean.. questions.

I'm starting to become very annoyed by my best friend. to keep a very long story short: we're not into the same things (she's still into the stuff we were into when we were about 15), she is reckless with a ton of things in her life, & she is the most immature person I've ever known. basically.. she's been doing a ton of things lately that I don't agree with. and I find myself feeling stuck in a corner & annoyed when she asks to hang out & won't accept a simple no.

there are other good points to her, of course. I don't want to stop being friends with her.

so my questions are:

1. have you ever been in a similar situation? how did you handle it?

2. in the last friendship you cut off, what did you consider 'the final straw'?

3. should I ride this out like it's a phase, or tell her about it? (I hate confronting her because she refuses to believe she's wrong about anything, and gets VERY defensive and rude when you mention anything to her like 'you did this' or 'I don't like when you do this', etc).

4. think about your best friend/the closest person to you. what is the #1 thing about them that just annoys the shit out of you?
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So we are getting a new puppy tomorrow and I need help with names! I think he looks like a Cassius, my husband can't decide what he looks like! Oh, and the 2 yr old that I nanny for thinks I should name him Jellybeans.
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it's still a long way off but,

is valentine's day sexist?

i go to a small conservative private girls' school whose principal doesn't allow us to acknowledge valentine's day. we had all organised to give everyone a few chocolates and cut-out hearts after a skit about it, but we weren't allowed. apparently the notion of the whole day is 'sexist'.

and does your school/workplace acknowledge it?

cubs hat
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Let's get your opinion, TQC!

My 18 year old brother was supposed to be staying at a friend's house a few weeks ago. He walked into my parent's house at 5am. He claimed that his friend was arguing with his girlfriend and my brother had enough and came home. My sister and I think it's a lie and he was really out all night. My parents, who were so strict with my sister and I, yet they have no problem believing him. What do you think?

What do you think?

Was out all night
Was actually at his friend's house
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Let's play pretend

So a while ago I put in two weeks notice at a job, for a lot of reasons. But I told them I'd pick up some hours here and there, to earn a little extra money and help them out with various things.

One supervisor in particular was a good friend and I volunteered to work tonight as a special favor to him, if anybody else had asked I probably would have said no.

Only, I've had a severe headache all day. Painkillers aren't helping, and I'm drinking large amounts of water right now to see if that has an affect. It's at the point where focusing my eyes hurts so I'm staring blankly into space.

If you were in this situation would you:
-call out and tell them you're in no shape to work and be kind to customers, go home and hide until the pain goes away.
-Go in and say, "I feel like crap, please try to work me out of the schedule, I'll stay as long as I can but I want to go home..."
-Go in and suck it up, Friday nights are notoriously busy and they're severely short-handed or they wouldn't have asked you to come in.

I know, it's a horribly boring question, feel free to have fun with it.
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These pants: y/n?

They were a gift from a family friend and it isn't like I spent money on them or picked them out myself, so I'm not going to get all butthurt if you say they're ugly. The color's more accurate in the first photo than the second. I'm tall (5'10"), if that makes a difference. Personally I'm not sure I can pull them off (what the hell would I wear them with?!) but they're ridiculously comfortable.

Also. Should I take calculus or Russian at college next year? Choices, choices.

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does anyone know of any cold cucumber soup recipes that don't require the dish to be chilled for hours before serving? i kind of wanted to make it and then eat it immediately. =(

(no subject)

If you were offered the choice between all truth and the search for truth, presumably by a higher being, which would you choose?

Edit: Sorry guys, I didn't word this too well. I will just give the quote I read that made me ask this here and ask if you agree or disagree with it.

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Why, Oh, Why do people leave their resumes with me or my boss without any cover letter or "objective" listed?

Unsolicited resumes, I might add... We're a freaking liquor store! Besides my boss there are 2 employees! Small!

Edit These resumes haven't been people desiring entry level booze seller positions. The first resume actually had somewhat an objective listed, and they wanted to be a bookkeeper or something. This second resume is kind of sad. It has a whole variety of previous experience listed, down to what looks like their first job as a waitress in 1987. Its two pages of random jobs and time periods. It also looks like they want some sort of management or bookkeeping position.
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For those who have heard Amy Winehouse's "Tears Dry on Their Own" What song does it have a similar... riff (??) to? i was thinking something Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 or Stevie Wonder-ish. This is driving me crazy!
anyone know?

do you know of any artists that:
sound black (and can be, as long as they have that typical 'black' style)
sing kind of sad/not-happy (like chocokid's serial killer song) songs, but to upbeat music.
preferably quite bass-y
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Wind at My Back

I was wondering if anyone had played the "Wind at My Back" game at I came to a stalemate, and I know what I need to find, I just don't know where to look, and my sister can't remember where she found it.
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Would it be really worth the trouble?

So my brother's moving out in 2 days and is leaving my little brother his X-Box. However, it has none of the necessary cables to play and only one controller. I know we could buy the cables but my little brother was thinking of trading it in along with his Game cube, and saving up for a Wii. We called the store and they won't take it w/o the cables.

Our problem:
We're stuck with an X-Box we can't use. (And don't really want)

Is it worth going through the trouble of selling it on e-bay?
Is it easy to use?
Would someone buy an X-Box w/ no cables?
How much should the starting price be?

I'm asking because I know NOTHING about video game consoles or their value, popularity, etc.
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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Family matters.

1. Do you have any brothers and sisters? If so, how many?
2. If you aren't an only child, do your parents pick favorites?
3. If so, why do you think it is?
4. Could you tell us a story to make us see why your bro/sis is the favorite (if they are, that is)? (This is where you also tell the story)
5. Are you bitter about it if you aren't the fav?

edit: (sorry I changed it a bit to make it more relatable for everyone)

My Answers:
1. Yes. 2 older brothers.
2. Yes, they pick the middle child, David.
3. Because he's the kid that never gave my mom trouble or a headache.
4. Yes. She takes in my opinions and doesn't believe me, then I tell her David thinks the same way I do or whatnot and she automatically changes her mind. She has the following pictures on her fridge: David, his wife, and his three kids.. OH! Not to mention the dead dog and recently dead cat. She has about 5 family pictures of them.
5. Not about him, but she does treat his kids better than my other brother's kids. That's what pisses me off.

(no subject)

1. I'm leaving for my first year of college tomorrow. Two of my older brothers are also in school, and every year, the night before they leave, my mom usually makes a nice dinner of their choice. Tonight, only my mom and I are here for dinner, and she doesn't want to cook. Is it reasonable for me to a be a little bit upset that I don't get a going away dinner?

2. Should I make myself a hot dog or a sub sandwich for dinner?

3. Have you ever gone on a walk in a thunderstorm?

4. What's your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean?

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when is your cell phone bill due?

are you wearing socks?

LADIES: is your hair down or up (in a ponytail, bun, etc)? i guess this can apply to guys with long hair.

did you put:

a) gel.
b) hairspray.
c) mousse.

in your hair today?

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why, after being married for two and a half years, do i still feel an unquenchable need to impress my mother-in-law?

we're mostly talking about cleaning the hell out of the house before they arrive--but it's often more than that, such as cooking elaborate meals, making sure i look perfect, etc.
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YouTube upload

I'm trying to upload a .wmv file to YouTube, and I keep getting the message "unable to convert video file."

I've tried to problem solve this the best I can, and read what other people have said (at like Yahoo! answers) to people with this problem. My twists are:
*I have uploaded this file time before so I know it's accepted.
*I've uploaded bigger files in this file type, so there's no way it's too big of a file. (it's only 3:23 and 4,620 KB).

So, what is wrong with my file and why won't it upload?
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1. Have you known of anyone who died from either what they had a phobia of, or what they had premonitions about?

Example: Richie Valens in La Bamba always dreamt about plane crashes and ended up being killed in one.

2. Ever had a whooshing noise in your ears?
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we just found a siamese cat outside, we called the tag number but its a local vet only open from name on cat.. anyway.. it seems to be v. friendly, but it's slobbering?

we've never had a kitty before, is this normal/okay/scared behavior????

husband is knocking on doors right now, i guess we'll put up posters tomorrow? any tips???

we love animals btw, and this is so helping the void (our ferret died last march)...
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Barbara Hambly

Can anyone here give me the order of the "Dragonsbane" books from Barbara Hambly? After losing my original copies, I picked up Dragonstar from Good Will for $1 (!!!!), but I can't remember which order the books go in the series.
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Does your family have any special/funny ways of saying hello/goodbye?

My family sings "I'm here, I'm here, Jesus Christ I'm here" (I guess there's a hymn that goes like that, but with He's here instead of I'm/we're here) and when we leave we yell "Bunny Rabbit" because that's how I used to say goodbye on the phone when I was little. I'm always amused at my family vocabulary.

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Self-help books

1. What is the best self-help book you've read for people who have family problems? (Controlling family, cruel relatives, manipulative family members, etc.)

2. Have you ever read "It's called a break-up because it's broken"? Did you like it? My friend really liked it. Her ex was really mean to her. I'm not breaking up with anyone, I'm just curious.

3. Have you ever seen The Great Happiness Space - a documentary about host clubs in Osaka?

Dorm Life

If you and your SO went/go to different colleges: 

1) Have you ever slept over at your SO's dorm?
2) How did their roommate feel about it? 
3) Was there anything you wished you knew before you ended up spending the night?
4) Did you do it?

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1. I finally wore out my favorite jacket. (ETA for clarity: It totally disintegrated. The zipper tore away and the stuffing went everywhere and the cloth came out in about a dozen pieces. Woe.) Can I take the wispy remains to someone and have them create a new one from scratch?

2. I heard this AWFUL song on the radio. It was a story/song about this guy who has this crazyass fantasy adventure. The only lyrics I remember are something like "spiderwebs the size of mattresses." Any idea what song this was? Google isn't helpful today. Cliff Hanger by Blackalicious. Thanks microgears!

3. What type of question have you seen too much of around here lately?

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For the men:

1.) What sort of hair do you like the most? (examples: down and loose, pulled back, redheads, ect, whatever thrills ya)

2.) Would you rather a woman be a little too curvy, or too thin?

For the women:

3.) What is you favorite thing about a man?
(my answer: Their smell, mouth, hands)

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1. Do you like Corona?

2. Do you like beer in general?
  a. Are there some beers that you can't drink?   I can't drink some because they make me sick. It's kind of like how I can't drink lots of grape juice or I have lots of pain when I pee (TMI?)

3. If there is a beer you don't like, why? 

I was just drinking some Corona and thought of these, its the one beer I've found I can drink easily aside from  Mickeys.  I'll drink Mickys more because its really cheap to just get a 40oz as i don't have a lot of money.

and you guys are made of win

Harry Potter and Fanfic.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good Harry Potter fanfic communities on livejournal. I've done an interest search and all that, but there's a scary amount of badfic in this fandom.

Realistically, I know I'm not going to find a comm entirely free from badfic, but I'm asking if anyone's found a community that seems to have a better good:bad balance then the rest.


EDIT: My bad, sorry. Ignore and whatever.
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I hate crickets so hard. There is one in my room and it won't shut up. I'm all creeped out and can't sleep. Should I find it and kill it? Have my dog eat it? Or just go upstairs and sleep on the couch?

Conan O'Brien: awesome or overrated?

Who else here is crazy shy? I've always been that way and it makes for some lonely times. I try to get over it and fake confidence but it's really hard.

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1. What is one thing you think everyone should try at least once?
2. Where is one place everyone should visit before they die? (Have you been there?)
3. What/Who makes you happy?
4. Where is your favorite place?

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I'm shopping for suits.

Problem is, my arms seem to be too short or something. Most of the dress shirts and suit jackets I try on fit me right in every way except for the fact that the arms are too long.

Solutions? Tailor, special store, etc?

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ok so for those of you whove seen "the sixth sense", did you know malcom/counselor/whatever was dead? before the ending?

are you pissed m night shamalayan is always in his movies? i used to think it was always neat, until i saw this movie.

ALSO, why is it that its hard to breathe when you stick your face out of a car window when its going fast and its windy?
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1. What's your favorite Oliver Stone movie?

2. I'm in a drawing where I have a one in 500 (even better odds since not all 500 people will show up) chance of winning a 2008 Toyota Scion. Will you wish me luck?

3. After the drawing, some friends and I are going to the sex shop. What should I get?

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what do you do on long car trips(say 4 or more hours)?

i do one of three things:
-sit up front and yammer on/torture everyone else with my music until someone punches me in the face.
-read a book or magazine and get ill.
-lay down in the back under my angst blanket with my iPod(discman back in the day). the car really relaxes me and gets me thinking all my angsty thoughts 'cause i feel like i'm in a place where i can work them out. sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. that or i sleep.
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What kind of bike should I get?

I want to get a bike that I will actually use. Several years back, I had one that fit the bill -- a piece of shit women's hybrid purchased at Target for like $95. Weighed a ton, but I lived on the first floor of a two-family house and kept the bike in the hallway by the front door.

Sometime thereafter, I moved into an apartment building. Third-floor of a walk-up. And the damn bike was way too heavy to lug up and down the stairs -- or I was too weak to do it, take your pick -- so I locked it up outside and it didn't take long before it was messed with and then finally stolen.

I currently own a bike that I don't ride. It's expensive, so I feel like a jackass for owning it, but I am about to sell it. It's really lightweight, and bringing it in and outside isn't too much of a hassle, but I don't like it 'cause: (1) It's a men's bike, and that bar freaks me out, and (2) the frame is kinda big and even at the lowest seat height my feet can't be firmly planted on God's green earth (which I know is not the "right" way to ride a bike, but it's what I am comfortable with, and I don't foresee changing, 'cause I am old and set in my ways, and living in a major metropolis with many speeding vehicles driven by people unconcerned with delicate just-learning!-style biking).

I like cruisers -- they make me feel 10 again, and in a good way -- but they're heavy and clunky. I tried out an Electra Townie -- it was kinda fun except for the heavy and clunky thing. But they have that "flat-foot technology" dealie -- where your feet are on the ground, but your legs are fully extended. But I think if I left one of those locked up outside it would surely be stolen (although I now have a decent lock, unlike that last time).

So what I want is:

A women's bike, very lightweight.
Not a racing bike.
My feet to touch the ground.

Or do I get a used cruiser and leave it outside?

Oh sweet heaven, can someone point me the way?

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1) I tried a face mask yesterday (the gooey cosmetic kind, not the Halloween kind). It burned REALLY BADLY. When I peeled it off my skin was really soft all over but in a few hours I noticed that two small pimples had developed. WHY? Also, does the burning mean it did something very bad to my skin?

2) Is there someone who you think is extremely attractive? If so, who and why? Pix plz?

3) If you could have a kiss from anyone right now, who would you want it to be?

4) What do you think, if anything, of Britney Spears' Allure photoshoot?

5) If you were stuck in a really bad traffic jam and saw the people in a van next to you get out of their the driver and passenger seats and climb into the back of their vehicle, what would you think (if anything)?

6) If someone gave you body lotion and told you to think of them when you used it, what would you think?

7) How old is too old to wear pigtails?
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Strange image.

My friend mommycairenn was attempting to update her journal (actually she was going to post to TQC!) so she went to but instead of loading the update page, it displays this image!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


1. Where did this image come from? Have you seen it before?

2. Why is her computer associating it with

3. How can she get to She tried refreshing, even closing her browser and reopening.
ETA: she got it fixed (obviously, she just posted above me). Still curious about the other questions though!


She would have asked these questions herself but she could not update!

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If you were an actor, would you rather attain early big-league success in a major blockbuster, get famous and typecasted for that character and never find meaningful work again (like Mark Hamil), or go through your whole life playing bit roles and supporting characters, which will always be steady work, but you'll never become famous (like Rena Sofer)

Mark Hamil
Rena Sofer

Favorite Mel Gibson widower character

Mad Max (Road Warrior, Mad Max)
Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon series)
William Wallace (Braveheart)
Benjamin Martin (the Patriot)
Rev. Graham Hess (Signs)
Porter (Payback)
Captain Daniel McCormick (Forever Young. Yeah, they technically weren't married, but it's close enough)

Best Catwoman?

Julie Newmar
Eartha Kitt
Michelle Pfeiffer

Coolest celebrity who dabbled with the underaged?

Michael Jackson
R. Kelly
Jeffrey Jones
Paul Reubens
Jerry Lee Lewis
Charlie Chaplin