August 16th, 2007

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1. Have you ever taken medication for ADD or ADHD and if so, what did you take?

2. Did it make you depressed? 

3. Did it make you gain/lose weight? 

4. How long did it take for the meds to kick in and help you focus better?

5. If you had the choice of seeing Kings of Leon, Iron&Wine, or Minus the Bear in concert, which one would you see?

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1. This weekend I'll be watching my parents' house while they attend a funeral (of someone I don't remember seeing in years, not a relative). Do you think it's somehow "wrong" if I'm actually enjoying myself while staying at home? Because my logic tells me it's a funeral day and I shouldn't try to have fun :|

2. If you know about them, what is your enneagram type? Myers-Briggs type? 
Do you think it's possible to be type 4 and INTP? Because I think I am, but they.. don't correlate :|

3. What was the last book you read? What did you think about it? Is it worth reading?

edit: yes I know the first question might be stupid, but I just want to know. I tend to make far too big deal out of things and I can be quite hard on myself. These two combined - not good.


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Edit; Does anyone know where I can find bags like this in plain colors?! It's very important.

1] What's something you're really worried about?
My aunt and cousin are vacationing in Peru right now, and I just read this, and they are close to the city it was in =[.

2] What's something you're really annoyed with right now?
My best friend constantly trying to control my actions and expecting me to always agree with him.

3] I need to choose between Sweet Orange and Vanilla Cake Batter Which should I choose?

4] What's up tonight?
I'm high, thank you. But very wired and bored. Let's hang out?

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How many different languages and/or accents can you speak in?
How many can you laugh in?
Have you ever been speaking in another language or accent and then accidentally laughed in native tongue? Did anyone call you on it?
south park

I'm bored to tears ;_;

If you woke up tomorrow with the opposite sex's genitalia, what would you do? 

Salsa or Queso?

Are you a low talker? (edit: if you talk really quietly, and people are constantly asking you what you just said. I'm thinking of Kramer's girlfriend in the Puffy Shirt episode of Seinfeld, if anyone watches Seinfeld, that kind of low-talker)


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my best friend and I had a falling out last year, and today was her birthday, so me being me, I wished her a happy birthday. This lead to a long convo. Up until today we hadn't spoken at all. Just the occasional so how's annie/nikki doing..through friends. Seeing we are both moving on with our lives, I got married and she got engaged, we lost touch.
I do miss my best friend and she claims to miss me also...

So do I make the first move in trying to re form our friendship?
or just see what happens and let her rekindle it?

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hi guys! i just found out yesterday that i get to be an RA at my university! horray!

but, i was wondering, for those of you who had RAs (resident advisors; they may be called somethign different at your college, basically, they are the "mother hens" of a floor/building/whatever and enforce rules, are there to solve problems etc), what are your experiences with them? were they friendly? did they let you get away with stuff? did you ever see or know about them breaking rules? all thoughts are welcome.
Mario - F#CK!


Feelings are temporary. If you feel happy, you may feel sad later, if you feel hatred, you may feel peace. Love is also a feeling, so why isn't it expected to be temporary?

oh noes, anudder kitteh

There is this kitteh, you see. This kitteh is tiny and cute and loves me and my boyfriend. She sits outside of our front door and meows and rubs on things and runs inside if we're not careful. We already have 2 cats - one was mad when she got inside and the other didn't care.

The problem is that this kitteh is a stray and we don't know if she's sick. She is rather thin but also has pregnant-mama-cat nipples despite looking like she's about 6 months old. She doesn't really have a pregnant-looking belly, though. She doesn't have fleas or ear mites, but I have no idea if she has worms or feline leukemia or anything else.

The other problem is that my boyfriend has a soft spot for street cats, especially those he feels "choose" their humans as this kitten seems to have done. His beloved cat Nunca was a New York street cat. She has recently retired to Kwajalein with his parents where she happily chases geckos and bugs, but he misses her. So of course this kitten looks JUST like Nunca, same type of fur, same coloring, same markings, and same facial expressions. He's started calling her Little Nunca. Awww.

So first of all, do you think she's pregnant? Do their nips pop out early on in pregnancy?

Also, should I keep her? I want to take her to the vet and at least get her checked out and fixed, but I know I won't want to give her up. My boyfriend is leaving the decision up to me. Argh.

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Do you have a tattoo? 
How much did it cost you? 
Where is it on your body? 
Why did you get what you did? 
Will you get more?
Can you post a picture of it?

And if you don't... why not?

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I'll be moving to Alaska sometime in December and a friend told me to look into the government paying people to move there. Is there any truth to this? If so, what are the requirements?
The Receptionist Classic

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Do you know what a time zone is?
Do you know what time zone you are currently in?
Do you know how many time zones are in your country?

In the city in which you reside, how many zip/postal codes are there?
Also, are all Canadian postal codes 6 units long (A#A #A#) or are there some with 7 (A#A #A#A)? [I was always under the impression that there were six, but I came across one the other day for NB that was seven long and the guy hasn't replied to confirm this yet, so I was just wonderin'.]

Out of ideas

I share 5 kids and right now I'm out of ideas of things to do with them. Anyone have any ideas on what we can do? Also, it may be raining so outside really won't be an option.
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What’s your cause? What’s the one thing that you feel so uber strongly about? Child abuse? Drunk driving? Animal welfare? Poverty? World hunger? Alzheimer’s research? Breast/Cervical/Lung/Anyothertype Cancer?

If you were required to volunteer your time with an organization for a “cause,” what would that cause be? Why?
Bailey and I

Family Tree

I have searched all over google.. But all of them cost money.

Does anyone know of any FREE websites that will look up my family/ancestors names and actually give me information for free as well?

Do you know of any FREE resources outside of the internet I could use (besides asking family)

Do you have a family tree/geneology chart?
Did you put it together?
If so, how long did it take you?

(I'm kind of new to this, and I want to do it, but I'm kind of broke as a joke.. I can't afford 30 bucks a month or more is what some of the websites are asking for)
Beast mode!

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1. Spinning rides at carnivals: Love them or make go pukey-puke? Or both?

2. My roommate gets to meet her favorite baseball player today. Should she confess her undying love to him, or just play it cool?

3. What is your favorite carnival food?

4. What nicknames do you have for your siblings and where did they come from (the nicknames, not the siblings)?

5. What is something that people give you credit or praise you for that you don't think you really deserve?
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For those of you with children, do you have nicknames for them? What are they?

Do you do your laundry at home, at a laundromat, or does someone else do your laundry?

Do you wash them according to colors?

Do you use fabric softener? How about dryer sheets? Both?

Collapse )

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Did you know that as a Theist I don't have to be [nearly as] concerned with looking the fool after I die?

If you hate looking a fool in the present -- all the while exalting your idols -- how much more will you hate looking a fool in front of the ultimate idol?

Do you know what kal v'chomer means?
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TQC, I need some advice. Sorry in advance for tl;dr

My boyfriend recently invited me to move in with him in February when I turn 18. He'll be 20 and he has a decent, steady job. He lives about ten miles away from me. I think it's a good idea, because next August, I'll be moving three hours away and going to college. I think six months of living together will do our relationship good before I go away. I also think it will do me some good as far as living more independently and dealing with roommates before I try to do it in a dorm room three hours away. (He also lives with two other guys, both of which I get along with.) There's always the option of waiting until I finish senior year before moving in with him, but I would enjoy the extra few months and in college, I'm going to have to juggle the distractions of living with people and my school work. I'm only taking two classes my senior year so there'd be a lot less work to juggle and it could be practice for college. My boyfriend and I have been serious for some time now. By February, we'll have been together for over two years.

Do you think this is actually a good idea or do you think I'm justifying it to myself?

If you do think it's a good idea, how do you think I should bring it up to my mother? She can be very protective about things. I don't want to completely exclude her from this decision but I have a feeling her response will be along the lines of "There is no way I will allow you to do this." How can I make her understand that I'm asking for her input, not her permission?
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how can i convince my sister to drive me into Minneapolis this weekend to watch the Manchester United/Manchester City game?

we're staying at my aunt's in Hudson, WI, which is about 20 minutes outside the St.Paul border. it would be about a 45 minute to an hour drive, depending on how close this pub my friend goes to is in relation to the direction we're coming from.

the game is at 7:15 Sunday morning.

BONUS QUESTION: why can't England be awesome like Spain and have their games in the late evening rather than the afternoon?
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I am a journalism major and have to pick a non-journalism related elective today.

Here are my choices:

History of Niagara Falls (this is where I live)
History of the Family
Gangs and Cults
Social Deviance
History of Rock and Roll
Philosophy Through Film
Human Sexuality

I am leaning toward one, but I obviously need the guidance from the internet before I make a decision.

Which one would you pick?

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Out of these three choices existentialism, rationalism, or empiricism, which do you identify with the most and why?

In all honesty, I don't really get existentialism. Rationalism seems like it'd be a really difficult way to live (I know I couldn't). So empiricism makes the most sense to me.

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1. did all of you fail basic biology or something?

2. are you good at lateral thinking?

3. why won't my home phone let me call singapore (i'm currently on the phone with my provider's tech support)?

4. what's the longest you've been on hold for tech support? last tuesday evening i was on hold for about an hour for this same problem.

5. pictures are worth a thousand words. can you show me a picture that means "love" to you?


Okay okay, I'm keeping the stray kitten. I have tomorrow off so I'll take her to the vet, provided she shows up again tonight.

So, if it weren't for modern medicine, would you be dead? Why?

I probably wouldn't be dead, but I'm getting over a bladder infection and I can't imagine the pain and death I would feel if it weren't for delicious antibiotics. How did people DEAL with that? Just get kidney infections and die?

Thursday is boring.

Do you consume a non-standard combination of food? For example, pickles and cream cheese on oreos?

Is it true that pregnant women get bizarre cravings like that?

What's the latest fashion trend that you can't stand?

Baby Shower

Its my sons moms baby shower on saturday...

Me and her have a very hate relationship. I cant stand being in the same room with her, and she cant stand me either. Its to the point where I want to strangle her if I see her. And well oddly enough she invited me to go

NOW should I go and get her a gift? or should i just blow it off?
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only grey

Is there a term in philosophy, like realism or relativism, that is used to sum up the belief "there is no black or white, only grey"? I don't just mean morals. I mean in all situations.

Hell, it doesn't need to be philosophy, I just can't even think of a word that means that.

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Are any of you resident assistants (RAs) or have you previously been?  Do you have any interesting stories to share? 

If you haven't been an RA, but you've stayed in a dorm, what were your RAs like?

Ok, sorry about the repeat question.  Here's another: what are best foods to have in the dorm?

Haruhi disappearance

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Why does it seem like the majority of LJ is female? (ETA: Okay, why IS the majority of LJ female?)

If you had to pigeon hole LJ users into certain types(such as "the whiner", and "the liberal hippie"), what would they be?

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Dear TQC,

Have you ever asked your doctor is s/he is a cannibal? Would it matter to you if s/he were?

What about your vet? Do you care if they eat meat?

Do you think a vegetarian vet would provide better service than one who eats meat?

Pls answer quick, seraphicangel04 really needs to know about this kinda stuff and I just want to help! :)

cool name needed!


A group of people are planning a big holiday next year, and we need a cool name for it!

The details:

2 weeks
starting in the houston area
ending near chicago
doing lots of theme parks

any cool name ideas?
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I believe that you can tell a lot about a person by what they put on their ipod.

If someone were to look at mine, they'd assume I'm a cracked out raver with gay tendencies and destructive urges.

What does your iPod say about you, based solely on song selection?

Stalker mannn.

Yesterday as I was walking home from the park, a man in a car turned in front of me down a  side street I was passing.  I kept walking down the main road, but he made a u-turn and came from behind me and asked if I wanted a ride (I said no!!!) and turned on the street I live on, which I started to walk down.  He made another u-turn and came in the opposite direction that I was walking and went around the bock in the middle of my street.  He waited at the stop sign until I went into my house.

1) On a scale of 1-10, ten being the most, how absolutely freaked out would you be?! 
I'm nearing 9.

2) My boyfriend and sister said to call the cops, but what could they do?  Is it even worth it, or are they overreacting?

3) Could I be underreacting?

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Does it piss you off when you're crossing the street and someone drives right in front of you just missing hitting you with their car? Why the hell do they do it? Are they in such a hurry that they don't care if they hit someone? Do you think such drivers should have their drivers license revoked?

I can't even begin to explain how much it pisses me off. That happened to me today while crossing the street. I also once saw that happening to a woman who was crossing the street with a baby in a stroller. I wanted to fucking scream. IMO if you can't stop while pedestrians are crossing the street, you shouldn't have the right to drive.
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Call the Po-Po!

Here is the situation:

You are rear ended in traffic.  You get out, inspect the vehicle, and see that there is barely a paint smudge on your bumper.  The other driver's car now has a badly dented hood.  The driver apologizes profusely, and gives you the insurance information, etc, etc.

Do you call the police?

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when a girl is asked out, does "not this weekend, I'm really busy" imply rejection?

if you were a guy would you give up right then or, assuming you oh, work in the same area as her, possibly look out for her and continue making conversation when you do see her?
panic button

Computers + teeth = good idea?

There is 2cm's of black down one side of my screen, and one centimeter on the other side & the top. Can you fix it?

My computer isn't a morning creature. If it has been turned off at the power-point, and then you try to turn it on, it will get into various stages of start up (most commonly to the point where I try & open FF) and then shuts down. Usually an average of 3 times. Can you fix it?

I just got my braces off after 6 & a half years (& my teeth are still shit). How long were your braces on for?
Never had braces? Show me your teeth!

Talk Shows

Has anyone been on a talk show (Maury, Montel, etc)? What sort of episode? What was it like?

Do they encourage you to go running offstage if you find out something shocking?

Sometimes I wish they'd put seatbelts on the chairs because it's annoying when they have to chase somebody offstage and beg them to stop bawling and come back. Although I guess somebody, somewhere must like that sort of thing or they could just edit it out.
rainbow sheep

lube and personal prefrences.

1)Do you think it is uncalled for to use only some types of personal lubricant?

2)Do you, your lover decide the choice of lube or do you decide together?

3)When you find a lover who is allergic to an ingredient in your preferred lube (If you have one) what do you do?

4)If you only use certain types is it acceptable to not continue/start a sexual relationship for this reason?

5)If you could use more then one type of lubricant do you keep more then one kind on hand or not?

6)If you keep more then one kind, why?

(If anyone wants background on why I'm asking these questions feel free to ask, and If this is inappropriate delete it)
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sleepy times

*space for rent*

If you could get anybody from your favorite fandom (everybody's got at least one fandom whether they know it or not) to get between the sheets with you, what you do with them once they're there is your own business, who would you choose?
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so my boss just left for the day, kinda early, no biggie...

on the way he goes "i'm off to surgery"..
and i'm like (not wanting to be nosey) "well, good luck"..

he says.."nah, i'm just getting a plugged follicle removed from my back, see you in the morning!"

and leaves. wow. whatchya think?
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So, Last night I got a free donut that I didn't really want. No one else wants it either. Throwing it away would just be a waste.

What would you do with a donut no one loves :( ?
Gummy Bears Murdered

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alright: let me rephrase this because apparently my last post made me come of as a hardcore bollocked wackjob vegetarian nut-case.

what are your opinions on a non-vegetarian veternarian?

personaly- i don't really care, but i was interested.

Also- i'd like to point out, being vegetarian doesn't make you crazy.

i accidentaly deleted the last post while trying to edit. i mindlessly click 'okay' sometimes(and i know i'm setting myself up there). truly sorry. I;m a horrible crazed bitch, i can't help it.

if anyone is sad because they missed something: about the same question just worded in a way that made me sound like a crazed vegetarian wack-job. a bunch of comments calling me crazy, a stupid vegetarian, and a bitch. that should explain it all
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1. What are some examples of decent quality book on tape* type tools for learning a new language?

If it makes any difference, I'd like to learn Spanish.

*Yes, I know, tapes are outdated, but that's just what they seem to be called, rather than CD on tape "book on CD".

2. Where can I find vocabulary flash cards that have the structure below?
side A: Vocabulary Word
side B: Definition & Picture
[dance] pink side to side

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1- What is the fluffiest, cuddliest thing nearest to you?
2- When's the last time you were in pain, and why?
3- Is it entirely too egotistical to use your own artwork for decorating? Why/why not?
4- Why am I craving healthy food wraps? Aren't cravings usually for things that are BAD for you?

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Do you have a job that requires public speaking? Or speaking to large groups?
How do you learn to eliminate "um" in speech when doing so?

I'm good about keeping pauses in my speech to a minimum, but the occasional "um" still sneaks out and I want it to go away!

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Dear TQC,

Why do people delete posts because someone doesn't agree with them?

Do you get offended because people read your questions and then interpret them as you wrote them?

Do the words "crazy hardcore vegetarian" hurt your feelings?

Yours truly,



1. If somebody you once casually slept with blurted out the blanket statement in your presence that "people from your generation don't even know how to fuck" would you be personally offended?

2. Fall Out Boy or Panic! At the Disco? Neither is not an option.

3. Fill in the blank: "I'm so ~emo~ that ______________." Creativity encouraged.

4. How emo are YOU?

5. What do you do when you can't sleep and you have to be up in, say, five hours?

6. Do you ever force a crush on somebody unattainable just to get someone else out of your head?

7. Would you feel weird about flying on September 11th?

8. What is your most annoying PMS symptom?
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Let's maybe lighten things up a little...

How soon after getting up in the morning do you have to pee?

If peeing is not the first thing you do, what is?  Is this pretty much always the case?

Sprite, 7-UP, or ginger ale?

If you're a tea drinker, what kind is your favorite?  Does what you enjoy vary according to time of day?
lead me

smack you very much.

1. I saw a funny looking dump truck on the way home and the little diamonds on it (that tell what kind of hazardous stuff it's hauling) were yellow and said RADIOACTIVE on them. What kind of radioactive stuff do you think it had in it? The address on the door said it came from somewhere in south Texas.

2. Anybody here ever been on Sarafem? Care to share your experiences? I'm going on the two weeks dose next month. I've never been on an antidepressant before.

3. I posted a poll in my personal journal and I'm not getting many responses on it. Is there a way to crosspost it here without having to redo all the coding? I'm thinking I can just stick in the poll ID and it'll come up, but I don't want to try that in case it doesn't work and you guys like, decide to flame me for it.

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My friend has this sweater/jacket thing that I really want. She bought it at Old Navy last year. It's a really common design I see a ton of people wearing. They are generally pretty long (slightly past your hips), generally in black, and a heavy cotton material (pretty sure it's cotton. Maybe wool. Haven't looked closely). They have large buttons on them in two rows that are parallel to each other. It's long sleeve.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I don't know what the jacket style is called. Any pictures would be wonderful if you don't know the name, either. I could bring it to a few stores and ask around.

football on TV

Do you watch football (American/NFL style not soccer/futbol) on TV?

If so, do you watch it someone's home, at a sports bar, or somewhere else?

Do you watch it alone or with friends?

Do you drink alcohol while watching the games?
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You're in the waiting room from hell. You're confronted with these situations - which of each pair would be the worst for you to have to deal with? Feel free to come up with others, too.

Poll #1040394 The waiting room from hell!

Which is worse?

A person who is wearing too much perfume
A person who smells strongly of cigarette smoke

Which is worse?

A crying baby
A loud talker on a cell phone

Which is worse?

The room is WAY too hot
The room is WAY too cold

Which is worse?

You're very hungry
You've eaten so much that you're uncomfortable

Which is worse?

The chairs are the most uncomfortable that you've ever sat in
There are no chairs


If I was your BFF and had just broken up with my boyfriend because we're at the point in our lives where we need to be independent and take care of ourselves, 

what the hell would you do to cheer me up?

Edit:  Sorry...I'm 17 and can't/don't drink!
And also, anything I can do on my own?  I'm about 200 miles away from my friends; I just moved.
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Scrapbookers of the internets-

I'm making my first scrapbook, of the summer camp I used to go to and now work at. This is the last summer and then it's closing, so I decided it was scrapbooking time. But I can't decide if I should caption "Alex and I do whatever" or "Alex and Hannah do whatever." Third person seems weird but it actually sounds better to me.

When you caption the pictures in your scrapbook, do you refer to yourself in the first or the third person?

Any other scrapbooking tips for an amateur?

Exercise and stuff

I've never done much exercising. Maybe "no" exercising is more correct. So, random I decided to do sit ups, whilst listening to my pod casts. I honestly only did like... twenty? It didn't hurt at the time, but now - a morning after - its like... ouch.

It doesn't hurt, more of an ache.

So, two questions. Should it feel like that? I think it should because the muscles are like "oh, *now* I have to work?" and they're quite upset about it.

Second, should I not do any more till it stops aching, or is it okay to carry on?


Okay, there is a birthday party tomorrow night. It is a costume party, and the theme is "Villains". Comics, movies, games, whatever; as long as it's recognizable.

I am totally unprepared; to make things worse, I am at work all tonight, and must go gift shopping tomorrow during the day (yes, I am bad people).

What could I dress up as?

I don't want something extra lame, but I also accept that time is short and I'm likely going to have to settle for something less than awesome.

EDIT: Although not likely, bonus points if I can integrate my glasses. I had to go blind last year, and it was a pain.

Love Actually

(no subject)

What are some pet peeves you have with your friends? Any expressions they use that drive you batty?
A good friend of mine always says "How's you?" and refers to my boyfriend as "your other half", both of which make me cringe each time I hear them.

Do you have any cute animal pictures you want to respond in a comment with? I feel burnt out from my thesis and need something cute to get me motivated again (I don't know either- but it's worth a shot, inspirational quotes all sound the same at this point).
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I just washed and dryed the shirt I want to wear tomorrow. I took it out of the dryer when the dryer was still running...yet the shirt is all wrinkled. Like, REALLY wrinkled. I think it has to do with the ribbon-stripes (I guess?) in the shirt....but how do I fix it? I don't really have another shirt to wear! Will an iron fix this?! Any other tips?

manga avatar

And a thought arose from my salad...

I just put tomato basil dressing on fresh cherry tomatoes (among other things). Is this as wrong as a meat-eating veterinarian? Amusing? Yummy? All of the above?

Edit: I'm not sure I worded that right, so feel free to answer orrrr:
What's for dinner?
What's on tv?
Is it raining where you are?

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Okay, this is going to come across as pretty stupid/obvious. I'm just stating up front that I am completely horrible when it comes to math, and I barely function past a middle-school level.

That being said, how do you solve this problem which was on my final exam today?

6^x=30, solve for x.

I know this is an easily solved thing but for the life of me I can't remember how to do it
I already took the test, so you're not helping me with homework or anything.
Smooth Criminal

Maternity Leave/Firing

Is it legal for an employer to fire someone because she was going to need maternity leave? My friend signed a contract to teach at a Charter School at the end of last month. Today the school contact her and informed her that they were tossing out her contract because she was pregnant and going to need maternity leave when the baby is born in 5 months. Doesn't that qualify as a type of discrimination?

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My keychain just died, and since I'm picking up my new car next week I figure I should treat myself to a new one. So..

What's your bitchin keychain? 

Care to post a pic?

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So I just bought a new computer, an apple macbook. My old computer is a Sony. I have a few viruses on my old computer (I have norton buisness edition). I am DEATHLY worried that if I transfer some of my files (ie my downloaded music) onto my mac that it will get a virus. Should I be safe if I transfer my songs?
me boxes

oh, just random things.

HEY GUYS, can BC pills prevent CANCER!?!?
Sorry, that was terribly obnoxious... I was just amused after reading that post.

Ok, onto the real questions:
1. If you have a PS2, what are some of your favorite games on it? My boyfriend and I just bought one from a friend and besides every Guitar Hero possible and DDR, we don't have any games for it, haha.

2. And, if you have a Wii ... same question? My parents just got one, haha, and we currently only have "Wii Sports" - which I am obsessed with. So, good games for the Wii to occupy me when I come home on breaks?

3. What is your favorite form of exercise?

4. What's your favorite thing you've done this month?
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The Party Dream

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I know I'm getting blood drawn at the doctor tomorrow and I get freaked out when I think about it. Any tips to relax?

If you have an M.B.A., what job do you have now? What was your undergrad in?
word can help write your suicide note

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Sup TQC!

So check it out, someone anonymously hooked me up with a paid account!!

While this is awesome and all, I'm honestly not sure what the big differences are between a paid and a regular or plus, aside from no more ads (I was trying out a plus account before).

So what are the major perks of having a paid account? I mean aside from being able to have a million icons or something and no ads.
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What's your favorite hand-drawn animation movie that's not Disney?
It's a tie between four movies. Ferngully, The Swan Princess [which for the longest time I thought was Disney], Once Upon a Forest, and The Pebble and The Penguin.

2] For those with long hair: Run your fingers through your hair. Look at your hand. Did any hair come out?
Yes. A lot. I am going to be bald someday.

3] Does anyone know any brand other than Cupcake Cult and Loungefly that has cute happy food things? Preferably with a site I can order off of.
I am curious.

4] Where are you most ticklish?
I'm not ticklish. My feet are a little sensitive on the bottoms, but it's not uncomfortable or anything. My mom and grandmother are not ticklish either.

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I am with several Sims playing people and NONE of them know the answer to this. Damn non-internet-geeks!

What is the name of that program mod/hack thing made for The Sims 2, and you can go in and change LOADS of stuff about a certain sim in your neighbourhood? The main thing I remember is being able to alter relationships between certain sims. It was a seperate program you ran as opposed to a menu or something incorporated into the game. It's REALLY popular, I just can't for the life of me remember what it's called.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: QUESTION ANSWERED! Thank you to those who responded :D

Song from TV Show 'Damages'

Does anyone know the title or artist of the song that played during the first few seconds of the latest episode ('Tastes Like A Ho Ho') of the FX show 'Damages' when the character Katie was shown in the Palm Beach nightclub? I tried googling the lyrics I could make out, but nothing came up, and I've had no luck anywhere else on the internet. It's driving me insane! Please to be assisting me!


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It's the middle of the night, a friend and I had been drinking, we went to bed, about 1/2 an hour ago I got up and discovered that he's fucking VANISHED. He's nowhere in the house, his phone, wallet and car keys are all still here, and he obviously didn't leave a note or tell anyone that he was going anywhere. He's mildly intoxicated and it's raining. I've contacted friends who live in the area, they have no idea.

What the fuck do I do?

Update... turns out he just wanted to "teach me a lesson"
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Inspired by this post

Can you name all 50 states?
Can you point to all 50 states on a map?
How good would you be at locating foreign countries on a map?

It just boggles my mind when people don't know all 50 states and/or can't locate them on a map. :( I learned that when I was like, 7.