August 15th, 2007

lactose intolerant

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i'm looking for a decent pub/bistro/counter/bar-height table that's relatively small (30x30ish) and also near or even under $200...with chairs. where are some good places to look online besides target, craigslist...?

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For people who've seen Mulholland Drive:
What was your interpertation of it? And also, with that storyline with the guy who had the dream with the guy in the back of Winkie's, what do you think the significance of that was?
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Chat is killing TQC.

No, chat has ALREADY killed TQC.
Ticky box.
Dick in a box.

You see what I did there.

~old meme~ :(
No comprendo.


...but it's so fucking awesome that the mods can't help but keep it.


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Do you buy DVD box sets of your favorite television shows?


If so, what shows do you own?  Which seasons?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1-7), Angel (1-3), Scrubs (1), The Sentinel (1), Supernatural (1), The OC (1), Firefly (1).

What box sets do you plan on purchasing in the future?

Angel (4-5), Eerie Indiana, Psych (1), Heroes (1), Supernatural (2).

Are there any online and accredited universites/colleges that offer BA degrees in English or Liberal Arts? 


Give a dog a home

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What exactly IS a "business vagina"?
Do you have one?
Would you like one? (not mine)

Have you ever stalked an ex?
Does checking their MySpace/Facebook/LJ/Xanga/whatever every day considered stalking?

Are you wearing a shirt right now?
If not, why?

Do you like fajitas?
What about nachos?

What is your favorite cheese?

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1. I have a toad sitting on my head. He seems to like it here more than anywhere else I've put him since he's been sitting there peacefully for fifteen minutes now. Do you think my hair reminds him of grass? Should I be using more conditioner?

2. How long until he pees on my head?

3. Would it be mean to keep him, or should I just let him go back outside and be free? 

4. He looks sort of like a less fat version of the toad in the main picture of this wiki article. So how long do that type of species usually live? The wiki article doesn't say.

5. I caught a bullfrog as a kid and kept him as a pet for a year before I returned him to where I first caught him. What is the probability he died a few days later because he was used to getting fed crickets instead of catching them?

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Dear TQC

I'm in a bit of a pickle.

There is this guy and I really have a thing for him. Problem is, he is extremely shy and always talks bad about himself. It's really bad; if I try to complement him, he says something to counter the complement. And he's always like, "why do you wanna do ______ (put a word there) with a guy like me, i'm nothing special." He's like that with everyone, and most people will laugh along and kind of agree with him, but I feel awful about it. How do you suggest I go about trying to make a move? Should I even bother? I don't think he's used to anyone actually being interested in him.

Oh, and, how do you say enjolras?

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What's your favorite stuff from Russia?

Like books and music, that sort of thing. And food, I guess.

I like Anna Karenina and I like Mussorgsky. Balalaikas are cool and so is Korobeiniki. And I like the Cyrillic alphabet. And Russian accents.
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What sounds like a longer time to you?:

a) the day after tomorrow


b) in two days

(IE: "When do you get paid?" "The day after tomorrow." vs. "When do you get paid?" "In two days.")
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Autograph Signings

I'm going to Dragon*Con, and I want to get some stuff signed by several actors. I'm just not sure what to bring. What are some of the smarter things to bring to autograph signings? I know posters and such things are popular, but what other items have you brought to signings that make up part of your autograph collection?
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do you think it's wrong to live with a significant other before marriage?

would you refuse to marry someone unless you lived with them first? why or why not?
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Hey I got an iPod with video and I want to upload a DVD I have onto it, but I can't figure out how. How do I save the DVD onto my computer instead of just playing it?
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The sound on my iBook has suddenly stopped working. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary except for downloading the latest version of iTunes. It's turned up all the way but there's nothing coming out.

Can you help me get it back?

Edit: It seems to have fixed itself. It turned the iBook off and back on again (which gave me a grey screen with a spinning wheel for much longer than it usually does) and the sound is working again.

I hate my cow-worker....

do you have a co-worker that you just wish would get fired or quit?
what do they do that pisses you off?

I work in a kitchen with this "woman" who thinks she's soooo hot when she wears short shorts and tiny tee's. The woman is at least 300 lbs. and it's disgusting.
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Help me out!

I'm writing a program that reads images from cameras. List some digital camera manufacturers for me? Digital only, cell phones included. Extra brownie points for finding the obscure ones. Link to a photo taken by that manufacturers camera, if possible. Any photo, even if its your own.

Thanks in advance!


17 days, 12 hours, 10 minutes, and 38 seconds until...

[the Man burns]

hey ya'll..

any of you planning to participate in the 2007 Burning Man Festival?
if so, would anyone be interested in meeting other TQC folks?
if not, wtf? not interested? too expensive? explain plz??

ahhh!  i'm going nuts getting all my costumes and shtuff ready...

[for reference purposes: ]
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Livejournal trouble

I tried sooo many times yesterday for about 4 hours to get to Livejournal and couldn't get on, not even to the home page.  Did  this happen to anyone else or was I the only one???? Please guys let me know....Thanks a bunch.
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What webcomics do you read/did you read before they ended?

I read Questionable Content, Butternutsquash, and Punch 'n' Pie. I used to read Queen of Wands before it ended.
i say, old bean

boredom strikes quite early

what kind of tqc member are YOU? (the stupid poster, the poster who only posts so they can vent about something, the one who deletes comments, the person who brings the lame macros, the one who always starts arguments. etc)

what's the current time where you are?

pretend you are going to torture someone, how will you go about this?
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If you're alone in an elevator and it stops to pick someone else up (you're both going down to the bottom floor), do you step to the back of the elevator, or stand there so they have to squish past?
I always go to the back because we have a little narrow deep elevator. Someone on the 9th or 10th floor always refuses to move though, and it's awkward to squish past them if I've got my arms full of garbage or something.

If you live in an apartment, what floor do you live on?
8th floor, but it's really the 9th story, since the bottom level isn't numbered.

If you've had to learn a foreign language and take courses (not in high school or college) for it, how much did you pay?
I'm looking at Dutch classes and they're horrifically expensive. I think I'm going to have to start selling drugs or something to pay for them.
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Are sandals that aren't "thong" sandals but still make the "flip-flop" noise still considered to be flip-flops, or do they have to be thongs?  Does anybody actually call that style "thongs" anymore, or is that term reserved for underwear?

Does your car have a name?

Checking it out


Let's say you are in the grocery store or anywhere but the club, minding your own business and you turn and catch a man checking out your ass. The man seeing he got caught instantly becomes a two-year old with his hand caught in the cookie jar and quickly turns away.

Is your reaction based on how the person looks? or Are you instantly disgusted by his candor to look at your ass?
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Burning CDs

I burned some CDs from my Windows Media Player. Then all of a sudden, it stopped working. It would tell me which songs would and wouldn't fit, but when I'd hit "start burn" it would flip to "stop burn" like it should, but then it'd flip back and the first song's status would be "inspecting. . ." and the rest would be "ready to burn." Help?
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My bf and I are driving 13.5 hours non-stop if we want to be able to see 5 potential apartments in the same day for our next move. We both work that day and hit the road by 7pm arriving sometime in the morning and immediately to our appointments. We typically goto bed at around 10:30....

What helps keep you awake when you need to?

Edit* any recommendations on specific caffeine pills?
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Jucing to be healthy in Australia

1. Do you juice to be healthy?

2. What are some good DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES that can be found in Australia that will be good for juicing? E.g., in America we have mustard greens, collard greens, chard...none of which we seem to have in Australia.

3. What is your favorite juice recipe?

4. Do you find that Australian organic produce is much nicer than its commercial counterpart? I have heard that in America it has 3-5 times more nutrients, but I feel as though Australian commercial produce is of a much higher quality than American.

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Videogame question

I've been playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC version), and I can't for the friggin life of me figure out how to drop items (not place them in drawers and stuff, I mean drop on the ground). There's no indication in the control list, and I can't find any "how-to" anywhere. Am I missing something obvious? In Morrowind you just had to click on the item and you'd hold it, and you could then click the ground and throw it down. But in Oblivion, clicking the item either equips it or uses it. That's all you can do. Yet I know it's possible, because one of the quests specifically asks for an item to be dropped onto the ground...but I dunno how to do that. :( So how the heck do I drop items?
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Well it's getting about that time when my shampoo/conditioner (Garnier Fructis "Sleek and Shiny") is no longer working as well as it used to. The shine has just gone out of our relationship and I feel the need to see other hair products. It hurts me, because we've been together for two years now, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

But it's been so long since I've been on the market I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I have long, thick hair and want it to lay nice and flat and shiny... Garnier used to do that for me, but... well, you know how it goes. And under no circumstances do I want a product that will make my hair "fuller" or "thicker"... trust me, I don't need to be treated like that. I won't stand for it.

So based on all of that, what shampoo/conditioner should I be looking for, TQC?

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I'm looking for an alternative rock song, I think it's from the 90s.

It says something like "I never meant to hurt you, but I did it anyway, hey, hey, hey" or "yeah yeah" Something like that. I searched for the lyrics and all I found was Eminem and R Kelly. That isn't it. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks.
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a) do you know anyone with a really deep voice? (think a'la Barry White)
b) do you know anyone with a really whiny voice?
c) do you know anyone that whenever they talk it's like they're whispering more than actually talking?

who do you know whose phone # starts with a 7?
who do you know whose phone # starts with a 6?
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Invitations question

Would you rather get Evites, personal email invites, mail invites, or verbal in person or phone invites to someone's events ?

These are like mini golf trips, rollerblade trips, bicycle trips, skiing trips, and other parties or events. When I send Evites, I get replies from some people, and they don't reply to a personal email or phone call. And I also have the reverse happen, but I am curious what people hate or like about the above types of invites.


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Has anything massively changed your opinion about someone or something lately?

What was it?

I just found out a girl I know, who generally irritates the living hell out of me, was the person who lead to the creation of GodHatesIreland.Com, and I can't help but hate her a little less.

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Why are people so afraid of needles?

I do fingersticks on about 40 people a day and I can't tell you how many of them jerk their hand back before I can even put the lancet near their finger.

Are you grumpy, too, TQC?

Essential oils

How can you use essential oils as a perfume? Do you have to pour the bottle in a new bottle and dilute it with water? Also, what stores might have essential oils? I don't have access to getting them online.

Inspire by last night's Loveline...

Is cyber sex cheating? The people on Loveline seem to think that to guys, it's usually not considered cheating. Hubby and I cannot make up our minds.

Does your answer change if webcams are involved?

What would you do if you caught your SO cybering?
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Mitty box

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1) What's so wrong with being average?
2) Have you ever been a tropical storm or hurricane?
3) Do you ever think of awesome questions to ask while lying in bed, but then you wake up in the morning and you've forgotten what they were?

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They say, about 11 000 000 americans are illiterate, they can't read! Is that true? And why?
I knew, that american system of secondary education is bad, but I've never thought it is SO BAD.
You know, there are some americans in our town, they are mormons. I visited their meetings, and noticed, that they do a lot of grammatic mistakes and have poor knowledges in geography. And when I mentioned Athens, one of that guys exlaimed: "Athens? Oh, Italy!". :))) Another one wrote "dolor" instead of "dollar". :))) Sometimes I thought: "they must be kidding, that's a joke", but I understood later, that they really knew nothing. All of them were "anglosaxsons" from normal families of the middle class. (I mean, the illiteracy of "afroamericans" and "latinoamericans" can be explained by their life in criminal ghetto and all that, you know.)
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1) if you wanted to make a new personal logo for your personal website...where would you start looking? if you chose to pay someone for the logo how much would you expect to pay?

2) have you had chest pains before? right at the sternum? what became of your pain?

3) what height are the socks you're wearing today?


(inspired by some random TV ad) If Cinderella was real and people came to your town trying to find the foot that matched the magic slipper would you go try it on to see if you were the one?

What would the magic slipper look like?

Would you try and get your foot into it and pretend it was comfortable?

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1. How would you deal with multiple wrong number phone calls for a guy named Kenneth from New Jersey (apparently we have the same phone number but from different area codes)?

I don't want to change my number, but every few weeks or go, I get around 10-15 calls for this guy. This has been going on since January. His callers are dumb - I tell them they have the wrong number but they call back a while later and say, "Oh...oh yeah I forgot. Sorry!"

2. How many Twinkies would it cost to get someone to go over to Kenneth's house and kick him in the balls?
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1. In an interview setting, how would you answer the tired question, "Where do you see yourself in the future?"

2. I have a pair of sling back shoes that are always slipping down in the back. Is there any way that I could keep them from doing so without, say, the use of duct tape?

3. Why can't you give me the respect that I'm entitled to? Why can't you treat me like I would be treated by any stranger on the street?
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What are good fund raising ideas for schools? They are looking for ideas at work, to help the senior class fund the prom, and I figured that TQC would have some good ones.

Things they already do:
-sell candy bars
-sell ice cream
-sell Krispy Kreme donuts

They are looking for both selling ideas as well as event ideas.

What sort of fund raising happened at your school that you loved (or didn't work so well, even)?

Loving an identical twin

I'm curious about this. (for some fanfic reasons... and just ordinary curiousity. Not that in the fanfic it's actual twins...)

Do any of you love one of a pair of identical twins (or triplets  or more if you prefer)?
Are you attracted to both of them?
Do they worry about the fact that their partners could be attracted to both of them? Or worry about  inadequacy or something? (even though I assume it's about the personality as well, do they worry that since you find them hot, you might prefer their twin's personality?)
Can you tell them apart?
Were you friends with both of them first? If you were friends with both first, why'd you pick one of them over the other for a relationship?

Any of you who aren't  (or are, if you want) actually dating/married to a twin but are friends, have you ever been friends with one of them more than the other, then due to some sort of circumstances, got closer to the other one instead?

Anyone here dated one of a pair of twins, then due to circumstances, ended up dating the other one? Why? Did that bother you?

I doubt many people will be able to answer any of these but I thought I'd ask anyway!

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I just watched something on a large news channel. There will be satellites that will be able to watch us from space.
the government says that it will be able to look anywhere, but it can not see faces, or hear anything. (or so they are saying.)

Invasion of privacy? or a good idea?

EDIT: another question completely unrelated..

I want this tattoo.. cute or no?

I have no shame.

Dear TQC Dermatologist, MD:

I have the worst skin on my face of all time. Blacheads, pimples, occasionally a big creepy cystic pimple, etc. I finally have health insurance, but it's only "sick care" and I don't think "Horrible acne" is a disease.

Right now, this is what I do:

AM: Cream cleanser, the kind that makes your face ~tingly~ or some BS
Thin coat of Adult Clearasil (the kind with sulphur on it) which keeps my face from getting oily during the day
PM: Cream cleanser.

I am 22 years old and I'm tired of being pizza face. Plz to help, TQC MD. I'm already on the pill, so no need to suggest that.

Sightseeing Help!

I'm heading off on a mini-road trip to Niagara Falls on Sunday. I've already asked about things do in that area, but now I'm looking for exciting/interesting/quirky things to see or do along our route (including restaurants and such).

I'm traveling from the Youngstown, OH area on 80 East through PA where we'll pick up 79 North, and then 90 East. From then on we're in New York on 90 East, then 290 West, then 190 North. Our hotel is in Niagara Falls, NY.

Anyone know of anything along this route that's not too far off the highway - say, no more than 30 min? I've done a little googling but it's not yieliding much and I know that locals from those areas will know the good stuff. Anything?
Ne Ansage?
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I need help with computery things: Somebody help me put DVD's on my iPod!

I have an iPod with video and some DVD's that I want to load onto it. Somebody gave me these links for DVDShrink and Videora to do it. I got the DVD's ripped onto my computer using the DVDShrink, but I can't get them converted so I can put them on my iPod.

When I ripped the DVD's, they were saved to a folder with the title of the DVD and a bunch of files inside (screencap). There's not "a" file that I can select to convert to put on my iPod; it's a whole folder... and I can't convert the folder, either.

What am I supposed to do? PLEASE help me, I have no idea what's going on.


What are some great phone numbers?

Looking for any useful and FREE services to program on my cell phone.

Here's what I have so far.

Free 411 service: Self-explanatory. Only catch is having to listen to a short advertisement.

Rejection Hotline: Automated message telling any caller that the person who gave the number does not want to date him/her.

FreeConference - Free Conference calls.

TellMe - A recorded voice invites you to say “Travel,” “Traffic,” “News Center,” “Stock Quotes,” and so on. The system is smart enough to know your location, which pays off when you say “Movies,” “Restaurants,” “Driving directions” or “Taxi.” (This service, run by Tellme Networks as a showcase for its corporate voice-recognition technology, also lets you say “Time” when you’re setting your watch. 800-555-TELL (800-555-8355)*

Free International Calls (Good only thru 2010) - call any of 50 countries from the United States, free. Talk as long as you like. You pay only for a call to the access number in Iowa, which is 712-858-8883; if you use your cellphone on nights or weekends, even that’s a free call. There’s no contract, no ads, nothing to sign up for. At the prompt, press 1 for English. Then punch in 011, the country code and the phone number. The call rings through immediately. However, in some countries, you can reach only landlines, not cellphones. And in part because FuturePhone’s lines have been flooded, its success at placing calls is not, ahem, 100 percent.*

I'll be updating this post as new finds come in.

*Courtesy of the NYT.
china town

I'll put it on my queue.

If you have Netflix...

How long have you been a member?
How many friends do you have?
Do you take the silly friend quizzes?
Are you an elitist and rent certain movies from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video so your friends don't know that you've actually seen that movie?
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i had to have gum surgery today, and the heartless bastards didn't even give me any pain pills.

so, i'm not allowed to eat anything, drink alcohol, or smoke.  i'm in a stunning amount of pain.  there's nothing on TV.

totally bored.  what should i do?
Feet Pyramid

listening devices at work

I've worked at a convenience store seasonally for the last four years(think Clerks style). Last summer the company I work for was bought out by a competitor and they're now in the process of converting all the stores. Mine was just finished. Because of this I've been contemplating going back.

I just got back to school and found out from co-workers that not only did our store manager get fired for not agreeing to certain terms (he's a great guy, I would hate to work for anyone else), but the new company also installed listening devices near the cash registers to listen in on employees conversations.

My questions:

1) Are these listening devices legal?

2) Would you work for a place that had listening devices installed?

3) Do you think it's strange that a convenience store would be so interested in their employees conversations? (Considering we get paid just above minimum wage...)
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Okay, so, almost always when I sneeze, right after the back of the roof of my mouth kinda burns and stings... or like, the nasal passage or something hurts. I don't get it. What the hell could be causing that?

Have you ever had a painful sneeze?

Also, I get several nosebleeds every week... they're relatively short, but annoying. What could be causing that?
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(no subject)

1. Why would anyone ever get carpet installed in their kitchen?

2. Would you ever get a carpeted kitchen?

3. I always feel guilty after I spend money on things I want (rather than need), even if I'm not strapped for cash. Do you ever feel that way?
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(no subject)

EDIT: The winnar is Italian! Yay! Off to get ready to go. Thanks guys!

Where should I go for dinner?

Ruby Tuesdays
Taco Bell
Steak N' Shake
Local Italian joint
Olive Garden
All of these places are gross. (put what you suggest in the comments)
Cook something, you lazy bitch!
Mmm... food....

I've never been to Steak N' Shake, and I will probably be having IHOP on Sunday.
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I went to my chiropractor today and saw many people going to get treated with Nambudripad's allergy elimination techniques and I wondered if it works. Does anyone here have any experience with NAET?


What should I do?
I'm an English major and I don't have enough time to double major because I want to graduate in 2 years.

*Should I minor in something? Is there a point of having a minor? Will it be beneficial and useful later in life when seeking work?


*Should I just stick to one major and for the rest of my time take a bunch of random classes that I'm interested in?
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Makeup basics of choice.

- What's your favourite lipgloss?
- Favourite mascara?
- Do you have any other makeup "must-haves"? What are they?

When it comes to makeup, I am extremely basic... lipgloss and nothing else. On the odd special occasion, I'll wear mascara. Now, I have Maybelline's Great Lash mascara but don't find it to be all it's cracked up to be - within an hour, I have panda eyes from it! Eek! Show me the way to a better mascara!

so, on a rating scale of one to ten

How weird is this scenario?
You have a 10 year old daughter, and she frequently goes on holiday with her friend (who is a year younger) and her parents. One time she comes home, and during the course of the conversation she reffers to her friends father as "Daddy" realising her mistake she adds "Oh, Andy makes us call him daddy. Me and Beth and Claire (his wife)." How do you react?
Our daughter can't figure out why we have a problem with this.

So, IS this something I (and in particular my husband who fought long and hard to be 'daddy' to my kids) should have a problem with?

Do men frequently insist on being called daddy by everybody?!?!?

My big sister who is "Mz Worst Case Scenario" now thinks this man is a pervert. Do you think he is?

Should we ban our daughter from going on holiday with them?

*cross posted to parenting comms, well duh!*
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This is for TQC's member's from across the pond.

I am a natural-born citizen of the United States of America.

I have been watching several British, Scottish, and Irish Films recently and have noticed something abou a curse word:

There is no definitive country associated with the usage of the word "shit". Some of the international films say the vulgar term differently.

I'm curious as to which cultures or which countries pronounce "shit" as "shyte" and which pronounce them as as "shit".
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(no subject)

1. What's your biggest flaw in a relationship? That is, what makes you a bad boyfriend/girlfriend sometimes?

2. If you're gonna be in school, what classes are you taking fall semester?

3. Do you ever watch the Golden Girls? Favorite episode?
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minnie and zeus

Confederate flags

1.  what does the confederate flag mean to you?
2.  what would your reaction or assumptions be if someone had a confederate flag (either the flag itself or themed item like a bumper sticker, cell phone faceplate, beach towel, whatever)?
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(no subject)

I'm taking my boyfriend to NYC next week, and it's his first trip. He's asked to avoid the tourist-y spots, and we'd like to do things that are cheap. So, I come with the following questions:

1. what non-tourist things are there to do in NYC, more specifically SoHo and the village?
2. what is your favourite major US city to visit?
3. free things are often the best, yes or yes?
Haruhi disappearance
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For those of you who clean.

What is your favorite...

A) Bathtub/Shower cleaner?

B) Tile/Sink cleaner?

C) Toilet cleaner?

D) All-Purpose cleaner?

E) Stain remover?

F) Carpet cleaner?

G) Laundry detergent?

H) Dish soap/Dishwashing liquid?

I) Furniture polish/dust remover?

J) Window cleaner?

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(no subject)

What are some good breakup songs?  Not sad "I miss you, come back" songs.  I'm looking for other kinds.

I just really like breakup songs.  Like "Ciao!" by Lush and "Everything Back But You" by Avril and "I Will Survive" and things of that nature and I hope that's not weird.
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(no subject)

Let's say that you're... not the neatest person in the world. Your roommate is cleaning up, and your crap is everywhere. Where would you prefer your stuff to be moved? Bedroom? Pile by your door?

This is stuff that absolutely does not belong out in the other rooms - clothing, board games, etc.

(I'm trying to figure out where to put all of his crap. Preferably out of sight so that I can have guests over. And he's working until late, so calling him to ask is out of the question.)
mornington crescent
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(no subject)

1. I'm leaving for Dublin in two weeks, to study abroad for a year at Trinity College. I have a place to stay for the first two weeks I'm there, but after that I need to find more permanent accommodations. Where would be a good place (online) to start looking for cheap apartments/rooms for rent/roommates?

2. For any of you who've been to/live in Dublin, what are some things I absolutely shouldn't miss while I'm there? What are the best places to hang out? I've been reading guidebooks and stuff, but you know, it's not the same. I'll be traveling to other places in Ireland too while I'm there, so pretty much anything you have to say about Ireland would be interesting.
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Goo goo

1. Are all babies cute?

2. What is the most random thing you have ever received in the post?

3. Do you like true crime stories? Which are your favourites?

4. Do you take vitamins every day? What kind?

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as i sit here polishing off half of a quart of ritter's fresh banana frozen custard and being in serious tastegasm land, i wonder--

what's your favorite ice cream?

when you have ice cream at home (not like, a sundae from a store) do you eat it from the carton or do you scoop it into a bowl?
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I need some info/advice from someone who is familiar with allergies, since I am not.  I'm housesitting right now for a family, and one of the kids is allergic to many things--peanuts, milk, wheat, etc.  I don't know the family very well, but they left a detailed note for me that included a P.S. that said "No peanut products in the house please!"  Not thinking, tonight I bought this peanut butter cookie/bar thing at a coffee shop and ate about half of it inside the house before I remembered.  Horrified, I took it outside, ate another bite, and threw the rest away in the dumpster.

The family is not coming home until Sunday, so is there anything I can do now, or is it even a huge deal since it was only in the house for about 5 minutes?

EDIT: I should have mentioned, the kids are not home--I'm literally just house-sitting and taking care of the tortoises.

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1) How do you feel about hardboiled eggs?
I think they're wonderful. Wtf, hardboiled is a word?

2) What should one's father get his teenage daughter for her birthday? Srs.  : |

3) Do you enjoy skinny-dipping?
If the water is warm and there are no big fishes bitin'.

4) What is your favorite kind of milkshake?
mahna mahna

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Is there a travel site that will let you choose a price and it shows you the destinations? Like "where can I go for $x"?

Bonus points if you can choose your departure city!

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On my lower boob there is this patch of really itchy skin. It's sort of pinkish red and bumpy. It's maybe two inches long and an inch wide and ovalish shaped. I had thought it was a bug bite this whole week and hadn't bothered to really inspect it further until tonight. So.

1. What is it?

2. Am I going to die?

3. Am I going to have to chop off my boob?


Do you ever lie on your LJ? Do you always tell the truth? Do you just tell maybe a yarn or two to make your life sound a little more interesting than it really is? Or do you just flat out lie?

Me personally, I add a little here and there to make my story sound better. lol
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Since we're discussing booze...

I've FINALLY made it behind the bar (working my way up from serving, cocktailing, to bartender!). I've been training for a while and I have my first shift on my own on Saturday.

So, TQC, what makes your favorite bartender so good?
What brings you back to a bar?
What are some drinks YOU think every bartender should know?

Oh, and how do you get motivated to write a paper? I have an 8 page one due tomorrow. I've done all the research, have an outline, etc... I just can't seem to get myself to actually write it.

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TQC, why does your life suck right now?

I just moved 1800 miles for school. I don't regret my decision, but I've been here two weeks and I'm starting to get lonely and I am having trouble finding a job. School doesn't start for a couple of weeks and I don't have a lot of money. :( Do any of you New Jersey TQCers want to be my friend!?!?
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Do you know how to play poker? What kind?

Any good at it?

Do you play for real money, or just free online places? If real money, what's the most you've won, and what kind of game was it (with friends, in a casino, etc)?

Ever watch it on TV?