August 14th, 2007


Long time, no ask!

1. Have you ever dyed your hair?
No, I love my natural colors, but I did try to chemically straighten it once. Nightmare!

2. Do you have some sort of financial arrangement with your university for grad school, like a fellowship or assistantship? How's that working for you?
Because I think that might be the thing for me to do, but I have no freakin' clue, as usual.

3. I know Hermione promised Professor McGonagall that she wouldn't use the Time-Turner for anything but her studies, but WHY didn't she use it to get some more sleep?!
I think that certainly would have helped with my studies, if it were me.

4. Wasn't Journey awesome when Steve Perry was with them?
Ohhh, yeah.
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(no subject)

Ok, so ever since I installed WoW on my computer, everything on my computer has become huge. The icons, webpages, the toolbar, everything! I have windows vista (puke!) and I have no clue how to fix it. There's nothing in the control panel, or internet preferences or anything!
I'd take a screen shot to show you all, but I don't remember how to do that.

How do I take a screen shot?



I'd like to say I am impressed and proud of all of you for wearing your seatbelts like good little boys and girls - my goodness. I'm being serious.

1. Growing up, was the TV a big part of your life/ household?
2. Is the TV on most of the time in your home now when you're home?
3. Do you leave the TV on all the time - even when you're not home or when no one is home?
3b. If so, what do you leave on, anything in particular?

4. Did you listen to a lot of loud music in the car growing up?
5. Did your household have music playing all the time (if not the TV)?
6. Does your household (or if you aren't out of your parents house yet, how do you imagine it will be) have music on rather than the TV all the time?

(no subject)

I rented a movie from Blockbuster today, and when I got home and put it in my laptop to watch, it started getting screwed up about 5 minutes into it (stopping, color getting weird, it froze at a certain point and wouldn't get any further) and I washed it like a million times, but it still won't get past that certain part at about 5 minutes into it. I think it's because of either the giant scratch on it, or because of the millions of little scratches on it, all of which were already there. Will Blockbuster let me exchange it for free or get my money back? I don't really want my money back, just a different copy.

(no subject)

1] What was your first legal drink?
Not legal yet, sadly. But I did drink illegally today! I had a few Long Island Iced Teas and some fruity drink. I am pretty very drunk. =].

45] What are you doing tomorrow?!
I am going to work and that's probably about all.

7] Do you love Firefox's new spellcheck thing?
I do. Especially right now.

4] Anyone up for a one night stand?
I'm bored.

EDIT: B] What should I do to punish my puppy?!
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James Franco joint

(no subject)

How do YOU (not Webster,, etc) define an adult, or adulthood?

At what age did people start referring to you as an adult?

In your state/country/region, what is the drinking age and driving age?

I'm in Florida, drink at 21, drive at 15 with a 21 year old, alone at 16 until 1am, anytime at 17.
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(no subject)

1. Do you have any old, outdated programs you continue use, for whatever reason?

2. Going to any concerts soon?

3. What's a largely unknown band you like?

4. Have you heard of Kaizers Orchestra?

5. Do you like gummy bears?

1. Paint Shop Pro 8 (I believe they're now on PSP 11) and Zoo Tycoon
2. Projekt Revolution on the 28th
3. Tillmann and Massendefekt
4. Kaizers is love.
5. Only occasionally. Though real German Haribo ones are pretty good.

(no subject)

What's your favorite Panera sandwich?

Mine was the Pepperblue Steak until they ditched it, so I guess now it's the Bacon Turkey Bravo.

Or, if you don't have/go to Panera, what other sandwich place do you visit, and what do you get there?
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What was the one name of the Greasemonkey script where you could remove options from the right-click menu? (I really hope that made sense)

I'm rather sleepy, looking around on Greasemonkey, and failing BIG-TIME. *sob* Help? :-( I had the script before, but forgot what it was called.
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1. I'm probably musically uneducated for not knowing this, but who does the song 'War"?
War! What is it good for? Absolutely...NOTHING!
And is the song title even 'War"?
pushing off

(no subject)

Has internet arguing/debating/discussing helped or hindered your ability to do so in real life?

What is one of your internet arguments/debates/discussion that stands out the most in your mind? Do you believe that you won or lost the 'battle'?

How often do you use sources to back up your statements?

What's the most common insulting tactic you've seen after the other person runs of of things to say? For example, "Only a fat person would say that!" or "Go back to school, idiot!"

(no subject)

1. What are you craving right now?
I want steamed clams with melted butter and a back massage.

2. What would you do with an opened bottle of Barefoot Merlot that you can't stand the taste of?
I might just flush it down the drain. But other ideas could be fun!

3. What's your favorite wine?


(no subject)

1)Do you think DVD Regions are as stupid as I think they are? I honestly didn't know about them until very recently and thought the person who was telling me about them was lying to see how gullible I was.
2)What is your favorite food or dish with coconut/coconut milk?

Who wants cake?

1. I'm baking my sister a small, two-tiered cake, because today is her first day of high school (and I need the practice). I'm doing pink cake with black icing and pink accents. How should I decorate it?

2. For those of you that use it, what's your favorite simple/beginner's level recipe for a small batch of fondant? I'm only finding recipes that make about 2 pounds and call for a million ingredients. I just need enough to detail/decorate a small, two-tiered cake this Sunday.

(no subject)

I'm going on a 7 day cruise to Alaska and leaving on Sunday.
I read that they allow you to bring wine/campagne, but can you bring hard liquor as well?

Ive read that they "discourage" it, but you can.

Anyone know? Thanks in advance.

Spelling and things.....

I can't spell definitely. It's doesn't matter how many times spell check corrects me, I can't remember how to spell it unless I'm concentrating really hard and even then I generally get it wrong. How about you guys? Any words you can't spell to save your life?
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(no subject)

what's something that's bad for you that you wish wasn't?

i wish smoking wasn't bad for you. i love it. i love the smell, i love lighting them. i love having them when i'm drinking. but i don't do it very often because it's so bad for you and it's so hard on my asthma.

BONUS QUESTION: i'm still tired, don't feel very good and have nothing to do today. can i go back to bed?
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Extra, Extra!

1. What's something wonderful that you've heard lately, TQC?

It could be anything - a song, a joke, good news, a fun story.  Share something that's uplifted your spirits recently.

2a. Also, how do you like your jello to be served - in cubes, a fun mold, or just a scoop out of the bowl?  Some other way?
2b. For those who don't like jello or those avoiding gelatin, what's something light and refreshing you like to eat?

3. What's your favorite refreshing (non-alcoholic) drink to combat the warm weather?

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Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you said that made you exclaim "Oh god, I'm such a nerd!"?

2. What possessed me to invite someone who is not a baseball fan to stay with me for a week right in the middle of baseball season?

3. Have you ever cried over a celebrity's death? Whose?

4. What is the most number of times you've seen a lifeguard have to jump in a pool to save someone in one day (not necessarily the same someone each time)?


A. In a situation where a child is being seriously bullied, WHO is responsible for intervening?  Is the school responsible for ending the harassment?  Is the parent of the bully responsible to stop the bullying?

B. Do the parents of a bullied child have any responsibilities if the bullying situation is not immediately fixable? (For example: despite efforts on the part of the parents, the bullying continues).  Should the parent teach the child to fight back? Should they remove the child from the school?

C. Is it the responsibility of parents to moniter their child's internet activities and intervene if they are bullying someone online?

D. Do you think being bullied is kind of like a rite of passage?  Is it something that happens to everyone, so you should just deal with it?  Or is bullying a major problem that needs to be stopped?

E. Without condoning the actions of people who shoot their classmates,  do you feel any amount of empathy or compassion for them? (Think Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc.)

EDIT: To be clear, the bullying to which I am referring is not the "name-calling" kind of bullying.  I am asking about the serious bullying that happens, including physical assault and vandalism to personal items, such as a locker or a bookbag.

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(no subject)

a) do you know anyone that was killed in a car accident?
b) do you know anyone that has asthma?
c) do you know anyone who has gotten a divorce?
d) do you know anyone who has a twin?

for those of you that drive.. do you always turn your blinker on when switching/merging into another lane?

when's the last time you just felt like bawling/sobbing hysterically? (whether it be because you were THAT frustrated, or everything was going wrong, etc) did you?

Yarr, it be Tewsday

- Do you celebrate V-J day? Does your town/city/hamlet/whatnot do anything special? If not, feel free to soapbox about the holiday.

- Have any good low fat / low cal recipes?

- What's your favorite binge food?

- Whats the last thing you ate that you didn't think would be good, but then was amazing?

I had this weird jack daniels bbq alfredo thing at Friday's once.. god, it was good. Clogged an artery or 12, though.
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(no subject)

I'm vacation with my boyfriend's pretentious family in Nantucket. Can someone enlighten me as to what these ridiculous dress code terms mean?

"Nantucket Chic"
"Resort Casual"
"Relaxed Casual"
"Smart Casual"

...what's the difference?!

restroom peeve or no?

Do you find it disgusting when people do #2 in a public restroom or a school restroom?
I remember in High School I'd be in the restroom  and there would be girls having a huge cow about it.
I understand it smells bad, but I always though, if you have to go, you have to go.
If you are disgusted, what if the person has a bowel problem and it cant' wait till their home? Or if someone hasn't been able to go for a day or two and finally can and its in the store or at school? 
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(no subject)

i saw die hard 4 last night

it was about on par with the other three movies

and mcclane got to say most of his signature line

i mostly liked it

i'm just not sure how i feel about how the bad guy died


any TQC'ers seen it? what'd you think?
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(no subject)

Here's a question for all y'all BBC watchers out there!

I saw this English dude doing a stand-up routine the other night, and he mentioned this BBC kids show about fuzzy little creatures- It sounded like they were puppets, but that was never really specified. He described an episode where the main critter has a little black cloud hanging over his head, and eventually makes it go away by sitting on a hill and singing a song to himself.

WHAT IS THIS SHOW CALLED? All I remember is it started with a "P", and it probably would have been on the air at least 20 years ago.
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Cirque du Soleil LOVE?

We are going to Vegas in September and I want to get tickets to see LOVE but am unsure of what price range to get. $165.00 is steep... But I don't want to skimp and get the $75. or $100. if the seats are crappy. Can anyone recommend what price category I should get?

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(no subject)

o hay guys, i'm up!

how does the 5 second rule affect your life?

the way i see it, if you're at home or it's not sticky, pick it up, brush it off and put it back in your mouth. if it's a sucker, maybe not. but if you're at home and know what's been on the floor i say you can wash it off.
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(no subject)

1) Ladies, what do you believe is the most reliable OTC pregnancy test?

2) Is it entirely possible for someone with a history of irregular periods (PCOS), who just went off BC after 4 years last month(I ran out and can't get more for a bit, not trying to get preggers), to just be irregular still, or missing a period due to the hormonal changes? (obviously I'm gonna go pee on a stick, but I'm just wondering)

3) How is your week so far?
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I have no idea if this questions been asked before, but I do not recall seeing it in my past monthish or so membership:

01. Who else here plays WoW!?

02. Do you want to create a TQC Guild?!

03. Horde or Alliance?

04. Best character class/race?

05. Best profession combination?

(no subject)

1. Are you a Jedi Mind Tricks fan?
2. What's your favourite song?
3. Ever seen them live? What are they like?
4. Any similar bands you can recommend to a fellow JMT lover?

My answers...
2. Black Winter Day, with Saviorself following a close second.
3. No *sob* They never tour England.
4. Obie Trice, Big Pun, Canibus and Cuban Link. The usuals.

(no subject)

Working with paper all day is making my hand and cuticles painfully dry!

I have used brand such as vasaline, lubriderm, and various bath and body lotions.

What kind of hand lotion would you recommend for someone like me, who pushes papers all day?

rose and blanche

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

I'm getting a bonus on Friday. I'm going to spend part of it on some homebrew equipment so I can start making wine at home.

Should I spend another part of my bonus on another pet ferret and a bigger cage, or should I just save it?
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1. Do you have to pay for trash removal? (EDIT: As in, not a part of tax)
2. Do you think it's weird that people do/don't have to?

I have to in my city. I pay $10/month for a 30 gallon bin. We also have the option of buying $1.50 tags to put on each trash bag or $1.50 for a special trash bag.

I thought everyone had to pay for it but my boyfriend informs me that nobody else has to.

Walking recessive Gene

Question 1: Whats your favorite reference book? What are must have reference books?

Question 2: Do you know anyone with red hair? I have been trying to figure out why I have brownish eyes and red hair, apparently it is quite rare and part of a recessive gene. It also says that red heads make up only 1% of the population.

Question 3: How is your recessive gene played out? Blue eyes? Dry Earwax?

Question 4: Whats your favorite character to play in Nethack? Valkerie FTW!


Is it weird that I want to buy myself a birthday present?

EDIT: Yay. I'm going to have to show this to my husband when he gets home. He told me I was weird when I mentioned buying myself a new piece of jewelry for my birthday this weekend. Ha! I'll show him! Thanks!

(no subject)

Is anyone else's gmail being weird today? It's not letting me send emails. I can chat just fine though.

Have any of you tried LoTR Online? Do you like it?

Beef or Chicken?
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I spend too much time online


I like to say I'm immortal till something or someone proves otherwise.
This should not be taken as an offer to do so.
  • Are you immortal?

  • If not, would you like to be?

  • Why do you imagine anyone wouldn't want to be immortal?

  • On the offchance it turned out you were immortal, how do you imagine you'd spend your time?
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(no subject)

I had an interview with a temp agengecy today, and after discussion with my parents they told me to email the guy saying, "I've decided I'm not interested in a job with a 90-day contract. Please do not call my references."
The guy responded, "You do know that it is contract to hire, and that it is a permanent
position, right?"

OK.. what's that mean? contract to hire.. and that it's a permanent position? Does that mean that after the 90 days i'm for sure going to have the job? I dont get it and my parents have confused me beyond belief!

(no subject)

would you cancel or reschedual a doctor's appointment for a game?
should i?

i have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow. i think it's a half an hour at 2:30. the Manchester United game is at 1:45. i can't watch the game at home 'cause i don't have cable or anything, so i have to go down town. so by the time i got done with my doctor and got the bus i'd probebly catch the last 15 minutes. i really can't see myself going to the appointment.

BONUS QUESTION: am i insane?
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(no subject)

Collapse ) Will you explain it to me? Thanks a ton! I can't believe I didn't get it before.

How old were you when you got your first apartment? How much was rent per month?

Want to show off pictures of it? How about where you live now?


Is there a book that really changed something about you? or had a profound effect on you somehow?

I'm just bored and looking for something to get into, a book with substance. Not the bible, pref.
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Character Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner @ Disneyland

Has anybody every done these Character Meals at Disneyland?

I'm curious if it's a one-on-one interaction type of thing, or if there's a big restaurant and the characters jump from table to table? If it's the latter, were there any options to have a one-on-one meal where the character stayed for the duration of the meal?


Grocery Shopping

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What are some good ways to cut costs off our grocery shopping? I think we might subscribe to a newspaper so we can get coupons (or at least pick up the edition with the coupons). Are there any good coupon websites, or anything like that?

Nike+ Ipod.

Hello, TQC. :]]

Does anyone have the Nike sport kit thing for their iPod Nano? I heard you can use it without buying the Nike+ shoes but I don't know... would it still be accurate/works/all that and how?

I recently got a Nano and I really want the Nike sport thing, which is easy to buy but I'm not sure if I want to shell out another $100 for the Nike+ shoes specific for the sport kit. :[[

Anyway, does anyone get cystic acne? How much does it suck? :[[

(no subject)

The lady I nanny for gave me two tickets (amazing seats!!!) and VIP wrist bands for the Projekt Revolution concert. What are the perks of having the VIP wrist bands? Does this mean we get to meet some bands? I'm sure it all depends on the show, but i'm curious if anyone knows about this particular one. All that I know is there's a VIP tent or something...

Has anyone else seen this show? How was it? Did YOU have vip wrist bands?

(no subject)

How do you pronounce 'says'?

I've always pronounced it 'sez,' and it drives me batty when people pronounce it exactly as it's spelt, but lately I'm beginning to think I've been pronouncing it wrong, or at least in a common-as-muck sort of a way. :)
south park

Marriage, Age, Requiem

1.  Were you married at a young age? (age 18-23)?
2.  Did family, friends or others criticize you for getting married at a young age?  How did your parents react when you first told them?
3.  How long were/are you married?
4.  Without considering other factors, what would you consider a "good" age to start thinking about marriage?
5.  Without considering other factors, what would you consider a "good" age to start thinking about children?

And totally unrelated:

I feel like an idiot asking this... I've seen Requiem for a Dream many times, but when Sara gets that phone call saying she's going to be on television, was that even a real phone call? I feel like the answer is so obvious but I don't know 
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(no subject)

There was a game I played when I was a kid on the computer. It was some action-adventurey game where you were a bright green rabbit. Anyone know what I'm talking about? What was it called?

(no subject)

stupid question? possibly.

I just got a lynksys router (wirelss-G), and I set up a network key and all that fun shit but I was wondering how do i view what computers are using my boardband?
and if i'm unsecured, hwo do I view what they are doing websites visited and shit like that?

(no subject)

Uhh, wtf do girls wear at clubs in Europe? No seriously, stupid question but - apparently my warddrobe needs an update. Majorly. In less than 22 days.


Edit: specifically Portugal!

(no subject)

I'm sick - my throat is so sore that I'm half convinced someone poured Draino down it while I slept. So, we have some sick theme questions:

1. What was staying home sick like for you as a kid? 

2. What's it like now?

3. Do you usually take the damn sick day or tough your way through?

4. What's your best sore throat remedy?
yummy beer!, yummy

trivial TV matters

So, if you watched the finale of Hell's Kitchen, were you pleased with the results?

How about on 'So you think you can dance' - did you agree with who went home, and who will you be rooting for in the finals?

If you hate reality TV with a burning passion, do you also hate the ones where actual skills or talents are involved? If so, why?

If it's time for me change my default icon, this is the only other one I really like well enough to use.  The drawback is that it's popularly used in other comms I visit, and I don't like to cause confusion.  So, do you vote I keep the one I've been using or switch to the one I used here?
Any dynamite icons to share? - Please do!
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(no subject)

Is there a kind of pencil that is NOT No.2?  Almost every test I have ever taken specifies you must use a No.2 pencil.  When I went to the store the other day to buy my son some, I took the time to look for other types of pencils.  But nope.  Nothing but No.2.

Got it.  Thanks for your replies. :)
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(no subject)

a) do you know anyone that has curly BLACK hair?
b) do you know anyone that always seems to wear their hair in a braid?
c) do you know anyone that drives a blue car?
d) do you know anyone that drives a white SUV?

ladies, have you ever owned a navy bra? i was shopping the other day and noticed there were NONE in the bra section! they're either black, beige, light beige almost white but not quite, red, purple, white.. etc.

imagine that you are a pro-wrestler (think World Wrestling Federation) what would your theme music be?

meet & greet?

I'm going to see one of my favorite bands (Mae) later this week. I usually just meet bands after they play the show, but I  found out they're doing a meet & greet at a local music store beforehand. Does this mean they might not hang around after the show? I'm not sure if I want to go to the meet & greet though, because meet & greets seem so fangirl-y and obsessive. Then again, I've never been to one and I'm kind of curious to see what the hype is all about. Would you go?

(no subject)

How long were you engaged before you got married?

If you were in a serious relationship (but not married) and your S/O informed you they were going to join the military how would you feel? What would you say to them?

What kind of Pop Tarts do you like?

Which beauty area do you spend the most on? (ex: hair, makeup, I guess clothes could count too)

What kind of shoes do you prefer? Heels, flats, boots, sandals?

(no subject)

Is there anyone you want to make take a lie detector? Why?

I don't know how reliable they are.. I have such a vivid imagination, so say for instance I had a dream about cheating on my boyfriend it would be seem so real i'd feel really guilty.. I don't think i'd pass a polygraph test if asked soon after the dream 'ever cheated on your boy?'

How would you rate your overall tiredness generally? How much energy do you use ni an average day and does this correspond to your energy levels?

I'm not sure how normal it is to be tired. I don't do much all day really but I never shake the tiredness.
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[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

1- Should celebrities be afforded the same amount of privacy as anyone else, or do you believe they (whether they like it or not) sign away their rights when they start pulling in the bucks?

2- What is the last thing you wanted to destroy?

3- What in the blue hell animal is this? Picture taken in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, for the sake of knowing it isn't something come from some really 'out there' place. I vote angry mutant beaver, but I'm not sure. :(
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

I got a permanent account during the last sale, and I realized I have 107 icon slots to fill.

TQC, what are your favorite icon communities or journals? plz to be linking.

(no subject)

What's the crappiest thing someone's done in your life lately?

What's the nicest?

The crappiest: my mom's ex-husband had a birthday party for one of his two sons. The other's birthday was 12 days prior, but he got no party, no cake, no presents. Nothing. He just...went to his brother's party and acted like it didn't bother him. He's only 7, the brother with the party is 9.

The nicest: the 9 year old brother split all his birthday money with the 7 year old.

I have the sweetest little brothers in the world.
cubs hat
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(no subject)

Dear TQC, I need your help in not killing my husband.

I knew that man was a procrastinator when I married him, but I didn't know it was THIS BAD. Examples:

a. Our cell phone plan is up this month. I've been mentioning it all summer that we are going to need to renew and that we need to start looking at plans and phones. He's still trying to decide on a phone.

b. His parents are coming into town this Friday, to see our apartment for the first time. We have to do some serious cleaning for it to be up to 'mom's standards'. I had something to do Monday and Wednesday nights, and he's got a softball game tonight. As usual, he's waiting until Thursday night to do all of the work.

Seriously, how do I deal with this? (Serious and non-serious answers appreciated. I need to laugh before I cry)

Might be going to Washington, DC

...PLZ halp.

I'm going to Washington, DC at the end of the month, or well, maybe, and I was wondering what are some of the fun things to do there.

Where to shop for nice cheap clothes, and so on.

And other museums than the Smithsonian and the White House.

ETA: and do you know any good cheap Chinese restaurants? Plz tell me!
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(no subject)

I have brightly colored unnatural hair (pink and purple right now). I would like a job. I really, really, really, wanna keep my hair.

Do you think I should hold out and find a job that will allow me to have unnatural haircolors?


Should I just suck it up, dye my hair something natural, and get a normal job like everyone else?

(no subject)

Can you help me TQC?

I recently bought a nice drawing to put on my wall, but everyone keeps asking which comic/book/whatever it is from.
I only bought it for one reason: namely I liked the drawing.
But it would be nice if I knew where it is from.
So does anyone recognize the drawing under the cut?

ETA: added a picture of the signature of the artist which might help
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Mario - F#CK!
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(no subject)

What's the overall point of friendship? Do you make friends to make yourself happy, or do you make friends to make other people happy? If it is one way or the other, could it be assumed someone is being used?
im french

(no subject)

To make a long story short, a friend was staying at my place and then randomly took off to Seattle, obviously not intending to pay me back the $250 he owed me and the $900 he owes my roommate*.

However, he just texted me that he's coming back (another long story) and wants his bike, which he left in our apartment. I have no intention of giving this bike back (worth about $100) unless he pays me back.

Is this too harsh? What else can I do to fuck with him?

*We have no proof of this money. It's all not-on-the-lease rent, food, booze and other things.

(no subject)

what was the last big project that you finished (school or work related, something around the house, cleaning/organizing, cooking a meal for 500 people, etc)?

i just cleaned my bedroom for the first time since we moved into this apartment--13 months ago. my husband is going to pee himself in happiness when he sees the glorious clean and floorspace that our room apparently has. :-D
  • elimeny

(no subject)

have you ever had surgery? if so, how long were you out of commission? If you've ever had staples, how long after the staples were removed did it take before you could go back to work/school/sex etc.?

I just had open gallbladder surgery, and they tell me I won't be able to work for 4-6 weeks. I've never had surgery before, so I have no idea how to know when you're "healed", since I'm getting the staples out this Friday.

P.S. If you've ever had your mother fly in from out of town to nurse you after a surgery, how much vicodin did you have to take in order to not go completely insane? *headdesk*
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Hard Drives - Geek Questions

What's the difference between these three types of drives?

Parallel ATA
Serial ATA

(I think I know this one) Is it better to get an external HD or an internal drive? I've already got 2 external drives, and use them between a PC desktop and Mac laptop. Now that they're networked, I can access either computer from the other.

Is there a way for a geek-novice to be able to bundle multiple external HD's together, so their space is all combined?
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Last Valentine's Day I made Collapse ) for my SO.

Anyone have any suggestions for other hilarious "heart candy" sayings? I'm thinking I wanna make another one of these sometime soon and need some good ideas.
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For those of you with siblings:

-Were you raised differently than them?
-How do you get along now compared to when you were younger?
-Can you remember a time you just wanted to bitch slap them as hard as you can?

Bonus: If your parents said "Why can't you be more like 'so and so'?", are they talking to you to be like your sibling or are you 'so and so'?

My answers:
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What was the last article or anything, really, that you read/saw and really made you feel good about something?

This is mine. It's about child support and how they finally got backowers to pay up.

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What's a good way to deal with scalp acne? Without, preferably, exacerbating dandruff or ruining the quality of the hair?

Can you make my stomach stop hurting?

What's a really good, short word with a positive meaning?
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tax-free profit through arbitrage

If you had gold in bar or coin, would you trade them for silver?

If not, do you ever pay attention to the gold / silver ratio?

If you knew silver has historically outperformed gold, and that the gold / silver ratio would one day be 1 / 16 again, would you currently trade your gold for silver at 1 / 52.85?

Would you leave a comment about anything random just for the sake of putting e-mails in my inbox?

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Is anyone else moving in the next week?
Why are you moving?
Where are you moving to?
Have you started packing yet?

I'm moving Thursday.
I'm going off to school.
I am moving from Massachusetts to California.
I have one bag packed, and about 2 more to go. I have to move most of my stuff because I am going to have an apartment.

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is it immature of me to not write any kind of birthday greeting on my friend's facebook wall because last year he didn't write anything for me on mine?

ok guys, seeing as it's facebook, don't take this question too seriously to begin with. facebook isn't srs bzns and neither is this question.
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I spent quite alot of time and money printing off resumes and cover letters today, only to get home and realize that they'd picked up smoke from the environment I was in when I printed them. They're horrible. Any ideas on getting the smell out?

Help :)

Spicy City, where can I download this from?   It was and adults animated show on teletoon awhile back....
Ive looked around a bit,m but just cant seem to find it.

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1] If you had a choice between having a perfect ass or perfect boobs, which would you choose?
Definitely a perfect ass. I don't know, it seems more logical.

2] What is something that you pride yourself about?
That I successfully lost close to 20 pounds after ballooning up after a bad break up. I drink beer and eat a lot when I'm depressed.

3] When was the last time you masturbated? Had sex?
For masturbating, like four days ago. It's been too long =[. I haven't had sex in two weeks!

4] What would you say is your worst flaw?
Procrastination, definitely. I still haven't registered at my local community college, and it's close to the last date possible. It sounds silly, but it really does fuck with my life a lot. It's not that I lack motivation, mostly just determination.
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Why are most mainstream animated movies directed at children? Or a better question might be, why did animated movies develop to be almost excuslively children's entertainment?

When they were first created, I was under the impression more than just children enjoyed the movies... hmmm. And I've seen my fair share of adult-themed animated movies, but it seems to be really hard for them to be taken seriously by a lot of people even if you tell them "it's not a kids movie", especially by the general public, probably because the audience is commonly not them...

This question popped into my head after watching Felidae, an animated movie about cats. The plot was really... deep and violent and there was a lot of sex. Weird. But yeah.

Is this question too deep for you, TQC?


So, I have these pretty baby blue carnations that my boyfriend gave me just because he is just that amazing.

I was wondering how can i dry them without them losing or turning ugly colors?

how does one go about drying carnations?

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I just found out my ex and his girlfriend, who I used to be friends with also, are going to be in NYC (where I live) pretty soon, and they both live in England. They didn't tell me they're going to come, I found out because I read his Facebook profile everyday and somebody said something on that about it. I know this is pathetic of me, but do you think there is anyway for us to see each other, just as friends, when he's here, without it being apparent that I already knew he said he was going to be in NYC? Like, if I randomly asked him if was ever coming nearby, would that be obvious? Would there be any other way to see him that wouldn't be obvious?
(I KNOW this sounds pathetic. I can't help it.)

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Would you like to help me with an email i'm sending to a very difficult and stubborn person?

Much drama is involved, so if you like drama or have any experience dealing with crazy bitches, then read on.
I hope to send it as soon as possible.
Warning- it is long.

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so i was checking someones page i'd never seen before, and they had music playing on their livejournal. i didnt see any player.

how do you put music on your lj page? what coding is that? what magic is oozing out of them?
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1. What brand/model is your computer? How old is it?

2. Do you or do you think you would find it depressing seeing an old home of yours years after you moved out?

3. What're you listening to right now?

4. How was your day?

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if you have graduated from college:
1. does the alumni office at your school stay in touch with you?
2. what are some of the things they do that you think are neat or at least appreciate?
3. what could they do to get you more involved in the institution after you left?

if you are still in college:
a. does your school's alumni office do anything to bridge communication with alums and current students? what?
b. as a student, do you value the role of alumni?
c. what could your alumni department do better to include current students to make them become more active alums?
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Rubber oven mitts, guys.

I'm a fast-food pizza wench with an inconvenient fear of ovens. Recently our real oven mitt burned through, and a co-worker picked up some rubber ones. They seem to be working, but we use them a lot, for very very hot pans, and I've noticed that sometimes you can feel the heat through the plastic. Should I trust these newfangled things? Do you use 'em? Have you heard of them breaking/melting/failing? If so, what pushes them over the edge?


1. do you ever go through "dry periods" in your sex life where you just can't get into it? 

2. What book are you reading right now? 

3.  what is your favorite psycedelic band?
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For those of you in relationships:
Where did you meet your SO?

For those of you who are single:
Where do you usually go to meet potential dates?

For those of you who have remained friends with a former SO:
How long were you dating before you broke up?
Were you friends immediately after the breakup or did it take time?

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1. If you're in love and someone else starts hitting on you, do you discourage them? How? But what if they're giving you free drinks at Starbucks?

2. Have you ever felt like a plaything of a god who was bored with his more important works and made up miserable scenarios for you?

3. Have you read a Series of Unfortunate Events? What did you think of the ending?

4. If you take strong painkillers, does that mean you could like burn yourself or like chop off your foot or fall into a bush of thorns and not feel it?

5. If you attempted suicide five times without success would you conclude that you were immortal or just a failure?