August 13th, 2007

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Before Hitler and the Holocaust, what did people refer to as the most evil thing/most D: event?

I really mean in the early 1900s but if you have a dated example for another time period, I'm down with it.

In this time, did you still automatically lose any argument that brought up said evildoer/tragic event?

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i am going to spend about a total of 8 hours in a car with my friend tomorrow...

What should we do to keep ourselves entertained/
what do you do to keep yourself entertained on long car rides?

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1] Who's your favorite Disney villian?
A tie between Scar and Jafar. They both have sexy voices.

2] How long have you known your oldest friends?
5 years now. I got kicked out of 7th grade, and all the friends I have now I met in 8th grade.

3] What are you listening to right now? What line just passed in the song?
Muse - Super Massive Black Hole
'Ooh, baby, can you hear me mourn?'

4] What was the first webcomic you ever read?
Ctrl + Alt + Delete

5] What are you favorite webcomics?
R.I.P A Modest Destiny and Elf Only Inn

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I know no one but him can really answer this, but indulge me. If a guy from my work asks me a ton of questions about myself, always finds a bit of time to talk to me, and then says he's going to surprise visit me at my other job, is that a good sign that he is interested in me?

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I saw this knock knock joke, probably on somebody's icon, that went something like this:
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
You know.
You know who?
Avada Kedavra.

Except I don't remember exactly how it goes. Does anybody know what I'm talking about, and if you do, how does it go exactly?

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1. What do you have as your "About Me" on facebook, myspace, lj, etc.?

2. I know this gets asked often, but can you tell me some movies that you think everyone should at least see once in their life?

3. Is the toe next to your large toe longer than your large toe?


went to a concert tonight.. brought about these questions:

1. What is the last concert you attended?

2. What is the BEST concert you've ever seen, & why?

3. What is the WORST concert, and why?

4. Have you ever met any famous musicians/singers?

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For those who have read all or many of Chuck Palahniuk's novels:

Which novel(s) did you think were the best? Why?

Which novel(s) did you think were the worst? Why?

There will probably be some spoilers in the comments, so don't read them unless you don't care (all of his books have plot twists and secrets).
girl, cute

2 questions

1) How long have you had your LJ?

It'll be 6 years in November for me. Incredible when I think about it... Unfortunately my LJ entries are starting to slow down now that i'm almost done with college and a lot of my friends are posting fewer and fewer entries as well.

2) Is anyone a bodybuilder or figure competitor? If so, which organization(s)?

I am competing in my first figure show this fall.

I've asked this other places before...

...but until I get a satisfactory answer I'm gonna have to keep asking it.

On Buffy the Vampire Slayer the former vengeance demon Anya was terrified of bunnies. Which is odd as when she was human a long time back she used to raise them.

So...why exactly was she so scared of them anyway?
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Does anyone has experience trying to get US prescriptions filled in other countries? (Australia specifically)  Can I do that, or would it just be easier to get a new prescription from a Dr. here?

Who was your favourite Rescue Ranger?
Haruhi disappearance

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1) How would a typical shyish adult female in her 20's who has a full time job and not-so-many friends meet potential mates (for dating or long term) or new friends??

2) Have you ever eaten Yoplait "Whips" yogurts frozen? What did you think?

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a) do you know anyone that works at a grocery store?
b) do you know anyone that works for the state [gov't offices]?
c) do you know anyone that works at a gas station?
d) do you know anyone that works at the mall?

would you ever propose to a guy? (if you're already married, would you had proposed to your husband) or is it the guys place to propose?

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What's your singing range?

Do you think people might think there's wordplay in the following raps?

rappers wanna call their bitchery dope
but they're just a buncha bitches on a slippery slope
skulls- skull <3

Vampire novels

I am in the middle of reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and am thoroughly enjoying it. Besides, Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice, (I tried it and it bored me to no end), what are some other great novels/series about Vampires?


Dear TQC,

I'm being pressured to audition for American Idol, but refuse to do it unless I can think of a song that is interesting enough and fun enough to do it. It's a pain in the ass to take off work to audition for something that I have like a one percent chance of making, so I might as well do something fun.

That said, I'm blowing off doing any actual work to make a mix CD of songs I can sing in my car on the way home.

So, what would YOU sing if you were auditioning for American Idol?


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1] What's something non-addictive that you're addicted to?
Ice Breakers Sours. The green one. I eat so many sometimes that my tongue started to peel off. It's pretty painful.

2] What color is your lighter?
Right now, both of them are red. But I seriously buy new lighters every other day.

3] What did your elementary schools teachers comment about on your report card?
That I have potential, if I would just do my work and hand it in on time. Oh, and that absences were hindering my progress.

4] I'm looking for books that are similar to Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. Any recommendations?

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1. How many boxes of possessions do you have in storage (in a facility, in your closet, in the garage, etc.)?

2. Do you wear fragrances? If so, which is your "signature" fragrance?
(I suppose "Irish Spring" is an acceptable answer if that's the truth.)
James Franco joint

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Do you think Global Warming is actually a big problem, or do you think it is a farce?

(I know, we all saw An Inconvienent Truth. I would prefer answers that don't include Al Gore having a personal vendetta)
HP Baseball

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1. What are you excited for in the coming week?

2. What was the worst part of your weekend?

3. Is my little sister just afraid to answer my phone because she doesn't realize it is me calling, or is she lying dead in my kitchen?

4. For the first time ever, I don't think I'll be able to read back to all the questions I missed while I was gone. So what was your favorite question from the last five days? Link?

5. Did you miss me?! Where are all my birthday presents?!

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Whenever I check my Friends page, the words in some of the entries are invisible until I highlight them.  Sometimes they'll disappear when I click to "un-highlight" them, sometimes they'll stay.  I just had one where half of a world was visible and half wasn't.  This doesn't happen when I check a journal or community, only when I'm looking at my Friends page.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Any ideas as to why it happens or how to get it to stop?  I thought it was just a glitch, but it's been going on for a couple of months now, and it's really annoying.

Give a dog a home

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If your SO was to leave you or kick you out tomorrow, would you be able to make it on your own?

Have you ever left someone (either a marriage or a relationship, etc.)?

What made you decide to leave?

How did you break the news to your SO?
The Dude Abides

Job ?s

1) Have you ever had to turn down a job offer from an employer after you submitted your resume/filled out an application with them?

2) Have you ever felt that you were overpaid for a job you had? What was it?

TRAVEL.. with.. who?!

hey ya'll..

after a conversation with a friend, i MUST consult TQC..


1A. with your live-in SO?  (you've been living together at least one year)
1B. with your long-distance bf/gf who you've never lived with? (but been dating at least one year)

2. with someone you just started dating? (two months dating)

3. with a good friend you've known for more than a year?
4. with a new friend you've known for two months?

5. with a stranger from teh intarwebs?

6. would you travel alone in a foreign country for two months?
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1] What do you do with your porn when you're done with it?
I usually delete it. People are constantly poking around on my computer, and I am not that emotionally attached to any of it to have hidden folders.

2a] Do you have a problem telling people how much you weigh?
Not really.

2b] How much do you weigh?
Somewhere between 115 and 120.

3] Which do you use more, a brush or a comb?
I use a brush all the time, even to untangle my wet hair.

Are there any legal fascist organizations in America?

Are there any legal fascist organizations in America? I've heard you've got some, and they have almost military camps in the southern part of the country.
How many racist communities are there in english-speaking part of Live Journal? We've got a lot of them in our russian segment, but the LJ administration does nothing to stop the fascist propaganda.
Haruhi disappearance

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Oh hai Dr. LJ,

I went pee like I usually do, and when I stood up, I got an extremely sharp pain in my left side, just above crotch-level. It's definitely on the very direct side of my body. Am I going to die? Any idea on what this is? If it doesn't subside in a few hours, I'm calling the doctor to check my ovary thingies for cysts.

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there is a chick here at work who just popped out her fifth kid


she's kind of cute and obviously puts out


the question is, go for it or no? do the benefits outweigh the risk?
krazie kermit

Accredited Schools Abroad

Hey, when looking at American Universities in Europe, i'm of course looking for schools that are acredited and the US govt., so I wouldn't have a problem having my degree recognized by companies and it is just as legitament as US-based schools.

Is there a website that shows US accredited schools in Europe?

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hate pimentos

Kind of roundabout...

why do all these teenage whores on the maury show scream "Y'ALL DON'T KNOW ME!!!'" all the time?  because, obviously, we do.  this dumb broad is wearing a sports bra and a pair of shorts that would make daisy duke shudder, mostly because she weighs as much as the general lee, and talking about how she's 14, drinks thunderbird, has sex for money, and wants to have a baby.  "You don't know me!"?  i think i heard it all.

what would ever lead these girls to think that what they're doing would ever impress anyone except their stupid whore friends?

totally unrelated, but, also does anyone know if i can insist on being put out under for a dental procedure?  i have to get a tooth pulled, and i want to be put under for it, because i think i'll freak out if i'm awake.
i got nothing

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Okay, so there's this movie...

There's this flower that only blooms, like once a year or once every 10 years, for only a really short period of time, like 5 seconds. And the flower might have a really bad smell (?). And these people are having a flower show and they have the rare flower and they throw a big get together for everyone to come see it bloom. But then there is some distraction in the background and everyone turns around to see what is going on, and they miss the flower blooming.

1. Anybody know what movie I'm talking about??
It's Dennis the Menace! Thanks guys!!

2. What city do you live in (please include the state or country if you're not in the US)?

3. Do you like it there?

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

5. Will you tell me your job interview horror stories?
Tangled: Knitting

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At some point in my youth, I got the idea that one could sit in on college classes for free. You wouldn't get the credit, but if you just wanted the information, it didn't cost anything. The internets seem to disagree with me (or else I'm searching it under the wrong term: Auditing a class). TQC, did I dream this?

What things that you heard/pulled out of your ass as a kid did you have horribly dashed for you in adulthood?

P.S. I'm not looking for them to grade my papers or anything, I just want to sit quietly and learn.
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If you had a two headed animal, would you give it two names? I'm asking because I'm reading a book that refers to Greek mythology, and I guess the dog at the entrance into hell had one name.

What were your career plan when you were a senior in high school?

If you have graduate, did they change?

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Do you leave a toothbrush for yourself at the homes of friends/lovers/etc., or do you just tote around the same toothbrush that you use at your own home?

If you have multiple toothbrushes in different places, how many do you have? Where are they?

I'm one of those people who ALWAYS forgets something, and it's usually my toothbrush, so I have my own in several different places.
I have the one in my own apt, of course, but I also have one at my mom's house, one at my boyfriend's dorm, one at his parents' house, and one at two different friends' houses.
So, a total of 6 different orange toothbrushes spread out over Illinois.

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After you die, you are given a chance to be reborn and chose your gender.

Would you be the same sex you are now?

I've seen documentaries showing a sex change from male to female, but I have no idea how they perform the change from female to male. Can someone explain it for me please? I'm unsure of how to google for this or I would. :P

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Did you know that today is Victory Day?

Did you know that Rhode Island is the only state in America to still celebrate VJ day?

Any other Rhode Islanders (or anyone else, for that matter,) disgusted that we have yet to repeal this holiday?

Any Japanese people have any thoughts or comments?

kids and punishment

My son is turning 11 in two weeks and has lived and breathed a new bike...a really expensive one called a Brodie Menace. We surprised him yesterday with it, mostly because we couldn't wait to give it to him. We talked to him at length about taking care of it, never lending it out, never leaving it unattended, etc. Some local kids have made jumps in the dirt pile near our house; yesterday and today he made friends with one boy and asked me if he could take a short ride to the store with his new friend. I said yes although I felt a little uneasy about it -- so my husband was arriving home soon after and he said he would drive by and check on him. He wasn't there. After about 40 min of driving around (and total panic on my part), we found him near his new friend's home -- not far from the dirt jumps and our home. The new friend was riding the Brodie. My son's eyes were massive when he saw us.  He promised not to lend his new bike, and less than 24 hrs later he broke that promise. He wasn't where he said he would be, and he didn't check in before changing his plans/route. So, he's going to be grounded, with no use of his new bike until his actual birthday (in 2 weeks), no tv for one week, and no fun stuff. He has two playoff baseball games this week and he's one of the best players -- should I make him miss that too? I think he should go to baseball because his team is depending on him.

What do you think is a fair punishment for a kid in this circumstance?

What did you do wrong as a kid and what was your punishment?

EDIT: Just to clarify: the larger issue was him not being where he said he would be, and going to the new kid's house/street without letting us know.
i don't want to be friends

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Mac owners:

Do you use AIM? Did you have trouble installing it?
If not, what do you use instead? What's that one program that combines AIM, Yahoo and all of the messaging programs?

What do you use to clean your mac? The outside, screen, keyboard, etc.

Get a cooling fan, y or n?

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1] What's something weird unique about your body? Pics if possible, but not necessary.
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2] Do you know to stop ZoomBrowser from opening up after my pictures finish uploading?

3] Do you think the overused phrase "Their older stuff was better" is usually correct?
I don't know if they're correct, but I know a lot of people who say that about practically every band people mention.

4] What do you do when you're really unbelievably bored?
I read old conversations from Aim on my DeadAim Log Manager. I also take baths and tweeze my leg hairs. That's for extreme boredom days, though.


I was thinking about a trip to the National Zoo, sometime when it cools off (I've been when it was hot, it's no fun and all the cats are inside asleep). The animals and the pictures are so darn adorable...

1. What's the cutest thing you've seen today?

2. Did you watch the panda cam when Tai Shan was still a baby?

3. Are you amused by this picture?

1. For me, it's watching the otters nap on each other.

2. No, it wouldn't work on my comp. I almost never catch the animals on the cameras actually.

3. That picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. That dragon's got attitude.
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relationship work

When you say that you put a lot of work into your relationship, what exactly does that mean?

I have a vague notion of it meaning being kind to my boyfriend, communicating my feelings, listening to him, and trying to understand his problems, but most of this stuff doesn't feel like "work". Like, I don't think "Oh jeez, time to go make Ryan feel loved" or anything.


I have a male cat.  I got him fixed last year.  I move.  I meet my roommate's girlfriend who says he's not actually fixed because his balls are still visible.  
So, what does a male cat look like after the 'fixation'?  
This is my first cat, so I really don't know.  I have a little certificate saying 'hey, this girl cut off this cat's balls!'  I remember when he came home, they [as in the balls] looked ... smaller?  and they had stitches, so I'm assuming they did something. ...

Urgh, Comcast.

I recently sent an e-mail, written in Hebrew, to a friend who lives in Jerusalem. At the time comcast and firefox were letting me see Hebrew just fine. The reply I got was also written in Hebrew, but what I received in my inbox was as follows:
תבוא שוב פעם לישראל תשלח לי אימייל ואולי × ×¤×’×©
The whole message was a bunch of that gibberish. Does anybody know how I can get it back into its original Hebrew so I can read it? Thanks.

Thanks; I figured it out.
i say, old bean

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what's something you're just downright afraid of doing?
do you know why?

why would someone get a migraine or even a huge headache everytime they tried to fall asleep?

serious answers appreciated, but silly ones are welcomed.

going home

blah I soo hate being at home after being away for a long weekend with my friends! I want to go back! ASAP Do you get grouchy after having a good weekend when you know you have to be with people you don't want to be with, or with family?

How do you cope?
How do I keep from being bitchy?

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1) Can you float on your back?
2) Why can some people float on their back and some can't??

I used to think everyone could, but I found out this summer that three of my friends can't. They can swim perfectly, but for some reason they just can't float on their backs. It's so strange.
(Fan) OTPs

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I found some really cool pictures that I'd love to make icons/graphics with. However, to even be able to save them, I had to prt sc (print screen) them. Should I use that as a sign not to use them?

I want to make a fanvid using clips from a movie. I own the movie in VHS form, and therefore can't capture scenes on my computer obviously. Would downloading the movie still be fringing copyright/all the other reasons people saying downloading's bad?
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I just discovered Dead like me and watched all the episodes in about 1 week. I have three questions.

1) Whose bright idea was it to cancel it?
2) Why the hell was it cancelled?!
3) It needs to come back right now. Y/Y?

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Are you cold-natured or warm-natured:

Do you think it's strange for pacifists to promote violence in jest?

Should I dump my boyfriend?

I am moving either tomorrow night or wednesday morning. The drive will take between three and four hours.

Should I:
A) Listen to Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs : A Low Culture Manifesto by Chuck Klosterman on audiobook.
B) Make a deep and meaningful mix tape about my life up until this point
C) Make a mix tape with songs about moving
D) Something else?
angry asian

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1. When you send a personal letter or e-mail, do you get a bit disappointed when you don't receive a response in a timely manner or any response at all?

2. What do you consider a "timely manner" to reply to letters and e-mails?

3. Is your window open?

4. Do you like smooth jazz?

5. Who is the youngest married person that you know?

For those that read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

What did those boys do to Ariana, exactly? I mean, whatever they did made her go absolutely crazy- anger spurts to the point of being locked away for the rest of her life. And whatever they did caused her Dad so much anger that he hexed them.

I keep thinking sexual abuse, but I can't imagine that being referenced in a Harry Potter book. What did you take it as?

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my friend and i were talking about how there are some bands whose singers voices we find comforting.

she also said she's found some peoples' speaking voices to do the same, even when she just met them, like her ex-boyfriend.

what do you think it is in a voice that we can be comforted by the sound of it? i thought maybe it was accents, like ones you grew up around, but the bands i was thinking of are from in or around the UK and her ex didn't sound like anyone around here.


Okay, so, its Monday night right now. I am hungry. Do you think the noodles I got from the chinese take-away on Friday night would still be good? They are singapore noodles with prawns. I am very tempted to risk it... what are the odds I'll get food poisoning?
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It must be difficult to be a parent sometimes

Some studies say that preservatives in vaccines can cause autism. There are also studies that say that's not the case.

One one hand, you can catch flack for putting your child at risk for autism if you immunize him or her, providing that the study that says that the preservatives in vaccines causes autism is right. On the other hand, many of those diseases that have vaccines are quite nasty and dangerous too.

So how does a parent decide what to do when there is so much at stake?
looking up

exposted to ask_me_anything

Some sand got into various crevices of my digital camera (mostly around and under buttons. I tried cleaning out the sand with toothpicks and such, but some of it got embedded deeper, and now my camera's functions are compromised - I can not longer go to the menu, the LCD display only works occasionally, and it is rarely possible to actually take a picture. How do I take care of this problem?

redundancy and repetition.

hey ya'll..

all this redundancy in questions has gotten me thinkin'..

what question(s) get posted in TQC more often than you'd prefer?

i'm thinking someone should start communities for "random computer help", "moving into new apartment ideas" and "showing off my city to out-of-towners"
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I just got my supply of contacts in the mail, and I'm a new contac user. I know you aren't supposed to mix left and right contacts, that is, the right one stays with the right eye the whole time. But on the contacts I just got, it doesn't specify which contacts are for my right eye and which are for my left. I'm not even sure that there's a difference, because my doctor never really said anything about it and like I said, I'm new at this. Does it matter if I just put two contacts on my eyes, and then make sure they stay with the right/left eye they were put on? Basically, are all contacts the same, am I just worrying about nothing?

i'm weetodded

If you have ever worked in fast food, how long did it take you to get decent at it? It's been about 4 days for me (not in a row) and i'm still making a million mistakes, and wondering if I might get fired for the third time this summer...
do you think it's possible to just not be good at serving, cashier, retail?......
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tattoos and weiners

Does anyone have a tattoo of a flag that's not just a rectangle with the flag specifics on it?

Is it weird to get a tattoo of a province that you don't live in, but you love and visit frequently, and will be moving to within the next 12-24 months?

Have you ever tried pickled weiners? (i.e. hot dogs, but pickled)

(no subject)

If you had to furnish a two bedroom apartment with stuff from IKEA, what would you get?

It can be anything bbs. ~go wild~

What type of mattress do you think is better for sex, foam or spring?

(no subject)

i know this is a long shot, but i figure i might as well try:

i was just fired from my piece-of-shit job two weeks before i move out of state. i could really use more money but i cant think of anything to bring some cash in in such a short period of time.

does anybody have an idea of something i could do for money, that takes less than two weeks? i cant sell myself, i cant do any construction, and i dont know anybody who needs a babysitter. also i cant find anyone to sell drugs to.

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Which one of these terrible situations would you prefer to happen to you:

What would you do in these terrible situations:

1. You go to a store, buy some things, and on your way out the door beeps at you, indicating that you haven't paid for something. The security people come over and accuse you of stealing, and you insist that you haven't and refuse to let them search you, since why would you steal something when you already paid for your stuff? You even show them your bag and your purse (if you carry a purse) to prove you didn't take anything. They let you go, but when you get home you realize that there's a pair of ugly $50 earrings that you must have put in there by accident, because you definitely were not interested in them at all.

2. You have hired a cleaning person / babysitter / someone else who works directly in your house while you're not there, and one day you realize that your $50 portable speakers (which let's say you keep on your dresser in your bedroom) are gone. Completely gone. You search everywhere and they're nowhere to be found. The next time said person comes to work for you, you berate them and accuse them of stealing your speakers. They get angry and refuse to work that day and leave, insisting they never took them. After this incident you're sitting on your couch fuming, deciding over whether or not to call the police, and then your friend / child / sibling walks in and says that they, in fact, borrowed the speakers while you were out, and put them on the table in front of you.

And please don't answer "I don't choose either because I wouldn't do any of those things!" You MUST do the things indicated, that's part of the game.

EDIT: I'm always so bad at making these situations evenly bad. Ah well. Still choose one though! Even though I probably know which one you'd choose.


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A friend of mine recently came over to visit from Japan, and my task is to show her around America. A fitting task, seeing as how she was the one to show me around Japan.

Now, the problem is that I need ideas of what to do. I had originally planned a day at the waterpark, but her and her sister didn't pack swimsuits, and are iffy about borrowing ours. So now I need to come up with an alternate plan in less than 5 hours. So far, I'm considering activities like Lazer tag, the mall, etc. Assuming we have roughly 20 bucks per person, what are some fun things to do?

A few Q's...

1.) What is Craigslist? I saw it mentioned on some previous posts and I'm a little confused.

2.) How do you dream? Is it only one scene, or is it like a little movie? Do you ever dream and fall back asleep and pick up where you left off? Have you ever had the EXACT same dream more than once? What is the strangest dream you've ever had?
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So I have a plain old boring mouse on a mousepad.  The kind with the rubbery ball.  It's sticking like crazy, aka, my arrow will only move in a line, and will get stuck.  I tried blowing out the dust, but it didn't really help.  TQC, what can I do?

EDIT:  Thanks everyone, no more sticky mouse! XD
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1.) What is your favorite sweet treat to order from Dairy Queen?

2.) What is your lucky number and why?

3.) Why am I so nervous about going on a 7 day cruise from alaska to seattle? How the hell can I get over it? I just want to be excited like a normal human being and not thinking of the worst possible things that could happen. (Damn anxiety) :*(

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I've been on interstates all over the Eastern coast this summer, and I've noticed an excessive amount of rubber left over from semi-truck tires. just come off & they leave it sitting along side the road? Isn't that ILLEGAL? I've never seen a driver change a tire, yet I see SO much of this rubber debree. Any answers?

Would you be uncomfortable as a parent if I asked you this?

I've been babysitting a boy that misbehaves at times. Tomorrow I'm babysitting him again and want to ask the mom this: "If Henry misbehaves, I'm thinking of ignoring it and just praise him a lot when he's behaving well. And if he hits his sister, I'll have her go somewhere with my sister (my sister comes along with me to help), but won't give it much attention. Is this okay with you?"

I don't want to make the mom uncomfortable...if you were her, would this bother you? Please be honest (and serious).

Also, I asked the mom before what to do and she said time outs, but that hasn't been working. I had to carry him up to his room and he runs out.

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Are you familiar with the term BNC? And don't try urbandictionary. It's not in there.
If yes, have you ever had a BNC? Isn't it the best?
If no, are you bursting with curiosity right now?

EDIT. now you can know.
It's a Backwards Naked Crap.

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i am rearranging my bookshelf. i am a very, very bored nerd.

1. do you organize your books? do you have a "system"? (alphabetical? chronological? autobiographical?)

2. should i put ted hughes next to sylvia plath?
(am i the only person who would worry about such a thing?)

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Do you post more here or on your LJ, or Facebook/MySpace/elsewhere?
My LJ.

What's the last song you listened to end on end over and over again?
Low, Hand So Small

Does anyone want to have a fangirly discussion about Angel with me??
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what are some foods you think sound/look disgusting, but actually taste delicious?

i've always been a cherry-flavored hater, but i ate a cherry popsicle tonight in desperation and found out that i LOVE cherry popsicles!
dr. facilier


When did you learn how to wash clothes?

My mom had me doing the household laundry at 13. I'm always surprised when I meet someone who is over 18 and they don't know how to do their laundry correctly. Throwing colors in with whites, too much soap, not enough soap, washing dry clean only items, etc.