August 12th, 2007


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What do you wish more people were into/wish you could find people who were into, right now? Tv shows, movies, books, hobbies, music, activities, actions whatever.

I wish I could find more people who are into dollhouse miniatures, Lano and Woodley, The Brittas Empire, The Chronicle: News  From The Edge, Maid Marian and Her Merry Men, the Pagan series by Catherine Jinks, Jake/Mickey from Dr Who, the Obernewtyn Chronicles, the slightly dodgy movies Showbands and Showbands II, and people who were more into geeky things like boardgame nights... and I wish more people were into lamingtons so I could eat them more often.

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k so, my bf has a foot fetish.
a pretty severe one.
but he's in denial.

I've been job hunting for him because I am a sweet and kind bf <3
I let him know that I sent him some more craigslist job listings and especially emphasized that some of the ads are for shoe stores.

He was distraught with this because according to him I "think" he has a foot fetish and he's humiliated just by me mentioning it at all.

Dude, the only way he can get off is if I jerk him off with my foot. I'd say that's a goddamn foot fetish.

Is there anyway I can alleviate some of his humiliation?
Do you think someone should feel humiliated and be in denial of having a foot fetish?
Do you think someone with a foot fetish would enjoy working in a shoe store?

Have you mastered the one footed foot job?

When he moves down here should I get him to start giving me pedicures or just pay for them?
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Guys, If you were having sex with a girl and she started using a vibrator to enhance the experience, how would you feel

Girls, have you ever done this?


Why did my nose just start bleeding?

What's a good non conventional way to stop a nose bleed?

Edit: The blood is kicking up my allergies and making me have to sneeze! ... what a vicious cycle.

Edinburg Festival

Has anyone been to this year's Edinburg festival? I went last year and it was just an incredible experience, from what I can remember which is not a lot other than being drunk most of the time and going to stand-up shows :)


1. if you are the drinking type, what do you like to drink? if not, what do you like to drink?
2. what do you NOT like to drink? will you drink it if it's all there is?
3. what fucks you up the worst?

1. fat tire, blue moon, dos equis, yuengling, corona, honey brown, almost any tequila, and bourbon.
2. scotch, gin, coors light, any beer ending with "ice," and anything flavored (as in coconut rum, vanilla vodka, etc.--with the exception of strawberry vodka), and spiced rum. i wll drink it if there is NOTHING else and i'm hankering for a drink.
3. vodka, by far. i'm not allowed to drink it anymore.

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if you;re drunk and hit on hot matrried it ok?
will everyonme hate me tomorrow?
OMG what anm I doing?

even craigslist HOOKERS won't retunrn my pathetic is THaT?

Guitars for newbies

I'm looking for a relatively cheap guitar to learn/mess around on just for fun. Not looking to go pro or anything, but I do want it to sound decent. Should a petite person go for a child sized guitar (25 inches)? Also, just by searching acoustic guitars on ebay, a LOT come up for around $30...which sounds too good to be true. What would be the cons of one of these super cheap guitars?

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Why does firefox's spell-check recognize Mitzvahs but not Mitzvah? They are not allowed to be singular anymore?

(Yes I know I can just right click & add to the dictionary. I just wanna hear what you have to say.)

Anyone else working today?
I sure am dreading it. Sundays are our busiest days. :(

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For those of you into sports, if your favourite player was to switch to a different team, would you switch your allegiance too? Or would you stay loyal to your favourite team? Or would your head just explode? You see people like David Beckham go from team to team/country to country, and lots of fans follow along, just because of him, but he seems to be a rarity in his ability to jump around like that.

When you go to a show/fete/fair/festival, do they have sample/show bags to purchase? I don't know if this is an Aussie thing or not (they used to be free when they were indeed sample bags - bags with samples of their products - but now are generally full of crap!).

edit: fixed the link!

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do you know what speedballing is?

have you ever done it?

people generally seem to have a negative view of anorexics and bulimics,
do you guys view people with body dismorphic disorder in the same light?
MISC - moustache

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My cat just threw up on my summer make-up work. On a scale of one to ten, one being "lol puke" and ten being "I'm gonna set you on fire you fucking cat*", how mad should I be?

*disclaimer: I'm not actually going to do anything to her.
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1. How come no one in here likes Beck?

2. Cover songs: Always horrible, or usually interesting/good?
(I am listening to Amanda Palmer's cover of "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" - Death Cab For Cutie)

3. Would you rather date a guy/girl who has bad teeth (crooked, not plaque ridden and yellow, but is not planning on getting braces) or who is overweight, and has been for quite some time?

4. Any tips on packing up all of my belongings in the next 6 days? I am moving from Satellite Beach to Tallahassee, FL next Saturday!

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nana smoking

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-Is anyone else watching Solitary 2.0?
-Did you watch the first Solitary?
-Am I a sadist for laughing at their suffering?
-Would you go on the show for $50,000?

Watched the whole thing through.
I know I am, but I'd like confirmation.
Yes, but I'd probably lose my mind, or what's left of it.
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zits and wrinkles.....

Since money has been tight for the past 4 months I no longer use Aveda on my skin. I switched back to my old standby which was Burt's Bee's only it hasn't been so pleasant. My skin is oily all the time and I am breaking out from it, in the past this stuff was great for me. I am wondering if it has to do with the fact I live in a much different climate now then I did the last time I used it on a regular basis, and I am in my mid 30's when last time I was using it I was in my mid to late 20's.
So I am wondering does anyone know of a great skin care line that is cruelty free / doesn't test on animals and at the same time won't break my pocket book?

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Hey TQC.
Long time no see.

Last week I wrote out my rent check (on the 1st, of course). It takes about a week for them to go cash it and have it go through. In the meantime I used my debit card a few times. When my rent check went through, I had overdrawn roughly $5. My bank charged me a $30 overdraft fee.
Okay, fine. I made a stupid mistake, I'll pay the overdraft fee.
Except my bank went and added overdraft fees to all the transactions I made in between the time I wrote the check to the time it was cashed. So NOW I'm overdrafted, like, 100 some dollars.
Is this normal? Do you think I should try and get them to take the extra fees off? Or is this just what happens, and I'm stuck with it?

How much did your wedding cost? I'm getting married next year, and I want a pretty cheap wedding.... but I also just found out that a live band that I realllllllly really want costs $2500. Ummm that might be half of my budget.
In all fairness, they're a 16 piece live swing band with a 5 piece vocal ensemble. I'm so excited.

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Has an ex of yours ever tried to make you feel like shit for breaking up with them or for whatever reason?

My ex-boyfriend contacted me last night and tried to make me feel like a horrible person for dumping him because of his racism. Apparently he thinks his racism is completely justifiable. I tried to make him understand why I don't want anything to do with him but it was like talking to a brick wall. UGH!

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1] How many calories do iHop hash browns have?!
I must know.

2] How many people have seen you completely naked?
Two of my close friends on a drunken senior Washington trip, and my exboyfriend. So that would be three people.

3] What did you dream about last night?
That my sister and my exboyfriend fell madly in love with each other. They were constantly being lovey and shit in front of me, and he bought her a Bluetooth so they could talk all the time. It was really depressing.

4] What do you feel guilty about?
My dad recently moved to Florida to live with his girlfriend, and he makes an effort to talk to me on the phone all the time, but I hate talking on the phone, so I barely pick up. I feel bad because I obviously never see him, but I really have nothing to talk about.

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In the Akon song, 'I Promise' there's a part where the Jamaican singer raps about cooking fish and something else. I think he's saying okras but my boyfriend swears its something else. All the lyrics I find exclude the rap. Help, I need to know what else this guy is cooking! Well, not really but I'd like to prove the bf wrong. :]
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so, I was sitting outside enjoying my 12:00 nic fix yesterday when I noted a fuzzy funny little bumble bee gathering nectar. I started to ponder the bee and if memory serves me correctly, it's bumble bees that can only sting once and then they die.

Riddle me this, if bumble bees die after they sting, then does that not make the purpose of stinging a little pointless?

Of course I have no idea if this is accurate, but I was always told they sting once and then they are kaput.
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how goes it?

pretend your baby just died, what would you have named the baby? EDIT i should rephrase, a lot better, my appologies.
IF YOU MISCARRIED, what would have named the baby?

i want to see, tqc what was the last picture you uploaded?

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How do you choose what hair cut to get?

I hate having hair on my neck but enjoy having hair that goes to my collar bone in the front. I also don't ~style~ my hair and refuse to put gunk in it. I also don't want to look completely stupid.
What haircut should I get?

Does your hair grow fast or slow?

Do you dye your hair?

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Have you ever cried at a movie? a commerical? a song? Which ones?

What are some fairly healthy ways to prepare canned tuna? My mom bought me a case of the stuff for some reason...

What were your favorite TV shows as a small child ,a teenager, and now?

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? Why are they your favorite? What brand are they?

What was your first experiance with the internet?
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I wish I could do this as a poll, but I can't because I'm cheap, so:

Do you, or would you:

    Go to the cinema/theatre alone?
    Go out for a meal (in a restaurant or cafe, not just McDonald's or something) alone?
    Go out to a nightclub/bar/pub alone?
    Go bowling or to an amusement park (or to another traditionally 'group' activity) alone?

Do you do anything else by yourself that most people do in groups? My answers: in the comments.

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I live in an area with a lot of lose dogs and natural predators- yet I want my hens to be free range because they are a lot healthier that way. Any ideas about keeping them safe as free range without getting roosters?

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Did I miss anything exciting this weekend?

Should I have driven back to wisconsin today instead of tomorrow morning so I can spend more time with my girls and the boy i like?

What should I do here tonight? (i'm in des Moines?)

Have you missed me?
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caffeine, please!

On a scale of 1-10, how badly does having to get up on a schedule suck for you?

What's your favorite pick-me-up in the morning?

For the coffee drinkers - what other things also help you get going/feel awake?

Also, if you drink coffee, do you ever use the flavored creamers?  If so, what one is your favorite?

What's your favorite way to wind down at night?

Given the option, do you prefer a bath or shower?   

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hi question club

i'm sorry because i'm sure this question comes up several times a month, but i'd really appreciate some advice. my old computer was destroyed and i have a new one, i'd like to upload my music onto the new one from my ipod. i don't have any backups or anything, just the ipod. i tried this* (using a friend's) and it deleted his stuff.

are there any reliable programs you/someone you know have used? do you know anything about SharePod or iPodSoft?

note: my iPod is the last model before video, and apparently might not be supported by the apple programs you can buy for this purpose

1000x thanks in advance!!!

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Rearranging A Fan Forum

So, a while back, a friend was trying to start up a fanforum for the two guys you see in my icon, Lano and Woodley.  They're Australian comedians, just to explain, because I'm sure someone will ask.
She didn't know how to do it, so since I'm a big fan and I have had forum running experience, I took over, with her permission. It  wasn't perfect, but it was a good start. I intended to rearrange later, as we grew. Well now's the time to rearrange, and I have no idea how to do it.

Can you help me? Have any ideas?

Here's the forum.

Edit: I've moved things around, but I'd still like opinions!

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1. Have you ever resold your college textbooks online? Which website did you use?

2. How much does it typically cost to mail something heavy like a textbook?

3. Do temp agencies that help you find work cost money? And if they do, is it a one time fee or do they keep taking a percentage out of your paychecks? My friend said they do, but I can't find anything that says they do online.

4. How did you find your current job?


I have heard of tattoo/piercing shops that have way to upload a photograph of you and add a piercing so you can see what it looks before you do the deed. Does anyone know where I can find one of these online?


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if your bf/gf/so was allergic to the pet type of your favor (cats, dogs, rabbits, godzilla, w/e) would you possibly foster one if the two of you didn't live together?
(foster means it would only be with you a few weeks to a few months tops)

if they got mad about it and said they'd never be able to stay the night because of the animal, acting like you're getting the animal to drive them away, would you be upset?

Do you think their anger would be justified?

crazy mouse

So I bought a new mouse on ebay. It just a simple usb, plug and play mouse for my laptop. It has a color-changing LED light, which is fun, except not. The light changing pattern goes: slow-slow-slow-slow-fastfastfastfastfastfast---all the time, even when my computer is idle. So, is there a way to reprogram the flashing pattern, to make it slightly less obnoxious?
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Wine and Dex

is it really so bad to drink wine while you're taking dexamphetamines?

I mean in the evening, not during the day when you've taken it.

If not, what exactly can it do to you?
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I was going to ask this first one before but I forgot. hehe.

Do you take medication for a headache, body ache, common cold, etc...?

Why / Why not?

Do you think it's weird to wear a nike shirt with adidas pants?

Is it weird that it's almost 7, I've been up since noon, and I haven't eaten today? I'll probably go eat now though.

What is the latest that you've gone with simply forgetting to eat?

Do you like that lucas lemon flavored salt stuff? <333333

Food Question

Ok.  Today I was sitting in the break room at work when all of a sudden, Gardetto's BBQ flavored Snack Mix sounded really good to me.

There was one major obstacle to me having some.  Gardetto's no longer produces the BBQ flavored mix.

So my question is this:

Are there any foods that you enjoy that the manufacturer no longer makes?

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I was stupid and cut a hot chili pepper with my bare hands (and a knife actually), but I'm trying to say I didn't wear gloves.
My fingers still burn and I've rubbed my eyes since then (that burns too, let me tell you!).

Anyways, how do I get this stuff off my hands? I've washed them like, 5000 times.

EDIT: woooo! Thanks guys. I used soymilk and that finally worked.

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For those of you who have lived with a significant other...

The first time you did it, is there anything you wish someone had told you about living with a SO before?

Is there anything about that person that took you by surprise once you moved in together?

Anything else to say about living with a SO?

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1) what is "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap about?
2) Do you have a third nipple? extra or lack of a toe? anything strange and interesting like that?
3) do you have hair extentions/wig/hair piece?
4) is your hair still its natural color?
5) do you fake and bake? what color is your skin?
6) if you get your clit pierced, do you have orgasms all the time? for example standing by an amp with alot of base? or is that a myth to make you want to get it pierced?
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Last night a coworker of mine said the best job would be the take advantage of women while they were sloshed out of there minds and didn't know what was going on. Prior he told me he wanted to get me drunk next month on my 21st birthday.

So, what do you think the best job would be?

ORRRRRR, would you share some creepy coworker stories?
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TQC deflowering

1st TQC post !

1) a. I'm soon going to be leaving home and moving into a flat. What are the most important things I need to check when looking for a flat ?
b. What advice do you wish you'd been given before moving out of home ?

2) a. Ever been to Heathrow Airport ? Is it as stressful as they say it is ?
b. What do you do in a plane to pass time ? I'll be travelling for about 24h, so I need lots of ideas !

3) How do you motivate yourself to do stuff ? I've got heaps of things to do, and it just seems like its piling up ...

(no subject)

1. what is your least favorite item of clothing?
2. ever have a cardiologist tell you to eat some steak?
3. an eye doctor stand against literacy and tell you that reading is a bad thing because it ruins your eyes?
4. mime or clown- which is creepier and why?
5. how unique are you? explain
6. favorite song by HIM
7. skydiving: worth trying?

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Do you ever wish you had a nicer more considerate sibling?
I could never talk to my sister if i were to cry, or be sad about something, but I wish I could. She's so emotionless!!

Whats the worst thing a sibling has ever done to you?

Do you ever feel like your friends are more of a family to you than your real family?
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Nine, Nine Nifty Questions, AHH AHH AHH!

1.  What do you think of The Mighty Boosh?

2.  Anyone here with a wheat or gluten allergy?  If so, how do you cope with it?

3.  How about Russell Brand... What do you think of him?  (EDIT:  I just saw that someone else asked this today.  Sorry about that.)

4.  Does asparagus make your pee stinky or not?

5.  Have you ever eaten beets and then had pink pee?

6.  What do you think you'll be for Halloween this year?

7.  What hurts right now?

8.  What are you procrastinating doing right now?

9.  Have you ever thought you might have cancer, but it turned out not to be cancer?
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Today someone asked me how I was doing and I replied with "I'm doing good".

She corrected me that the proper vernacular is "I'm doing 'well' ".

Is this correct or is "good", and "well" equally acceptable in this context?
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Versus (Polls are fun, yay!)

Poll #1038143 Which is the better...


Pop Tarts
Toaster Strudels

online movie rental service?


online radio website?

boy band?

Backstreet Boys
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1a) Have you ever had a long-distance relationship?

b) If you did, what problems did it cause (if any)?

2) If you could paint your bedroom any colour (no matter how crazy it was) what would you go for?

3) Why do people say "That's so funny" and not laugh? Is it just a weird reaction? Because surely, if it was'd laugh...?

4) What's the best alcohol game to play?
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How to discipline properly/handle bad behavior?

I had to babysit 2 families Saturday night; 2 girls (toddlers) and 2 boys (6 year olds) in all. The girls were fine and were the easiest. One boy required almost all of my attention because I kept on having to put him in time outs. He wouldn't stop hitting people and even slapped my sister (she's 10 and came over to help) in the face, stomped on her foot, and said, "haha, heart_over_head's not here to help you!" He wouldn't stay in his time out, either, so my sister and I had to hold the door shut. His friend, the other boy, even helped us (probably because the boy was hitting him, too).

I felt so bad because I couldn't pay as much attention to the other kids and he was even laughing when he was in time out. I'm going to babysit only him and his sister again soon for 6 hours. What do you think I should do when he misbehaves? I cannot yell at kids. I feel that it's wrong of me to as a subsitute caretaker, though I do try to be stern. 

Oh, and outside, he was running away from us and my sister had to chase him. I couldn't do it because I had to watch 3 other kids. He ran to the backyard when we were in the front yard. That's when he stomped on her foot. The mom did say that it scared her that he ran away from perimeters.

Thanks for listening and I'd appreciate serious answers.

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What does the word dating mean to YOU? To me, it's a casual thing (as in not being in a relationship with someone). I'm curious because I've had some recent misunderstandings with people about this.
the hero.

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Do you clean your CDs with toothpaste when they get scratched/start skipping/stop working right? People always look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them to do this but it works.

What's your favourite kind of lotion/body wash? Where do you get it? What's your favourite scent/flavour/whatever of it?
I'm addicted to Philosophy - I just got the cinnamon bun kind and I love it, but the sugar cookie and blackberry kinds are my favourite. I love the recipes on the bottles.

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Answer whichever one applies:

straight people - who would you turn gay for?

gay people - who would you turn straight for?

bisexual people - who would you pick a side for?

asexual people - who would you get sexual for?

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I just started working in a restaurant, and have now gained some pretty gnarly blisters. I want to pop them just for the sake of popping them, but I'm wondering, for the sake of good-feet-ness, should I? Will they eventually become calluses, or will they just pop on their own, ruining a good pair of socks?

(no subject)

1. What are some good thigh exercises I can do without having to use any kind of equipment? And excluding walking and running = things I can do before going to bed. I'd like ones you guys have done and you know works because my thighs are horrible.

2. Same question as above but for my bingo wings?
This is so ridiculous.
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I'll miss you, TQC!

Have you ever done something and not thought it through at all? And I don't mean trivial shit, either, I mean big events.

If you did, and they required leaving everyone you loved for any duration of time, how did you cope with that?

I am leaving for Panama tomorrow for 2 1/2 years to live without any amenities and the Spanish verbal skills of a five year old, and have spent the last 42 hours crying and saying goodbye to everyone I know and I currently have a raging, RAGING headache.


For those of you with in-laws, or "in-laws" (in a relationship, engaged), what do you call your mother-in-law/father-in-law? Mom/Dad? By their first names? ...nothing at all?

My "mother-in-law", has emailed me three times in the past week saying, "you can call me mom, if you would like". I just ignore it because I don't want to be like, "NO! You're not my mom - rawr! My mom is the only "mom" I have, lady!!"

Actually, I don't think I've ever addressed her by name. I kinda just start talking and I hope she assumes I'm talking to her. lol
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So I go down in my basement where I am storing all manner of things, and notice that things have started to get moldy.  Yuck.  I do not want to clean mold off of all kinds of stuff, so most of it is going out, but a few questions:

-How do I get mold off of stuff?  My main concern is a suitcase as i'm traveling in a few days.
-Will a dehumidifier help significantly or do I need to find another place to keep stuff?
-Most of the stuff is fine, just moldy and I don't want to clean it up because i'm lazy (full time student and work 25 hours a week, I don't have time) and don't even want some of the stuff anyways.  Is there any place I could donate it to or will it just have to suffer the trash?
-Anything else?

I don't really have any room upstairs, and my mom volunteered some space in her basement, but it would just be going to another basement.

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Have you ever used your looks to get a freebie or something similar? Or flirted to get something for cheapor gain an advantage? You know what I'm talking about. If so, what did you do?

Edit: or if you've just received something for free because you're a girl or the waitress thought you were cute or something. tell me about it.
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(no subject)


that said, tqc, why won't the damn thing DIE?!

so, when was the last time you peed yourself?
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(no subject)

What's the most embarassing:

1.  Song/Artist/Album on your playlist?
2.  Movie you own?
3.  Article of clothing you own? (pictures if you have them)
4.  General thing about you?

5.  Which do you think is worse: Developing a fistula or having severe hemmerhoids?


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How honest can one be when advising a friend on a relationship? (Where is the line of what you can or can't say?)

Does the line change if they are in love?

Is saying, "For Christ's sake, leave the bitch already, if you have this many problems so soon in the relationship it's clearly doomed, you moron," likely to damage a friendship? (I AM RIGHT. DOOMED.)

Do you like Russell Brand?