August 11th, 2007


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I had several dreams where I slept with my boyfriend's best friend. He's a good looking guy and I get along with him great, but I don't have any romantic feelings for him at all. So what's up with those dreams?

I'm really tired of being the goody two-shoes in my group of friends who they just kinda smile and pat on the head and call cute all the time. I wanna be hardcore. Can you help me be hardcore?
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1. Ever since I accidentally forgot to plug in my laptop and it shut itself down, I've been having issues with my screen. I get a black bar that flashes up and down the screen, kind of like the bar that will run up and down on an old TV, if that makes any sense. Any idea what could be causing it or how to fix it?

2. What's your favorite kind of powdered drink mix?
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inanimate objects

So, do you name inanimate objects?

- I just got a sewing machine (it's a long story but my grandmother bought her for me). I've named her David Bowie.
- My car is named Veronica (she's a Nissan Versa... oh, my friends are so clever).

EDIT: another question.

What are some ridiculous fears of yours?
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what do YOU do to get un-horny? (WITHOUT hanging out at a bar and trying to pick up a hot chick who won't go home with you anyway OR cruising craigslist erotic services and calling GFE's who never show up anyway....)

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When I was little I had these cheap kitschy earrings that were different colors and they were all plastic, meaning even the part that went in my ear was plastic. Have you heard of earrings like this? Do you know of a place that sells them online?

I realized that if I could find earrings that are cute, but where the part that touches my ear is plastic, it would save the day cuz I'm allergic to all metals including gold. I'm surprised this isn't a common alternative, cuz I've just never been able to wear earrings (I mean, since I was 6).
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there's a new mexico...?!

When you hear Albuquerque, New Mexico do you automatically know that Albuquerque is a city in New Mexico and that NM is a state in the US of A?  Or do you automatically think it must be somewhere outside of the US?  I've asked people over the net - some have known where it is, some haven't.  I'm writing a novel set in NM (where I live) and I'm wondering what you all think.  

Thanks in advance! ^_^
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Cruel or Amusing?

My mother likes to make homemade gefilte fish. She is proud of it, she says it is almost as good as Bubbe's. My girlfriend, Alex, is absolutely disgusted by gefilte fish. She is also terrified of my mother not liking her. I told my mother the first part, and she promptly says "NO, no, Alex, you'll love mine. It's homemade and trust me it's great". My mom forgets about this offer. I say to my mom one night "why don't you make us your Gefilte Fish for dinner?"
My girlfriend claims that this is beyond normal relationship cruelty.
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Oh boy, STDs!

I bet at least some people in here have herpes, right? Right. Well, I have type 1, genital. (I got it from my ex, who had it but didn't know he had it until I had my outbreak.) I haven't had an outbreak in well over a year and a half (they said it'd come back several times in the first year, HAH, it's only happened once, EVER), and for those who do their homework, you'll know that if you're not having an outbreak, it's almost never communicable (it only is when the virus is shedding or something, which is rare). With me so far? Good.

So if any of you have it, or if you don't and you can imagine yourself in my shoes anyway, what do you do about finding new lovers, whether short or long term? I just got out of a serious long-term relationship (and by "got out of" I mean "I was dumped by my boyfriend and it really fucking sucks"), and I'm imagining myself in bars saying to people, "Well, before you take me home, you might want to know there's a 1% chance I can give you the herp. Still interested?" No thank you. Not a conversation I want to have.

If you were me, how would you work with this problem? How would you bring it up to people? Would you go anywhere specific to meet people in the same boat, if such a place exists? Would you just keep trying and hope to find someone who doesn't care?
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Minnesota TQCers

...who are up at this hour.

So, how about that storm we're getting? I have a wonderful front-row view of the storm from my bedroom window. I haven't seen anything like this in at least a year.
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i can't get back to sleep and i need to be up in 2 hours. what do i dooo?

i know it isn't much help that the person i live with is making as much noise as they possibly can at this hour but i think by the time i killed them it would be time for me to get up.
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I was thinking the other day that almost every guy I liked in high school is NOT in college right now. They were all really smart, intellectual, talented guys; one drama kid who wrote plays and won awards, a really good tuba player, an amazing guitarist, a great singer and actor and dancer, a science and math genius who was in ROBOT club (don't judge me), and a journalist for the paper. Now, none of them are in college except for the 2 guys I liked who graduated when I did, one who has discussed dating with me, and we decided it would never work, since he is Mormon, and I am not religious at all, and the other is my best friend, and I've decided it's a bad idea.

Anyway, my point is, I am 18 and going into college, and Todd, my friend from Hs when I was in 9th-11th grade, is 22 and starting community college next spring, and I was talking to him about this.

Does a college degree get considered when you are dating someone?
(I decided it does with most of those kids from HS, except Todd, because he is a really hardworker, has lived on his own for 4 years, has a HOUSE, and a crapload of money from working 2 jobs. I really think it depends on the person. Drama kid is 21, wants to join the Marines because he 'needs the money' and lives at home, tuba player is a douche/volunteer fireman/bagger at Wal-Mart, guitarist is in the Army, science major lives at home, and journalist is in the Army. Those options all seem questionable to me, I want a man who can support a family, you know? Living at home at nearly 22 isn't attractive to me)
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Hair removal

This question is mostly for the ladies of the community, but guys can answer too (though, our answers will probably be a bit boring.)

Background: my wife is European and is used to using epilators instead of shaving or waxing to remove hair. I was/am under the impression that epilators aren't used much in the US; but since I'm a guy and don't really know this, I can be totally off.

So.. what does everyone use for hair removal? (and unless it's just completely obvious, please tell me if you're a guy or a girl :)

EDIT: Also, how often do you use said procedure?
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pillow fight!!!!

Mom and I need new pillows badly. We're both looking for something firmer with more support. She says she wants hotel pillows or something like them.

So where do you get your pillows, and what are they stuffed with?

gender bending and girly mushy crap

If you love Maury, which show topic of his is your favorite?

I'm always satisfied with paternity tests, but my hands-down favorites are what I've dubbed "That's a MAN, Maury!!!" episodes where he parades guests in front of the audience and everyone gets so upset becasue they can't figure out the person's sex.

If you're engaged and have purchased your wedding dress already, how often do you try it on? (Or, if you have been married, how frequently did you try your dress on?)

I try mine on about once a month. I still have 7 months until the wedding. Apparently I'm a big fluffy girly girl at heart.

Has your betrothed seen you in your dress? (Or, if you've been married, did they see you in the dress before the wedding?)
Is there any special reason why or why not?

Yes. I asked my fiance to come looking with me because I really needed an honest opinion and I didn't really trust the opinions I'd gotten from friends.

Friends only banners (no credit)?

To me, it's really annoying having to put: 'credit to: (insert username here)' at the bottom of a friends only page, especially when most of the time, the 'creator' has just stolen someone else's photo and added text.

Question: Anyone know where I can get friends only banners which require no credit?

Does China not have salami?

I had a customer come through my line with enough salami (not sliced, just the entire package from deli) to choke a hippo. Three package/rolls/whatever they are called of salami.

I asked "Woah, like Salami much?" (Cuz I is ironical like that) and he says "yes; I'm taking it to China with me."

which caused a major 0_o moment.

I ask you what I asked him

Does China not have Salami? (OH THE INHUMANITY!!!)

His answer: "No, China has no salami"

Was this guy yanking my chain?
DOES China have NO salami?

(this may be the most inane question I have ever asked, but I am SERIOUSLY curious!)

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Where can I find that thing that you spray into your keyboard that gets rid of all the junk underneath the keys?  I think I might have seen it on TV once. Is there a name for it and does anyone have it?


Ice Tray Anomaly

We have two ice cube trays.  They are, for all intents and purposes, identical to each other.  However, one of them makes perfectly normal, uniform ice cubes which pop out nicely.  The other one does not--for some reason, no matter how much you fill it, what temperature water you use or if you stack it on top of or below the other tray, it ALWAYS makes cubes that stick and crumble when popping them out, resulting in deformed cubes and crushed ice bits with little ice crumbs stuck to the bottom of the molds.  Giving it a thorough rinsing out to get rid of the stuck bits before refilling it does not help.

This really doesn't bother me (I'll survive, even with imperfect ice cubes, heh), but it boggles the shit out of me!  So, the question is this:  Anyone know why this is happening and/or how to fix it?

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do you learn the lanaguage that is native to a country you're going to?
(in your opinion) do others around you?
what are your thoughts on this?

do you welcome change? (NOT MONIES)

is she so heavy?
(Fan) OTPs

Songs mention Detroit?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew any songs which had the name "Detroit" in it. I want to make a little video type of thing with various pictures with just the word "Detroit" playing over and over.

These are the songs I have so far:
*Detroit Rock City-KISS
*Where I Come From-Alan Jackson
*40 Hour Week For a Living-Alabama
*Tiger Fan Blues/(Revisited)-Jeff Daniels
*Red, White, and You-Mickey Redmond and the Lumberjacks
*Pistons (Real Men of Genius)
*Opening Night Introductions-Bud Lynch, etc.
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Why it gotta be racialist?

Are you in the racial/ethnic minority in your city/town/neighborhood/area?

What is your race/ethnicity?

What racial/ethnic group is the majority in your area?

Do you have any thoughts you'd like to share regarding this topic?

Edit: Where do you live?

The local news just told me that the majority of folks in my town are Hispanic. I'm White/Caucasian/Whatever. I thought it was pretty interesting. They had a whole bit about how businesses are trying to cater to the new official majority. That means more black bean soup and emapanadas for me!
I live in Houston/Pasadena (Texas).
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Oklahoma flag pledge?

My mom's about to start teaching in Oklahoma (we're from Texas). She's been trying to find the Oklahoma pledge to the flag (if there is one). I've searched online for her, but I'm not coming up with anything, even on the OK state website. Any Oklahoma folk out there who might know the pledge, assuming it exists?

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Did I post anything here last night around 11pm EST?

Was ANY of it spelled right?

ETA: OK I just checked (while you were all posting comments telling me to go check... see I knew y'all were faster than me) and I didn't. I was too busy drunk chatting to post in TQC. LOL.

Hair Straighteners

ya I know. boring :\
What kind/brand of hair straightener do you use? Does it work well? Has the texture of your hair changed from using a straightener? Do you have thicker or thinner hair? Which would you say is the best brand?
I'm thinking of getting a babyliss, is that a good idea? Do you recommend 1inch or 2inch plates?
thank you!
ALSO! Do you use a heat protectant first?!!!
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HALP, TQC!1!11!!

My fiance and I are moving to a new apartment soon, and we're buying a new couch, because our 2 cats have fucking TRASHED the old one.
Simply put, how do we stop our otherwise lovely felines from scratching our furniture? We don't believe in declawing, and we've tried those plastic nail caps. They bite them off.  We've stopped altogether with the firm 'NO' when we see it, because they're here alone for 8 hours a day and can do whatever the hell they please, so we think it's kinda pointless.

What's a girl to do?

EDIT: We have a scratching post. They just kinda stare at it.
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when Barry equalized for Aston Villa with the penalty against Liverpool a few minutes ago, i said something kind of rude(and totally nonsensical) about Liverpool in my journal and got pretty cocky about them drawing and only getting one point. a few seconds later Liverpool got a free kick and Gerrard made it 2-1. i also used this icon.

did i jinx it? is it all my fault? i think so :(
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Is there any way to get a terrible, stank smell out of a plastic cooler?  I just bought this kick-ass cooler about 2 months ago, and the last time we used it, *someone* (read: my husband) didn't drain it, and also left a piece of cheese in it.  The cheese rotted and turned to liquid, which, to the best of my reckoning, smells exactly like manure.  i scrubbed the cooler out with lysol antibacterial spray, tilex mold and mildew root remover, dawn dish liquid and coated it in baking soda and left it sit outside overnight.  it still smells like rotten bovine ass.  is there some kind of product designed to take the smell out of plastic?  some home-remedy i can try?  anything?  i love this cooler, i don't want to get rid of it!
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...all things literary - okay, just some.

What is your favorite book by:

Stephen King?
Dean Koontz?
John Irving?

If you like none of the authors above, who is one of your favorite authors, and what is your favorite book of theirs?

Which books do you love so much that you re-read them periodically?  Please share what you love most about them, if you care to.
Sissy Fight
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Dear TQC, 

1.  Why do brand new, newly purchased DVD's skip on both of my dvd players? ( Playstation 2 *stupid thin version ) and my regular few years old dvd player? Is it just too old? Did they come out with a new dvd format and no one told me?

The Host played just fine, But Accepted, Harry Potter, and countless others don't play well at all.  And sometimes they will play just fine on one player, but won't on the other. 

2. What impulse purchases did you make today?

2a. Harry Potter 1-3, Peter Pan, Galaxy Quest, Monster Squad, Orgazmo ( Movies ), Devil may Cry ( book ).

I need help with my back to scool shopping!!

Alright, I go away for college and I really don't like moving my computer so much. I've been looking at laptops and I have a few questions:

1. Whats a good laptop these days? My current computer is a Sony VAIO but I've been looking at those new Dell laptops I've been hearing so much about.

2. My current computer has an Intel Pentium 4 with 2.GHz of speed. How do the Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core processor T2060 processors with 1.60GHz compare? I don't really use my computer for too much, I just want it to be fast.

Sport questions

Inspired by an argument with my sister involving a song in that horrid new Disney Channel movie, High School Musical 2.
1. Do you dance as well (take dance classes)?
2. If so, has the dancing helped you to play baseball/softball?
3. If not, do you think you would be good at dancing because you played baseball/softball?

1. Do you play baseball/softball as well (on a team)?
2. If so, has the baseball/softball helped you when you dance?
3. If not, do you think you would be good at baseball/softball because you dance?

1. Do you think that if a person is good at one sport that they would be good at another sport as well?
2. Are there sports where this works better for? (For example, if you're good at Sport A, then you're definitely good at Sport B, but if you're good at Sport B, then that doesn't mean you're good at Sport C)

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I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked.

Is an ipod worth buying? I've heard unfavorable things regarding the battery life of an ipod, and was wondering, in your opinion, is an ipod worth it? Have you had any bad experiences with an ipod? I was thinking about purchasing either the 2 gb or 4 gb nano, if that makes a difference.
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What are your favorite potassium-rich foods?

I'm picking up apricots, banana chips (I don't like the texture of fresh bananas), and low-sodium V8 juice this evening at the supermarket, but I'd love to know your favorite sources of the second least dense metal. Perhaps they'll serve as inspiration for me to expand my culinary horizons.

Weddings, Marriage, and the gay

Have you ever heard of that show My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding on VH-1? It's basically a show where megalomaniac couples like to show off how much money they spend on their wedding. Thursday's episode featured " Chicago power-couple Tammie and Patrick". The end of the show is the "reveal", with some Robin Leach sounding guy posing the question "how much did this shindig cost?"...

Well, Tammie and Patrick spent a grand total of $500,000 on their wedding. Here's a link to the page describing this episode.

So, my questions:

1) What is your reaction to someone spending half a 'mil on a wedding?

2) How much is an appropriate amount to spend?

3) If you are married, how much did your wedding cost?

I'm gay, so I can't get married (unless I move to Mass., which I never plan to do), so here's a bonus:

How does gay marriage negatively impact the marriages of  straight couples who are adamantly against gay MARRIAGE?

Does being against gay marriage mean you are homophobic? Are the two synonymous?

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Am I the only person in the entire world who hates questions that begin with "Am I the only person who.." ?

Surely, out of the billions of people on this planet and the millions upon millions who use the internet, I am the only one, right? I must be.

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Yahoo Users:

I am trying to set up a different e-mail name under my account.
When I try to do so, it says, "enter POP server."

What the fuck is a POP server? What do I type in in that input field?
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Dear TQC Chocolate Eaters:

I am mildy sad, because the BF is gone for another week. So I decided I would drown my sorrows in chocolate. I am a dark chocolate fan, and thus bought me a bar of Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate. It was not great, which deepened my sadness. So my question is:

What is your favorite kind of chocolate? (If you do not like chocolate, I do not care to hear your blasphemous views! Heathens!)


a question about real estate....

so every once in awhile, i look on our local MLS-search site ( just for fun. so i was skipping around, and i found this listing for a house that has a list price of $10. the listing doesn't say much, so i assumed it was a foreclosure or up for auction or something....but i'm really intrigued about whether or not the price actually is $10. if it's not, isn't that false advertising? can anyone enlighten me as to what the deal may be?, and the MLS number is 2750740, if anyone wants to see the listing.

(no subject)

1. When I get bored with music I tend to start listening to bands I used to love but kinda forgot about. Recently, I've been obsessed with "Los Enanitos Verdes". What bands/artists are you currently rediscovering?

2. What are your plans for tonight?
I have to work :(

3. My sister went out of her way to make my birthday special. She's going through a rough patch with her boyfriend (who is also our roommate) and I would like to do something special for her. The problem is she is a micro manager and has already planned out her birthday. Good thing is she's celebrating her birthday on the weekend, rather than on the actual date. Any ideas? I'm drawing a blank here.

4. Current favorite article of clothing or accessory? Picture?
My favorites usually tend to change from day to day but right now my favorites are:
This charm bracelet. Its the cheapest one they have but still cute. And $5 sunglasses I got at Walgreens that resemble something my grams would have worn in the 60's. Ah well.

5. Has your SO ever shared a fantasy or fetish with you that you were just not willing to participate in/indulge? Please share details ;)
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This is for those of you who've taken AP Spanish Literature (or who can point me to the answer to this question):

What was your summer work?

I'm trying to independent study it, and my Spanish teacher hasn't taught the course, ever, so I have no idea where to start. I tried apcentral, but I haven't gotten any responses... and it'd help if you took the new version (I think post-2003?) version of the exam.

Thanks in advance!

- hl
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Fun part time jobs???

I just moved to Las Vegas and have a great full time job, but am thinking about getting a part time job on the weekends to meet people and make some extra money. There's all sorts of stores, restaurants, and tourist things to go to and work for.

So TQC, what kind of part time job do you think I should get???
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Which would you typically feel more guilty about:

Something bad happening because of something you chose to do,


Something bad happening because of something you chose NOT to do?

sigur ros birds
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alright, so i have really mild folliculitis on my legs and have for like a year. it's no big deal, just ugly. i also have ultra-sensitive skin so my dermatologist says no matter what antibiotics i take, i'm probably going to always have it. shaving really really irritates it (yes i change the blade often) but i'm not going to go all yeti, so would waxing be a good alternative? a lot of websites say no, but since the hair poking through the skin is the problem, waxing could potentially stop the occurrence of the bumps for a while, just for aesthetics' sake. i'm asking for personal experience i guess, what have you done if you have this?
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Have a day.

1. Is it common to say "when I was little" in reference to being younger (like 5 or younger)? I have always said that and sometimes people respond sarcastically with "you are little" o_o and now I'm wondering if that isn't a term that people just use? Do you ever say that?

2. Fill in the blank?: Have a _________ day!

3. Ice cream sundae or chocolate dipped cone?

4. What are you wearing?

5. Do you keep your e-mail open constantly when you're online or do you just go to check it sporadically?

6. pup or meow?
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(no subject)

Dear TQC, please decide my tattoo for me!

I want matching tattoos on each breast, preferably some sort of design around the nipples. WHAT SHOULD I GET? Tell me plz! Guide my way!

(no subject)

What age of your own has been your favorite?
Least favorite?

Also, for those of you who have children, what age of theirs has been your favorite so far?
Least favorite?

If you could pick any age and stay there for the rest of your life, what age would you pick?

Can't Handle This Much Longer!!

So I came home from work today... (about 3:00 Central time) and my house was so unbearably hot! We have central air, and the vents were throwing air, but it was neither hot nor cold. It was just... air. I turned it off and on, flipped the breakers a couple times... and the fan outside is still not running. And it is not any cooler in here and it's killing me! Is there anybody on here who knows anything about heating and cooling outfits? Could it just be that it's low on freon or needs recharged or whatever?

Also.... I know this has nothing to do with that ^... but what is minimum wage at right now? I think it's $6.15, but I'm not sure.

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(no subject)

Do you have a good relationship with your mom? Why or why not?

What's your opinion of a real mother/daughter, mother/son relationship? What you see in movies, or is it completely different?

Are you male/female, and how old are you?

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veronica - face palm

Laundry Stains

I have a new pair of khaki colored pants that I've only worn once. My well meaning fiancee did the laundry, and somehow the laundry detergent stained the pants. If you've had this happen, how can I get rid of the stain aside from going to a dry cleaner? Is there any particular product that you've had luck with?

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

What's the best place you have been too?
Where would you like to go in the future?

Favorite sport?
Which team?

Are you dating/married?
If so whats the age difference?
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do you have one? have you ever considered one? today i went to cut my hair into a tegan and sara-ish haircut, and the lady screwed it up huuuuge time. so to this i said "just shave it into a normal mohawk." and i really like it. i figured i would look horrible with a mohawk all my life, and now that i have one its alright.

(no subject)

I'm getting an hour long deep tissue massage tomorrow, will this crack my back or just make me feel like I'm veal?

What do you think about Chuck Klosterman's books?

Do you listen to audio books in the car?

Have you ever spent countless hours browsing through wikipedia?

Should I major in library science?
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(no subject)

What's the last thing someone said that just made you want to beat their head in?

-Talking to someone on AIM and him complaining about wanting to get laid, then saying women have it easier because they can just sell their bodies much easier than men. -.-
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being all that you can be... ;)

In the interest of helping myself and others become more entertaining tqcr’s –

What’s your favorite question that you yourself have posted to tqc? 

Can you recall your favorite question that you’ve ever seen posted on tqc?

Do you more often prefer to ask very focused, specific questions,
or would you rather ask questions more broadly to appeal to a wider audience?

Other than ‘Please tell me how to fix this _____ (insert personal dilemma)’-type queries, how few responses does your post have to get before you feel like it was pretty much a dud of a question?


Extra:  If a question bombs but you really wanted some feedback, do you try to rework it to improve and post at a later date, or do you let it die a quiet and (mostly) dignified death?

(no subject)

1.) Do you like Calvin and Hobbes?
1a.) If so, do you like my new icon????

2.) What is one song (from any time in your life) that you LOVED but then started to hate it because it was so overplayed?

bunch of questions

why do some people put the word "a" in front of lesbian? example, "are you a lesbian?" why cant it just be "are you lesbian?" i mean "are you a gay?" doesnt roll off the tongue.

how many communities are you in on lj?

what was the last sex dream you had about?


whats your favorite shade of your favorite color?

i bought "royal blue" food/fabric dye, im going to dye some white pants, will they look like denim? if i slosh it around in a bucket will there be different shades of it on different parts of the pants, or will it just thoroughly soak and be the same everywhere?

whats your favorite most unhealthy food?

are you a pervert?

whats your guilty pleasure?

what do you do for a hobby?

if you play drums, can you tell me how hard it would be to learn if ive never bothered to understand how to read music before?

does anything on your body itch right now? (fuck my shoulderblade)

(no subject)

1] What are you waiting for?
An e-mail from my ex-boyfriend in Iraq, who I'm still unfortunately in love with.

2] What are you sitting on right now?
This is really odd for me, but my computer chair. I usually type from my bed. I'm lazy like that.

3] If you've had your journal for a long time, go back to the very first entry and post what you wrote.
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Edit: 4] What's something you always wanted to brag about knowing before it was popular? No bands, please. Some guy showed it to me when there were only a few sbemails up.
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As a very early birthday present my boyfriend took me to adopt two adorable kittens from the local animal shelter this morning. They are beyond cute and getting into everything but, they still don't have names! I'd sort of like names that go together. The black and white one is a girl and much more frisky (is currently trying to figure out what the betta fish is). The gray tabby is a boy and much calmer and spends a lot of time wondering what the hell his sister is doing).

Help! What do you think I should name them?

Click for Pictures.

'religious group'

Does anyone know anything about this 'religious group' (or cult...) that  my Paternal grandmother was in, but i can't ask anyone about?

My grandmother and half of her sisters/sisters in law were in it. From what i've heard, it didn't have a name, because Jesus's disciples didn't have a group name. They don't have a church, because in the early days neither did Jesus. So they met in people's houses. They can't wear pants or cut their hair short (but they don't cover their hair), and it's women only. And... other than that, I don't know much about them at all. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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For those of you who get your comments mailed to you... what's the oldest TQC post in your inbox?

This is mine... but I'm disappointed that prior to that, I cleared out my gmail inbox. I've only ever emptied it once! So I should really have posts about 9 months older than that. Boo-hoo.
south park


1.  How long have you been online today?
2.  Do you fold or crumple your toilet paper?
3.  Diet Coke or Coke Zero?
4.  Longest you've ever gone without bathing?
5.  Just who do you think you are?

It's Me Again

I have another question. I used to have KaZaA, but it was all the time putting viruses in my computer and I had to have it cleaned out all the time. What is the best (free, preferably) anti-virus to use for this? How else can I keep my computer safe with P2Ps? Thanks in advance!

Question for Australians

I was talking with a friend the other day about how much of an Australian institution Neighbours is, and how it's produced many actors/actresses who have gone on to successful careers in entertainment.

But what about Home and Away? My friend and I both failed to think of one person who was on Home and Away and enjoyed a career afterwards. So please, give me some names.

After some help and my own research we have:
Isla Fisher
Julian McMahon
Naiomi Watts (was never a major character anyway)
Elizabeth Lackey
Melissa George
Carl Snell looks like he might do well in the future

Heath Ledger doesn't count because he already had a well established career
Michael Caton doesn't count for the same reason
Guy Pearce for the same reason
Danni Mongue because she's Kylie's sister, and Kylie is from Neighbours.

Helmut Bakaitis gets an honourable mention for being the architect from the matrix revolutions.