August 10th, 2007

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Someone posted a House (M.D.) meme in response to someone's question (or someone's reply) last night about lupus and I've been looking through all the old posts and I can't find it (I googled too) and I feel completely stupid. Can someone post it again or tell me where to find it please?

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Do people ever race through your neighborhood in cars with super loud engines at all indecent hours of the night/morning?

Do you have any odd things you collect? What is it and how much of it do you have?
I have a collection of seashells from when I go to the beach with my family, but they're all about a third to half of the size of my pinky nail. I have a couple hundred of them so far :)
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Japanese cultural perceptions and stereotypes of Americans.

This concerns both language and aesthetics in animation, as well as stereotypes and a few miscellaneous questions.

I'm wondering what are the Japanese counterparts to the following?

1. Americans speaking mock "Southeast Asian Languages." This ranges from saying something like "ching chong ding dong" (like in racist stereotypes) to imitations intended to actually sound like the language even though it's complete gibberish.

2. Engrish (as in poorly written English by Japanese people).

3. Aesthetic caricatures/stereotypes using slanted eyes, two big buck teeth, short cut hair, etc.. [I've only noticed blond hair and rosey cheeks.]

4. Penis length related stereotypes.

Other questions:

5. What could "vegetable man/men" mean in a translation of anime in reference to a a mysterious group of people kidnapping an ally in a covert-ops fashion? I saw it said much in reference to when a black man was also shown, could this be a racial stereotype?

6. What interesting racial and [anti-]nationalistic stereotypes are there of Americans by Japanese?

7. When variations of a the spoken form of words are made, how are they created in written form in Japanese? Do they ever create new non-phonetic represntations of them? How would they transcribe things like music lyrics where lots of slang would be used?

Cross-posted to various communities.

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1. Can I get student loans that don't pay for tuition specifically, which I already have covered, but would take care of my living expenses (rent, utilities, car payment, asthma meds, groceries, etc) for the 2 years that I will be in college? I'd rather focus on finishing school ASAP than worrying about a shitty job and bills. Any info or advice about this would be appreciated. P.S. My credit sucks, if that makes a difference.

2. My friend went to the doctor and was apparently told that her red blood cells are smaller than they're supposed to be so they're not carrying oxygen through her body like they should. Is this a real thing? It's probably obvious, I'd just never heard of that particular situation before.

3. Whatcha doin' this weekend?
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The consensus belief is that if you accept Jesus into your life then you're pretty much guaranteed to get into Heaven. At one time or another I've heard someone or other say the following stuff:
  • If you don't accept Jesus as your lord & savior you're going to Hell.

  • The Jews rejected Jesus and they will all burn in Hell.

  • Everyone that died before Jesus was born is in Hell.

  • Everyone that died before Jesus was born were granted amnesty and are in Heaven.

  • People that practice magic are trying to steal the power of God and will burn in Hell.

Do you agree with any of this stuff?
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Part of my job responsibilities involve answering and directing calls.  There is this one woman who calls for someone in the office 17 times a day.  The person she wants to speak to does not want to speak to her, so her calls are never returned.  But she keeps calling.  Even when I tell her the person isn't in the office.  And if I transfer her to the other person's voicemail without her knowing it is going to voicemail, she'll call back immediately and ask of the person is in the office.

I want to tell her to stop wasting my time and stop calling me, but obviously I can't do that.  I also can't tell her that the person she wants will never speak to her.  What would you do to make this annoying lady get the point and stop calling?

Edit:  I should have phrased differently.  I'm not looking for advice!  I just want to know what you would do.  I fail at TQC.

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What's the most ironic thing you've come across in the past few days?

I got a physical yesterday, and apparently I am anemic. So what do they do? Take a whole lot of blood from my already "very low" blood count.
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dont fail me now!

okay so after a few drinks, my husband and i thought we'd 'scare' our neighbors on their way home, they were walking back w/frens and we'd hide and jump out and say 'boo!' or whatever.. i was holding on to some shrubbery..and i jumped out i accidently hit my neighbor in the face...(not badly) he got mad (of course) i stopped by later and told him that i was soooo sorry, didn't mean to hit him at all..yadda, yadda.. i feel like a total idiot.... this morning i went and got them coffee and muffins as an olive branch.. do you think he totally 'hates' me now? i'm hoping after a good nights rest and my offering, things should be good.
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1. I move in to college tomorrow morning - leaving my house around 8.30. Is there anything super-special I should do on my last day home?

2. I was started on antidepressants earlier this week, and my therapist said to switch to two pills a day from one in "four to seven days". Four days lands me right on Saturday - my first ever day on college soil. Is it the best idea to up my dosage then, or should I wait? (my medication tends to make me sleepy - I'm not so sure what two will do).

3. For those of you who are college students who loves books as much as I do - do you bring any "pleasure reading" books with you to campus, or is it fruitless because there's just no time?

4. What brand of deodorant do you wear?

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How would one attach carpeting to a cement wall? I looked on google, but all I got was results for a children's story.

I drum, and need to carpet the corner walls and ceiling of my basement to help drown out the sound. I can staple-gun the carpet into the wooden ceiling, but I need something removable, safe and non-destructive. So far, I've tried duct tape, and it worked for about 2 days. Then, I came home from a long weekend to find my drum set draped in carpet and duct tape.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Girls, when you're at a show, do you throw away any and all concern for personal space?

Guys, last night while up front at the Ween show, some really hot girl kept dancing and trying to push me back away. Normally this is the nature of being up front. But then she gave up and moved beside me, kept dancing, then bumped into me purposefully and shot me a look straight in the eyes. I smiled at her and ignored her for my own reasons, then she did it again so I ignored her again. God, I swear though, when she was standing in front of me and pushing me back into other people, every time her head tilted and her hair ended up in my face, it was painful. She had a great head of hair.

What would you have done?
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1.) Do you watch Golden Girls?

2.) Which of the girls is your favorite?

1.) YES!

2.) I'm a huge fan of Blanche. I hope I get that much sex when I'm her age, although I definitely don't plan on going to the docks and waving at sailors like she does.
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Friends and Gifting

Would you send a gift for a wedding that you were not invited to, (if it was a good friend)? Would you send a wedding gift to a friend that you once considered close but then now rarely see? Would it make any difference if the friend had given a generous gift at your own wedding a good while back?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) If you eat very little in a day, does your stomach feel really odd for a few days afterwards? What causes that?

2) Do you ever forget to eat? Why?

3) If you go to shows, do you stand back and enjoy, or do you get right up there in the pit/happybouncyplace(depending on your music genre)?

4) What is the weirdest sunburn you have ever gotten(placement, pattern, etc)? How did you get it?

5) Do you live in fear of a ceiling fan(especially one over your bed) falling down on top of you?

6) What do you smell like, currently?

1) Mine does, it feels like gut rot. It happened yesterday when I didn't eat all day at the shows, and always after a hangover when I can't bring myself to eat.

2) Very rarely. Yesterday I just was too busy running from stage to stage to catch all my favorite bands. All I had to eat was a bagel in the morning, and a ramen before bed.

3) I usually stand back unless its one of my REALLY super favorites.

4) I currently have an odd triangle on my chest, and stripes on my shoulders. I figure its from fidgeting and wearing bags.

5) Yes ;_;

6) Pot, cigarettes, beer, sweat, and sunblock. I need a shower badly.
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Because you guys are an ever flowing fount of information, I have a few questions for you. OH HO, questions, here? Lord.

Anywho: I hate cars. They scare me. Big time. However, where we are moving, we need to buy a car. My dear honey is going to (finally) upgrade his licence, and he's for some reason left my uneducated-on-cars-ass to find us a car/truck/van/something with tires.

Help me?!

1- We're getting a used car, what kind of questions should I ask the owner?
2- My husband is rather tall (6'5) and most of his height is in his legs, does car (or truck, or whatever) brand make a difference in leg room? Or does it just matter the make (model)? I really have no clue. :(
3- What is the ugliest car you have ever seen? I am determined to have the ugliest car in the world, so no one steals it! I need ideas. ;)
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Business Rent

I have an actual serious question this time =(

My boss wants me to find some information online about what percentage of a company's budget should go toward rent/leasing of office space.

I've done some googling and I'm obviously not using the correct search string cause I'm coming up with nothing helpful.

Anyone know where I could find some information on this?

And, totally unrelated -

Do you consider the word "every" to have 2 or 3 syllables?

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1) What is multiple sclerosis? How serious is it?

2) If your spouse or significant other magically became the opposite gender physically, how would you react? Assuming they would have to stay this gender forever, would you continue the relationship?

3) What is the woman in all of these videos doing? I know she's dancing and lipsynching, but are there people out there who do that as a career or something?

4) How has your day been thus far?

5) Is it normal to feel sad or down or just not in a good mood all the time? What's the difference between just going through a rough time and being depressed?

6) Can depression make you fatigued?

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If an alien landed in your yard and wanted to be given a 'crash course' on culture in your country, would you do it?

What movies/tv shows would you make them watch?
What music would you want them to listen to?
What foods would you want them to eat?
What sights would you show them?
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Today is the last day of my internship. I'm leaving for home as soon as I get off work and can pack my car. It's an 8 hour drive from St. Louis, MO to Charleston, WV on our beloved I-64. I'll be alone, and It'll be at least 1 AM by the time I get home.

1. Have you ever made a long drive like this by yourself? 
2. Do you have any good I-64 stories? 
3. What do you suggest I do to keep myself entertained?

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are the hookers on craigslist in Houston better than the craigslist hokkers in Dallas?

is the wireless connection in this hotel crap...or is it my computer?

Should I rent a car this weekend or just suck it up and lay around the hotel pool?
jim greco

waxing, ladies

so, ladies (or men) of tqc who wax to get rid of body hair:

1. which areas have you/do you get waxed?
2. do you do this professionally or at home?
3. generally how much do you pay?

i have never gotten anything waxed but for my vacation to mexico i want to get my underarms and bikini line done at a salon.

4. what hair lengths do my underarms and bikini line have to be for waxing to work?
hopefully not outrageously long D:


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What's a good way to destroy a pack of cigarettes? I feel like snapping them isn't meaningful enough, and obviously I don't want to burn them. The more destructive, the better.
mischief is the name of the game

this just kinda hit me the other day

It could be argued that part of the reason I'm so wonky is that I was raised as much by my parents as I was Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote, Speedy Gonzales, Sylvester, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Taz, Yosimite Sam, etc. Basically you get the idea. Even my parents periodically see me as a living toon.

However, every family has one member that is just a bit funny. That one they can't quite draw a bead on. Which brings me to my question...

I'm not sure if Tweety is my aunt or uncle.

Is Tweety Bird male or female?
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What is the term for when people eat sushi off of the body of a naked woman? And also, the term for the one where they drink sake from their closed thighs?

...what is wrong with Japan?


1. What are some cool sites for stuff to decorate your house/apt/room/whatever?

2. I need some cool plates, bowls and mugs for my new apartment. :]] Any idea where I can look online? And not expensive?

3. What do you do when your boyfriend [or whoever you are 'hanging out' with] is glued to his new Xbox game?
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When you meet someone that you know is very wealthy, or at least significantly more wealthy than you are, do you prejudge them in any way?  What assumptions do you make about them based on their financial situation alone?

Have you ever eaten scrapple?  What do you think of it?

Do you know anyone with any chronic disorders, diseases or syndromes?  Does their health issue impact your life at all?  If so, do you secretly resent them for it even though it's not their fault?

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Exactly how much do you hate being stuck in traffic?

What was the worst traffic jam you were ever in?

I've moved .8 miles on I-635 W in little over an hour. Mmm dallas.
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1. Do you know your IQ?

2. Do you think it's a good thing to let children know their IQs?

My especially gifted TQCers, the first question requires only a yes or no answer, not your IQ.

Two Questions

1. I have my dad's old camcorder. (Probably dates from the early 90's. Uses those mini cassette tapes.) I would like connect it to my computer so I can burn a bunch of stuff for my brothers/sister/stempmom now that he is gone. However, while the thing worked fine last year, it doesn't now. I can fast forward and rewind, but as soon as I play, it plays for .5 seconds and then stops. Having some experience with fixing broken VCRs, it leads me to believe that the eye part is dirty.

How in the heck do I clean it? I looked online for a manual, but I can only get one from England after paying a lot of money.

2. I have a friend who has a Watara Supervision and some games. Is this actually worth anything?
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1. I am going to a steakhouse tonight for my friend's birthday. What should I order? It's a Texas Roadhouse, its the usual beef variations and stuff like that.

2. If you like the Beatles ( I don't know anyone who doesn't, but I'm sure someone, especially in TQC, doesn't), what is your favorite song?

3. Do you get crazy with the cheese whiz?

4. Should I do laundry I need to get done because I am moving in a week, go to my old HS my friend is now the band director at and watch them march through their first set on the last day of band camp (tradition), or do something else?

5. What artist/band do you hate/dislike greatly?

your name, your pain

Go to and put your name in and look for "drawbacks." Anything familiar?

me: * Lexus
* Axis
* Phallux
* Lexy
* Texas
* Luscious Lexis
* Sexy Lexi

i've been called sexy lexi once. phallux, wtf?!

also, if you haven't seen the movie 'war games' - why the hell haven't you seen it?

Name my puppy!

My fiance and I are going to be getting a new puppy next week and we are looking for names for her. She is a Chihuahua. Our other Chihuahua (see icon) is named Murry and our cat is Reggie. Would you guys suggest some names for her?
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old McDonald had a farm

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how many songs do you know of with your name in them, if any?
what's your favorite or do you hate them all?

i know of 6, i think. my favorite is "Emily Kane" by Art Brut.
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Moon Man!


Poll #1036815 (opt.)

which do you like "myriad" best as?

an adjective
a noun
i'm a whiner and want a non-committal answer, despite the fact that "best" is a superlative, waaahhh
isn't that a brand of eyedrops?

gift for teen girl going off to college?

Boring question, I know, but:

You are a 17 year old girl going off to college in California. You are very bright and into theatre.

What would you like you receive as a small momento-typed keepsake gift from your dad?

You have recently made contact with each other after being kept away from him for years due to problems between your divorced parents.

I was thinking about an engraved picture frame or nice decorative box to store special items in, but could use additional suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have! I'm not a teenage girl, so thought some input might be useful!
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Insect Bites on Your Face

I got bit by an insect the other day on my mouth. I'm allergic to anything that bites. So my lips swelled up like Angelina Jolie’s. That’s pretty normal whenever I get bit by something. BUT the itching was so intense that I kept messing with my lower lip by the bite so much that I broke the skin on my lip open a little bit.  The swelling went down immediately, but now I have a chapped lip/ blister kind of thing going on.


A>So what do I put on it that will heal the lip and not make the bug bite infected?

B>Or should I just go and try to find a weekend clinic thing?


Note: I’m poor and hope someone is creative in coming up with something to put on it.


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1. When something is about empty; mayo, dressing, etc - do you get every last drop with a spatula or something of the sort?

2. When you wash your dishes by hand, do you dry the spoons side up or side down (if you lie them down)?
2b. Do you stand the silverware handle side up or down?

3. This question is the reason I joined TQC and I have yet to ask it. This frustrates me more than anything in the world, truly. WHY WHY WHY do they make clothing with pockets and sew one of them closed??????? I have this beautiful $140 robe from a spa and it has two luxurious pockets and ONE OF THEM IS SEWN SHUT!!! WTF!

statistics. give 'em up.

hey ya'll..

i have my favorite trail of stats that i like to unwind when i'm trying to impress people. ..

what are your favorite/weirdest/most interesting statistics?
and, if applicable, what are your sources?

in researching this question i got these two:
  • Human thighbones are stronger than concrete.
  • Most tropical marine fish could survive in a tank of human blood.
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    1. Do you know how to play Mornington Crescent?

    2. Want to play a game?

    Tube Map for reference.

    I only know the "basic" rules, and am not sure how Mornington Crescent station being closed affects the game... But if anyone wants to play, I'll start with the standard Charing Cross to Green Park 5 o' clocker.
    Kaizers Orchestra: Geir point gif

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    1. Would you say you enjoy your job? Even love, perhaps?

    2. Mind sharing what your job is?

    3. Anyone want to go to work for me in half an hour? -_- Or at least push me down some stairs.
    element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

    gimme pictures

    1) Have you ever been told that you (or maybe someone you know) look like a celebrity? Do you agree? Pics of you and matching celeb plz. :)

    2) Would you ever get some sort of plastic surgery done to look more like a celebrity?

    3) I was watching a show about the plastic surgeries celebs get, and it got me wondering--are there places outside of southern California that are well known for plastic surgery? Like in Chicago? (yeah ok this one is just me being lazy)

    4) Have you ever had plastic surgery of any kind? What did you have done, how much did it cost, did you have to travel far to get there?

    5) Is there a procedure you'd like to get done? Not just like "oh that'd be nice" but like, seriously if you had the money and some time to take off for recovery, you'd go do it?

    Collapse )

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    1. Would you prefer an animal shelter to feed 20 animals a minimal amount of food (which keeps them healthy enough, but hungry too) or to feed 8 animals enough food so that they're healthy and never hungry?
    EDIT: Site where you click to give animals in shelters food (FREE). I thought it would make this a little less depressing.

    2. How can I find out if my uni is dodgy? What kind of things should I look for? Success rates? Future earnings? Are the crack dealers in the hallways a bad sign?

    3. Would you prefer to be fairly unattractive, but scrub-up very pretty, or mediocre & can't scrub up any better? Which one are you now? (No pretty people, we don't love you).

    4. Where would one get some decent drugs? I have bad credit with the crack dealers in the hallways :(

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    Hello Everybody!


    I just got hired for a new job as a receptionist. The hours they hired me for are 9 to 4 Monday through Friday, which I am THRILLED about.


    For the past 2 weeks I have been working with a great woman who has been training me. During the summer they hire some extra college students for help. The woman who has been helping me switched her hours which were originally afternoon to close, to the morning so she could help train me.


    Suddenly she decided that she likes morning and she wants me to take the late shift.


    Infuriated that she would suddenly decide to change her mind at the last minute I called the owner of the company. He agreed that they hired me for these hours and that I deserve them. Yet this woman who has been with the company for a very long time is great and they really like her. And I’m the type of person who wants everybody to be happy and who doesn’t want any enemies. He assured me that they would try to work something out.


    What do you think about this? Risk having an enemy or get taken advantage of??

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    Decapitated Roaches Q:

    I remember when I was a kid, I heard that a roach can get its head cut off and still live for _____amount of time and that it only dies because it can't eat.

    Is this true? If so, how long does it stay alive? I can't remember.

    Don't worry, I'm not going to go decapitate any roaches. I was just wondering this before I fell asleep last night. So random.
    {wow} sin'dorei pride
    • gouache

    Body questions

    1. How many moles do you have on your body?
    2. Do you have freckles?
    3. Birthmarks? How many and where and what do they look like?

    My A's:
    1. 27 that I can count.
    2. Nope.
    3. One, on my side below where my bra strap should be. It's just a long brown mark.
    veggie chaz

    okay KINDA serious but whatev

    I'm the oldest of my fam's kids, and I've been out of the house for some time.  My mommy is the best mommy ever, and her life revolved around us kiddos and work.  My little bro is going to college in a year, and my mom will be by herself.  My dad travels a lot so she will be having a lot of alone time, and she's already getting a lot because my bro goes adventuring quite a bit in his angsty years.  I think she should get a kitty because she doesn't like dogs.

    What ideas can I give my mom to do with her time?
    (already tried a gym, and she doesn't have many friends.  She's close to her sibs and likes doing things by herself.)
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    (no subject)

    is there an unwritten rule that one sibling cannot explain to one parent what a fuckhead the other sibling is?
    why is this?

    what's grinding your gears today?
    if nothing is grinding your gears, what's making your day awesome?

    are you awesome? plz explain how awesome you are.

    (no subject)

    If you were a troll who was fortunate enough to be accepted into TQC, what would be your trolling technique? Would you be an obvious troll? Try to blend in and ask the occasional question to get people really riled up over nothing? Something else?

    (no subject)

    Barcaly's Premier League starts tomorrow! WHO'S EXCITED?

    i'm so excited i don't have words. i wish i had some sleeping pills so i could just go to bed now. i can't take it! it's like Christmas!
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    (no subject)

    The house that am currently renting is being sold (but I respect their reasons for it, and they have given me 3x the legal notice that they must). And am currently filling out an application for another house.

    My question is.

    They are requesting my bank account #.

    Is THAT even LEGAL??

    (no subject)

    I hate computers!!!

    So far, every computer I've bought seems to have some sort of problem.

    A couple of months ago, I bought a MacBook, and everything was fine with it, about 3 months ago every single time I unplug it from the power adaptor, the computer shuts off. I went to the support site, and it looks like a lot of people have this problem. The computer works fine if it's connected to the adaptor, but if I cant take it anywhere, then I would have bought a desktop instead. Does anyone know what I can do? it's driving me insane, I've tried taking the battery out for a few minutes and everything, and still nothing. The computer even shows the icon of a fully charged battery, so I doubt it's the battery that has a problem.
    (Fan) OTPs

    Off-Campus living

    I'm moving off campus with four friends. I was wondering if:
    a) Anyone had any tips on how to save money on groceries and bills and such?
    2) Anyone had any recipes that would be cheap and good reheated?
    c) Any other tips of the trade?
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    (no subject)

    Dear TQC -

    I am going to dye my hair flame red with black streaks, or rather, I am having my friend do it for me. She has dyed hair before, but not with streaks. Do you have any tips on how to do it?

    Have you ever seen Scary Movie 4, Tears Of Kali, One Missed Call, or The Dark? Those are on my movies for the next day, and so far, Tears of Kali looks really stupid.

    Am I a bad person for renting The Dark only because it has Sean Bean and Maria Bello in it? I thought so.

    Eating ice cream with a soup spoon, y/n?

    Are you sick of these questions now?

    (no subject)

    when was the last time you were surprised by someone else's stupidity? and what did that dumbass do/say?

    my father shot himself in the abdomen with a nail gun today and didn't feel the need to go to the emergency room. even though the nail is wholly inside him. my mom made him go. he needs surgery. jackass.


    Have you ever lied about the number of people you've had sex with?

    If you have, or do, why?

    If you did lie and your S/O found out were they mad?

    When I first got with my boyfriend he added a number to his real number. He didn't tell me for many months and when he did he said he did it to not seem like such a pansy. Whatever though, I didn't really care.

    (no subject)

    My friends and I are planning a trip to Portland in January. We go to school in Philly.
    Since I live in Utah, I know that Sundance is in Jan, so I suggested that we arrange it so that we have an extra day or two in SLC.
    Is there a way to make a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long layover on one flight? EG, one day or more?


    1. What is the most serious injury you can sport while in a club and not look stupid? Obviously if you're on crutches and still trying to hit on the ladies, you're probably going to get a few WTF, GO HOME looks. But what about, say, a broken hand? A broken finger? An eye patch?

    What about in a bar?

    2. Okay, so my neighbours have really, really loud sex at all hours of the day and to be honest, it makes me feel kind of uncomfortable. Yes, they're in the privacy of their own home but I am tired of having to listen to it, especially since I kind of hate them. I'll admit that if it were loud music or a TV, I'd probably be less inclined to complain. So... can I talk to them or to the concierge about it? Or should just suck it up and deal with it? How likely are you to complain in a similar situation? Or if your neighbour asked you to keep it down, would you try and comply or tell her too bad because you ARE in your own home?

    Also: does this make me a prude?
    angry asian

    (no subject)

    1. Do you like The Office original or The Office US version better?

    2. Have you ever had Silk-brand chocolate soy milk? If so, do you think it tastes remarkably like YooHoo?

    3. If a girl is wearing a ring on her either of her ring fingers and it's the only ring she has on, do you assume that she's not single?

    4. What was the last thing you were paranoid about that would be resolved later on?
    Good and Evil


    I've been away from my beloved TQC lately, so hopefully this hasn't been asked recently. LJseek didn't show anything for it so...

    What's involved in your recurring nightmares (if you have any)?

    Mine always start differently, but they're usually some sort of drastic, horrifying emergency situation. I call 911 for help and the line either just rings and rings forever or I get a busy signal. Then I flip out because I need help and can't get it.
    veggie chaz


    do you take the USA tv station seriously?
    i forget that it has good shows

    how do you get into the tqc chat?
    i'm booored and want in it.  phew i almost ended that sentence with a preposition!  aim sn:  veggieboyd
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    TQC, we are having a potluck.

    1. What are your diet restrictions?
    2. What dish will you be bringing? Please post recipes so that those with aforementioned diet restrictions may AVOID DANGEROUS FOODS.

    (no subject)

    I noticed this week that I somehow formed twice as many freckles as I previously had, what the fuck is up with that?

    do you think chiropractors are quacks?

    which is better, a really good fart or cracking your spine/neck/knuckles?