August 9th, 2007

petit prince

eggs erroneous

i've got a bunch of flatmates, one or several of whom are food thieves. i'm trying to devise a few ways (non fatal, plz) to pay them back for their thievery. so far i'm planning on mixing some salt into milk, but i can't think of anything else good. they've also helped themselves to my cheese and hummus, but i assume they'd take anything they thought looked tasty and that their annoying asses didn't pay for.

SO, got any ideas for nasty food-related payback, tqc?
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I don't think this has been asked lately HERE, I think I saw something related on topicless. So.

How do you CURB your cravings? For food that is.
lol I can hardly ever stop myself from eating 24/7 and it's getting annoying. We don't have any good food left.

If you don't, what's your favorite thing to snack on?!

Also have you ever noticed how I post two comments in reply to everyone because I screw up so much on my first try? I just noticed that I do that a lot. lol

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Holy buckets. Here, have a rambling late night post :P

When I was little I pretty much thought that Sylvester Stallone was the hottest thing ever, despite the fact that he had some form of paralysis on the left side of his face causing that characteristic sneer. Now, I think Milo Ventimiglia is omg hawt stuff lol, and only NOW do I find out that he actually has no nerve endings in the lower left of his lip, causing him to sneer, for lack of a better word.

And Milo is Rocky's son in the last Rocky movie! This seems...incestuous. EDIT A: maybe not incestuous but it definitely seems weird in some way

Should I be totally creeped out by this, TQC?

EDIT B: Yeah, I probably need a life, but I'll get one tomorrow and if I make no sense it's because I am so tired I'm on the verge of hallucinating :P

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So I'm going mp3 player shopping and I really want to know what kind of mp3 players you use so...yeah thanks.

I used to use a zen but it went all "I'm not gonna work" and froze every five minutes and at the start screen (I've had three of them).
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1) do any of you have tattoos on your toes or knuckles?
     have they faded? if so.. how long till it started to fade?

2) do i have a right to be mad when a person at work had a huge bitchy melt down because i took two shifts she wanted this week, by accident (and got it switched, due to her childish behavior infront of my boss). and before all of this happened she wrote me off the schedule TWICE and took my shifts that i have been working for over a year, for no reason and failed to tell me, so i showed up and had to be sent home?

3) why do people buy into 'suck ups'?
b) dont you find them annoying? even if you're the one they are sucking up to?

4) what is a word (or 2 words) that associate with 'dart' like.... dart board etc etc.


(no subject)

1) If you had your own billboard what would it say? What would the picture be?

2) Have you ever wanted your billboard?

3) What do you call your remote control?

4) What is the youngest and oldest you've considered having sex/being sexual with?

5) Whats the funniest thing that happened to you today/ or that you heard today?
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(no subject)

Okay, this weekend an angry drunk asshat decided to punch the monitor on my laptop, which obviously made it completely useless aside from a bit of the side that still works. So, where do you think would be the best place to start looking into getting my monitor on my laptop (which is an HP) replaced. Fixing it I doubt is an option with how bad it is. So do you think I should start with a call to HP about sending it in to get a new monitor or do you think a computer repair place would be a better place to start? The warranty on the computer is expired, so there's no issues with having it be that only HP can repair it to keep from voiding a warranty.

I'm not too enthused about the possibility of needing to call HP because they're never helpful anyway, but if that's where I should start, I'll suck it up and do it. :p
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1. How much (or little) sleep does a human actually need to function?
2. What is the longest stretch of no sleep you've had?

1. I'm asking this because I'm an insomniac, I think 8 hours a night is debatable and unnecessary for many people.
2. I've stayed up for 50 hours without sleep
Starbucks cup

random name questions.

1. If you had been a boy (or a girl if you are a boy) what would your name have been?
-- christopher. my mom always knew her firstborn son would have that name.

2. Do you know a
a. Suzie (or any spelling for it)?
b. Ryan?
c. Gina?
d. Antonio?

3. Is there anyone in your immediate family with a name that starts with a 'R', an 'L' or a 'K'? Who are they?

4. What are your initials?
-- nmtc

does any one?

1)Any one still use Dial up?
2)Use America Online?
3)Use IM or chat rooms and if so what do you use?
4)Not have a myspace account?
5)Not have a photo of them on their computer?
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So last night while I was on the computer I kept nodding out and my arm would just end up lying on the keyboard 'till I noticed. Well, I have a Mac and after one of these dozing incidents, my screen is now not only black and white, but also looks like a films negative. Any solutions you guys?
fear de evil dat is me

this might seem like an odd question

8:11 PM 8/7/07 · Flipping channels and I come across the 2nd Spidey movie and I noticed something. It's the fight scene with Doc Ock that Aunt May was involved in and they're slugging it out like gangbusters...

...even May got in a good shot.

I'm not sure if I ever noticed this before or not but His·Multiple·Limbedness doesn't seem to land a single punch. He only hits Spidey with his mechanical arms.

Does Doctor Octopus ever hit Spidey with his actual hands anywhere in this film?
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(no subject)

Are you currently seeing a therapist (or analyst, psychologist, etc.)?

If yes, how long have you been in treatment?

If no, then have you ever seen a therapist?

If you have never been in therapy, would you consider it? Edit: Would you be open to it through your lifetime, not just right now.
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YouTube Pranks

What do you think of these "fire in the hole" pranks on YouTube?

(Basically, they're people that go through drive-thrus and when they receive their drinks, they throw the drink back at the fast food worker while saying "Fire in the hole!" Here is a compilation of some of the videos. Here is a news report that features a video, since all the prank vids are being pulled now.)

Because we're all so immature

What's the last thing you can remember seeing that wasn't meant to be obscene or funny, but you giggled anyway?

This morning, I looked at my cupholder that I bought for my car and its called the "Pinch n' Slide." Ooh baby.

Also, driving through Wisconsin, my fiance and I came across a convenience store called "Kum n' Go."
Sweet Pea

(no subject)

Have you ever had your gall bladder removed?

If so, what was it like? Did it hurt a lot? How long before you were back to doing normal things? Were there any noticable side effects (good or bad)?

If no, how is your day going so far?
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(no subject)

1- What is your favourite sort of cookies?
2- What would you do with a pet crocodile?
3- What's the last good thing to happen to you, no matter how small?
4- Is eating next to nothing for a while a great way to make my stomach smaller so I eat less when I do decide to eat again? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY MMKAI?!
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What's that word???

I have this word on the tip of my tongue, and I can't figure out exactly what it is.
What is the word for something happening at exactly the right time it should?
Edit: This word will be used in a letter for my work, so it's a more scholarly word, I think.
EDIT: We went with opportune, though it isn't quite the perfect word we are looking for.
Thanks for the help!
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loaded question I suppose..

I am curious. 

I've seen a lot of people who are of no particular religious affiliation - agonstics, wiccans, etc - say that they have read and appreciate the "teachings of Jesus" and that they think he was a good man or perhaps a prophet?

Here's what I don't understand about that pov; if you read through what Christ said, he doesn't really preach a way of life like other religions leaders...he preaches himself. If someone doesnt believe that he is who he says he is then he really sounds like an egotistical ass or a maniac who performs miracles. I mean...he's constantly saying "you can not do anything apart from me, you can not get anywhere but through me" etc etc...

So anyone out there know what sense it makes to say I don't believe a word he says but he was a really good man and I incorporate his teachings in my life along with all the other religions?
LOL Ryan be my BFF

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if you could have your own personal 2 day music festival with one stage(so you don't have to choose!) and 10 bands, what bands would you pick and in what order?

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now i've never actually been to a festival, i'm pretty sure i'd hate it. so i just guessed how many bands to put in a day.

and they have to be current bands, otherwise it could just get crazy.
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I'm getting married in October. My stepmom decided last night that she wants to throw me a bridal shower, and I'm supposed to draw up a guest list for her. Should I include people that I know won't be able to make it, like my almost-MIL and SIL? My MIL lives in TX, and the SIL goes to school in OK, so they're making pretty elaborately planned special trips just for the weekend of the wedding. But.. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, because I'd be happy if they did/could come... and I also don't want to seem like I'm just trying for more gifts or something. What would you do, TQC?

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So my bank continuously screws me out of money. I always check my balance, and yesterday it said I was at $25.00, with a $24.00 available balance. I really don't trust them, as they've been wrong before. However I spent 4 dollars on some fruit and 1 dollar on a candybar. I check today, and it says I'm -50 dollars. I call the bank, and they're like "Oooh... you've been spending when you don't have any money. And that's a 23 dollar penalty. Sorry. *Click*"

Now I'm really upset, as my manager cut my hours to 10 a week, which means my paycheck is already less than 130 dollars. I don't even have enough money for gas for the next two weeks because of them.

This is the fourth time this has happened within the past 3 months. I'm tired of it. Do most banks do this? Or is mine just a shithole?

haiii tqcc halllpp me on vacation

I am going on vacation to the San Francisco/Monterey area.

Besides the usual tourist-ish spots such as haight ashbury, the golden gate bridge etc what are some cool places or things to see?

Does anyone know if theres anything cool to do in San Juan Bautista? I'm going there too.

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Do you like jalapenos? I love them but they burn my asshole coming out and that's lame.

What about banana peppers? They're super tasty.

If you don't like either, do you at least like bell peppers?


Do you ever assume that someone in TQC is talking about someone you know?

Like, I just realized that whenever I read a post where somone is describing some awful thing their ex did to them, I sometimes think, "Heh. [my evil ex] apparently dated her, too."
Or if they are talking about some friend who did them wrong once, I'll think, "I bet they're talking about [some person I used to know who was a jerk in a similar way to me]."

Edit: Hm. Apparently I am a unique and beautiful snowflake. And paranoid.

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I like Anime and I'd like to see some more, but I was at the DVD store today and there's just too many to choose from D:

So, tell me, if you like anime, what are some of your favourites? (It can be movies or a TV series)

I haven't seen many, only Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champoo, Bubblegum Crisis, and Howl's Moving Castle.


Is this a reasonable price for that TV? We're trying to sell it, but we don't know what to ask. This isn't intended to be shameless self promotion because 99% of you can't come over and pick it up, anyway, unless you're fleurdelista. :P

What does your hair look like today? Pix plz. (mine coming soon in comments)
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prompted a little by the idea of 'trash talk' and other things

We probably all know it's usually easier to criticize than praise or compliment.  Even so...

Do you remember to pay a compliment when it's warranted?  Or do you sometimes figure it's not worth the bother or may not be appreciated?

Is there anyone due a compliment from you that you haven't given?  If so, who and why haven't you done so?
If they happen to be in tqc, will you share it with them now, please?

Can you think of your most favorite compliment that you've ever given? - please tell us what it was.
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angry asian

(no subject)

1. What would you do if you found a giant Lego man?

2. What are some things that you prefer to keep to yourself because they hold a lot of personal meaning to you and when you share them, you're reluctant to do so? (Ex. a song, a book, a pencil)

3. Do you have any books, movies, or music on your desk? What are they?

4. When you listen to music on your computer, do you listen to it by custom playlist, artist, album, library on shuffle, or another way?
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(no subject)

Who is jayce13, and why have they added me and half of TQC, and no one friends him/her back?

Have you ever left a job to pursue something less... skilled? I'm fantasizing of quitting my office job to work as a waitress.

If you are a server in a restaurant, how much do you make on a "good night"? What restaurant/type of restaurant do you work for?
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(no subject)

1) I've just been informed that, even if you sign an organ donor card, your family can override it if they don't want to donate your organs. Why is this?

2) I have been saving money over the summer. Right now I've got $1500. By the end of the summer, I'll probably have a little more than $2000. I also have a credit card bill with about $1000 left on it. It's 0% interest through January. I've been paying between $100 and $200 on it monthly. Right now, I'm working a temp job that will end in November, and I have no idea how long it will take to find something else. So my question for financial-minded people is, which would be wisest? Pay it all off right now, keep paying what I have been until January, or something else? Will one option save me more money in the long run, or does it not matter at all?

3) Does this feel like the longest week in memory for anyone else?
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1. Would you rather read a book about:

a) A normal person in extreme circumstances?
b) A bunch of lunatics in everyday circumstances?
c) A normal person surrounded by lunatics in everyday circumstances?

2. Is it possible for a book about racism to be funny, intelligent and engaging, or is it too much of a hot-button topic?

3. What about if the book was about the hypocrisy often found in racism, i.e. people claiming that it is their race rather than their actions as the reason they are in trouble thereby calling other people racists because of it? Or people claiming special privileges based on their race, religion, culture, etc.? Would this book be taken in the manner intended or would this again be such a hot-button issue that people would simply have a kneejerk reaction and call it racist?

(no subject)

My recent Holocaust question has brought up another:

Why do these Holocaust deniers think we would put so much effort into faking the entire Holocaust? What do they think we gained by "faking" it?

(no subject)

How should I refer to my ... person?

I've known her since primary school, we became best friends later, we went out, broke up, moved in together, got back together, are engaged (but don't have a ring).

Girlfriend sounds ... like I'm negating all of our previous friendship.
Fiance is weird because, well, we can't get legally married right now, and don't plan to get any sort of married for a few years, plus the no rings.

Best friend doesn't mention the relationship.

Housemate is good for many instances, but kinda sounds hollow.

EDIT: I'm 19, does partner sound too old?

Who has had a paranormal experience? anything from seeing a ghost, being abducted by aliens or a prophetic dream.
Wanna fill out a survey about it for me?

A followup to the voting question.

I'm not going to ask you whom you're going to vote for, or even what party you support, but I'm curious to know this:

Is there a major factor in your decision of whom to vote for? The economy? Education? The war in Iraq? National security? Family values? Health care? Something else? Or is it plain likability? What's most important to you when you vote?

(Yeah, this is sort of US-centric, but voters from other nations, please feel free to chime in.)

Mail ?s

1) Have you ever given/received a gift to/from someone that you will probably never meet in real life? If yes, what was "gifted?"

2) Have you ever had a pen pal?

3) When ordering something online, who do you prefer does the shipping (FedEx, UPS, your govt, etc)?


1.Does anyone really like the channel Current? sometimes I get a little bored watching it, but the shows are so short, i never get bored enough to completely change the channel.

2. I bought this game Zuma on my phone, has anyone played it before? it's really addicting!

3. If you live in Miami, or anywhere in Florida, are you sick of the rain/humidity yet?
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(no subject)

TQC! Know of any good online multiplayer games?

My boyfriend and I are looking for one to play together while he's in Ireland for the school year. Please do not suggest World of Warcraft. Please do suggest anything that might have activities in it like WoW's fishing, cooking, and first aid. We really get into the little sidequest-activity-skill-things.

Are you doing anything exciting tomorrow?

marcs sweater

little red dot

a little red dot has appeared in the taskbar on my computer, i dont kno wwhat it is or how it got there, but when i hover over it, it says "your activity is recorded". and when i click on it it asks for a password the access the viewer. it wont let me exit it either. what i also noticed is that it disapears when im done using limewire and reappears when i open limewire again. i have had limewire for a year now and this little red dot has just showed up yesterday. what do i do? and what the heck is it?
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(no subject)

How do you eat cake? Do yo just stick your fork in it and go? Do you scrape the frosting off? Do you eat the frosting first? Do you eat the sponge part first and save the frosting for last?

What drink goes best with cake?

(no subject)

1.  I'm having my outdoor senior pictures taken on monday.  What color shirts go best with outdoors type backgrounds?  (flowers, grass, trees, etc.)
2.  What brand of ice cream do you like best, and what flavor?
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Christmas Jim and Pam

Really annoying math question...

Tom sold all his corn in one day to three customers.
a. The first customer bought half the corn plus half an ear of corn.
b. The second customer bought half the remaining corn plus half an ear of corn.
c. The third customer did the same.

How man ears of corn did Tom sell?

(No, this is not a homework question I'm trying to cheat on. A friend had this on a test and I'm trying to firgure it out. He has the answer. I am a total dunce at math and can't figure it out.)
(Fan) OTPs

Anne of Green Gables, Picture search, sports "lovers"

1) Have you ever heard of/seen/read Anne of Green Gables? If so, what country do you live in? (I'm doing a slight interest poll) Also, what's your gender, and what did you think?
1.5) Do you know any really good sites for screencaps/pictures from the movie or actors/actresses? (I've already scoured every LJ community I thought would be related, and I've been on some sites, but they all seem to have all the same pictures).
2) What is/are your favorite site(s) for searching for pictures (particularly sports and general things)?
--So far I have Picsearch,, Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Corbis, Getty Images, Photobucket, and AltaVista.
3) Do you ever get annoyed listening to people call sports players "my lover?"
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(no subject)

I remember hearing about an arcade game that caused physical pain. I'm afraid that's all I remember about it. I already tried google but no help there. Any of you know the name of this game?
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What do you believe the speed limit should be for freeways?  If it were to be set there, would you follow it or still exceed it?

slurpees vs. sno-cones?

waffles vs. pancakes?

Do you want to be buried/cremated/otherwise disposed of?

How many questions do you think are too many to ask in one post?

A Party for this fussy boo baby.

So I'm throwing a party / cook out to celebrate Benjamin. Since my baby shower got hijacked, I'm enjoying planning and doing it all myself. I don't throw parties often but when I do, I like to be creative with it - maybe a little theme but it's already a cookout and I want it to be cheap because I'm more broke than I've ever been!

My only actual question is regaurding the invites. I'm sending them via email; should I send an e-vite or should I create one myself via Power Point? (I'm damn good with Power Point if I do say so) But my worry with that is that some people may not be able to open it because they'd have to have PP on their computer I think.

Any other wonderful little suggestion you might have, throw it in there!

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1. Have you had your tonsils taken out?

2. If so, why?

3. How old were you?

4. Was it awful?

I'd like to know what your experience was. I've heard it's horrible for adults and I'm weighing my options.

(no subject)

To all the rat owners on TQC --

I own a baby jumbo rat (yeah yeah, jumbo is a feeder term. I'll let you know when I start to care) who is insanely active. While I adore him and play with him often (he wrestles my fingers, it's SO cute) I'm setting up a playpen of sorts for him in my unused bathtub so he can have some (supervised) time outside of his cage while I do school work. What sort of toys/enrichment things do you suggest? I have a huge ball of twine that I don't use and it's all unraveled. Is twine okay for rats, should he eat some?? I currently have an empty pringles can that he loves to race through and a small, wooden jungle-gym type thing which he's quickly growing out of.

What have you used? What do you suggest?
tick tock

shopping question

I got the shirt I'm wearing in the pic behind the cut at Forever 21. They have the same shirt in red with polka dots, but no other shirts with that sort of neckline. I think it's a flattering neckline and I'd like to find another shirt like it... so... any ideas where I could do that? Is there a name for that kind of neckline? FYI: The back of the dress is solid, no weird cut outs.

Dorky picture behind the cut!
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Thaaaanks everyone.

another pet question:\

Sorry, i'm always asking dog questions. I had a scare last night...took my dog to a field I always take him to. Kept him on his leash for a while to get used to meeting these two dogs (one of which he's met many times before). He has had a few situations where another dog would go in the playful bow, and then chase after him, and his tail will automatically go down and he'll keep running the opposite direction. Last night, I figured *this is the same lady that was able to get him used to her dog* and she kept saying it'll be fine, I should let him loose. (i'm not saying it's her fault at all) I just felt comfortable about letting him loose, and there he went, dashing across the field with his tail down and out the gate opening, completely ignoring my calls. LUCKILY he made it straight home without getting hit by a car. Obviously I don't want that to ever happen again.

Do you have any experience with insecure dogs? What did you do to get them used to meeting (bigger dogs, ones they're afraid of)? Is there any way to know for sure, once I let him off the leash, he isn't going to freak out and run away again?

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(no subject)

I was watching Fast Food Nation the other day and there were three trailers before the movie at least. It was one of those montages of movies from the company (Fox). Two of the movies were Idiocracy and Thank You for Smoking. I can't remember the third movie and I know I wanted to see it. Does anyone know what it is? Or have the dvd so they could tell me? Otherwise I'm going to have to rent it from Blockbuster again...
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(no subject)

1. What's for supper tonight?

I had shrimp & italian sauage stuffed mushrooms with marinara sauce.

2. Favorite Italian food?

Same as question 1.

3. Come join us for a game of Literati (scrabble) at yahoo games??

In the Pedantic room under Advanced

(no subject)

Do you ever forget the defrost the meat you want for dinner ahead of time?

(I do, so dinner's a bit late tonight)

Also, do onions bother your eyes?

(I think working in a kitchen got me really used to them because I don't tear up at all anymore, whereas my boyfriend's in the other room with irritated eyes)

(no subject)

If, today, you were in a crowd of people headed towards a subway station and someone were to drop a pass that allows the user unlimited travel for the remainder of the month, assuming you were the one to pick it up and they didn't notice they had dropped it, would you return it to the person who lost it?

What if it were just the two of you and there were no witnesses to what happened?

What if you just found it on the street and didn't see who dropped it?

(no subject)

So Cindy Sheehan has decidsed to run against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco and decided to do so because Pelosi wouldn't move forward to impeach the president. Is this serious or comical?

Would you call yourself selfish?

If not, what is the one thing that are are selfish about?

If so, do you aspire to not be one day?

*edit* ok people, I meant in a less broad way. For example, I'll share most anything I have, but my food? Dream on.

(no subject)

What's your oppinion of my friends starting lyrics?

"her laughs keep running through his mind
           she has no where to hide but in the inside
the way she ran away laughing at him
  walking alone in pain and tears that ran down his face"

And in tennis, why do they go by 15s?

(no subject)

reasons for a lady to miss a period apart from pregnancy?????


edit: if the lady has only missed one period and is always pretty irregular, and does have a lot of stress right now due to family crap, how long (how many more missed periods) would you wait before consulting a dr?
Dave O'Brien omg DDD:

(no subject)

if you had a friend who is rarely, if ever, bitchy with people, never takes their day out on their friends and never blows up at people, would you be alarmed if they started wailing on you for something small, like a joke, a bit of teasing or because you were whining about something little? you know, nothing out of the ordinary for your friendship.

would you wonder if something was wrong?
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(no subject)

okay, right now my plugs are as follows:
clear/purple center, amber, white stone -face- white stone, amber, green/blue

I just got a shipment of new plugs in and I'm not sure if any of the ones I just got would look better then the white stone ones to match my other earrings.

The ones I got are:

which ones do you think would look best?

webcam question

So my boyfriend and I want to get webcams for when I go back to school (to make our long-distance relationship easier to deal with). We both use AIM. What are some reliable, somewhat cheap but durable webcams that are AIM and PC compatible? And recs? thanks.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever worked in a book store before? (specifically on campus at a university, I have an interview next week)

2. How long did it take you to get used to wearing glasses?

3. Why is your best friend your best friend?

4. Who is your favorite character on Friends?

5. What is your greatest pet peeve?

(no subject)

My hair is brown, wavy/curly and almost down to my butt.
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I've decided to cut it.
1. How short should I cut it?

2. What meal would you want your SO(if you had one) to cook for you?

3. What song reminds you of your SO(or a past SO)?

(no subject)

Any idea how much Gwen Stefani concert tickets are?

I'm thinking of surprising my little sister for her 13th birthday, buuut if they're 80 dollars each (or something), I doubt I will be able to afford it.

(The tickets for Oakland, CA, aren't on sale yet, so I can't check the prices)

(no subject)

-how come sometimes people cant tell other people how they really feel about them especially when its about love?

-how old were you the first time you fell in love?

-is there a certian age where if you were to hear a person say "i love you" you say to your self "you dont know what love is" or is that just something silly your parents used to say?

-how do you get rid of gross  stretchmarks?

-why do old people have that weird "old people" smell?

(no subject)

I've heard its good to eat different caloric amounts everyday to keep your metabolism guessing.

I've heard that on the days you work out, its a good idea to consume more calories than on a day you dont.

I've heard if you don't eat at LEAST 1200 calories a day, your body goes into starvation mode. Ive also heard that 1200 calories is the bare minimum/lowest amount for women that you should ever eat. Your body needs at least that just to function.

All that being said, is it harmful to eat around 1200 calories a day, everyday, no matter what? No matter if you exercised a ton, or didnt, or ect?

Would one still lose weight, or if one was active (say, they worked out 3-6 days a week and had a waitressing job) would they really be not eating enough eating 12-1300 calories a day? (at an average height/weight, say, 5'4", 115 lbs)

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Does anyone know how a severe dyscalculia sufferer can learn to play music? I have a really neat keyboard with light up keys, but learning notes is beyond me, and I really want to learn to play. Is there some way to learn how to play by ear?

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1. What's your opinion on oral sex? (I'm mainly interested in the 'giving' part, albeit that doesn't rule out the discussion of receiving :¬) )

2. What does/did losing your virginity mean to you? I.e. Was it a 'big' thing? Or did you not let it bother you too much? &c &c.


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My boyfriend's sister is getting married (either next month or the one after, I can't remember) but won't be having a ceremony for it. My boyfriend says that this means they're eloping. I say they aren't eloping because everyone knows about it. Which one of us is right (or closer to it)?

The wedding is just going to be them saying their vows in front of a judge and then having a little celebration at the house. The family keeps hinting at me being involved in this somehow, but  I honestly don't know how I'd be 'involved'. Any ideas?

And when two loud, obnoxious people have kids, will their kids be loud and obnoxious? I'm just imagining how noisy their house would be and not looking forward to it D:
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What has freaked you out lately?

I just found a fat spider and since my husband wouldn't come remove it from the house I'm dogsitting in, I had to do it myself. I got a big wad of tissue and grabbed it when THIRTY FUCKING BABY SPIDERS SHOT OUT OF IT AND CRAWLED ALL OVER.

How did you react?
I nearly pissed myself! I killed all the babies because they were too small to grab up. This makes me sad but it really freaked me out and I'm sure the neighbors think the dogsitter was just murdered. I'm still shuddering from it.

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My boyfriend got back from Hawaii today and included in the swag he brought back for me were 2 sarongs. They're very nice and I've always loved sarongs, but I've never owned one before. I'm very excited about having them and would like some cool ideas on what to do with them.

TQC, what are your favorite ways to tie sarongs? Instructions and/or pictures are very much appreciated.

What's the coolest souvenir anyone has gotten for you?

more sex questions!

me: I'm a virgin.
girl: Still? (I'm 19.)
me: I've just not had the chance to lose it, really.
girl: Oh, just get really really wasted and go for it. Just with some random guy. That's what I did!
2nd girl: Me too!

Is this:

a) Really how "most people" lose it, TQC?
b) In any way a good or rational method of doing so?

BONUS: Are there any situations you'd feel uncomfortable in specifically if you were in them with a person you knew to be a virgin (with other 'fellow' non-virgins around as well)? And would you feel uncomfortable for yourself or for the virgin?
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Inspire by this:

What do you consider "losing your virginity" to involve?

What about in same-sex relationships?

If it's different, why?

It doesn't make sense to me that if my first serious sexual experience involved insertion of fingers and tongues and was lesbian, I'd have lost my virginity, but if it was with a guy, I wouldn't have (according to most definitions).
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What product do you love but can't find anymore?

I really like Lick-A-Color popsicles but I can't find them in my area. No one seems to carry them anymore except ice cream trucks in Brooklyn. I also really loved Dunkaroos. The last time I bought them was maybe 4-5 years ago but I saw them at a corner grocery on Coney Island a few weeks ago. I miss them sooo much.

Oh and if someone knows the name of these please tell me. I think they were snackwells or something, but it was a bar of like spongey chocolate with creamy chocolate in the middle with white frosting drizzled on top and they were awesome but I haven't had them since elementary school (12? years ago). They were sooooooo delecious.

ugh I love food.